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Chapter 23


Christian was at a lost as what to do.  He didn't know if he should tell the person of whom he saw or not so he kept quiet about it.  After a few minutes of debating with himself, Christian took another look to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.  Once he was assured it was who he saw, Christian leaned over and whispered into the person's ear so no one else could hear him.


"Don't say anything but there's someone here in the far left side of the restaurant who I'm sure you don't want to see you here right now.  It could become an awkward situation and stir up all kinds of trouble for you."


The person looked in the direction that Christian was looking and met the eyes of the man who was smiling at him.  He took a sharp inhale of breath which was a big mistake.  It caught the attention of the one he didn't want caught up in this predicament. "What's wrong Trav?"


Travis was in a state of shock that he didn't hear Kevin asking him what was wrong.  The second time Kevin asked, Travis snapped out of his rubbery and turned to Kevin. "Nothing baby, I just thought I saw someone I knew but it turned out to be someone else."


When Travis looked at the man again he found the guy was still looking at him, only this time he wasn't smiling.  Kevin followed Travis's gaze to the man and their eyes locked on each other.  When they did, the man frowned at him.  It took a moment for the light bulb to go off in Kevin's mind and he turned back to Travis with realization plastered on his face. "Is that who I think it is?"


Travis took a sharp intake of breath before slowly letting it out. "Yes it is him; I hope he doesn't cause a scene." He replied never taking his eyes off the man. "Sometimes he can be a bit..."


"Be a bit of a bitchy brat." Christian cut him off.  Travis stared at him with angry eyes. "What?  You know I'm right.  The man doesn't care about anything except getting what he wants, no matter who gets hurt   in the process."


"I was going to say a bit selfish sometimes, but yeah, he can be a bit of a brat if he doesn't get what he wants." Travis sourly agreed.  He then turned to look at Kevin and saw that Kevin had a worry look on his face. "Kev, are you okay?"


Kevin smiled at Travis but the smile wasn't a genuous one. "I'm fine Trav."


Travis knew Kevin was lying but didn't say anything about it.  Instead he reached under the table and gave Kevin's hand a squeeze of comfort.  He would wait and talk with Kevin in private about everything that's bothering him later.  Travis didn't want Kevin to have any doubts about the two of them.  He wanted Kevin to be confident and assured of their relationship.


Throughout the rest of lunch, Kevin was locked in his mind thinking about his relationship with Travis.  He saw the look Travis gave Christian when they were talking about his ex and it worried him.  Kevin wonders if Travis still has some feelings for his ex, and if he does, where does that leave them in their relationship?  Kevin can't stand getting his heart broken again; he had that done to him too many times already.  Travis noticed how quiet Kevin had become and thought he should talk to Kevin sooner rather than later.


Once lunch was over, Tyler and Justin paid the bill before they all left the restaurant.  When they reached their vehicles, Travis grabbed Kevin by the hand and pulled him off to the side to talk to him in private. "Kev baby what's wrong?  Why are you so quiet now?"


Kevin smiled at Travis but Travis could tell it was a forceful smile. "Nothing's wrong Trav.  I just have a little headache is all, I'll take some Tylenol when I get home and lay down.  I'll be all better by the time you get home."


"That's bullshit and you know it!"  Travis snapped gently but firmly. "Now tell me what's wrong.  Is this about my ex?  If it is, then you have nothing to worry about.  I know where my heart lies and that's with you.  Nothing and no one can take that away because you are the one I want to be with.  I don't want anyone else but you."


As Travis stared into Kevin's eyes he could see that Kevin still doesn't completely believe him. "Believe me Kev; my heart belongs to you and no one else.  No one can take my love away from you.  I belong to you and you belong to me.  That's the way it's going to be for the rest of our lives, and that's the way I want it to be."


Kevin could hear the sincerity in Travis's voice and knew he was telling him the truth.  His eyes started to get a little misty but he held the tears back. "I believe you Boo.  I'm just afraid you're not completely over your ex yet, and one day decide you want him back then I'll end up getting my heart broken again.  I don't know what I'll do if that happens."


"That will never happen; I don't want anyone but you!"  Seeing that he wasn't completely convincing Kevin, Travis pulled him into a hug. "You may not believe me one hundred percent right now, but one day you will."


"God I hope you're right, because I don't ever want to lose you." Kevin mumbled into Travis's shoulder as his head was laying on it. "Please don't leave me Trav; I love you too much to ever lose you.  I don't think I can live without you."


Once again Travis tried to assure Kevin that wouldn't happen but he knew only time will prove that.  His heart already belongs to Kevin and no one else but he needs Kevin to believe it not only in his mind but in his heart as well.  Not knowing what else to say to Kevin Travis didn't say anything.  Instead he quietly held Kevin until he calmed down.  Once he had, he pulled back from Travis a little and kissed him.  As they were kissing, they both heard Christian calling for Travis so they could head back to work.  Reluctantly they broke the kiss and rejoined the others.  Both Christian and Travis kissed their boyfriend's goodbye before everyone got into their vehicles and went their separate ways.


After dropping the boys and their mothers off at where they left their vehicles, Tyler and Justin returned to their offices.  After settling the boys in for the afternoon, Tyler found a message on his voice mail from Scanner and his policeman friend Steve.  He decided to call Scanner first because the message sounded important.  Once he had Scanner on the line, they got down to business as to why Scanner called.


