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Chapter 21


Before he could make contact with Tyler's face, Carlos grabbed the man's wrist and twisted his arm and wrist behind his back then wrapped his other arm around the man's throat being careful not to choke him. He added an upward pressure to his wrist causing the man to scream out loud in agony. "That was a big mistake you shouldn't have made!"


The man tried to elbow Carlos in the rib to break away but to no avail. He wasn't going anywhere; Carlos had a firm grip on him. "Let go of me you fucker before I kick your ass." Carlos ignored him and started putting more pressure on his wrist forcing the man down onto his knees. "I suggest you shut your mouth if you know what's good for you." The man's screams got louder that everyone in close vicinity had to cover their ears.


As Carlos was taking the guy down, Mark was talking to Tyler. "What do you want us to do with him?"


"Find out if he came here with anyone. If he did, then have them take him home." Tyler instructed them both. "If he came alone, then call him a taxi. I don't want him driving. Make sure all of the bouncer memorizes his face and name. I don't want to see him in here again."


"Who the hell are you to tell me not to come here again?" The man spat angrily. "It was your clumsy ass who spilt my drink in the first place you little shit." He screamed in agony again when Carlos put more pressure on his wrist for his little outburst.


"Who am I?" Tyler smirked. "I'm Tyler Jackson; the owner of this club." Tyler heard the man swallow audibly as realization sunk in. "Ah, I see your intoxicated brain is beginning to work now. Too bad it's a little too late for an apology for being such an asshole."


The man started to apologize anyway, but Tyler wasn't listening. He resumed walking to his office with Tommy following him. Carlos helped the man stand on his feet and let his wrist go before he and Mark escorted him outside with his head hanging. Now he was angry with himself for getting thrown out of the hottest club in town.


When they got outside, Mark asked him if he came to the club with anyone. The man said he came alone so Mark called him a taxi. "You'll never be allowed back in this club again, you understand?" He informed the man once he made the call.

The man nodded his head regretfully. "I understand. I'm really sorry, it was the alcohol talking. I didn't know who he was. I thought he was a patron who wasn't watching where he was going and lost my cool. Please tell Mr. Jackson I'm really sorry."


Carlos assured him they would. "Even if he was just a patron you still should have never lost your cool." He stated. "This is a place for everyone to relax, have fun, and enjoy the music and atmosphere. Anyone who starts trouble will be booted from the club immediately. Tyler doesn't put up with trouble makers. They make the environment uncomfortable for everyone else."


Mark held out his hand. "Hand me your ID please?" The man handed Mark his ID and Mark walked over to the bouncers at the door to show it to them. He informed them to have all the bouncers to memorize the face and name. The man's not to be allowed access to the club again. The bouncers agreed and took the ID from Mark to go inside to make a photo copy. When he returned, he handed the ID back to Mark. Mark walked back over to Carlos and the man and returned his ID to him.


Carlos helped the man into the taxi when it arrived and watched it drive away before walking back inside with Mark to get a beer and wait for Tyler. Just as they were finishing their beer, Tyler and Tommy were walking up to the bar to get Tyler a drink. Since Tyler requested a drink before leaving the club, Carlos and Mark decided to have another beer themselves. After they had finished their drinks, they bid farewell to Tommy and left for home.


Among arriving home, they found the downstairs empty. Everyone had already gone to bed so they headed for bed themselves. When Tyler walked into the bedroom he found Christian still awake. "How did everything go at the club?"


As he undressed for bed, Tyler explained to Christian about the incident that happened tonight with the intoxicated asshole and how Carlos took care of the situation. "Other then that, everything went well. I was able to talk to Tommy and go over the books."


Tyler spooned up against Christian's front when he climbed into bed and Christian wrapped his arm around him. Feeling Christian's arm around him helped Tyler to relax completely. He always felt safe in Christian's arms. "Well get some sleep and rest up for tomorrow. I already packed for us so we're all set. All you need to do now is pack your medicine."


Tyler turned onto his back and pulled Christian's head down for a kiss. "Thanks baby, did you pack for the boys as well?" Christian said he did. "Good, then everything should go smoothly tomorrow. I'll call and make sure the jet is ready when I get to the office."


"Okay." Christian gave Tyler a little peck on the lips. "By the way, I'll be riding to the office with you. There are some things I need to take care of at the office myself." Christian smiled. He didn't want Tyler to know the real reason he was going to the office was to finish setting up for Tyler's surprise.


Tyler heard the smile in Christian's voice and wondered why he was smiling but decided to keep it to himself. "In that case we can all ride in the new trucks." He suggested. "Besides, it makes no sense to ride in separate vehicles when we all can fit in those two vehicles."


Christian agreed and kissed Tyler good night. Tyler turned back over onto his right side and turned off the television before spooning up against Christian again. Soon after, they both fell into a peaceful sleep and slept through the night. Tyler didn't even have a nightmare.


The next morning Carlos and Mark woke up a half an hour earlier then their normal time. They wanted to surprise Tyler for his birthday by making breakfast for him. After showering and dressing, they headed down to the kitchen to start cooking. Along the way, they met up with Travis and Kevin in the hallway who was also heading down to the kitchen with the same idea in mind.


Just as they were beginning to make breakfast, Christian and Tyler was just waking up. Tyler didn't know it but Christian had purposely set the alarm to go off thirty minutes earlier then usual. He wanted to start Tyler's birthday off right; and what better way to do that then by making love?


