as told to CARL DICKSON

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My name is Andy Foss. I'm twenty two and in two months I'll be a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionaire and I have a wonderful new life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story. I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.
We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own.

Chapter 3

"I was in total shock. Okay, so I hated her...but she was my mother...and to see her murdered...right before my eyes. So senseless. Everybody was asking me questions. Carl just stepped in and took over. I turned and walked to the house and shut the door behind me. The place reeked of stale cigarettes and foul air. I went over to one of the couches in front of the fireplace. I looked up to the top of its twenty foot structure and saw my beam. My dad had let me carve my name on that beam when the house was being built. I was only four and he had helped me make each letter with his pocket knife. He took some black paint and with his finger for a brush he had colored in my name before the varnish was put on. "That will last as long as the house is here, son. It will be here for you to show to your grand-children.

I started to cry again. I was truly feeling my loss. I was an orphan. What would I do if Carl didn't want me. Oh, he is so much like my dad. I am having trouble distinguishing between the two and I've only know Carl for twenty two hours, butI do love him so.

The door opened and Carl peeked around it and saw me sitting there, "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, come on in. This is our house now, I guess." He came over and started to sit on the couch facing me. We had three couches in a horseshoe arraignment in front of the fireplace. I told him to come sit by me and he did. He looked at me and held his arm up. He was asking me for permission to be close. I moved in to him and buried my body as close to his as I could get with out making a surgical incision. He wrapped his arm around me and held me tight. He kissed the top of my head and leaned back. We sat there like that for ten minutes and I got up and locked the front door. I pulled off my tee shirt and the door bell rang. Door bell hell, we had the Westminster Chimes and they rang forever. You could not hear the damn doorbell. I opened the door and a young police officer stood there. "I have one more question for Mr. Dickson and I will leave you alone." I opened the door wider to let him in as my daddy, Carl came over. "Uh, excuse me, sir, you said you saw him coming in your rear view mirror but I didn't write down the speed that you estimated him to be traveling."

"Well actually I don't think I gave you a speed estimate. I saw him coming and watched him literally bounce off of one curb and swerve across the road almost hitting the other. If I had to guess, basing totally on the speed at which he passed me, I would say he was going between fifty and sixty miles an hour. All I could do was brace for impact. I was sure he was going to hit us in the rear end."

"That's all I need, sir. You guys take it easy and I am terribly sorry for your loss, young man." He shook my hand and held it tight for a long moment, then he turned and left. I looked at dad. He smiled at me and shut the door and locked it. I kicked off my shoes and I dropped my pants and ran back to the couch. Dad did likewise and we snuggled together again. We kind of stretched out and before long we both asleep.

I woke to him trying to get out from under me, "where's the bath room? I gotta pee." I got down on my knees and did the begging puppy routine. "Oh, are we gonna start that again. My dick's sore and my balls are hollow from yesterday." I whimpered and rubbed my face against his leg. "Okay, it's feeding time. Nurse my teat, my sweet little puppy." I guess it's because he's diabetic, but his urine is as sweet as soda pop, umm umm good. "I know you like this, Andy, but it really bothers me. I don't know, I is kinda sick, don't you think?"

Finished with his duty he started looking around. I got up and gave him the grand tour. I showed him my room first. It was upstairs on the northwest corner. He couldn't get over how large it was. He paced it off. "I get about twenty two by thirty feet, this room is bigger than my apartment it's only fourteen by forty. You beat me out by a hundred square feet." He then walked into my closet and said, "there's room for a bed in here too."

I couldn't wait. I took his hand and pulled him into my bathroom. It had a whirlpool tub, that I never used. A six foot by eight foot shower with four heads high, four heads at waist level and two at knee level. I had automatic temperature control and could turn on any combination of heads from one to ten at just the right temperature. I had a urinal on the wall and a toilet with a padded seat. "I like the urinal. I don't have to aim when I get up in the middle of the night. I don't have to worry about you spitting it all over the place. The urinal is where I'll pee from now on. Now, if you have a tv and a cooler of beer in here this'll be my room." I opened a cabinet door to show him a nineteen inch stereo tv. I pointed to the remote on a shelf over the toilet paper. "Moving right along...," he pushed me out the door and we continued our tour.

He was equally impressed with the other four bed rooms, sixteen by sixteen feet, 256 square feet per room and each pair shared a well appointed bath room.

Then we came to my mothers room (yes now that she's gone I can call her mother. The hatred is gone). I was really exploring this room for the first time since my dad had died. It was as large as mine but it had a little alcove on the east wall with two recliner chairs and a tv. Sliding glass doors led off to a balcony that overlooked the pool and spa. All of the bathroom walls were mirrored and the doors swung out so that you could see yourself from every angle. Even the tub surround was mirrored except for the long run which was a glass door. I can remember taking a shower with my dad with that door open. It was like showering in a garden. The bath area opened into a balcony with a hanging garden of beautiful flowers, many in full bloom. It was completely private with high walls built of 2x6s placed on the bias. No one could see directly into the bathroom or even on to the balcony. Not that it mattered, the house next door was four hundred feet away and it was two hundred feet to our fence.