It turns out that Mr. Johnson and his attorney wanted a meeting to discuss the law suit that Tyler filed against Mr. Johnson.  Tyler had no problem with meeting with Mr. Johnson and his attorney and told Scanner to set the meeting up for tomorrow at ten in his office.  Scanner informed Tyler he will do that but he wants to meet with Tyler before the meeting to discuss their strategy. "I'm pretty sure they want to try to change your mind about the law suit or convince you to lower the price of the reimbursement."


"They can try, but there's no way I'm lowering the price.  Mr. Johnson knew when he signed the contract that part was nonnegotiable.  Now that he sees his mistake he wants to try and climb out of the hole he dug himself into, but I'm not budging on it.  He made his bed, and now he has to lie in it!"


Scanner agreed but knew Mr. Johnson was going to try to get Tyler to change his mind anyway.  Before hanging up, Scanner told Tyler he will be at his office by nine thirty tomorrow.  Tyler told him that was fine and he'll see him then.  Afterward, he returned Steve's call to find out what his message was all about.


Steve call was a personal one.  He called to wish Tyler a belated happy birthday since he couldn't attend the party due to him being on duty.  Tyler thanked Steve for calling and told him to stop by his office for some left over birthday cake before it goes bad.  Steve said he would stop by before Tyler leaves the office for the day.  They talked for about five minutes longer before ending the call because Steve had to get back to work.  Once those two calls were out of the way, Tyler called Christian.


Christian was sitting at his desk on base going over the list of models wondering who he can ask to be in the calendar.  Two of the four potential models weren't interested so Christian has to find others to take their place.  He was deep in thought consaplating on whom he could ask when his cell phone rang startling him out of his rubbery.


There was no need to check who was calling, he knows that ring tone like the back of his hand.  It put a smile on his face as he answered the phone. "Hey baby, how's everything going at the office?  Are you getting any work done?"


"I'm getting some of it done, which is why I'm calling.  I need you to set up a meeting for me with the base commander for one day this week.  I need to start the photo shoots for the calendar.  Also, you need to get with Mike to discuss the theme."


Christian thought about it for a minute. "I'll set up the meeting with the commander for you, but I need to find four more models before I can meet with Mike to discuss the theme.  I also need to get their outfits as well."


"Don't worry about that.  We can still start the shoots while you're looking for the last four models.  It'll probably take a while to shoot the other eight anyway because I want to work around their schedule.  I don't want to take them away from their duties on base.


As far as the theme goes, you can talk with Mike about the first eight models we'll be shooting, and when you find the last four, you can talk with him about their theme then.  I'm looking for this project to take about a month and a half to two months to complete.  Mike is a great photographer but he's not perfect; and not every picture will come out perfect either."


"You mean except for mine of course." Christian laughed which got Tyler laughing as well.  Once they had gotten themselves back under control, Christian continued. "Okay, I'll get with Mike within the next couple of days about the theme.  I want to use that time to set up the McDonald's Franchise as well.  We still need to hire a corporate president to run the whole operation.  Plus I still need to hire a corporate president for my shops as well."


Tyler understood what Christian was talking about. "You're right, but all of this is going to take time.  Like I said before, you'll have about a month and a half to find the other four models so we can work on finding the people to fill those positions in the meantime. Until then we let the store managers do their jobs, and we'll take care of everything else business wise."


"Then I guess we'll be pretty busy for the next couple of months."  Christian reached for his schedule to take a look at. "There's so much that needs to be done and we haven't even really started yet."


The guys went over their schedules together discussing when they can hold interviews, as well as modeling, working on the project, running their businesses, and military duties.  Christian will be the hardest to work around then Tyler's because he needs to stick to his base schedule plus be on base when he's scheduled to be.


Once they coroneted their schedule, they hung up and went back to work.  Christian went to set up the appointment for Tyler with the base commander while Tyler continued going over some files on his desk.  Towards the end of the day, Steve stopped in to visit.  They sat at Tyler's desk eating cake and catching up with each other.  During their conversation, Steve informed Tyler that Mr. Donavan's trial will be coming up soon and it looks like Jeff may have to testify in court because he was pleading not guilty to all charges.


"I kind of expected he would." Tyler sighed tiredly. "Mr. Donavan isn't the kind of man who would admit he's guilty of the crime even if there were twenty witnesses around.  I don't want my son going through the ordeal of testifying against him, but if that's what it takes in order to put that bastard away, then Chris and I will see that Jeff is in court."


Steve couldn't agree more. "I have no doubt that you will.  That piece of shit needs to know the severity of his actions and be accounted for them.  He's been given a slap on the wrist too many times in the past, and still hasn't learned his lesson.  Maybe he will this time, but I wouldn't bet on it."


"I agree, but if the law doesn't hold him accountable for his actions this time, then I will!  He could have killed my son in that accident, and I don't let anyone harm my family, no matter who they are.  No one, and I mean no one, fucks with my family!"


