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This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.


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Written by Romeo


Edited by Trish


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Chapter 25


Friday morning came too quickly for Tyler and Christian.  In fact, they almost slept right through the alarm before Christian finally woke and turned the annoying sound off.  Tyler on the other hand had to be shaken by Christian several time while calling his name before he slowly opened his eyes.  He let out a groaned and muttered something under his breath as he put a pillow over his head and tried to go back to sleep, but Christian was having none of that.  He pulled the pillow off Tyler’s head then continued shaking him and calling his name until Tyler was fully awake.


“It’s time to get up sleepy head.” Christian teased as Tyler glared at him. “Don’t look at me like that.  If I have to get up, then so do you.  Besides, we need to get the boys up as well.  I’m sure we both have a busy day today.”


Tyler yarned and stretched his body. “I guess you’re right.  I do need to register Jeff for school today.  I want to get that out of the way before it slips my mind.  I know next week will be pretty busy because I want to get started on the calendar.  Plus we should also start interviewing for the corporate president position.”


“Sure, we can talk about that later.  What I want to talk about now though is your nightmare.” Tyler looked at Christian confused. “When I came home last night you were flapping around and muttering in your sleep.  I couldn’t make out what you were saying, but I did catch Terry’s name.”


“Really?” The surprised look on Tyler’s face said it all. “That’s strange because normally I’ll remember my nightmares, but for some reason I don’t remember anything about this one.  I don’t understand why I would be having a nightmare about Terry unless it has something to do with Teresa.”


Christian didn’t know what to think of that. “Well, hopefully you will remember it soon.  Because if it has something to do with Teresa, then maybe it will give us a clue on what she’s up to.  Perhaps your subconscious is trying to communicate with you while you’re sleeping.”


Tyler thought about that for a minute. “Perhaps you’re right, but I’ll worry about that later.  Now let’s get up so we can get the boys ready.  I’ll deal with Teresa when the time comes.  There’s no need to worry about it until we know where she is.”


Christian agreed and they got up to shower and dress.  Instead of putting on a suit, Tyler decided to go dressy casual for the day while Christian put on his uniform as usual.  Christian then went to wake up Jeff before helping Tyler with Terry.  When they reached the kitchen, Tyler got started on breakfast while Christian fed Terry.  As usual, Jeff turned on the television to find a cartoon channel.  Ten minutes later everyone started coming in and helping where it was needed.  Not long after, they had breakfast ready and were sitting down to eat.  An hour later everything had been put away and the kitchen cleaned before they all left for work.


When Tyler got to the office and had the boys settled in, he went down to the tenth floor to check on the progress of the construction work.  The contractor, Henry Danielson, saw him coming off the elevator and walked over to him.  As he approached, he pulled Tyler to a place where it would be safe for them to talk. “Hey Tyler, are you coming to check things out?”


“Hey Henry, it sounds like everything’s going well down here.” Henry assured him that everything was going very well. “Yeah, I thought I’d drop in while I have the time since I’m going to be busy for the next couple of months or so.  I wanted to make sure that everything was still on schedule.”


“Actually, we’re a little ahead of schedule.  In fact, if things keep going as well, we’ll probably have the cafeteria finished in four months.  Then we can get started on the concession stand which will probably take two months to complete.  It should all be ready to open within six months give or take.”


“Excellent!” Tyler exclaimed enthusiastically. “By the way, I’m calling a plumber to check out the restrooms on this floor.  I want you to consult with them on anything that may need upgrading.  I want them in working order by the time we open.” Tyler could hear the smile in Henry’s voice when he agreed. “Thanks.  Well, I better get going.  I need to take my son to enroll him in school for the upcoming year.”


“Okay, then let me walk you out.  I need to go and pick up some supplies anyway.  Don’t worry about the renovations though, everything is under control here.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything so you will be informed on the progress.”


They rode the elevator up to Tyler’s floor making small talk as they went.  When the doors opened, Tyler got off but Henry stayed on.  As he headed to his office, Janet followed behind to go over some things that needed to be taken care of.  After that, Tyler checked his emails and messages while waiting for Carlos and Mark to return to pick them up.  He then went over the payrolls since he had time to take care of them.  He wanted them to go out on schedule and keep his employees happy.  Just as he finished those, Mark called to let him know they were waiting downstairs.  He quickly got the boys ready and left the office giving Janet instructions on his way out.


The drive to the school where Jeff was to be enrolled didn’t take long.  As they walked in the main office, the secretary looked confused to see a large group of men walking up to the counter. “How may I help you gentlemen?” When Carlos and Mark stepped aside, her confusion turned into a gasp of admiration as Tyler stepped forward.


“Hello, my name is Tyler Jackson, but I guess you’ve already figured that out.” He smiled at her amusingly. “Can you tell me who I need to speak with about enrolling my son Jeff in for school?  I like to get that done right away in case there’s some things I need to take care of before school starts.”


“Well, if he’s a new student, then you’ll have to register him then meet with the guidance counselor to sign him up for classes.  We’ll also need his transcript from his former school.  If he’s already enrolled here, then you’ll just need to meet with the counselor to sign him up for classes.”


Tyler handed Terry to Mark before pulling Jeff’s transcript from his briefcase and giving it to her.  She looked over the papers before handing them back to Tyler along with the registration forms to fill out.  Everyone took a seat and Carlos helped Tyler with filling out the forms.  By the time they had the forms completed, the secretary had an appointment arranged for them to see a counselor.  Tyler then made arrangements for the permanent passes of Jeff’s security team before leaving the office.