Christian started off by placing soft kisses on Tyler's cheeks moving toward his lips. That caused Tyler to stir. When he reached Tyler's lips, Christian gave him a soft but deep passionate kiss. That woke Tyler up completely. Tyler rolled over onto his back and Christian climbed on top of him continuing the kiss. Tyler spread his legs for Christian to lie between them and they started grinding their bodies together still continuing to enjoy the kiss.


While kissing Christian couldn't help but to smile at Tyler's eagerness in knowing what Christian wanted. When they broke the kiss, Christian slowly began kissing down Tyler's cheek making his way to his neck. He spent a few minutes sucking on Tyler's neck leaving a faint love bite just at the base. Then he continued placing kisses down to Tyler's right nipple and took the tip of his tongue and slowly circles it causing a slight moan from Tyler. He took a few moments at Tyler's right nipples slowly twirling his tongue around it and biting it gently before moving to his left nipple. Tyler arched his back enjoying the pleasure Christian was sending through his body. "Oh god Chris, that feels good!"


Christian went from one nipple to the other sucking, licking, and biting that Tyler was beginning to squirm. He moved back up to kiss Tyler again before moving down to his navel. Christian stuck his tongue in and licked around Tyler's navel driving him further into hormonal bliss. Tyler was starting to leak a copious amount of pre cum he was getting so turned on.


Christian moved further down still kissing along the way until he reached his prize. He licked all around the base of Tyler's dick until he reached the underside. He then licked up the underside to the tip where he licked up the pre cum that was forming. Tyler gasped when Christian wrapped his lips around the tip of his cock and started sucking on just the head while twirling his tongue around trying to coach as much of the pre cum out as he can.


"That's it baby." Tyler moaned from the heat and moisture on his cock. "That feels so damn good." He wrapped his legs around Christian head as Christian took more of Tyler's dick into his mouth until he reached the base where he inhaled Tyler's scent. A minute later Christian slowly started making an up and down movement with his head pleasuring his man. Christian wanted Tyler to enjoy every minute of this and not rush it.


Shortly after pleasuring Tyler with his oral skills, Christian pulled off Tyler's cock and unwrapped Tyler's legs from around his neck and pushed them higher in the air continuing his journey down. He took each one of Tyler's balls into his mouth one at a time, licking and sucking lightly and giving each one of those delectable orgs a good tongue bath, spending at least a couple of minutes on each one.


Christian then moved further down until he came to his ultimate prize, Tyler's sweet asshole. He licked up, down, and around that hole for a minute before diving in. By now Tyler was squirming uncontrollably. Christian was setting him on fire causing him to moan a little louder. "Come on baby, don't tease me, I want what you have to give me."


Breathing heavier now from sexual overheat Tyler started to beg. "Come on ba-baby, I want you inside me now." Christian smiled a big wicket smile. "Help me start my birthday off with fireworks and make love to me my love." Christian reached for the bottle of lube in the nightstand and was just about to apply some to his cock so he could make the love of his life happy when Tyler stopped him. "No, wait!"


Christian looks at Tyler puzzled as to why he was stopping him. "Tyler what's wrong? Why did you stop me? Are you okay?" Christian asked with concern in his voice. "I'm fine sweetheart, I just want to apply the lube and get you ready myself." Tyler replied and Christian let out a small laugh.


"Okay baby, you can do it." Tyler sat up and Christian poured the lube into his hand. Tyler took Christian's cock in his hand and slowly applied the lube. He made slow up and down motions causing Christian to moan. "Tyler, baby if you don't stop I won't last long enough to get inside you." Tyler let out a giggle knowing Christian was right because he was hard as a rock and ready to go.


Now with that done, Christian reached up and softly kissed Tyler. When his lips left Tyler's lips, he whispered into Tyler's ear. "I love you so much, happy birthday baby." Tyler let out a sigh knowing he was very lucky in finding Christian.


"Thank you baby, now give me my two best present for my birthday." Tyler winked then jumped a little as Christian applied some lube to Tyler's awaiting hole. Now it's time for the big moment. Christian lifted Tyler's legs over his shoulder and aligned his hard cock up to Tyler's hole and slowly pushed in until his cock was slowly sliding into Tyler. Inch by inch he entered the man he wanted to be with forever. Once he was all the way in, he relished the feeling of being inside Tyler's warm rectum and awaited the signal from Tyler for Christian to begin. While kissing Tyler, Christian heard him moan, so he stopped kissing Tyler and looked into his eyes. "I'm ready baby."


Christian kissed Tyler once more while starting to make long slow movements. Sliding all the way out until just the head was left, then slowly sliding back in again. Christian loves Tyler so much that he wanted, no needed to show Tyler that he was there for him no matter what will happen or had happened.


Now Christian had picked up a rhythm and a little more speed. Tyler continued to moan his enjoyment as Christian gave him the best present that he could receive for his birthday, the love of his life making mad passionate love to him. "Oh my god Chris, That's feels so good! Go deeper baby!" Tyler urged. Christian obliged by lifting Tyler's ass higher off the bed and plowing away. "Yes, yes, that's it! Fuck me, fuck me!"


