By John Yager

This is the seventh and final chapter of a series.  Please see the introduction to chapter 1 for other information and background.

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- 7 -

One Hot, Dark Night

Bill felt his way to one side of the bed as I managed to get to the other, and to the bedside table and the condoms and lube I'd stashed there with some optimism when I'd unpacked the previous evening.

"Here," I said, reaching out to find Bill's hand and placing the tube and box in it.

"You okay with this?"

"Yeah," I said, feeling suddenly shy, "let's do it."

He turned away from me and I could tell he was putting the supplies within easy reach for when we needed them.

Then he was back, turned toward me, taking me in his arms and pressing me down onto the bed. I spread my legs and he rolled over me, his hot, sweaty body on mine.

The weight of his solid torso felt right against mine. I lifted my legs and locked them around his hips, rocking a little, getting the rhythm going. We kissed deeply and our bodies moved together, getting into the mood. "I could get used to this," he whispered as we broke apart and he lifted himself up off me.

He moved into a kneeling position between my legs and I spread them as wide as I could, giving him room. He smiled at me and put his hands behind my knees, lifting them up until they were pressed against my shoulders. I grabbed my ankles and held them so he was free to get to my ass. I expected him to reach for the lube and work it into me, gradually opening me for his cock. Instead, he bent down and took my own cock, gently kissing its hard, drooling head. I moaned approvingly as he took it into his mouth, sucking it a little, then releasing it to move further down. His tongue lapped my balls, making them cool, even in the hot air.

He moved down further and I realized he was going for my ass. I panicked for a moment, always embarrassed when a guy rimmed me, fearing I wasn't completely clean.

But I soon relaxed, maybe because I remembered that my bowels were empty and that Bill had washed me thoroughly there, probing with his soapy fingers while we were in the shower. I wondered if he'd been planning this then. His tongue circled the puckered bud of my ass and I felt it twitch as he lubed it with his saliva.

We were both moaning now, getting into it. If I hadn't already begun to relax, I would have soon enough with what he was doing to me down there. I felt my butt crack getting wetter by the minute as he licked and slobbered over me. It was bestial, wanton and completely hot. His hands were on the backs of my thighs, pushing them back and apart, demanding greater access.

He looked up from between my legs and grinned up at me. "Like that?"

"Oh, yeah,"

"You've got a great ass, Sandy. I want to eat you out."

I groaned, shocked by his desire, but very turned on by it.

He dove down again, pressing his open lips to my opening ass and I felt his hard, pointed tongue press in.

I'd been rimmed a few times, but nothing like this.

His whole mouth was locked over my ass, sucking, licking, probing. I was moaning continually now, not able to put my growing lust into words, but expressing it with groans and growls.

His tongue forced its way in, pulled back and stabbed in again. Soon he had me open enough for easy entry and wet enough so his tongue slid in and out with ease. He was fucking me with his tongue!

Soon two of his fingers joined his tongue, one from each hand, one on each side, probing, spreading me further, opening me up.

"Oh, god, Bill," I moaned, feeling as if I were sliding over the edge, not just into a powerful orgasm, but into some uncharted abyss. "I think," I managed to moan, "I'm going to come."

He pulled off my ass and suddenly consumed my cock, taking the head and a few inches of the shaft into his hot mouth just as I erupted.

He got the first couple of jolts, but then abandoned my cock, letting it spurt out its last few jolts over my belly, while his sperm-filled mouth quickly returned to my gaping ass. Suddenly the guy was forcibly spewing my own seed out of his mouth up into my pulsing ass! I felt as if I were being fucked with my own cum.

Backing off and looking up at me, he growled, "we won't need any lube."

He moved so his cock was pressing into me and lowered his body onto mine. The rough, soft, tickling mat of his chest hair pressed between me, running me wild. His lips found mine and I opened to him, wanton, slutty, tasting my own cum and my own ass on his tongue. We were moaning, his body pressing against mine, my body humping up into his.

