as told to CARL DICKSON

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My name is Andy Foss. I'm twenty two and in two months I'll be a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionaire and I have a wonderful new life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story. I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.
We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own.

Chapter 4

I had a hard time convincing dad and Troy but it was the cemetery that finally got through. I wanted my mother burned, okay, cremated, but I wanted her to feel a taste of what she would feel for the rest of eternity. Dad can't believe the venom I have for that woman. Troy understood but then he had been abused even worse by his mother. We had a kindred spirit, so to say. We went to the cemetery to get a plot next to my father. There were none to be had within five hundred feet of his grave. I overheard a man there tell my dad that their records contained a request from my dad that the woman was not be buried in the same state with him. Realizing that my hatred ran deep Daddy Carl relented and arranged for a cremation. I told them I wanted to watch. Everyone said that that would be impossible. I quietly informed them all that I had enough money to buy the fucking place and burn it all down with her inside and that I would watch. Amazingly they discovered that there was a little window in the door of the furnace and I stood there and watched. I watched every tongue of flame as it licked around the box they had placed her in. I watched as the box burned away and I could see the skull disintegrate. I watched till there was nothing to watch but flames. Everything in the furnace was consumed.

It is difficult for people to believe, I guess. Here I am only eighteen years old and I have no next of kin. I am alone in this old world. Both of my parents were only children, no brothers or sisters, so I have no aunts or uncles. I'm glad my folks survived child-hood or I might not be here, haha. You know what they say, if your parents never had children the odds favor your never having any either. But I digress.

The person that is commonly known as my mom, ran away from home at thirteen to marry my father, who was forty three. Her parents were missionaries on their way back to Africa. They were killed and buried there before I was even born. I never knew them but the woman, as I called her, used to talk about them when she was really melancholy, which was a daily alcohol induced condition. She wanted to have fun and play around. They wanted to read the Bible to her, most often they beat it into her. She told about her dad having a Bible with a wooden cover that he would spank her naked bottom with, "trying to get the Word of the Lord in one way or the other," she'd say.

She met my dad and decided that this was the way to get away so she seduced him when he was drunk. She fucked him twice and three weeks later she told her folks that she was pregnant. She knew that they didn't believe in abortion and that they didn't approve of adoption to "clear the conscience". The only option, as she saw it was that they would have to let her marry and that would get her out from under their tyranny. It worked. Her parents went back to Africa and fourteen months later I was born. Long pregnancy. I was born just four days after the woman turned sixteen. That afternoon she had a visit from the local pastor to tell her that her parents were dead and they had been buried in Africa.

Dad grew up in Tulsa. His folks lived in a huge house on a hill. There were gardens all around the house with tall hedges set up like a maze. Dad and I went there for my tenth birthday and it was the most fun I had ever had. Dad wouldn't take the woman, she embarrassed him. Actually, I never saw them go anywhere together. The house had forty five rooms and twelve baths. There were two houses elsewhere on the grounds for the 'servants'. Dad told me that the house was on forty acres and it took fifteen gardeners to keep up the lawns. The house had been built in nineteen thirty three. Granddad had hit it big in the oil fields and he also had a lively bootleg business going in dry Oklahoma. Dad told me that you couldn't even buy alcohol there until nineteen fifty seven. He said he had a dry childhood, he could only get three point two beer and it was like water.

Granddad and grandmother were beautiful people. They were very classy, I guess that's the word that says it best. They were like the aristocrats you would see in the movies. He always wore a suit and tie and she was a fashion plate bedecked in jewels. The four of us went to Bell Park. That was the name of a huge amusement park with the biggest roller coaster I had ever seen, the only one I'd ever seen, but the biggest, haha. I had a ball. I rode rides I never imagined before. All three of them were bent on me having a great time.

The next morning we went down to their little place by the lake at Eufaula. Yeah, right. It was a nine bedroom house set out on a cliff overlooking a huge lake. Well, okay, I come from Tucson, Az. Any body of water bigger than our swimming pool was huge to me. The whole living room wall was glass and it was fourteen feet to the top of the windows. They opened out to a small grass strip about ten feet wide and then it was fifteen feet straight down to the water. The view was spectacular. It was over three miles to the other side of the lake and a low range of tree covered hills. There was a deck from the kitchen and another outside the bedrooms. Each deck had a wooden walkway that led around and down wooden steps to a boat dock and pier at the base of the cliff. There were two boats there. One was a speed boat, as I called it, it just looked fast. The other was a big cruiser with two bedrooms, a sitting area, and a kitchen, galley, I was corrected.

To the east end of the docks was a little beach where I spent most of the days for the week we were there. Grandmother had a cook that made me a birthday cake that I couldn't believe. It was over a foot tall. Lemon cake with the thickest, creamiest icing I ever ate. My grandparents gave me so many toys that I was buried in them but the gift that topped it all was brought in after I had played with all the others for an hour. My dad rolled in a fifteen speed mountain bike, which I still ride today. All of my presents were boxed up and a truck picked them up the day we left the lake. I thought they were gone but when dad and I got back to Tucson they were there.

We all headed back to Tulsa and planned to fly home the next day. That night my granddad had a heart attack and died in his sleep. We stayed on till the following week as dad made arrangements for granddad's funeral and got all of the affairs in order. We hadn't been home but three days when we got the call that grandmother had a stroke and didn't survive.