After twenty minutes of fucking in that position, Christian rolled them over until he was on his back without removing his cock from Tyler's ass. Tyler sat up straddling Christian's waist and began bouncing up and down. Every time Tyler went down Christian would push up, sending more of his cock up Tyler's bubble butt. "That's it Ty! Ride it, ride it!" Christian chanted and Tyler did just that. He bounced up and down riding that huge bronco bull to the end of the rodeo. For thirty minutes Tyler rode Christian bull size dick until Christian couldn't hold his orgasm any longer, Tyler's ass muscles was milking the cum out of him. " Oh my God Ty; I'm coming baby! I love you so much." Just as he said that, Christian let loose with a massive load of cum up Tyler's ass. That set Tyler off as well, shooting long streams of cum all over Christian's face and chest and down to his lower abs. Both men let out a shout of pure ecstasy. When they both stopped shooting, Tyler collapsed down onto Christian's chest with Christian still inside him. As they recovered from their orgasm, the two began kissing again. This kiss was more passionate and filled with love. While they kissed, Tyler sensuously ran his hands through Christian's hair. Christian finally slips out of Tyler a moment later leaving him feeling very empty and wanting more.


They lay in bed until they were sure they had enough strength to walk. "Happy birthday baby, I love you so much!" Christian kissed Tyler again. "Let's go and take a shower." Tyler nodded with a grin and Christian pulled Tyler from the bed, picked him up, and carried him to the bathroom. "I love you too."


When they got out of the shower, they got dress in casual clothes since they weren't actually going into the office today. While Tyler was taking his medicine Christian went to wake Jeff and Terry. After taking his medicine, Tyler packed it along with his glucometer in his suitcase before going to help Christian with Terry. Once the boys were ready for the day they headed down to the kitchen.


Everyone yelled happy birthday to Tyler when they walked in which put a big smile on his face. "Thanks guys."


One by one they gave him a hug before telling him to have a seat because they made a big breakfast of Belgian waffles, hash brown, eggs, ham, sausage, and bacon for his birthday. "You didn't have to go through all that trouble you guys, but I really appreciate you doing it." Everyone told him it was no trouble at all and they wanted to do it. As soon as Tyler sat down, Christian sat his plate of food in front of him. "You're not lifting a finger this weekend. I'm going to wait on you hand and foot."


"Why hand and foot and not hand and knees?" Tyler grinned seductively. "I'll get better service that way and be much happier." He winked and Christian blushed at the innuendo. Everyone started laughing at his embarrassment. "Well, I can do that too." That made everyone laughed even harder. "Then it looks like I'm going to have a great birthday weekend after all."


No one could eat their food they were laughing so much tears was rolling down their cheeks. It took a couple of minutes for the laughter to die down. Once it did, everyone started eating their breakfast which was starting to get cold. Throughout breakfast they continued shooting the breeze. At everyone insistent, Tyler stayed at the table after breakfast relaxing while everyone else cleaned the kitchen. Tyler thanked them once again for the breakfast and said he enjoyed it. Once the kitchen was all clean, they all scrambled around doing some last minute checking. Kevin went to go over some final instruction with Franky whom he had put in charge while they were gone. Ten minutes later, everyone was loading the trucks. After making sure they had everything they wanted to take with them, Tyler set the alarm and locked up the house.


They stood at the vehicles for five minutes discussing who will ride with whom. Finally it was decided that Alex and Matt will ride with Tyler, Christian, Carlos, Mark, and the boys while the others will ride in the other truck. Once that was all taken care of, they all got in and heading for NÚnÚ Incorporated with Carlos and Todd doing the driving.


When they walked in the building of NÚnÚ Incorporated, everyone in the lobby wished Tyler a happy birthday as they walked toward the elevators and Tyler thanked everyone with a warm smile. Christian and his group got off on his floor while Tyler and his continued to his. "Happy birthday boss, how is your birthday going so far?" Janet greeted Tyler with a smile when he walked into his office.


Tyler stopped at Janet's desk while Carlos and Mark got the boys settled in. "Thanks Janet it's starting off great. How is everything going here? I hope there aren't any problems that need to be taken care of."


"Everything is going fine and the contractor had started construction on the cafeteria. Also, Brian is here setting up his office. His former employer couldn't wait to get rid of him so he let him go early which actually made Brian very happy. That leaves your morning free to do whatever you want."


"Thanks Janet, I'll go down to speak with Brian in a bit. First I need to check my messages and call Scanner about the breach of contract against Mr. Williamson. Then I need to go over the contract for the Pizza Hut Corporation. I want to make sure everything is squared away before I meet with the president tomorrow."


"Okay boss, I'll bring you your coffee just as soon as I finish making this phone call."


Tyler nodded and went to his office to call Scanner. Janet made her call which didn't take as long as she expected it to. Once the call was completed, she got Tyler his coffee before returning to her desk to check with Christian on the preparations for Tyler's surprise.


Christian, Travis, Kevin, Alex, and Matt were in the conference room setting up for Tyler's surprise when Christian's cell phone starting ringing. He figured it had to be Janet calling so he didn't bother with checking the caller ID, he just answered it. "Hello."


"Hello Christian, its Janet. I'm just checking to see how everything is going with the preparations." Christian said they should be all set in about an hour. "Great, about that time I'll need to run my errand. I'll keep Tyler busy until I hear from you."


"That will be great Janet." Christian agreed. "I don't want him going anywhere and missing the surprise or being delayed. Is Carlos and Mark there?" Janet said they were. "Have them bring the items we put in the fridge yesterday down in about an hour. Kevin and Travis are leaving now to get the drinks."


Janet said she'll let them know and Christian thanked her. The two hung up and Christian finished setting up the tables along with Alex and Matt. Aaron and Jason were laying out the refreshments while Todd and Eric were helping the DJ from Tyler's club set up his equipment. Janet had called him at the club the day before and hired him to provide the entertainment. Soon there wasn't much left to do, so it didn't take long to have it all done.


