April, 2002

   His legs trembled as he got up and reached for the briefs, pulling them over his slender thighs and placing the spent stalk carefully in its tiny pouch, hiding it from my hungry gaze. He slowly pulled on his clothes, his young eyes roving over my naked frame.... glancing longingly at my large penis as it lay content on my left thigh, desire writ large on his handsome teen face. He suddenly bent down and planted a wet kiss on my cock before moving up, kissing me on the mouth, his tongue darting out to lick my moist lips. And then he straightened up and limped out of the bedroom, letting himself out after promising to return the next day and the day after.... and the day after that.... and....

== *** ==

   The new cafe that had recently opened shop down the lane from my home was just great. Tasteful decor and splendid coffee and within a month it had became popular, with a large, regular and loyal clientele. But the afternoons were 'reserved' for the young college kids who swarmed the place, dating or just relaxing after a hectic study schedule, spending hours sipping their cold, flavored coffee, laughing, talking, gesticulating....

   Well, that was the part I loved the most about the place, the cute young guys. Smooth and sexy late teens just turning from gawky adolescents into a more mature boy-man... metamorphosing into sexy young men. The tight bubble butts, the eternally bulging crotches encased in even tighter jeans, that incredible beauty of youth... something that I always marveled. The kids looked just awesome and they never ceased to amaze me, that amusing attempt at acting grown-up, so cute in their typically awkward teen ways... and I absolutely loved it, the whole attitude, the whole package!

   And whenever I felt overworked or rushed by my editors or just couldn't concentrate, my mind going blank with a dearth of new ideas, I just shut down and went over to the shop for a refreshing cup of piping-hot coffee and some 'inspiration' before returning to my writing. And that day too I was feeling a bit tense, my mind refusing to work, so I walked the approximately half a block to the cafe and went in.

   The strong, rich aroma of coffee filled my senses as I entered and inhaling deeply I smiled, already feeling 'invigorated'. Looking around I noticed the empty tables, it being still a bit too early for the hordes of kids to be there. I went over to my regular, corner seat near the large french windows and sat down, facing the empty table in front of me and ordered my usual black coffee, expresso americano. Placing the pen and note pad on the table in front of me I sat back, waiting...

   I was on my second cup when the kids started pouring in. But most were girls, getting just a cursory glance from me... And then three guys entered, talking loudly, animated... I looked up and blinked.... Jesus, you could have knocked me dead with a feather... for there stood this guy, not a day older than seventeen and exactly what my dreams were made off.

   He was the very embodiment of sweet male perfection - at once innocent and impish, surprisingly mature yet so tender. Slim and lithe like only a teen can be and awfully cute. Sure to obsess anyone who looked at him, filling them with naked desire, making them dream, of all the different ways they'd like to see his perfect body... things they'd love to do.

   And as they came closer and stood at the empty table in front of me, I glanced up once more and almost gasped out loud.... An obscenely large bulge filled the crotch of his tight jeans, the shape clearly marked out... Then as he turned to talk to his friends I felt dizzy, my cock twitching furiously at the sight! His ass was absolutely incredible - two solid globes of melons, filling the seat of his pants to capacity, nearly bursting out of the tautly stretched material.... The seam cutting deep into the crack, parting the cheeks! It seemed almost a sin, his ass! I moaned softly and looked away, willing my cock to go down. No point in working myself up when I didn't plan to pursue the matter further.

   They sat down, my young Adonis facing the large french window, his side towards me, chatting loudly, laughing, gesticulating with both hands. And he had an awesome smile too, radiant and infectious.... and the way his full lips curled over the sparkling white teeth, set my heart aflutter. His large eyes twinkling as he spoke, the lashes amazingly long and black. God, the kid was temptation incarnate...!

   As I watched, he kept turning to look into the large mirror behind me, brushing away an unruly lock from his forehead, checking himself. He caught my eyes a couple of times and finally smiled, clearly embarrassed at being 'caught' admiring himself. And as he continued glancing into the mirror he also looked at me before turning his gaze back to his friends... And each time his eyes lingered for a while longer and then I saw him blush, smile shyly, before quickly turning away.

   I paid for the coffee and got up and as I passed their table he looked up at me, his long lashes giving him an innocent boyish look, utterly vulnerable.... But I also noticed that unmistakable look in those eyes, the look of desire! I smiled to myself and left...