When they arrived at the guidance office, they were immediately shown in to see a counselor to sign Jeff up for his classes.  In less time than it took to register, Jeff had his schedule and they were heading back to Tyler’s office picking up some seafood for lunch along the way.  When they arrived, everyone went straight to the lounge to set everything up while Tyler went to check his messages.  None of them needed his immediate attention so he left them for later and went to the lounge.  As he passed Janet’s desk, he invited her to join them for lunch which she graciously accepted.  She took his hand and they walked to the lounge together.


After a quiet lunch at the house with Travis, Kevin looked through the phonebook for a new gardener for Tyler.  He didn’t find any that seemed suitable so he made some calls to a few temp agencies and local newspapers to place an ad for the position.  He also called JR to inquire of any teens that may be looking to earn some extra money in their spare time.  JR didn’t know of anyone but told Kevin he’ll check around and let him know if he finds anyone.  Since there was nothing else he could do for now, Kevin went down to the gym to workout.


For Christian, the rest of the afternoon was busy.  After getting the outfits for the new models, he met with Mike to discuss and schedule the photo shoots.  Once he had that taken care of he returned to base to finish up some work there before heading home.  On the way, he stopped by his office to check on how everything was going.  Trish told him everything was going fine then handed him his messages before wishing him good night and leaving for the day.  Seeing one from a customer, Christian went to his office to return the call.


After completing the call, Christian closed up the office and went up to Tyler’s floor.  Finding the office locked, he headed down to the garage to go home instead of going back to the base.  When he arrived, he found everyone in the kitchen preparing dinner so he went to change before helping out.  Throughout dinner, Tyler had a bad feeling that something was going to happen but couldn’t put his finger on what it was.  Christian took noticed of him being distracted by something but didn’t say anything in front of the others.  He didn’t want to unnecessarily worry them.


As everyone else was clearing the table after dinner, Christian pulled Tyler into his office.  After shutting the door, Christian got on his knees to be at eye level with him. “Ty, is everything okay?  You seemed quiet and distracted all through dinner like something is on your mind.  You know I’m here for you if you need to talk.”


“I know but it’s hard to explain Chris.” Tyler then told Christian about his special ability. “Now I have this feeling that something is wrong but I don’t know what it is.  All I know is that something is happening; or is going to happen that will leave a lot of people sad, but I don’t know who or what it involves as of yet.”


“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it at the moment, and worrying about it isn’t going to accomplish anything.  All we can do is wait it out and stay alert.  When the time comes for us to take action then we’ll be ready.  But for now pull yourself together around the boys, especially Jeff; you know he’ll suspect something is wrong if he sees you like this.”


Tyler took a couple of slow deep breaths to settle his anxiety. “You’re right of course.  There’s no need for them to worry about anything.  I’ll do the worrying for all of us.” Sensing that Christian was about to object, Tyler quickly added. “Don’t worry Chris, I’ll let you know if I find out anything more.”


Christian pulled Tyler to him and held him in support. “Good.  Because I won’t let you worry yourself to death over this, nor will I let you go through it alone.  I’ll do any and everything I have to, to help you through it.”


It took a minute before Christian felt some of the tension ease from Tyler’s body but still he held on until Tyler was ready to let go.  It took another minute before he finally did let go and give Christian a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks baby and you’re right.  All we can do is stay alert.  Because I can’t stop whatever it is from happening, and that pisses me off to no end.”


After giving Tyler a soft kiss, Christian stood up and they rejoined the others.  For the rest of the night he kept a close eye on Tyler making the others wonder if there was something going on.  At one point during the evening Tyler pulled Carlos and Mark into his office to give them a brief explanation, and for them to make sure a vehicle was waiting out front and for them to be ready to go on a moment notice.  Satisfied he had done all he could do for now, he focused his attention on the boys.  Just after the boys had been put to bed, Tyler’s world was turned upside down.


In another part of town a small group of four was holding a secret meeting to discuss their next move to bring down their biggest enemy.  Although everyone attending had a stake in the upcoming battle, no one knew nor cared what the others reasons were.  They just knew there was a threat to their lives and it needed to be taken care of before they lose everything, and that’s something none of them can live with.


Since they were still waiting on their key player to arrive, the meeting didn’t take long to strategize a plan of attack.  Once everyone was clear on what they needed to do, they called it a night and headed for bed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with setting their plans in motion.


Early Saturday morning an exhausted Tyler stepped outside to handle some personal business.  Carlos stepped out with him but gave him his privacy while keeping him in close proximity.  Once Tyler had everything he needed sorted out, he made the call he was dreading to make.    After several agonizing rings, the call was finally answered. “Hello.”


Before saying anything, Tyler took a deep breath to gather his strength. “Hey Pooh, it’s me.  There’s something I need to tell you, so I need you to sit down if you’re not already, okay?”  Tyeceonna could hear the despair in Tyler’s voice and it had her worried so she tried to get him to talk. “Please Tye, just take a seat first, then I’ll tell you everything.”


“Okay Ty, I’m sitting down now.  Tell me what’s going on?  What’s got you so upset?” Tyeceonna assured him in a trembling voice that was quite noticeable.


Once he was assured she was sitting, Tyler took a couple of deep breaths to settle his nerves. “I’m here at the hospital with Manny.  Last night Grandma had another heart attack but this one was massive.  It left her partially brain-dead with a fifty fifty chance of recovery.  We’re not sure if she’ll...”


