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Edited by Trish


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Chapter 18

"Eric Larson." Josh cut in as he held out his hand, which Eric shook. "I don't understand, how, how did you know who I was talking about? I wasn't able to ask you for the favor last night because I couldn't get the name out."

"It wasn't hard for me to figure out Josh." Tyler smiled mysteriously. "When I met with you two in my office I could feel an instant attraction between you. It wasn't anything either of you said or did; it was a vive that I'd picked up from you." Sensing the nervousness from both boys, Tyler quickly added. "Don't worry, it's not recognizable unless you know what you're looking for, so your secret is still safe."

Both boys slowly let out a breath of relief. Eric then spoke for the first time since entering the house. "Thanks Mr. Jackson. I'm been thinking about him until this afternoon." Josh looked at Eric confused at what he just said. "I saw you at the Jerry Sub's restaurant with another boy."

"Oh, him." Josh giggled. "He's just a friend from the school football team, nothing more. He just happened to be there when I stopped in for some lunch and asked if he could sit with me."

"Oh, oh okay!" The smile on Eric's face betrayed the relief he was feeling of knowing that his assumption was false and the jealousy was unnecessary. He was glad of that because he really likes Josh and if Josh was involved with someone else then Eric wouldn't pursue anything more than a friendship with him.

Tyler interrupted at that moment and suggested they go up to the attic and get started. Both boys agreed and the three of them headed up. When they reached the attic, Tyler asked Josh what kind of painting he wanted to do. Josh told him what kind and asked if Tyler would mind posing nude. Tyler said he didn't mind and started to undress. Once Tyler was completely naked, Eric and Josh took a moment to admire his body.

Tyler is a fine piece of specimen. From his honey blonde braids to his blue/brown eyes. His high cheek bone shows his characteristic of being a true Indian. His warm million dollar smile filled with perfectly white teeth makes you want to wrap him up in your love and never let go. His body is a sight for sore eyes. His muscles and definition is sculpturally formed. From his broad shoulders to his rock hard pecks, down to his tight six pack abs and slim waist. His legs are well muscled but not over developed and his ass is tight and firm and perfectly round. His penis hangs about six inches when soft and eight and a half inches when hard. Under that hangs two testicles the size of two large eggs. His scrodum hangs loosely half way down his legs.

Realizing that he was ogling Tyler's body longer then he should had, Josh set up his supplies. "How about I do a painting with both you and Mr. uhm?" Realizing Josh doesn't know Christian's last name, Tyler told him. "Okay, how about I do a painting with you and Mr. Michaels together, Mr. Jackson?"

Tyler would love to pose with Christian for a painting so he didn't hesitate to agree. "That's fine with me Josh." He then pointed at the intercom on the wall by the steps. "Eric, can you call Chris up here for me please?" Eric said he will. "Tell him to bring his and my laptop up also."

Eric got up from the sofa he was sitting on and walked over to the intercom to call Christian up to the attic before sitting back down to continue working on his essay. When Christian got to the attic with both laptops, he saw Tyler naked and got instantly hard. "What do you need me for, and why did I need to bring both laptops?"

"Josh wants to paint us together and I need to write some essays." Tyler smiled teasingly. "I want you to help me with writing them. You think you can handle that?" He added with a playful wink.

Christian smiled back. He could see the devious look in Tyler's eyes and guessed what he was up to by the look on Eric and Josh's face and what their eyes was directed on. "I think I can." He walked over and sat the laptops down on the coffee table before starting to undress.

Sure enough, the gasp that came from Josh and Eric, and the shocked look on their faces was what Christian and Tyler was expecting. Once they saw the huge rod between Christian's legs Josh almost dropped his paintbrush and Eric almost knocked his laptop off the coffee table. "Holy shit!" They both explained in unison which made Christian and Tyler laugh.

Christian is a fine piece of specimen also. He's built pretty much like Tyler but in a bigger size in every way. That's what Tyler loves about him. He's a big man but gentle at heart. The most attractive feature on Christian is his light brown penetrating eyes. When you look directly in his eyes it's feels like he's analyzing you, like he's determining if you're a friend or foe. Christian has a tight firm round butt as well, but Tyler's butt is more firm and rounder than Christian.

Christian's military career had kept him in terrific shape. From his broad shoulders to his huge biceps and massive chest, down to a flat six pack and slim waist. His strong legs are just as big as the rest of him but they're well proportion wit the rest of his body.

