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Leave Me Alone!



 Chapter 3

I could hear my footsteps echo as I walked down the dark street. I sighed; this was still new to me. I never had to walk anywhere, and if I did was closely monitored. Now I was lucky if anyone even gave me a second glance. Actually there was no reason to take a look at me. My shaggy black hair covered most of my face and made it hard for anyone to take a real look at me.

I walked up the stoop to my building. I went to unlock the front the door but it was propped open. I sighed; I pulled opened the door and made my way to the steps. I took the steps slowly, my body was sore but I was proud of myself. I have earned every cent that was paid to me in the last year, that's something that has never happened to me.

I stopped in front of my door. My door was opened.

"Fuck." I said out loud. I pushed open the door. Whoever was here was long gone; at least I hope they were, I walked in further. "Hello?" I called out. I looked around and tried to figure out if anything was missing. The apartment was still clean and nothing was out of place. That was weird.

I went to go back to the door when I heard something move behind me. I turned to turn and see who it was but the person was faster then me. Before I knew it, he was holding me and had a hand to my mouth.

"Don't scream, Tyler. Please just don't." the voice pleaded with me.

My mind raced, no one knows Tyler here, who is this. I tried to struggle to get out of the arms.

"Stop it Tyler!" the man said as he squeezed tighter. "I just want to talk. Can we do that please?" he said to me.

I knew I wasn't going to win this by being stronger, so I had to be smarter. I nodded.

He loosened his grip and turned me around. He started to say something but my fist connected with face before he could get a word out. While he grabbed his nose I took off out of the apartment.

I ran down the steps and out the front door. I ran down the street, not sure if the man was following me. I finally slowed down when I saw a subway marker. I ran to the steps and took them two at a time. I was lucky when reached the bottom to see a train waiting.

I looked around and ran to the car. I took a seat away from the door and faced the window so no one could see my face. I was about let out a sigh of relief when I felt someone sit next to me.

I turned to see an elderly lady smiling back at me. "Hello young man." She said to me.

I didn't want to tell her that I was 22, "Hello ma'am." I said nodding at her. I noticed that she was dressed extremely nice to be riding the subway.

"So where are you going at this time of the night? No doubt to a party." She smiled and then winked at me.

I had to laugh at that. "Actually no, I'm..." I stopped, not sure what to tell her, I was scared. If I told her I was running from someone who knew my real name then I would have to tell her all of it and no one was to know that.

"Or you ok?" she said putting her hand on my arm. "You just went pale there. Do you want me to take you home?"

I was trying hard to hold back the tears.

"Ok, you're coming home with me." she said matter of factly.

"But ma'am, I don't think that's a good idea." I said.

"Pish, you're coming back with me or this old lady is going to kick your ass and then drag you home." She said in a tone that was clear this argument was over.


"So here we are." She said stopping at an impressive town house in Manhattan.

I looked around, I didn't like the idea of being in the city again but the woman wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Come on." she taking my hand and dragging me up the steps. I followed her up the steps and waited as she unlocked the door.

"You know something?" she said to me as we entered the dark house.

"What's that?" I asked trying not to trip over anything.

"You remind me of my grandson." She said reaching up and flicking an unseen light switch. Light flooded the room and it took me a while to adjust but when they did I was shocked. Her town home rivaled the ones my parent's owned not to far from here. I looked around in awe.

"Why's that?" I managed to ask.

"There was a lot of sadness in his eyes too. Of course I didn't know what I was looking for then." She said with a hit of sadness in her voice.

"What happened to him?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"He killed himself." She said walking into the living room and taking off her over coat. She pointed to the couch across from her. "So what are you running from?" she asked.

My eyes snapped to her. "What are you talking about ma'am?"

"Cut the bullshit kid. I know it's not the law because the subway cops didn't give you a second glance. So then if I had to take a guess," she cocked her head. "It would have to be from family." Her eyes sized me up. "I see the way you walk and carry yourself. You come from money, that's as plan as the nose on your face. So why are you running?"

"It's a lot harder than that ma'am." I said trying to get her off the subject.

"Well tell me and stop with all of this ma'am shit. My name is Elaina..." she started but I cut her off.

"Elaina Dirkowitz?!" I asked in shock. Elaina Dirkowitz of Dirkowitz's Jewelers, only the largest jewelers in the world. Not just jewelry stores, but mines and designers too. No one brought more precious stones into the US.

"Yes, you do come from money. So what's your name son?" she asked.

"Derek Holmes." I lied and looked down at my hands.

"Liar." She said with a smug smile. "Don't forget I was friends with your grandmother young man." She said just above a whisper.


I had a flashback, it was my 18th birthday, and my grandmother took me to Dirkowitz's. The woman who helped up behind the counter knew my grandmother. They talked about growing up together while I looked around.

I had been looking at a diamond and sapphire set in platinum ring.

"Your grandmother tells me it's your birthday. Turning 18 is very important." She said taking my hand in hers. "Do you want to see it?" she said.

I nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"No, that won't do. Please call me Elaina."


I looked up at her. "I guess there's no need to lie is there." I said defeated.

"No Tyler there isn't." she said standing and coming over and sitting next to me. "I have been watching you in Brooklyn for the past 7 months."

I was shocked. "How?" I asked

"I stumbled onto you by accident. I had a charity event out there and I got lost. I came into the bar you worked at and asked for directions. You talked to me but didn't but didn't recognize me. "

I tried to remember her coming into the bar, but I honestly didn't remember paying attention to anyone.

"I didn't tell anyone, I kept it a secret. I know you told your grandmother about how much you hated having bodyguards around. My Daniel hated it too, he told his parents, but they ignored him. Sometimes I just wish he ran away like you," she said with a forlorn look on her face.

"I am sorry about that Elaina. I remember a Daniel, whenever I was around him he always seemed to be happy." I said.

"No matter." She said standing. "You're staying here for now. So go find a bedroom and tomorrow we are going out to go and get the basic for you." I started to say something. "Don't fight about this me. I refuse to let my best friend's grandson to live like you have." She said standing and leaving the room.

I guess I didn't have a choice in the matter. I stood and looked around the room. I looked at my watch and realized it was almost 3am. I decided to go find a bedroom. I found the steps and climbed them to the second floor. There was a bedroom at the far end of the hallway and the door was closed, so I assumed that it was Elaina's room. I walked down the hall and looked in each room. They were all very large rooms and great views.

I finally settled on a room in with a view of the skyline and a king sized bed. I undressed myself and climbed into the bed. I wasn't sure but I think my head was out before I hit the pillow.


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