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Chapter 3 



As I awoke the next morning, I found myself in bed--I had one hell of a hangover, yet I didn't remember drinking anything--I learned later is had been a reaction to the drug. I was also vaguely aware of someone else being in the room.

"Are you alright?" Jackson asked.

As I looked up I saw him. He was sitting in the chair across from the bed. "No, my head hurts like hell." I said as I positioned myself against the headboard.

"That's understandable--they gave you a healthy dose of that sedative." he said as he stood and turned toward the window. "I don't think I would have needed to have sedated you, however; I've been told from reliable sources that you weren't easy to deal with--You've always been somewhat of a 'sour pill' when it comes to doing something you don't want to do."

"You know me too well Jackson." I laughed as I gathered strength to stand. Once on my feet I stood for a few minutes--I didn't want to fall. "I know I asked you to stay on staff as an advisor, but something tells me you're not here for that. "

"You've always had that 'special gift'--Your mother had it too." He then paused for a few seconds, "The agency, who placed Kyle with you, is questioning their decision--Somehow they found out about your ongoing relationship--They feel it's affecting Kyle's ability to perform as a security agent--it's affecting his ability to protect you.

"What happened yesterday proved the point--He should've realized more agents were needed--Yet he chose to go it alone. The agency has given what I consider to be an ultimatum--either you end your relationship now, or Kyle will be replaced--it's your choice." He then gauged my reaction by looking me in the eyes.

I walked into my large walk-in-closet--changed into jeans and a t-shirt. I then walked straight to my office, sat behind my desk, and made a few calls to inquire as to Kyle's whereabouts. I then pondered our situation.

About twenty-minutes later, there was a knock on my door. "Come in" I said as I gazed at the unique beauty the island had to offer. I was staring through the large plate-glass window.

"You wanted to see me?" Kyle asked.

"Have you talked to Jackson?"


I turned and looked at him. His arm was tightly wrapped in a bandage of sort--He looked really tired--My heart went out to him--I just wanted to rush up to him to make sure he was ok, but I couldn't--this had to be done.

"What do you think of the situation?" I asked.

"I think the company has a valid point..." As I looked at my wounded warrior, I abruptly cut him off--I was in business mode. "Look Kyle, I don't want you to tell me what Jackson told you--I want to hear your opinion." I said coldly.

His jaw tightened as he thought for a few seconds. "I'm not sure--I'm not ready to give up my career, but then again I don't want to give you up either."

"I think we should end this now." I said using all my power to make sure my voice didn't quiver.

I could tell my wounded warrior felt hurt--I certainly was. Just saying it had made my heart want to bleed. As he started to speak, I continued on: "Look Kyle, I need to know that I'm going to be safe--safe at all times. I can't have our feelings for each other interfere." I said as I tried to keep my voice from cracking.

"I've kept you safe haven't I?" he countered.

"Yes, but at what cost--Look at you, you're hurt--You're limping too. It's probably better for both of us." I said in a tone that let him know that I was done talking.

"No, you can't do this--You care for me too much to end it. I know it--you know it too--It isn't over--it can't be. He looked at me and then started to walk out. When he reached the door he stopped. "I'm not giving up on us."

I almost broke down into tears, but I held my own.

Just as he was leaving, Kathy appeared in the doorway. As I looked into her eyes, I slumped down behind my desk into the chair--I broke down.

 She ran over to me. "You'll be alright." she cooed as she patted me on the back.

"I can't believe I just did that--I thought we had something really special--now it's over and done with."

"Look Tyler, It seems to me that it would be better to have him here, even just as an employee, than to not have him here at all." she said.

"I guess so." I said as I regained my composure. "When did you get here and how?"

"Your home team phoned the team in Vermont and notified them you were under attack--I got on the first available plane and flew out here." She patted my head and then added: "I'm going to start traveling with you--I don't want to be clear across the country when and if this ever happens again." She then kissed me on the forehead.

"Thanks," I said as I wiped away a tear.

"I'm going to fix you something to eat--You need nourishment." she said as she hurried herself out of the room.

She nearly collided with Jackson as he was entering.

 "We have a little information on yesterdays attack." We were able to rule out kidnapping--It'd be pointless--that leaves us only with murder as the objective." he said.

 "Do we have any suspects or know who's behind it?" I asked.

"Kyle asked the wounded assailant a few questions before he was taken into police custody. The only thing said was: `That fag is going to pay.'"

"Do you think it's some kind of a homophobic hate crime then? I didn't know the public even knew I was gay."

"Well you did go to the governor's ball in New York with Nate." Jackson pointed out. "That night was a bodyguard's worst nightmare. I still remember the night I told you it wasn't a good idea."

He laughed and gave me his impression of me. "I'm one of the richest fuckers on the damn planet! I can bring my fucking boyfriend to the damn ball and if those up-tight bigots don't like it they can take their designer imposter suits and kiss my homo ass!

"Yeah--I didn't know if I should clap or laugh my ass off. Then the tabloids went on the attack, and what did the headlines read?" he asked as he smirked at me.

I sighed as I remembered that horrible week in the news--Boy-Billionaire Has A Boy-Toy--I shook my head as I thought about it then got back to the matter at hand. "Any clues as to who's leading that motley crew?"

"We have a few--Nothing solid though."

"Well get on it--I want something solid—ASAP."

"Not a problem. Have you decided what to with Kyle yet?" Jackson asked.

"No, not yet." I said as I stood.

"You should get on it." he said.