After a couple of minutes had passed, Christian could see Eric and Josh still fixated on his cock and thought it would be best to get to work. He didn't want them to forget that they came there to work and not play. "How do you want us to pose?"

That brought both boys back to reality and they were able to get to work. Josh told Christian and Tyler of the pose he wanted and Christian and Tyler got into position with Josh's direction. Once Josh was sure the pose was right he started painting while Eric continued the essay he was writing earlier. Christian and Tyler also worked on their essay with Tyler giving Christian instructions on how to write them.

As the section went on Eric and Josh got to know each other better while Christian and Tyler talked about Tyler visiting the base tomorrow. "I want to check out the base tomorrow for some sites. What do I need to do to arrange that?"

Christian thought about it for a moment. "I can set that up for you. Just let me know what time you would like to be there and I'll take care of it. Since I'm in charge of the project, I'll probably be the one giving you the tour anyway. If I'm not available, then I'll arrange for Travis to give you the tour."

"Okay, expect me around nine thirty." Tyler responded. "I'll feel more comfortable with someone I know guiding me around the base. Not that anything will go wrong. It's just that I'll have the boys with me and I don't want any trouble started while I'm there."

"Don't worry about that." Christian confidently assured him. "As long as I'm there no one will try anything. If they do, then I'll handle it. I out rank most of them and everyone know not to mess with me. Plus the base commander wants to see this project succeed as well, so he'll not let anyone interfere."

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good because I really think this project will be beneficial for the base. If the base commander is behind it, then I'm pretty sure the project will succeed no matter what. Will he be there tomorrow?" Christian said he was sure he will be. "Good. Try to arrange an appointment for me to meet with him. I have a special place in the project for him."

Christian told Tyler he'll arrange everything when he gets to work tomorrow morning and will call Tyler when everything is set. The rest of the painting section was spent working on their computer and talking in general. Around nine thirty Josh called it a night so Tyler and Christian could put the boys to bed. Josh said he will leave the painting and supplies there for the next section because he has more at home. Eric on the other hand, took his laptop home with him.

After getting dress Tyler and Christian walked Josh and Eric to the door and wished them a good night. After locking the door and setting the alarm, they went looking for the others. They found them in the living room watching a movie but Jeff was asleep next to Kevin on the sofa. "Where's Terry?" Christian asked Kevin. Kevin told him Travis had put him to bed around nine. Christian nodded his thanks and picked up Jeff.

After saying good night to everyone, Tyler and Christian headed upstairs to put Jeff in bed. Once Jeff was in bed, Tyler and Christian went to bed themselves. The other guys wanted to finish watching the movie before they headed to bed themselves.

During the night Christian was awaken by movement in the bed. When he opened his eyes he saw Tyler flapping around. It looks like he was appearing to be having another nightmare. By now Christian knew there was only one thing he could do to stop the nightmare for now, so he pulled Tyler closer to him and whispered in his ear. "Its okay baby, you're safe in my arms." It still had the desire affect and Tyler calmed down. Christian on the other hand stayed awake another ten minutes to make sure Tyler was okay and wondering what he could do to get Tyler to open up to him about these nightmares he's having. Still having no idea on what to do except comfort Tyler through the nightmares, Christian drifted back to sleep hoping that Tyler can open up to him soon.

When the alarm went off the next morning, Christian was still tired but he didn't say anything to Tyler about it, instead they just went on with their usual morning routine with showering and dressing before waking the boys to get them ready for the day and heading down to the kitchen.

When they got to the kitchen everyone else was already there making breakfast. They took one look at Christian and figured that Tyler had another nightmare because Christian looked tired. No one said anything about it; they just continued to make breakfast as Tyler and Christian pitched in to help while Jeff searched the cartoon channels.

Today the conversation was light. No one had much to say so they just ate their breakfast. When breakfast was over, everyone helped with cleaning the kitchen before heading out to their receptive jobs. Christian made sure to take Alex and Matt with him this time. He didn't want Tyler worrying about him after the nightmare he had last night. He wanted Tyler worry free today.

When he got to the base the first thing he did was to schedule a day pass for everyone. Once he had that taken care of, he went to the base commander's office to make an appointment for Tyler to meet with him to discuss the project. The commander had no problem with meeting with Tyler and told Christian that he could meet with Tyler at eleven. Christian thanked him and headed for his office to call Tyler and do some paper work before Tyler arrives.