== *** ==

   Three days later I was back again, with enough free time and a blank mind that needed some invigorating... in the mood for some coffee and maybe some equally 'inspiring' sights. And as I walked in and looked around my heart skipped a beat, the kid was there! Sitting alone at the corner table, MY table! I was consumed with lust as I saw him, desire filling my soul. With satisfaction I noted that the room was crowded, all the tables taken and that made me happy...

   He didn't see me approach as I made my way towards the table where he sat looking out through the window, deep in thought and nearly jumped when I asked, "Hi, may I sit down?"

   He looked up with a start, a funny kinda look (joyous disbelief?), on his handsome face and then smiled, shyly, "Uh... um... sure." he finally said.

   I took the chair and looked at him... he was absolutely ravishing, incredibly gorgeous. And as I openly stared at him, he kept glancing back, slightly embarrassed. I saw the flush rise and his ears slowly turn red.

   "You alone, where are your friends?" I asked, suddenly feeling very happy.

   "Uh... in class..." he replied looking down at his hands, the long fingers nervously playing as he squirmed about in his seat, twiddling his thumbs, licking the full lips.

   "You mean, you're cutting class and that too alone? Waiting for someone?" I asked, my heart beginning to thump.

   "I've been doing it for the past three da..." he began in that typical childish way, challenging... and then trailed off looking down at the table, his ears throbbing hotly, clearly nervous.

   "You're missing class and coming here everyday, alone.... Why?" I asked doing my best to sound incredulous, suddenly enjoying the teen's obvious discomfort, somehow already guessing the answer.... I had seen the look in his eyes that other day, the look of unmistakable hunger, I had to be right!

   He looked up, wide-eyed, innocent, the lips trembling... "Waiting for you." he blurted out before hanging his head down once more.

   "You want to tell me, that for the past three days you are neglecting your studies and coming here, waiting for me?!" I pressed, totally thrilled, enjoying the kid's embarrassment!!!

   He nodded vigorously without looking up.

   "Why?" I asked. I wanted to reach out and touch him... but had to be careful about what I did in a public place like this.

   "I don't know..." he said, finally looking up at me, his voice a mere croak, labored, a wild look in his eyes, that of a cornered animal, fascinated yet tinged with a good measure of terror...

   "Want to talk?" I asked, feeling my cock harden slowly in its cozy haven. "I live close by, we could go over to my place...." I said, thrilling at the prospect, "... if you want to, that is." I added, hoping I wasn't coming on too strong...

   He kept staring... a look of someone utterly lost, questioning... desirous yet scared... He looked so vulnerable... so cute... I wanted to take him in my arms and crush my mouth to those luscious lips right then and there!

   "Well...?" I smiled, trying to allay his fears.

   He blushed furiously and then nodded... as he quickly looked around, surveying the room to make sure that nobody he knew was present.

   We got up and after paying for the coffee walked out.

== *** ==

   He was nervous as he shuffled, clenching and unclenching his fists, his eyes wide, chewing on his lower lips. He looked so incredibly cute... standing there in my living room. I flipped the lock and turning, wrapped him in my arms, pulling him close, one hand on that awesome bubble butt, pressing his aroused crotch to my pubes and kissed him on the mouth. He shivered and whimpered, as if in mortal pain, gripping my shoulders fiercely... rubbing against me!

   I pressed harder, against his pliant lips and heard him moan. Licking those luscious lips I pried them apart and inserted my tongue into his sweet, hot mouth... His grip got tighter and his groin rubbed harder, the heat of the aroused young pubes radiating out. I tickled his palate and licked his gum before probing deeper and felt him respond, sucking on my tongue. He was gasping, his nostrils flared, sucking in air... but his lips continued to work and he kept sucking my tongue like it were a piece of his favorite candy.

   With saliva drooling and audible smacks we gnawed at each other's mouth... fingers clawing desperately to get at the tingling clothes-covered flesh... Reluctantly I pulled away and looked at him as he stood staring back at me, the lips all puffed and red, glistening. Taking his shaking hands I led him to the bedroom...

   "Take off your clothes." I said looking into his eyes. Though dying to undress him myself, touch and fondle... caressing the tender teen body as I pulled away the clothes, I decided that I wanted to see him undress for me, a bit of a strip show for my own personal lewd pleasure.

