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Chapter 4

Three weeks had past since the night Kyle called it off. I tried to explain my plan about buying the company he worked for but he wouldn't hear it. He kept saying that my safety was important. So after spending weeks trying to get through to him, I gave up.

"Tyler. Are you in there?" Alexei asked.

"Yeah." I said as I was coming back to reality.

"You've been out of it lately." he said as he frowned at me "Are you ok?"

His accent was a comfort. "Yes--I'm fine." I lied. "So what's next?"

I had just gotten out of a meeting where I was informed of what exactly I owned and how much money it is making--I can tell you, I was bored out mind. I am only twenty-one--I don't want sit through meetings like this. I'd rather be out partying. Hey if the Hilton sisters can do, why can't i?

I stood and interrupted Alexei, "I want to go shopping." I said as I walked toward my office door.

"What about the rest of the meetings?" he asked as he chased after me.

"Get Carter--he can conduct them. He's second in command right?" I said as I stepped into the elevator.

"Well right." he said as he stood there looking at me.

"Good. Take care of everything and meet me at the condo when you're through. I smiled and looked over at Austin who was waiting in the elevator with me. "We're going to the lobby--I want you to come with me." I said to him as he pushed the button.

"So where are you off to now?" he asked.

"Shopping for now." I said as I smiled at him.




"You're crazy!" he said as we walked into the condo struggling with the bags.

"Why?" I asked.

He stopped and gawked at me "How long did you shop?"

"45 minutes."

"How much did you spend--$15,000?"

"What exactly is your point?" I asked--I was getting a little pissed.

"Nothing." He said shaking his head.

"Well I am glad you two are having fun." Kyle said as he made his way in.

"Hi--how are you doing?" He had somewhat startled me.

"I'm irritated--where the hell have you two been?!" he yelled.

"I went shopping--Moore went with me--what's the big deal?" I asked as I rolled my eyes and walked past him and into my bedroom.

"You left without telling anyone!" he said as he followed me into my room.

"I told Alexei and Moore." I said as I started putting my new things away.

"Well what about letting your head-of-security know?" His words dripped with sarcasm.

"Please!" I said. "Why?--you seem to leaving me out of major decisions when it comes to protecting me!" I yelled as I turned and pointed at him. "Like putting Moore as my personal bodyguard. Didn't you have the balls to tell me that you couldn't be around me anymore?" I yelled at him.

"Tyler, it's hard." He said as his voice was just above a whisper.

"And I'm not hurting too?" I said as I wiped a stray tear. "Just get out." I said as I got back to putting my new things away.

"But..." I cut him off.

"Go!" I yelled and again I went back to putting the things away. I heard him leave as I went for my cell.

"Hello?" a woman's voice said.

"Hi--is Andy there?" I asked as I wiped a tear away.

"Yes he is, hold on." she said as she put me on hold. A sappy love song came on over the phone.

"Stupid fucking song." I said out loud.

"Someone has his panties in a bunch." he giggled.

"Shut up. I'm not in the mood." I laughed.

"So what's up girl?" he asked.

"I need to get out--I want you with me." I said.

"Ooooh!" he squealed. "Do we have a price tag?"

"Of course not."

"Good! Let me tell my assistant and I'll be right over there." he said as he hung up the phone.

"You ok?" Austin asked.

"Shit--you scared the hell out of me!" I said.

"Sorry." he said as he walked into the bedroom with the rest of my bags.

"Yeah--I'm fine." I said as I smiled at him.

"You sure?" he asked.

Over the last three weeks or so, I've become pretty close to Austin--he can read me like a book. He could tell if I was lying to him or not.

"Yeah, I'll be ok." I said as I started rummaging through my bags. "Oh yeah--tell the big head that we're going clubbing tonight--I'll be needing the full team." I explained.

"And I should be expecting Andy?" he added.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Ok give me the background on Andy." he said as he sat on the couch in the living room area of my bedroom. He patted on the couch next to him so I would come over and sit.

I walked over and sat on the arm of the couch. "Andy." I thought for a few seconds. "First of all you'll know him when you hear him--that's all I am going to say about that."

