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Chapter 22


Tyler and Christian started unbuckling the seatbelts to get up. They couldn't let anything happen to their boys; and wanted to make sure that nothing does even if that means getting injured in the process. Just as they got to their feet, Jeanette told them to sit back down and buckle up. She couldn't believe they were doing something so dangerous. The plane could toss them around like a ragdoll in a situation like this and they could get seriously injured.


Tyler and Christian looked at her with conviction. "There's no way we're letting anything happen to our boys Jeanette. If that means we get injured in the process, then so be it. But I'll be damn if anything will happen to our children!"


Christian agreed with Tyler and they started making their way to their boys in the back of the plane. Just as fast as the plane started going down, it went up and leveled off almost throwing everyone who were standing to the floor. Luckily everyone was able to grab onto a seat to steady themselves. Soon the plane was back on course which everyone hoped it meant Keith and Brad had control of the aircraft once again.


Jeff quickly ran to Christian and threw his arms around him. Christian picked Jeff up and carried him to his seat holding him tight in comfort as Todd handed Tyler Terry and helped Tyler back to his seat before Todd took his own seat. Both boys were scared out of their whits and it was difficult for Christian and Tyler to settle them down. Terry couldn't stop crying and Jeff couldn't stop shaking so Tyler and Christian just buckled in their seats and held the boys.


The boys finally calmed down twenty minutes later leaving Tyler and Christian breathing a little easier. They both were still worried about flying through this type of weather, but at least the plane was back on course and flying at a steady level of altitude. Everyone remained quiet and kept their fingers cross in hopes they will make it through the storm safely and not have any more complications. The boys felt so safe and protected in their daddy's arms that at one point they actually fell asleep while Tyler and Christian continued holding them in their laps. Neither father would even think of letting their children go.


After an hour of flying with no complications, the jet started jerking once more. This time the pilots remained in control and kept the plane flying steady. Thunder was still roaring outside and lightening was brightening up the sky giving it an eerie feeling that no one was comfortable with. This went on for a couple of hours. Everyone became more worried when they heard Keith's voice over the broadcast system before being able to relax.


"We're now approaching the other side of the storm and will soon be flying in more pleasant weather." That announcement relaxed everyone just a tad. "Please remain in your seat with your seatbelts buckled until I give the clearance that it's safe to move, thank you."


No one had any objections to Keith's instruction. In fact, no one moved a muscle. They wouldn't budge from their seats even if their pants were on fire! None of them like flying in this type of weather condition and was just hoping to get through it safe and sound. No one said a word; the plane was so quiet you could hear a pin drop in the pilot's cavern. Tyler knew he had to calm everyone down so they can stop freaking out, but first he have to calm himself.


"Relax guys; nothing is going to happen to us." Tyler was hoping he was putting enough confidence in his voice. "We have two capable and well trained pilots flying this jet. They know what they're doing because they'd flown in this type of weather before. If you need proof of that, then think back to when the jet started going down. Keith and Brad quickly got back the control. I'm confident they will get us through this safe."


Tyler had enough confidence in his voice to calm everyone. They all started relaxing and talking just basically being their normal selves again. Tyler was happy for that because the panicky atmosphere was so thick in the air it was starting to make him go bonkers and Tyler can't have that! He needs to remain strong and in control at all times.


Thirty five minutes later the jet reached the other side of the storm and it was now behind them. When Keith made the announcement everyone breathe a side of relief. Although they were free to move around, no one did except for Tyler and Christian. They all remained in their seats for the rest of the flight. Tyler and Christian on the other hand took the boys to the upper level and laid them on the bed with them. Soon as their heads hit the pillow, they too were asleep.


Two hours later the jet was approaching their designation. Once again Keith asked everyone to return to their seats and buckle up for the landing. When Tyler and Christian didn't return with the boys, Carlos and Mark went looking for them. Finding them asleep on one of the beds, Carlos and Mark quietly woke Christian and Tyler to inform them of the landing. Instead of waking the boys, Tyler and Christian picked them up, carried them down, and buckled them into the seats with them. Soon the plane was descending down onto the runway of the Orlando Florida International airport.


When the plane came to a complete stop and the doors opened, everyone remained in their seats waiting for Keith's instructions. Instead of using the broadcast system, Keith and Brad came out of the cockpit. This time it was Brad letting them know that they can depart. The ones who were staying in Florida grabbed their luggage while the others kept theirs on the jet. As they were stepping off the plane, Christian was confused to see two black SUV's sitting on the tarmac so he asked Tyler about them.


"Did you rent two black SUV's for us?" Tyler said he did. "Why you get them both in black? And who's the guy?" Tyler asked Christian what guy he was talking about. "There's a guy standing behind the two vehicles next to a silver minivan. Who is he?"