When Troy arrived on base this morning he had a devious smile on his face. He thought he would have a little fun with both Christian and Travis today by flirting with them and see how far he can take it. He was hoping he could finally get somewhere with Christian and Christian would start to realize that Tyler wasn't the guy for him.


That plan was bashed when Troy noticed that neither of the guys office door was open and Christian's security wasn't posted outside his office. After putting his briefcase on his desk, Troy walked to the front desk to find out when they would be on base. When he reached the front desk he cleared his throat to make his presence known. "Can I help you with anything General Blackman?"


The disdain in Christine's voice was noticeable so Troy retaliated. "Yes Christine, you can." The sarcasm was thick in his voice. "I want to know when General Michaels and Montgomery will be on base today. I need to discuss a couple of things with them both."


Christine smiled victoriously. "They're both off duty today. Today is Mr. Jackson's birthday and General Michaels is throwing him a surprise party. In fact, they'll be off all weekend. After the party MR. Jackson is flying them all to Atlantic City for the weekend." Her smile got even bigger.


Troy smiled sarcastically but was fuming on the inside. "Why are you working the front desk? I didn't think that would be in your job description for someone in such a high rank as you!"


"I'm just covering for a friend who's running an errand for General Smith." Christine paused before continuing. She knew her next statement was the eight ball in the hole. "You know, the base commander whom I'd heard is not only backing Mr. Jackson project but is also participating in it as well."


That did it! Troy's face went from one with a sarcastic smile to one with burning anger. "No matter what anyone does, I will have that project destroyed. Mark my words; I will have that project destroyed!" Christine didn't say anything, she just continued smiling victoriously. "Smile all you want, but when it's all said and done; I'll be the only one smiling!"


Noticing the smile hasn't faded from Christine's face; Troy stormed back to his desk blazing with anger. He didn't know how, but Troy knew he needed to figure out a way to keep Tyler's project from succeeding. He has to get Christian to see Tyler as a failure. He just had to! His future depended on breaking Tyler and Christian up, and he wasn't going to let anyone put that future in jeopardy.


After checking his messages and talking with Scanner, Tyler walked to Brian's office to talk with him about some investments Tyler wanted to know about. Brian listened as Tyler explained everything he wanted to know about the investments. Once Brian knew what Tyler was asking of him, he thought about it for a moment. "I don't know anything about those investments Tyler but I'll do some research on them and get back to you."


"Thanks Brian. I'll check back in with you when I get back from my trip and see what you have. You should also check out other investments as well. There may be better ones for me to invest in besides those." Brian asked what kind of investments Tyler wanted to research. "I'll leave that up to you. After all, you're the broker so you should know which investments would be good and which one wouldn't be."


"Okay, I'll get right on it." Brian said. "By the time you get back I should have a good portfolio for you to look over. I think you should invest in more businesses for now." Brian gave Tyler a couple of businesses he thought would be a good investments. "You should also use some of your businesses to sponsor some of the schools. I heard through the great vine that some of the schools will probably be cutting some of their programs due to lack of funds. That could save you on taxes in the long run as well."


Tyler thought that sounded like some good advice. "Good idea Brian, I'll check those businesses out when I get back to my office. The sponsorship on the other hand, will have to wait until I get back. I'll have to do some research of my own to find out what schools need sponsoring. Maybe JR can help me with that one."


Brian agreed that it wouldn't hurt to get JR involved. They concluded their conversation and Tyler went back to his office. About an hour and a half later Janet walked in. "You're wanted in the conference room Tyler." Tyler asked why. He was hoping there wasn't a problem he needs to take care of. "I don't know that's why you're needed. I just got a call asking me to bring you there. We'll need to take the boys with us because there's no one here to watch them."


Tyler nodded in acquiescence and Janet went to get the boys. Janet was smiling all the way to the conference room. She knew Tyler will love this surprise that Christian had planned for him. As soon as they walked in the door everyone shouted surprised. That startled Tyler and caused him to stumble back a few steps. "What the hell?"


Christian walked up to Tyler and gave him a hug. "Happy birthday baby, I'll take it you were really surprised by the looked on your face." Tyler asked Christian what was going on. "I'm throwing you a surprise party for your birthday. Since we'll be away for the weekend, I decided to have the party before we leave so you can celebrate with your friends."


"Thanks baby!" Tyler threw his arms around Christian's waist and hugged him tight. "I wasn't expecting this but I really appreciate it. When did you put this together?" Christian told Tyler that he's been working on it for about a week or so. "So that was the secret that everybody's been keeping from me. I knew it was something but I didn't know what it was. I should kick your ass for keeping me in the dark like that." Tyler smiled to show he was just joking.


"If you knew what I was planning then it wouldn't have been a surprise now would it?" Christian teased Tyler. "Besides, I loved seeing that startled look on your face when we yelled surprised when you walked in. It's going to look great in the photo album." Christian laughed and Tyler couldn't help but to laugh with him. "I'll get you for that one!"


Christian took Tyler's hand and led him over to mingle with everyone. The music started and the party was on the way. As the party progressed, One by one everyone came up to wish Tyler a happy birthday. When Justin and JR came over to hug Tyler and wish him a happy birthday, Tyler broke out in laughter again. "I can't believe you two knew about this and never said anything to me. I've been racking my brains trying to figure out what everyone was hiding from me."


"Yeah, but it was worth the wait, wasn't it?" Tyler had to agree with Justin that it was. "Now you can put everything out of your mind and just enjoy the party and have fun. This is a day for celebration not worries."


"I agree with dad on this." JR smiled broadly at his uncle. "Just enjoy yourself. This party is going to be off the hook! You just wait and see! Everyone will be getting jiggy with it!"


