as told to CARL DICKSON

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My name is Andy Foss. I'm twenty two and in two months I'll be a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionaire and I have a wonderful new life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story. I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.
We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own.

Chapter 5

     I awakened early. I looked at the clock and it was five thirty. I went to find daddy. He and Matt weren't in the guest room so I headed downstairs. I heard a ring like metal droppping on the floor. I went to the garage door and what a site I saw. Dad and Matt, naked as jay birds, had the motor out of the Olds 442. They were both black with grease from head to dick, toes to balls. I was laughing so hard I had to sit down or fall down.
     Hanging on a chain, in front of the car was this huge piece of machinery that I knew had to be the motor but it looked different. I had never seen an engine out of the car like this and it fascinated me. Dad had to explain that this was the engine and transmission together. Well, I'm no mechanic. I really hope dad will teach me but he seems to be really taken with Matt, am I feeling jealous again?
     Matt walked up to me, "Hi, Andy. I ah....I... Thank you know...last night. Carl and me, I never had, Fuck, I can't talk. I want to kiss you, not talk to you."
     "So fucking kiss me already."
     "I'll get you greasy. Don't touch me just come here." I leaned forward and our lips met. His tongue met me first and was in my mouth before his lips touched mine. He was hot. His dick was standing up. We stood there for all of ten seconds that lasted an hour or more and he backed away. "Oh, man, I gotta get me some of that." He had the biggest smile on his face and a super hard boner that looked like daddy's little brother.
     "Go for it, Matt. Like I told you, we're one big happy bunch of horny dudes here. We're family and we'll fuck you as a family. The Republicans don't know what family values really are."
     "I want to help with the car," Matt said.
     "It'll still be here later," dad said as he tossed me a can of MOJO. It said that it was waterless hand cleaner. I opened it up and it was full of a cream colored gel like stuff. "Rub it all over the grease on Matt and rub it hard." I did and the grease began to melt away. Dad told us to move over to the wash rack so there wouldn't be so much clean up in the garage so we did.
     I worked the MOJO over Matt's body and then he told me to turn the hose on him and wash it away. The grease just washed down the drain and left him pretty clean. Matt smiled at me, "Now let's go take a shower."
     We went to the pool shower and I washed all the remains of grease from every inch of his body. He had not stopped kissing and holding me from the time the water turned on till I turned it off. I had a hell of a time getting him clean. We didn't go anywhere. We fell straight to the floor of the bathroom and started going to it like two celibate rabbits breaking their fast. I wanted his dick as much as he apparently wanted mine. I pulled back his long foreskin to reveal a beautiful purple head, a good inch and a half wide. His dick was a respectable nine inches and very thick. It was only slightly less thick than dad's but I found that I could go straight down on it without any stretching. It fit right into my throat and spread my tonsils for a comfortable fit as I started to slide on it. I wanted to be on top, like I do dad, so that I could take him all the way in and out with long, fast strokes. He wanted to be on top so that he could mouth fuck me. I surrendered and I was glad. I learned why dad likes this position. Matt's balls slapped me in the face as he pumped away. Lying there watching him slide in and out was a real turn on.
     His cock head was working my mouth and getting me so hot. He was doing a number on my member as well but I was really getting off on the action in my mouth. I had a flashback to all of my park adventures. What I had missed just sucking cock and not getting sucked in return. There is nothing better. I started to cum. It wasn't really a great cum but I was feeling a release. Matt took it all in and raised up on his knees, his cock still in my mouth. "Can I fuck you?" Nothing else was said. I pulled my legs back to my shoulders. He pulled that precious member from my mouth and moved around between my legs. Leaning forward he hocked a lugey at my hole and shoved his dick in. I yelled in pain. Startled, with eyes wide, he pulled out.
     "You don't have to stop dude, just go slow, that's my ass hole there and it is attached to my body. Did you do dad like that?"
     "I didn't do him at all. He talked about it and told me how all this stuff was done," he slowly pushed back into me. And let me take him at my speed. "I wanted him to fuck me so bad last night but he said that I needed to take a few days and see how I was handling this queer shit and not try to go too fast."
     He began to fuck me and got into a steady rhythm. "So what did you do all night?" I could really get used to this. His cock was just perfect for me. It didn't stuff me like dad does and it really reached those special spots that Troy just couldn't measure up to.
     "Well, we went in to the bedroom and lay down. He talked to me and ran his hands all over my body. I have never felt things like he did to me last night. He played around between my legs and with my balls while my dick was going mad wanting to be touched, but he avoided it, on purpose."
     "Keep talking. You're turning me on." I was really liking this. He was taking long, easy strokes and really moving me to new heights.
     "He bent over and kissed me and I melted in his arms. God, what a kiss. I never kissed anyone other than my mom before and never like that. I thought I was gonna shoot right there. His tongue was in my mouth and his hands all over me... He went down to my tits and sucked."
     "Nipples, dude. Guys got nipples, chicks got tits." He started laughing and fell on top of me. He stopped pumping but the movements of his body as he laughed were a whole new kind of turn on. I kissed him and we got into a deep, passionate exchange. "Come on talk dirty, turn me on. What else happened?"
     "He worked on down and turned around. He was kissing my navel and I was staring at his dick. I reached over and took hold of it and pulled the skin back. He wasn't even hard and it was bigger than my dick. He was kissing around in my bush and licking along the sides of my balls. I hadn't had a shower in four days. I was washing up in the restroom at work when I could 'cause I had nowhere else to clean up. I know I stunk but he get on any way. His dick was getting really big and hard. I pulled in closer and began to lick at it and I felt him pull my skin back and lick it. That did it for me, I took his cock in my mouth and he was down on mine. He put his arms around my waist and rolled over on his back, taking me with him. When I got on top I could see how big of a cock he had and I started to lust out. He was pushing me up and down and making me slide around in his mouth and I started cumming. I tried to stop but he just held on to me and kept pumping me. I hadn't cum in almost two weeks and I know that I get a really thick, large load. I was scared of what he would do to me for cumming in his mouth but he just kept on sucking.
