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Chapter 20


Christian just stood there in the doorway of Tyler's closet speechless. He couldn't utter a word or even move. Christian couldn't believe what he was seeing. No, this can't be; not his Ty! His Ty would never do any kind of drugs. He never thought Tyler would do something like that, but he couldn't deny the fact that Tyler was standing in front of him sticking a needle in his arm and pumping the liquid into his body.

It took some time for the shock to wear off, but once it had, the anger began to rise. This is something Christian was not going to tolerate! His Ty will not do drugs! "Ty, what the hell are you doing? Please tell me you're not taking drugs." Even though he was burning with anger, Christian kept his voice steadily calm.

"Yes Chris, I'm taking drugs, but it's a prescription drug." Tyler handed Christian the box containing the little bottle. "It's called insulin. It's a medication for my diabetes that keeps my blood sugar level under control just like food and exercise does."

As Tyler was explaining, Christian was reading the contents of the prescription that was printed on the box. After hearing the explanation and reading it from the box also, Christian started to relax. "I'm sorry I yelled baby, please forgive me? I saw you sticking the needle in your arm when I came in here. I thought you were taking heroin or something and got angry." Christian pulled Tyler into his arms and held him close. "You have so much to live for in your life; please don't fuck it up with something like drugs."

Tyler pulled back from the embrace so Christian could see into his eyes but he remained in Christian's arms. "You don't have to worry about that Chris. I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid! I wouldn't throw everything I have away by getting involved in drugs."

Christian looked into Tyler's eyes and knew he was telling him the truth. Tyler's eyes could convey his true feelings if you knew what you're looking for and Christian did. "I believe you baby." He leaned over and gave Tyler a loving kiss. "Now let's go downstairs and have dinner. I'm sure it's done by now."

Tyler smiled. "Sure." Before leaving the closet, Christian leaned over and gave Tyler another kiss. "Wait, I need to put my medicine back in the refrigerator." He went back into the closet and got his insulin off the dresser and walked over to the mini frig they have in their room and placed it in there. Once he done that, he and Christian went downstairs for dinner.

All through dinner Christian kept a close eye on Tyler. Not because of the misunderstanding of earlier, but because Tyler still didn't look too good. Afterward, Tyler went upstairs to make a couple of phone calls while the others did the cleaning. Tyler first called Josh to cancel their painting session for tonight. He told Josh that he wasn't feeling well and wanted to get better for his weekend trip. Josh said he understood and will see him on Monday for their next session.

When he was finished with his call to Josh, Tyler called Janet and Brian's apartment. He wanted to discuss something important with Brian. After four rings, Tyler recognized Brian's voice as the one who answered the phone. "Hello Brian, its Tyler. Can we talk? Or is this not a good time?"

"Hello Tyler, how's it going man?"Tyler said everything was going fine and asked again if they could talk about something important. "Sure Tyler, what can I do for you? By the tone of your voice it sounds really important."

"It is Brian; I want to offer you a Job in my corporation." Brian's ears perked up with interest. He asked Tyler what the offer was. "I like to discuss that with you in person if you don't mind. Can you meet with me in my office tomorrow at ten?" Brian said he could as he had no appointment for tomorrow. "Great, see you then."

"Okay Tyler, see you tomorrow." After hanging up with Tyler, Brian went to find Janet to tell her about the phone call. Janet wondered why Tyler wanted to meet with Brian but didn't say anything about it to Brian. Brian will tell her when he finds out himself.

After getting off the phone with Brian, Tyler stripped down to his boxers and got into bed to watch television. A few minutes later Christian walked into the room carrying Terry. He walked over and climbed onto the bed behind Tyler. "You're not feeling worse are you?"

Tyler turned his head toward Christian. "No, I'm feeling the same, just a little tired so I thought I would rest for the rest of the night. I'll be okay by morning." Christian laid Terry on the bed between them so he could feel Tyler's forehead. "Where's Jeff?"

"He's in the game room with Carlos and Mark." Christian said and added. "You're still feeling a little warm but not as much as you were earlier. Hopefully the fever will be gone by tomorrow. At least I hope it will be."

"I'm sure it will be. Care to join me?" Christian quickly answered yes and got off the bed to undress down to his boxers. Tyler placed Terry in front of him and when Christian got back into bed, he spooned up against Tyler's back.

They remained that way for the rest of the night until it was time to put the boys to bed. Terry had already fallen asleep so he was easy to do, but Christian had to go and get Jeff. "It's time for bed kiddo." Jeff didn't want to go to bed but said okay and did what he was told. He said good night to Carlos and Mark and then followed Christian upstairs. On the way, Christian stopped in the kitchen to get the ginger ale for Tyler. Once they were upstairs, Jeff went to put on his pajamas while Christian gave Tyler the ginger ale before going to tuck Jeff in bed.

When he climbed back into bed Tyler asked if everything was locked up and the alarm set. "Carlos and Mark said they would take care of that for me." Tyler nodded. "How are you feeling now? Feel any better?"