Just then Tyler heard a loud clank when his sister dropped the phone.  He then heard his brother in-law David in the background calling his sister’s name before getting on the phone. “Tyler, what’s going on?  What did you tell her?” Tyler told David everything he knew, including what his sister didn’t know yet. “Is she okay?” He asked worriedly. “Right now she’s in shock, but I think she’ll be okay once it wears off.  Is there anything I can do to help?”


“You can make sure everyone have enough clothes to stay a while.  The jet should be at the airport to pick you guys up around eleven.  A SUV will be waiting for you at San Francisco international when you land.  By the time you arrive, your rooms should be ready.  I don’t think there will be any problems; but call me if there’s any, and I’ll take care of it.”


Before ending their call, they discussed something else that Tyler been meaning to speak with David about.  The next call Tyler made was to Justin to break the news to him as well.    After pulling himself together, Justin told Tyler he will be at the hospital as soon as he could. “I need to break the news to JR first.  He’s not going to take it well; and it will take a while to calm him down.”


“I know.  Tye didn’t take it well when I broke it to her either.  We’ll just have to keep an eye on them.  Until grandma wakes up because I’m sure she will.  There just can’t be any other way.  She has to wake up!  I won’t rest until she does!”


Carlos closed his eyes and bowed his head upon hearing that. “God I hope you’re right Tyler, because I really don’t want to see you lose it if she doesn’t.  The others will need you even more then than they do now.” He whispered to himself.


He took a minute to compose himself before raising his head and opening his eyes.  When he did, he saw Tyler walking towards him and met him halfway to escort him back inside.  After another hour of talking to his grandmother, Manual insisted that Tyler go home to check on the boys and get some sleep.  Reluctantly Tyler agreed but made Manual agree to do the same when Justin comes to visit.  Manual promised and Tyler gave him a hug before leaving.  He knew Manual would keep his word so he didn’t worry about him much.


When they got home, they headed straight for the kitchen.  Tyler wanted to get breakfast started and keep himself busy.  They walked in to find breakfast already made and everyone just sitting down to eat.  When Christian saw Tyler, he came up to give him a hug and enquire about Mrs. Maria’s condition.  Tyler told him there was no change and he already called Justin and Tyeceonna to inform them.


“Now I need to get something to eat and make sure their rooms are ready before I get some sleep and head back to the hospital.  Justin will stay with her until either I or Manny return.  I know Tye will want to visit as soon as she gets here.”


“You just worry about getting something to eat and sleep and let me take care of the rooms.  You’re not in this alone so don’t try to do everything yourself.  I’m here for you so lean on me as much as you want and I’ll do whatever you want or need me to do.”


Christian hugged Tyler once again.  Tyler held on tight and took comfort in that embrace of love and support.  Christian continued holding on to let Tyler be the one to break the embrace.  He knew Tyler will need it all and more to get through this anguishing time.  Once Tyler did let go, Christian walked him over to the table where a plate of food was already waiting for them.  Tyler wasn’t particularly hungry but he ate anyway to keep his strength up.


All through breakfast Jeff kept sneaking worried glances at his two daddies.  At one point Christian tried to give him a reassuring smile but Jeff didn’t buy it.  Christian knew he needed to talk with him and try to ease his concerns but he didn’t know what to say.  Jeff could always tell when something is worrying his parents even if he didn’t know what it was.  It’s like a six sense to him, and now that sense is burning bright within his daddy Ty.


After breakfast, Tyler went to get some rest while Christian employed the others in help with getting the rooms ready for their guess.  He then took Jeff to the living room to have a talk with him about his concerns for his Daddy Ty.  Although he didn’t tell Jeff everything about his nanna’s condition, he did tell Jeff enough of the truth in hopes to ease his mind.  Jeff knew there was more to the story but he trusted his daddies so accepted what he was told for now so as not to give them more troubles.  Once he was sure Jeff was going to be okay, Christian gave him a hug before sending him down to the game room where Kevin was watching Terry then going to check on Tyler.


He stood beside the bed just watching the man he loves get some well needed sleep wondering if this will be the strike that breaks Tyler.  Christian is amazed that Tyler can function through everything that had happened and still remain strong.  He watched Tyler for a few more minutes before bending down to kiss him on the cheek then whispering to him. “Sleep well my love, and know that I will always be here for you.”


A smile formed on Tyler’s face as Christian stood back up and left the room to check on how things were going.  When he found everything under control, Christian went to Tyler’s office to call Janet.  He explained everything to her before telling her that Tyler might not be in the office on Monday.  Janet told him she’ll handle things at the office and not to worry. “Just take care of Tyler.  I’m afraid he will be inconsolable if Mrs. Maria doesn’t pull through.”


“I know, and I’ll be there for him.” Christian sighed exhaustedly. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know how he held up this long, but I’m pretty sure he’s close to losing it completely.  I pity the fool who’s standing in his way when that happens.”


“Well, all I can say is I’m taking cover when that happens because I value my sanity, and I don’t want to be caught in the crossfire of that fireball.  Tyler can be very dangerous when he wants and/or needs to be, and I rather not be on the opposing team.”


Christian totally agreed with Janet’s assumption and voiced his own concerns as to Tyler’s wrath if he was to snap.  Neither wants to see anyone get hurt in any way but wouldn’t stop Tyler from doing what he needs to do to take care of his love ones.  They both agreed to keep a close watch on him just in case Christian needs to take immediate actions; whatever they may be.  They just hope they can stop him before that happens and minimize the damage.  They discussed it a little while longer before saying goodbye.  Christian then went to the kitchen to start lunch.