     When I was done he pulled me in and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me all the way down. He had every inch of my nine and a half inch cock in his mouth. His dick was super hard and I could feel the veins sticking out on the sides. I had never known a dick could get that hard let alone that big. I wanted it. I went for it. I start to slide it in and out. I had never felt anything so good in my life. I went wild. I was trying to get all of that thing in me as I slid up and down the whole length. I would slide out to the very end and take it all of the way back down, feeling every vain, every bump as he slid by my lips and along the roof of my mouth. The huge head of his dick was doing things to my mouth that I had never even imagined before. I didn't know it was possible but his dick got even thicker and started to stretch my mouth. He yelled out that he was cumming and I needed to get off if I didn't want it in my mouth. Fuck, man, I was too far gone then, I wanted it. I got it.
     Oh man I'm cumming in your ass."
     Yeah he was. He had me so horny I had already shot a load all over our bellies just thinking about that big dick in my mouth. I have to get with these two dudes together and let Matt fuck me while I suck dad. His dick was stretching me and I knew he was there. He was doing slow strokes on my prostate and had me clutching for something to hold on too. The only thing I could reach were his ass cheeks and I couldn't ask for a better hand hold. He jammed up in me, hard, as his first volley let loose. He pumped me full with about seven hard shots before he relaxed. My cum was running down my side as my dick twitched out its' last drop. We lay there for a little as I asked him what else happened.
     "Well I uhh, I kind of pulled back and I could taste his cum. It was different but I guess it was kind of good. I licked up some more and then I licked his whole dick clean. I was tired and I rolled over beside him. He stood up and pulled me up by my hands and kissed me. I almost fell back on the bed but he held me up and led me to the shower. We washed each other for the longest time. I had never felt so clean.
     After we dried off he took me back to bed and pulled back the covers and we got in. We lay there kissing and holding each other for so long. I asked him if I could suck him again and he told me to turn around, we'd both do it. He got me off four times last night. I would wake up and he was going at it again. I got him off two more times and I woke up before him this morning and got him off when he woke up. Doing it is much better than reading about it on the inter-net."
     A quite knock at the door separated us and I opened the door to see Troy, covered in grease. "Dad got you to work on the car now, huh? Want me to wash you up?"
     "No, we need some help and dad wants you to get a paper and pencil. Come on, both of you,." and he headed back to the garage right behind him. Dad asked Matt to help him and Troy put the tranny on the rack. He told me not to get greasy that he would like for me to order some parts. He started naming things off and I wrote them down. We ended up with three pages of stuff by the time they got the tranny opened up and the heads off of the motor. He told me who to call so I grabbed a credit card and headed to the telephone. An hour later we were all clean again. The motor and tranny were in pieces in the garage and we were eating pancakes that Troy had prepared for us.
     Breakfast eaten we started to clear the dishes away. Troy stood up and he was sporting wood. He turned to step away from the table and Matt grabbed his balls and pulled him into his mouth. Troy just relaxed and moved forward. Matt was out of his chair and on his knees as he sucked Troy to a quick climax. Matt moved back and looked up, "Man that was fast."
     "Don't quit man, I'm just startin'. Dad fuck me. Fuck my ass, pleeeaase..."
     Dad grabbed Troy and lay him back on the table. He grabbed a knife from one of the plates and scooped up a glob of Country Crock margarine and slapped it in his hand. He wrapped his hand around his almost hard cock and pulled the skin back lubing all of it. He wiped the excess onto his hand and started working it into Troy's crack and in just a few strokes was putting his length in his boy's ass. Troy had his legs up on dad's shoulders as he spread back across our kitchen table. I hurried and removed the last of the dishes and food and finished rinsing them and stacked the dishwasher. When I turned back Matt was on the table fucking Troy in the mouth and dad was long stroking Troy's plump bubble butt. Troy has the tightest ass ever. It is a little larger than me or Matt, Troy has a thirty six inch waist, but his cheeks are firm and strong. He is really cute in Levi's, his butt makes me drool. Dad wagged his finger at me and pointed for me to get on the table. As my cock disappeared in his mouth Matt dove, face first into my crack.
     Matt's tongue was doing a number on me as dad just sucked, no pumping at all. He was putting all of his efforts into the butt fuck he was giving Troy. He had his hands around Troy's thighs while he humped with full passion. I turned to look over my shoulder at Matt who was doing long strokes on Troy's mouth. His hands were around my waist, pulling me back into his eager face as his tongue was working the length of my crack. The position we were in made it difficult for Matt to reach my hole very often but when he did... Dad was working his tongue all around my dick as he continued to suck, I was afraid that he was gonna pull my balls into his mouth the way he was going. I could tell by the way he was sucking that he was about to cum and that excited me. I could feel a load making the trip. I set my mind to enhance my climax and felt it growing near. Matt's arms nearly crushed me. His face came up out of my ass crack and he was rubbing his cheeks across my butt cheeks. He was shooting a load in Troy's mouth. Dad was cumming and I shot my load. I looked down and could see Troy's stomach covered in his own cum as dad pulled his dick out and shot all over Troy's chest. Dad wrapped his arms around me and was fucking his mouth on me to get the last few drops from me.