"I'm feeling a little better but not much." The two spent a couple more hours watching television before Tyler started to drift off to sleep. Christian turned off the TV and pulled Tyler close to him. He then kissed Tyler on the cheek and whispered good night before soon falling asleep himself.

The next morning Tyler slept through the alarm again so Christian didn't wake him. He wanted Tyler to get as much sleep as he could so he could get better. He just got out of bed, showered and dressed, and went to get the boys ready for the day just like he did the day before.

When Tyler woke he couldn't feel Christian behind him. He checked the time and realized he overslept again. Not only did he over sleep, but he still had a headache. He wanted to stay in bed but he knew he couldn't. He had a lot of things to do at the office and Terry had a doctor's appointment so he pulled himself out of bed and headed for the shower.

Once he was showered and dressed, Tyler took some Tylenol before going downstairs. When he got to the kitchen everyone could tell that he wasn't feeling any better then he was yesterday. As soon as Tyler sat down at the table, Christian felt his forehead. "Ty, I wish you stay home today. You still feel warm, and I bet your headache hasn't gone away either."

"I would, but I have some important meetings today at the office. Plus Terry has a doctor's appointment, so this is no day for me to stay in bed. I'll take a nap at the office if I need to, and Janet, Carlos, and Mark will keep an eye on me."

Christian sighed in frustration. "Okay, but the same deal applies as yesterday. If you start to feel worse, I want you to come home and get into bed." He then looked at Carlos and Mark. "You guys know what I want you to do, right?"

Carlos and Mark nodded while Tyler groaned. Jeff looked at Tyler with concern and then looked at Christian. Christian shook his head and pointed at his food. Jeff understood and continued eating but that didn't stop him from worrying. All through breakfast he kept looking over at Tyler to make sure he wasn't getting worse. Christian noticed it and knew he had to talk to Jeff again before they leave the house.

While the others were cleaning the kitchen Christian took Jeff to the living room to talk. Jeff sat next to Christian on the sofa tucked under his arm. "I know you're worrying little man, and I want you to stop that. Daddy Ty will be okay so there's no need for you to worry. Everybody gets sick every now and then. Daddy Ty will probably be fine by tomorrow, okay?"

"What if he isn't?" The concern was still in Jeff's voice. "What if it's something bad? I don't want anything to happen to him. I need him, Terry needs him, and we all need him. Please make him see a doctor."

Christian felt like he was in a quandary. What should he tell his son? Christian knows it's not bad enough for Tyler to see a doctor but Christian also know he needs to say something to relieve Jeff's fears. "Tell you what, if Daddy Ty isn't feeling well by tomorrow, I'll make him see a doctor before we leave for our trip. In the meantime, I want you to stop worrying about everything so much."

Jeff accepted that even though he thought Tyler should see a doctor today, but what else could he do. Tyler's still insisting he'll be okay but everyone else is worry that it could be something really bad. Jeff just nodded and Christian gave him a hug. "He'll be okay Jeff." Christian tried to reassure him. Jeff just nodded again and they got up and everyone got ready to leave.

Before getting in his truck, Christian reminded Tyler of his promise. "I remember. Don't worry. You know me; I would never break a promise. I'll be sure to come home if I start feeling worse."

Christian didn't push because he knew that was true. He just kissed Tyler goodbye and told him he'll see him later before getting into the truck to runs his errands. Travis did the same with Kevin before leaving for his physical on base. Before going back into the house, Kevin told Tyler he would call the gardener because the lawn needed to be mowed. Tyler thanked him and they all got into the truck and left for the office.

Just like yesterday, Mark had to wake Tyler when they arrived at NÚnÚ Incorporated because he had fallen asleep during the drive. Everyone did their normal greeting when they walked into the building and continued on to the elevators and up to the twentieth floor. As soon as Janet saw Tyler walking into the outer office she could tell he wasn't feeling any better.

Before Tyler even greeted her good morning, Janet was out of her seat and heading to the lounge to get him some orange juice. She did greet him as she walked passed him and Tyler returned the greeting as he kept walking to his inner office.

As Tyler was starting his day at work, Christian, Alex, and Matt were shopping around taking care of their errands. Since Christian did the driving, Alex made a list of items they needed for Tyler's surprise. It didn't take long to do the shopping with all three of them working together. Once they had everything they needed, they headed for NÚnÚ Incorporated where they would prepare everything.

When Travis walked into the health center for his physical, the place was already starting to fill. He went directly into the changing room to strip out of his clothes for the physical. He knew he wasn't going to be the first one called but he was hoping he would be close to the first. Once he was completely stripped bare, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went to stand with the others in the waiting area. Luckily the floor wasn't cold on his bare feet. . While he was waiting, he saw Troy Blackman staring at him and roaming his body. Travis gave him a what the fuck are you staring at look which made Troy smiled.

Troy kept roaming Travis's body intentionally focused on the groin region. Travis started to get irritated at Troy's ogling him but kept his cool. He felt like going over and punching the hell out of Troy but knew he couldn't; there were too many witnesses around. When Troy looked back up into Travis's eyes he saw Travis staring back in a cold and threatening manner. Troy got the message and diverted his eyes else where.