The look on Tyler's face went from one with concern to one with a smile. "I'm guessing that's my sister husband David, babe. Tye must have asked him to meet us here so he can show us to their house. I'm glad she just sent David. Normally whenever I come into town, she would always hire a whole squad of security to accompany him."


Christian chuckled at the exasperated look on Tyler's face. Just as they reached the SUV, David approached and gave Tyler a hug. "Hey bro how's it going? You look like you're in great shape. I can't wait to get you on the mat again and kick your ass."


Tyler had to laugh at that. "You'll never learn, but I love you bro." David laughed as well. "Just let me know when you want your ass whipped again, and I'll be glad to pin your shoulders to the mat without a doubt man."


They both had a good hardy laugh before Tyler introduced everyone to David. All except for Carlos, Mark, and Terry that is. Those three were the only one David already knew. Once the introduction was out of the way, they all got into their vehicles and headed for David and Tyesheonna's house. Tyler couldn't wait to see his nieces and nephew again.


As soon as they pulled into the driveway and parked the vehicles, two happy little girls came running out of the house. They impatiently waited until their uncle stepped out of the truck before throwing their arms around him in a hug wishing him a happy birthday with one on each side. Tyler smiled and wrapped his arms around them hugging them back.


"Thanks girls, and how is my two little rug rats doing? I hope you're staying out of trouble." The girls told him they were doing fine, and yes they were staying out of trouble. "Good, that's what I wanted to hear, the two little princesses acting like a princess."


They all walked into the house with the two girls holding onto their uncle's hand. They have no plans of letting him out of their sight any time soon but Tyler didn't mind at all. He always loves spending time with his nieces and nephew when he visits his sister. After Tyesheonna accepted the job offer with her law firm and moved to Orlando, Tyler felt alone. Sure he had Justin and JR but Tyesheonna is his blood. When she left, it felt to Tyler like he was losing the last member of his family and he was totally alone in the world. He still some times wishes his sister and her family was still living in Malibu. He hated it when Tyesheonna had accepted the job offered and had to move to Orlando but over time he accepted it. He didn't like it; but he accepted it.


When Tyesheonna saw Tyler walking into the living room, she got up off the couch to give him a hug wishing him a happy birthday. Tyler thanked her as he returned the hugged. He decided right then and there to get some alone time with his sister to discuss something with her in private. One way or another he was going to convince his sister to move back to Malibu.


When they broke the hug, Tyler once again introduced the guys Tyesheonna haven't met to his sister. After shaking hands with them, she gave the ones she did know a hug leaving the boys for last. Jeff took to his new aunt right away and didn't hesitate to hug her back. He'd never had an aunt before and thought how great it would be to have one as cool as Tyesheonna.


"I'm happy to finally meet you Jeff, I heard so much about you from my brother." Jeff told Tyesheonna it was nice to meet her too. When Tyesheonna pulled away from the hug she could see tears in Jeff's eyes. "What's the matter sweetie? Why are you crying?"


"Nothing's wrong. It's just that I never had an aunt or uncle before and always wanted one. I'm happy that I have one now." Jeff gave Tyesheonna a pleading look. "Can I call you Aunty Tye?" Tyesheonna smiled at him. "I would be honor Jeff." He then gave David the same look. "And can I call you Uncle D?" David gave the same reply as his wife and both answers made Jeff smile. "Thank you so much."


"You're welcome Jeff." Both Tyesheonna and David said at the same time. Tyesheonna then took Terry from Christian. "Man I missed this little one so much. I can't believe how much he's grown. He's gotten so big since the last time I saw him."


Tyler's nephew DJ (David Junior) started pulling on his uncle pants leg and calling his name to get his attention. Tyler picked him up to say hi. He was the only one out of the bunch Tyler hasn't greeted yet. Noticing that everyone was still standing, Tyesheonna asked them to have a seat as she led Tyler to the couch to sit with her. Christian sat on the other side of him and Jeff sat in Christian's lap.


They sat around for a while catching up and getting to know a little about Tyler's new security detail. About ten minutes into the conversation, Tyesheonna gave Terry to David saying she needed to check on dinner. Mark volunteered to give her a hand but Tyesheonna told him to stay and relax. She had everything under control and it wouldn't be long before it was ready. Fifteen minutes later she came back in the living room announcing that dinner was ready. Everyone followed her into the kitchen and saw a variety of veal, bean cherry sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli in a cheese sauce, and rolls lay out on the table.


"Please tell me you didn't go overboard this time?" Tyler asked his sister as they all took their seats. "If I know you; which I do, you spent hours in the kitchen making a big dinner for my birthday and I'm sure there's cake and ice cream for dessert as well."


"What can I say, you know me better then I know myself." Everyone laughed at Tyesheonna's amused grin. Tyler sighed exasperatedly. Before he could say anything else, Tyesheonna cut him off. "Don't say another word. You know how I love making a big dinner for your birthday. Now just enjoy it so we can give you your present."