     Dad let go of me and I dropped t my knees but not fast enough to beat Matt to the smorgasbord laid out on Troy. We both licked and slurped at the nectar poured out for us until Troy was clean again. Matt got down from the table and went over to dad, who was sitting back in a chair. He dropped to his knees and took dad's cock in his mouth. He slid up and down on the monster tool as he reached for Troy's ass. He ran his hand between Troy's legs and came out with his fingers covered in margarine and cum which he shoved up his own ass. I knew where this was headed. As Matt turned around I helped dad to the floor by removing the chair. Matt sat down on dad's fully erect pole. The smile on his face was worth a thousand pictures. Troy backed up to Matt and spread his cheeks. "Daisy chain," dad yelled out and Troy sat down. "Back in to Troy, Andy, join the chain." There we were, four horny homos, daisy chained on the kitchen floor with dicks up the ass forming the binding links.
     We all lay there like that for ten minutes as the dude below caressed the one above. "I could do this forever but I would like to get that car back together. Troy, I would like for you to go to town for me, okay?" We all arose and headed for the garage. We heard somebody drive up and dad slipped on a pair of cutoffs as the rest of us disappeared into the house. Troy put on his clothes and helped dad bring in the parts and place them on the work bench. Then dad loaded the heads for the motor into the Jeep. "Here's the address, Troy. Ask for Jake, he is expecting you. See this valve right here? It is burned and will only get worse so I'm going to have the heads redone. We could do it here but why should we? Jake is also going to put in brass guides so that we won't get so much wear from un-leaded gas. You should be back in about two and a half hours and we'll have the rest of the engine ready by then."
     Troy left and dad assigned Matt and I each jobs laying out all of the parts that I had ordered. Everything was there so he gave us jobs cleaning and assembling minor systems for the motor while he installed new main bearings on the engine block. He bolted the crank shaft into place and started on the rod bearings explaining plasti-gage and gap and all kinds of crap. He may as well have been speaking Latin but he was very patient as he explained each step of the engine reassembly. I'm not ready to try and build an engine by myself but I feel really comfortable around the inside a motor now. Matt had honed the cylinders and I had reassembled the oil pump. Dad had us set the pistons in place and showed us how to put on the rings and compress them. He torqued the rod caps down himself as he explained why everything had to be tightened to factory listed torque settings. I bolted the oil pan down and torqued all the bolts, damn there's a bunch of bolts for such a small part, but dad explained why we wouldn't want the pan to buckle. Cam shaft in, water pump on, the short block was ready to receive the heads and manifolds. Dad checked the clock and said that it would be at least an hour before Troy would be back and we had a lot of work to do.
     He moved over to another work bench and started to reassemble the transmission. I never saw so many gears, or what ever they were, they were so thin I didn't know how they could do anything but dad explained it all and I actually understood him. He handed me five rolls of wire and pointed at his stereo system from his old truck. Matt and I started running wire and tying it in bundles, I was in my element now and knew exactly what to do. We put the hundred watt amp under the dash board and bolted it to the firewall. Both power amps went into the trunk and we mounted the cd-changer over to the side where we could get to it easily to add and remove our tunes. The two ten inch speaker cabinets fit perfectly, dad says we will need to change the cabinets for more bass and maybe upgrade to twelve inchers, I agreed. The Blaupunkt radio took some fitting and cutting but we got it into the dash and made a clean look of it. I ran a piece of 8 gauge wire to the battery and powered up the system, we had tunes, 100 watts to the front and rear seat mains. 900 watts of tunes through eighteen speakers for the sound. There were dome tweeters in the dash, aimed at the windshield to bounce back. Six and a half inch mid-range speakers were in the toe panel under the dash and in the back seat. Dome tweeters in the back of the front seat facing the rear passengers. The six and a half inch three way speakers in the door panels and rear seat panels were hooked to the hundred watt amp. Dad liked to put sound to the smaller system for easy listening and kick in the big boys for normal listening.
     In fifty five minutes we were done. Dad had the tranny ready to bolt on. All three of us lined it up to the torque converter and bolted it together. It was on the hoist and hanging over the car when Troy pulled into his stall at the far end of the eight car garage. Dad said it would be a little bit easier to bolt on the heads and intake with the engine out so we lowered it and bolted and torqued away. The intake was brand new and had new carburetors bolted on, three carbs? come on, why? "This is going to be a performance engine," dad said. "The quadra jet is ok but this set up will give a lot more horsepower and top end."
     The motor slipped right into the car with very little cursing, dad says you can tell how well the job is going by the amount of cursing being done. Troy and I went under the car and hooked up the drive shaft. I guided the spline in as Troy got the first bolt in the U-joint at the back. I slid back there and we bolted the u-joint housing to the differential, checked everything underneath for tightness and slid out. Matt was putting anti-freeze in the radiator as dad hooked up the battery. Dad gave everybody a quarter and said, "Odd man gets to start her up" We all flipped our coins and I got tails, everyone else had heads. I took the keys from the peg by the bench and got behind the wheel. Dad got some starter fluid and sprayed the carbs as he motioned for me to crank her. She turned tight and he sprayed some more and then she started up. She ran very rough but dad told me to stay inside and not let it die. I kept giving her gas as she stuttered and puttered wildly. Dad was working everywhere at once. His hands were moving so fast I couldn't see what he was doing but the car was getting smoother. He told me I could get out now but to leave her running. He was adjusting the carburetors with a screw driver and kept racing the engine. Finally satisfied he backed up and smiled. The car was running very smooth and with very little noise, in fact the fan made more noise than the motor did. "I would like to put steel packs on her but we don't need to draw attention from the cops." Matt asked what we all wanted to know and dad explained that steel packs were a straight through muffler with course steel-like fibers around the baffle to dampen noise but the resonant sound... I could tell it was something that brought back fond memories of his youth by the look on his face and I would have walked to Toledo to get steel packs for him. "Hit the showers," he yelled. "Road trip."