   He just stared back at me, unsure, eyes pleading, his hands at his side, limp... Then slowly he reached up and undid the single button at the neck and began to pull off the T-shirt. I watched in fascination as more and more of the tender flesh was revealed to my hungry gaze by the withdrawing fabric... soft and glowing, smooth and pink and as the tiny boy tits came into view I licked my lips, reaching up to tweak one gently. He shivered and moaned before continuing. And as he raised his arms higher to pull it off, the lush underarm hair, dark and silky, nearly took my breath away... He dropped the shirt and stood still, looking at me, the boyish muscles flexing, a shy smile on his handsome face. I smiled back and his hands reached for the belt, undoing the buckle before opening the button... He hesitated for a moment and then taking a deep breath pushed the zipper down and slid the tight jeans off, bending forwards to first, pull off his boots and then step out of the pants.

   The tiny brief bulged, tented by the tense teen cock, the sheer cotton nearly transparent with the leaked pre cum. He took another deep breath, that pushed his chest out, the pointed boy nipples standing proud and reached for his underwear. Then closing his eyes, he hooked his fingers in the waistband and with one swift motion pushed it down over his slender thighs and stepped out of them before standing up again, totally naked.... his hands quickly reaching in front, trying to cover the large, throbbing penis, suddenly shy.

   I reached forward and taking his hands gently removed them, revealing the fascinating sight of his erect cock.... It was pink and silky, rock hard and throbbing, jutting out at an angle, the tiny slit at the tip drooling clear liquid.... but the most amazing thing was the totally bare pubes! The kid shaved his pubic hair regularly!!!! I looked up at him with a smile and he quickly looked away, his face a bright red, obviously embarrassed at having been 'caught' with his own, private little secret.

   "Wow, that looks terrific!" I said trying to make him feel comfortable and also to let him know it wasn't something unique that he did. "Do you always keep it this way?" I asked.

   He nodded, still looking away, a naughty grin slowly creeping over those luscious lips.

   I leaned forward, close to his pubes and took a deep whiff of his boy crotch, my senses filling with the exciting scent of aroused youth, so sweet, so intoxicating.... and then planted a kiss on the glistening cock tip and saw him shiver, his hands gripping my hair.

   "Ooooohhh.... please...!" he hissed.

   And as the amazing boy cock bobbed and pulsed in front of my eyes, my tongue darted out to lick the silky glans, tasting the salty sweet ooze, relishing it.

   He lifted high, on his toes and thrust into my face, rocking, gripping my hair and pulling hard, his head thrown back, groaning. But I didn't take him in, not yet, I knew he was like a spring loaded gun and would shoot the moment I wrapped my lips around the bloated head and I didn't want him to cum this soon. Instead I went on licking, the twitching head, the long silky shaft and then under it, down to the rolling balls encased in its equally bare and smooth scrotal sac. He teetered back and forth, trying to feed me his burning cock, enter the soothing embrace of my moist mouth.... But I kept pushing him back gently, intent on stretching this longer, keep him hot and on the verge! And as his legs trembled and he shook uncontrollably I pushed him away and stood up. He let out a pitiable groan and looked at me, pleading, disappointed.

   I couldn't help but laugh silently at his desperation as I began to strip with him watching me, his eyes following my every move, drinking in every detail. And as last stitch of garment fell away exposing my raging cock he gasped loudly and closed his eyes.

   Moving forward I wrapped my arms around the shivering boy and slowly got into bed, laying him down and getting over him. Crushing my mouth to his I sucked on those luscious lips, biting them... savoring each moment of the passionate kiss... I was famished, engulfed by the raging flames of lust, unable get enough of the gorgeous kid. Leaving the parted mouth I moved over the flushed cheeks... kissing and licking my way to his eyes... planting soft kisses on the closed lids, nibbling the tip of his nose, getting the whole face wet with saliva as my tongue trailed over the unblemished, smooth skin.

   He moaned with unbridled passion, his body twisting and jerking under my erotic onslaught. And then down, along the stretched neck I moved to his pointed boy tits, all pink and erect... biting them, sucking on them... making him groan even louder and thrash, his hands gripping the pillow furiously.... Further down I worked my way, over the heaving chest, down the hollowed belly... reveling in his slender young body, licking and kissing around the cute navel, swirling my pointed tongue tip in the little depression, making him squirm and his hips buck wildly. Licking lower still I reached his pubes and fluttering my tongue over the closely shaved mound I felt the soft stubble rake it, poking my lips as I kissed him there... And as I reached his bursting cock he gripped my head and pushed me into him, screaming in a hoarse voice, "YES! .... PLEASE!"