We went on down stairs, hand in hand, dicks swinging in the breeze. I could tell that my new dad would be really happy in my old dad's house. Can I get him to move in with me? Would Troy want to live with us. Oh, I hope so. I want these two guys. Dad for me, Troy for him.

Under my mom's room was the office. Everything was neat and tidy. I walked over to the center bookcase and pressed a hidden switch. The bookcase swung open revealing a large safe. Dad just stood there and watched. I turned the combination and opened the door. A fully steel lined room with sixteen inch thick reinforced concrete walls sat exposed to our eyes. Dad looked at the rows of drawers and the filing cabinets and shook his head. "I hate to bring this up, Andy." He looked at me and waited. I nodded at him. "We need to see if we can find some insurance papers or something so we can pay for your mother's funeral. I reached over and pulled open one of the drawers and there was a bundle of insurance policies all tied together with a ribbon. My mother was a drunk but she was an organized drunk. I remembered the day she put these policies in here, it was my twelth birthday.

I bent down and opened a larger drawer and took out a stack of hundred dollar bills, ten thousand dollars. There were twenty stacks in that drawer. "Why in the hell did your mother have two hundred thousand dollars laying here. It should be in a bank where it is safe and drawing interest."

"I don't know about our finances. We always had money. This has been here since my dad died and it has never been touched. I'm not even sure that my mother knew the combination. I opened it for her a couple of times a year, other than that..." I opened another drawer and took out a tray covered in blue felt. I pulled the material back and showed new dad old dad's gold coin collection. He had over five hundred old gold coins. Another drawer held my mother's jewelry that she once told me was insured for one and a half million dollars. Dad took the insurance papers and stepped out of the safe. He told me to shut the door and that he never wanted to go back in there. He said if anything came up missing he didn't want to be blamed. I told him the combination was my birth date. He walked out of the room.

I showed him the family room and the movie theater, he liked that. It has over head projection tv which focused on a twelve foot screen. The system had a 500 watts surround sound system into twelve speakers. I had added the surround sound just last year, my next goal was HDTv. Ten large overstuffed, cloth upholstered recliners sat in two rows facing the tv. I showed him the movie library of two thousand movies. We went to the game room with its regulation size pool table, a billiards table and ping pong. There were four card tables that were used for mom's bridge parties or dad's poker nights. A fully equipped wet bar sat at the middle of the inside wall but there were only a few bottles of alcohol, mostly brandies and liqueurs. Dad looked into the three coolers under the bar and smiled, they were full of cold Coors. The last room downstairs was the library. It had over eleven hundred titles with many old or original printings.

The hallway along the first floor only had one wall the other side opened to the big room with the fireplace marking the division. The entire length of wall contained some twenty or more paintings that I knew my dad had loved. The upper hallway, or landing I guess you could say, had thirty two smaller paintings on it. The railing was made of varnished logs about four inches around making the front room look very much like a log house. I liked to play on the upper landing, when I was little, and watch my parents and their guests at one of the many parties they used to have.

"All of this opulence and money, Andy. What kind of route did your dad have?"

"I don't know. He wore a suit and tie and carried a brief case. He had a whole bunch of briefcases in the back of the van that he drove and he always carried in a different one to each place. When we came back to the van he would put that one in the front of the others. He just always called it his route so that's what I always thought it was. Seems strange now somehow."

We went back through every room as dad opened windows and doors. He said he wanted to get the foul smelling air out of here. I had to run to the alarm system and shut it off and call the security company with the code. Dad kept on opening everything up. He found the thermostat and turned off the A/C unit. When he was done he went to the family room and sat down in the conversation pit around a round fireplace. I walked up to him and he pulled me down and then pulled me in close. He turned me to him and kissed me, long, hard and deep. His tongue went straight to its mark and embattled my tongue for superiority in my mouth. He licked my teeth, the roof of my mouth and my tonsils, I swear it felt like he was that deep inside of me. My dick went straight up, for the first time today. I moved in closer to him as his arms caressed my back. His fingers slid down to my ass and just played around with my crack. He squeezed each globe as we stretched out in our embrace. We lay like that for over an hour before he stirred.

"Have to pee again?" I asked.

"Yeah, do you?"

I had to admit I hadn't peed all day and I really did need to go. He led me to the downstairs bathroom between the family room and movie theater. He led me over to the step down shower and grabbed my dick and told me I could hold his. We aimed each others streams around the shower as we got the relief we needed. "To hell with Coca Cola, this is the pause that refreshes. How do you spell relief? P-i-s-s." His humor was so unique. We shook that last drop from each other and he turned on the shower to wash the pee away. "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. Or hose it down with the shower."

He walked over the wooden door and looked out of the window. "Oh, this opens out to the pool. Now I know why there is a shower in here. And each of those doors is for a commode, what are there three?"

"Four. One at the other end for the opposite sex. If it's a women's party then this is their area and men use the other end. If it's poker night...just the opposite."

