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Leave Me Alone!



Chapter 5

I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing right in front of me was the man I loved, and thought I lost. I thought he was dead for a whole year, and he wasn't. He didn't even try to reach out to me. He didn't even try to let me know anything; he just kept me in the dark. He let me feel the pain; he let me feel like it was my fault dead. He let me cry. Then all he says is HI? That's all I get?

“ Tyler ?” Kyle said.

I couldn't even think of anything to say. My body reacted though. I felt my hands ball up into a fist, and I punched him with all my might.

3 hours earlier…

“So you're for sure he's in town?” I asked Jackson .

“Yeah, he is doing the cover shoot for Rolling Stone.” Jackson said.

“That is so cool, he loved that magazine. It's gotta be a dream come true for him to be on the cover. I bet you're pretty proud of your son.” I said smiling at him.

“Very proud. Dakota has worked very hard to get to where he is too.” He said smiling at the idea of his successful son. “Ok, you got get ready, and I'll call the guard he's with to see what time he'll be done.”

“Ok, sounds like a plan.” I said and then turned and walked into my bedroom. It had been a while since I had seen Dakota. We were best friends for most of lives. Although as we got older our lives went in different directions, and we just lost touch with each other. Then my ordeal I went through last year didn't' help matters either. But today I was going to surprise him with a visit.

After I was finished showering and dressing I made my way out of the bedroom as I neared my second floor office I heard Austin and Jackson fighting.

“You did that?! “ Austin yelled.

“I had to, you saw what was happening. It had to be put under control and this was the only way I saw fit to do it. You forget when it's all said in done I am the boss here.” He said with a tone that could freeze hell.

“Yes, I understand but…” Jackson cut him off.

“But nothing. This conversation is done.” He said.

Whatever they were fighting about must be big; I have never known Jackson to just shut someone down like that. I walked into the office and smiled at everyone.

“So did you get a hold of the necessary parties?” I asked.

Jackson looked over at Austin . “Yes they are going to be a warehouse in the meat packing district. But the photographer says it a closed shoot. So we'll just have to wait.” Jackson explains.

“How about not. I want to see him at the shoot. This is a dream come true, and I wanna see my best friend live his dream.” I said not backing done. “So make it happen.” I said in a tone that was clear that I wasn't backing down from this demand.

I wasn't sure but a flash of fear waved over Jackson 's face before he was able to hide it. “Ok. Well, we have reservations for breakfast and by the time we are done with that we will be on our way to the shoot. I will meet you guys there and you and Austin will go to breakfast.” He said making his way to the door. A few minutes later I heard front door close.

I looked over at Austin and smiled, “How are you doing Texas .” I said calling him my new nickname for him.

He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes, which is something very odd with Austin . His eyes are very expressive, and this morning you could look into his eyes and see something was very wrong.

“What's wrong Texas ?” I asked walking up to him and placed my hand on his chest.

“Nothing just thinking about.” He said looking down at me. I gave him a look that prodded him. “About Kyle.”

I could feel my good mood shifting. “I really don't want to talk about this. So let's go to breakfast.” I said walking away from him.

By the time we got to the restaurant the subject of Kyle was forgotten and I couldn't be happier. We ate and talked about everything. It was like we had never been away from each other.

“So are you excited to see this Dakota guy?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, we've been friend since we were little. Our parents used to be best friends so it was only natural that we took to each other too.” I said.

“That's cool. Have you listened to his albums?” Austin asked.

I nodded. “His solo album is great and I saw the Dropouts live when I visited him when he was in college. They are an amazing live band.” I said remembering that time.

“Did you hear he was dating someone?” Austin said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Is he? Who?” I asked.

“You'll never guess.” He said almost giddy.

“Who?” I said in a sharp whisper.

“Justin…” he got out before I cut him off.

“ NO WAY !!” I yelled and then looked around. “You've got to be shitting me?!” I said.

He just shook his head. “When Jackson went out to see him in LA he saw it with his own eyes. He said they are so cute and in love with each other. Isn't that amazing?” Austin said almost excited.

“Wow. Dakota living the big life.” I said. “I can't wait to see him. Let's get out of here.” I said standing and pulling out two fifties and throwing them on the table. “Ready?”

The SUV came to a stop in front of the warehouse the shoot was taking place in. I noticed Jackson pacing outside with a worried look on his face. I stepped out of the SUV and walked up to him.

“What's going on?” I asked him.

“Umm…. I have something to tell you, and you're not going to like it.” he said.

I didn't like this. The man in front of me was always calm and collected. I don't think I ever heard him utter the word ‘um' something was very wrong. “Well say it, so we can get this over with.” I said.

“Well… uh…. Kyle's alive.” He said simply.

I cocked my head to the side and looked at him. Then I looked at Austin and he had a weak smile on his face. “What is this some kind of sick joke?”

“No… he is …” I cut him off.

“Enough. If Kyle was alive he would have let me know and he hasn't, it's been a year and I have heard nothing from him so cut the bull shit and get your asses up the steps.” I almost yelled.

They looked at each other followed my orders. As we ascended the steps I couldn't help but think about what they said and what I said for that matter. Did I know for sure that Kyle would try and get in touch with me or was I fooling myself? Did I really mean that much to him? Or was he just humoring the situation?

By the time we reached the top floor I had worked myself into a panic. But when I saw Dakota standing there I couldn't help but smile, my best friend was standing next to a window with a photographer fawning all over him. I smiled to myself.

I stood watching as they finished up their shot from the other room. Jackson and Austin already made their way into the room I wanted Dakota to see me. I saw him notice the people enter the room as the photographer starting putting his things away. So that when I decided to make my way into the room.

I made eye contact with him and then I screamed his name, “Dakota!” His face lit up, and he called my name out too. I ran over to him and I pulled him into a bar hug. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then I felt Dakota tense up. I was about to ask what was up when I heard his voice.

“ Tyler ?”

I thought I was going crazy. It can't be him. He's dead. He's been dead for a year. So that's not him calling out to me.

“Ty?” he said again.

He wasn't dead, he was alive, and he has been alive. He also hadn't made any effort to contact me. I turned and looked at him. He looked just as beautiful as ever; his hair was a little longer. But he eyes still sparkled emerald green. “Kyle?” I said just above a whisper.

“Hi.” He said just as softly as I did.

He will not make a fool of me again. I will not stand for it. “Hi?” I sneered, “For the last year I thought you were dead, and all I get is hi? That's it, nothing more?” he started to say something but I stopped him and before I thought of anything else to say or do I punch him with very little bit of energy I had. “Fuck You!” I spat at him.

After that I don't remember much. I know I hit him one more time, how or where I don't remember. I was sitting in the back to the SUV with Austin looking out the window. He tried to talk to me but I didn't responded. I couldn't respond.

I was so sad and yet so mad at the same time. My heart was broken because I thought he loved me, but it seemed he couldn't get away from me fast enough. He even faked his death to get away from me.

Then I was mad because he lied to me, he told me loved me, but in fact that couldn't be more far from the truth. Things were getting too complicated for my taste and I had no idea what I want to do now.

I looked over at Austin . “Call Jackson and have him pull the bird out and prep it. I want to be in the air before 12:30pm .” I said.

“Where are we going?” Austin asked.

“Not sure yet. Somewhere far away.” I said looking back through the window.


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