The flames went out as I stood and stared into the furnace. So much pain, so many memories. I only hoped that this could put an end to all of it. Daddy and Troy had taught me how to pray and we did this everyday. I suddenly just dropped to my knees and began to bawl. I begged God to take away the hate and praised Him for the new dad and brother I had. I got up and went back out to the lobby where dad and Troy waited. There was another man there that looked kind of familiar to me.

"Andy, this is your mother's lawyer. He wants to talk to you for a moment," dad said.

"Actually I was your dad's lawyer. I am the executor of his estate. I would like to have you come to my office and read the will as soon as you are able," he said.

I told him I was able. I wanted to put all of this behind me and go on with my life. He agreed to meet us at three that afternoon when I assured him that Carl was my guardian now and I would not do any business without him being there. Dad, Troy, and I left in the Town Car and dad drove to a nice, quiet restaurant for lunch. We had a big meal of prime rib. We sat there for two hours just enjoying each other's company. We laughed and we cried a few times as we each talked about our families. Dad had lost his mother and dad to liver cancer just a few years back. Troy told me how dad had anguished over this. First his mother in law, then his dad, finally his mother. All three were exactly seventy two years and three months old when they died. All three of the exact same disease, liver cancer. He told us that when he turned seventy two we would party for the last three months of his life. We all cried together.

Our waiter was so limp wristed that he could not pour a cup of coffee without dad being afraid that he was going to get a hot bath. Troy told me to watch out because dad loved to play with gay waiters. Sure enough the waiter was sitting our salad down when dad reached over and unzipped my pants. There were no other customers in this part of the restaurant so he was really bold. He put his hand in and grabbed me. "I can't wait. I need meat now. Nice and rare, pink and soft." He leaned into me and I kissed his cheek. He looked at the waiter and said, "Can we be alone now?" They waiter was shaking so bad that he couldn't move.

So Troy chimed in, "Can't you wait till we get home. I want it too, you know." The waiter left but he was back in seconds with butter. Another trip brought bread. And right on the heels of that came drink re-fills. Dad looked at him and smiled, "I bet you're cute naked. How long's your dick?"

The waiter left but it wasn't two minutes and he was setting our prime ribs before us. As he sat dad's plate down he got really close to him and said, "Eight inches." Dad leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and grabbed a handful of ass. Blushing, he hurried away. We were all laughing, but not to loud. Dad and Troy had played this game before and they said that you had to really act queer with no laughter or they would know you were putting them on. We continued to play with this boy until two thirty and decided we needed to go see the attorney. We were the only ones there when we got up to pay the check. The waiter was waiting for his relief at three and the cook was making bread for the dinner crowd. Dad grabbed the waiter and gave him a long tongue kiss and the kid creamed his pants. I mean the cum soaked right through his pants and stood in a small puddle on the top of his tent. He did have a good size tent going there and I thought it well could be eight inches. Dad backed off and handed the kid a hundred dollar bill, "Excellent service." He then went around behind the counter and gave the cook a fifty and thanked him for the good lunch. The dishwasher, a kid of about sixteen came out with a tray of clean coffee cups and dad looked at him, "If you're not gay come around, we'll teach you," and gave him ten dollars. The waiter followed us outside and gave dad his phone number and told us the dishwasher was gay and that the two of them would like to entertain him. Dad told him that we would have a pool party and they could entertain all of us. He grabbed the kid's hand a pulled him behind the hedge and opened his pants to show a nearly full erection, "It's twelve inches long, boy. If you want to ride it, say so."

"Y-y-y-y-yyeeessss" the poor kid stammered as he grabbed for it. Dad put it away and walked off telling him we would have a pool party. He told the kid to bring his balls and play all day. I looked back as we were driving off and the poor kid was crying. He had his hand in the pants of the dishwasher who was standing beside him.

We went to the attorney's office and were met in a most gracious way. The will was short and sweet and to the point. My dad had left two million dollars in a trust fund for me to be paid on my eighteenth birthday. The attorney had been trying to locate me but the woman wouldn't tell him where I was. She had a million dollars in her trust that reverted to me. The house was in my name as were the houses in Tulsa and at the lake. The lake property was one hundred and thirty acres and all but fifteen acres around the house were leased out to a farmer who raised cotton and sorghum. The farmer paid sixty five thousand a year for the land and ten percent of the profit on his crops. He had a four bedroom house and three out-buildings that he rented out from me also. Fuck, I'm a land dude. The house in Tulsa was being used as an office by my grandfathers oil company and they were paying fifty thousand a month rent. The oil company paid me five hundred thousand dollars annually. All of this money had been accumulating in banks all over the place for the last six years except for a five thousand dollar monthly payment that was mailed to my mother for my upbringing. That check had not yet been mailed because the attorney had been unable to find me to verify that I was being provided for.

The only thing that would have to go into probate was personal effects and jewelry valued by the insurance company at one and a half million dollars. Everything else was in my name or in trust. If I had died my mother would have gotten nothing and all of the money would go to preserve cactus in the Grand Canyon. Dad wanted her to know how much he hated her.

Altogether I had three million dollars in cash. Almost four million in royalties from the oil company, which I found out that I own fifty four percent of. Three quarters of a million in insurance policies at the house. Six hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year in rent income. God knows how much in interest plus the cash and gold in the safe at home. Altogether about twenty five million plus the stock value. I was rich. I asked dad and Troy to go get a drink of water. They neither one said a word, they just got up and left. I talked to the attorney for a half an hour. No, I argued with him, then I went to the door. "How much water you guys gonna drink? Get back in here," I said.