Just as lunch was about ready, Tyler walked into the kitchen still half asleep and rubbing his eyes.  Christian stopped what he was doing to give him a kiss and help him to a seat at the table.  Not long after, the rest of the hungry mob started coming in as well.  Some helped Christian place the food on the table while the others took their seats.  Soon they all were helping themselves to some delicious hot and spicy chili with cornbread.


While the occupants of the Jackson household were enjoying their lunch, two men were waiting at the airport for their visitor.  They breathed a sigh of relief when the plane arrived on time as they waited at the gate terminal.  When they saw their visitor coming through the gates, they walked forward to meet them half way.  After the Introductions were made and handshakes given, they started towards baggage claim while conducting a little small talk.


Once they were in the car away from prying eyes, they brought their visitor up to speed on everything they have planned.  The visitor made a few suggested changes to cover their tracks in case of being detected to early.  The visitor knew the enemy better than the coconspirator did, so they decided to incorporate the suggested changes into the plans.


They arrived at their destination to find the ladies back from running their errands.  After retrieving the luggages from the trunk, they walked into the house to see the ladies coming from the kitchen with some refreshments.  Once again introductions were made then the ladies showed their visitor to the guess room to unpack.  After that, they all took a seat in the living room for a little collaboration.


The sound of his cell phone ringing woke Tyler from his sleep.  Grumbling, he answered it to hear his sister on the other end letting him know that they will be landing within the hour.  Tyler told her that everything had been arranged including the car rental, now they’re just waiting on their arrival.  Tyeceonna thanked him then asked if there had been any changes on Mrs. Maria condition.  Tyler told her no and he’s just waiting for her before he heads back to the hospital.  Knowing his sister, Tyler preempted her next question to assure her that Mrs. Maria wasn’t alone.  They made sure that someone was with her at all times.  That abated Tyeceonna’s worries somewhat so she told her brother that she loves him and she’ll see him soon.


Tyler returned the sentiments and they ended the call.  He didn’t see any reason to go back to sleep so he got up to get dress and see what the others were up to.  As he was coming off the elevator, he almost collided with Christian. “Hey there hot stuff, I was just coming to check on you.”


“Well, I guess we were reading each other’s mind then.  I was just coming to do the same thing myself.  I know Jeff must be worrying about me since I haven’t been myself today, and I wanted to let him know that I’m fine and not to worry.”


Christian wrapped Tyler’s hand around his arm at the elbow as he guided him towards the living room. “Don’t worry about that.  I already explained some of it to him and assured him that everything will be fine.  But you know our son; he’s not going to believe that you’re okay until he sees it for himself.”


“I know, and that’s why I want to check on him so there’s no doubt.  We both know that he’ll believe what you’re telling him to a point, but he won’t completely believe it unless he’s seeing it for himself.  I want him to see and truly believe everything will be okay.”


“Well, if anyone can convince him of it, it will be you, especially since his worries is over you.  I did what I could do and got him half way there, but he needs you to take him the rest of the way.  Like you, I want him back to that happy go lucky kid we all know and love.”


Tyler agreed with Christian with a smile and nod as they walked into the living room.  They only got two steps in when Tyler found himself wrapped in small arms by a worried little boy.  He picked Jeff up and carried him to the couch and sat him on his lap.  Christian sat by his side as Tyler finished what Christian had started in reassuring Jeff that everything will be okay.  It took some doing, but Tyler finally convinced Jeff of his two Daddies reassurance and tried not to worry.  Towards the end of that conversation Tyler received the call from Tyeceonna.  Since the boys were okay, Tyler decided to make his four alarm chili for lunch so he headed to the kitchen with Christian following behind him to help.


Once the chili had been cooked and the homemade cornbread was buttered they set them on the table on heating trays to keep warm before rejoining their boys in the living room.  Just as they got there, the door bell rang so Christian went to answer it while Tyler waited.  Standing on the other side was Tyeceonna and her family as expected so Christian stood aside to let them in closing the door behind them.  Tyeceonna went straight to her brother and cried on his shoulder, her body shaking in sobs as Christian and David stood nearby with the children listening in case they were needed.


“It’s going to be okay Pooh, just let it all out.” Tyler whispered to his sister as he held her in comfort. “Just let it all out.  You know I’ll do everything I can to bring her back.  She’s a tough old lady and won’t give up without a fight.”


Once her tears had diminished, Tyeceonna separated from her brother and wiped her eyes. “I know you will Ty.  But what if you can’t, and you and Manny have to make that decision to take her off of life support?  I know she’s a fighter, but she’s also getting old and may not have much time left.”


“If that’s the case which I don’t think it is, then we’ll do what’s right for her and let her go.  I won’t make that decision unless Manny agrees to it.  It’s only right for him to have the final word on what we do.  I know grandma will want it that way.  Now come in and say hi to your nephews so we can have lunch and head over to the hospital.”


Tyler took her arm and led her into the living room as David shook his head in admiration as he and the others followed them in. “How the hell does he stay so strong through everything?  I mean, I had a hard time trying to keep Tye calm myself, and he does it in only five minutes.”


Christian just shrugged his shoulders with a loving smile.  Tyler always seems to amaze him with his inner strength and Christian never wants him to stop.  That inner strength is what fuels Christian, and he uses that strength to be strong for Tyler.  Christian and Tyler both know that they complete each other and no one will be able to break the bond they share.  Christian loves that he can totally dominate Tyler while at the same time completely submitting to him.