After forty five minutes of waiting, Travis's name was finally called. He walked into the examination room giving Troy another cold stare as he walked passed him. "Step on the scale for me please General Montgomery." The doctor asked when he stepped into the room. Travis complied and the doctor took his height and weight. "Now lie on the bed please."

Travis complied again and the doctor took his temperature, blood pressure, and listen to his heart. He also checked his ears, nose, and throat. Next he had Travis to sit up so he can draw some blood from Travis's arm for testing. Finally he had Travis to stand, drop his towel, and bend over on the bed for a shot.

"Oh shit, that fucking hurt!" Travis groaned when the doctor stuck him with the needle. "Sorry about that, I tried to make it as gentle as possible, but there's always some discomfort." When the physical was over, Travis wrapped the towel around his waist and walked back to the changing room to get dress, staring coldly at Troy again as he walked passed him. Once he was dress, he left the base and headed for NÚnÚ Incorporated.

When Trish saw Christian, Alex, and Matt walking in the outer office carrying loads of big bags she wondered what was going on but thought it'll be best to wait until her boss could explain. It took the guys several trips to bring everything in but they finally got done. The last trip Christian made he came back carrying a box. As he walked passed Trish's desk toward the board room, he asked Trish to join him.

"Yes sir." Trish got up from her desk and followed Christian into the board room where he started to pull out the files and laid them on the table. "Is there anything I can help you with sir?"

"Yes Trish, here are some of the employee's files that I wanted you to organize. I'll be bringing more in from time to time during the day so you should be pretty busy. I'll be here all day working on Ty's surprise, so if there's anything you need me for, feel free to come and get me."

"Sure Christian, I'll get started on it now since there's nothing for me to do at the moment." Christian smiled and thanked her before leaving the room. Trish sat down and began sorting the files.

Before going back to the lounge, Christian went to his office to check his messages. While he was there he also called the Malibu Times to place an ad for a corporate president. He then took care of the payrolls. Once he did all of that, he headed for the lounge to help the others. About a half an hour later Travis arrived and joined them.

After going over his schedule with Janet, Tyler worked on some reports until it was time for his first meeting. Approximately at nine thirty Mr. Edmonds arrived and was shown to Tyler's office. Tyler stood up to greet him. After shaking hands, Tyler asked him to have a seat as he sat back down behind his desk.

"I called you in here because I have a job for you." Mr. Edmonds said that could be arrange if his schedule permitted it and asked what the job was. "I want to renovate one of my floors into a cafeteria and would like for you to do the construction work."

"That may be possible. Do you have the blue prints?" Tyler gave him the blue prints that Mr. Danielson dropped off yesterday. Mr. Edmonds took a few minutes to look them over. "This looks like a big job. How soon do you need it done?"

"I need it done as soon as possible." Tyler replied. "Soon this building will probably be full to its capacity and I want it up and running before that happens. I want a place for people to go for a break and have a bite to eat without the need to travel. As you can see the whole floor will not be just a cafeteria. There will also be a snack room and arcade, the rest of the floor will be offices."

Mr. Edmonds looked at the blue prints again. "Yes, I can see that. How much are you looking to spend?" He asked. "I can't give you an exact figure until I see the floor, but I can give you an estimated guess now."

"The cost isn't a problem as long as it's fare and reasonable." Tyler answered sternly, but politely. "All I'm asking for is your best work and for it to be finish on schedule. You have work with me before, so I know what you're capable of. I expect for you to live up to that potential. Nothing more, nothing less."

Mr. Edmonds felt a little insulted by that. "You don't have to worry about that; my company always does its best work no matter what!" Tyler smiled and nodded in agreement. "Let me go and take a look at the floor now. Once I've done that, I'll have a better idea of a schedule and price to give you."

"That works for me Mr. Edmonds." The two men stood and Tyler held out his hand which MR. Edmonds shook. "I hope we can work together again. Like I said, you do great work and that's what I'm looking for on this job."

"I hope we can work together again as well. I enjoyed working with you on the last job as I'm sure I will with this one. In fact, if any of my workers enjoyed it any more, they would be as big as a house by now!"

Both men roared with laughter. Once the laughter died down, Mr. Edmonds excused himself. When he was gone, Tyler went to check on the boys. Brian should be there shortly for their meeting and he didn't want to get involved with any paper work and be interrupted.

Things were going well on the nineteenth floor with Tyler's surprise. Everyone seems to be working well together and enjoying each other company while they work. At ten o'clock Christian told the others he would be back. He had to run to one of his shops for the employee's files. On his way out, he checked to see how Trish was coming along with the files he brought in.

"I'm almost finished here. I would have been done earlier, but I had to stop a couple of times to answer the phone." Christian told her he was going to get more files and would be right back. "Perfect, by the time you get back I should be finish."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Trish nodded and went back to work and Christian left to get the files. Since he didn't have much time he thought he better go to the closes shop and leave the others until he gets back from his trip. One place he knew he had to go was the shop at the mall because he needed to talk to Danny so that's where he went.

