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PT 1

The sounds of kids running and playing made me smile. I guess I need to smile, after the month I was having. Meeting after meeting for weeks on end and then Nate walking out on me. And of course after having 3 years under our belts he finally now tells me he isn't happy.

I stopped and looked at the massive fountain in the middle of the park. It was a work of art, but that wasn't caught my eye. What caught my eye was the water. Water never changes, it's always the same. Unlike love, love is never the same; it's always either growing or shrinking. But water is always the same. Ok, I guess you could go into the chemistry of it and tell me that it's not the simple... but it is to me.

"Whatever," I say out loud and kept walking. I didn't get too far before my cell phone rang. "Hello?" I said.

"Hello Tyler." My assistant Alexei said in his warming British accent.

"Hello Alexei. What can do for you right now?"

"Well you can come out to Fifth Ave. and meet the limo waiting there for you. Your meetings in New York have been cancelled and I heard you saying something about going home. So I took the liberty of telling the flight crew to get the bird fueled and ready to fly. So from New York to house in Vermont should be a quick flight depending on how fast you get to the airport." He said.

"I knew I paid too much for a reason." I said walking out of the park to see Danny, my personal driver waiting by the limo for me.

Also out of nowhere two my bodyguards come out and stand next to me while I got into the limo.

"How do you manage to lose my agents?" Jackson, my head of security, asked me when I took my seat in the limo.

"I dunno I am 21. I don't stay in one place to long. Maybe you should get some younger agents." I said with a wink.

"Well then is going to be good news for you then." He said tossing me a folder.

"What is this?" I said opening the folder.

"It's your new security team. I have been reassigned to a new body. My boss noticed that you kept losing us, so he reassigned you to someone else. Your new head will meet you at the plane." He explained.

"I don't know if I like this. What do you think of the situation?" I asked him.

He thought for a second. "I hate to go, but I think it's for the best. This guy they are replacing me with is at the top of his class. The agents they are putting on his team are also the best in their class too."

"I am being protected by a wet behind the ear graduates?" I said getting pissed.

"They are more the qualified to make sure you stay safe. And page through the file, his picture is in there." He smiled

I flipped through and saw the picture. I stop breathing. His eyes were emerald green eyes and his hair was jet-black. He had this lop-sided grin that made my heart jump. "Kyle Larkson." I read aloud.

"I knew you would have that type of reaction when you saw his picture."

"Yea, well, I still wanna keep you on. So name yer price." I said getting into business mode.

"Everything is so simple for the boy billionaire huh?"

"Quite simple, so name it. I like having you around, you become like a father to me." I said wiping a stray tear. "No price is too high." I said firmly.

He thought for a second and when the limo came to a stop he said, "Looks like we'll have to talk about this later. But you have my word that I am staying."

I smiled as the door opened. "Good." I said before I stepped out of the limo.

"Hello sir." Alexei said.

"Hey Lexei," I said fixing my suit as I stood.

"Sir, I wish you wouldn't call me that." He said as he frowned.

"Well, I am only 21; I don't need to be called sir." I said walking towards the plane.

"So this is the boy billionaire." An unfamiliar voice said.

I turned to see who it was, "And who are you?" I said looking into a pair of green eyes.

"Kyle Larkson. I am your new head of security." He said sticking out his hand.

I looked him up and down, and then took his hand. I was thoroughly impressed. He stood at 6'3 (much taller then my 5'9), had to be anywhere from 190 to 210, and it was all muscle.

"Well I am glad to have you aboard Kyle." I said shaking his hand and then turned to board the plane.

I guess it time for some background info on me. My name is Tyler Matthews, I am 5'9 and 145lbs, and I have brown hair and blue eyes. Pretty average. I am 21 and worth 25 billion dollars. Making me the youngest billionaire out there (hence the nickname). My family owned a number of businesses but a year ago my parents died in car accident, leaving me the sole heir to their estate.

This totals out to be: 4 mansions in New York, Hawaii, Florida, and Vermont. A pretty impressive fleet of cars (both new and classics). A very large yacht and other personal watercrafts on board that. And my dad's prized possession, the bird. The bird is our own plane, not a small leer jet but a Boeing 747. The plane was converted into a house with wings. It took a small fortune but on long flights, it's quite worth it.

Oh back to reality.

"Oh I am sorry what did you say?" I said to Kyle.

"I said this is a very big plane for one person." He said looking around in awe.

"Yea we'll my dad bought it for the family. I guess he went a lil over board." I said walking up to my personal area of the plane, with my bedroom and living area.

"I see." Said looking around, "Um I know this is your personal area, do you want me to give a few minutes before we go on with introductions?" he said getting uncomfortable.