After everyone had greeted each other, they all adjourned to the kitchen to have lunch.  As usual, everyone loved Tyler’s spicy chili and moist cornbread.  Some had second and some even had thirds.  For dessert they had cherry pie ala mode with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream.  By the time lunch was over, there wasn’t even a crumb left.  Since Tyler and Christian made lunch everyone except they and the children worked together to clean the kitchen while discussing what everyone was going to do for the afternoon.  It was decided that Christian and David will take the children to see a movie while Tyler and Tyeceonna went to the hospital.  Kevin and Travis offered to stay at home with the two youngest which was graciously accepted.


When Tyler and Tyeceonna arrived at the hospital, they found Mrs. Maria’s room almost filled to capacity.  Not only was Justin and his boys there, but his entire security team was as well.  They put on the hospital caps, gowns, and gloves, before walking in.  Both Justin and JR came over to give them a hug then Justin gestured Danny and Davy over. “Tye-Tye, I like for you to meet JR’s boyfriend Danny and his little brother Davy.  Boys, this beautiful young lady is Ty’s little sister Tyeceonna Jackson-Houston who is also like a sister to me.”


Tyeceonna shook hands with both boys then turned to JR with a smile and wink. “I can see that my nephew has good taste in men, must run in the family.  Hold on to this one JR.  I can see he’s going to be a keeper.”


Tyler and Justin walked away smiling to talk in private as both boys blushed although it was more difficult to see on JR than it was Danny. “Aunty Tye!  Don’t embarrass me in front of my boyfriend.  Uncle Ty already did that with the over protective routine and I don’t need you doing it with the good taste in men routine.”


“You should have expected that from your uncle by now JR, especially after your last two boyfriends.  You know how he is.” She briefly glanced over at Justin which didn’t go unnoticed by the boys. “Besides, I’m sure your dad did the full background check on the whole family the minute you and him talked about Danny.”


The suspicious look on Danny’s face made JR sigh with resolved.  This is something he never wanted Danny to know. “You know he did even though I didn’t ask him to do it.” He then looked at Danny with sorrow. “I’m sorry boo.  He was going to do it whether I wanted him to or not.  I just didn’t want you to find out about it.”


Danny’s kiss melted away all of JR’s worried tension. “I understand baby, you don’t need to apologize.  He’s your dad and wants to make sure no one is with you for your money.  I would do the same thing if I was him and have the resources he does.”


Tyeceonna nodded at Danny with approval and smiled at JR. “Like I said, he’s a keeper.”


JR smiled and nodded at Danny with loving affection then took his aunt’s hand and led her over to the bed with Danny and Davy following behind them.  Tyler and Justin watched in sympathy as Tyeceonna leaned over and gave Mrs. Maria a kiss on the forehead without letting go of JR’s hand.  When she stood back up, they could see the tears running down her face so they came over pulling Danny and Davy along with them as they joined the two of them in a hug.


As they continued the hug, Justin looked towards the door and saw Manual standing there like his world had ended.  Before Manual could think the worse, Justin pointed down and mouthed Tye-Tye.  Manual understood that must have meant that they were comforting Tyeceonna and there had been no changes.  Justin waved him over to join the hug and everyone parted to let him through.  They all knew he needed it more than they did.  They all held on to each other drawing strength from the ones they love.


A little while later everyone had composed themselves enough to separate to let Tyeceonna go and sit with Mrs. Maria.  In the meantime Justin and Tyler took Manual and the boys to the cafeteria for some drinks and to catch up with Manual.  Since he would have Justin’s security with them, Tyler took Carlos and Mark up on their offer to stay with his sister in case she needed some moral support.  Before leaving the room, he, Justin, and JR went to give her one more hug.


The boys walked along in silence as Manual gave Tyler and Justin the status on Mrs. Maria’s condition. “I already told you everything I know.  Grandma had a severe heart attack which left her partially brain-dead.  She does have a chance of survival but we don’t know that for sure.  But even if she does, it might only be a partial recovery.”


The silence that fell over the group was like torture.  Finally Tyler couldn’t take it any longer and had to remind everyone of whom they were talking about. “Well, we all know she won’t give up without a fight.  After all, we are talking about Maria Lopez.  I for one think she’ll have a full recovery and show everyone how tough she really is.”


No one had any arguments against what Tyler just said.  All three men knew they got their inner strength from her and they’ll be damn if they let anyone take her away from them.  They will fight with everything they have before they’ll let that happen.  Sensing the feeling of despair starting to cast over everyone, especially JR, Tyler took charge. “So Manny, are you going to accept Chris’s job offer?”


Both Manual and Justin looked at each other in confusion.  They hadn’t expected the sudden change of topic and wondered where Tyler was going with this question.  Manual was about to ask when they saw the slight motion of Tyler’s head and suddenly they understood. “There were some things I needed to take care of before I gave him an answer.  But, now with grandma’s condition taken a turn for the worse, I don’t think I can accept the offer.”


“Like hell you can’t!” Justin fumed sternly. “You know she would want you to accept the job no matter what condition she’s in.  She’ll be very disappointed when she recovers and find out that you past up on an opportunity like this just to take care of her.”


Tyler voiced his agreement with Justin. “Not to mention that she’ll also kick your ass when she does find out.  If I was you, I would accept the job offer immediately.  I’m sure Chris will give you as much time as you need to have everything taken care of, and I do mean everything.”


Manual knew it was futile to argue when they’re both determined to help a friend in need.  Nothing anyone could say or do would ever change their minds so he just thanked them for their friendship.  When they reached the cafeteria, the boys went to get the drinks and snacks while the adults sat at a table to discuss how Justin and Tyler were going to help Manual.  By the time the boys had returned, they had everything all worked out so they headed back to Mrs. Maria’s room. Justin and his boys stayed another thirty minutes before they had to leave.  Not long after Tyler and Tyeceonna also made their departure so that Tyler could get started on dinner. “I’ll bring some dinner back for you when I return.”


