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Leave Me Alone!



Chapter One

I was sitting in the SUB (student union building) working on my Chem homework before I went to my Journalism class. A lot of things have changed since that night in Paris almost a year ago.

Well first off I am in New Mexico. I had never been here before and I figured it was the perfect place for me to end up.  No one knew I was here, and since I changed my name, it was a little harder to find me.

Now I know you guys are wondering how I got out of Paris without a passport and no money, well let me explain that.

A few weeks earlier I had a bad feeling about how this was going to end, so I transferred some money (About 25 mil) into an account for Derek Holmes. I also had a passport and other pieces of identification for this person too. I gave all this information to Austin Moore; he was one of my bodyguards at the time. I told him to keep it on him until I told him it was time.

This brings me to here, let me introduce you to Derek Holmes.

"Derek!" my friend Sean called out to me.

I looked up to see my friend Sean coming up towards me.

He was one of the first people I met down here. I was terrified about being down here with no one I knew, but Sean made it ok.

"Hey check this out!" he said placing a paper in front of me.

I looked at the paper and saw myself. Well before I dyed my hair blond and my started wearing green contacts. "What's this?" I said trying to keep my voice from wavering.

"It's an unsolved mystery. This kid was a billionaire but after all this crazy shit happened in Paris the kid just vanished. No one has seen him since." Sean said in a spooky voice.

"He's probably in the virgin islands somewhere." I said voicing my first idea.

"That would be so cool." Sean said wistfully.

"Come on." I said standing and gathering up my books. "Let's get to class."


After my last class for the day I walked out to the student parking lot and looked at my baby. When I was looking for car, I kept in mind that was trying to pass a student, but after I saw her I couldn't pass it up.

I press a button on my key chain and the alarm clicked off. I looked over at my Phoenix yellow 2004 BMW M3. Sure I had to tell my friends some story, but it was worth it to be driving one of these again.

I got in, started the car, and put it into gear. The CD started to play and my friend Dakota Jamerson's voice came through the speakers. I was proud that he was doing so well. I went to one of his concerts a few months ago.

As I turned on to I-25 to head north, I noticed someone following me. Great, I slammed on the gas, redlined in second, and threw it into 3rd. I took off down the street and onto the onramp of the highway. I look to see the sporty Mercedes catching up with me.

"Here we go," I said slamming on the gas again and throwing it into fourth. The engine screamed down and the car jumped up to 75mph. The car behind me showed no signs of slowing down. "Come on BMW." I said slamming down the pedal and shifting when I needed too.

I looked down at the odometer and noticed I was doing 100mph and weaving in and out of traffic. I looked in my rearview and noticed that I lost the car behind me.

"Stupid reporter." I said slowing down so I could safely exit the highway.

I walked into my house. It was a small house, only 2 bedrooms. Really small compared to the smallest house I owned when I was Tyler Matthews. But just perfect for Derek Holmes.

I walked into the downstairs bathroom and took out my contact. I smiled when I saw my blue eyes looking back at me. I turned and left the bathroom. I went into my living room and pushed the button on my answering machine.

"Two messages." The voice said.

The first message, "That was real cute stunt you pulled on the highway." Nick Radcliff, the report that had suddenly took interested in me. "You're hiding something and I am going to find out what it is! You'll be hearing from me soon Tyler Matthews." He said hanging up.

"Well if you're going to find out what my secret is, you might want to get a faster car." I said smiling at my joke.

My smile fell from my face when I heard the next message. "Hello this is Jackson McGee. I have received some information from a trusted source that has led me to you, I am on a plane, and right now we are over California. It is 3:43 and we will land in New Mexico and be at your house at 6pm. I hope to get his sorted out tonight." He said and then hung up.

I looked down at my watch and it was 6:05. I had to get out of here. I ran and got my keys and ran to the front door. I opened to see Jackson, a friend of my parents, a family friend, standing there.

He looked at me for a second. "Hello Tyler, can I come in?"


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