Tyler knew there was nothing he could do about it now, so he just sighed again. Tyesheonna offered to feed Terry while the rest started eating. Once she finished, she gave Terry a bottle and started eating herself. Everyone complimented her on the delicious food and Tyler said she had outdone herself this time. She thanked them all for the compliments with gratitude.


Once dinner was over, David brought out the cake and lit the candles before everyone sang happy birthday. Tyler then made a wish and blew out the candles. This time Tyesheonna helped him with cutting the first piece of cake before taking over and cutting the rest. While they were eating cake and ice cream, Tyler remembered that he left the plate of cake he brought for his sister and her family on the jet. He made a mental note not to forget when they return on Sunday. He knows it will still be good by then.


When they were done eating cake and ice cream, Tyesheonna brought out the presents for Tyler to open. The first gift he opened was from the children which contained a polo shirt. The second gift was from his sister and brother in law which was a pair of emeralds stud earrings.

"Thanks very much you guys." He put the earrings back into the box. "If I wear these with the diamond stud Justin gave me for my birthday, then I really would look like a rich boy for my meeting with the president of the Pizza Hut Corporation tomorrow."


That got a laugh out of everyone. They continued socializing a little while longer before Christian said they better get going. Tyler and Christian gave the boys a hug goodbye and told them to be good before hugging his nieces and nephew. His sister walked them out to the truck where he gave her a hug.


"Don't worry Ty. We'll take good care of them." Tyesheonna assured him. "If anything goes wrong, I'll give you a call. You just have fun in Atlantic City and enjoy your weekend. Make sure you don't lose a lot of money!"


"You should be worrying about how much I'm going to bankrupt the casino!" Tyler giggled. "Thanks a lot for baby sitting the boys for me. Chris and I appreciate it. We would have like to taken them with us, but their too young for Atlantic City."


Tyesheonna agreed completely. Tyler hugged his sifter again and he and Christian climbed in the truck and they left. On the way to the airport, Tyler called Keith so by the time they arrived, the jet was ready. It didn't take long to get the clearance for takeoff, so within five minutes the plane was taxiing down the runway and was soon in the air. A few minutes after reaching cruising altitude Tyler asked Mark to join him in his office. After taking their seats, Tyler began to tell Mark of why he called him into his office.


"As you know I was making some calls to try and get your program marketed." All Mark could do was nod and reply yes. "Well, I talk with the president from Sprint Wireless and Motorola. They want to meet with you to negotiate a deal. They're confident you're program will be a big success and make them a lot of money which you and I both know it will.


I recommend you not sign any contract until you have someone look it over. I suggest you hire an attorney before you meet with the companies. That way they know they're not dealing with an amateur and not trying to confuse you with any legalese." Mark asked Tyler what legalese was. "That's when companies try to use legal terms to get over on someone. It can confuse a person completely if you don't understand what their talking about. Many companies use it in their contracts as well. You think it means one thing when it actually means something else."


"Okay, I understand now. Do you think your sister will take me on as a client?" Tyler assured Mark she'd be happy to take him on. "Then I'll talk with her about it on Sunday. I really want her as my attorney on this. She's the best lawyer I know and I want the best. If all goes well, Carlos and I could be financially set for life."


Tyler started wondering if Mark was thinking of leaving him once the deal had been made but kept his feelings to himself. He didn't want to put a damper on Mark's enthusiasm but Tyler knew he had to talk to Carlos and Mark about this sooner or later. Although he was hoping Carlos and Mark would want to stay on as his head of security, Tyler wasn't going to force them. If he have to hire a new head of security then he rather know now and not at the last minute. When their discussion was over, Mark thanked Tyler for his help and they went back to their seats.


"Are you going to be staying here?" Tyler asked why. "Since we'll probably be gambling most of the night, I thought I'd go up to the upper level and get some sleep. I'm feeling a little tired."


Tyler told Christian he'll join him and they headed to the upper level. "Why don't you guys come up and get some sleep too?" Christian suggested to the others. "It will be a while before we arrive in Altus anyway, and we'll most likely be up most of the night gambling."


Everyone thought that sounded like a good idea and agreed. "I thought we were going to Atlantic City?" Matt asked with a confuse look on his face as they all got up to followed Tyler and Christian to the upper level to lie down.


Christian looked over his shoulder at Matt. "We are, but Atlantic City doesn't have an airport. So we're landing at Altus International in Altus New York which is the closest airport to Atlantic City. We should be arriving some time around midnight." Everyone said okay as they walked in their rooms for a couple of hours of sleep.


That couple of hours turned into four. Everyone started waking when they heard Keith asking everyone to return to their seats for landing. Half an hour later the jet was descending onto the runway at the Altus International airport and coming to a stop. After departing, they caught one of the airport's shuttles to the main building where Christian rented a SUV for the weekend. >From there it was straight to the hotel.