Tyler spoke with such conviction that Steve knew he would follow through with his promise so they left it at that, nothing else needed to be said on the subject.  Instead they talked about more pleasant things like Tyler's project with the marines.  Tyler also discussed with Steve a project he wants to begin after he's finish with his current project.  Before leaving, Steve visited with the boys and played some video games with Jeff.  Soon after, Tyler gathered the boys and left the office for home.


After talking with the commander, Christian scoped out his coworkers for replacement models for the calendar.  He found six potential ones, and called them into his office one by one to talk with them about it.  It turned out that none of the marines wanted to participate in the calendar so he was back to square one again.  Christian gave up then, called it a day, and went home.  He'll wait until tomorrow and check out the nightshift when he was on duty to see if he can find any who wants to participate in the calendar.


Travis was the last one to get home because he had to finish up some paper work on base.  By the time he got there, dinner was ready.  He quickly changed clothes and joined everyone at the table.  During dinner, Travis kept a close eye on Kevin.  Kevin's mood was a little better but Travis could tell something was still bothering him and he knew he had to talk with him some more.  The only thing was; Travis didn't know what he could say or do to assure Kevin he had nothing to worry about.


While everyone was pitching in to tighty up after dinner, Josh and Eric arrived for Josh's painting session with Tyler and Christian.  Both guys excused themselves and escorted the boys to the attic, leaving their own boys with Travis and Carlos to play in the game room while Kevin and Mark remained in the kitchen to go over applicants for housekeepers.  There was several that Kevin like, but he was particularly impressed with one.


"The wife's a housekeeper, the husband's a butler, and his little brother and brother's friend just graduated from culinary school." Kevin winked at the last part. "I know we'll still have to hire more housekeepers, but this will be a good chance to kill three birds with one stone.  We'll get a housekeeper, butler, and cook at the same time.  That will give us an almost complete staff."


Mark agreed with everything Kevin said. "I'll do a complete background check and check them out, but you know Tyler will have the final word in this." Kevin nodded his head in agreement. "Once I check them out and talk to Tyler, I'll get back to you on what the next step should be."


Kevin nodded his okay.  The two men ended their meeting and joined their partners in the game room.  When they walked in, Mark sat down with Carlos who was holding Terry, while Travis took Kevin's hand and led him back out and into the living room to talk with him once more on the situation of his ex.  He needed to get Kevin back to his happy go lucky self.  After sitting on the sofa, Travis put his arm around Kevin and pulled him close. "Kev, I know you still worry about my ex but you don't have to be.  There's nothing for you to worry about, nothing will change between us.  I don't want my ex, I want you, and there's nothing my ex can do about that."


Kevin laid his head on Travis's shoulder so Travis couldn't see his face. "I want to believe you Trav, I really do boo, but I saw the way you look at Christian when he made that comment about your ex.  You looked like you wanted to punch him.  That tells me that you're not completely over your ex yet, and that's what's worrying me."


Travis remained silent for a moment.  He knew Kevin was right.  He did want to punch Christian for calling his ex a bitchy brat, but not for the reason Kevin thought. "You're right, I did want to punch Christian, but only because Christian doesn't know him well enough to make a comment like that.  I guess that's my fault.  When I talked with Christian about him, I guess I complained more than anything else.  He's not such a bad person.  In fact, we had many good times together then we had bad times.


Putting all that aside, I really don't want him back Kev.  You're the only person I want to be with and that's not going to change.  I just hope you will soon believe that, and believe in us.  We're going to be together for the rest of our lives, and I won't let my ex or anyone else to try anything to destroy that."


Travis could feel his shirt getting wet as Kevin started softly crying, but still he held on to him. "God I hope you're right Trav, because I don't know if I can completely believe that yet.  I can't get that look on your face out of my mind.  It tells me to be prepared for a breakup and guard my heart from the pain." Kevin was so unsure of their relationship right now it made Travis shed a tear himself. "Just give me some time to be reassured again, and never stop telling me that you love me."


"Don't worry, I will always tell and show you how much I love you baby." Travis hugged Kevin closer to him and kissed him on the top of his head. "I'll move heaven and earth to reassure you of my love for you.  You have all of me, heart, body, mind, and soul."


They sat on the sofa a little while longer until Kevin's tears slowly subsided.  Travis held him the whole time comforting him.  Once Kevin's tears did subside, Travis picked him up and carried him upstairs to their bedroom.  After undressing him, Travis put Kevin in bed.  Travis then got undressed himself and climbed in with him and spooned up behind him, holding Kevin in his strong protective arms all night.


While Kevin and Travis were having their discussion in the living room, Carlos and Mark were sitting in the game room watching Jeff playing the PS2 and having a discussion of their own.  Mark also had some things he needed to discuss with Carlos and thought this would be as good as time as any to discuss them.


"I talked with the president of Sprint Wireless and Tyesheonna today about setting up a meeting to negotiate a contract for my Open Link program.  We agreed to meet next Tuesday here in Malibu at NÚnÚ Incorporated because I want Tyler involve in the meeting as well as you.  Tyler has great experience in negotiating skills and Tyesheonna in legal skills that will be essential to me in the meeting.  I think they can show me how it's all done."


"I agree.  I think they will be a great access to you.  They will give you advice, but will leave the negotiating up to you.  After all, this is your deal to make, and they both want to see you get absolutely the best deal you can get when it's all said and done."