"Your dad was a smart dude. He planned this house well. I don't like early American but the house is built right. I really do like that vaulted ceiling in the living room. Those long logs and tongue and groove planking for a ceiling. Must be twenty feet up there." I commended him on his good eye as he led the way to the kitchen. "What say we find something to eat then go to your room for a nap?" He dug around and found us a good lunch of stuffed tomatoes and green salad with some herb tea. I thought it sounded like gag city but I really did enjoy it. He washed the dishes and put them away then took off running to my bedroom shouting, "last one in bed gets it in the ass." I didn't want to be first. I wanted that dick in my ass, but there was no way I could run. Think about it. Dad is fifty five. He weighs two hundred and seventy pounds. He has a forty eight inch waist with a belly that hangs in two rolls over his dick. His butt looks like two school busses passing each other. When he ran through the house it was like a glob of jelly wiggling across the floor. I was sitting in the middle of the living room laughing like a mad man before he ever made it to the stairs. I wouldn't have him any other way. I love him just as he is.

I composed my self and walked with all the dignity my five foot six inch frame could muster. My six and a half inch dick stood at full staff and was so engorged that it nearly tipped my one hundred and twenty pound body over. I marched like a trooper into the bedroom where dad lay with his legs in the air, spread wide open, his arms around his thighs holding him self up, exposing his pink pucker hole at me. I dove onto the water bed and came up to him face to butt hole. I stuck out my tongue and dove in. "Hey! I thought you wanted to fuck, buddy."

"Yeah! Dip shit, you fuck me. You know put that living monster of yours in my little hole. Molest me mister. Feed me your candy stick, I won't tell. Beat me if you must but fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"I think you need a good butt fucking, boy. I know what'll straighten out that attitude, my big dick up your ass." He was bending forward trying to reach his dick. He stuck out his tongue and just reached the tip of it. "Fuck, when I was a boy I could suck that mother. I used to get the whole head and an inch or two in my mouth. I even managed to cum in my mouth one time, although I threw up for an hour afterwards. I was seventeen then. I had never tasted cum before but that got me started.

A few days later I ran into a neighborhood kid at the amusement park and he asked for a ride home. I had sucked his dick once before and I asked him if I could do it again. He told yes but this time I had to let him cum in my mouth. I was scared but I wanted to do it so I agreed.

We stopped at a vacant field on the way home. He had built a "fort" at the back of the field. It was hidden by the tall weeds and trees. It was only made of cardboard but he had a blanket there and some Playboy magazines. He laid down on his back and I pulled off his shoes, then pulled off his pants and laid down beside him. He was looking at the pictures as he told me to go ahead. I got down between his legs on my belly and started to suck him. I had never had this kind of exposure to a dick before. The best I had ever had was if they dropped their pants to their knees. His dick was a good size and fit my mouth nicely. I sucked for a long time and he told me to go up and down. I had never done this so he had to tell me what to do. I really liked it. The feeling of his dick head going in and out of my mouth was the most sensuous thing I had ever done I was squirming around, driving my dick into the ground. He made me go faster and I got into a rhythm. I was as lusty as I ever remember being.

I didn't know that he had cum. This was my first time and I didn't know what to look for. All I knew was that my mouth was very warm and felt really good. He pushed my forehead away and told me to stop for a minute. I pulled off and saw the cum on his dick and then I tasted what was in my mouth. 'Swallow it.' he told me. I was afraid but I did what he said. I gagged but I lived. It wasn't that bad. I told him I wanted to do him while I jacked off and he agreed. I pulled my pants down and he turned around to a 69 position so that he could watch me. He lay on his side and I took his dick back in my mouth as it once again grew hard. I began to stoke myself. He said that he had never seen an uncut cock and wanted to know if that was why it was so big. I had never known that I had a big dick till that day. I stroked madly at my cock as I put my left arm over his waist and pulled his dick into my face. I was laying half over on my side and was jacking right in his face. If I had cum then I would have plastered him. He told me to roll back onto my back and he got up on his knees and slid his dick into my mouth and then he bent over me. He started to slide in and out in a slow mouth fuck and then he relaxed until he was laying flat on top of me. I was jacking off for all I was worth. My dick had never felt this good. I was near my release as he increased his thrusts. I felt his dick get really big in my mouth and then it was warm inside as his thrusts became shorter and deeper in me. My load shot out of my dick like a bullet. He dodged as it flew past his head. He then put his hand around my dick and pumped it till it quit squirting. I had never felt anything like that before. He lay down on me and we rested with his dick hanging softly in my mouth. I just nursed on it slightly not wanting to ever let go. I never saw that guy again. I don't even remember his name but I'll never forget my first taste of cock snot.