Meanwhile, Tyler was looking over the contracts he had Scanner drawn up for him. They were delivered to him five minutes ago by messenger so he used his free time to look them over. Exactly at ten O'clock Janet buzzed him to inform him of Brian's arrival. Tyler told her to send him back and to hold all of his calls; he didn't want to be disturbed.

A minute later Brian walked into the office. "Hello Tyler, nice to see you again."

"Hello Brian, nice to see you again too. Please have a seat so we can get down to business." Brian did and Tyler continued. "Janet tells me that you're not being treated well at the firm where you're working now." Brian confirmed that to be true. "Well, I came up with an idea to solve that situation." That got Brian's interest. "As you may know, I do some investing that my accounting department handles for me. I'd like to hire you to handle those investments for me on a full time bases with full benefits. I'll set you up with an office and you can hire more brokers if you need to, but you will be the person in charge. Who knows, this might be a chance for you to start your own firm, so what do you say?"

Brian sat there for a moment speechless. He couldn't believe he was being given an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only would he have a better boss, but it could also be a chance to start his own firm which was something he was hoping to do in the future. Now it may be possible to start sooner than he thought.

Tyler just waited for Brian to accept his offer. After all, what did he have to lose? He'll have a better employer, full benefits, a better salary, and a chance to start his own firm. What stock broker wouldn't want that? After thinking it over for a full five minutes, Brian finally spoke. "Thanks for the offer Tyler, I accept and promise to not let you down."

"I'm sure you won't Brian." Tyler grinned confidently to assure Brian of his belief in his skills and experience. Then he told Brian what his salary was going to be, and Brian agreed to it completely. In fact, it's more then he expected it to be. "I know you need to give your current employer your two weeks notice, but I like for you to start right away. See Janet on your way out and have her show you some of the offices on this floor to make your own. Also let her know what you would need as far as equipment and supplies so she can order them. I'll have the phone connected tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll do that. Thanks you again Tyler." Brian was starting to get emotional but he had to say what he was feeling. "I always dreamed about starting my own firm. Now it looks like you may help me achieve that dream sooner than I thought. I'll never forget that!"

Tyler stood up followed by Brian and the two shook hands. "Just do a good job for me Brian. That's all the thanks I need. Besides, I think this arrangement will be beneficial for both of us. After all, if I make money, then you'll make money. That's the way business works."

"Yeah, but I still owe you a great deal of gratitude for giving me this opportunity. No one would have found me competent enough to handle a big investment portfolio that I'm sure you have. I'm going to make it my priority to double, triple, or quadruple that investment."

"I'm sure you will." Tyler agreed full heartedly. "Stop by the accounting department on your way out and speak with Martin Willis. He'll go over a few things with you and give you a list of my investment. By the way, one stock I won't sell no matter what, is the Lucky Shop stock."

"I understand." Brian said. He reached out and grabbed Tyler's hand to shake again. "Well, I better get going. There's a lot of things I need to take care of before I start, including handing in my resignation." With that, Brian left the office and Tyler went back to looking over the contracts. Everything looked good so he went to lie on the sofa to rest for a while because he still wasn't feeling well.

When Christian got back to the office he took the box of files to the board room. Trish followed him so she could get started. Christian didn't need to tell her what to do so he just left her to it. When he got to the lounge, he saw that everything was also going well there. "What else need to be done?"

Travis didn't know so he checked the list. "The cookies, brownies, chicken..." Instead of reading through the entire list, he just handed the list to Christian. "Here, just get it from the list. There's still a lot more that needs to be done."

After reading the list, Christian started on the homemade brownies. Travis was still working on the deviled eggs and pasta salad, Alex the cabbage and macaroni salad, and Matt the cupcakes and baked beans. They worked for a couple more hours before taking a break for lunch.

Around noon Janet came into the office to wake Tyler for lunch. When his eyes open, Janet asked him if he was going out for lunch or ordering in. Tyler optioned to order in. He asked Janet if she could run to Subway for some sandwiches. Janet said she could and Tyler called for Jeff.

"What kind of sandwich do you want to eat kiddo?" Jeff asked for a buffalo chicken combo and Tyler nodded. "Get him a six inch buffalo chicken combo, sour cream and onion chips, and an orange soda. Get me a foot long Italian cold cut combo, cool ranch Doritos, and a diet coke. Got all of that?" Janet said she did. Tyler sat up, pulled out his wallet, and handed Janet two twenties. "Check with the others on your way out to see if they're staying in or going out for lunch. Get yourself something as well, it's all on me."

"I already checked with the others, they're going out. They'd actually left already." Tyler nodded while covering his mouth and letting out a yarn. Janet went over the order to make sure she had it right which Tyler confirmed she did. "I'll be back in a half an hour."

As Janet left, Tyler went to feed Terry and Jeff went back to watching television. Just as he put Terry back in his playpen and handed him his bottle, Mr. Edmonds walked in the nursery looking for Tyler. "Let's go to my office." Mr. Edmonds agreed and Tyler walked backed to his desk to sit with Mr. Edmonds right behind him. "What do you have for me?"

"The cafeteria should be the first to start since it's the major construction. It'll take about five months to complete." Mr. Edmonds started. "Once we have that done, we can start on the snack room which will take about two months. The arcade will take about a month since it's little to do there. I suggest we do that one last. All in all, it looks like about eight to nine months to have it all completed."