Manual just gave Tyler a hug of appreciation before he and Tyeceonna left for home.  As they walked into the kitchen, they found Christian with dinner almost ready and David setting the table.  Both men stopped to give their receptive partner a kiss and hug before seating them at the table.  Five minutes later everything was ready so Christian used the intercom to call the others.  Everyone kept the conversation on an upbeat level so they wouldn’t worry the children.  Tyler did keep his word though and made sure a plate for Manual was set aside for him to take to the hospital.


After the table had been cleared and before they had dessert, Mark asked to speak with Tyeceonna for a few minutes in private.  Tyeceonna agreed and they went into the living room and returned five minutes later just as Christian was serving everyone a dish of chocolate soufflé which they all enjoyed.  When they had finished with dessert, everyone started going their separate ways for the night.  David and Christian decided to accompany Tyler and Tyeceonna back to the hospital for an evening visit.


As Tyler and Christian continued on to the room, Tyeceonna and David stopped in the canteen to warm up Manual’s plate of food.  When he saw the plate of roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans with mushroom sauce sitting on the tray table being pulled up to him his eyes lit up with delight.  They got even wider when they spotted the soufflé. “Wow, thanks guys.  This looks delicious.”


“Oh it is, and you can thank Chris for it.” Tyler boasted with loving pride. “He’s the one who made it.  I didn’t have to lift a finger to help in the process, not that he would have let me any way.  I’m under strict orders to let everyone take care of me for the next twenty four hours.”


Everyone smiled at the frown on Tyler’s face although one person could see the underlying submission.  They all know it’s not in Tyler’s forte to let others take care of him.  He has to be the strong one through it all; but Christian is determined to not let him ware himself out doing it.  He may not show it, but Christian is probably the only one who knows that secretly Tyler likes someone else taking control every now and then so he can regain his strength, and that’s what Christian is going to do no matter what.


This time they didn’t stay long because they had to get back to the children.  Most of the conversation was centered on Tyeceonna and Manual catching up with each other while the others listened.  Soon the announcement that visiting hours was over sounded so they said goodbye to Mrs. Maria and Manual then headed home.  Along the way they took a detour to check on Mrs. Maria’s house to see that all was well there.  They arrived back at the house to see the two youngest sound asleep and the three oldest watching a Disney movie.  By the time the movie was over, they too were sound asleep so they were put in bed, shortly after the adults followed.


Sunday morning Tyler woke alone in bed and wondered where Christian was.  He got up throwing on a pair of shorts and a tank top to look around only to find him in the kitchen with Kevin and Travis making breakfast.  Just as Tyler walked in, Christian attention was drawn towards the door so he went over to kiss Tyler good morning then guided him to the table to sit before going back to the stove.  Just as everything was about ready, the rest of the family came in for breakfast.  After breakfast, Tyler, Christian, Tyeceonna, and David went to the hospital.


They hugged Manual and kissed Mrs. Maria on the cheek then Tyeceonna and David pulled a couple of chairs up to the bed and took a seat with devious smiles on their faces.  Before Manual could put two and two together, Christian pulled him out of his chair. “You’re coming with us to the cafeteria to get something to eat.” Sensing an objection coming on, Christian cut him off. “No buts, that’s an order mister.  Now let’s go.”


Holding firmly on with his left hand and taking Tyler in his right, Christian literally pulled a grunting Manual out of the room with them.  In the meantime, Tyeceonna Held Mrs. Maria hand as she started talking to her about the fun times she had at her house during her childhood.  David listened as he held Tyeceonna’s other hand giving it a gentle squeeze every now and then to show his love and support.  Tyeceonna always returned it with a smile of love and gratitude.  An hour or so later Tyler and Christian returned with a freshly energized Manual and they joined in the trip down memory lane.


At the same time across town three ladies were on a little shopping spring.  They went from store to store gathering the basic necessities they will need for now to begin their plans, the rest would come after they had accomplished their goal.  Being so focused on what they were doing, they didn’t even notice that they were being followed.


Around midday the group at the hospital was heading back to Tyler’s for lunch taking a reluctant Manual with them.  Just as Carlos had turned onto the main road, both Mark and Carlos’s cell phone started ringing which drew the attention of Tyler.  That could only mean one thing; the call has something to do with important security business.  His suspicion was confirmed as he listened to both conversation and it put him on full alert.  It was Mark’s next words that sent chills up his spine.


“Keep the surveillance on them at all times and get back to me with a full report.  I want everything you find out.  Where they go, what they do, who they talk to, etc.  Something’s about to go down and I’m going to find out what it is, and blow it all straight to hell.”


“That goes double for me.” Carlos threw in. “I want a list of names, numbers, and address of every person involved, every purchase they make including where they got them, and every meeting location they occupied.  When we said full report, we mean full report.”


Both guys thanked Dillon and ended the call.  Tyler waited to hear what was going on but neither guy said anything which got him even more worried but he didn’t ask any questions.  He trusts his head of security completely and they never betrayed that trust.  If they feel like he needed to know, then they will tell him.  That he was sure of so he relaxed and stored the conversation away in his mind.  What Tyler didn’t know was that Christian also heard the conversation and was on full alert as well.


When they got to the house, Tyler and Christian went to the kitchen to see what they had to make for lunch.  Since they had all the fixing for tacos which was easy to make, they decided to have that.  It didn’t take long to have everything ready and everyone sitting down at the table to eat while Christian fed Terry a jar of baby food before giving him a bottle.  After that he turned around to join the others at the table to have his own lunch.