"Dad, give me a dollar bill, please." He handed me one. I looked it over real close as if there was something I was trying to see. I held up toward the light and looked at it, "Yep, that's a dollar bill alright. I'm satisfied. Dad, you just bought the lake property and the boats. The lawyer dude says it worth about three million. The taxes on the land is at farm rates and only runs about three thousand dollars a year. Everything else is clear and it's all yours, if you'll kiss me." The lawyer looked startled and dad grinned, "Oh yeah, I didn't tell you. Margaret raised a woman hating faggot for a son." I got up and kissed dad on the cheek.

The lawyer agreed how he could see why anyone around my mother would grow up hating women. He went on to explain the details of my plan. I had made dad my legal guardian until I was through college. He would manage all of my money but the attorney would still have some input and would be kept on retainer to advise us as we needed him. That was the smartest thing I ever did. I took the accumulated interest to date and put it in a living trust for Troy, no taxes for this old boy. I insisted that Troy be evaluated for his condition. Dad had explained how Troy's mother used drugs and alcohol when she was carrying him and what Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, FAS, was. Troy was definitely slow but, as dad said, he could do most anything if told what to do. Dad literally had to stand over Troy and tell him each step of the way how to do a simple job. If you told him and walked away Troy would fuck it up. He was a sweet, loving, trusting kid who had a heart for others. Dad had shared with me how Troy could not have money because he would give it away or squander it foolishly. We put tight reigns on Troy with a small weekly salary that would be deposited in his bank account each week and that would be all he would get. With him living with us and the way dad lavished money on us he wouldn't be lacking anything.

All said and done we left the attorney's office very satisfied. I sold the house in Tucson to dad and the land at the lake and he had ten thousand a month income to maintain it. Everything in the house, except the jewelry belonged to dad and that had to go through probate, or at least nine hundred thousand of it did. None of us seemed to want the stuff so dad said we should go to New York and sell it. I asked why New York. He asked if I had ever been there. I said no. So he said we were going to New York to sell the jewelry. Troy had a five hundred a week salary, with annual review, for life. I had five hundred a week salary as long as I remained in school with a three point five grade average or above. Plus I had the house in Tulsa and a few million in the bank.

We got home and Troy had to leave to see his friends and dad and I shucked off our clothes. He went to the bathroom for a shower and I headed down to the theater to see what was on the tube. I found a really good movie was starting in half an hour so I went in and made sandwiches and soda and brought them into the theater. I balanced the sound down low the way dad likes it and started to sit down. I only started. Dad walked in. It was a little cold in the house and he had just taken his shower. His dick was puckered up smaller than I had ever seen it. It was so fucking cute I couldn't resist. Hardly anything stuck out from under his belly at all. There was this pink flower laying there on a huge basket of balls. Troy and I had measured these suckers and they were bigger than extra large hens eggs. They were three inches long and one and a quarter across. His scrote was all shriveled up and tight against the base of his dick. His dick was totally flaccid. It was it's usual two inches across but no length. The foreskin had wrinkled around the head of his dick in layers and actually looked like a little blossom there. I decided that I was a bee and I went for the nectar.

Dad sat down in his chair and I was on my knees in front of him. I started sucking and licking at the rose bloom, trying to get my tongue under the foreskin without touching him. He scooted down in the chair and put one leg over an arm of the chair and spread the other leg wide for me to get in. "Um! Baloney and cheese sandwiches. Let's see, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and Miracle Whip. Sa-right, ya done good kid." He was eating a fucking sandwich while I was trying to suck his dick. He popped a top on a can of Coke and aimed the spray at me. He chugged half the can and burped so loud that I knew the neighbors heard. Then he farted. Fuck. I give up. I started to move away and he locked his legs behind me. "We agreed that if we wanted to jump each other without notice it was okay but the jumpee could go on with what he was doing. Right?" He was right but he sure ruined my magic moment.

The movie started and we ate our sandwiches and watched. It was "Message In A Bottle". Dad had seen it before but he really liked it. "I hate gishy love stories but this one is alright. It is a feel good movie," he said. He got up and came to my chair and picked me up. He carried me back to his chair and sat down with me in his lap and brought the foot rest up. I lay my head on his shoulder and kept watching the movie. His hands went to my crotch and moved my legs apart. He began to play with my balls and the base of my dick with one hand. He was still watching the movie so I lay my head back and sat in the lap of my daddy and praised God for this wonderfully strong, loving man.

Dad's hands never stopped exploring my lower body. He was intently watching the movie and, just as intently, driving me crazy. He fondled my balls but he sent me up the wall in pleasure as he slowly glided his fingers along the crease between my legs and balls. His hand went all the way around, following the crease. He would reach a butt cheek and trace over to my ass crack. Slowly his finger would tickle around my tight little hole (tight yeah, I could take his twelve by six and half inch pole in me). Then he would start the process back up. He never touched my dick but he kept the goose bumps building. I was to comfortable to move and look but if I had to bet I would bet that I had at least four levels of goose bumps building on each other, they must look like sky-scrapers by now.

As the movie ended and the credits began dad shifted his body a little. He took hold of me on each side and raised me off of him and up into the air. I hadn't been lifted like this since I was three or four. He turned me upside down and brought me back down against him. He got my dick even with his face and pulled me close, engulfing my rod with his mouth. My head rested on his lap but I could not reach his dick. He was pushed against the back of the chair causing it to lay back in an almost flat position. This exposed him to me and we lay there sucking in a 69. He wasn't going for the juice, he was just nursing. I nursed him. He never got hard. He finally swelled to about seven soft inches and I nursed lavishly. I loved just laying and sucking. This went on for more than an hour and I think that we both dozed off and on through the event.