After checking in at the front desk, they went to their suite to unpack. They then went to the casino to play the slot machine for a couple of hours before everyone was starting to get tired so they went back to their suite around three o'clock in the morning. As soon as they returned, everyone turned in for the night. They were all out like a light as soon as their heads hit the pillow.


The next morning they woke up around nine and ordered room service for breakfast. Since everyone was still half asleep they didn't bother with getting dress, they just ate in their boxers which pleased their server. He couldn't help ogling all the muscle hunks in the room especially two in particular. The two guys noticed him looking at them and one of them gave him a wink that made him blush from being caught.


After breakfast, they all showered and got dressed. Travis and Kevin took a walk on the boardwalk while the others went to the Pizza Hut Corporation for Tyler's meeting. When they arrived, they stopped at the security desk for directions on where they needed to go. After Tyler gave his name, they were shown to the corporate president's office. Everyone let Tyler do the talking since this was his meeting.


They walked in and straight up to the secretary desk. She asked if there was anything she could help them with. "Yes ma'am, I have an eleven o'clock meeting with Mr. Ransom." The secretary asked for his name. "It's Tyler Jackson."


The secretary buzzed her boss's office to inform him of Tyler's arrival. Her boss told her to send him back. "Yes sir." She then hung up the phone. "You may go back Mr. Jackson. It's the door at the end of the hall." Tyler thanked her and headed back.


He walked into Mr. Ransom's office and Mr. Ransom stood up and held out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Jackson." Tyler shook his hand and gave the same greeting. "Won't you please have a seat?" Tyler graciously accepted and sat down with Christian sitting next to him. "I understand you want to open one of our restaurants in your building?"


"That's correct Mr. Ransom." Tyler replied. "Like I told you over the phone, I'm converting one of my floors into a cafeteria/food course and I'd like for Pizza Hut to be one of the restaurants. I'm hoping we can come to an agreement on making that happen because I think it will be beneficial to both corporations."


For the next hour the two discuss the pros and cons of the deal. Tyler agreed to a joined partnership with the Pizza Hut Corporation and will share the profits. Mr. Ransom agreed that NÚnÚ Incorporated will have controlling interest including making the business decisions. Selling rights will be equal between both Tyler and Mr. Ransom. Once everything was agreed upon, Mr. Ransom made an offer that Tyler wasn't expecting but agreed to hear him out. As Mr. Ransom explained the offer to Tyler, Tyler listened intently to every word. Here was an offer he didn't think he could refuse. By the time Mr. Ransom finished explaining the offer Tyler had already made a decision.


While Tyler was negotiating with the Pizza Hut Corporation, Travis and Kevin were walking along the boardwalk. They spotted a little stand that made homemade lemonade and stopped to buy a cup then continued walking along the boardwalk sipping on the lemonade and enjoying the warm breeze on their skin. The weather was nice but the company was better. Each time they looked at each other they couldn't help but to smile.


They walked along the boardwalk for over an hour occasionally stopping to check out some of the shops but not finding anything they wanted to buy. That was until they came to a souvenir shop. There they found a heart shaped keychain that says I heart Atlantic City and bought it. Just as they were stepping out of the souvenir shops, Tyler and the others were walking pass carrying a cup of homemade lemonade as well. Kevin and Travis joined the group and continued walking. As they were walking, Kevin asked Tyler how his meeting went. Tyler said the negotiation went fine and he got a little more then what he was expecting.


After walking for another thirty minutes, they decided to stop in one of the pizza parlor for lunch. They chose a booth that seated six so Alex and Mark pulled up a chair from another table. Tyler sat between Christian and Carlos so he wouldn't be identified by any admiring fans. That didn't stop their waitress from recognizing him though. Before she could say anything Christian asked her not to make a big deal of it. The waitress reluctantly agreed and took their orders.

Fortunately no one noticed Tyler or came up to their table disturbing them as they ate their pizza. Once they finished eating they went back to the hotel to rest for a while before planning any activities. Now that business was taken care of, Christian wanted Tyler to enjoy the rest of the day. When they woke a couple of hours later, they decided to catch a movie and get something to eat. Christian was happy that Tyler was having fun and not worrying about anything.


Instead of going to their suite when they returned to the hotel they went to the casino. Alex and Matt went to play black jack, Travis and Kevin went to play the slots, while the other four went to play crap because Tyler loves playing that game. He always walks out of a casino with a bundle of money whenever he plays and this time was no difference. Straight from Tyler's first bet he was on a roll and it continued.


When Tyler won his fifth roll Christian looked at Carlos surprised. "How does he do that?" Carlos shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't figure out how Tyler does it himself. "Well if he's going to keep doing that, I'm going to go and play something else."