Tyler took their advice and enjoyed himself. Thirty minutes into the party, Janet handed Terry to Christian and whispered to him that she and Brian were stepping out to run her errand. Within twenty minutes they were back with Brian carrying a large box. Christian saw Brian place the box on the table so he handed Terry to Tyler and walked over. He lifted the lid of the box to take a look inside and like what he saw. "Nice work Janet. I couldn't have done better myself."


"Thanks Christian." Janet beamed. In the box was a double sheet marble cake. The frosting was white with a purple border. In each corner was a purple flower. In the middle of the cake was a picture of Tyler's face that resembles him to perfection. Written above the picture in purple lettering was the word happy, with the word birthday below, also written in purple lettering. The cake was almost too beautiful to eat.


After placing the number two on the left side of Tyler's picture on the cake and the number nine on the right side representing Tyler's twenty ninth birthday, Janet and Brian went to mingle with the others while Christian took Tyler out on the dance floor. Although they were in Tyler's building, Carlos and Mark along with Alex and Matt accompany them. Tyler was enjoying himself so much the smile never left his face which in turn kept everyone else smiling also. A few dances later, Tyler wanted a drink so Christian sat him down at a table and Mark brought him a soda. Christian used that time to grab Travis, Kevin, Janet, and Justin to warm up the food that needed warming. Brian went with them to bring down Terry's highchair but Christian told Alex and Matt to stay and have fun.


As Tyler was resting, JR came to the table to keep him company. "Where are my boys JR?" JR told him Jeff was dancing and he was holding Terry in his arms. "Give him to me; I want to hold him for a while."


JR handed him Terry and Tyler sat Terry in his lap. He smiled down at his son and Terry looked up at his daddy and started laughing and pounding the table with his hand. When Brian returned with the highchair, Tyler placed Terry in it to feed him. "I'll feed him for you Uncle Ty; you just sit there and relax. Dad, Uncle Chris, and a few others went to warm up the food so we should be eating soon."


Tyler didn't respond he just nodded as he handed JR the diaper bag. "Check the side pockets for his baby food. Before you give him a bottle, give him to me so I can take him to the bathroom and change his diaper." JR looked in the bag and pulled out a jar of strain spaghetti. "I can take care of that too Uncle Ty." He opened the jar and started feeding Terry. Tyler laughed at him. "Okay; but I don't think you will like that particular task of fatherhood."


JR pondered the meaning of what Tyler said before smiling dreadfully. "Maybe not, but I'll still do it because it will be my responsibility to take care of my child and no one else's." He looked at Terry wearingly. "Besides, if it smells as bad as you're making it out to be, I'm sure no one else will want to be near him anyway."


Tyler almost fell off his chair laughing prompting a few people to look his way wondering what the joke was. It took a few minutes for him to stop laughing. Every time Tyler thought he had it all out; he would start laughing again. When Tyler finally did stop laughing, JR was finished feeding Terry. "I'll be right back Uncle Ty." Tyler nodded while biting his lips to keep from laughing again as JR picked Terry up from his highchair and carried him to the restroom.


As he was returning from the bathroom, Christian and the others were setting the food on the tables. Once everything was laid out, everyone began making their plates. Christian made one for Tyler and Justin made one for JR and they brought it over to them along with their drinks and utensils. "I made you a plate of barbecue chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, devil eggs, and cabbage." Christian told Tyler. "Or would you rather have some ham, baked beans, and potato salad? We also have macaroni and pasta salad too."


"Thanks baby, no this is fine but I would like some potato salad though." Tyler smiled sweetly. "Make sure to have someone take some food down to the security office for the guys. Also have the DJ to program the music to keep playing and join the rest of us. I don't want him eating alone."


Christian assured Tyler he would. "I'll get the potato salad for him Christian." Mark offered. Christian nodded his thanks to Mark and went to take care of what Tyler asked. Ten minutes later he was back with his plate of ham, baked beans, potato salad, and devil eggs and took his seat next to Tyler.


The conversation was lively at all tables as everyone ate their food. Every so often Christian would see Tyler smiling or laughing which made him happy to see Tyler enjoying himself. He was glad the party took Tyler's mind off their troubles and everyone could have a little fun in their lives. Not only that, Christian was also glad that Tyler seems to be feeling better today. When he looked around the room Christian noticed that everyone else was smiling or laughing at whatever conversation they were engaged in at the moment.


When there was a break in his conversation with Justin, Tyler turned to Christian. "What time is it Chris?" Christian checked his watch to find out before answering. "It's ten o'clock, why?" Tyler absentmindedly shrugged his shoulder. "I just wanted to know because we need to be at the airport by eleven forty five and in the air by twelve."


"No problem, we still have about another hour and a half to party." Christian gave Tyler a peck on the lips. "You can start opening your presents in about twenty minutes if you want. That will give everyone enough time for their food to digest before we cut the cake."


Tyler smiled and nodded. "Okay, that will give everyone time to enjoy eating it before we need to bring this party to an end and start cleaning up before we leave." At that moment, Christian saw Tyler's eyes twinkle. "Thanks again for this party baby! I'm really having a lot of fun."


"You're welcome." Christian kissed Tyler passionately. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I love seeing that smile on your face because it suits you. I want to keep it there forever and ever. And if I have my way; it will be."


Tyler's heart fluttered. He loves it when Christian says sweet things like that to him. "You know I'd do the same for you! I want you happy and smiling all the time because I love you so much. When you're happy; I'm happy. When you're smiling; I'm smiling." Tears were starting to well up in Tyler's eyes. "You're my strength to keep fighting all the trouble that's being thrown our way."