Mark nodded his head, he totally agrees with everything Carlos said. "I know, and I love them for it.  I'll have to find a way to thank them for their help since they won't charge me for their services.  Maybe I'll treat them to lunch when this is all over."


"I think that is a good idea.  Perhaps a dozen roses for Tyesheonna will be nice too.  I don't know what you can get for Tyler, but I'm sure you'll find something.  Don't worry about it too much; I know you'll think of something by the time the deal is completed.  If you don't, you can always get some tips on what to get him from Christian."


Mark agreed with him and they ended that discussion.  Not long after, Tyler and Christian came in to get the boys ready for bed.  After turning off the game and television, Jeff gave both guys a hug which they returned before going upstairs with their fathers.  Carlos and Mark followed behind them making sure all the lights were turned off and the alarm was set.


When the alarm woke Kevin and Travis the next morning, Kevin found himself still being spooned by Travis.  Kevin reached over and practically slammed his hand down on the off button because he didn't want to leave his comfort zone yet, it was where he felt the safest.  After another minute of just laying in bed, Travis got out pulling a reluctant Kevin with him to get up and get ready for the day.  By the time they got to the kitchen, everyone else was already there preparing breakfast so they joined in where it was needed.


Breakfast was a quick one for Travis.  As soon as he had finished, he quickly but passionately kissed Kevin goodbye and rushed out the door to work, leaving everyone else to finish their breakfast in a more leisurely paste.  When breakfast was over and the kitchen had been cleaned, Tyler and his gang headed off to the office while Christian stayed behind to talk to Kevin.


After grabbing another cup of coffee for themselves, the two sat back down at the table.  No one said a word for a couple of minutes, they just sipped their coffee.  Kevin knew what Christian wanted to talk with him about so he just waited for Christian to start the conversation he really didn't want to get into right now.


"Kevin, I know you're worry about Travis's ex and Travis's feelings for you, but you don't have to be.  Travis is committed and devoted to you and only you.  He's in this for the long run because he loves you.  He'd completely given his heart to you, and there's nothing his ex can do about that.  The only way your relationship can be destroy, is if you let your insecurity destroy it."


"I know he loves me Christian, that's not the worries I have." Kevin broke eye contact with Christian trying to be strong to no avail. "My worries are that Travis isn't completely over his ex yet, and may want to get back with him again.  I saw that look he gave you when you made that comment.  That look told me that I should have something to worry about.


I had my heart broken more times than I can count over the years and can't stand to have it broken one more time.  Maybe it is insecurity, and maybe it isn't, but for now Travis will have to prove to me that he's completely devoted to me and his ex is in the past.  No matter what happens though; I will always love Travis and consider him a good friend as well as you."


Kevin gave Christian a weak smile at the end.  Christian knew from that smile he wasn't going to convince Kevin of Travis devotion to him so didn't push the subject any further.  Instead he gave Kevin's hand a squeeze. "Just remember I'm always here if you need someone to talk to about this, and so is Tyler."


Kevin gave Christian another weak smile and squeezed his hand back. "I know Christian and I appreciate it.  If I ever need some advice on this, or a shoulder to lean on, I promise I'll come to one of you, but I think I need to get through this on my own."


Christian smiled sweetly at Kevin while nodding that he understood.  He only hopes Kevin meant what he said and would come to him or Tyler if he needed their help.  Christian didn't want to see a problem that really isn't a problem destroy the best relationship his best friend ever had.  Christian was determine to see that doesn't happen and he knew Tyler would be too.


After finishing their coffees, Kevin went to do more checking on housekeepers for Tyler.  Christian left for his shop in the mall to talk with Angie about the daytime management position before going to his office.  There's some work that needs to be done there as well.


Meanwhile at NÚnÚ Incorporated, Tyler spent his morning going over some stock figures he received from Brian.  Once he completed his research he needed on the stocks, he made his decision on whether or not to purchase the stocks and relayed it to Brian.  The next thing he did was to go over some clients contracts.  He found one that will be up soon and contacted the model for an appointment to renegotiate a new one.  Just when he hung up the phone, Janet buzzed him to let him know that Scanner had arrived and Tyler told her to send him in.


A minute later Scanner walked into the office and closed the door behind him. "Hello Tyler, nice to see you again.  How are things going for you this morning?" He greeted Tyler as he sat down.


"Everything's going well but slow.  I'm hoping it will stay that way, but you never know." Tyler sighed. "So tell me what's kind of strategy do you have for this meeting because I really don't think we need one.  As I said before, the reimbursement is nonnegotiable so now Mr. Johnson will have to pay for his greediness."


Scanner pulled out the file from his briefcase. "I agree with you, but we both know that won't stop them from trying to change your mind, otherwise he wouldn't have hired an attorney.  So, this is what I came up with."


Scanner went on to tell Tyler about his plan, saying that it was a last counteract if Mr. Johnson and his attorney decides to play hardball.  Tyler listened and agreed with the plan but said he didn't think they will need to use it because Mr. Johnson already have no leg to stand on, but it wouldn't hurt to have a backup plan.


Just as they finished strategizing, Janet buzzed the office of Mr. Johnson's and his attorney arrival. "Send them in please Janet." Janet said she'll send them right in. "Well, it looks like the show is about to begin." Tyler grinned humorously at Scanner as he hung up the receiver.  Scanner joined Tyler behind his desk to greet their guess.