"No, don't worry about it. As my head of security you'll be at my side most of time and you are free to chill up here if you want. But only you, not your team." I explained as I took off my tie and suit jacket.

"Oh, so I should feel special." He said giving me that lop-sided grin and a wink.

"Maybe." I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off. "So is there anything else you wanted to talk about Kyle?"

"Yes, my team and I have been brief on you and your travels. So we have dispatched agents to each of the homes and they are securing them. The four agents we have on board, besides me, will be your core team. You only see us and none of the other agents," he smiled, "They are what I like to call `just in case precautions'.

"I talked it over with Jackson, and I put a small arsenal of weapons on board. But if the weapons can't be reached, me and the other agents are second degree black belts, so make no mistake you are safe, Tyler."

I was in awe, for a recent graduate he just about covered every base. "Kyle, how old are you?"


"Ok," I thought for a second. "I need time to take a nap. Tell Alexei that I want to be awake for final descent. It's great to have you on the team Kyle. I look forward to getting to know you. Now if you'll excuse me." I said walking into my room and crashing on the bed.

As I stepped off the plane I realized how much I hated the city. Everyone trying to get there on time and be rude, but up here it's like a permanent vacation. I walked down to see caravan of Ford Expeditions. All black and all bulletproof, I am guessing from the look of it. I might have to talk to Kyle about going over board.

"Tyler!" Alexei said trying getting my attention.


"You have a week before any more meeting are on yer schedule. So take this time to relax. And forget about you know who," he pointed out to me.

"I wasn't even thinking about him, but I am now." I sighed. "Since I don't have any meetings this week, feel free to take a vacation. The Gulfstream is ready to go when you. Just tell Kyle where you are off too and make sure you have someone on you."

"Thanks." He said walking off to find Kyle.

I found my way into the middle SUV and wait for us to get going. Just as I get my hand on the handle to open the door Kyle is there to open it for me. "Why thank you." I said getting into SUV.

"No problem. Everyone is in the caravan and we are off. So it's about an hour ride to the manor," I cut him off.

"I know Kyle. I live here remember?"

He blushed, then I could see him thinking.

"What are you thinking about?"


"Liar, I can see the smoke coming out of your ears."

He laughed. "Ok, I don't know. Maybe this is something that just changed in the last month. But the file said there was a Nate Collins in this group, yet I have not come into contact with him."

I sighed and took a deep breath. "Nate was my boyfriend of 3 years and he just left me." I explained.

"Do you mind me asking why?"

I thought for a moment. "He told me he was beginning to feel small and insignificant, then that grew to resentment, and it finally ended it him no longer loving me." I tried to choke back the tears but this was the first time since he left me that I didn't have to be at a meeting, so I couldn't hold them back.

Then Kyle did something that totally surprised me. He held me. He held me while I cried all my sadness and anger about Nate.

"He didn't deserve anyone like you anyway. You're so special you'll find the right guy for you in no time and you guys are going to be great." He said kissing on my forehead.

"Thank you Kyle." I said regaining my composure just as the SUV stopped in front of the Manor. "Can let the people who work for see me like this." I said fixing my hair and wiping my face.

"Well I did." He said.

"True, but you're my bodyguard. You'll probably see me at my weakest at on point. So I know I can trust you." I said stepping out of the vehicle.

As soon as I stepped out, my cook/maid/nanny/mom, Kathy, gave me this huge bear hug. "Oh I have missed you so much." He said placing kissing all over my face.

"I can see." I said slipping out of grasp. "I am going to be home for a week, so you can spoil me with all of your wonderful cooking." I said.

"Oh sweetie you know I will." She said kissing me one more time and then running back into the house.

"So here you are." Kyle said walking into my office.

"Yea, I come here and talk to my friends online. You know AOL Instant Messenger."

"Why not go visit them?" he said.

"Because they are all busy with college and I am busy with my empire," I joked.

"Do you miss college?" he said sitting on my desk.

"Ah, so we have done our homework." I ran my fingers through my hair. "Yes and no. Yes, because I miss the whole carefree atmosphere of it. I could mess up there and it wouldn't cost me half a billion dollars. If I were still in college I wouldn't have meeting to go to and other things.

"And no because, I am getting more experience in the world this way. I am learning things that I wouldn't learn in college. For example, I know how to handle myself when I walk into a room and all the men are older then 40. And when they write me off as a snotty nosed kid who doesn't know any better and I know how I made 2.7 billion dollars last year.

"So I think I am doing pretty well with out a college degree." I smiled.

"I guess you could say that."

"So on another note," I looked up at him with a sly look in my eye. "How does your boyfriend feel about your new assignment?"

