Big bear in Rotterdam - part two

Date: May 08, 2007

Author: Welpje, please let me know what you think of it.

Fred and I got dressed and walked to my car. He had travelled by bus, for which I admired him. It is quite a tour to find the right bus to our beach. He was as smart as he was beautiful, I told him. Again a beautiful smile lit up his face. I apologised for the mess in my car. I drive a beat up European hatchback and usually don't bother to vacuum it. Fred didn't mind. He was glad to not have to wait for busses again. I took him to his hotel and dropped him off. I told him I would pick him up and take him to a nice restaurant in town and kissed him warm and deeply. I had an hour to get into some clothes that were fit for dining out.

I never knew an hour could feel so long. I was taking a shower and thought of Fred. I wished he were there with me to soap me up. One thing I particularly enjoy is rubbing my belly and chest against a hairy man and feel the soap between his and my body. I got hard when I thought of my dick touching his when we would embrace. I enjoyed the hot water and gave my body a scrub with a rough cloth. That always makes me feel very fresh and clean. It also gives a nice tingling sensation and encourages the blood flow.

Restaurants in our country don't require a dress code, but I usually feel better in a buttoned shirt and good pants. Besides, I had a man to impress. I had half an hour of time left so I watched an episode of Will and Grace on TV. (That is right, all American soaps and comedies air here too, in fact they rerun for several times.) I decided to take the subway downtown, because parking can be a pain. And besides, it gave me an opportunity to have a glass of wine. (Gosh I am so responsible.)

Fred was waiting for me in the hotel lobby. He welcomed me with his award-winning smile. He was dressed in dark pants and a white shirt with the top buttons open, so I could see some of his grey chest hairs peeking out. I had to restrain myself not to jump him in front of all these people. We walked to the restaurant, which was quite close.

Dinner was good. A middle-aged couple next to us was enviously looking at us. They hardly spoke to each other, so I figured they were a bit annoyed by other people having a good time. Fred and I were talking and laughing the whole time. It is great to have a guy that can keep a conversation going. Fred told me he was a representative of a clothing brand, he turned out to be 56, had one sister in Florida that he hardly ever spoke to. She was not too thrilled about his gay lifestyle. I knew what he meant. My family has a hard time understanding either. Fred was quite surprised that I told him I was only 35. I came across much older, he said. Not that I looked old, but in the way I acted. I took it as a compliment. Fred ordered another bottle of white Chardonnay for us, which was very much to my liking.

We stayed in long after the kitchen closed and had to be told it was time to go. The restaurant was closing; it was way past eleven o'clock. Fred took the bill and gave a good tip. The time had flown and I was a bit tipsy from the wine. Fred could not let me go, he told me I could spend the night at his room. He told me everything I needed was there. I did not mind when he told me he had to get up at 7 in the morning. The main thing was we could be together that night.

The view from his double bed hotel room was quite astonishing. It was way up at the 7th floor and had a nice view over Rotterdam. I pointed at some hallmarks. The Euromast, the bridge we call "the Swan" and the Nedlloyd building where Jacky Chan had recorded scenes for "Who am I?"

Fred's hands ran over my shoulders when he listened to me point out all those things. He told me I could show him the city when he was through with work. I felt one hand unbuttoning my shirt and run over my smooth chest. In my pants there was a noticeable reaction. Fred stood behind me and my hand felt his crotch. He licked my ear and kissed my neck. Shivers went down my spine. I have never felt that intense with a man before. I turned around and looked in his beautiful blue eyes. He kept looking in my eyes and unbuckled my belt. I felt his hands undo my button fly. My pants fell down the floor and I stepped out of them. Now I undid Fred of his shirt. My hands were all over the hairy chest. I licked the dark nipples that popped out. Fred sighed. I hugged him and held him for seconds. His warm hands ran over my back. They felt warm and soft as they did before. Fred kicked off his shoes and took of his pants. I gazed at the white boxers with the big bulge in it. I licked my lips. My mouth felt dry.

With the strength of a wrestler I was lifted up and got tossed on the bed as if I were feather light. Two warm hands ran over my back and massaged me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second. The hands slowly worked their way down and started to go under my briefs. I felt the hands took down my briefs and strip them off. I lifted up my pelvis so it could slide down. One kiss on my left cheek. It was soft and tender. One kiss one the other one. Just as soft and just as tender. Then I felt a moist tongue sliding in-between. I moaned as I felt Fred lick my butt crack. He took his time to lick it. I pulled one knee up and adjusted my hard cock that was poking the mantras. Fred's finger slowly entered my hole. It made me shiver with excitement. Fred pulled out and went into the bathroom. I heard him come out a second later and noticed the soft sound of a tube being pulled open. It made a soft popping noise. It felt a bit cold when his lubed finger entered me. But that was only a few seconds. One finger slid in and made slow movements in my butt. The finger probed my ass and went in and out slowly. I felt another finger joining, slowly massaging my sphincter. Two fingers went in and out. I moaned. The fingers disappeared and it was quiet for a while. I heard a slight tearing sound and some soft noises. I felt the fingers entering again. Wow, that was great. "How many fingers have you got in there? " I asked. I heard Fred giggle a bit and felt two hands one my back, grabbing me tight. "I guess that answers your question", Fred replied, grabbing me with both hands. I sighed. Fred made pumping motions and slowly fucked me. I was going mad. His warm dick was moving in and out. I felt the warmth through my entire body.

Without taking his dick out, he rolled me on my back slowly. I grabbed my ankles and let him fuck me deep and slow. His one hand grabbed my hard cock and slid up and down in the same rhythm as his fucking motion. It was intense. I moaned and groaned deep in my throat. Fred was breathing heavily. I felt his movements go a little faster. One hand was on my cock. Is slid up and down in fast motion, his dick was going in and out faster. I was ready to shoot. He whispered softly: "I am almost there, but I don't want to come before you". He stopped fucking me and left his hard dick ease down a bit in my ass. "Go on", I said. "I am going to cum." He moved his hand and squeezed my dick. His hand went faster and faster. I groaned and shot a big load all over my belly. Hot cum splashed over my belly and chest. He picked up the pace in his pelvis motions again. He pumped and pumped. I saw his face turn red and his breathing went faster and deeper. One big groan and I felt the hot load fill up the condom inside me. He leaned over and kissed me. His hot hairy belly and chest touched my body and he held me. I felt ran my hands over his back and softly scratched with my nails. He shivered.

After we lay there for a few minutes, I cannot remember how long. Then he slowly pulled out. We went into the shower and cleaned up. I finally got the chance to rub my belly against his and let the soap flow in between. I fell asleep holding him close to me, my belly in his back, my hand on his chest.

End of part two