Unlike the others, Travis's day wasn't going to well.  All morning long his mind kept going back to his situation with Kevin.  How can he prove to the man he loves that the only person he wants to be with is him and not his ex?  As he was thinking it over, there came a soft knock on his door.  When he looked up, he wasn't surprise to see who was standing there.


"Is it okay if I come in?  I like to talk with you about something important."


"Sure, come in and have a seat." Travis gestured to a chair as he closed the file he was working on. "What would you like to talk about?  As if I already didn't know what it is."


Travis's ex took a moment to gather his thoughts; he didn't want to say something he couldn't take back later.  He could see by the looked Travis was giving him that this wasn't going to be as easy as he hoped for.  He thought he could come in and sweet talk his way back into Travis's life but now it looks like he has his work cut out for him.


"I know we'd agreed to take some time out to think about our relationship and where it's going." Travis nodded but didn't say anything. "Well, I thought about it a lot over the past week or so, and came to a decision.  In fact, it was all I could think about and came up with this solution.


First, we start by building our relationship up again slowly but strongly.  Second, you find an apartment for us to live in.  It will take a while for me to move in though because there are some things I need to take care of at work and home first.  It shouldn't take no longer than six months to a year, but don't worry, I'll help out with the rent.  Third, we should ease our way into the social scene.  Start out by only telling the ones who we can trust to keep it a secret for now.  Then when we're both ready, we can tell others.  Finally, we'll agree to be monogamous.  Neither of us will be involved with any other guys."


Travis didn't hesitate with his response. "You must be really confident of yourself if you think I'll agree to any of that bullshit!  The only person who gets anything out of that is you, and I'm damn sure not going to put my life on hold for you again Antoine."


Antoine was stunned, he never heard Travis talk to him like that before.  He was about to say something to Travis but Travis wouldn't let him. "It shouldn't take you six months to a year to tell your wife, divorce her, and move in with me.  You just want to make sure that my boyfriend finds someone else and I can never get him back.  Furthermore, while I'm being monogamous, are you going to stop having sex with your wife?" Antoine didn't answer. "I didn't think so, so I'll just be back in the same position I was in before, getting nothing out of the relationship."


"That's not true, you'll have me.  I just need some time to sort this all out.  I have my children to think of, not just me.  Plus there's also my career.  Once I have that all taken care of, there should be no problem.  I just need some time."


Travis shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry, but I gave you enough time when we were together and nothing had changed.  I'm not willing to wait any longer.  I'm with someone now that is committed to me as much as I am to him.  There will always be some excuse with you as to why we couldn't be together full time.  That's just isn't good enough for me anymore.  I'm happy now, and if you love me, than you should be happy for me and let me go."


Tears started to run down Antoine's face but they had no affect on Travis.  He's determined to go forward not backward.  Antoine can't give him what he's asking for but Kevin can, and this time Travis wasn't going to settle for anything less.  He couldn't break Kevin's heart, and he wouldn't want to.  Kevin means too much for him to do that.


Seeing that his crying had no affect on Travis, Antoine wiped the tears from his eyes. "I guess there's nothing I can say that will change your mind." Travis shook his head to confirm that there wasn't. "You're obviously still hurting too much to think clearly right now, so I'll give you time to think on it.  We can talk about it again in a few days."


"There's really nothing for us to talk about Antoine." Travis firmly asserted. "I made my decision and there's nothing that you can do to change my mind.  I won't leave my boyfriend and break his heart for you or anyone else.  I love him too much to hurt him."


Antoine knew that everything Travis just said was true, so he did the only thing he could do when he doesn't get his way, he threw a temper tantrum. "We'll just have to see about that!" He then got up and stormed out of Travis's office, leaving Travis staring at his retreating back in anger.


Back at NÚnÚ Incorporated, Tyler and Scanner just sat down with Mr. Johnson and his attorney Mr. Bruce Phillips to begin their meeting.  They decided to let Tyler do all the talking; Scanner will give his opinion only when it's necessary.  All four guys remained silent for their own reason.  Tyler and Scanner waiting to see who would do the talking, and Mr. Johnson and his attorney trying to analyze Tyler and Scanner which proved to be feudal.


After a minute of silence, it was Mr. Phillips who began. "I think we all know why we're here, so let's get down to business, shall we?" Tyler and Scanner nodded in agreement. "Mr. Jackson, I understand the clause in the contract stipulates that Mr. Johnson was to wait until the two weeks were up before announcing the sale of the restaurant to the public to give you time to inform the employees."


"That's correct, but your client jumped the gun." Tyler sternly answered in agreement. "It also states that if Mr. Johnson breaks our agreement, he will reimburse the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bonus in full.  That part was and still is nonnegotiable."


"I agree that my client jumped the gun, but we feel that we can come to a compromise on the reimbursement.  My client is not a wealthy man, which is why he sold the restaurant.  He's willing to give you one hundred thousand dollars to settle.  I'm sure no one wants to see this drag through the courts."