Christian gently wiped away the tears that were beginning to fall from Tyler's eyes. "Now, now, we won't be having any tears. This is a day for laughter not tears, right guys?" Everyone at the table agreed with him. "Now put a smile back on your face and celebrate this August 17th with a day of laughter."


Everyone at the table smiled at these two as they showed their love for each other. Tyler agreed with Christian with a smile and they all continued eating. After they finished eating, they continued talking until Christian announced that it was time to open the presents. He led Tyler to the open Clearance that they used as the dance floor and sat him down. After throwing their trash away, everyone formed a circle around him while Christian, Justin, Carlos, and Mark gathered up all the presents and brought them over.


"Okay baby, this one is from Carlos and Mark." Christian handed Tyler a box with a gold wrapping and a red bow. "I'll tell you who the gift is from as I hand it to you so you know whom to thank for which present."


"Okay gorgeous." Tyler agreed as he unwrapped and opened the box. He reached in and pulled out a pair of black leather boots. "Thanks guys, this will go great with my leather jacket once I get it. That reminds me, I have to call Kim to see if they have it in stock again." He carefully put the boots back into the box.


"Don't worry about that right now baby, we can take care of that when we get back from our trip." Christian smiled mysteriously and Tyler raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Everyone else tried to hold in their laughter. Before Tyler could ask any questions, Christian handed him another gift. "This gift is from Brian and Janet."


Tyler opened that gift and found a new talking watch with a leather band. He asked Brian and Janet where they found it and Janet told him she remembered Tyler mentioning the NFB, (National Federation of the Blind) and Google that organization. "I found out that they have a website and browsed it. (http://www.nfb.org) They have many products for the visually impaired and you can buy the products on line. From there it was browsing the products and placing the order."


Tyler nodded in understanding and agreement. "I know of the organization and website. I buy some of my products off the site but haven't participated in the organization much. Maybe one day I'll get involved in the organization. I know they have small support group meetings and functions all over the country."


Everyone thought that was a good idea and told Tyler so. Christian continued handing Tyler the presents and Tyler thanked each person for the gift he received. When they got to the last gift, Tyler was totally surprised. "What the hell?" He pulled out the leather jacket he had Kim place on hold for him. "When did you get this?"


"The day we went shopping for Jeff." Christian said. "I wanted to surprise you with it on your birthday so I told Kim to tell you the next time you came in to buy it that they were out. I've been hiding it from you ever since then."


Tyler grinned humorously. He couldn't believe he had been duped. "You little sneak; I'll get you for this one too."


"Promises, promises, hot stuff."Christian laughed which made everyone else laugh including Tyler. "I'm willing to take any punishment you can ditch out. Just seeing that smile on your face is enough for me to endure it all, so bring it on!"


Everyone roared with laughter on that one! When the laughter subsided, Tyler thanked everyone for coming and for the gifts. The DJ started to play Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday so Christian announced it was time to cut the cake. Everyone moved over to the table and Janet lit the candles. Once everyone finished singing happy birthday, Tyler made a wish and blew out the candles with Christian directing him. Tyler then asked Christian to help him cut the first piece.


Christian placed his hand over Tyler's and assisted Tyler in the cutting but let Tyler do most of the work. He knew Tyler would want one of the purple flowers so that's where he placed the knife. Once Tyler had cut the first piece, Christian led him over to a table while Janet took over in cutting the rest of the cake and Mark served up the ice cream. As they were walking to a table, Tyler called over his shoulder for Janet to save some cake for him to take to his sister and her family. "Sure Tyler, there should be plenty left over anyway."


After receiving their cake and ice cream, everyone found a seat. Kevin put Terry back in his highchair as Travis brought over some cake and ice cream for the both of them. Conversation still flowed freely as they all enjoyed their treat. As they were eating, everyone remarked how delicious the cake tasted. "Who ordered this cake?" Tyler asked. Christian told him it was Janet. "You made a delicious order Janet." Tyler agreed with everyone sentiments.


Soon it was time for Tyler, Christian, and the others to leave for the airport so Tyler suggested they start cleaning up. "You guys go ahead and go. We'll clean up for you." Justin offered for everyone but everyone agreed. Christian thanked him and they got ready to leave. Once they were ready, Janet came over and handed the plate of cake to Tyler. "Thanks Janet. Make sure the DJ and the security get some cake and ice cream as well."


"You know I will." Janet assured him. Tyler just smiled and nodded. Everyone wished Tyler happy birthday one more time as they was walking out the door. Tyler thanked them and told them he'll see them when he gets back from his trip.


All the way down in the elevator Jeff kept looking at his Daddy Ty with a smile. He could see that his Daddy Ty was feeling much better and that made Jeff happy. When he looked over at his Daddy Chris, Christian winked at him as to say `I told you so. Jeff just giggled and nodded his head. He was glad he was wrong about what he was feeling.


Since just about everyone was upstairs for the party the lobby was practically empty when they stepped off the elevator and made their way out to the trucks. Everyone climbed into the same truck they arrived in and buckled up. Not long after they were heading for the San Francisco Airport. When they arrived, they drove straight up to the jet on a private runway and they all grabbed their suitcases and climbed on board. No one knew where to park the vehicles so Carlos asked the crew. "There's a couple of spots over there to park them since this is a private runway." Jeanette the stewardess answered as she pointed out the area since the two pilots Brad and Keith was preparing for the preflight.