"Okay, when can you start?" Mr. Edmonds told him as soon as the contract is signed. Tyler had the contract laying on his desk and handed it to him. "This is what I'm offering for everything. Does this meet with your approval?"

Mr. Edmonds looked the contract over. "Actually, this is about five thousand more then what the actual price is, but that's not a problem. I can just cross this price out and write in the correct price, if you like?"

"Tyler thought about that for a minute. "No, that's okay. Keep it as it is. Consider it a bonus if you get the work completed early or on schedule. Like I said before, I'm not worry about the money. I just want to get everything up and running."

Mr. Edmonds thanked Tyler for the bonus and signed the contract before handing it back to him. "If it's okay with you, I'd like to get started on the cafeteria tomorrow. The sooner we get started; the sooner we can finish; then the sooner you'll be in business."

"Tomorrow is fine with me." Tyler nodded in agreement. "I'll be out of town this weekend, but if there's anything you need or anything that comes up please contact my secretary and she'll handle it for you. She has my full authority until I get back."

"I will." Tyler held out his hand and Mr. Edmonds stood up and shook it before making his departure. As he was walking out the outer office, Janet was walking in. The two said hello to each other as they passed but continued walking. Janet called out to Tyler that she was back and would set everything up in the lounge.

Tyler went to get Jeff before checking on Terry. Jeff told him Terry was asleep so Tyler left him in the playpen but took the baby monitor with him just in case Terry woke up while he was eating. As soon as he sat down, Janet handed Tyler his change and lunch. She then handed Jeff his lunch before sitting down herself. While they were eating, Tyler discussed the corporation with Janet to she what she needed to be informed of during his absence.

In the lounge room of the Lucky Shop corporate office, Christian was having the same conversation with Trish as they ate their lunch. Just like Tyler, Christian, Travis, Alex, and Mat optioned for sandwiches from Subway as well. In fact, when Janet stepped out to get Tyler's lunch, Trish was also stepping out to get Christian's lunch. The two ladies actually met up on the elevator and discovered they were heading to the same shop during their conversation so they decided to carpool.

Once lunch was over, everyone went back to work. Tyler called the Malibu Post and the Malibu Times to have an ad place in their newspaper for a corporate president for the McDonald's. He had just hung up the phone when Janet buzzed his office telling him he had a call from a nurse from Brooklyn General Hospital by the name of Tyrone Mathewson. "Take a message for me please Janet. I don't have time to take the call."

Janet didn't argue, she just agreed to do what she was told. "Yes sir." She could hear the commanding tone laced with discuss in her boss's voice. Those tone combine with the tone of pain she also heard in Tyler's voice wasn't a feeling Janet wanted Tyler to have. She would rather change that tone then hear it again.

Around one thirty Christian, Alex, and Matt got ready to leave for Terry's appointment with Dr. Blythmoore. He asked Travis if he could keep an eye on everything until he gets back. "It shouldn't take long. Terry is just going for his treatment."

"Don't worry about it man, I got it all covered." Travis looked at Christian with brotherly love. "You just get to the doctor's office and support your man and son through the appointment. You know how Tyler gets when his kids are hurting; he's going to need your shoulder to lean on."

Christian gave Travis a brotherly hug for his love and support. "Thanks man, I'll come straight back as soon as the appointment is over." Travis playfully pushed him out of the lounge and told him to get going. "I'm going, I'm going." On his way out he told Trish he'll be back in about an hour or hour and a half.

At the same time, Tyler was in his office getting the boys ready for the appointment as well. Once he had them ready he contacted Carlos to bring the truck out front. As soon as he had the okay from Carlos, he headed down to the lobby making a quick stop at Janet's desk. "I'm leaving for Terry's appointment now Janet. I'll be back in about an hour or hour and a half."

"Okay Tyler, I'll see you when you get back." Janet voice was soft and friendly. She can see how Tyler was trying to function through the day even though he wasn't feeling well himself. "I hope the appointment goes well and Terry's cancer is getting under control."

Tyler thanked her and left for the appointment. Janet sat at her desk wondering how Tyler could cope with everything that is going on in his life right now. She didn't think she could handle everything that Tyler had gone through and probably will go through in the future. As promised, Carlos had the truck out front waiting by the time Tyler got there. When he got into the truck, Tyler made sure Terry and Jeff was buckled in before buckling in himself. Just as Carlos pulled onto the freeway, Tyler was asleep once again.

As Tyler was heading to Dr. Blythmoore's office, Kevin was at home in the game room playing XBox when Franky, one of the security guys in the security room voice was heard over the walkie talkie. "Kevin, there's a delivery truck at the gates asking for access."

Kevin put the game on pause. "What kind of delivery? We're not expecting any kind of delivery." It took a minute, but when Franky came back he told Kevin that the delivery was of two vehicles. "Find out who placed the order."