     Fifteen minutes flat and all four of us stood there, showered, shaved, and wearing clean jeans and tee shirts. He handed out quarters and we all gave them back. "You drive," we all agreed. Dad pulled out of the garage and headed down the drive. He got to the street and pointed both ways. We pointed right. Right we went, up through the neighborhood drawing long looks from older people in their yards. Cruising along Troy tuned the radio to one of the four oldie stations in town. He chose the one that plays mostly fifties and sixties music, as that seemed most appropriate to all of us, and we soaked up the remaining rays of a sunny Tucson summer day. It was only three thirty and we had completely re-built an engine and tranny and installed a boss tune center. We were all proud of the work we had done in about ten hours with time out to fuck.
     The road we were on wound around and came back to the main street below our house. Dad looked at us we all pointed right and he turned up the road. He drove along, paralleling the freeway for several miles then cut across to the other side for a road leading out across the desert. We came up to a steak house that at one time had been out in the wilderness but the town had now encroached around it. He parked and we got out. The steak house was rustic. Old and dirty also entered my mind but it did have atmosphere. As we were seated the waitress asked, "Big or small."
     "Big," said dad, "with potatoes."
     Seems they only have two items on their menu, big or small steaks. Small is a twelve ounce top sirloin and big is a twenty four ounce Porter House. A twenty four ounce T Bone is also available, if you know to ask for it. A few minutes later four bowls of beans were set before us with a basket of hot, homemade bread. Drinks and salad were set down and the eating began. The salad had disappeared and the beans were going when the largest piece of meat I had ever had before me was delivered by the waitress. It was an twenty four ounce Porter house, rare with onion rings and another bowl of beans. We ate and enjoyed, the food and the company. We got back to the car at five thirty. Dad said there was too much traffic to head toward town so we would go on north. He told us he still wanted to go about fifty more miles to seat the rings before he wanted to hit the freeway so we stayed on the back road and headed up to Picatchio peak by way of the desert. At Picatchio we got sodas and dad hit the freeway. He laid out a radar/laser detector and a hand held cb-radio. We buckled our belts.
     We wouldn't win any races as dad took the car up to speed but in a short time we were doing over a hundred. He held this for half an hour and pulled back. We were coming into the outskirts around Phoenix so dad took an off ramp and circled around back toward Tucson. As we got back on the freeway dad grinned and we grabbed for something to hold on to. Now I understand why three two barrels. When dad hooked the progressive linkage the car roared and leapt forward like a cat. We were back to a hundred in nothing flat and pegged even sooner. We flew past everything on the road and he held that speed for ten minutes or so before coming back down to eighty. Suddenly I heard police radio signals from the cb and dad came down to seventy miles an hour. He cruised on for two or three minutes and we saw a Mounty going north. Dad counted, out loud, to ninety and the progressive linkage pulled all three carbs to full throttle.
     It wasn't a cb. Dad had built a scanner that was activated by police broadcasts within five miles. It picked up on a police band as it triggered the radio in the cop car. So even if the cop didn't broadcast his radio would trigger this. He told us he had seen this design on sale in eighty nine but that it had been pulled off the market by law enforcement agencies around the country. So, he just designed one himself. The difference being that this was a scanner but also picked up cb channel nineteen so he could hear truckers within a mile of his location. With this unit he could avoid aircraft because their signal would reach him at over ten miles, "line of sight," he said. Listen guys, I know I may be a little prejudiced but I got one smart daddy, and I love him.
     It was just after dark as we drove through Tucson. "Anyone want to stop?" Nobody did and dad kept driving. We made it over to Wilcox and back to Tucson by ten o'clock and headed home. We had traveled more than five hundred miles in less than four and a half hours. Troy had promised his girl friend some time together so he headed out as dad, Matt and I went in the house. We went to my room and the shower. Dad gave himself an enema as he smiled at me. I backed up to him and he filled my ass, three times. Matt was a little nervous but he spread his cheeks as dad filled his ass with water. It took a few minutes to break everything up with the water pressure from the hose so that it would go down the drain and then dad cleaned Matt with three more loads until the water came out clear. We toweled each other and headed for my water bed.
     Dad put Matt on the bottom and climbed up on top. I spit in his ass and started working my fingers up in him. He was actually moving with me and his dick was growing hard in Matt's mouth. He had Matt's cock buried at the back of his throat and was milking its' length. I got up behind him and placed my dick head at his rosebud. He pushed back on me and locked his sphincter on my cock then pulled me forward as he shoved his dick all the way down Matt's throat. He pushed back on me, pulling out of Matt, then reversed and pulled off me, pushing into Matt. He got into a rhythm and matched his lip action on Matt and fucked himself from three ways. I got a better stance on my knees and just went along for the ride. Matt and I started cumming in just a few minutes and dad stopped his movements. He licked Matt clean as he continued to nurse my dick with his sphincter and rectal muscles. I didn't know he could do this. My hard-on didn't die but started to increase all over again. I felt another load moving and almost at once I was cumming, again. This was the most intense load I could remember shooting in my whole life. I have known dad for five days now. I met him Monday morning. Watched my mother die Tuesday. Burned her Thursday. Rebuilt a car Friday. I have fucked and sucked him at least three times a day and a couple of times with Troy. I never knew I could cum like I had cum but now, my third load today and second in three minutes and this one was making a blob of jelly out of me. I was cumming so hard that I could feel my heart pumping cum. I just fell over and lay on my back.