Carlos and Mark laughed as Christian walked away shaking his head in disbelief. That didn't break Tyler's concentration on the game. In fact, he won several more games that the table was starting to lose some of its players. After a couple more wins, Tyler finally stopped playing and went to play a game of roulette which was his second favorite game.


Alex just lost his third straight hand in black jack when he gave up playing. He wasn't doing too badly in playing but Matt was doing a little better then he was. He got up and told Matt he was going to play something else and Matt nodded. "I'm going to play a few more times. I'll catch up with you in a bit."


Alex said okay and went to join Christian in playing roulette. The next four hours went that way with everyone going from table to table until they got tired of playing. They met up with each other around eleven o'clock and discussed what they wanted to do next. "Let's find a male strip club and have a couple of beers." Christian suggested.


Everyone agreed that sounded like a lot of fun. They left the casino in search of a male strip club among the Atlantic City strip. Of course it didn't take long for them to find one considering where they were. After being admitted and finding a table, a waiter wearing the skimpiest pair of spandex shorts came up to take their drink orders. As soon as he saw him, the waiter recognized Tyler right away and wanted his autograph. "I'll sign one for you before I leave. For now I just want to relax and not be mobbed by a dozen of people. So can you keep that I'm here to yourself?"


"My lips are sealed." The waiter made a motion like he was zipping his lips shut. Tyler smiled and nodded. "I better go and get your drinks now. I'll be right back."


After the waiter had left, Tyler sighed. "Whew, that was a close one. I didn't think he was going to say yes but I'm glad he did. I really don't feel like signing a lot of autographs this weekend. Signing one is bad enough, but signing autographs for a club full of people is not how I want to spend this weekend."


The others understood and agreed with Tyler. They told Tyler they would help him keep a low profile while they're there. Just then the waiter brought them their drinks. They drank them slowly as they watched the dancers performing on stage and making comments about their dance moves, muscular physique, costume, etc... When they finished with their drinks they ordered another. Christian bought the second round since Tyler bought the first. Two hours and two more rounds of drinks later everyone was ready to call it a night.


Tyler and Christian settled the bill before leaving the club. Tyler made good on his promise and signed an autograph for the waiter. When they got back to the hotel they returned to the casino to do some more gambling. Tyler wanted to take another shot at crap. This time around the guys played it smart. Whatever Tyler betted on, they did the same. An hour late it was eight happy guys leaving the casino a little richer then when they came in.


They went straight to bed when they returned to the suite and slept soundly through the night. They had breakfast in the hotel restaurant when they woke on Sunday morning. After breakfast they returned to the suite to pack. Tyler and Christian finished before the others so they went down to the casino to retrieve everyone's money from the safe they had put in the previous night before returning to the suite. Christian saw the guys on the elevator holding everyone's suitcases when the doors opened and pulled Tyler to the side for them to step off.


The guys loading the suitcases onto the truck while Christian took Tyler to the front desk to check them out and pay the bill. By the time they came out, everything was loaded and the guys were waiting. Christian and Tyler climbed into the truck and they left for the airport. Christian returned the truck keys to the car rental counter and they hopped on a shuttle to take them to the plane.

The crew welcomed them back when they climbed on board and stored away their luggage. They asked the guys how their weekend went and everyone said it went too fast for them as they took their seats. They all wished they had more time to enjoy Atlantic City a little more. They continued with the small talk a little longer before Keith and Brad went to the cockpit to do the preflight. Soon they were back in the air.


The trip back to Orlando went smooth as can be. As they were departing from the plane, Tyler suggested to the crew to get some lunch if they haven't eaten yet or catch a movie or something because they were going to be there for a couple of hours at least. He'll give them a call to have the jet fueled and ready when they're ready to leave. Brad told Tyler they would probably just get some lunch and catch a movie but they will all be together and waiting for his call.


After renting another SUV, they all drove to Tyesheonna's house. They barely had the truck parked in the driveway before the door of the house burst opened and three energetic kids came running out followed by David and Tyesheonna in a more leisurely fashion with the two youngest in their arms. Jeff gave his Daddy Ty a hug just as soon as he stepped out of the truck. He then did the same with his Daddy Chris while the girls hugged their uncle.


"Did you guys have a good time?" Tyesheonna asked as they all gathered around the truck. "It went by way too fast!" Everyone answered in unison which made Tyesheonna and David laughed at the unhappy expression on their faces. "Well come on inside and tell us all about it."


They walked in the house and sat around the living room. Tyler began telling his sister and her husband about their fun weekend before passing it off to Christian. A few times they had to wait for David and Tyesheonna to stop laughing before continuing. By the time they finished recasting, everyone had a chance to tell about some of their weekend fun. Tyesheonna couldn't believe the offer that was made to Tyler.