Just then Mark's voice came through the walkie talkie which startled Kevin. He never checked to see if he was on an open connection or not. "Sorry about that Kevin, it's Carlos and my fault for forgetting to tell you about it. Carlos placed that order at Tyler's request when we were at Christian's cabin. It was supposed to take about two weeks to be delivered but it looks like it came a little early."

Now that he had been caught up on the situation, Kevin informed Franky to let the delivery truck through. He walked outside to see the front end of a semi with a car transport trailer attached coming up the driveway. The truck pulled up in front of the house and two big men got out and walked over to Kevin but it was the driver who spoke in an intimidating voice. "Are you Mr. Jackson?"

Kevin showed no fear at all as he looked directly into the man's eyes. "No, I'm Kevin, head of house security. Mr. Jackson is at the office and won't be home for a couple more hours. What can I help you gentlemen with?"

Surprised that his intimidation didn't work but not letting it show outwardly, the man tried again. "We need for you to sign and pay for the delivery of these vehicles." He handed Kevin the clipboard containing the invoice of the two vehicles.

Kevin took the clipboard and looked the invoice over first. The man tried to hurry Kevin into signing but Kevin paid him no attention and continued reading. Just as he expected, the invoice showed that the delivery had already been paid for. When he was finished reading, Kevin looked the man directly in the eyes again.

"According to this invoice, the delivery had already been paid for." The confidence in Kevin's voice caused the two men to take a step back. Kevin exhibited no fear. He knows he could take these two if it came down to that. Carlos and Mark had trained Tyler's security well.

"That's a mistake. We were told when we were given the assignment that it was a COD (cash on delivery) assignment. We're just going by our orders." The man spoke with a confident voice. It was clear they'd pulled this scam before.

Kevin wasn't fooled. He could clearly tell the man was lying. "I'll sign this invoice but I won't be giving you any money for the delivery!" He signed the invoice and handed it back to the driver. "Now I suggest you take those vehicles off the trailer!"

The two men tried to stare Kevin down but Kevin wasn't budging at all. "I believe you guys have a job to do, I suggest you get to it." They just stood there continuing to stare him down. Waiting for him to cave, but that wasn't going to happen! "If you're thinking of trying something, I'd rethink that if I were you. I'm a black belt in four different types of martial arts."

The two men smirked at Kevin thinking that this was a bluff. Kevin called them on it and took up a defensive stand daring them to make a move. This was no bluff and the two men knew it. When they realized Kevin was deadly serious, their smiles disappeared and their confidence seemed to dissipate. The driver tore the copy of the invoice from the clipboard and handed it to Kevin along with the keys to the trucks before walking back to unload them without saying a word. The other man, who seems to be the follower of the two, was right behind him.

Kevin stood there and watched them unload the vehicles. He wanted to make sure they didn't do any damage to them out of spite. These two could not be trusted and that was for sure. When the trucks were unloaded, the two men stared at Kevin once again but this time with anger in their eyes. They were angry that their scam didn't work. Kevin didn't move or even blink an eye. After a minute of seeing who would blink first, the two men got into the truck and left. Kevin waited until they were off the property before going back into the house.

By the time Tyler got to Dr. Blythmoore's office, Christian was already there waiting for him. As he was approaching the desk to sign Terry in Christian was walking towards him. "Terry's already signed in Ty. We just need to wait for his name to be called."

Tyler nodded and Christian took his hand and led him to a seat to wait. Ten minutes later Terry's name was called so Tyler and Christian followed her to an examination room. The nurse did the pre exam process on Terry and noted them on the chart. "The doctor will be with you in a few minutes." Tyler and Christian thanked her and the nurse left the room.

Two minutes later Dr. Blythmoore walked in. "Hello Tyler and Christian, how's everything going?" Both guys replied fine. "Good. Now what I'm going to do today is draw some blood from Terry and give him an injection. Once I get the results back, we'll know whether or not if the treatment is working."

"What if the treatment isn't working? What do we do then?" Tyler asked hesitantly. "I don't think Terry's old enough for a transplant yet, and it'll be hard to find a donor that matches. Teresa doesn't care because if she did, she wouldn't have let his cancer get out of control like this!"

The concern for Terry and the contempt for Teresa was evidence in Tyler's voice. Christian knew he had to calm Tyler down. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it Ty." He rubbed Tyler's back soothingly. "For now, let's just keep our fingers cross that the treatment is working."

Dr. Blythmoore kept quiet waiting for Christian to calm Tyler. It took a while, but Tyler finally calm down. "There's no need to worry about a transplant now Tyler. Like I said last week, Terry's blood cells are a little elevated, but not enough to worry that the treatment won't work."

Tyler accepted that for now although he still was worried that the treatment wasn't working. Dr. Blythmoore got a needle and two small vials to draw the blood. "Okay Tyler, you know the position." Tyler nodded and soon had Terry in position. Dr. Blythmoore quickly but carefully drew Terry's blood before putting a band aid over it. "I should have the results by some time tomorrow morning."

Tyler still held Terry down and the doctor gave Terry is treatment shot. Terry's cries made Tyler want to cry also, but Christian gentle rubbing on his back helped Tyler to hold the tears back. After Dr. Blythmoore gave Terry the shot, Tyler held him close. "It's okay Terry, its okay! It's all over now kiddo."