"As for background, Andy and I grew up together. We met when were in fifth grade. We went to middle school and then high school together. After high school I went to college--he went off to be a fashion designer.

"We were off doing our own thing. After I heard the news about my parents, I phone Andy--he was there for me the whole time. A few of my other good friends were here for as long as they could be, but it was Andy who was here for the duration.

"After I found out that I was the sole benefactor of my parents will, I invested in Andy's line of clothing sort-of as a 'thank you'--it took off. He's doing really well now and he's paid me back." I sighed.

"So long story short--he's my best friend. Whenever I need to go out and party he's the one I call." I smiled.

"I guess this means we should be expecting a wild night?"

"Of course." I said as I got up and went to my closet.

What I forgot to tell him is that Andy is a classic flamer. He's loud, sassy, crude, funny, and very very gay, but he's my best friend--I love him for who he is.


"Where's that bitch?" I heard Andy yell. I must have fallen asleep back on the couch as I was watching TV. "If you'll wait right here, I'll go get him." I heard Kyle say.

"Fuck you! I know this place like the back of my hand." I could hear him as he pushed past Kyle.

I laughed to myself. I sat up just in time to see Andy walk into my bedroom.

"Hey bitch." he said as he walked over to me with a garment bag.

"What's that? I asked.

"What's that--I know you didn't lose your mind?" he said as he looked at me and then at the bags.

"Of course not--I only spent $15,000 today." I said as I stood up and was showing him the bags.

"Yeah, but I had these made just for you." he smiled as he hung up the garment bag. He stopped smiling and looked at me hard for a few seconds. "What's going on--go, spit it out--I know you, remember?" That's why he's my best friend--he knows my every move.

I told him the story of meeting Kyle, and our agreement to date. I also told him about what Nate did to me, and finally about Kyle and I breaking up. He smiled when he was supposed to and frowned when he thought necessary.  He asked questions--I answered them. Over all it was kind of fun.

"Oh my god girl, when you go you go big." he smiled and then added, "In everything you do--I remember that guy in high school..."

I cut him off. "Shut up! You promised you'd never bring that up again." I said as I was rolling in laughter.

"You should be embarrassed--who got stuck while giving head?" he squealed.

"What's going on here?" Moore said as he came into the room. "I heard you two giggling in here like school girls."

"Nothing we're just talking about..." Andy started to say.

"If you say it, I'll have you killed and they'll never find the body!" I screamed as my face turned red with mortification.

"You don't think he'd do that do ya?" Andy asked as he looked at Moore.

"I can't answer that--I work for him." Moore said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You're a mean bitch." Andy said as he stuck out his tongue at me. "So anyway. I figured if we're going to be hanging out in VIP all night you better look good, cause the press hasn't forgotten you sweetie." he said as he unzipped the garment bag.

He then pulled out a black long-sleeve shirt with some amazing designs on it. Some jeans with his clothing line name airbrushed on one leg also appeared.

I walked up and ran my fingers over it. "It's amazing--Thank you." I said as I hugged him.

"Anything for you--so where are we going tonight?" he asked.

"Well I was thinking Avalon." I said thinking out loud.

"I wanted to go to Splash." he whined.

"Yeah but I like the VIP area at Avalon so much better." I whined back.

"Yeah-- I'll have to agree with you on that." he pouted.

"Ah-Ha! I win." I teased.

"I am going to call some people and see if they want to join us." Andy said. He had a mischievous grin about his face.

"I know that look--what are you up to?" I said as I smiled at him.

"You'll see." He then winked at me.

After a couple hours, Andy and I finally finished getting dressed. We had shot the breeze, and had watched a movie--then the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" he said as he jumped up and ran to the door.

"Hey what are you doing?" I said as I ran after him. I stopped dead in my tracks when I finally caught up with him.

There were these two guys standing there--similar in height, around 6' 2", but they were very different in weight. The first one had this unruly brown curly hair--he also had these deep blue eyes, broad shoulders and nice arms. He was in good shape, not as well as Kyle but good none the less.

