Big bear in Rotterdam

Date: May 6, 2007.

Author: welpje, let me know what you think of it.

There is a small lake in Rotterdam I usually go to when the weather is nice. It has a nudist beach where gay men go to in summer. I never knew about that place until I joined a guy I had met on the internet. It was very nice. He and I had spent some days on that beach swimming and making out. I had been a regular ever since. When summer ended I never got back to it. That place was only fun in summer.

Summer came early this year. We had a week off from school and being a teacher I had a week off from work. Even in May the sun was shining brightly and temperatures were almost like summer. I decided to take it easy and have a day in the sun. I went to my favourite sand beach at the lake. It is nice to see familiar faces. A nudist beach somehow has a crowd of regular visitors. Since I went there on a regular basis I knew some of the guys. I said hi to some and chatted a bit. They all were excited about being able to be in the sun so early this year.

I found a spot in the corner near the bushes, so I could have a look out over the entire nudist beach, which is actually not more than a hundred metres of sand beach that is surrounded by trees. I undressed and stretched out my towel. My body was still a bit white, but would soon have a little tan. I laid on my back and closed my eyes. I dozed off a little.

After a couple of minutes I sat up and took out my water bottle. I get thirsty quickly and I was told that drinking lots of water is good for the skin too. I saw some guys walking into the bushes where the cruising usually happens. I smiled. Hunting season was open. A couple of paces from me an older man lay on his side reading a book.He had a nice broad back with a deep groove where his spine column was. He had one knee pointed up and I could see his muscles under the skin. He was bald on top of his head and had a rim of grey hair. The sun reflected on his tanned skin. He had nice round buttocks with little grey hairs that lighted up in the sun. I took another sip of water and stared at him. I wondered what it would be like to be with a man like that. I felt my cock harden. I always get a little embarrassed when that happens.

The man did not know I was watching him and kept reading. I laid back and tried to relax. Eventually the erection would go down and I would not look like a complete idiot. I thought about the man I had just been watching. "Not good! Think of something else!!" I decided to think of something else but a big man kept popping up in my thoughts.

I sat up again. I tried to look casually over the beach and act as if I was not doing anything special. Still my cock was not thinking of acting casually. He stood firm and was not planning on lowering its head. I saw the man roll over on his other side. He faced me now. Wow, his hair was covered in grey hairs. They made a beautiful pattern around his dark nipples. I turned my head in another direction so as not to look him in the face. He reached for his bag and took out an apple. Then he sat up and ate it all. When he finished it, he stood up and walked in my direction. I felt my face turn red (it must be, because I felt how it glowed). I saw his round belly and a big fat cock with big balls dangling under it. He walked past me and smiled. He said "hi" and walked past me to toss his apple core in the bushes where the birds could eat whatever was left of it. I turned round and said hi back. He turned towards me and looked at me. I was terrified. He must think I was checking him out (which I was!) and I felt really embarrassed. Weird actually, but when it comes to flirting I am really shy.

"You might wanna be careful in the sun" he said with an american accent.His voice was very low and friendly. I nodded. "Yes, I get some sun cream on in a minute. It is my first day in the sun and I don't want to get sunburnt". I took out the bottle and started squeezing a drop in my hand. "It is amazing how well you Dutch people understand English" he replied. "We learn that in school and from tv." I spilled some suncream on my towel. "Let me get some of that on your back", he said and stretched out his hand. I squeezed some cream in his hand and he rubbed my shoulders with it. "My name is Fred, I am from Chicago, USA". I looked over my shoulders and saw his bright blue eyes looking back at me. "Nice to meet you Fred. I am John." His hands kept making circular motions on my back. Hmmm, that felt good. Fred told me he was here on business and had some time off. He had a meeting downtown the next day.