I guess it was around nine o'clock I felt him stir and try to sit up. I came off of my snack pole and helped. He never let go of my dick in his mouth. With much effort he managed to sit up straight and edge up to the front of the chair. He pulled my legs around his head and stood up with me hanging there upside down. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on as he walked out of the room. I watched his dick bounce up and down from a whole new angle, damn it was exciting. He held me close with his arms around my waist and climbed the stairs, never once losing his lip lock on my cock. Into my bed room he walked, taking me to the edge of my bed where he sat down. We came apart as he tried to get up on the water bed, there was just no place to hold on to. I helped out as we got into the middle of the bed and then got up on top of him and our lips locked on the objects of our affection again.

He began his slow pumping. Laying underneath me he was able to move his head just enough to slide on my dick. He held his arms so tight around me that I could not pull away from him to hunch the way he liked me to do. I kept on sucking and began to pump up and down as his dick started its climb to fullness. I know why it takes so long to get hard. It's so fucking big his heart can't pump it up any faster. He says he gets light headed and has to lay down when he gets it hard because all of the blood in his body is in that thing. I could feel my jaw starting to stretch as the head wormed its way further down my throat. I wondered if I could get this thing in my mouth if it was hard first. I remembered Troy trying to go down on it and how long it took for him to get his mouth stretched so that he could take it all in. I started to slide up and down. I grabbed at the base of his dick and pulled all of the skin down and out of my mouth leaving a clean, slick pole to ride on. Unsheathed the head of his dick was doing a number on my mouth. I was like dad, I really like to feel the head of a dick sliding along the roof of my mouth and up and down the length of my tongue.

I don't know who likes cum more. Neither of us can seem to get enough. I shot my load and the suction dad had on me was as if he were trying to pull the Titanic itself through swizzle stick. I was ejaculating with such a force but his suction was drawing the cream out of corners of my body that I had never associated with my sexuality. I was experiencing a climax that Webster should have witnessed, I'm sure if he had there would be a whole new definition of the word in all of the world's dictionaries. I had absolutely no strength anywhere in my body. I couldn't even raise myself off of the huge dick lodged in my throat to get a breath. Dad gently raised me up as I gasped for air. I held on to him to prevent him pushing me off. I still wanted to get him off. He pushed anyway and I raised up letting his dick slap down against his chest. He rolled to his side facing me. "You almost lost it there, darling." Oh fuck. Darling. Fuck, I love this guy. "Just relax." I grabbed his dick, I had to get him off. I fought him for control of his body and I won. He rolled back to his back and I reached under his thigh and began to stroke him. I was only working the base of his cock and new that this would really drive him crazy. He wanted head action and reached to do himself. I slapped his hand away and continued to taunt him. I was really getting into this. I had never jacked dad off and I was really having some amazing fantasies. He was starting to respond t me. He and Troy had told me how much he hated hand jobs but he had never had a guy suck him off before he met me. I figured he owed me this one.

I moved around and sat on his chest and continued with my mission. He reached up and pulled the skin all the way down and told me to do the head without its' sheath. I was happy to comply. I had to be gentle, it turned out that he was super sensitive but he didn't want any lube. "That just deadens it for me and makes it take too long with no feelings at all." I used just my thumb and forefinger and wrapped as far around as I could but I lacked being able to touch them together by about over a half an inch. I switched to my middle finger and could almost touch. I got into a rhythm and watched him twitch beneath me. I was about to move around so that I could watch his face when he lifted me and sat me on his face. He started to lick my rosebud. I tingled all over but managed to keep on doing what I was doing. A few minutes later he told me to use my whole hand. I wrapped all of my fingers around and took long, slow, easy strokes the full length of his dick head. "Faster," he hissed into my ass. He was tonguing me and nibbling at the opening very lightly. This was sending me over the edge. His tongue penetrated my sphincter and I couldn't hold it. "Let me have your dick, I'm about to cum." I didn't need any encouragement. I raised up and he took me in his mouth and pulled he all the way in. I exploded as he erupted. I mean I had a fire hose in my hand. I had never seen so much cum before. It was cumming out in a flow. He ejaculated a good two or three ounces before he paused then I felt another shot coming, it was about an ounce. This was followed by four more intense shots of between a tablespoon to a half ounce each. Cum was literally dripping off of my face and running down my body. His cum flowed downwards into my pubic hair and around my dick. Dad was licking it all in as it flowed around my dick and into his mouth. He didn't know that he was taking his own cum, he thought that I had shot a really big load. I never told him different.

We lay there for a long time with dad just letting his fingers roam all over my body. He kissed my nipples, then my belly button, then down to my thighs and feet. He sucked each toe and then came back up the same road paying attention to each point again. "Andy, I have a...well not really a question. I want to know if you would mind if I re-did your mother's bedroom. I want to fix it up for me."

I raised up and looked at him, "Dad! This is your house. You bought it. Do whatever you want. I'm living in your house now. You make the rules."

"I'm not to comfortable with that. You have lived here most of your life. Everything you are is in this house. I want to ask your permission. Andy, forgive me for saying this...I know how you felt about your mother and I thought that if I remodeled that bedroom that it might make it a little easier for you. I like the orientation of that room and would like to fix it up as my retreat. You know that we can't always be together or we'll start to argue and I can't stand the thought of that. I know that the first argument we have I will crawl in a shell and hate myself for days. It's for that reason that I feel that I need to prepare my own fortress of solitude.

