I'm 21 years old and love to be loved. Once I got a chance to be a `top' as well as `bottom' and hey it was wonderful.

Let me start with my introduction. I'm a guy from India and my name is Mahesh. I'm 6 ft. tall weighing 67 kg. I work out regularly so I'm having a good frame. My cock is 6.5 inches, not too much but what I like are my balls. They are huge like golf balls and hung low. I shave one of them and keep other hairy, strange? But hey it looks so much sexy and I like to try new things out. For one more reason I have kept them so. What's that? Well that's the story I'll be telling you.

Once I was chatting at MIRC in gay room. I saw 2 chatters who had Indian names. So I sent PM to them asking for more details. Both turned out to be in the same city I live. One of them was 21 year old and he was top. Other was 26 year old and was bottom. I chatted with both of them at same time. The top's name was Manu. And bottom's name was Akash. Manu, the top one asked me if I wanted to meet him. The same question I asked to Akash, the bottom one. Akash was afraid to meet somebody stranger. But I convinced him and told him that I was a top. We decided to meet day after tomorrow. Manu was little bit commanding and proving his top ness. He asked me to meet and I decided to meet him next evening. I told him that I was bottom.

Next evening I went to decided spot. There he came wearing yellow tight t-shirt and cotton pant as he told me. God! He was stunning. Looking at his chest I thought god has created tight t-shirts because he created him. His nipples were pointing out. As he came closer I gave him a smile. "If I'm not wrong you are Manu". I asked. "Yes Mahesh, I'm. So where shall we go? Would you like to come to my place?" he asked. How could I say no. "Why not!".

He opened the door and what I saw was a really messy room. Cloths everywhere, a table with computer and lots of CDs scattered. I saw 5-6 jockeys briefs lying on bed. I was really turned on by that sight. He asked me if I want a drink. And went to other room to get cans of beer. I sat on coach and took on of the briefs and smelt. Wow! I was in heaven. It smelt a mixture of sweat, piss and obviously "dried man juice". And he came out with 4 cans of beer in hand. Now he was only in tight cut off denims showing off his large, smooth chest and abs.

"Do u like that?" he asked me pointing towards his briefs in my hand. I nodded. "Here I have a fresh one under these denims" he said. Hearing this I directly crept to his shorts and undid the buckle. I nearly torn them to see dark blue brief hardly holding the meat under it. I started sucking on the bulge furiously, biting his huge covered cock. He moaned in ecstasy. His cock, which was thick and my be 8 inches long, slapped my face, when I peeled off his underwear. Hot man meat leaking precum with huge clean shaven pair of balls made me horny as hell. I was about to taste the juice but suddenly he pushed me away. "To get this prize, first you have to make me happy." He laughed.

"Take off your cloth one by one" he ordered. I was feeling little nervous. But hey, I could do anything for this sexy stud and his enormous cock. I took off my shirt and shoes with socks and threw them on couch. Then I peeled my jeans off. Now I was covered only with a small brief. I turned around and slowly took my underwear off showing my bubble butt. I stretched my chicks and made a show of my tight pink ass hole. "That's great, now show me the use of this thing" he ordered pointing towards a tube which was kept on table near me. I took it and squeezed it on my palm. Some lube came out. "it will be good for your hole my bitch!" his dirty words and strong commanding voice was making me mad. I spread the lube on my hole and started to push a finger in it. But as I had a good practice of finger fucking I directly pushed 3 fingers in and moaned loudly. He also moaned and slapped my ass hard. With that encouragement I started fucking my ass roughly to make him more happy. "Come on! Do it really hard for me baby" he commanded rubbing his now fully erect dick. He was twitching his nipple by other hand. Suddenly he threw a big dildo towards me. "Make me more happy u bitch" he shouted. I took the dildo and inserted it in my now open hole completely. He suddenly stood and pulled me towards him and started kissing my lips harshly. After a minute or so he forced me on sofa and inserted his cock in my armpit. It was a strange thing for me. "I like to fuck hairy armpit, and you have got a juicy, hairy pair. Damm! Hold my cock tightly there my bitch" he ordered. The feeling pf armpit being fucked was wonderful. Then he took out his dick and exposed my pit full of precum and sweat. He stuck his lips and tongue there and started sucking the hair. "My god! Feels soooooooo gooooooood" I moaned in ecstasy.

"Fuck me please!" I pleaded. With my request he pulled my legs on his shoulders and with a forceful thrust he inserted his angry cock in my hungry hole. "Yes, Fuck me harder my master." I shouted. "Yes you bitch, I'll fuck the shit out of you" he shouted and hit the desired spot. With each hard thrust he rubbed my prostate sending shivers in my body. I could feel his knees going weak. "Oh fuck! I'm cuuuuuuuuming" he shouted in pure ecstasy. And I felt his hot cum in my gut. As he came he squeezed my pecs and nipples. Suddenly he got out and turned me around and took my ready-to-cum dick in his hot mouth. This sent me on the edge and I came in loads. He didn't swallow and held it in his mouth. Then he kissed me deeply and spitted my cum in my mouth. It tasted great along with his spit.

I left him with promises to meet next weak. I was happy with my sore ass of a `bottom' gay bitch and was dreaming to be a `top' gay stud next day...

Mail me your response at deep_move@yahoo.co.in to encourage me for my next part. Believe me, it was great experience to be top next day...

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