Hi guys, thanks for the huge response to the first part. Your responses encourage me more to write sexier stories. So here I'm with second part. Enjoy!

(Recap: I left him with promises to meet next weak. I was happy with my sore ass of a `bottom' gay bitch and was dreaming to be a `top' gay stud next day...)

While I was driving to home, Manu's commanding voice were echoing in my ears. I was feeling empty not having his angry rod plowing my hole. Manu taught me a new thing -- `Armpit fucking'. And believe me it's a great thing to do. Try it some time, but hey the pit should be really hairy and sweaty to add a special effect.

Anyway, let's get back to story. Next morning when I was taking shower I remembered what Akash (the bottom one) told me while chatting. He said huge clean shaven balls are a real `turn on' for him. But I had a thick bush on my balls. And Manu loved hairy balls. So for Akash I decided to shave the left one. The thought was little bit strange but as I said I love to try new things out. So did I. and after shower when I looked in the mirror, I immediately got a hard on looking at my own half shaven balls. God! It looked stunning.

In the evening I wore an orange colored tight t-shirt with tight blue jeans showing off every curve on my muscular body. I didn't forget to pinch my nipples and make them erect. When I approached the desired location I saw a beautiful guy waiting for me. He was wearing a loose shirt with loose khakis. He was looking nervous and hardly looked in my eyes while introducing himself. Looking at his situation I remembered myself two years ago. I was also a shy guy that time when my best friend and lover Ashish made my life easier by teaching me how to be bold and dashing (that's a different story). I decided to turn this shy guy Akash in to a bold, dashing stud. But now I was eager to taste the bottom ness of him.

We went to his house. It was a big apartment with 5 rooms. He told me that his parents run a business and often remain out of station. He was the only child and was helping his parents in the business. He took me to his room. It was a huge room and was kept very neat and tidy. In one corner there were lots of work out instruments. In other corner it had a hi-fi music system with a huge rack of cassettes and CDs. Another corner was decorated with a huge wooden cupboard with hundreds of expensive books and novels. And in the lat corner I saw a piano and a guitar. "All 4 corners show my 4 hobbies without which I can't live, Music, books and work-out" he said. This guy was wonderful. Books he read, music he listened to was my favorites. And he proved that work-out was his hobby when he displayed his extraordinary chest hidden under his loose shirt which was no more on his body now. His flat abs and a treasure trail running from his button disappearing in his jeans made my mouth water. He took off his jeans and went to bathroom saying "I'll take a shower, do you want to?" I shouted "Don't take one, I want you real sweaty. But you are not much now. Come on here! Do some warm up and be ready for the show." He was shocked by my command. But his shyness made him do what ever I said. He started to lift some weights. "I want you to jog for some time, but before that take off that dirty jockey." I commanded. He followed.

I was enjoying a hot, sexy guy jogging in front of me. His heavy balls and semi-hard cock were bouncing up and down. Mean while I put on some rock music for accompaniment. After about 3 minutes he was panting and was fully covered with sweat from head to toe. "Stop now and come here. I want you un undress me without touching me except your palms." I ordered. He stopped and came towards me. He removed my t-shirt, and then went for my shoes. But he was too slow. "Can't you do it little faster dirty asshole?" I hollered. "I'm tired!" he said nervously. "How dear you to speak with me without saying sir? You are tired ha? Ok do 20 sit-ups." I was using this guy roughly and he was obeying it. I actually didn't want to do so. I wanted to hold him tight in arms, play some light classical music CD, kiss him sensually and love him as my best lover. Really he was so cute and charming that I was feeling that I have started loving him. But I wanted him to feel this first and then get loved.

While I was thinking this he was doing his sit-ups. After counting 20 he stood up sweating more. Then I told him to take the remaining cloths off as early as possible. And he did. Then I slept on my back on the bed and told him to sleep on me and rub all his sweat on my body from head to bottom including armpits. He made my palms move under my head exposing my armpits. He took the same position and slept on me touching as much body as possible. Our pit hair were touching each other. Then I asked him to hold me as tight as possible. He did. We remain motionless for a minute. When I tried to move I found myself stuck to him due to dried sweat. Wow! What a sexy feeling. Our cocks were twitching as they were pressed against each other. His huge balls were rested on mine.

"Come on! Get up now. Get some honey." I ordered again. He went to kitchen to fetch bottle of honey. Then I lifted my ass un in air separating my legs and butts with my hands displaying my pink hole. "Put some honey on my hole." I said. He followed and I felt cold honey on my hole. "Don't let it dribble down. Push it inside with your middle finger." I said. Then I felt a thick digit entering my honey-lubed hole. "Hmmm! Go deeper baby!" I moaned. "Now take it out and more honey. Do the same till my hole is completely filled with honey." He took the finger out giving me some pain but more pleasure. Then he poured generous amount of honey in my now open hole. Again his middle finger went deeper in me. "Come on you bitch. Use two of them." I shouted and he followed. His two fingers made some more space for honey. Now I was filled with about 4-5 table spoons of honey.

"Now you are going to get a great treat " I said smiling at him. "Put your fucking sexy lips and tongue on my hole and lick it very slowly. Suck all the honey slowly." With this electricity started flowing in my spinal cord when he touched my hole with his tongue. He was kissing my hole with lips and probing his tongue deep in me which was sending shivers in my body. "Oh god! Damm you fucking sexy ass licker. " I was moaning loudly cursing him. Now he was sucking honey out of my ass like a greedy dog. I pressed my thighs and locked his face in my ass.

Then I fucked him 2 times that night. He was totally exhausted doing all kinds of weird things I asked him to do such as licking armpits, licking toes etc. when I came second time, I came all over his chest and abs. He also came on his chest and abs. In this way he was completely drenched in our cum. I slept with him as his parents were not at home.

Next morning I woke up early and saw his beautiful naked body sleeping. His beautiful cum covered chest and moving up and down as he took deep breaths. For a minute I felt myself lost in the smile on his face. This is the right time to express my love to him, I thought. I went to music system and placed CD of soft piano in it. Then I went back to him and hugged him lightly. As he started to weak up I planted sensual kiss on his lips. I started rubbing his full lips with mine. By the time he completely awake and was amazed by my action. I parted our lips and whispered in his ears " I love you Akash and want be yours for ever. Sorry for what happened last night but that was not what I wanted. I love you too much." Tears formed in his eyes. He held me as tight as possible in his arms and kissed me back on my lips.

There we were completely naked laying on bed expressing love to each other. I should not waste his morning erection, I thought to myself.

And what we did that morning with our raging hard on? Well that's next part of story. Feel free to send comments at deep_move@yahoo.co.in

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