By John Yager

This is the fifty chapter of a series.  Please see the introduction to chapter 1 for other information and background.

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Getting to Know Bill

"This isn't looking good," Bill said as soon as we walked into the lobby. A discontented crowd of fifteen or twenty people were milling around the front desk talking among themselves. The desk clerk and the manager, who'd come out of the office to help, were speaking with them, but there didn't seem to be much they could do.
The Damrosch is a small hotel by New York standards. I did a quick estimate and figured that of the eight floors, only six were actually used for guest rooms. The two lower floors were used for public spaces, the dining room and kitchen and a few meeting or banquet rooms. The floor I was on had only ten or twelve rooms and small suites like the one I was in so there couldn't be more than sixty or seventy guest rooms in all.

With the power off and the phones down, the staff couldn't even call around to other hotels in the area to see who might still have rooms and the only way these people were going to find rooms was to walk from one hotel to another. As Bill had said, the situation was not looking good.
"The problem is the fire codes," the manger was saying, his voice raised enough to be heard by all. "We must stay under our occupancy limit."

"Surely under these conditions the city isn't going to be too strict if you let some of us just camp in one of your meeting rooms," one of the disgruntled men responded.

"We're trying to find out, sir," the manager said.

"Come on," I said, taking Bill by the hand and leading him back to the rear of the lobby.

"Three-twelve," I said quietly to the desk clerk, who quickly turned to retrieve my key. One of the men standing by looked at me coldly as if I were some sort of interloper.
"There are two messages for you, Mr. Bell," he said, handing me the message slips along with the key. "We've put a supply of candles in each room, but do be careful with them, and try to make them last. Our supply is limited and we have no idea how long this blackout will go on."

"Thank you, Jack, but I do need to ask you one more thing," I said, leaning over the desk and speaking softly. I didn't wanting to further agitate the roomless throng.
"Certainly, sir."

"My friend here isn't going to get home tonight. Can I put him up in my room without breaking any those occupancy rules your boss was talking about?"

"Yes, certainly, sir. Three-twelve is listed as a double room."

"What's going to happen with all these people?" I asked.

"We don't know yet, sir, but we've sent one of the Bell Boys to the police precinct to see if we can let them sleep in the second floor banquet rooms. We'd be glad to put up roll-away beds and cots if we get approval."

"Well, good luck." I started to leave and then thought to ask, "oh, by the way, do you know if any of the neighborhood restaurants are open?"

"Yes, sir, I know the Rogelio on Sixty-first and Bombay on Sixty-second are both open. I think some of other places and the delis are open as well."

"Well, Bill, we won't starve," I grinned and we headed for the stairs.
"I'm just glad your room isn't on the eight floor," Bill said as we came out onto the landing. Like the building where the law firm offices were located, the emergency lights in the stairs and hallways had given us adequate light.

My room was still softly illuminated by fading sunlight coming through the big French windows. They each opened out onto a minuscule balcony. The rooms were stuffy and I opened each of the windows and immediately felt an improvement in the air. It might be a warm night but at least there was a breeze.
"Well, what do you think?" I said, as Bill looked around. "I think we can both be comfortable here."

"Absolutely, Sandy," he grinned. "I really appreciate this but I sure don't want to put you out."

As usual at the Damrosch, I'd booked one of the corner suites. They weren't large but there was a living room and small serving kitchen to the right of the entry and one bedroom and a bath to the left. The bedroom was somewhat cramped but it had a king size bed. In the living room there was a sofa which pulled out to make a bed.

"I can be comfortable on the sofa," Bill went on.

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," I said. "Now, do you prefer Italian or Indian? Personally, I'd be happy with either, but I am hungry and would be glad to go on and find someplace if you're up for it."

"Either one," he said. We abandoned the formality of suit coats and ties, had a quick wash and headed back down the stairs. In the lobby the crowd had disappeared and I asked Jack if they'd been able to work something out.

"Yes, sir. We can put them up. We suggested they go get some dinner while we get beds made up."

"How many will you have sleeping in the banquet rooms then?"

"Well, we only have thirty roll away beds so we are putting up twenty for men in one banquet room and ten for women in the other. That will take care of everyone who has asked for accommodations so far."

"I'm glad you can put them up. Will bathrooms and water be a problem?"

"No, sir, they shouldn't be. We have a stand tank on the roof and our water is heated by gas. There are public toilets on the second floor where the banquet rooms are located. They don't have any showers or tubs but I think everybody will cope."

"It's a lot better than sleeping on the streets."

"Absolutely, sir."

Bill and I went out and stood on the curb trying to figure out which way to go. The two restaurants Jack had suggested were in opposite directions.