I shot him a look that pretty much told him eat shit and die. "Be careful." he said as I walked past him and out of the office.

I walked into the living area. It was pretty much composed of wall-to-wall windows as it made for a great sunroom and usually had the perfect view--the view of the surrounding island, however; today as I looked out the window, all I saw were agents--each blocking a window--each with their weapons clearly evident.

I was uncomfortable. Never had anything like this ever happened when my parents were alive. When I was about two or three there had been kidnapping plots, but they were foiled. I was never this close to being killed--I was really frightened. As I started to walk outside, I felt a hand on my shoulder--I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"I wouldn't do that." Moore said as he stood there.

"Am I not allowed? I snapped at him.

He chuckled. "No--it's Kyle--he's out there--and from the conversation you had earlier, I don't think you're ready to face him. Come on--follow me."

"Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you--there's just a lot of shit going on." I said as we walked toward the long hallway--We ended up beside the pool.

"No problem." he said as he smiled at me. "Moore, Austin Moore--We've not been formally introduced, but I'd like it if you'd just call me Austin." he said as he stuck out his hand. I shook it. His handshake was firm--his arms were well-muscled. He had a body one would kill for--he was pure unadulterated muscle.

"How did you know where the pool was?" I asked, as I was slightly curious. "I usually have to show people."

"I went exploring yesterday before all hell broke loose." he said explaining as he looked around--"I love this place."

I watched him as he walked the length of the pool. "Yeah, it's one of the places that actually feel like home." I said as I bent down and touched the water's surface.

He then looked over and smiled at me. "Was that you opening up?" he asked.

I was confused--I didn't understand what he meant. "Excuse me?"

"I've been watching you--it just seems you put up walls to keep people out. You're not a very trusting person, or at least you don't seem to be." he said as he continued to walk around the pool.

"I guess you're right." I said as I dipped my foot in the pool.

"Then why get rid of one of the few people you can trust? You need Kyle--He needs you too."

I just looked at him and said: "I'm leaving."

Austin then murmured: "There goes that wall again."

"And just who the hell do you think you are?--You know nothing about me, you..." He cut me off as I was just about to really lambaste him.

"And whose fault is that? I bet since Nate left you, every time someone new gets too close you just shut 'em down. Am I right?"

"How dare you bring up shit like that--you know hardly anything about me--I don't have to explain my decisions." I yelled at him.

"You're right, you don't have to explain your decisions to anyone--I may not know much about you, but I do know that one of my best friends thinks you're something special--He can't seem to understand why you would want to throw him away. He still thinks the world of you." he said as he started to walk out.

"Your company gave me a choice." I said not quite loud enough for him to comprehend.

"What?" he asked as he came closer.

"Your company gave me a choice--either we end the relationship or he gets transferred to another job location." I said as I looked sadly to the ground.

"Oh shit." he said as he sighed. "Tyler, look, I'm sorry--I didn't know--I do tend to run off at the mouth when I think I am right. You don't mind me calling you Tyler do you Mr. Matthews?"

"No, but you're right--I'm not a trusting person--I'm scared of getting in a close relationship with Kyle--What if he doesn't like what he sees--What if he turns out to be like Nate? I can't really see that in him, but there are just too many variables." I said as I leaned against the wall.

"That's life--Its just one big variable after another. There's no-way you can always been in control--Life involves living on faith. Do you think you can do that?"

I looked at him--Something about his face made me trust him. I nodded to him in the affirmative.

"Good--we've got to think of something--You can't just be backed into a corner like this--I saw you in that meeting with Nate--I know how you think--We'll think of something." he said as he looked at me.

"What I can do?"

"Well we're not leaving until we come up with a plan." He sounded optimistic.

And that's what we did--we finally decided on a plan of action--I conjured up what I thought was the perfect plan--I was buying the security company. I would put Jackson in as operational chief--second in command only to me, its owner. Then I could use the company as well as its vast array of resources for my personal safety. Austin thought it would work out too.

I called Alexei to inform him of the project--He was told to get the proverbial ball rolling. I was again in business mode. I then told Jackson and of course he chuckled. He told me that I was crazy enough to do it, but he was all go for it as well. I welcomed him aboard. The only person left to tell was Kyle--I couldn't wait to tell him--We could be together--There was no stopping our train now--it's full steam ahead.

I set out to find him--He was on the covered patio. After I had made sure it was ok for me to hang-out outside for awhile, I walked up to him.

I took a deep breath--it startled him--We both began talking at the same time. "You go first." he said to me.

"No you go first--I did most of the talking earlier."

"Ok look, I've been thinking about what you said--I think it's total bullshit--I think you're just too scared that we might get close--that I might try to use you as Nate tried to.

"Ty--I'm not that asshole--I would never, ever, jeopardize your safety or try to hurt you!

"You're my heart--You're my soul--I want to make sure you're happy, that you're safe & secure, and that you're cared for. I'm willing to do everything within my power to make it just that way.

"I love you." he said as tears were flowing freely from his eyes just as they were from mine. He then pulled me into an embrace. He hugged me tightly, and kissed me with deep passion. I was in heaven--the love of my life, my wounded warrior said that he loved me--he was going to make sure I was always safe at his side. Could things ever get better than this, I questioned myself.

He then continued: "...but it's time I put away my personal feelings--I love you--but I have to end our relationship--It's over." He hugged me and then hurriedly walked away. Talk about shock--I was in shock--He loved me, but it was over?!? That left me to really think about what he said.





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