   I finally granted him his desire and opening my mouth wide sucked him in.... He wailed and shuddered, his heels digging into the mattress as that awesome ass lifted off the bed, thrusting his rampant cock deeper into my throat. Holding the base I sucked him, with hollowed cheeks, bobbing my head, the tongue fluttered magically over the sensitive tip, licking the soft, pink glans... teasing the tiny, drooling slit at the tip. And as his hunches got wilder and stronger I stopped and releasing him got up...

   He whimpered with disappointment, staring at me accusingly, his hands reaching for the turgid teen pole, frantically pulling at the throbbing hardness for that final pulse that would send him over the edge.... Pushing his hand away I quickly changed position, my groin now close to his face and pulled him on top of me. He moaned and grabbed my cock at the thick base, his knees planting themselves on either side of my head, as he took me in his mouth.... And as he felt the liquid heat of my mouth, once again surround his steel stiff prick, he bucked and growled, nearly biting my cock off!

   I sucked on that rigid cock dangling above me... lunging up to pull him in deeper, tasting and loving the salty passion flooding my mouth as it gushed out of the twitching tip. He too sucked with equal eagerness, licking the throbbing shaft and then taking it deep into his mouth.... moaning lustily as he fucked my face with forceful hunches.

   And he didn't disappoint me, the kid, he understood the subtle language of the grunts and the jerking hips and eager to please dived even deeper into my groin, taking more of my cock into his salivating mouth, those full lips sliding down to the very base... One hand caressed my balls, hefting them, squeezing them while the other held onto the thick base, jerking lovingly.

   Sliding my hands over those smooth globes I pulled him lower and buried my face in his pubes and felt his buttocks quiver and hollow as he fed his cock to me with an ever increasing ferocity, the teen pelvis doing the erotic dance of copulation.... rising and plunging with a regular beat, intent on discovering the joys of mating. And as the twin mounds parted and flexed my fingers snaked between the sweaty cheeks, running along the deep cleft, caressing.

   I absolutely loved this kid and wanted to taste his glorious boy jism... feel him flood my mouth with his love potion. Yet I didn't want it to end this soon either... Releasing the shuddering cock my tongue lapped around his swaying balls, sucking them in and heard him growl, his pelvis spasming uncontrollably... Maneuvering his legs further apart, spreading them wider, I reached up between them with my tongue... trailing along the raised ridge running tantalizingly into the deep cleft of his mesmerizing buttocks. And as the wet caress teased the threshold of his parted cheeks he let out another nasal whimper, his legs stiffening and then jerking with passion.

   With loving fingertips caressing the tiny, clenched mouth, my tongue encroached further up... close to the quivering orifice... and as the moist tip prodded the opening he threw his head back and let out a long wail, mashing his full ass right on my face, grinding...!

   Breathing became practically impossible and reluctantly I pushed his hips higher and went back to the turgid penis... And as my throat muscle worked around the bloated cock-head I felt the whole shaft twitch violently, no doubt in preparation of the massive explosion that hovered close... I saw the heavy testicles roll and crawl up, knotting at the base of the teen cock and knew my reward was imminent. Holding the flexing butt I squeezed the firm globes, caressing the smooth surface, savoring each delicious plunge of the teen spear down my throat. And as his cheeks parted and clenched with his hunching, my fingers slid in between them once more, searching for the tiny boy hole... And as I located the virgin opening, prodding at it, he growled around my cock and shoved in even harder, shifting his leg further apart, opening himself for my probing fingers.

   I slowly worked the fingers around the wrinkled mouth, feeling it twitch and pout... and as he gave an extra big shove I pushed a finger in! He growled and went stiff and then pulling back slammed in, his cock ripping it's way deep into my throat, almost gagging me!

   And as my finger slithered further in, nudging the distinct bulge inside the boiling inferno he whined, pumping my face wildly. His hip like a jackhammer gone crazy... battering away at a stupendous speed, fucking my mouth with wild abandon, forcing me to quickly bring my free hand forward to hold his pumping pelvis high least he rip my mouth and throat wide!

   But despite all the eagerness and the youthful energy he couldn't carry on much longer.... With another wail he wrenched his mouth away and throwing his head back thrust into me, grinding his pubes into my face and holding still. I felt the cheeks flex and the hips quiver and as the first spurt burst forth he grabbed my thighs and buried his face in my groin and went wild.... And as his youthful cock jerked and spewed the rich boy spunk and as his crazed hunching becoming less violent, I wrapped my arms around his slim waist and pulled him closer, hugging him tighter, his twitching cock now deep in my throat, shooting the rich boy cream.