Push my legs down. Let's see if I can get my dick in my mouth." I pushed his legs back toward his head and his dick came to his lips. He opened his mouth and took about two inches into it. I continued to lick his ass hole and he was elated. I pumped his shaft as he continued to suck the head. His face was red and I knew he was having a hard time breathing but he didn't want to stop. I stroked him for several minutes and he was able to do a short stroke on his head. He had me get up and place my dick in his ass and I began to slow fuck him while continuing to stroke the shaft of his dick. He began to tense up and I knew this was it for him. I watched as the cum spurted from the side of his mouth. He pushed back and gasped for air. My dick slipped out of his ass as he came flat down on the bed his dick sky-rocketing his load across the bed. I took his cock in my mouth and took several shots as his climax subsided, then he lay still. I had never watched him cum and it was more exciting than I could have imagined. I bent over and drank from the deep pools that were running off his stomach and down his sides. "I haven't felt my cock in my mouth in forty years. That's a big fucking piece of meat. I think my cum tastes even better than your's or Troy's." We lay there with my head on his stomach and his softening dick under my chin. His balls were against my chest and I reveled in the marvelous feeling of my man, my dad.

I don't know how long I slept. When I awoke I was alone in the bed, my head on a pillow and I was covered up. I had been dreaming of walking along a long white sandy beach with soft blue surf lapping at my feet, holding hands with the love of my life. Strangely, Troy was part of that dream. I couldn't quite touch it but I knew that Troy was part of my life now and I wanted him there. I couldn't imagine a three way romance but I couldn't put it away either.

I got out of bed and headed to the can for a piss. I looked at the mirrored wall. I inspected my body and then my cock. I enjoyed watching myself pee. Somehow watching the piss spray from my cock into the toilet turned me on. Finished I went looking for dad. I found him in the office with the insurance papers on the desk before him.

"Morning sunshine. Hope you had a good sleep. I hope you don't mind my being in here. I wanted to look into this stuff, we do have to arrange to have your mother buried."

"You can be anywhere you want. This is your home now, if you want it to be, that is." I had a lot more to say but I heard his cell-phone ringing and we had left it in the living room. I ran to get it for him.

"That's probably Troy wondering where I am. Answer it and tell him I'll be home later."

I looked at the display and sure enough it said, "Call from Troy's phone 497-2388". I answered it and he said he was on his way home. I asked him if he would come here and gave him directions. I went back to the office. "Troy? Right? I love that boy but he won't leave me alone. He calls me several times every day. I know that he loves me, but until yesterday I didn't know how much.

Andy....I uh..I'm sorry about yesterday. I mean everything but really...with Troy, I mean. I shouldn't have let us get caught. I mean...well, I learned a lot about Troy, but I shouldn't have gotten you into it."

"Shhhhhh," I said moving around the desk and putting my finger to his lips. He kissed my finger.

"I love you, Andy. I love Troy, he's my son and until yesterday that was all he was. Yeah, I sucked his dick, maybe ten fifteen times in our life together and I love him. But he was never my lover. I was in love with him but not sexually, you know? I don't know what to say." The only way to shut this guy up is to kiss him, which I did.

Pulling apart I held my finger to his lips again, "Dad, hear me out. I have been dreaming about Troy." He looked shocked then rejection showed on his face. "No. No, not like that. I dreamed about you and me and just being together but Troy was there too. All three of us. Would that be so bad? I know you love me. I know you love Troy. At least we can keep it in the family, if you will accept me as part of your family. If Troy will accept me." dad put his arms around me and kissed me. The Westminster Chimes began their long, incessant report. I jumped up and flipped on the monitor. Troy was at the door. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, there are tv cameras all over the place. I'll let him in. You go on with what you're doing."

I opened the door. I had a boner. I hadn't realized how much I really wanted to see Troy. He looked at my woody and grinned, "You're just like my dad. Always naked and nearly always hard."

"I would like to talk to you, do you mind."

"No. I don't care." I led him to a spare bed room and told him to take his clothes off, that he needed a shower if he wanted to have sex with me. He bent over and untied his dusty work boots and pulled up his tee shirt. I grabbed for his belt and unfastened it. "Just like dad. Can't wait. Got to get those pants off. I don't care though. I have been thinking about you two all day."

I led him to the bathroom and reached in to the shower to turn on the water. I stepped back to let him in. "What have you been thinking? Is it good?"

"I've been thinking about sucking your dick while dad fucks me. We fell asleep last night and I didn't get to try it. And...Andy...I want to suck you and just, you know, kind of make out, just us."

"That's why we're in here. I hoped you might let me just do you. Dad's working in the office.."

"On-line I guess, looking at his web pages. Oh well, he has started making money. He made about fifty thousand last month, but that's only the second month he's made money."

"Fifty thousand dollars? What the fuck does he do?"

"I don't really know. He's always showing me and explaining it to me but I don't really care. He invented some sort of stuff and wanted to sell it on-line. He bought that lap-top last August and all I have heard is how much money he was going to make. Meanwhile, I'm working and paying all of the bills. We never have any money and we always fight. I tell him all of the time to get a job and he says he can't. 'I'm too old and an ex-con. I'm a registered sex offender and nobody will hire me.' We fight all of the time, then in May he got his web site to do what he wanted and in about four days he had five thousand dollars. He was so fucking happy.