After the trucks were parked, everyone buckled in for the flight. Once the preflight was prepared, they were set for takeoff. Five minutes later they got the clearance and the jet was taxiing down the runway then rising for cruising altitude. The flight will take a little over five hours to get to Orlando and landing at the Orlando Florida International Airport so everyone settled back to enjoy the flight.


Not long after reaching altitude, Terry had fallen asleep so Christian took him to the upper floor to lay him down on one of the beds. When he returned Jeanette was taking refreshment orders. "Can I get anyone something to drink or eat?"


Tyler asked for a diet coke and Jeff an orange soda. Everyone else asked for a coke. Before Jeanette left to get the sodas, Tyler held out the plate of cake. "Would you mind putting this in the fridge for me?" Jeanette said she didn't mind and took the plate from him. "Thank you."


"You're welcome Mr. Jackson." Tyler asked her to call him Tyler. "You wouldn't mind me doing that?" Tyler wondered why Jeanette was so surprised by that and asked why he should mind. "Well, our former employer always insisted on us calling him by his proper business name. He said calling him by his informer name made it more of a friendly relationship then a business relationship."


"Well I'm not one of those egotistical; it's my way or the highway, stuff shirt kind of bosses Jeanette!" Tyler tried to hold back a laugh but couldn't help from cracking a smile. That didn't stop everyone else from snickering though! "I'm a laid back, kick my feet up and let my hair down, and scratch myself when needed kind of boss Jeanette. I don't mind you, Brad, or Keith calling me Tyler. When I feel it's appropriate for you to call me Mr. Jackson, I'll let you know."


"Uh... okay Mr. Jackson... I mean Tyler." Jeanette's cheeks turned a little shade of pink from the embarrassment. "I'll let the others know. I better go and get those drinks now." She quickly turned and scampered away to the kitchenette.


When she was gone everyone let out the laughter they were holding in. Christian playfully punched Tyler on the arm. "You're mean for teasing her like that. Poor girl; she looked like she was almost going to die from the embarrassment."


"Yeah, but at least she knows I'm fun to be around and can relax in my presence. She doesn't have to be so formal and business manner around me." Tyler smirked. "I bet she's wondering what the hell kind of boss she's gotten now." He chuckled.


"I think she's already figured out she has a nutty one." Christian teased. "If she hasn't, she will figure it out soon." Tyler punched him on the arm for that sly remark. "Owe, you fucker. That hurt." Christian rubbed his arm in fated pain but got no sympathy from Tyler.


"Good, let that be a lesson to you." Tyler warned teasingly. Jeff interrupted their interaction to ask if he could go and play the play station. "I don't know kiddo. Did we pack any games?" Kevin said he did and they were in a small black bag on one of the beds. "Then you can go play. Just take someone up there with you." Todd and Eric said they will go with him. "Okay, thanks guys."


Jeanette returned with their drinks and handed them out. Eric, Jeff, and Todd took theirs to the upper floor with them while the others stayed on the lower floor. "Here, hold this for me?" Christian took Tyler's soda and asked where he was going. "I'm going to the restroom." Tyler winked.


"Oh, okay. Do you know where it is?" Tyler lied and said he didn't. "Then I'll show you."


Christian sat their sodas on the table and took Tyler's hand to lead him to the restroom in the back of the jet next to the offices. "Two to one says they're going to be joining the mile high club back there." Mark whispered to Carlos.


"I wouldn't put it pass those two horn dogs." Carlos laughed. "I wouldn't mind joining that club myself. I heard it's a really fun club to join and there's no charge for the admission. Maybe we should try it out? I'm ready to be initiated if you are."


"Sounds like a good idea." Mark smiled seductively. "You know we don't have to wait. There's another restroom back there we can go into. Besides, hearing them going at it right across from us just might get us even hornier."


Carlos grinned, got up and walked to the back with Mark following behind him. As they passed the others, they saw them smiling at them. Before going into the restroom, they heard moans coming from the other restroom. "Fuck me harder Ty! Ram that big dick up my ass like you own it!"


Carlos and Mark laughed as they walked in the restroom and shut the door behind them. "That's what I want you to do to me." Carlos told Mark. "It's been a long time since I had your dick up my ass and I'm aching for it real bad stud."


Mark nodded his excitement and pulled Carlos shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. Carlos returned the favor and the two began kissing. As they kiss, Mark started twisting and squeezing Carlos's nipples. That caused Carlos to moan in Mark's mouth. Carlos unbuckled Mark's belt then unbutton and unzipped his shorts. Once Carlos had Mark's shorts unfasten he pushed them down to the floor. When they were down, Carlos sank to his knees and took Mark's nine inch hard on into his mouth down to the pubes. Since Mark was wearing a pair of tight jean shorts he was going commando.


Carlos moaned around Mark's cock sending shivers through his body. "Oh baby, I love when you do that. Do it again." Carlos did and Mark threw his head back in lustful bliss. "Yes, that feels so good." The vibrations on Mark's dick were making him hornier then he was.


Carlos kept that up for a minute before starting to bob his head up and down on Mark's dick. "That's it baby, suck it." Carlos was happy to oblige. He started out with slow strokes and gradually worked his way up to a faster pace. In and out he went. Pausing every so often to moan, causing more shivers to run through Mark's entire body. After five minutes Mark had to pull Carlos off his dick or he was going to come. "I'm too close."