"Are you sure that offer is legitimate Ty?" Tyler assured her that it was. "Before you sign anything, send the papers to me. Just in case they are trying to pull a fast one on you. If they are, I'll haul their butts into court so fast they'll need a lot of grease to remove my stiletto from their ass!"


Tyler had no problem with his sister looking over the papers. He was going to have her do that anyway. Right at that moment Mark remembered he needed to speak with Tyesheonna. "Can I speak with you in private for a moment please Tyesheonna?"


Tyesheonna said sure and the two left the living room. They went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "I'm not sure if Tyler mentioned this to you or not but I invented a security program for cell phones." Tyesheonna confirmed he had. "Well, he spoken with the president of Sprint Wireless and Motorola and they want to buy my program. Tyler suggested I hire an attorney before I meet with them to help with the negotiations. I want to hire the best attorney there is, and someone who will have my best interest in mind. The only one I know who will do that is you. So what do you say, will you take me on as a client?"


"I'll be happy to represent you Mark." Tyesheonna smiled at the compliment. "I'm flattered that you think so highly of my skills although there are other attorneys who are more qualified that can accomplish the same thing. I promise to make sure this deal is fair to both sides and you get everything you're asking for."


Mark disagreed with her. "I don't think so Tyesheonna. Other attorneys probably wouldn't take this deal so seriously. That's why I want you. When you take on a case, you take it on one hundred percent. I haven't met another attorney that will do that except for Mr. Scanner, but I want someone who's close to me. After all, this deal could have me and Carlos living comfortably for the rest of our lives."


"Thanks again Mark. I'll make sure you don't get taken advantage of by the company. All you have to do is sell your product and leave the negotiation to me. Just tell me what you want and I'll take care of the rest."


They spent the next ten minutes discussing what Mark was asking for and if there were any clause or stipulations he wanted in the contract. They then returned to the living room and joined the others in their conversation. Carlos saw Mark smiling and guessed the conversation went well. Tyler and his gang spent another hour with Tyesheonna and her family before Tyler said they better get going. They all went around saying goodbye to everyone. Tyler gave his sister the plate of cake he remembered to bring this time and she thanked him for it. He also called Brad before leaving the house so the jet would be ready by the time they got there.


When they reached the airport the crew was there waiting for them. They all climbed aboard and found a seat. Not long after they were in the air and heading home. When they were flying at cruising altitude Jeanette asked if anyone was hungry. They all said yes because none of them had any dinner yet. Jeanette went to the kitchenette and made them a meal of meatloaf, mashed potato, and corn that she, Keith, and Brad picked up from a restaurant on their way back to the airport.


The flight home went better then the flight out. Terry and Jeff fell asleep half way through the flight so Tyler and Christian carried them to the truck when they landed. The freeway was light this time of night so they made it home in record breaking time. The boys were still asleep so Tyler and Christian carried them into the house and put them to bed. Not long after the rest of them turned in for the night as well. Everyone slept soundly through the night.


Monday morning it was back to work as normal but no one wanted to go in though. They wanted some more time to rest up from the exciting weekend. None the less they all pulled themselves from bed and got ready for the day. After eating breakfast, everyone except for Kevin left for the office. As soon as they were gone, Kevin went to the security room to check with Franky on how everything went during his absence.


Everything went as usual when Tyler arrived at NÚnÚ Incorporated. When he got to his office Janet asked how his weekend went. Tyler asked her to let him get the boys settled in first then he'll tell her everything. Janet had no problem with that and let him go while she went to get his cup of coffee. Once Tyler had the boys settled he went to his desk to check his messages and e-mail. A minute later Janet came in and sat his coffee on his desk before taking a seat.


After going over his schedule Tyler told her all about his trip including flying through a thunder storm although he left out the part about him, Christian, Carlos, and Mark joining the mile high club. When Tyler mentioned the part about flying through a thunder storm Janet couldn't help thinking how terrified she would have been if she was in that predicament. She's glad Tyler has two competent pilots whose well trained for that type of situation. If she was in Tyler's place she would have been hysterical throughout the whole concept and wouldn't be able to relax until the plane had landed. Janet was so stunned on hearing the story that it took a while before she could say anything.


"Wow, that must have been scary but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself the rest of the weekend." Tyler assured her that he did. "I'm glad to hear that, you needed to have some fun. Now as far as the office goes, everything went fine here. No problems occurred so there's nothing to worry about. Dillon did call about Jennifer Thomas on Friday. It seems that she and her boyfriend Paul are now resigning in Silver Spring Maryland." Janet gave Tyler the piece of paper with their address on it.


"Thanks Janet. Call Steve to see if he has any connection in Maryland to have her arrested. I'll call Mr. Chang to see if he could have someone trail them. I want that woman put behind bars for abandoning my son at a strip mall where anything could have happened to him!"