I would like for Troy to make his room in his own image also so that he feels that this is his home. We will have to put locks on his door and a fumigation system in. You don't want to see or smell the mess that boy can make."

"I think I know what it is like. Remember, we did spend the first night together at your apartment." We both laughed at that and lay back. We cuddled and probed for a while longer then dad got up and went to the shower. I felt that he wanted to be alone so I lay there thanking God for the wonderful blessing he had given me in this man. I had sought him out and I fell in love with him simply because of his resemblance to my long dead dad. Now I know that love was not mis-placed, he is worthy of all of my love.

Did came out of the shower and dug through the boxes of his clothes. He came up with an old faded, worn, and torn pair of Levi's which he pulled on over his naked butt. He carefully arranged his dick to hang down the right pants leg and fluffed his balls into place beneath it. As he buttoned each button I watched. Even as fat as he is he hangs a good looking basket. If I wasn't already his boy I would be wanting that package opened before me. He dug in the boxes again and came up with an old worn out pair of sneakers. He topped all of this with a Coor's tee shirt. "Nothing like the grunge look," he said looking himself over in the mirrors on my closet doors. "This will just about do it. Come on, get dressed and let's go. Grunge up with me."

We climbed into his old pickup truck. He and Troy had removed the bumper that had been pulled out at a ninety degree angle to the front of the truck. The ripped apart fender was gone and he used a bungee cord to hold the door shut. "I've had this truck for twenty years and some old drunk murderer is not going to deprive me of it." The insurance company had totaled it and given him two thousand dollars but he went to the junk yard and bought it back for one hundred and ninety dollars.

He asked me for directions to the guy that had the car I wanted to buy and I knew what he had in mind. I was a little apprehensive but couldn't find the words to express my concerns. We pulled up to an old beat up house littered about with junk cars in the yard. The guy I had made the deal with stood up from under the hood of a car he was working on. Dad told me to be cool. "Kid here says he's buying a car from you?" Dad inquired.

"Yeah, he made a down. Ja want it now?"

"Yeah, figured he should get it. He can sleep in the car where he's safer. Don't trust them kids in the washes and under the bridges, know?"

"He owes me two hundred."

"One fifty," I piped up.

"Oh yeah. Cash."

Dad walked around looking at the cars like he was interested. "What you give me for my truck?"

"Ja wreak it?"

"Some drunk hit me. Got the fenders and shit but it runs good. New motor, twenty thousand miles on it. I built it myself. Toyota 20R, toughest engine the rice eaters made. Got a five speed in it now. I still have the old engine with a spun bearing and five hundred thousand and five miles on her with never a wrench to it. Got the old four speed also. Good service bed, that alone'll bring a thou or more."

"I'll go five hundred cash now. Ja got da other stuff?"

"Have to make arrangements to pick it up. I'll deliver it all for a grand."


"Done. Three hours, kay? Cash. Have his car runnin'."

"It's runnin. Wanta see it?"

He took us around to the back and there was my car. He had hosed it off so it looked a little better but it was still a junker. Dad got in and started it up. He let it run while he popped the hood and looked around. He got in and put it in gear and drove off. I looked at the guy and he looked at me. We could hear tires squealing and a car motor roaring and in a few minutes dad was back. He left the car running and popped the hood again. He looked it over and lay down to look underneath. He reached in and turned off the key. Dad looked at me and shook his head, "You really want that?" Both of them were looking at me and dad nodded yes at me, his eyes had a twinkle that I was reading.

I shuffled my feet and looked down, "Yeah, I guess. I need some place to sleep and that will get me away from town into the desert where I don't have to worry 'bout anything but javelina and coyotes."

"Yeah, I know a dude who was sleeping out in the desert and he woke up to a musky smell just in time to see a javelina piss in his face. You'll do a lot better sleeping inside the car. We'll be back in three hours. Cash!!"

We got in the truck and drove off. "What the fuck just happened?" I demanded.

"I unloaded this piece of junk truck. We have to run out to a friends house and load up the old engine and tranny and I need the regular Toyota carburetor. Then I sell this for a profit.

Andy, I only bought this truck eleven year ago. I bought it at auction for one dollar. I was the only bidder. I put this bed on here for less then two hundred. I drove it for over four hundred thousand miles. It has made me money. I bought it back from the insurance company because of the carburetor and the stereo. Troy and I took out the stereo and two five hundred watt amps last night. There were twenty seven speakers in here. The carb system on here is one I designed using an old Fish carburetor that my dad bought before WWII. That carb alone will get over forty miles a gallon but with the changes I made and mounted on this four banger I get over, hold on now, eighty - miles - to - the - gallon. This gas tank holds twelve and a half gallons of gas I have driven from Tucson to L.A.. and back on one tank of gas. If I don't run around much in L.A. I can, and have done it, twice. I'm not letting this system lay in a junk yard. Someday I'll sell it and tell the oil companies to take a hike.

Now, do you know what you have bought?" I had to admit I didn't. It was just a car for six fifty. "Andy, that's a 1972 Olds 442 convertible with a 455 engine. A four barrel quadra-jet and a 450 hydro-matic tranny. That's one of my dream cars. She'll develop about 220 horsepower the way she sits. I would like to restore that car. It will make a great street rod."