When lunch was over and they had everything cleared away, Christian went to change Terry’s diaper while Tyler went to his office to check his messages.  Some he answered right away while others he left for later.  An hour later when there was no sign of him coming out any time soon, Christian went to get him so he can spend some time with his boys.  Christian then went to his own office to call his parents.  He just needed to hear their voices and make sure they were okay.  Two rings later a gentle female voice could be heard on the other end. “Hello.”


“Hi mom, it’s Christian.  How are you?” Christian hoped his voice sounded normal so his mother wouldn’t be worried but it didn’t work.  His mother could tell he was stressed. “What’s wrong Christian?  I can tell something is bothering you.”


Knowing it would be futile to deny anything being wrong, Christian asked his mother to put his father on the phone as well. “Hey son, what’s going on?” Christian told them about Tyler and what he was going through now and the stress they were under.  What he didn’t tell them though, was the relationship between him and Tyler, nor did he tell them about their boys.  His parents don’t know that he’s bisexual and Christian doesn’t want to come out over the phone.  He wants to do that in person whenever he could get them out there to visit.


“I’m really worried about him mom and dad.” Christian carefully admitted. “I’m afraid he’ll snap if something else happens.  He’s emotionally strong, but even the strongest have their limits.  You don’t want to be on his bad side when he feels his family is being threatened because he becomes very dangerous at that point without even laying a finger on you.”


That left his mother speechless but not his father. “Knowing you, I’m sure there’s no since in me telling you to step back until everything cools down.  I know you’ll be the first one to offer your shoulder if he needs one to lean on.  Just don’t get in over your head and keep yourself safe.”


“Are you nuts?!” Mrs. Michaels practically shouted. “He just said the man can be dangerous in times like this.  Plus he knows gang members and was involved in a drive by shooting.  What if someone comes after him just by him being associated with that man?  It can ruin his military career or even get him killed!”


“That’s enough mother!” Christian spat out angrily. “Tyler wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone who didn’t deserve his wrath.  That’s not the kind of person he is.  What he does he do in the defense of his family.  He won’t let anyone harm them.  I won’t let anyone try to make him out to be the monster he’s not!”


“I understand that Christian, really I do.” Mrs. Michaels softly countered. “But you can’t deny that he’s dangerous and lives a dangerous life.  You’ll be putting yourself in danger just by associating with him.  You need to stay as far away from him as possible.  It’s the only way to keep yourself safe.”


*I don’t need this shit right now.* Christian thought to himself.  He knew it was his mother protective instant kicking in, like the mama bear trying to protect her cub.  But he’s an adult, and doesn’t need his mother telling him who his friends should be. “I’m not some little damsel in distress mom.  Besides, Tyler wouldn’t let anyone hurt me without suffering the consequences of their actions.  He even hired a twenty four hour security team that I didn’t need nor want for protection.”


Before someone says something they might regret later, Mr. Michaels intervened. “We know you can defend yourself son, and we’re happy that you have some protection.  But, I want you to promise us that you’ll walk away and won’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger for him.”


Christian promised with a sarcastic edge to his voice.  Mr. and Mrs. Michaels were so happy they got what they wanted that they didn’t catch the hidden exception to that promise which suited Christian just fine.  After his mother’s little temper tantrum and his father trying to manipulate him, he wants to keep them in the dark and let them believe he’s being a loving obedient son.  They talked a few minutes more then ended the call.  As Christian walked out of the office, the smirk never left his face as he rejoined his family in the living room.


They spent another hour with the children before going back to the hospital to check on Mrs. Maria.  As they were putting on the usual items, they could hear voices coming from the room which nearly sent their tempers through the roof. “I don’t understand doctor, why are they leaving her in this condition?  Wouldn’t it be better to let her go so she can rest in peace?”


The anger coming from the door nearly made the doctor and nurse piss their pants in fear. “How dare you suggest such a thing?! You people are suppose to be saving lives, not ending them!  If anything happens to that woman, the person or persons responsible will face my wrath!”


The doctor and nurse looked over and froze in shock.  The power coming from everyone but especially Tyler was overwhelming that it almost made their knees buckle.  Christian had to hold Tyler’s hand tightly so he wouldn’t tear them apart. “If you guys are finish in here then I suggest you leave.  I’m doing everything to keep him calm which isn’t much considering the fact that I’m pissed as well!  If you didn’t understand what he just said, then let me make it clear for you.  If anything happens to our grandmother, then whoever is involved will be facing Tyler Jackson wrath!  And I won’t be able to stop him, nor would I want to!”


That did it.  The deadly threat coming from Tyler plus the steely cold eyes of both men was enough to get the doctor and nurse quickly moving.  As they hastily fled the room, Tyler, Carlos, and Mark was pulling out their phones.  Everyone else listened as Mark set up security for Mrs. Maria’s room and Tyler got Dr. Blythmoore to take over her case.  Carlos was setting up a schedule with the security teams at home until the new security arrives.  He and Mark will take that position in the meantime.


“That’s all good but it may not be enough.” Christian then went silent leaving everyone looking at him and waiting for him to continue. “I’ll be right back.  There’s something I need to do to completely assure her safety.”


Christian walked out of the room leaving them even more confused.  No one knew what he was talking about because he wasn’t telling them anything.  They all sat around talking to Mrs. Maria while waiting for him to return.  Several times someone would look towards the door hoping to see him coming back in but it was fifteen minutes before he made his appearance.  He pulled Tyler from his chair only to sit down and pull Tyler onto his lap. “Okay, I’ve gotten everything all taken care of.”