As we kissed deeply, my tongue in his mouth, dancing little jigs around his, I felt the head of his cock slip effortlessly into my gaping hole. The thought that he hadn't put on a condom crossed my mind and was abandoned as quickly as it came.

"Bareback?" he growled, jerking his mouth from mine.

"Yeah," I growled back.

"It's okay," he moaned as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into me. "I get tested regularly. I'm negative."

"Me too," I moaned. I knew it wasn't true, about it being safe, I mean. I always played it safe, always used condoms when I fucked another guy. I always insisted on the other guy wearing a condom when it was me getting fucked. At that moment, however, my brain and body were on overload. I think if he'd said he was positive I'd have had trouble working up the strength to tell him to stop.

All I wanted at that moment was his cock in my ass. I was begging to be fucked.

Bill slid in his full length and then backed out quickly. My ass was so open and so slick with his spit and my cum that I felt no discomfort at all.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned. He lowered his raunchy mouth to mine and began to thrust.

My legs were locked around his hips and his cock was working my ass like a pneumatic hammer. If my ass had been concrete, he'd have forced his way in.

I never dreamed that I could come again so quickly. Those days belonged to my teenage years, now well behind me. But as Bill mercilessly drilled my ass I began to feel my own juices rising.

It wasn't long before we were both approaching a new maelstrom of passion. Words gave way to animal sounds and sounds to a chorus of rude noises.

The windows were wide open and the ruckus we were making must have been heard all the way to Broadway.

Mercifully, it didn't last too long. I felt Bill's body stiffen and his cock swell. My own dick, ground between his belly and mine was doing its own thing and all at once we were there.

I felt his lava erupt in my ass and my own seed poured out in hard, almost painful bolts.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned as he collapsed onto me, the full, satisfying weight of his body on mine.

"Oh . . . Fuck . . . Bill," I moaned.

I guess we slept. It was so hot and our bodies were so soaked with sweat that it must have been more like a coma.

At some point in the early hours of morning I heard the air conditioning kick on. The light in the bathroom and one in the living room sprang to life.

I managed to rouse myself and close the windows so the AC had a chance to cool the place off. I turned off the living room light, but left the bathroom one on, closing the door almost completely, so if either of us got up again before dawn, we could find our way to the toilet.

The Big Blackout of 2003 was over and I stumbled back to bed. It was so nice to find such an incredible guy sleeping soundly there and I snuggled against him in the increasingly cool air.

The next morning we rose late, showered together and returned to bed, still naked, still horny.

Bill called in to find Rita at the office and the world returning to normal. "Okay, sweetheart," I heard him say to her. "I'll just relax and come in after lunch."

He rolled back toward me in the rumpled bed and I fucked him. Bareback. Why close the barn door after the horse is out?

We eventually got up and showered together, washing away a long night's worth of accumulated lust.

About eleven we shared a late breakfast in the room, the muffins and juice we'd bought at the deli the previous evening, augmented by eggs and sausages, yes, sausages, and a pot of coffee ordered from room service.

It was Jack from the font desk who did the honors.

He seemed unfazed by our nakedness. In fact, it was clear he was checking us out.

"Did you ever make it home?" I asked as he placed our order on the table.

"No, I just slept here. I'm going home in an hour or so, though."

"What about the displaced persons? Did you get them all bedded down?"

"Yeah," he grinned. We sent the last of them off about an hour ago."

Bill and eventually got dressed, both of us in my underwear and shirts. I went with him to the offices and we got together again that evening at Martin and Tim's apartment on Columbus Avenue.


Ten days later Bill visited me at my home near Oxford, Mississippi. Technically, it was a business trip, necessitated by the need to review the new contracts.

By the time I met him at the airport in Memphis I'd gone on for a blood test. I couldn't really stop worrying about our unsafe sex until I got the results back.

He was right, of course. We were both fine, but I wouldn't recommend what we did.

Unprotected sex is never a good idea, unless you're in a monogamous relationship, which Bill and I now are.

The end.