Andy, get in here with me and wash my back. Don't tell dad, he's always trying to get in the shower with me.

Anyway, he made this money and he took me to work and told me I would have to take the bus home that he was going to Nogales, Mexico for the day. He got home in time to pick me up though and we went over to the apartments where he does maintenance and he hooked up on-line. We can't afford a phone at home so he goes over there every few days and uses the phone to hook up. He made me stand beside him as he went to a page that said he had twenty seven hundred dollars in orders. He jumped up and hugged me and said that we had about twelve hundred in profit. He told me to sit down and he would be with me in a little bit. I was kind of excited too so I pulled up and chair and watched him work. First he transferred the funds to his bank here in town. Then he down-loaded all of the orders and saved them to a floppy. He told me he had to write some code and a blank screen came on and he started typing away. He had showed me this stuff before but it doesn't make and sense to me. He said this was a new language for him, it was cgi and he really wasn't sure about it. In a few minutes he saved it then he went to a black screen and started in with his stupid DOS coding. He loves working in DOS, he says that is the only way to know if your computer is working right. The screen went back to Windows and he was on-line again. He typed in a URL and shouted, 'IT WORKS'. He then told me he was sending all of the orders for the day to a company in Mexico that was going to make his stuff and ship it for him. He pulled out his bank card and typed in the numbers and shut down the computer. He told me he wanted me to learn all of this so that if anything should happen to him I could run the business."

"What could happen to him?" I asked as I washed up the crack of his ass. He pulled away and looked over his shoulder at me then backed up.

"Dad used to do that to me and I was afraid. I don't want to be a faggot. I like it when he does it but it makes me gay."

"Nothing MAKES you gay. You either are or you aren't. If you like something then go for it. If you find out that that is all you want fine. If you decide that you want to do it all of the time then come to grips with it, you may be gay. So what if you are."

"We're Christians. Dad showed me in the Bible that God loves homos but he doesn't like what they do. It is the act that is sinful. If a queer want's to quit sucking cocks God will love him and bring him in to the kingdom, the same as a thief, or a murder or a lair. But first you have to repent of your sin and go the other way. Dad anguishes over this every day when we pray. He begs God to help him get over his desire to suck dicks and help him to focus his energy on being a good witness for our Lord Jesus. He cries big time over this and yells at God, 'Why am I like this?' I don't know how he is handling you but I can tell he loves you." He turned to me and took my dick in his hand, "I can see how easy it would be to love you." He bent forward and kissed me.

"Anyway," he began again. "Just a couple of weeks ago he had made over fifty thousand dollars profit and he took me down and bought me my Jeep. He wanted me to have a rugged off road vehicle. I had destroyed my Trooper by bending the frame off roading. Then I seized the engine when I ripped out the oil pan. So I've been afoot for nine months. We share his old truck but it is about worn out. He is planning to get a new truck in a few weeks, when he can get all of the past due bills paid and put some money aside to live on.

He has to have surgery on his neck. He was shot down in Viet-Nam and spent several months in a body cast but now he has arthritis where his neck was broken and something about no spinal fluid or something. He also has a ruptured disk so they want to put screws and plates in his neck. He won't let them until he has enough money to pay the bills because he will be laid up for several months.

Now are we going to stand here and get water logged or are we going to suck dick?"

Drying off as we went we headed for the queen size bed and jumped on it. He turned around with his head toward the foot of the bed and got on top of me. My dick disappeared into his mouth as I settled in under him and got into some serious sucking of my own. He was hot and he shot his load before I even knew it. He was still working at my dick and still pumping in and out of my mouth. "Wow," I thought, "this dude doesn't even stop to rest." He was crude as could be with his bobbing and slobbering. He really knew nothing about sucking dick, but he was enjoying himself so I enjoyed him. I could feel my cum rising as he smashed into my thighs with his forehead, over and over again. His teeth scraped my cock several times and I knew I was going to be raw but I was too close to stop. I felt the head of his dick swell and the familiar heat of hot cum fill my mouth as my load gushed forth into his mouth. He stopped his pumping and pulled in close, absorbing all of my dick and pushing all of his into my mouth. His dick was as perfect for sucking as dad had said it was. Just thick enough to fill the mouth without stretching it and long enough to reach the throat with out gaging me. We sucked each other dry and lay there together.

After fifteen minutes or so I pushed him aside. "Dad will be missing us," I said. Troy's face was covered in tears. I turned around a lay beside him. I kissed his cheeks and wiped at his tears. "Are you okay?"