He was so excited I started to get excited too. I had no idea he was a mechanic or that he was in to this. I learn more and more about this great guy everyday. We drove for almost and hour and pulled into this huge estate like place way the hell and gone out of town. He had made a phone call and told someone he was coming out and when we pulled in this old man, in his seventies or eighties, came out. Dad backed up to a pile of stuff covered with a tarp and got out of the truck. The old man walked up as dad uncovered an old engine and a bunch of car parts. After introductions all around he said, "I sold this old truck and these old parts. I really appreciate you letting store it here. I have to put this carb on and I'm out of here." The old man was obviously a friend and offered his shop to us so we loaded the engine and drove inside. Dad opened up the tool boxes on the service bed and dug out some spray cleaner and tools. His truck had every kind of tool you can imagine. I had never seen so many tools.

Thirty minutes later he had the old carb apart, cleaned and back together. He and the old man took off the carb on the truck with several hoses and pipe looking things attached to it. They put the new carb on and poured a little gas down the center of it. When dad turned on the key the truck fired right up. It ran really rough but dad took a screwdriver to the new carb and had it running pretty smooth in a few minutes. We said goodbye to his friend. They hugged and then prayed and hugged again and we left.

"Man this thing runs like an old Toyota, no zip no punch. That fuel system I built really made a difference. Now I can really see it.

I feel like such a hypocrite," he said. "That wonderful old man knows me as a preacher and he has looked to me for spiritual guidance for many years. Here I am, a fucking faggot with my boy friend at my side and he is still praising Jesus for my being there when he is feeling so low. He really needed our company just then but I am not the one to bring the Lord to him or anyone, ever again."

"Why do you put yourself down like this, dad?"

"The Bible says in Leviticus chapter 20:13 NIV "'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." Now that can be forgiven if a man repents and does not do it again. But if a man knew it was wrong and did it anyway then he is in deep trouble because the Bible goes on to say in Luke 12:47 NIV "That servant who knows his master's will and does not get ready or does not do what his master wants will be beaten with many blows." So since I know what the Word of God says and I still fuck your ass I am lost over to sin and will be destroyed on judgement day.

Andy, the hardest thing in the world is for a homo-sexual to change his stripes. Every creature on this planet is born sexual. The sex drive is the strongest drive we have. Drugs, alcohol all this stuff affect the same part of the brain. Endorphins are created in the brain that gives us that feel good emotion. But the drug abuser or alcoholic can be helped. They just need to be separated from their substance of choice. But how do you separate the person from sex. The clinics and prisons are full of these people for which society is seeking answers. If you want to stop jacking off what do you do. You can cut off your dick or cut off your hands. Other than that you have to have serious control to change your mind.

But, honestly, I believe the most pitiful person on this planet is the queer who wants to change. Think about this real carefully. You'll know what I say is so. A boy is told that it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage. He thinks about it decides to get married and all is well. Now, you take a queer and say, "sex outside of marriage is wrong." Then we say, "sex with a man is wrong." This means that he will have to do without sex or go straight an marry. Andy, for most homo-sexuals the very thought of sex with a woman is repugnant. Straights would get sick at the thought of sucking a dick but the homo gets sick at the very sight of a twat. I don't mean repulsed but violently, physically sick to his stomach. So what is he to do? Be celibate for the rest of his life? He can't have sex with a man because this is socially and morally wrong. He can't have sex with a woman because it is so repugnant to him. There are support groups of reformed gays but in all of these groups, and the individuals in them, there are very few reformed people. They try. God knows they try, but when they are all alone their fantasies turn to the queer thoughts and feed their masturbation. You can't take the sex away from the sex addict.

I am a sex addict. I have harbored queer thoughts for years and I fantasized doing everything we have done. The Bible says if you have thought about it you are guilty of doing it. If you do it, it is the culmination of your thoughts and only compounds your sin. It is one thing to ask God to forgive you your thoughts and fantasies. It is quite another to seek forgiveness for repeatedly doing it after you know how God feels about it.

The really sad part of all of this is that so many good, very good, people are deceived over this. They would rather call Christian ethics wrong. Say that there is no God. Or try other religions that embrace their deviancy. Anything, rather than to repent. Me, I'm just as guilty. I know to do right and continue to do wrong. If you were to stay away from me from this point on, it would make no difference for me, I am lost because of what I have done. You, on the other hand, could find complete forgiveness and salvation because you repented when you knew the truth."

"How about Troy?" I asked.

"I truly believe that this is why Troy pulled back from me several years ago. I was sucking his dick and he was enjoying me so much. But I was praying for him. I was taking his dick and crying at the same time for the Lord to protect my dear Troy from me. Not to let me corrupt him. To let him grow up to be a worthy servant and a strong witness to Jesus Christ. The next day Troy announced to me that we would no longer have sex together. He remained true to his convictions even though I begged him. Only once, about two years later, did he digress. He came to me one night and wanted me to fuck him in the ass. I couldn't get it up. I sucked him off twice while he beat me off but I couldn't get a hard on. I opened his ass with my fingers and had him going crazy. I tried to stick my half-hard dick in his ass but I couldn't get it in. Finally I sucked him off a third time and we quit. For several months after that he would use a six inch dildo in his ass while he jacked off. He never let me watch him but I would clean up the tool when he got through. He gets sick at the sight of shit. I am so surprised over this change over the last few days. I am worried but happier than I have ever been. I have traded a few years of happiness sexually for an eternal life."