When Tyler got to his office, he said good morning to Janet before getting the boys settled. He then called the Pizza Hut corporate office to schedule an appointment to conduct some business. When the phone was answered, Tyler asked if he could speak with the person in charge. A minute later a middle aged male voice came on the line. "This is Carl Ransom, president of the Pizza Hut Corporation. How may I help you?"

"Mr. Ransom, this is Tyler Jackson, CEO of Néné Incorporated. I'd like to discuss a proposition with you." Mr. Ransom asked what kind of proposition that would be. "I'm renovating one of my floors into a cafeteria and I'd like for Pizza Hut to be one of the restaurant in that cafeteria. Do you think we can work out a deal to make that happen?"


"I don't see why not." Mr. Ransom replied. "When would you like to meet to negotiate a deal?"


"How about this Saturday if that's possible?" Tyler asked. "I will be in Atlantic City this weekend and I like to have this done as soon as possible so when the construction is completed, everything will be in operating order."


Mr. Ransom checked his schedule. "I have an opening at eleven on Saturday. I can see you then if you're available? The building will be close due to a corporate function but I'll inform security of the appointment."


"Saturday at eleven will be fine." Tyler answered. "I'll see you then Mr. Ransom, and I hope we can do business together. Have a wonderful day."


"I'm hoping the same thing Mr. Jackson. I'll see you on Saturday. Have a wonderful day yourself."


They disconnected the call and Tyler scheduled the appointment in his Braille Note. There was another call he had to make; only this time was the Atlantic City Hotel. He needed to make reservations for this weekend. He found out that the hotel had a six room penthouse, big enough to fit everyone so Tyler booked the penthouse for him and his group. Once all the business was completed, it was time for him to head to the base so he gathered the boys and left the office.


Travis's morning was boring and going slow. His desk was filled with paper work that needed to be done but Travis didn't know how he accumulated so much paper work in one day. As he was completing the umpteenth form, he remembered that he forgot Tyler's birthday present. He called Kevin to ask if he could bring it to him. "Sure, where is it?"


"It's in my closet on the top shelf." Kevin asked him to hold on while he looks for it. A minute later Kevin said he found it. "Good, I'll let the guards at the gates know you're coming. My office is on the fourth floor. Just tell whoever is at the front desk who you're here to see and they'll show you where my office is. Thanks baby."


"No problem Trav." Travis could tell that Kevin was smiling, and sensed that there was a naughty thought behind it. "I'll see you in about a half an hour to forty five minutes Boo. Maybe we can have some make out time while I'm there. I'd love to get it on with a marine in his office!"


Travis started laughing. Kevin just made his morning a little more exciting. "I'll see what I can do. You just make sure you get here. My morning has been boring, and I could use a little pick me up." Kevin said he was leaving out the door now. "Good, see you soon."


Once he had hung up, Travis went back to work with a smile on his face. He wanted to have some private time with Kevin when he gets there. He hopes they'll have no interruption from any of his coworkers, especially about Troy. He and Christian have had enough of hearing about him trying to ruin Tyler's project.


When Tyler arrived at the base, he had no problems with the guards on getting through the gates. He knew he wouldn't because Christian called and told him that everything was arranged, but still you never know with the military. It is the US military after all. Carlos drove around the parking lot trying to find a parking space. After five minutes of driving around, Carlos finally spotted a parking space and parked the car. When they'd gotten out of the car, all of the security details surrounded Tyler and the boys. Tyler decided to carry Terry in his arms instead of leaving him in his carrier.


When they walked into the building where Christian works, they went directly to the front desk. "May I help you?" The marine at the desk asked. Tyler told her who he was and he'd like to know what floor General Christian Michaels's office was on. "Give me one moment while I check." After looking up Christian's name, the marine gave Tyler the information. "Let the marine who's working the front desk on that floor know who you are, and who you're here to see, and they'll give you a visitor's pass."


Tyler thanked the marine for her help as they turned and walked toward the elevators. It took a while for the elevator to arrive, but it finally did, so they stepped on. The ride up didn't take as long as it did waiting and soon they were stepping off on Christian's floor. When they reached the front desk, Tyler did as he was instructed downstairs and gave his information. The marine checked to confirm before giving everyone a visitor's pass. Tyler thought of asking if the base commander's office was in this building but figured he'd ask Christian that question. He's already being well talked about throughout the unit. He doesn't want to draw more attention to himself then he has to.