All the color drained from his face. "How did you know?"

"Well I did some homework of my own. I made a few phone calls."

"Oh, well he wasn't too happy about it and he gave me a choice. And I guess you can guess the outcome of it."

"I am sorry to hear about that." I placed my hand on his hand.

"Well it was a long time coming. He just didn't understand that this was my dream and if I have to go it alone then so be it." He sighed.

"So it's almost like were in the same boat." I pointed out.

"Yea, I guess you could say that." He said standing. "If you need anything I will be right out there in the lounge."

"Ok," I smiled at him.

As he left the room I couldn't help but smile. "I really like you." I said to myself.

The next afternoon I was in the pool when I felt someone behind me. I turned to Kyle putting his arms around me. It was an amazing feeling to be engulfed in the big man.

"I've wanted to do that since I saw you." He said kissing my forehead.

"I was hoping you would." I mumbled.

"Hoping I would do what?" Kathy said.

"Oh shit!" I said jumping out of bed.

She laughed. "I didn't mean to scare you. But who were you talking about?"

I turned red, "Um... no one."

She laughed out loud this time. "The boy billionaire you may be to the world but I know you a little better than that. It's that Kyle boy." She pointed out.

"Yea, well maybe. But I can't have these feelings for my bodyguard." I whined.

"Yes, you can. And from the way he looks at you. He might have the same feelings." She said making the bed I just jumped out of.

"Yea right." I said walking to the closet, "I wish. A guy like that doesn't go for guy like me." I said picking out a shirt and shorts.

"Why's that?" Kathy said giggling.

"I don't know. I am just too plain. There isn't anything special about me." I said walking into the bathroom.

"I think there are lot things that are special about you." Kyle said.

"Fuck!" I said dropping all of my stuff. "9,000 square feet and I can't get one fucking place to myself!" I screamed.

Kyle laughed. "I think we should talk anyway. I have been thinking about this all night. And I need to get it off my chest. So I talked to Kathy and breakfast will be at the pool for the two of us in a half an hour." He said before he walked out of bathroom.

I have never gotten ready quicker then I did this morning. I wanted to look good but I didn't have time to look really good. So I settled for semi good but just woke up a half an hour ago look.

I walked out to the patio where Kyle and breakfast were waiting for me. I walked up to the table and he stood to greet me.

"So should we get started?" I said sitting and picking up my fork.

"I think we should get started."

"So what have you been thinking about?"

"Well I like you a lot. I want to be around you a lot. I want to me make sure everything is ok with. I can also see myself with you for a long time as more than just your bodyguard. I am also your bodyguard and it's not ok for us to be together like that. But I guess we can make up our own rules when it comes to us.

"So bottom line I wanna be with you, but I guess it's up to you." He said placing his hand on mines.

"Kyle if we are to do this I need to know that I am going to be safe at all times. Are you going to be able to stay focus and do whatever to keep me safe?"

"Tyler, I think you know that that was my plan in the first place." He looked almost offended.

"Well it looks like we're going to do this." I said beginning to smile.

"We are?" he said standing.

"We are." I said standing too.

"Fuck yea!" he grabbing and a spinning.

So that week turned into a lazy week of getting to know each other, little fights, and anything else that came up. I think over all we're a great fit. Me being the one to do anything on a whim and him the one to keep me grounded and not do anything stupid or help me out of trouble... whichever comes first.

The Manor is built on 20 acres of woodland. But there is one area just behind the house that comes to a high point and you can see all over the estate. Kyle and I love to go up there and hold each other. It quickly became one of our favorite things to do.

"You know something Tyler?"

"What Kyle?"

"I think I am falling for you." He said kissing my head.

"I have that affect on people." I teased.

He laughed. "That you do."

"Excuse me. But you have a phone call." Alexei said handing me my cell.

"Hey! When did you come back?" I said

"Later. It's business." He said stepping back.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hello, is this Tyler Matthews?"

"Yes it is. What can do for you?"

"This is Preston Headly from Mason, Bennett, and Headly. We are calling because out client, Nate Collins, wants to talk to you before he goes to the authorities."

"Excuse me?" I said getting away from Kyle and standing. "What are you talking?"

"It seems from the information that we have here you liked to bribe people to get the things you needed. And we have a list of people that took bribes from you."

"Are you serious?!" I yelled.

"Now there is no need to get upset. How about you meet us here tomorrow, that's a Monday, at 10:30"

"Fine," I growled. "Give the address to my assistant and I will see you there." I said throwing Alexei the phone. I paced back and forth while he took down the information. When I saw he was off the phone, I turned to Alexei, "I want every little bit of dirt on everyone at the law firm and their families too. If they want to do this to me I will bury everyone there, including Nate."