"I'll get on it now." Janet got up and went to her desk to do just that. Tyler called Mr. Chang to have a couple of his men put on the case right away. After making that call, he called Christian to inform him of the new development which Christian was happy to hear.


"I'm surprised she was found so quickly. I thought it would take a least a month or more to track her down. Now we just need to have her arrested and brought back to Malibu to face justice for abandoning Jeff. I hope she spends a long time behind bars for that."


"I already had Mr. Chang putting some of his guys on it." Tyler told him. "I also had Janet call Steve to see if there's anything he can help us with having her picked up in Maryland and brought back here. There's still an outstanding warrant for her arrest so I'm confident we can have her expedited back to Malibu."


"That's good, because I want her to rot in jail for a very long time. She deserves it for leaving a little boy at a strip mall where anything could have happened to him without a second thought. She's lucky I'm not a judge because I would literally throw the book at her."


Tyler knew Christian was getting angry and tried to calm him down. "I agree with you Chris but there's nothing we can do about what kind of sentence she gets, or if she even gets convicted at all. All we can do is what we're doing now, and that is making sure Jeff is happy and safe plus bringing Jennifer Thomas back so she can see her day in court."


Christian agreed and tried to calm himself. He knows they're doing everything they can do to have Jeff's mother brought to justice. It just angers him that Jeff's mother almost got away for what she did and may still get away with it because there's no telling what may happen in court. Christian and Tyler talked a while longer before they both said they better get back to work. They told each other I love you and I'll see you at home before hanging up.


Christian sat at his desk after hanging up with Tyler thinking about what he could do to make sure Jennifer Thomas doesn't get away with what she did. After thinking about it for a few minutes nothing came to mind so he let it go for now. One way or another Christian will see Jennifer Thomas pay for abandoning Jeff that much he do know for sure. Even if he has to take care of her himself, he will see her pay!


Tyler on the other hand didn't need to think about what he can do if the court lets Jennifer go free. He's been thinking about it for a while but he just hasn't said anything to Christian about it. Tyler didn't want to jeopardize Christian's career by getting him involved with anything that may get him thrown out of the military. Tyler knows how much Christian loves the military but loves him more. Christian would do anything Tyler ask him to do and that's why Tyler kept his plans to himself if all else should fail.


After getting off the phone with Christian, Tyler walked down to Brian's office. He wanted to see what Brian had come up with on the investments Tyler wanted him to research. Tyler knocked on the door and waited for Brian to acknowledge him. When Brian saw Tyler standing in the doorway he invited him into his office.


"Good morning Tyler, how was your weekend in Atlantic City? I hope you had fun." Tyler greeted Brian back and said his weekend was indeed fun. "I'm glad to hear it. Last week you sure looked like you needed it. Well, here is the portfolio that I promised to have ready by the time you returned. I started out with the ones I think would be the best investment and went down to the least best. Of course they're all good investments it's just some are better then others."


Tyler took the portfolio from Brian. "Thanks Brian, I'll take a look at them when I get back to my office. How is the stock I have now doing? I hope they're holding their own." Brian assured him they were. "Great, that means I have more time to think about if I want to sell them or not. By the way, I did do a little research on the companies you gave me last week. A couple of them look promising but I won't know for sure until I do some more research on them."


"I think that's a good idea but I don't think you should wait too long." Brian cautioned. "After all, you want to get them at the fairest but lowest price you can. So far no other companies are bidding on them which make it easy for you on making a deal because sooner or later other companies will see the same thing we're seeing. Once they see that all it needs is a good president to run the company to turn it around, the offers will be coming faster then you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. In fact, I think you should do a partnership with one of them."


Brian told Tyler which company he should do a partnership with, and with whom he should do it with. Tyler didn't think that person would be suitable for several different reasons and explained why to Brian. For several minutes they went back and forth discussing the pros and cons on the partnership with neither man giving an inch. Finally Brian brought up a point that Tyler couldn't argue with.

"I know he will be the perfect person for that company Tyler. Besides he will have you to show him everything he needs to know on how to run a company. He'll also be working close with you which I'm sure without a doubt he will be happy in doing.


Once he knows the ins and outs on running a corporation you can work with JR on the sponsorship programs. Knowing you, I'm sure you'll be trying to help as many schools as you can so you can even use that company as your first sponsor. It's a win and win situation for all parties involved."


"I'll give it some thought Brian." Was the only response Tyler had. They discussed it some more before Tyler said he had to get going. He needed to be at a photo shoot soon. Brian told Tyler to let him know what he decided about the businesses he was going to invest after looking over the portfolio. "I'll let you know within the next day or two."


Christian was working at his desk on base when there was a knock on his door. "Yes?" Alex opened the door and stuck his head in to tell Christian that General Troy Blackman was waiting to see him. "Send him in please." Alex nodded and opened the door wider to let Troy through. Christian didn't waste time with any pleasantry; he just got down to business. "What can I do for you Blackman?"