     Dad slipped over on top of me as Matt clung to his dick, he didn't want to let it go. Dad told him to get to the back door and teach him what it was like to get fucked. Matt pulled the pole from his mouth and played around as he fed it to me. He got up behind dad and started licking at the tender hole exposed before him. I had a terrific view of him as he lavored over the eggs in their sheathing, taking time to suck each one. He licked the whole scrotum and dick base until he met my upper lip. He tried to get his tongue in between my mouth and dad's dick but I wouldn't let him in. He licked back up to the fucked pucker hole and locked his lips on it. I knew he was nursing my double shot of cum and from the way he hung in there he was enjoying himself. Dad was all over the place and I knew that I was going to have to remember to eat him like this sometime. After a while Matt got up and placed his dick at dads butt hole. I knew that it was dry by now and I reached for it. It took some untangling to get dad's twelve inches out of my throat and Matt's nine and a half in but I did it and I slobbered on him for all I was worth. I pushed him out and tried to keep it good and wet then I placed it right at the opening of the glory hole that I wished that I could fill so well.
     Taking dad back in my mouth I watched as Matt hid the monkey. Every inch that he went in was another inch that dad tried to drive in me. If his belly hadn't been against my chin he would have made it but he was bottomed out. I hadn't thought about breathing from this angle but the more Matt went in the more aware I became of the weight I had pushing against me. Dad must of sensed this as he pulled his knees up beside my head relieving the pressure and making it easy to breath through my nose again. Matt was now bottomed out and he began his slow fuck. I watched as his dick slowly pulled out, dragging the lips of dad's ass hole out with it. The sphincter had a grip on the monster cock in its' confines and it wasn't about to let go. I could see the folds of skin stretch tighter as Matt pulled his cock out. I knew that the head would soon appear and Matt would reverse his motion and push in again causing all of that skin to bunch up around the base. I watched this poetry in slow motion as dad nursed my soft dick in his mouth. I knew that there was no way I would get a hard on the way I had just cum but I was really getting a great deal of satisfaction from the show before my eyes. I wished there were someway I could have both of those giant cocks in my mouth at once doing their magic to me. Matt was plowing. He was using power thrusts, in and out. I was watching dad's hole pucker and pooch out at an amazing speed. I could feel dad's cock growing and I started to cry. I was so happy that dad was getting off on this. I loved Matt so much for what he was doing for my dad that I couldn't contain myself and the tears just flowed. Dad's dick was so big and hot to the touch. I felt the load flood my mouth and I watched Matt jamb himself in, full force. I knew he must be cumming as well and I wrapped my arms around dad to hold on. I never even knew it was there but suddenly I let loose of a load into dad's sucking mouth. Then we all lay there in total relief.
     Troy joined us around two in the morning. He and Matt were 69ing as I rolled over and went back to sleep. Around nine dad rolled out from the midst of us. I grabbed him and kissed him. He mumbled something about morning breath and piss and headed for the bathroom. I joined him at the urinal and reached out to hold his dick for him. He sucked in and stopped his stream and led me into the shower where he pissed all over me and I him. We washed and relaxed under the spray only to be joined by Matt and then Troy. Dad told us to dress in hard shoes and colored socks with dress pants and button up shirts. He told us to look nice and be sure our socks matched the pants. He would not tell us why. He just dressed and went downstairs. We joined him in just moments and he already had a pound of bacon cooking and was putting canned biscuits in the oven. I turned on the coffee maker and Troy got out the silverware. Matt started to spread the plates when dad told him to bring them over and he would cook eggs to order. Matt asked if he could cook the eggs and dad scooped the bacon on a plate and handed the spatula to Matt. "Make mine over medium," he said. I took the biscuits from the oven and sat down. Troy placed the real butter on the table along with apple butter, strawberry preserves, plum jelly, and the old standby, grape jelly. We buttered all of the biscuits as Matt started setting three eggs before each of us. I jumped up and poured coffee for dad and Matt and decided to have some myself. Troy poured twenty four ounce glasses of milk for each of us and we pigged out.
     We cleaned the kitchen and were wiping everything down, making sure that everything was off when the Westminster Chimes moved us all six inches off the ground. "Those fucking things are history," dad said as I headed for the door.
     "Aw, me beautiful, beautiful Andy. Me'd know ya anywhere. Ya beautiful boy." A man of about forty stood there wearing a blue three piece suit that fit him perfectly. This was no off the rack suit. The man was well manicured and his hair was perfect. A limousine was parked in the circle drive and its' driver stood by the back door.
     "May we help you?" dad asked and the man at the door went white and swayed as if about to fall. I jumped forward to brace him and he put his hand on my shoulder as dad took his other hand.
     "Your name, sir?"
     "I'm Carl Dickson. This is..."
     "Andy. Andrew Michael Foss. Mio Andrew." Tears were streaming down his face. "I thought you were Herb. You look just like my beautiful Herbert." We led him to the sofas in front of the fireplace and Matt handed him a glass of water. He looked around the room. "Nothing has changed. In all of these years, your momma, she never changed nothing." He kissed his fingers in a typical Italian style and I wondered if I was going to get some answers.
     Dad and I pumped him for a half an hour and we found out that this guy was Antonio. He had been my dad's Andy. Dad had found Antonio when he was sixteen and they had been lovers for six years when my mother horned her way in. Dad had rescued Antonio from the streets and educated him. He had a college degree in business from the university in town and had been in business with my dad. Dad had kept him in a fine house and spent several afternoons a week with him and after my mother started drinking dad would get away and spend many late nights with him after he had put me to bed.