The other wasn't as cute. His blond hair was gelled into place and he looked really "made up." He was cute but in a high maintenance sort of way. No thanks, I thought to myself.

"Tyler I want you to meet Ian," he said as he pointed to the dark haired young man. "This is Braxton" he said as he then pointed to the other.

Ian smiled as he walked up to me. "Hey, it's nice to meet you. Andy has told me a lot about you." he said as he shook my hand and held on to it a little longer than I thought he should of.

Braxton then pushed Ian out of the way and took my hand and kissed it. "I am honored." he said and gave me dumb ass grin. I felt as if he could smell money and he wanted it.

I snatched my hand back. "Well it's nice to meet you guys." I said as I looked at Ian.

Andy looked at his watch. "Ok its 10:30 and we've have an hour and a half to kill let's do some shots!" Andy said.

A little over two-hours later we were on the dance floor at Avalon. Braxton finally had given up trying to get with me--he started working on Andy. On the other hand, Ian and I were doing great.

We were dirty dancing. He was grinding his crotch into my ass and I loved every minute of it. I knew Kyle was watching, but I didn't care. I was sick and tired of trying to get back together with him. He wasn't putting any effort in it, I was moving on.

"What?" I yelled over the Britney Spears' Me Against the Music.

"I think you're fucking awesome!" he yelled as he put his hands under my shirt.

I turned and took off his shirt. "You're not so bad yourself." I said  as I kissed his bare chest.

As he growled and pulled me into a passionate kiss--I melted into his body. He then grabbed my ass.

Usually something like this probably would have never happened on the dance floor, but after five or six shots of vodka, I didn't care. It was breathtaking dancing with him like that. I could feel the heat coming off his body. I ran my hands over his chest as it was slick with sweat.

The more I touched him the more I wanted him. I pulled him close to me, "God I want you." I said and then gently bit his ear lobe.

"All in time lil' man." he said as he smiled.

We danced the night away--it was awesome. Back in the Expedition, Ian and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. We took a pissed off Braxton home and Andy?--Let's just say he found another ride.

When we got back to the condo I pushed past Moore and Kyle and dragged Ian into my bedroom.

The moment the door was closed my tongue was down his throat and his mine. I practically tore his shirt off. I then started to remove his belt when he stopped me.

"Let me undress you." he said as he reached for my shirt and carefully took it off. He looked at me as he ran his hands over my chest. "Amazing." he said and he then started kissing me again.

He pushed me down on the bed and then bent down and kissed me again and again gently on the lips. I ran my hand over his smooth back, and rested it on his bare hip.  He kissed me on the cheek--then moved to my neck. After raising up, he scooted down a little and pressed his body against my right leg.  He kissed my neck and chest, and then flicked his hot tongue across my erect nipple.

I moaned as Ian spread my legs, "I didn't do anything yet." he said as he smiled at me.

"I know." I said as I blushed.

He spit on his fingers and gently applied it to my love canal. 

He grinned at me. "You want it inside you, babe?" he asked.

"Mm hum," I moaned as I pulled him toward me with my hands. They were on his hips.

 He pushed my legs up to my sides and gently pressed his hard rod into my love hole.  I was ready.  He eased himself in and pressed all the way up till I could feel his soft pubic hair against my cheeks.

 "Oh, babe, you're so tight," he said as he moaned. He was lying on top of me. 

 "And you're so big," I said as I gasped.  I kissed him gently on the lips. 

Slowly, he began to pump. I loved the feel of his body on top of mine as well as his hard rod inside of me.  We kissed gently and tenderly as he fucked to me. As he began to speed up I could tell he was getting close. I held him tight and kept my lips on his.  He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it hard. 

He rose up and grinned at me.  I pulled him back down and kissed him passionately. I knew he was close. He sped up some more. I felt his rod expand to the max inside of me as I continued to kiss him hard on the mouth. He let out a muffled cry and spewed his cum inside me as we continued to kiss.

 Collapsing on top of me, he gasped for air. "Fuck--that was amazing!"

"Who are you telling?" I said as I smiled and kissed him.

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