*You can dump that loser Tyler Jackson for starters.* Troy thought to himself but out loud he voiced. "I need the list of the new recruitments to assign their placement for training. We're starting to put together the schedule now and I need the list to complete it."


Christian found the list on his desk and handed it to Troy. Troy took the list but didn't leave Christian's office. "Is there anything else I can help you with General Blackman?" Troy didn't answer, instead he shook his head. "Then you can leave my office now and get back to work."


That wasn't a request from Christian. No, it was an order and Troy knew it. Instead of suffering the consequences of disobeying a direct order, Troy obeyed and left Christian's office. As he was walking back to his desk, Troy kept thinking of how he would love to submit to an order from Christian personally if only Christian would give him the chance. Troy didn't know how he was going to make that happen but he believes he could do it before Tyler's project could succeed.


In the meantime, Christian finished his work early and figured he could go to one of his shops to get another box of the employee's files to take to his corporate office before going to lunch. He stopped by Travis's office on his way out to see if he could join him. "Sure, just let me lock up my office and I'll meet you at the elevators."


Christian agreed and headed towards the elevators to wait. Travis locked up his office and joined him a minute later. It didn't take long for the elevator doors to open and less time for them to reach the lobby. Christian told Travis he had to stop at one of his stores first to pick up some files to take to his office. Travis said he didn't mind so Christian drove towards the east side of Malibu to get the files.


Meanwhile, Tyler just arrived at the studio where the Nike's commercial was being taped. Justin saw him walking in and went over to greet him and discuss the shoot. It's just a basic sports shoot with label verses label in a one on one competition. In other words, Nike's verses Adidas's. Both players will be wearing the full basketball gear such as jersey, shorts, socks, and shoes. Joshua will be advertising the Nike's products of course.


Tyler like the concept of the shoot and thought the advertisement will be a big hit with selling the products. He and Justin stood back and let the photographer do their work. Justin gave Tyler the play by play of the shoot. Tyler admitted to him about being nervous about getting good shots because the models were in a constant stage of motion.


"I'm sure they will get several great ones. Don't forget, not only is this a print advertisement but it's also a commercial one too so they're also video taping it as well. The video cameras will pick up every action during the shoot."


That settled Tyler's nerves a little but not much. He just needs to have confidence in the photographers and wait and see how it all turns out. Hopefully they will have enough good shots for the advertisement because he doesn't want the company having to spend more money to reshoot the commercial again. Adidas sales had dropped a little in the past year and they probably wouldn't have the funding to reshoot the commercial.


The shoot lasted about an hour and a half to complete. Once they taped the last portion of the commercial the photographer called it a wrap. While the models were changing and having their make up removed, Tyler and Justin had a talk with the photographers about the shoot. The photographers assured them both that they have enough great shots for both the commercial and print advertisements and they wouldn't have to tape the shoot again. Both Tyler and Justin felt satisfied with that answer and didn't press any further.


When the boys reappeared from the dressing room dressed in their street clothes, Tyler and Justin offered to take them all out to lunch for a job well done. The mothers graciously accepted the invitation because they knew their boys would be starving by this time and the ladies couldn't resist having lunch with a gorgeous model like Tyler Jackson. They would have agreed to eat at Burger King if it meant having lunch with Tyler but Tyler's not that type of guy. Instead he suggested they go to Karmyn's Place on him and Justin and the ladies agreed.


Christian, Travis, Alex, and Matt also went to Karmyn's Place for lunch after picking up his employee's files. When they got there they were immediately shown to a table. Their waiter took their drink orders and left them alone to look over the menu. None of them even noticed Tyler and the others coming into the restaurant because they were deciding what they wanted to eat. Jeff was the first to notice them sitting at one of the tables as they were being shown to their own table and ran over and hugged Christian around the neck.


Christian jumped at being startled but immediately relaxed when he realized that it was his son hugging him. He looked at Jeff surprised to see him but soon relaxed when he saw Tyler and the others walking over to his table. "What are you all doing here?"


"We just came from a photo shoot so Justin and I decided to treat the models and their mother's to lunch." Tyler answered. "We didn't even know you were here until Carlos saw Jeff running this way. Would you guys like to join us?"


"Sure, but we need a bigger table." Christian called over the waiter. "Would it be possible to put some of these tables together?" The waiter didn't see no reason why they couldn't since the place wasn't that full. They can separate them again when they are being cleared. "Thank you very much. That would help us out a lot."


Everyone from Christian's table got up and they all started putting some of the tables together and rearranging the settings. Once that was done they all sat down and started looking over the menu. When Christian looked up to take a look around the restaurant to see what the place looked like now that the tables had been rearranged he saw something that he didn't expect to see.


To Be Continued...


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