As they walked through the unit to Christian's office everyone took noticed. They tried to see who the men was surrounding but couldn't see anything. Tyler and the boys were completely covered by his security. Matt and Alex, who was standing at Christian's door saw them coming down the hall and wondered why they were there. That was until Aaron and Jason moved out of the way and he saw Tyler. "Oh hey Tyler. I didn't expect to see you here."


Tyler could hear the surprise in Alex's voice and guessed that Christian didn't tell them of his visit. "I'm just here to speak with the base commander and tour the base for some sites for the photo shoot. Can we go in or is Chris busy?"


"I don't know. Let me find out for you." Alex knocked on the door and waited for Christian to answer. A second later he heard Christian say come in. Alex then opened the door and snuck his head in. "Tyler's here to see you Christian, shall I let him in?"


"Absolutely! He's to be let through anytime he's here." Alex nodded and let Tyler and the boys in the office. Christian got up from his chair and walked around the desk to give Tyler a hug. "Hey baby, looks like you're right on Schedule."


"I didn't want to waste any more time. We need to get this project started as soon as possible. There have been too many attempts to ruin it as it is. The sooner we can get started, the sooner we can finish. Then there'll be no more chances of having it ruin."


"Okay, just let me get my keys so I can give you the tour." After grabbing his keys from his desk, Christian led them out of the office. After locking his office, he turned to Tyler. "You trust me right?" Tyler couldn't believe Christian would ask that, but nodded anyway. "Good." He took Tyler's cane from him, folded it up, and handed it to Mark. Christian then picked up Jeff and told Tyler to transfer Terry to his right arm. Once Tyler had done that, Christian took Tyler's left hand and wrapped it around his right elbow just like Tyler had shown him before.


As they walked down the hallway, the security details which now included Alex and Matt made sure to cover them. That didn't obstruct Christian's view though, he could see over their head because he was the tallest person of the group. While they were waiting for the elevator the other marines was still trying to get a peak at Tyler. They desperately wanted to know who the people were, and what was going on. When the elevator opened, they all stepped in. As they did that, one marine managed to get a peak through and didn't like what he saw.


As Tyler, Christian, and the others were going down in one elevator, Kevin was coming up in the other one. When he approached the front desk for a visitor's pass, the marine working the desk couldn't take his eyes off of him.


Kevin could tell the marine was checking him out but didn't pay any attention to it. "Hi, I'm here to see General Travis Montgomery. I was told by the person downstairs to stop here for a visitor's pass and direction to his office." The marine asked Kevin for his name. "Kevin Jordensen."


The marine looked it up but kept stealing glances at Kevin. Kevin noticed the glances but didn't mention that he noticed. He was happy with Travis and didn't want to mislead the marine. After finding Kevin's name on the visitor's list, the marine gave Kevin a pass and direction to Travis's office. As Kevin walked toward Travis's office he could feel the marine staring at his ass.


He reached Travis's office and knocked on the door. A second later he heard Travis call out for him to come in so he opened the door and walked in. When Travis saw Kevin enter his office he smiled and walked around the desk to give Kevin a hug which was returned. "Hey baby. How's it hanging?"


Kevin pulled back from the hug a little to look into Travis's eyes. "You tell me Boo." He returned the smile. "I can't believe you're not horny when you get home after spending all day with all of these gorgeous marines around. If it was me, I'll be spanking the monkey just as soon as I get home."


"I don't need them to keep me horny, I got you for that." Travis then kissed Kevin passionately to emphasize his point. "As far as spankings goes, I think I'll be giving you one tonight for being a naughty boy." He then smacked Kevin on the butt to emphasize his point once again.


"Promises, promises, big guy." Kevin teased. He then gave the bag with Tyler's present in it to Travis. Travis laid the bag beside his desk before putting his arms around Kevin and kissed him again. This time they held the kiss longer then before.


As the action was heating up inside, the day was heating up outside. As Christian drove them around the base Mark took pictures for Tyler to show Mike. First they toured one of the barracks where some of the models reside. Next they toured the Health center. This is where the marines' physicals are done. Now they're touring the practice range that isn't in use at the moment. As the tour went along Tyler got some great location for some shoots.


While touring the practice range Christian asked Tyler if he had any ideas of a location to shoot yet. "Yes, I have quite a few of them. Why don't you show us the practice field if you can? I'm sure that would be a great site to shoot, especially if it's a good day."