Terry continued to cry for a few more minutes and Tyler just held him. Before leaving the room, Dr. Blythmoore reminded them to make another appointment for next week. Christian assured him they will do it on the way out. Once Terry stopped crying, Tyler and Christian headed out, stopping at the front desk to make the appointment.

When they got to their vehicles, Christian kissed Tyler goodbye. "I have to get going. I need to stop at one of my shops to get the employee's files. I'm moving them to the corporate office." He kissed Tyler one more time. "I'll see you when I get home."

Tyler smiled and got into the truck. Christian waited until Carlos drove off before walking to his SUV with Alex and Matt. On the way to the office, Tyler stopped at another one of the McDonald's restaurant to get the employee's files. He was happy Terry had stopped crying. It was starting to make his headache worse but he wouldn't tell Christian that. By the time they arrived back at NÚnÚ Incorporated his head was pounding.

Instead of going to the floor of the McDonald's corporate office, Tyler went to his floor. When Janet saw him walking into the office, she asked how the appointment went. "It went fine; but we won't know if the treatment is working or not until tomorrow."

"Don't worry Tyler, I'm sure the treatment is working and Terry will be fine." Janet hoped she sounded as encouraging as she could, she knows Tyler is worry and probably didn't really believe her. The phony smile Tyler gave her confirmed it. "Thanks Janet. I'm sure you're right."

Janet watched Tyler walked into his office wondering if there was anything she could do to get his mind off his troubles but came up with nothing. She hopes Christian's surprise for him tomorrow will do the trick. That reminded her of something she needed to check on. She picked up the phone to make a call.

Once the boys were settled in, Tyler called the phone company to have the phones for the corporate office connected. The phone company assured him the phones will be connected by tomorrow and Tyler thanked him. He then remembered that he need the phone in Brian's office connected also so he put in an order to have that done too. Once again the phone company assured him it will be done by tomorrow.

Trish saw Christian walking into the office carrying another box in his hands. With a nod of the head she followed him into the board room while Alex and Matt went to the lounge. "I'll take care of this Christian, you head to the lounge. Travis needs your help."

"Thank you Trish." Christian smiled at her and she smiled back. He then left the room and headed over to the lounge to see what was left to do for Tyler's surprise tomorrow. "Hey bro, what's left that needs to be done?" Travis told him the chicken, ham, and potato salad. "Okay, I'll get started on the potato salad."

For the rest of the workday Tyler read over some modeling contracts and Janet went down to the seventeenth floor to sort the employee's files and file them away. Tyler didn't ask her to do it; she just needed something to do since the afternoon was slow at the office. Before leaving the office, Tyler called JR on his cell phone to ask if he could baby sit the boys so he could check up on the club. JR said he could. "Then be at my house by eight o'clock tonight, thanks JR."

"You're welcome Uncle Ty. See you at eight." JR replied and they disconnected the call. After shutting down the phone and computer, Tyler called Carlos to meet him out front before getting the boys ready to go home.

He said goodbye to Janet and wish her a good night on his way out who was now sitting back at her desk. "You have a good night too boss. I'll see you tomorrow." Jeff just gave her a wave goodbye. "Goodbye Jeff. See you tomorrow sweetheart." Jeff smiled and nodded as they walked out heading for the elevators.

For Christian, Travis, Alex, and Matt the day was still going on. They had more to do for Tyler's surprise and decided to stay behind. Trish on the other hand had just left for home. Not long after, Christian cell phone started ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket to check the caller ID. Seeing it was Janet calling, Christian answered. "Hello Janet, do you have some good news for me?"

"Hello Christian, I sure do." Janet laughed at the way Christian answered the phone. "It's all taken care of. I'll pick it up tomorrow morning around ten. Tyler still doesn't suspect a thing with Terry's cancer on his mind. I hope this surprise will take his mind off of it."

"I hope so too." Christian sighed. "He's been worrying about a lot of things lately. I think those worries is what causing his headaches. If all the plans we have going on this weekend doesn't work, then nothing will. By the way, has Ty left yet? I have some things I need to put in the fridge up there."

"Yes, he left about five minutes ago." Janet answered. "I'll stay until you bring them up because I need to lock up and set the alarm. Don't worry Christian, no matter what's going on right now, it will not ruin Tyler's birthday. He wouldn't let that happen."

"I hope you're right!" Christian cried out. "We've been so busy fighting to protect our family, friends, and ourselves that we haven't had a chance to relax and breathe. That's why I want everything to go smoothly tomorrow and this weekend."

Janet tried to assure Christian that everything will go fine even though she didn't completely believe it herself. Like Christian said, too many things had been going on that kept them from relaxing and taking a breather. After a couple of minutes more of talking, Christian said he had to get off the phone to finish up so he can get home. "Sure Christian, I'll see you when you come up."

Christian went back to what he was doing before Janet called. He hopes everything does go smoothly. Not only for tomorrow, but for the whole weekend because he doesn't know how much more drama he can handle. Suddenly a wave of guilt hit Christian like a sledge hammer. How can he think like that? If Tyler can keep fighting, then Christian knows he can too. Tyler means the world to him; and he'll be damn if he lets anyone destroy that world!