At that moment, Mr. Johnson who had been quiet through the whole meeting started to softly cry.  He tried to hold them back but the tears wouldn't cooperate, they just kept flowing. "Mr. Jackson, Please sir, can we settle this out of court?  I know I shouldn't have done the interview but somehow the stations got hold of the news about the transfer of the business and contacted me."


He paused to wipe more tears from his eyes before continuing. "I know it was wrong, but I couldn't pass up the offer.  With the amount the newspaper offer and the sale of the restaurant, I wouldn't have to worry about money for the rest of my life.  That's the only reason I did those interviews.  I wasn't trying to cheat you or anything, I just needed the money."


Tyler and Scanner looked at Mr. Johnson with suspicious but no sympathy.  They both could see that he was lying.  Both Tyler and Scanner can smell a lye a mile away, and Mr. Johnson was reeking of it.  His delivery was perfect, but the emotions weren't there.  There was no hint of any regrets or remorse in his voice.  When Scanner glanced at the attorney, he saw a small smile forming on his face, but didn't let on that he saw it.  Instead he tapped Tyler on the leg to nail them to the wall.


"What part of nonnegotiable do you not understand?" The surprise look on the two men faces from the stern tone of Tyler's voice made Scanner smile. "When your client signed the contract he was fully aware of the clause.  I'm not interested in a settlement gentlemen, I'm perfectly ready to go to court to get what is mine.


Maybe Mr. Johnson acted impulsively when he did that interview, maybe not, I really don't care.  He knew what the stipulations were when he signed the contract, but chose to ignore them.  Now you're coming to me trying to play on my sympathy but it won't work.  All Mr. Johnson had to do was honor the contract and he would have been fine, but he let greed influence his sensibility.  Now he has to suffer the consequences of that greed."


Seeing that their sympathy tactic wasn't working, the attorney switched to intimidation. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into!  I can have this case drag on for months, and it won't look good for you.  It just so happens that I haven't lost a case yet, and I'm sure I will win this one."


The two was taken aback when Tyler just smirked.  Scanner saw this as a point to intervene. "Well, we'll just have to see, won't we?  It just so happens that I had never lost a case either, and you never had gone up against Tyler Jackson." The attorney stared at Scanner disbelievingly but was trembling on the inside. "I think our business is finished here, have a good day gentlemen."


Once again the attorney tried intimidating Tyler, and once again, Tyler just smirked, showing that he wasn't scared to do battle with them.  Not getting the response they were looking for, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Phillips got up and stormed out of the office with the attorney shouting that he will bury them in court.  Before they even got half way to the door of the reception area, they could hear Tyler and Scanner laughing at them which made them even Angrier.


It took a while for the two guys to stop laughing.  Every time they stop, one would start again which would get the other to start laughing again. "I can't believe they actually tried to intimidate you like that.  Obviously they haven't done their homework and know nothing about you."


"Obviously, but be prepared.  I have a feeling that Mr. Phillips will be calling soon when he realize that he has no chance in court.  There's no way he'll want that blemish on his record, and he'll point that out to Mr. Johnson.  When he does, they'll both cave and come crawling." Tyler laughed again which got Scanner laughing as well.


"I'm think they will too.  No, I know they Will!" Scanner agreed still laughing. "Well I better go and get some lunch before my next appointment.  I want to give my food enough time to digest before then.  I hate hearing about gory accident cases after eating."


"Why don't you stay and have lunch with us?  I'm just about to have Janet run to Burger King and pick up something.  Just let me find out what Jeff wants to eat and call Chris and see if he'll be joining us."


After getting an okay from Scanner, Tyler called Christian.  It turns out that Christian was still working in his office and told Tyler he'll be up in about ten minutes before giving Tyler his order.  Tyler then called Jeff for his.  After he had everyone's order, Tyler called Janet into his office to give it to her along with his credit card. "I'll go out and pick it up now.  I'll be back in about twenty minutes."


Tyler nodded his okay before excusing himself to feed and change Terry's diaper.  Scanner took that time to review his files.  Just as Tyler was finishing feeding Terry, Christian walked in the nursery.  As soon as Jeff saw him, He pause the game and ran over to him.  Christian picked him up and gave him a hug which Jeff returned. "Hey bud, how you're doing?"


"I'm doing fine daddy Chris, but Terry has been sneezing a little."


"What?" Both Christian and Tyler explained in unison.  Christian then walked over to them while Tyler felt Terry's forehead for a fever. "He doesn't feel warm; I'll call Dr. Blythmoore tomorrow if he's still sneezing.  I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."


"I hope you're right.  After all, we can't have him getting sick.  It'll weaken his immune system, and that won't be good for his cancer at all." Right then Terry sneezed once more. "If he's still sneezing after lunch, then I'll run to the store for some medicine for him."


"Okay, but I hope he doesn't need it.  Like you said, it won't be good for his immune system, and I don't know what it will do to his cancer, or if it will do anything at all."


"I know, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  If it's a cold, then I want to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.  Make sure you call Dr. Blythmoore tomorrow if he doesn't stop sneezing.  He'll have a better idea of what we should do if it is a cold."


Tyler nodded as he finished changing Terry's diaper.  Just then, Janet returned with the food so Tyler carried Terry to the lounge and Christian carried Jeff.  By the time they got to the lounge, Terry had sneezed a couple more time which started to get both of his fathers worried.  Christian decided right then to go and get some medicine for Terry after they had their lunch.  Tyler on the other hand, decided to call Dr. Blythmoore for a consultation.