Christian agreed and they headed back to the jeep. Christian was glad he was issued a vehicle big enough to fit everyone. While driving to the field, Tyler remembered what he wanted to ask Christian. "Is the base commander's office in the same building as yours, or is he in another building?"


"No, he's in the same building but on a different floor. I'll take you to his office when it's time for your appointment." Tyler asked when that was. "He had an opening for eleven o'clock so I scheduled you in for then. Is that time okay for you?"


"I don't have a problem with that time." Tyler agreed. "After I meet with the commander we'll be going to Flo's for lunch. It seems that everyone has this craving for a chicken fried steak. Will you be joining us today or do you have something to take care of?"


"No, I don't have anything to take care of but I want to see what Travis is doing for lunch. I don't want him eating alone when he doesn't have to." Tyler suggested Christian invite Travis along. "I'll ask when we get back to my office and I'll let you know."


Tyler agreed full heartedly. By now they had reached the field and got of the jeep. Christian took a look around and saw that the field wasn't that busy so he decided to continue the tour. He'll just have to stay close sintered on what he shows.


Back in the building, things were beginning to heat up from the kiss between the two men. Not wanting to get interrupted or caught, Travis broke the kiss long enough to lock the door. They then went back to kissing. As they were kissing, Travis reached down and squeezed Kevin's ass. That solicited a moan from Kevin. Kevin pressed his body closer to Travis, rubbing their cocks together and deepening the kiss. That urged Travis to squeeze Kevin's ass even more.


When they broke the kiss, both men were breathless. That didn't stop them from going back for another kiss. Travis lifted Kevin off the floor by his butt and Kevin wrapped his legs around Travis's waist. Things were starting to get hot and heavy now. Both men tongues were sliding back and forth in each other mouths but no one was fighting for dominance.


When they finally broke the kiss, both men had lust in their eyes but satisfied smiles on their faces. It was Travis who broke the silence. "Was that the kind of make out section you were hoping to have with a marine in his office?"


"No, but it was a damn good start."


Travis leaned in for another kiss. "Well, I'll have to make up another excuse for you to visit the base again and again, until we get you satisfied. Like they say, practice makes perfect, and who's better to practice with than me?"


"Probably no one that I could think of, although I'm sure that cute marine at the front desk wouldn't mind practicing with me." Kevin teased but Travis wasn't amused. In fact, the look on his face was one of jealousy. "Don't get jealous Boo. I wouldn't want to practice with anyone but you."


The look on Travis's face changed from one of jealousy to one of reassurance. "Good, because I'm going to make sure that you keep it that way. You belong to me, just like I belong to you. I won't let anyone come between us."

"Me neither, so don't worry." Kevin reassured Travis again. "Well I better get out of here and let you get back to work. I'd taken up enough of your time already, but it was time well spent."


Travis put him down. "Indeed it was, and I don't regret it one bit. All of this paper work was boring the hell out of me." Travis looked at the time and it was almost ten. They had been making out for thirty minutes. "Hey, why don't you stay? I'll be taking an early lunch break in another hour and a half."


Kevin agreed and sat down in a chair while Travis sat back behind his desk. While Travis was working, Kevin decided to play a game on his cell phone. Every so often one will sneak a glance at the other and smile. From time to time one or the other will get caught staring, causing the one staring to blush a deep red.


When it was time for Tyler's appointment with the base commander, Christian drove everyone back to his office. All of the marines were still trying to find out who was in the center of this group of security guards. The group went directly to the commander's office and knocked on the door still not paying any attention to the other marines.


The commander asked them to come in and his eyes popped open when he saw who was walking in his office. Christian made the introduction for everyone, leaving Tyler for last. "General Smith, I like for you to meet my friend Tyler Jackson. Ty, this is General Walter Smith, the base commander."


Christian realized what he just said but it was too late to take it back. He stood there cool as a cucumber on the outside, but burning hot on the inside. He couldn't believe he could let his affectionate name for Tyler slip out like that on base. Tyler on the other hand, just stood there showing no expression at all. He wouldn't like it, but he would use this project to help Christian maintain his military career if he has to. Fortunately their worries were for nothing. "It's okay General Michaels. I figured out your relationship with Mr. Jackson a while ago." The General came around his desk to shake Tyler's hand. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Jackson. My wife has your calendar hanging on our living room wall."


Christian let out a breath of relief and Tyler smiled. "It's nice to meet you too General Smith. I'd like for you to meet our boys. This one is Terry." Tyler pointed at the baby in his arms. "And this one is Jeff." He then pointed at the other kid who was in Christian's arms.