Carlos stood up, dropped and stepped out of his shorts, and bent over placing his hand on the toilet seat with his legs spread. "Get me nice and ready; then ram that dick up my ass." Carlos wiggled his butt at Mark. Mark sank to his knees and spread Carlos's butt cheeks. First he kissed it, then he licked around Carlos's hole moistening it with his saliva before jabbing his tongue in. "That's it baby, eat that ass! Get it ready for that hard cock."


Mark wasted no time in doing just that. He ate Carlos's ass like a pro. He licked, jabbed, and twirled around inside Carlos's ass that Carlos started pushing his ass back onto Mark's tongue trying to get it in deeper. "Yes, yes, eat it! Eat my ass Markey. Shoved that tongue up there baby."


Mark kept at it for another five minutes before standing up. "Now you're nice and wet for my cock. I'm going to fuck this ass nice and hard until I shoot my load so far up there that you'll be carrying it around in you for a week."


"Do it baby." Carlos begged. "That's what I want. Show me that you're man enough to own that ass like I know you can. It's ready for you to take control. Punish it good and hard." Mark placed his dick at Carlos's entrance and in one push was up to the hilt. "That's it, that's it. Give it to me, own that ass."


Mark began thrusting. He pounded away like a hammer pounding a nail. You can hear flesh hitting flesh as He took Carlos's ass the way Carlos wanted him to, hard and relentless. Soon Carlos felt like his ass was on fire but he loved every bit of it. You could tell by his moans he enjoyed having his ass pounded. "My baby loves his man taking his ass huh?"


Carlos pushed back every time Mark pushed forward. "Hell yes! Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me hard!" Carlos straightened up and wrapped his arms around Mark's neck and kissed him. Mark shoved his tongue in Carlos's mouth and Carlos sucked on it. He could taste his own ass juices on Mark's tongue. Carlos squeezed his ass muscles on Mark's dick to maximize his pleasure.


They were going at it for twenty minutes when Mark pulled out. "Get on your back with your legs in the air." Carlos obeyed and was soon on his back, holding his legs high in the air. Mark got on his knees and slid right back in Carlos's hole and started fucking again. "I want to see that gorgeous face when you shoot and I come in your ass."


"Whatever you want baby." Mark picked up the thrust and was now pounding into Carlos's ass with no restraint. Now Carlos's ass was burning red hot but he didn't complained. He enjoys Mark fucking him just as much as he enjoys fucking Mark. Carlos kept squeezing Mark's cock with his ass muscles to maximize Mark's pleasure. Being a versatile top, Carlos doesn't get fuck too often. Mark loves getting fuck too much. "Fuck that ass Markey. Yeah fuck it good. Ram that dick all the way up my ass hard."


"I love your tight ass." Mark moaned. "It makes me feel so good when it massages my cock. It just makes me want to pound the hell out of it!" He lifted Carlos's ass higher for a deeper penetration. "Go for it Markey, pound the hell out of it baby." Mark did just that. He pounded so hard he thought he was going to bust Carlos's ass open. "God I love fucking this ass."


After forty five minutes of fucking Mark announced he was going to come. "Come in my ass baby. Fuck the cum out of me. I need your load deep up my ass." Just when Carlos said that Mark started coming deep up Carlos's ass setting him off too. As Mark was firing up Carlos's ass, Carlos was firing all over his face, chest, and stomach. Both men moaned through their entire orgasm which lasted for a full two minutes. Mark's a little louder than Carlos as Carlos's rectum clamped down on Mark's dick. When they were done shooting, Mark let Carlos's legs fall to the floor and collapsed on Carlos's chest. "Thanks stud, I needed that."


Mark lifted his head and looked lovingly into Carlos's eyes. "Anytime baby." He gave Carlos a passionate kiss before laying his head back on Carlos's chest. They laid there for a while gathering their strength before getting up and cleaning themselves. Once they were cleaned up, they left the restroom.


As they walked passed the other guys to their seats, they all gave them thumbs up and laughed. They both looked over at Tyler and Christian as they took their seats and saw them smiling and Christian winked at them. "You guys were just as loud as we were."


Carlos and Mark blush a deep red of embarrassment at Christian teasing. When they looked over at Jeanette, they saw her smiling at them also. That made them blush even redder. Suddenly the plane jerked as they heard a crackle of thunder. A second later they heard Keith voice over the announcement system. "We seem to be entering the beginning of a thunder storm. Hopefully the storm will continue on and pass us by. Don't worry; we're well trained in weather conditions like these. Please returned to your seats and make sure they're in an upright position and your seatbelts are fasten, thank you."


"Where are the boys?" Tyler asked Christian nervously. "I think they're still on the upper floor with Todd and Eric. I'm sure they'll bring them down." Just then another thunder crackled and the plane jerked again. "I hope they get down here soon." Once again there was another crackle and another jerk of the jet. Everyone was starting to get worry now.


Rain started pouring down and lightening began lighting up the sky. Just as Todd and Eric got to the lower floor with the boys a tremendous thunder struck and the jet began to jerk violently almost knocking them to the floor. Carlos looked back to see Todd and Eric trying to make their way forward with the boys. "Hurry and get to the nearest seat and buckle in." As soon as the words left his mouth, the plane started going down...


To Be Continued...


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When they got home Tyler found Christian still awake and waiting for him. He told Christian about what happened at the club and what he did about it. Christian told Tyler he had already packed the boys and their suitcases for the trip and all Tyler needed to do was pack his medicine.


Carlos and Mark woke up earlier then usual to make breakfast for Tyler's birthday. They met up with Kevin and Travis in the hallway on the way to the kitchen with the same idea in mind. Tyler's really lucky to have friends who would do that for him.


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