Back at the house, Kevin had just finished making lunch for him and Travis when Travis came home.  After the morning he had, Travis wanted to have lunch with his boyfriend instead of having lunch alone in some restaurant so he called home to let Kevin know that he'll be home for lunch.  Kevin was more than happy with that, he'd rather have lunch with the man he loves than eat alone himself.  Besides, it's not often Travis can make it home to have lunch with him.


Immediately after walking in the kitchen, Travis gave Kevin a passionate kiss.  When the kiss was broken, Kevin was having difficulty catching his breath, and his eyes had a glazed look in them.  Travis just smiled at him and took off his jacket and hung it over a chair before setting the table for two, leaving Kevin to composed himself.  Once the table was set, and everything placed on it, they sat down to eat.


Conversation was light between them at first, just seeing how the other's morning went.  Travis was debating with himself whether or not to tell Kevin about his visit from his ex, and Kevin wondering what was on Travis's mind.  He thought he'd ask, but decided to wait and let Travis bring it up.  He's not sure if he even wants to know anyway.  After ten minutes of debating with himself, Travis took the bull by the horn.


"Kev, there's something I need to tell you, but I need you to let me get it all out before you say anything, okay?" Expecting to hear the worse, Kevin just nodded.  Travis could see it on Kevin's face and quickly added. "Don't worry baby, it's not anything for you to worry about."


That didn't ease Kevin's worries very much.  In fact, it made him worry even more.  He never heard of anything that began with that statement turning out to be good news, and he was sure that this wouldn't be any different.  Whatever it is that Travis has to tell him, Kevin knew he wasn't going to like it one bit.


Travis explained about the visit he got from his ex at work and what they discussed.  He told Kevin everything because he felt Kevin deserves to hear it all.  Travis wanted Kevin to know and believe that he's committed to him and will fight to keep their relationship together no matter what his ex tries to do to break them up.  Kevin sat there listening to it all and wondering how Travis got involved with someone who doesn't gives as much as he gets. "So I want you to be on alert.  I'm not sure what kind of stunt he'll try to pull, but I'm sure he'll try something."


That definitely got Kevin's attention. "If he tries, then he'll have to deal with the consequences.  I'm not going to take any shit from him; I'll fight fire with fire.  He had his chance, and he fucked it all up.  Now he needs to let you go and move on with his life, and let you move on with yours."


"I agree, but I know how he can be when he doesn't get his way.  That's when the spoil brat in him comes out.  I'm not saying he's dangerous, but he can be really conniving sometimes.  Just be aware of anything suspicious that may deal with him, and don't fall for any of his schemes."


Kevin assured Travis that he'll be on alert, and they finished eating their lunch which was now starting to get cold so Travis put them in the microwave to reheat.  The rest of their time was spent in pleasant conversation.  Travis made sure to keep Kevin's mind occupied on something besides the problem with his ex.  They'll just have to wait and see when, and not if, his ex will try something.  Before heading back to work, Travis helped Kevin in cleaning up the kitchen.


By the time Tyler and Christian finished their lunch, Terry was still sneezing so Christian went to get him some medicine.  Tyler was going to help with throwing away the trash, but Scanner told him to go make his call, he and Janet can take care of it.  Tyler thanked them and went to his office to call Dr. Blythmoore.  Once he had Dr. Blythmoore on the line, Tyler explained what was happening with Terry and asked what he should do about it.


"At the moment, all you can do is what you're already doing.  It doesn't sound like anything more than a normal cold.  If he starts running a fever, have difficulty breathing, or it looks like his cold is getting worse, then make an appointment to see me.  Until then, give him the medicine as instructed, keep him warm, and make sure he has plenty of fluid.  You don't want him getting dehydrated."


"Okay, I can do that.  Is there anything else I need to know or do?" Tyler asked just to make sure everything was covered.  It wasn't that he didn't believe in Dr. Blythmoore's skills and experiences, it was that  he wanted to know everything he and Christian needs to do in order to get Terry over his cold quickly.


The concern in Tyler's voice was apparent to Dr. Blythmoore so he laid that concern to rest. "No, as I said before, you're already doing what you need to do.  Just keep doing it and his cold should be gone within a week or two.  If not, or the cold gets worse, then make an appointment and I'll examine him."


Tyler thanked him and hung up just as Christian was returning with the medicine and sat down. "What did Dr. Blythmoore say?  Will Terry be okay, or should we be worried?  Will this cold weaken Terry's immune system and affect his cancer?  Talk to me Ty!  Let me know everything will be okay."


"Whoa, slow down Chris!  Let me answer the first twenty questions before you ask me another twenty." The look of concern on Tyler's face made Christian realize he was starting to sound hysterical and he need to get control of himself.  Tyler patiently waited for Christian to calm down before continuing on. "Everything will be fine.  Dr. Blythmoore thinks it's just a normal cold.  He said we're already doing what we should be doing." Tyler then went on to tell Christian everything that Dr. Blythmoore explained to him. "If his cold haven't gotten any better by Monday, then I'll make an appointment with Dr. Blythmoore's office to have Terry checked out."