"What handsome little boys they are!" The General smiled at the boys. "I understand you wanted to meet with me to discuss the project although I'm not sure why. General Michaels is in charge of it, but I'll help you in any way I can, so tell me what I can help you with."


"I have a special position for you in the project and I'd like to discuss it with you." Just then Christian interrupted to tell Tyler he was going to talk with Travis. Tyler nodded and Christian and the others left the General's office while Carlos and Mark stayed behind with Tyler. "The position I want you to serve..." The door closed then completely shutting out the conversation but Christian wasn't worry. He knows Tyler will tell him if he ask him.


Christian walked to Travis's office still surrounded by the security details. When he reached Travis's office he found it locked so he knocked. Not long after Travis opened the door and was surprise to see Jeff with Christian. "How did Jeff get here man? I thought he was with Tyler."


"He is, but I gave Ty a tour of the base today. He's now talking with General Smith about the project. Ty has a special position that he wants the General to participate in." Travis nodded his understanding. "I stopped by to see what you're doing for lunch. I'm having lunch with Ty today, and I wanted to know if you wanted to join us."


Travis opened the door wider. When he did, Christian saw Kevin sitting in Travis's office smiling at him. "Would you mind if Kev and I both join you guys?" Christian said they didn't mind at all. In fact, they rather have it that way. "Okay, just let us know when you're ready to go."


Christian nodded and went to his office. He spent some time catching up on some paper work until Tyler was through talking with the General while Jeff played with his PS2 portable. Thirty minutes later Christian office phone rang. It was General Smith telling him that their discussion was over. Christian shut his computer down and locked up his office before going to General Smith's office to get Tyler.


Before leaving the building they went to Travis's office to get him and Kevin as well. With Tyler, Christian, and the boys still in the center of everyone, the other marines still couldn't see them as they headed down to their cars. The marine working the front desk did notice Kevin leaving and winked at him. What the marine didn't notice; was Travis watching him when he winked at Kevin.


When they reached the parking lot everyone stood around Tyler's SUV discussing which vehicle to take. It was soon decided that Kevin, Travis, Alex, Matt, Aaron, and Jason would ride in Christian's SUV with Kevin driving while the rest would ride in Tyler's SUV with Carlos driving as usual. Once the decision had been made everyone hopped into their receptive vehicle and drove to the restaurant.


Luckily for them Flo's wasn't filled with customers so there was enough seats to accommodate everyone. After everyone had placed their orders, Christian fed Terry before giving him his bottle. Everyone else just engaged in conversation. Talk was kind of lively at the table since there were four different conversations going on at the same time.


When their orders had arrived, no one wanted to stop the conversation from going on so they just continued talking throughout lunch. Everyone enjoyed their chicken fried steak except Jeff, he had the chicken tenders. You thought the chicken fried steaks would fill everyone up, but you would be wrong on that. Everyone had to get Flo's famous apple pie for dessert.


Once lunch was over, they all met around the vehicles again to decide who will ride with whom. Since Kevin car was still at the base he will ride back with Christian, Travis, Alex, and Matt, only this time with Christian behind the wheel while the rest will go back to Tyler's office. Christian couldn't just leave without giving Tyler a kiss goodbye. They held the kiss so long Travis thought they would be late reporting back to work. Christian and Tyler didn't let that bother them though; they were too busy enjoying the lip lock they were engaged in. After what seemed like hours for the two of them, but was only minutes, Tyler pulled away from the kiss. "You better go before you're late."


"I'll suffer the consequences if it means getting another kiss like that from you again." Christian smiled before kissing Tyler again. Christian didn't want to stop kissing Tyler, but he knew if he didn't then he will definitely be late so he reluctantly pulled away from the kiss. "I'll see you when I get home."


"Okay, how about I make some chili for dinner tonight?" Christian said that sounded good to him. He loves Tyler's chili. "How does chili sound to you other guys? I can make some homemade cornbread to go with it." They all said that sounded good to them also. After giving Christian a quick kiss on the lips, Tyler climbed into the SUV and Christian climbed into his.


When Christian arrived back on base he and his security went back to his office while Travis stayed in the parking lot to say goodbye to Kevin. "I'll see you when I get home. Don't forget I'm taking Tyler's present to be wrapped so I'll be home a little late."