Freds hands seemed to know what they were doing. He was rubbing me throughout the conversation and every now and then he held his hand up for some new cream. His hands were all over my body, stroking my thighs and my belly and my chest. He gave my nipple a friendly squeeze. We talked about America and the Netherlands and how people can be very different. He said he like the Dutch, because they are so easy going and friendly. I smiled. "I like american bears." I finally got the nerve to touch his chest. His grey hair felt nicely rugged. Fred smiled back. "Okay, there is only one piece of you that needs some sun cream. Allow me" He stretch out his hand and I squeezed him a final drop. He gently slid his hand over my cock. I moaned. Oh man that felt good. Fred had nice warm hands that felt soft and firm at the same time. He smiled and took a drop of precum from my hard cock. "There you go, young man. Now you are well protected against the sun." "Thank you Fred. Want to bring your towel over here?"

Fred paced away and took his bag and towel and put it next to mine. I felt great having a gorgeous man lying next to me. He was on his side and looked at me. I stretched out facing him and touched the grey hairs on his chest. Something about that feeling makes me go crazy. He leaned his head over and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth a bit and felt a warm tongue entering. He tasted like apple. Fred stroked my chest and slid his hand down reaching my cock. I looked down where his hand was going. Only then I noticed that his cock had hardened. It was thick and cut. The big mushroom head was red. A drop of precum slowly dripped down. He grabbed my cock firmly and pulled back my foreskin. I moaned softly. His warm hand slid back and forth a couple of times. I got hot and cold at the same time. A man like that was playing with my body. It felt awsome. I stroked his chest and squeezed his nipples. That was Fred's turn to give me a soft moan. Aha. Fred was a nipple man. I would give him whatever he wanted. A guy like that could make me do whatever he wishes. I slid my hand down to his big cock. Fred looked over my shoulder to a man that was watching us from a distance. "We have an audience, John." I could not care less about anyone watching us. I was looking at Fred's blue eyes. "He seems to like it, he is stroking himself." Fred continued. "Well , let him enjoy the show. It is a free country", I replied. Fred gave me a wink and stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. "You don't mind being watched? Well, neither do I", he said in his gentle voice. His fingers ran over my balls. I felt my cock stir.

I rolled over on my back and felt Fred's hand touching me everywhere. His hand ran in the inside of my thigh. I still had my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt a warm mouth swallowing all of my cock. I gave a big sigh. His mouth moved up and down and up and down. I went crazy. Man I was about to cum. I moaned. "Are you about to shoot, boy?" "Oh yes!" Fred took his mouth of and firmly grabbed my cock in his hand. "I want to see your load, son" He stroked and stroked. I groaned deep in my throat. That grip was driving me crazy, sliding over my cock head. I shot a big load all over my chest and sighed. Fred giggled. "That is a good boy". I gave him a big kiss. He deserved it. I had never cum that good in years.

"Our dutch viewer is almost finished too" he said. I looked at the same direction he did. An older guy with a moustache was stroking his cock like crazy. I looked at Fred and smiled. "I know that guy, he comes here often. He usually just watches other people and plays with himself." Fred smiled back at me. "Well then, how about the rest of the show?" I sat on my knees and bent over to get Fred's cock in my mouth to return the favour. My left hand ran over his chest and belly. I took my mouth off his cock and wet my finger. I slowly inserted it in his butt crack. He spreaded his legs a bit to give me better access. I slowly went up and down with my finger that found its way into his warm hole. I licked his cock and took it all the way into my mouth. "Yeah that feels nice, boy!" My finger found his prostate that was blowing up like a balloon. I sucked his thick cock, all the way down into my mouth. "Ooooh I am almost there! Taste my cum, boy!" Fred's legs tightened and I felt his butt squeeze together. "Ooooh yes!" His warm cum squeezed out. It tasted great. Man, that was really something.

Fred and I lied down next to eachother and held eachother. We dozed off, my hand was on his hairy chest and his was on my side. His lips touched mine. I felt his warm breath. I was satisfied.

Fred insisted that he'd buy me dinner and I had to show him some of the town when he was done with his business meetings. But that is a whole other story.