     Antonio had stayed away, watching me grow from a distance, waiting for me to reach the age of majority. He was up the street and watched as my mother was killed and he assured me that he had connections in prison and the man who killed my mother would not live. We begged him not to kill the guy but we agreed that he should remember the pain he had caused and that he would remember to never drink and drive again.
     Antonio and my dad had an off track betting business going and made big money taking bets on anything that people wanted to lay off a bet on. According to Antonio it was nothing to make fifty, sixty thousand dollars or more a week. He had run the business since dad was killed and half of all the money he had made he had saved for me. He had over twenty million in off shore numbered accounts all over the world that belonged to me. I told him I didn't want it. He thought I was crazy. I told him everything that my dad had left me and assured him that I was very content. We finally agreed that the money would stay in the banks and he gave me all of the numbers. All future earnings were his and his alone. He had more than honored my father by providing for me, but now he had earned the right to have all of the business for himself.
     Finally convinced that I was doing well with out his help he was ready to leave. He had not taken his eyes off of Matt the entire time that we had talked. Matt had been looking at Antonio and it was pretty clear that he was sorta sizing him up. Dad was sitting next to Antonio on the sofa and he called Matt to come over to him. Dad unfastened Matt's belt and popped the button on his trousers. Antonio slid forward on the couch as dad pulled the zipper down and let the trousers fall away to the floor. He cupped the bulge in Matt's briefs and traced the outline of Matt's cock with exaggerated moves until the meat he held started to grow. He pulled Matt's briefs to his knees and let the flaccid cock hang there twitching under the force of the blood being pumped into it. Dad slowly pulled the foreskin back and ran his fingers around the enlarging purple head. He leaned forward and licked and sucked on the dick that was quickly nearing its' full size. Antonio was squirming in his seat. "You have anybody steady since Herb died?" dad asked. Antonio mumbled something that said no in many words as dad bobbed his head on the seventeen year old cock in his mouth. Matt grabbed the back of dad's head and shoved in. Dad pulled Antonio forward and offered the ejaculating cock to him. Without a single drop passing through the air the exchange of mouths took place and Matt finished in Antonio's mouth.
     Antonio had remained celibate for the last twelve years. He was afraid to go find a boy. He knew he wanted to raise a boy as he had been raised but he was afraid of being turned in and going to jail. He had not had sex with anyone at all as he waited for me to grow up. He thought that I would live with him. I stood up and dropped my pants in front of him and let him look at my six and a half inch, uncut dick. I pulled my skin back and let him look. He fondled Matt and looked at me. Finally he licked my dick and sucked it into his mouth. He asked me to jack off for him and I did. I got close to him and jacked off hard and fast right in his face. I felt the end cumming and I told him. He opened his mouth and I pushed in. He lip locked on me and sucked me dry. "You didn't get your daddy's big dick but you taste just like him." I wanted to know how big my dad's dick was and he said Matt was the same size. I asked him if he wanted to see Carl and he got all teary eyed again and said yes he did. He told Carl how much he looked like my dad, Herb, and he would like to do him and pretend that Carl was my dad, Herb. True to his character, dad stood and dropped his pants and showed Antonio his twelve inch cock. Antonio couldn't believe anything that big as he stretched his mouth around it. When he asked we told him that it was six and a half inches around, two inches across. He got on his knees and pushed dad back to the sofa and settled in to a major cock suck. He took a handful of dad's belly in each hand and kneaded it like bread dough. Dad seemed to really like this as Antonio took the entire length of cock in his mouth. Dad pumped the sucking mouth full of jiss in a few minutes and the Italian sat back on his heels. He looked at Troy and said, "might as well get yours too." Troy moved over and our guest was served again. Troy surprised us all by holding out for a respectable length of time before providing desert to our visitor.
     Holding Matt's balls in his hands Antonio said he would love to have a boy such as this to train and to educate. Matt said he wouldn't mind going with him if he wanted. Antonio was elated. He jumped up and hugged Matt who moved in to kiss him. So much passion flowed out of Antonio as years of pent up lust was released. Matt found the man's zipper and fished his cock out through the folds of cloth. He dropped to his knees and took the meat in hungrily, working on unfastening the man's pants as he sucked. Finally undone the pants fell to the ground and button top boxers remained. Two more buttons lost their grip and the boxers fell away exposing a healthy eight inch cock for Matt's eager mouth. The man was so hot from the activities in the room that he unloaded down Matt's throat in moments. He promised Matt much, much more, if he wanted it. Matt wanted it and he asked us if we would mind if he left us. We agreed on the stipulation that he and Antonio come to visit, often.
     The two of them left and dad Troy and I sat and stared at each other. "Wha de fuck happen?" Dad said as if in a daze We all laughed and hugged. We all wished the best for Matt. We only met him day before yesterday but what a thirty six hours he had given us. "Thirty six hours, fuck, fuck. Get your pants up. We have to go." Dad was pulling up his pants and tucking in his shirt. He ran to the kitchen for his laptop and a small black bag. He told me to lock the door and Troy to turn off the thermostat and we all headed for the garage. He made a call on his cell-phone and floored the Lincoln. We were at the Air West terminal of the airport in minutes flat. A man in a suit came out and dad said something to him then rushed us inside. We went straight to the departure gate where he gave his name and was handed his tickets. He pushed Troy and I to the loading chute and into the plane. The door was being closed behind us as the stewardess showed us to our first class seats. Troy was by himself across the isle and I had a window seat. He told the stew that the fourth member of our party had something come up at the last minute, Troy and I began to giggle.