"I know, I haven't forgotten." Kevin climbed in his car and rolled down his window. "Hey, if you go by Baskin Robin's on your way home, can you pick me up a pint of their raspberry ice cream? I'd been having a craving for it for a couple of days now."


"No problem baby." Travis answered with a smile. "I'll stop and get you some even if I don't go pass one. I think I'll get me a pint of their chocolate fudge brownie ice cream as well. I'm in the mood for something chocolate."


"Well you better get back upstairs before you're late. I'll see you when you get home." Kevin puckered his lips for a kiss. Travis looked around first to make sure there was no one watching before leaning in and quickly kissing Kevin.


"Now get out of here! You're really going to make me late." Travis demanded playfully but he really didn't want Kevin to leave. Kevin blew Travis a kiss before rolling up his window and driving away. Travis watched him leave before walking into the building.


When Tyler got back to his office he called Scanner. He wanted to find out if Jeff's trust fund had been set upped yet or not. Scanner told him that it has and under the conditions Tyler wanted. All Tyler needed to do now was deposit the money. Tyler said he'll take care of that when he gets off the phone. He then asked if there was a trust fund set upped for Terry as well. "Yes Tyler. I set one up for Terry when I set Jeff's up. I knew you would want one for both of them."


Tyler thanked him for that. "Now the other reason why I called was to have a couple of contracts drawn up. As you know I'm renovating one of my floors into a cafeteria. I need a contract drawn up for my contractor and one for the Pizza Hut Corporation. I need those contracts right away because I'm meeting with the president of the Pizza Hut Corporation this Saturday."


"That's no problem either Tyler." Scanner replied. "Business had been going slow so I can get my secretary started on them right away. Just tell me the terms of the deal and I can have the contracts on your desk by Thursday."


Tyler told Scanner the terms and the conditions of the deals he wanted to negotiate. Scanner told him that the deal should be no trouble to accept or deny because it looks like the deal will be pretty much cut throat. From what he's offering to what he's getting will balance everything out so where Tyler isn't being taken advantage of, nor taking advantage of anyone.


Tyler thanked Scanner again for his services and they disconnected the call. He then used the computer to transfer four million dollars from his personal accounts into the boy's trust fund. He put two million dollars into each accounts. Next he called Christian and let him know that the boy's accounts were open and he had already put two million into each accounts.


"Okay, give me the account numbers and I'll get on line and do the same." Tyler gave him the accounts numbers and Christian said he will transfer the money just as soon as he gets off the phone with Tyler. Tyler then told Christian about his meeting with the Pizza Hut Corporation on Saturday. "I hope that meeting won't last long. I want some time to walk around the boardwalk with you."


"It shouldn't last long at all. After all, I'm going in the meeting with my facts and figures down to the last dollar. Besides, not only will the deal benefit me; but it will also benefit the Pizza Hut Corporation as well. Who can drag out a long negotiation when both sides will benefit from the deal?"


"I hope you're right, and they don't try to scam you like the McDonald's Corporation tried to do. In fact, I'll be attending the meeting to make sure that doesn't happen." Christian barked. "Some companies just try to milk the deal for all it's worth just as long as they don't end up with the short end of the stick."


"Okay baby, you can attend the meeting." Tyler agreed with Christian. "I rather have you there with me anyway. You will be able to see his face so you can read his facial expression and will be able to tell if he's telling me the truth or not."


"You know I'll do just that. I won't let anyone take advantage of you, that's my job." Christian teased Tyler. Tyler told Christian that he does his job so well too. "Seriously though, I'll have your back through it all. When we leave Atlantic City you will have the Pizza Hut Corporation eating out of the palm of your hands."


"That's the only thing they'll be eating out of me." Tyler laughed. "Everything on me has a reservation with another company for that weekend and we're booked solid! No opening to schedule any more appointments."


Christian cracked up laughing and Tyler joined him in the laughter. The two talked for a few minutes more before hanging up. Christian did the transfer of the money and Tyler worked on some reports he had lying on his desk. The reports didn't take long for him to do and he finished in a couple of hours.


The rest of the work day went fast for everyone. Before they knew it, it was time to clock out and head home. After shutting down his office, Tyler gathered the boys and headed out. He said good night to Janet on his way out the door. When he got to the lobby he found everyone waiting for him there. Everyone except Carlos gather around him and walked out to the truck where they found him waiting behind the wheel and climbed in. When everyone was buckled in, they headed home.