I was so full of questions and concerns for this wonderful man. Does this mean he is going to leave me? Are we through having sex. So much was rushing through my mind that I started to cry. The truck stopped and I saw we were back at the place to get my car. The junk guy came out and he and dad started talking about the truck. Dad showed him the fender and bumper in the back with the engine and tranny. We had stopped by our house and unloaded all of his tools, with the exception of one box, and picked up the parts then went on. He never stopped telling me this story and I didn't want to stop hearing it. I saw the guy hand dad a stack of cash and dad counted it and they exchanged titles. Dad called me and headed around back. By the time I got there he was lowering the rag top and ready to go.

We drove away and he said, "Did you notice how doggy that truck ran with that stock carb on it. I bet we only got fifteen miles to a gallon coming back. Oh well, I got what I wanted." His cell-phone rang. It was Troy and he wanted to know where his dad was. Daddy made arrangements to for us to meet at a restaurant up the road and said goodbye. He didn't say anymore. We pulled in to the parking lot and went in to find a table. A waitress seated us and he sat beside me, telling her that one more would join us. She left and he turned to me, pulled me close and kissed me so deep. He was shaking. I pulled closer, not ever wanting to let go. We pulled apart and moments later the waitress sat three glasses of water on the table. Troy walked up and she stepped aside to let him in. Dad looked at her and asked if it was to early for the fish fry. She said it was ready and he ordered all you can eat fish for all of us with iced tea to drink.

The three of us sat there sharing our day. When we told him about the truck and the car he was excited and sad. "I learned to drive in that truck. You've had that for as long as I've known you. If you can get rid of that can you get rid of me?" And he started to get teary eyed. Dad got up and moved around to sit by him. He pulled Troy over and kissed him deeply. The waitress came up and sat our salads down and dad looked up at her.

"I'm just a dirty old man."

"My son's a fag. He ran off with an old man who's been molesting him. You all need to be in prison. I'll find someone else to wait on you." With that she left.

Later a boy of about seventeen brought out our dinner and sat it on the table. "That old bitch can't handle gays. She nearly freaked when I told her I would serve you. She's out in the kitchen calling me a fag. So what if I am? It's none of her business."

"Are you?" dad asked.

"Yeah, I think so. I've never done anything but I want to, you know?"

He shared quite a bit with us as we ate. His name was Matt. He was seventeen and had just graduated from school. His mother had a new boy friend and she asked to move out. He had been at this job for over a year and thought he might be able to make it on his own. He only made minimum wage but he was getting forty hours now so he was making a hundred and seventy a week. He was sure he could find a room and since he could eat here for free he'd be okay. He wanted to go to college and his grades were good but he had to figure out the money.

He was really cute too. I really haven't been hung on a guy's looks. I just wanted what was in their pants and their money but this kid made me look. I saw the tag on the back of his Levi's. He wore the same waist as me but longer, 28W 30L. He was what was called a dirty blond, lots of dark hairs underneath. His eyes were a steely gray and his skin was smooth. He didn't have any facial hair at all. He had an easy way about him that made us all feel very comfortable around him. His stomach was flat but when he pulled off the dishwasher's apron you could see a very strong chest and what appeared to be fabulous abbs. His basket hung very full and I knew that all of us were wanting to unwrap that package.

He gave us the best service any of us could ever remember getting. As we finished eating he looked at his watch and said he was off work. We asked him where he was headed and he said he had a place in an abandoned building down the road but asked us not to say anything because if his boss knew he would be fired. He was trying to save enough money to get a room somewhere but he was underage and couldn't sign a lease for two more months. We all looked at each other and said, in unison, we have an extra room. Dad added that the kid could stay for a few days and get on his feet, no obligations. If he wasn't afraid of getting raped. We all laughed.

Dad paid the check and we headed for the 442. We told Troy we would come back for his jeep later. Dad pulled out on the road and headed away from town. He made us buckle up and then he put the car through her paces. "She needs a good tune up but I think she'll be fine," dad said. "She's blowing a little smoke but I think that's from not running for a while. Let's blow the carbon off the pistons and see how she runs."

He headed out to a stretch of deserted road through the desert that he knew about and stopped for a minute. He looked at each of us, "Is there any fear in your hearts?" Unsure what he was saying we all shook our heads no. "I am asking for your complete trust. I am going to really put this car out. If you are even the least bit frightened please get out and wait here. I'll be back in a few minutes." We all tightened our seat belts and grabbed for something to hold on to. "Guys, this is dumb with you in the car. I don't know this thing and its' condition but I gotta go for it. We could loose something and roll over and I could kill all of us."

We all said, "Go for it."

That old car burned rubber longer than I had ever heard a car do before. He shifted the automatic by hand and second gear brought a very respectable screech of tires and third gear brought a little more than a squeak. I was behind Troy and could see the speedometer. "Sixty," I said as he hit second, "ninety," at third. "One hundred, one ten, one twenty, one thirty, one forty, pegged and still climbing." I reported The mountains ahead were rushing at us. Dad released the gas and the car slowly came down. Finally he applied the brakes and turned around and headed back the way we came. He cruised at a little over a hundred till be got back into traffic and he slowed down to the speed limit. "Just as I thought, no more smoke. I'll tune her up and we'll take a road trip. I think you got a good car here, Andy." We headed for the restaurant and Troy got out to get his jeep. I decided to go with Troy and let Matt get to know dad.