"I'm gay, Andy. I never wanted to be. Dad well tell you about it. I was molested all of my life. First the baby sitter when I was six Then two of my mothers boy friends. Till I met dad I didn't trust anybody and I hated anybody who wanted to suck my dick. Dad was so gentle and when I turned seventeen we talked about it. He told me how he had wanted to do me for years but he knew the hurt I had and he would never hurt me. I asked him to do me and I liked it, too much. I wouldn't let him do me again for several months. Then one night I went in and got in bed with him. He always sleeps nude so I left my underwear at the foot of the bed and got in beside him. I started playing with his dick and balls, he has the biggest balls I have ever seen. He woke up and looked at me. He put his arm under my head and pulled me closer. My dick was against his leg. "Do you want me to do you?" I nodded. He told me to turn around and lay on top of him with my dick to his face. He started to suck on me and I loved it. I had never felt anything so good in my life. I had hold of his dick and I pulled his skin back. I decided to try it. I put it in my mouth and it felt kind of good. He started to slide up and down my dick and I took a little more of him inside me. Suddenly something weird was in my mouth and I pulled off. It tasted strong and kind of burned my tongue.

"Did you cum?" I gushed. It had tasted terrible. I was about to puke.

"No. That's pre-cum. I promised you that I would not cum in your mouth and I mean it." He caught the hesitation in me and explained that pre-cum is the lubricant that the man's body puts off during sex to make inter-course easier. I told him that I didn't like it and not to do it again. He explained that he couldn't control it, it was a natural bodily function. I tried to suck him again but I couldn't stand the taste of it.

From then on, when we did anything I would get on top and let him suck me and I would jack him off. I never tried to suck him again. We didn't do it but a few times and then he did this boy that told the police on him. I was devastated. He came to me, right after it happened and told me what he had done. "Does this mean that you love him more than you do me?" I asked him.

"No. I could never love anyone more than I love you. This was just something that happened and I'm ashamed. Can you ever forgive me?" Of course I did. I was hurt but I was worried for him. I knew that my mother hated him. She did everything she could to get him put in jail and finally she lied to the police about him being with me when he couldn't be around anyone under eighteen. I had two months to go till I turned eighteen and she told the police that he took me out when he hadn't. That violated his probation and they put him in prison. My mother died before we could get the truth to the police but he was already in prison and it wouldn't change things."

"Are you saying he went to jail and he wasn't guilty of anything?"

"Oh he did Kenny, that's true and he'll tell you. He knows it was wrong. But he got probation for that and was only going to have a misdemeanor, no felony and no sex registration. But my mother lied to the police and he got put away on her testimony."

"We have one thing in common. We both lost our mothers."

"We both love dad, too," he said, "I don't miss my mother. She abused me every day of my life, physically and mentally.

I asked him how he felt about me and dad being together. He put his arm around me and was real quite. He stared at me for a long time. "I never thought I would like to have sex with any guy and I drank dad's cum yesterday. I had to try you just to see what it is like. I am jealous of you but I like you. I want dad all to myself and I want you all to myself, also. I can't have both so I guess I'll take you together. I really want him to be happy. Andy, he deserves it. If you knew what that guy is and how he helps other people. I hate to see what this will do to him spiritually. I know that he has always wanted to be a traveling preacher, an evangelist, but now he'll never do it. I feel that it would be best for him for you to be with him. If I have to go I'll do it." His eyes were full of tears and I could feel his hurt. This guy loved his dad and didn't know how to express it.

"Have you ever told him that you love him, Troy?"

"I've tried but I can't." We huddled up face to face and lay there staring in each others eyes.

"You know of all the beautiful things God has made on this earth, I think I am looking at the most beautiful," dad was standing by the bed. He had been there through most of Troy's speech and had said nothing. "Just watching you guys embrace is so precious. I think we need to do some serious talking."

Troy jumped out of bed and grabbed dad and pulled him down, "I've never said this to you before. I love you. I love who you are. I love what you do. I love who you've been to me for the last twelve years. And I am in love with you. Thank you, thank you for being my friend. My heart aches when I think of you. I have had sexual fantasies about you for years but tried to bury them. You have come home and caught me jacking off in your chair before. I was in your chair because it smelled like you. What you didn't catch was your underwear on my face, I managed to hide that. I couldn't tell you because I couldn't accept the fact that I am gay and I want to suck your cock. When we fight I call you a faggot to cover my own desires. You counter with, 'Well I suck cock but at least I don't want it up the ass like you do. That's queer.' Well, daddy dear, I suck cock too. I just sucked Andy and I sucked you, twice, yesterday and I loved it. I let Andy fuck me and I fucked him and I loved it. I want you to fuck me and I won't quit until you do. So there. It's said. I am in love with you and I'm a butt fucking, cock sucking queer and I'm proud."

Dad, always knowing what to say, he just punched Troy's arm and said, "April Fool. Hey guys I'm hungry and I have a lot of things to talk to Andy about. What say we cook a steak or three out in the back yard and eat by the pool and talk like a family for awhile." He got up and headed for the door. "I could barbeque two dicks. That would taste good."

"Eat me."

"No, eat me." We were arguing back and forth acting like a couple of little kids.

Dad had a plate with steaks in his hand and some large potatoes in the micro-wave. He tossed Troy bowl with a package of salad mix and some tomatoes in it and told me to get some plates, silver ware, and salad dressing. Loaded down we headed for the patio. I fired up the gas broiler as dad salted down the steaks with garlic and pepper. Troy sliced the tomatoes and mixed the salad as I sat the table and we all sat down. Dad produced a six pack that he had found in the bar and offered me one. I had never drank much beer but..., why the fuck not. We all popped a top settled down.