Christian and Travis left the office and walked to their cars together, avoiding all the questioning stares coming from their coworkers that they had been getting all day. When they got to their cars, Christian and Travis headed for Malibu mall but for different reason. Travis went to have Tyler's birthday present wrapped while Christian went to speak with Danny.


When Christian walked in the Lucky Shops, he saw Danny was just about to get off of work. Christian asked Danny if he could speak with him in his office for a moment. Danny wondered why Christian needed to speak with him but followed him into the office none the less.


Once they reached the office and the door was close, Christian started. "Danny, I'm having some difficulty on finding a day manager, so I was wondering if you have any suggestions on filling that position?"


Danny took a moment to think on it. "To tell you the truth Mr. Michaels I really can't think of anyone right now. But if you give me a couple of days to observe the employees, then I probably can suggest someone to you.


I really haven't been store manager long enough to observe anyone for that position so I'll need to evaluate the employees skills and how they conduct themselves with the customers to give you any suggestions."


Christian nodded his understanding. "Okay, I'll check back with you before I leave for my vacation. Maybe you'll have someone to fill the position by then. If not, then perhaps I can bring in someone from another store."


Danny nodded. Then he remembered something that Christian just said and thought he better ask while he has the chance. "Do you mind if I ask you something before you leave sir?"


"I don't mind at all Danny, go ahead." Danny told Christian about what he's been trying to do and why, before asking Christian if he could help him with the situation. He felt like he could trust Christian enough to tell him everything and Christian wouldn't reveal his secret. "Well Danny, I'm not sure if I can help you with that, but let me see what I can do."


Danny put his hand out to shake which Christian did. "Thank you Mr. Michaels. I'll appreciate it if you can help me with this in any way." Christian told Danny he was welcome and the two of them walked out of the office and the store to go home.


After getting the present wrapped, Travis did some shopping around the mall for Tyler's birthday. While browsing the D&G©, Travis saw something that he thought Tyler would like and would go with Christian's present for him so he decided to buy it. Once he had that wrapped also, he headed home as well as stopping at the Baskin Robin's for the ice cream.

When Tyler and his group got home, they all quickly changed their clothes and started on dinner. While boiling the kidney beans on medium heat, Tyler started making the homemade cornbread. Carlos browned the ground beef while Mark cut the onions and Kevin the celeries. When Christian arrived home he pitched in and cut the green peppers.


Once the onions, green peppers, and celeries were cut, Christian put them on the stove to steam. Carlos had finished browning the ground beef so he placed them in the sink in a strainer to drain the access grease. By now Travis had arrived home so he made a couple of pitchers of lemonade to go with dinner. In the meantime Tyler checked the cornbread by sticking a toothpick in it. It came out a little wet so he put the cornbread back into the oven.


When the onions, green peppers, and celeries had steamed, Christian drain the water before transferring them to the large pot of kidney beans which was half way cooked. Carlos added the ground beef before Tyler added two jars of spaghetti sauce along with some chili powder. Tyler would normally make the sauce from scratch, but today he didn't feel like dealing with the hassle.

By the time the cornbread was done so was the chili. Tyler put the chili on low heat because the cornbread had to cool a little before it could be cut and buttered. Once dinner was ready everyone sat down to eat. This time the new security decided to eat with Tyler, Christian, and the others. The conversation was just as lively as lunch was, with three or four different conversation going on at one time, but no one cared. In fact, they rather enjoyed it.

When dinner was over, the ones who didn't do any of the cooking volunteered to do the cleaning which was agreed upon by the others. Once the cleaning had been completed and everything put away, everyone adjourned to Tyler's theater room grabbing some snacks and drinks along the way to watch a movie. Tyler doesn't usually do this, but everyone just wanted to kick back and relax. For the rest of the night no one moved unless it was to go to the bathroom or get more snacks and drinks. They barely even talked. Around nine thirty Christian and Tyler put the boys to bed before returning back to the theater room.

They all watched the rest of the movie before calling it a night. Tyler and Christian went around the house making sure everything was locked up before setting the alarm and going up to bed. Just as soon as their heads hit the pillow, they were out like a light.

In the middle of the night, the inedible happened again. Tyler had another horrible night mare. Christian did his job and comforted Tyler back to a peaceful sleep. "Its okay baby, you're safe in my arms." This time Christian didn't wait too long before he fell back asleep himself. *One way or another I have to get Ty to open up to me about his life in the orphanage.* Christian thought to himself as he drifted back to sleep.

To Be Continued...

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