Troy and I followed them home and watched Matt laughing. We knew dad would be telling jokes and helping Matt relax. We stopped at the abandoned building and got Matt's clothes from his hiding place and headed on home. I had a little bit of an uneasy feeling about all of this after dad said what he did this afternoon. I talked to Troy about it and he told me he was concerned for dad but that we shouldn't talk about it until he did. Troy didn't know about dad praying for him while they were having sex and this news really affected him. He almost had to pull over but a light in front of us changed and he sat there crying softly until it changed green again.

When we got home dad helped Matt with his things as Troy and I headed for the house and undressed. We were standing there naked as jay birds kissing each other when Matt came in the door. He dropped his back-pack and stared. Dad put his arm around the boy's shoulders and told him that we were home and free to do as we pleased. He told Matt that we didn't wear clothes around the house. "There may be some exceptions but usually this is the way you'll find us." He told him that he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to do, if he wanted to keep his clothes on no one would think anything of it. Matt just pulled his shirt off and kicked his shoes into the pile with ours as dad doffed his clothes. Matt was surprised that dad didn't have on underwear and I explained that one as dad grabbed our laundry and headed for the stairs. Troy says you'd swear that he is an old woman the way he wants everything picked up and kept neat but I think it is cool. Matt pulled off his pants and underwear together. Finally! He stood there sporting a very long, very thick, uncut cock. It was sitting on a beautiful pair of plump balls and framed by a small, thick patch of black hair. His chest and abbs were firm,well defined and totally hairless. His legs were downy covered with a fine, dark brown coating of hair.

Dad headed on up the stairs as we followed. He showed Matt his bedroom and then said he was going to take a shower. I grabbed an arm and lifted it up, "Not really ripe yet, but getting there." We all laughed. "Why don't you and Matt take a shower. Let him get to feel at home." I couldn't believe it. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have said it was a lie but dad actually blushed. From the shoulders up he turned crimson.

"It's Matt's choice what he does. I don't push myself anywhere. 'Sides that he may want to talk to one of you first, ya know? I am an old fat man."

"He put's himself down like this all of the time, Matt."

"I think it would be cool to take a shower with you, Carl. I...well, I....please?"

Matt was growing wood. We smiled and went to Troy's room as dad took Matt's hand and shut the door. Troy and I took a shower together and talked about the day a little more and then headed to my bed. Troy looked at me and asked what I wanted to do. "I'm open," I told him. He said he wanted to suck me awhile but he really wanted to be fucked. We lay down and started a long, slow 69. The guy was really getting the hang of this and he gave me great head. I was really enjoying his dick when suddenly he blew a load at me. Never missing a beat he kept on at me, bobbing my meat and fucking my mouth. He was amazing the way he could cum several times without resting in between I could feel my load rising and Troy slowed down. He wasn't ready for me to go yet. He put his finger in my butt and I knew this is what he wanted. I started working at his hole and he got more into his face fuck nearly flattening my nose in his pubies. I worked my finger in deep and found his prostate. He started fucking his mouth on my cock. I got another finger in and started a fast fuck in his nether region. He was fucking my face and bobbing my cock with such furry that I was getting dizzy. He was rocking on his big belly like rolling back and forth on a barrel. My toes began to tingle, my balls retreated. I opened my eyes to watch my fingers going up his ass. His balls quit slapping my nose as they tightened against his dick and I knew it was about time for another of his delicious loads. I've sucked a lot of dicks over the last few years and I swear that Troy's cum is the best I've ever tasted. Dad's is sweet and creamy but Troy's actually has a taste that is unique. I felt his ass squeeze on my fingers. I blasted a load in his mouth. It was returned through his dick into my mouth as I felt another glob eject itself into me. I shot. He fired back. We exchanged shots, volley for volley, through four more rounds and he relaxed on top of me.

We lay there nursing each other dry. His dick just softened slightly and he wiggled on my fingers. My dick slipped from his mouth and he begged me to fuck him. I told him to suck a few minutes longer until I could get up again. It was maybe ten minutes. I could hear dad and Matt in the shower and Matt was laughing. I really hoped he would have a good time. I had taken a good look at him and he had to be at least seven inches long and he wasn't anywhere near hard. He was uncut and I knew daddy was going to like him. My dick was at attention and I was ready. I thought about how cute Matt's butt looked and I pushed Troy over and got between his legs. I'm really glad he likes to bitch fuck. I'm skinny enough that I can bend over and suck him while we fuck and I love to kiss while I'm fucking or getting fucked. I've only just learned how to fuck, thanks to these two guys but I feel like an old pro at it now.

I slipped into Troy's ass. I was trying to go slow but he was super horny and pulled me in as he shoved his butt down on me. I hit bottom and Troy's face twisted. He assured me it was great and started screaming for me to fuck him. I went crazy on him. I can never recall having that much passion in anything I had ever done. I was putting so much energy into my gyrations that I could imagine Troy's guts turning inside out and lying on the bed. "Fuck me, oh baby, fuck me." He was bucking underneath me, matching me stroke for stroke. "I'm fucking cumming. Oooohhhh. Yyyess." I was bent over and had the full length of his cock buried in my eager mouth. I am glad that he and dad are fat and I'm skinny. It makes it easy to suck and fuck at the same time. I only wish dad liked being fucked. He let's me do him but he gets nothing out of it. I received another ample load of boy juice from Troy and I replenished him through his ass. I was exhausted. I pulled out and rolled to the side. My dick was covered with shit so I slipped out of bed and ran to the bath room to wash up. I brought a hot wash rag back and cleaned Troy's ass. Dropping the rag on the floor I got up beside my brother and we cuddled together until the next morning.

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