     "Welcome to Air West. We will be flying to New York city, non-stop at an altitude of thirty seven thousand feet at 600 knots. Our scheduled arrival time is seven p.m. The weather is reported clear and we should have an excellent flight. Please set back and enjoy yourselves and thank you for flying Air West." As soon as the captain finished his little speech the stewardess showed us about oxygen masks and barf bags. I had moved over next to Troy. He had never flown before and I was only ten when I flew with my dad so this was all kind of knew to us and we wanted to have fun. Lunch was served and it was a small steak, fillet minion, with baby veggies. I didn't want to eat them because they weren't old enough to die. The old woman behind us had a hissy and told the stew that children should fly in the toddlers section. Dad stood up and walked over to inform her that she could keep her mouth shut and enjoy the flight that an old age home was definitely soon to be her abode. She stuttered out something about her husband being rich and suing us for noise violations, or something. Dad simply looked at her and called her a pauper. He told her that I had just inherited fifty million dollars in cash, tax free and owned fifty four percent of one of the largest oil companies in the world. Her Fix-o-dent failed and her false teeth fell out. Dad chuckled his way back to his chair. The old lady started to whine to the stew again and then it really got funny.
     "You realize, dear, that we were ten minutes late departing. This boy owns so much stock in this airline company that all he had to do was to call and have us wait for him. You might want to sit back quietly and enjoy the flight or he may want to put you off his plane. I looked at dad and he shrugged and smiled. Troy and I cracked up. This guy could sell a lawnmower to an Eskimo living in an igloo.

     I never knew that so many lights could exist in such a small place. New York was beautiful. The moon was full and setting right on top of the city like a star on a Christmas tree. Our lady traveling companion had another bout with her Fix-o-dent when a chauffeur met us in a cart to drive us to our limousine. We had a stretch that took us to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The room was being made ready when we arrived so we headed to the bar for a Coke. As we came out of the bar the manager bowed to us and informed us that the Presidential Suite was ready and that they were sorry for the delay. Guess who was at the counter checking in, she ought to try super-glue on those teeth. The bell-captain escorted us to the top of the hotel and my jaw dropped open, I couldn't absorb all that I saw. Dad told Troy and I that we would go hungry in here if we were trying to catch flies because they had a very good pest control system. He suggested that we use our hands to hold our mouths shut and he would order food for us if we were hungry. I looked at Troy and his mouth was hanging open like mine. We shut our mouths and began to giggle. Dad had the bell-captain by the door and he was obviously giving him orders. He kept looking at us and talking quietly. He gave the guy a tip and he bowed and left.
     Dad went out on the balcony and breathed deeply then started coughing. "Love that air, haven't chewed a mouth full like that since nineteen sixty five." He beat on his chest and coughed again as we laughed at him. He walked into the master suite and removed his clothes. The hot tub was full of bubble bath and steam was rising from it. He only got one foot in before Troy and I were in the water looking up at him. We had been soaking for about ten minutes when the door bell rang. Door bell? I guess. Dad pushed a button on the inter-com and room service announced their presence. Dad buzzed them in and they brought in a cart covered in plates with silver domes over them. Dad signed the check and the waiter left. I got up and lifted a dome off, beneath it lay a plate of cold cuts and four different chesses. Another was a relish tray with all kinds of finger veggies and the third was cubed fruit on tooth picks. Dad produced a root beer list which he promptly read from. "We have root beer, neat. Root beer, on the rock. Root beer, float. Root beer, shake. We have warm root beer or cold. You have a choice. I am assured as to the vintage and know that you shall not be disappointed. What is your pleasure."He spoke in a deep voice as if he were a butler in an old movie.
     "You got root beer from the spigot?" I asked grabbing his cock.
     "I'm sure that is from the root but I don't know how much like beer it is," he said in his voice. I squeezed his left nut and he changed his voice, quickly. We each stacked crackers with our choices of cold cuts and cheeses and sat back down in the water. Dad explained the delicacies of cheddar and apples with summer sausage, or bologna, or any number of cold cuts. Troy and I dunked him. He had a knockwurst on his plate when he went under and when he came up it was gone. Troy and I looked through the suds for it and dad stood up and turned around. He bent over and the sausage was sticking out of his ass. We held on to each other so we wouldn't drown while laughing as dad walked over to the shower and washed the soap off. As we got out of the shower dad bent over and fucked himself with the knockwurst and then offered it to us. I took it and bit it in half as he called me a vicious brute. He told us to put on bath robes as the bell-captain was due back and we pushed the cart into the living room and finished eating.
     Dad went to the bar and mixed us each a rum and Coke with a lime twist and brought them back to the couch and we toasted a beautiful life and praised God for all He had given us. The door bell rang and dad pushed the buzzer by the couch. A bell boy entered with several packages. Dad got up and let his robe slide open, he had a boner. The kids eyes popped as dad walked up to him. He pulled his foreskin back and then shook the kids hand. The bell boy was probably twenty, twenty two, somewhere in there. He sniffed his hand and dad put a twenty in it. He asked him when he got off. The boy said at mid-night, dad said twenty minutes. He pointed at us, we had our robes open sporting wood. Dad said we would be up if he wanted to come up for a while. Twenty three minutes later the door bell rang.
     Dad had opened the shaving kit he brought and laid a tube of K-Y out and a string of rubbers. I counted them and there were ten joined together. Dad told me not to worry that he had twenty more and he didn't think that we would use all of them before morning. The bell-boys name was Jeff. He was five eight, pure blond, like me, blue eyed and weighed one hundred and forty pounds. He stood at the foot of the bed and did a strip tease for us as we sang bumps and grinds. He sported a neat little eight incher, cut with real tight balls that hung on to his dick as if they were afraid. He was totally hairless, explaining that he used a depilatory, daily to prevent stubble. Dad told him to take a shower and join us.