The next morning I walked into Mason, Bennett, and Headly Law Offices. I walked up to the receptionist.

"Hello I am Tyler Matthews."

"Oh yes, the rest of your party is in conference room 2. I show you there." She stood to show me and Kyle to the room.

Alexei and my lawyers where already in the room. There were 4 of them on one side of the table and i am guessing from the sweaty nervous look on his face Mr. Headly was on the other side sitting next to Nate. Alexei stood and gave me his seat.

"So what the hell is this about?" I said a little less then friendly.

My lawyers were the first to speak up. "Well it looks like they are saying that they have proof of you bribing people. But after an hour of going back and forth they haven't produced any proof yet. So we're debating on suing them for slander, but of course it's up to you." he said looking over at me.

I looked at Nate. "No don't sue them. We just want them to know that whatever they make up and say we did. We actually have dirt on all of them. So if we are finish with this, I would love to get the hell out of here." But just as I started to stand a man walked into a room with a tape player.

"Sorry sir, it was hard for us to transcribe it. They were whispering most of the time." He said setting up the player and then handing out the transcribe conversation.

I looked over it and recognized it immediately. It was a conversation we were having while I thought we were on good terms. We had been on vacation in Miami and I was joking about paying a construction company more money to finish a hotel faster almost two years ago. I looked up at him, "Was that your plan all along? To use me for my money?"

He sneered and turned away.

I could feel the tears coming down my face. "Well I hoped it would come to this." I pulled an envelope out of my suit jacket and slid it across the table. "I've had to be careful that people didn't use me for my money. I thought you were different Nate. But since your not. I have information here that can get you college scholarship revoke, all of your trophies taken away, and just plan ruin your life."

"No you don't." Nate sneered.

"Open it. It clearly states that you used performance enhancing drugs from high school up until college. In fact that's how you got your scholarship wasn't it?"

"You wouldn't?" he dared me.

"A corner dog always lashes out." I said simply.

It was like everyone else left the room and it was just us two. The sadness was leaving me and the anger was started to boil.

He whispered something to his lawyer and Mr. Headly got up and ended the meeting.

I walked out of the building and I waited for limo to pull up.

"Alexei cancel my meetings for the next month, and put everyone on vacations. I am going to the Hawaii compound." I turned to Kyle, "The house crew is fine but you are the only security agent I want on me while I am there. Got it?"

He opened his mouth to disagree but decided against it.

After I gave out the orders, I shut down. I sat in the back of the limo with Kyle staring at me. When we got to the airport he ushered me on the bird. I went to my private area and took off my suit. I lay down on the bed.

"You ok?" he asked me.

"No. I just found out that for 3 years he was only gathering dirt on me. So he could sell each secret back to me. There wasn't any love."

He came over to the bed. "Well he didn't know what he had." He said rubbing my back.

"I really don't want the `He wasn't good enough for you' speech. I just need to be alone." I said rolling over.

"Tyler, what up." Kyle said lightly shaking me.

"What?" I groaned.

"We're here." He said

I looked around. "This isn't the bird." I pointed out.

"Yea I carried you into a limo," he looked down at his hands. "You looked like you needed it."

"Thanks," I said smiling for the first time since this morning. The limo door opened and we in front of one of my recent purchases. The real estate agent said it was called Kani's Grotto.

It was a modest estate; it was only 5,000 square feet. But when I first saw I feel in love with it. The house had an indoor/outdoor feel. The house had a courtyard with palm trees and hibiscus flowers everywhere. There was an indoor pool that ended outdoors. It was amazing.

"This place is amazing. The pictures don't do it justice." Kyle said walking behind me.

"Yea. Let's just say this is where I want to get away from it all. But you haven't seen the best part." I said walking towards the garage. I typed my password and the door opened. My impressive fleet of sports cars came into view. "One of my hobbies." I said closing the garage.

I showed him around the house and it was just as beautiful as I remember it. Only now, I am alone. Or am I really?

I turned around and looked at Kyle who was still in his suit. He looked amazing; he turned to look at me and smiled. I walked over and hugged him.

"What's this for?" he said kissing my forehead.

"Nothing, just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about you." I said squeezing him.

"I understand, this was a difficult thing. But know that I will never leave your side. Ok?" he made eye contact with me and i nodded..

I led him out to the backyard of the estate and I look out over the ocean. It's a magnificent thing; fill with the same never changing water. But this time... I have a better out look on love, so I guess love really isn't such a bad thing.


So there it is.. hope you like it and I hope to hear from ya... Constructive criticism is always a plus... Mean people just suck... = )