Everyone was thinking the same thing but it was Tyler who voiced the question. “You have gotten what taken care of Chris?  What did you do?  You got us totally lost here.”


Christian pulled Tyler close to him and laid his head on Tyler’s shoulder. “Oh, I just took care of the nurses is all.  You see, now that grandma is in ICU she will have new nurses, and it looks like those nurses aren’t really dependable.  So I called Dr. Blythmoore to ask about the best service for private duty nurses.  Then I gave them a call and it turns out that their three best nurses are available so I hired them immediately.  Now she will have a private duty nurse with her twenty four hours a day.”


Tyler turned around on Christian’s lap and gave him a hug and kiss. “Thanks babe.  I’m glad you thought of doing that because it didn’t even cross my mind.  Now she will be taking care of at all times and that will ease our minds a little.”


Everyone agreed and they also thanked Christian for what he did.  For the next twenty minutes Manual, Tyler, and Tyeceonna revealed more about their childhood until there was a knock on the door, it was Dr. Blythmoore standing there.  Christian waved him in and did the introduction for the ones he didn’t know already.  Dr. Blythmoore than excused himself saying that he had to get Mrs. Maria’s chart from the nurse’s station to see where they stand with her condition.  He returned with anger in his voice. “Tyler, Manual, come with me please!?”


Without any hesitation, Manual stood next to Tyler so Tyler could grab his arm then they followed Dr. Blythmoore. “Do you know who these two men are?” The nurse monitoring Mrs. Maria shook her head no. “Well, this is Manual Lopez, Mrs. Lopez’s next of kin, and this is Tyler Jackson, whom I’m sure is listed as another next of kin.” Dr. Blythmoore pointed to each guy as he spoke. “Now if you don’t want any trouble from either man then I suggest you give me the chart I asked for!”


The tone in Dr. Blythmoore’s voice and the anger on Tyler and Manual’s face left no chance for arguments.  The nurse knew she had met her match so she handed over the requested item as Dr. Blythmoore waited with a satisfied smile on his face.  Before they went back into the room, Tyler told her that Dr. Blythmoore will be taking over Mrs. Maria’s case and they have also hired private duty nurses for her. “So in plain English, that means that Dr. Blythmoore is in charge from now on.  If we find that her deterioration is coming from any wrong doing, then I suggest you say your prayers because there’s no place on this earth where you can hide from me!”


Manual let Tyler’s words hang in the air for a few minutes before pulling him away from the terrified nurse. “I’d heed his warning if I were you.  Because he’s speaking the truth, and won’t have any shame in proving it.  He can and will fight fire with fire with the best of them if it means protecting the ones he loves.  You just don’t know all the hassle you’ll be getting yourself into.”


They walked away leaving an angry but terrified nurse behind.  When they returned to the room, Christian pulled Tyler back onto his lap to comfort him.  They heard everything that was said and he needed to calm his partner down yet again.  The room was totally silent as they waited for Dr. Blythmoore.  He returned fifteen minutes later and they discussed where they stand with Mrs. Maria’s condition.  With Dr. Blythmoore’s straight talk, the discussion lasted only tem minutes as they reached an agreement.


Since Mrs. Maria’s private duty nurse who arrived during the discussion was there, Dr. Blythmoore let her take over and left for home.  The others stayed a little while longer waiting for Carlos and Mark’s relief before going home themselves.  Now that Mrs. Maria was in good hands Tyler put his focus on Manual. “Manny, I made a decision, and you’re coming home with us.” Knowing a but was coming, Tyler rushed on. “I won’t hear any objection.  You have been alone so much lately that it’s not doing you any good.  You need to let someone take care of you for a while so you can recharge your strength and energy.”


This time Manual didn’t put up a fight and went along willingly.  Carlos followed him to Mrs. Maria’s house so he could pack some clothes before going on to Tyler’s.  As soon as the door was open, Tyler could feel the rejuvenating energy coming from it just how he wanted it to be.  The younger children were in the theater room watching a Disney movie while the older children were in the game room playing video games.  Happy that all was well, they separated to do what needed to be done.  While Carlos and Mark went to their joint office and Tyeceonna and David showed Manual a room so he could unpack, Christian and Tyler went to the kitchen to get started on dinner and catch up on the news.


After dinner they all met up in the living room to relax.  Some played cards and some played board games with the children, others just sat around talking or watching television.  Around eight o’clock the children began falling asleep and was put to bed.  By nine every child was tucked in bed and about an hour later the adults followed along.  As everyone headed upstairs, Carlos and Mark held Christian and Tyler back for a little private talk.


They told them everything they had found out throughout the day and the steps they had set in motion in case there’s any sign of trouble. “I don’t expect they think they will pull off whatever their planning with you fully guarded, but you never know.  I do think you should let Tyeceonna know so this won’t slap her in the face when it all goes down considering who’s involved.”


Tyler told Mark he’ll talk to his sister tomorrow. “Let me know if you find anything else.  If they want a fight, then I’m going to give them one.  I don’t need this bullshit right now, and I’m going to show them that I’m not in the mood to play.”


Christian squeezed Tyler’s hand once again to calm him. “Thanks guys.  Keep us up to date on everything, okay?”


Carlos and Mark said they will and Christian pulled Tyler out of the room before any more was said on the natter.  While they headed upstairs, Carlos and Mark went around making sure everything was locked up and the alarm set before heading up themselves.


To Be Continued...


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