Christian took a couple of deep breaths. "I guess that's all we can do for now." Tyler nodded in agreement. "I'm sorry for panicking a little.  It's just that I hate seeing anything wrong with our boys, especially Terry's health.  Any illness can affect his cancer, and that can be really dangerous for him.  That worries the hell out of me!"


Tyler nodded again, but this time in understanding. "I worry about them too Chris, even more so with Terry's cancer.  I never knew anyone with cancer.  Terry is the first, and just when he needed me the most, his mother shoved me out of his life.  I'm learning how to take care of him just like you are, but we can't panic every time he gets sick.  I know that's easy said than done, but we have each other and our friends and family for support when we need it.  We'll get through this together, and Terry will be fine."


That settled Christian down completely.  Tyler always knew the right thing to say to put things back in to perspective for him, and keep his mind on what needs to be done. "Okay, we'll follow Dr. Blythmoore's instructions and see what happens.  Hopefully Terry will be over this cold by next week with no ill effects."


Tyler smiled and nodded with more confidence than he felt.  Christian could see that in Tyler's face but didn't let on that he could.  Like Tyler said, they have each other and their friends and family for support, and Christian will be Tyler's major supporter as Tyler will be his.  They will draw strength from each other to pull them through this ordeal.


"Well, I better get back to my office.  I have a couple of interviews before I'm to report on base." Christian stood and leaned over the desk to give Tyler a kiss goodbye. "Don't wait up for me.  I'll be home late tonight, and you need your rest."


"I'll try not to, but you know I can't sleep comfortably without being snuggled up to you." Christian smiled wide at the pout on Tyler's face. "I'll be tossing and turning until you get home and wrap your arms around me you know."


Although Tyler was pouting on the outside, he was smiling on the inside.  Christian's smile always lights up Tyler's day, and Christian knows it.  Even though he can't see it, Tyler can always tell when Christian is smiling; it just penetrates through his voice.  Christian leaned over the desk and gave Tyler another kiss. "Yes I know, and I'm sorry."  He then kissed him again. "It's just tonight and tomorrow night I'm working late.  Don't worry; I'll make it up to you and the boys this weekend when I'm off."


This time Tyler smile was genuous which is what Christian was hoping for.  He gave Tyler one more kiss before going to say goodbye to the boys and giving Terry some medicine.  On his way out, Christian stopped at Janet's desk to ask her to take care of them and make sure Terry gets his meds.  Tyler shook his head in a little anger.  Is he serious?  Of course Janet will take care of them, she always does.  Christi should know that by now.  A big smile came across Tyler's face when he heard the `I can't believe you still asking me that question' anger in Janet's voice. "Of course I'll take care of them Christian; you don't need to worry about that."


Although Janet was smiling at him, the tone in her voice told Christian he should start believing that and not keep asking.  Christian simply smiled and nodded his thanks before leaving.  Of course He knew Janet will take care of them, that's not a concern to him.  It's just that He's like Tyler, always worried about his family safety and wellbeing.  His number one priority is making sure they're safe, healthy, and most of all, happy.


The rest of the afternoon went quickly for Tyler.  With no and sometimes boring meeting to sit through, he was able to concentrate on his paper work.  Of course it didn't surprise Tyler that Janet made sure that Terry did have his medicine if he got caught up in something, which he was grateful for.  It wasn't until he was about to leave for the day when Tyler got a call he wasn't expecting.  Janet had already left, making Tyler the one to answer the phone.


"Hello, may I speak with Tyler Jackson please?" Tyler informed the person on the other line it was him who was speaking. "Hello Tyler, it's..."


To Be Continued...


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Mr. Johnson attorney contacted Scanner to meet with him and Tyler about the law suit Tyler filed against Mr. Johnson.  We saw how that meeting went, and it doesn't look good for Mr. Johnson.  Tyler is determine to hold Mr. Johnson to the reimbursement for not honoring the contract.  I hope Mr.  Philips can pull a rabbit out of his hat if they're determine to precede on taking it to court.


Travis's ex Antoine visited him at work convinced he could sweet-talk Travis to give their relationship another try, but Travis set him straight on that matter.  Travis made it clear he had moved on and would not give up his boyfriend for his ex or anyone else.  Antoine threw a temper tantrum and stormed out.  I wonder what kind of scheme he will try to break up Travis's relationship with Kevin.  Give me some ideas on what you want him to try and I'll try to write it in the story.


Well, it looks like Terry is coming down with a cold.  I hope Dr. Blythmoore is right and this is just a normal cold and doesn't complicate Terry's immune system, but you never know with cancer.  Christian and Tyler may just have a huge fight on their hands with keeping Terry well.


Travis and Kevin had lunch together and Travis told Kevin of his visit from his ex.  Travis warned Kevin to be on alert that might involve Antoine and not be fooled by anything he might try.  What do you think?  Did Travis do the right thing in telling Kevin about his visitor?  I can't wait to find out what Kevin will do if Antoine tries anything.


It looks like Mr. Donavan's trial is coming up soon.  Exactly when that will be, I don't know at the moment.  Tyler doesn't want Jeff going through that ordeal but he and Christian wants MR. Donavan put away for a very long time so he can't hurt another child.  I hope Jeff can get through the experience okay.


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