"First things first. Andy, what is your name?"

"Andrew Michael Foss."

"No Junior or second or anything?"


"What was your dad's name?"

"Herbert Allen Foss."

"Was your grand dad named Andrew Michael?"

"No why? What is wrong?"

"Nothings wrong. It may all be right. I think that you own this house. I found the deed to the house and it belongs to Andrew Michael Foss. We'll check it out tomorrow but I think you own it so there will be no probate tax on your inheritance. The insurance policies add up to about three quarters of a million dollars. Some of them pay triple indemnity and the others pay double for accidental death. I called to get a death certificate and we can pick that up in the morning. I called all of the insurance companies and they faxed over claim forms which I have already filled out. You can sign them tomorrow and we'll fax them along with the death certificate and they will have the money ready to transfer to your bank in two to three days. If you don't have a bank account we'll open one for you tomorrow.

I want to go see that dude that you bought that car from and pay him off. We'll probably just sell the car but I'm not going to allow you to loose a single penny.

Andy, I know that I have taken a lot on myself. I hope I have not overstepped my limits with you. Ask Troy, I'm a take charge type of guy and I like doing these things for you but it is your money, your life and you have control."

"Wait! Wait a fucking minute," I yelled. "I asked you to be my dad. You are doing what dad is supposed to do and I thank you. I would never have thought to do what you have done. I've been to busy having sex to think about life. Please keep on doing what you are doing. I really appreciate it and remember you are doing it for you and Troy too. We are a family and this is our house."

"You want us to live here? Me? With you guys?" Troy was losing it he was so excited.

"Only if you want to," I said.

"Yeah, neat. Uh, dad?"

"It's Troy's house he can do with it as he pleases. Let me talk about sex, guys. I figure we are all pretty buried in this sex thing. We have made it pretty clear what we like and what we want. There is a problem that I hope doesn't arise though. Two can always be friends, but three? Most times two will gang up on one. There will be some little something said and someone's feelings will be hurt. We will fight or argue. Someone will feel left out and want to move out. I don't want this to happen but it is life. I want you each to know that I love you very much and I don't want us ever to be parted.

Now, next piece of business. Andy, I found your report cards and I saw some of the awards in your room. You have a scholarship to the university here don't you. What is that for."

"Mathematics. I kind of want to be an electrical engineer. I like to design systems."

"Wow, dad has a EE, or is it MSEE?"

"MSEE. I went back to school in 86 to upgrade my education. I got my BS in 1970 before most of the stuff we have today was invented. I got my degree in vacuum tubes, babe. I was really old fashioned. But I've never worked in that field. It's too boring. I have to be out, moving around, meeting people. I'm a hands on type of guy and most engineers don't know which end of a screwdriver to work with. I like to build and that is not what an engineer does At least not when I went to school. I used to dazzle my professors because I could actually build the circuits we designed and prove that they looked good in theory but in actuality they didn't work. I built bread boards that students could actually assemble circuits on and try them out. I got great grades but no satisfaction. I graduated and opened up an appliance repair company here in town and made buckets of money but that money is all gone now. But at least I am a has-been. Not some sniveling want-a-be. And I'll never be called, the worst of all, a never-was."

"But with your degree you and I could build security systems and home video systems."

"I never thought about that. That would be fun, but first you have to get a degree. You are going to college this fall. I have spoken."

"How about Troy?"

"I want Troy to go to school but he doesn't know what he wants to do. I would like for him to work in something with me. But it is his life and he has to live it his way."

"I could go to school," Troy said.

"Let's discuss it later. The steaks are done and I'm hungry," dad said.

We ate together as a family and cleaned up the dishes. Then we had to put on our clothes, yech. We decided to take mom's new Lincoln Town Car. Dad loved it and I gave it to him right there. I told him I would do the title tomorrow. We went to their apartment and loaded up all of their clothes and headed back to our new house. Dad asked Troy what he thought about calling in a mover to bring everything over. Said he didn't want to move it and I had the money to pay for it. We all laughed at that.

When we got home we went straight to my bedroom. The clothes came off and we all headed to the shower for a good wash. We each washed each other and Troy and dad really worked each other over. Dad had brought his hand held shower with him. I watched in wonder as he removed a shower head and hooked it up. He bent over and took the strainer off the drain then he removed the shower head from the hose. He shoved the hose in his ass then moved over the drain and a big blob of shit and a lot of water came out. He used the hose stream to break up the shit so it would go down the drain then put the hose back up his ass again. This time just water came out but it was dirty. He did it a third time and the water was clear. He did Troy, to much protesting. He told Troy if he didn't do it he would push any shit in his hole into his mouth. I agreed and Troy let him proceed. Then he did me. I felt full. Troy and I had never had an enema and it was a weird sensation.