Among arriving home, Tyler placed Terry in his highchair and went to change as usual. When he got back downstairs he started on dinner with help from Kevin, Todd, Eric, and Aaron. Tonight's dinner was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts. Ice tea, lemonade, and sodas were the choice of drinks. Carlos and Mark stayed outside looking at the new trucks before coming inside.

Mark fed Terry while Tyler was cooking so Tyler could eat with everyone else. Once dinner was done, they all sat down. During dinner Tyler notice that some people were missing including Christian. "Who's missing besides Chris?"

Everyone looked around the table to find out but it was Kevin who answered. "Travis, Alex, and Matt are also missing." Tyler asked him where they were. "I don't know, maybe Christian and Travis had to work late on base today." Kevin knew that wasn't true. In fact, he knew exactly where they were, but he didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Tyler could tell Kevin was hiding something. "Chris didn't tell me he was working late today. He always tells me when he's going to be late coming home." No one said a word, they just remained silent. "What's going on guys? What are you hiding from me?" Everyone still remained silent so Tyler asked again. "Come on guys, I know something is going on, now what is it?"

Everyone still kept silent which irritated Tyler. He hates being kept in the dark. What Tyler couldn't see was the smiles on everyone faces but Jeff could. He stared at everyone in confusion, wondering what the smiles were for. Knowing he wasn't going to get an answer, Tyler just finished his dinner.

When dinner was over, Tyler went to call Christian to find out what was going on. Christian just told him he was working late and not to wait up. Tyler grunted, but accepted it. He knew he wasn't going to get any more from Christian. He told Christian he'll see him when he gets home and lay down on the bed until JR arrives.

Around seven thirty, Christian and the others finally had everything finished. Since she had to wait for Christian to bring the items up, Janet decided to order some dinner. After putting everything away in the refrigerator on Tyler's and Christian's floor, everyone headed home feeling a little tired but glad everything was almost ready for Tyler's surprise. The rest they can do tomorrow and it wouldn't take long to do. The last to leave was the security because they had to lock up and set the alarm.

JR arrived at Tyler's house at eight o'clock on the dot and was let in by Mark. When Tyler came down, JR could see that his uncle wasn't feeling well. The two greeted each other with a hug and made small talk for a little while before Tyler said he had to go. "Don't worry about the boys; I'll take good care of them."

Tyler thanked him with a hug. "Thanks again for baby sitting JR, I won't be long. If you like, you can leave when Chris gets home. He should be home shortly." When they broke the hug, JR told Tyler he was glad to do it. "I better get going. The boy's bedtime is at nine, but Terry might fall asleep before then."

JR said he understood and Tyler, Carlos, and Mark walked out to the trucks. As they were going down the driveway, the others were coming up. They blew their horns at each other but didn't stop. Tyler fell asleep once again and didn't wake up until they got to the club. Tommy saw them coming in and couldn't take his eyes off of Tyler. "Damn, he doesn't look too good." He whispered to himself.

As they approached the bar, Mark informed Tyler that Tommy was working tonight. "Hey Tommy, how's everything going?" Tommy replied that everything was going fine. "That's good. Can you meet with me in my office? We need to go over the books."

"Sure boss, just let me get someone to cover for me here." Tommy looked around the club until he spotted one of the waiters coming over to the bar. "I need you to cover for me here Jack." Jack nodded and went behind the bar. Tommy came from behind it and followed Tyler.

As they were walking to Tyler's office in the back of the club, someone suddenly stepped in front of them. That caused Tyler to run into the person almost knocking them over and spilling their drink on him. "What the hell?"

"You spilt my drink you little shit! You owe me a new one." The guy's speech was slurred and he was barely able to stand. His breath smelled like he already had too many drinks. Definitely not a good combination when it's mixed with anger.

Tyler could tell that this guy was intoxicated but there was no way he was giving a free drink to someone, especially when it wasn't his fault. "If you want another drink, then by all means, go up to the bar and order one. But if you're looking for a free one, then you're sadly mistaken!"

"I don't want a free drink; I want you to pay for it." The guy argued. "After all, you're the one who spilt my drink, so it should be you who's buying me another one, not me!" He stepped closer to Tyler, almost in his face now.

Tommy was starting to go on defense. He could see a fight about to develop. Tyler's eyes were starting to show that don't fuck with me look. "If you think I'm buying you a drink because of an accident that you cause, then you're even drunker then I thought! Now you can buy another drink and go back to having a good time, or you can leave. The choice is yours!"

That didn't make the guy happy at all. In fact, it made him even angrier. He was going to teach Tyler a lesson on who's the boss. On hearing the shouting, Carlos and Mark started making their way towards the commotion. The shouting was so loud; they could hear it over the music and knew one of the voices was Tyler's. The crowd was standing around just watching to see what happens. That made it difficult for Carlos and Mark to get to Tyler but they continued to push and shove they way through. Just when they reached Tyler, the guy took a swing at him...

To Be Continued...

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