     Jeff loved to be sucked. He had never been fucked but wanted to very badly. He said he would like to try sucking so dad let him suck each of us off at his will. He started with me but he had his hands all over dad's dick. He wanted that monster but he wanted it to last. He pulled off me and went down on Troy but true to his nature old quick cum fired his gun and scarred poor Jeff to death. Seems like the guy had never tasted a load before. He took this job in the hotel to get his jollies. He usually made twenty dollars to let some old salesman slobber on him. He would get off and sometimes jerk the dude off and leave. He sometimes had to suck while he was being sucked but he always shot his load first and ended it. We knew our strategy. Troy slipped on a rubber while I lubed Jeff's ass. We placed his head in dad's lap as Troy got up behind. I reached up underneath and put a rubber on Jeff, didn't want him cumming in our bed. I also placed a towel under him as I pushed him to his knees. He was trying to get dad's dick in his mouth and not paying a whole lot of attention to us. Troy pushed in and started to fuck as Jeff began to suck dad. Troy got down and off quickly. He didn't want to go again so I moved in. Troy slipped the rubber off and got on dad's chest. Dad took him in and cleaned him up. Jeff was tight, he was so skinny that I could feel his bones but his hole was tight. I fucked him slow and easy and knew that he was enjoying me in him. Dad shot his load and Troy slipped down to sit on Jeff's head, holding him down as dad pumped down his throat. When dad was finished Troy stood up. I pulled out of Jeff's ass and turned him over.
     "Who next, dude?" I asked him. He pulled the rubber from my dick and I went for his face. Dad moved around and sat on Jeff's cock. Jeff's whole body went limp. Dad raised up and got down between Jeff's legs and pulled the rubber off. Jeff hadn't cum yet so dad went down on him. He had him off in a few minutes then slipped another rubber him on and tied a knot in at at the base so he couldn't go soft. Dad laid down. I pulled my dick from Jeff's mouth and pushed him over between dad's legs. Dad put his heels on Jeff's shoulders and waited. Jeff finally woke up to what he was to do and he pushed forward, entering dad's back door. I stood up and let Jeff suck me again as Troy fed dad. Jeff fucked. He didn't have much push but he was having fun. I was comparing it to our assault on Troy on the kitchen table yesterday and it didn't even compare but then I felt dad fucking back. Jeff was mauling my dick. His teeth were in me he was thrashing all over the place. I pulled back and he grabbed me. I stayed back and started to jack off in his face. He accepted that as he continued his pace on dad. I stayed at tongue range only and allowed Jeff to lick my dick head once in a while. He was about to cum if the look on his face was any indicator so I moved in and let him take me and shot my load in the back of his mouth. He was busy draining himself in dad as sucked me nice.
     I backed out and helped Jeff to lay down. Troy had the K-Y and he lubed Jeff. Jeff was so out of it he didn't know what we were doing. Dad was between his legs as Troy and I held them high and wide. Dad pushed at the virgin hole and the head slipped in easily. He took his time as Jeff absorbed the entire length up his ass. Dad lay down on top of him and began to slow fuck him with long, easy strokes. Jeff was whimpering like a baby. He was telling dad how much he loved him and how he never wanted this to stop. He reached out and felt for my dick and began to jerk me off. I looked over and he was jerking Troy off too. He asked us to feed him and Troy got up over his head and began to mouth fuck him. Dad was still taking it slow and he told me that we should try to cum two or three times before he finished. I knew he could last that long at this pace. He had already cum in Jeff's mouth so he was go for a good thirty minute fuck or better. Troy blasted away and I moved in. I fucked Jeff's mouth with vigor. I got off but I had to pee. I asked Troy to relieve me but dad told me to piss in Jeff's mouth. I pulled my knees in to hold Jeff's head still and I lowered myself down so that my weight was on his head. My dick was soft enough to piss so I let my stream go slowly into the back of Jeff's mouth. He didn't fight me but took every drop as dad continued to fuck him. My cock was now happy and very soft so I raised up and Troy stuck his soft cock in Jeff's mouth. I watched his knees clamp on either side of Jeff's head and knew what was happening. Dad increased his speed as Troy peed. Dad was getting ready to blast away as he sped up his pace with long, hard, fast strokes. He was pushing Jeff's brains against the top of his head. I put my hand on Jeff's belly and I swear I could feel dad's cock sliding in and out. Troy put his hands down there and agreed with me. Dad filled Jeff's ass with cum and I remembered that he did not have on a rubber. I didn't say a word I just let Jeff get his fill.
     Jeff jumped up and went to the crapper and then took a shower. I had taken a wash cloth and cleaned dad up. I knew he would take a shower when he was through but he didn't appear to be through. Jeff came back to the bed and asked if we were through. Dad asked him if he was. He said he wasn't sure, he wouldn't mind sucking that big thing a while longer dad told him to sixty nine him and Jeff loved that idea. Troy and I took to our own sixty nine and fell asleep.
     About six Jeff woke up. Dad awakened and asked him if he wanted more. Jeff said he had to get on to the campus and do his labs. He had a lab he had to complete before his college finals, and Sunday morning was the only free time he had been able to schedule. He said he was off tonight but if we wanted he would like to come back. Dad told him that he had a pretty full day planned for us but that we should be back around one or two a.m. if he wanted to stop by.
     He left and we rolled over and went back to sleep, after all it's only three a.m. in Arizona.

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