Clean we headed to my king size water bed. "Troy, I'm going to bitch fuck you and make you like it. Andy is going to throat fuck you and there will me no mercy, no quarter given. There is only one option that you have. Do you want me to lube your ass or do you want me to spit in it. It's going to hurt like hell either way but you are fucked, faggot. Now, what do you want?" I got a tube of KY jelly that I had used with my vibrator and they gave me the job of lube man. Troy lay on his back in the middle of the bed as I got between his legs and started to put the KY in his tight rosebud. He wiggled around, being unused to this, but then none of us had done it before yesterday. Dad straddled Troy's head and hung his semi-hard member in his face. He pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the naked head on Troy's lips. Troy opened his mouth and took the dick in. Dad began to slow fuck the mouth as his dick enlarged inside. This was turning me on no end. I had felt that cock grow in my mouth but watching it was wild. I was envious. I wanted that monster but I wanted my brother to enjoy what I had enjoyed so immensely.

By the time I had three fingers in Troy's bung hole dad was fully hard. He was slow fucking Troy's mouth with long strokes. He was pulling a good seven inches out before going back in to the hair line. Troy was getting the entire pipe laid in his throat. I motioned to dad that he was as open as I could get him and dad pulled out. Troy grabbed for him. He said he felt empty, he wanted that giant meat in his throat. Dad assured him he was going to fill him. We changed positions and I stuck my dick into the waiting mouth. I was rewarded with more energy than I expected as Troy attacked my cock. He was hungry and I wanted to feed him. Dad had his dick at the lubed hole and he pushed ever so slowly. Troy lurched and almost bit my dick off. I yelled in pain as I jerked out. Dad told me to hold up until he got in and he pushed about three inches into the hot ass under him. He bent over and kissed Troy as he started to piston back and forth. As their kiss got hotter dad's dick went further in. With each stroke he was shoving his cock into his son's ass and his son wanted more.

Suddenly Troy stiffened and dad got back to his knees. He put a hand behind my head and roughly pulled me down to Troy's cock. Dad grabbed his belly with both hands and raised it up giving me room to get to the ready to erupt meat. I no more got Troy's cock in my mouth than the cum started to flow. Dad was now piston fucking him the full length of his eleven inch meat ('scuse me, we measured, eleven and seven eights inch cock). Troy was cumming in cup fulls with each thrust and he pumped at least seven thrusts at me. When I was sure he had finished I raised up and stuck my dick in his mouth and started to fuck him as dad never missed a stoke on his ass. "There you are faggot. You've got cock in you now. Now you are a pussy and you are mine when I want you. You like this don't you, homo? Put your arms around your brother and fuck your throat on his cock. Make him cum in your tight lips and I fill your boy pussy with love juice." Dad pulled me toward him and we kissed as he licked Troy's cum from my mouth. I had not swallowed all of it yet hoping that he would want some of it.

I shot my load at the same time as dad did. We filled Troy top to bottom. Dad pulled out and told us to swap, that we weren't even beginning to be through. Dad took my legs and pushed me way back. He put his face in my crack and begin to lick then he spit and lowered me down. I had pulled Troy on top of me and was licking at the cum around his ass hole. I was afraid it would be raunchy but I guess the enema had worked 'cause it shore tasted like 100% daddy. Dad pushed his dick in me ever so slowly. I was surprised how easily it did go in. Oh it hurt alright but not near like I thought it would. By the time he was all the way in me I had Troy's ass clean and I moved to his cock. Just a few strokes and my cum started its trip up from my toes. I mean I could feel this load marshaling its forces as it called on every cell in my legs to join in. By the time it got to my hips I thought I would be totally flat for the rest of my life because I was about to shoot every ounce of liquid in my body out the head of my dick. I was waving my arms to let them know and dad picked up on it and told Troy I was about to cum. He lifted his belly as Troy dove on my spike and I went off like a cannon. I didn't know I had that much cum in me. I wondered how much of it Troy could handle. I drifted out into space. Troy kept pumping at my mouth and dad was going strong in my tight little pussy when suddenly they both shot their loads. I couldn't see them but I could tell that they were kissing and I was getting filled from both ends and it was great.

Dad pulled out and lay down. He pulled me on top of him and started to suck me and I dove down on him. Troy moved behind me and stared at my ass. He couldn't quite bring himself to dive in. Dad pushed my dick from his mouth and licked my balls then moved in to that nether land behind the balls. He worked his way up to my ass and licked very slowly. I heard him tell Troy that he wasn't sure about this either but that he had tasted his own cum earlier and was going to try it. He put his mouth to my hole and I went ballistic. My butt was so tender and sensitive. His mouth was just the medicine I needed. I had never felt this kind of feeling before as I felt dad sucking his juice from me. I was bobbing his cock for all I was worth. He cleaned me out and told Troy to fuck me he wanted another load of cum before we went to sleep. We all came together and fell asleep in a pile in the middle of my water bed. Troy fell off a little later and I told him to turn around and I just held his dick as I sucked dad and we all went back to sleep.

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