"You know, Sandy," Bill said after a moment, "the desk clerk said there were some delis open. Why don't we just get some sandwiches and drinks and bring them back to your room?"

"Sure, Bill," I said, liking the idea. "We could do that."
We walked a block and a half south on Amsterdam and found everything we wanted in one shop. Within three quarters of an hour we were back in my room with, not only food for Thursday evening, but also some muffins and fruit juice for breakfast on Friday.

"It isn't going to get all that cool in here, Bill," I said. "I think I'll get into a pair of gym shorts and be as comfortable as possible. I have an extra pair and they're clean. Why don't you do the same."

"That sounds like a very good idea," he grinned. "I'll be wearing these clothes again tomorrow so it would probably be best if I got out of them and at least hung them up."

"What sizes do you wear?"

"Shirt, underwear, whatever you need. I bet we're about the same size."

"Sixteen and a half , thirty-four shirts."

"Exactly the same, what about underwear?"

"Well," he grinned, "I usually wear boxer, thirty-two/thirty-four inch waist."

"Ditto, let me get you some gym shorts for now and you can have whatever you want in the morning."
"Thanks, Sandy, but I sure don't want to put you out."

"Hey, Bill, I packed more than I'll need. It's no problem at all."
I went into the bedroom and, without closing the door, undressed. I did it slowly, feeling as if he were watching me, taking my time hanging up my slacks and the jacket I'd left lying on the bed. Then, standing naked by the chest of drawers, I took out two pairs of gym shorts, one white, the other pale blue. When I turned to call to Bill, to ask which he'd prefer, he was standing in the doorway staring at me.
I made no attempt to cover my nudity, figuring if Bill wanted to check me out, I'd let him have a good look.

"Blue or white?" I asked, holding both pairs out at arms length.
"Whichever," he said. His voice was low and a little gravely and he never took his eyes off my crotch.

Interesting, I thought.

I tossed him the blue pair and stood there holding the white ones, but making no move to actually put them on, as he began to slowly unbutton his shirt.
Would you believe the guy stripped! I mean, he didn't just get undressed, he stripped, slowly and sensually as if he were putting a performance just for me.
As his clothes came off, item by item, and his toned body came into view in the soft half light, my own cock became increasingly, painfully erect. My own interest couldn't have been more obvious.

When he was completely naked he just stood there, making no effort to pull on the blue shorts, which he'd tossed casually onto the chair which now also held the rest of his clothes.

Without saying a word - none seemed necessary - I took a step to the bed and yanked back the covers. Within another second we were in each other's arms.

Bill's lips were all over me and I was all over him. We were both gasping for breath as we rolled and tumbled in the bed, the food we'd left on the little kitchen counter was completely forgotten. Hey, with each other to consume, who needs deli sandwiches, right?

He moved down and took my cock, and I do mean he took it. In one sudden move he had the length of it fully embedded in his throat, which is no small feat. I was impressed.

We rolled into a good position for some mutual sucking and got down to the pleasures of my favorite numbers game, sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty-nine! Not a word had been spoken and at that point neither one of us was in any position to talk.

We were hungry, ravenous, and it didn't take long. I would have tried to slow things down but midway to that first climax it occurred to me that we did have all night. In fact, we had a bit longer. So the first go - or rather the first come, was hard and fast and passionate. He got there seconds before me and I felt his cock swell and spew. His stuff tasted nice, salty, sweet, creamy and plentiful. I didn't waste a drop.

His passion set off my own orgasm and within seconds we were both noisily slurping on each other's cock.

When we'd finished we rolled apart and then, after just lying there a few minutes, Bill turned and crawled up to lay his head on the pillow by mine. We were lying on our sides, facing each other and we both had sort of silly, surprised smiles on our faces. They were the kind of grins my grandpa used to say were like the guy who just walked over the rise and smelled the unmistakable aroma of moonshine drifting up from the valley below. Being a New York boy, I figured Bill wouldn't know exactly what that meant, but he sure had that kind of grin on his cute face.

"Wow!" he said and I echoed it. "I sort of hoped you liked the same games I'm into," he eventually added.
"My favorite games," I grinned. "I never was much into golf."

"Yeah? Too bad, you can have lot of fun with a club and a couple of balls."

I chuckled and scooted forward a little to kiss his lips. His mouth opened a little and I explored. I tasted real nice on his tongue.

I rolled over onto my back and pulled him over onto me. His head nestled nicely into the crook of my arm and his lips snuggled up to my right ear. Yeah, I could get used to this, I thought as we both dozed.

To be continued.