   He was panting as finally the shudders subsided and his hips grew still, the harsh gasps becoming a more normal breathing... the thumping heart gradually slowing down. I gently pushed his hips high, his shriveled cock popping out and rolled him off me.

   Getting up I kissed him on the mouth, sharing his sweet juice and smiled as he stared back, glassy eyed, totally exhausted, the young body glistening with a healthy coat of sweat, the chest still heaving.

   'And now for the best part,' I said to myself...

   I love ass and I love to adore it. Kiss it, lick it... eat it and above all, make love to it! Few sights can ever beat the beauty of a young ass up close. And the glimpse of that tiny puckered entrance once the silky smooth cheeks are parted can rarely be rivaled by anything else! And I absolutely lusted his incredulous butt and wanted it! Wanted it in every possible way - to feel it, eat it, taste it... and finally possess it...

   I slowly flipped his unresisting body onto his stomach and gasped again at the sight of that awesome butt... that incredible teen ass, in all its naked glory. My hands shook as I let my fingers flutter gently over the baby soft surface, caressing, feeling the muscles twitch and ripple under my touch. The mounds of boy flesh so full, so round and suddenly I understood why flashing a naked butt was called 'mooning'... his ass was exactly that - the full moon, only more perfect, without a single blemish. I lowered my face and rested my cheek on the smooth surface, enjoying the touch of the warm flesh against my face.

   He lay still, waiting... waiting for whatever I had to offer, whatever pleasure I could further introduce him to. Slowly turning my face I nudged the crack with my nose, letting it slide into the cleft as my tongue flickered out to lick the creamy surface. I saw his hips jerk and heave as he felt the wet touch and heard him let out a lusty moan. And as the strokes got longer and more circular, licking larger parts of his quivering ass mound, he kept bucking faster and moaning louder, pushing back for more. I nibbled those luscious cheeks, soft love bites and saw his ass flex and twitch, the cheeks hollowing, his pelvis rotating in response.

   The ass glistened with my saliva as I slowly moved lower... my tongue fluttering along the cleft, lower... lower... till I reach his thighs and they quickly parted, affording me better access to the treasures that lay hidden between the slender columns. But I moved still lower, licking and kissing the bare inner thighs, down to his knees before starting on my upward journey. And as I reached the teen ass it raised itself higher, pushing back, as if searching for my wet tongue and its magic.

   Kneading the solid mounds I lifting them, licking in the folds, my tongue running along the deep crevice... kissing, inhaling the teen musk... And as my hands massaged the pliant cheeks, caressing them, my mouth continued in its glorification of that incredible boy butt. Kissing, nibbling, licking... once more over the mounds, along the cleft... moving higher. I kissed the sensitive spot where the backbone ends and the cheeks rise, kissing the twin dimples on either side and then lower again, tracing a line over the cleavage with my wet tongue and back down his thighs, licking my way to the back of his knees...

   And then up again... back to the creamy mounds, and his ass lifted again, high. I licked in the folds before reaching down with my tongue to lick the ball sac peeping seductively from between the parted thighs and then back to where I had started! And down again.... On and on, my mouth and tongue never ceasing in their worship of the teen bottom. And he kept moaning, making a nasal whimper, his face buried in the pillow, groaning with the pleasure, his hips grinding away under my oral caress.

   Finally I could delay it no more and gently parting those juicy mounds exposed his most vital opening. The tiny wrinkled hole, so pink, so tender nearly took my breath away... Totally bare like his pubes, it seemed to wink at me as it gently puckered and pushed out. Lashing out with my tongue I licked the twitching anus, noting that his smoothness there was natural and not the result of shaving. There were no telltale stubble there, the slit never having experienced the harsh caress of a razor! He shook from head to foot... the hips lifting off the bed, pushing back at me, his legs spreading wider still. And as I probed further, swirling my tongue over and around the orifice, it pulsed and opened! I slipped the tip in and he let out another wail, nearly throwing me off him with his wild bucking!

   Intoxicated and panting I finally pulled away my face and got up... He was whining like a child in pain, clutching the pillow as I held the cheeks open and placed my throbbing dick between them. He immediately clenched the cheeks shut, trapping my cock in its hot folds, making me groan. I slowly lay down over him, covering him and he pushed back, gurgling his desire, his need for penetration!

   "I want you." I whispered in his ears, as I kissed the nape of his neck and nibbled his ears, my hands caressing his silky smooth skin, moving along the slim torso, over the gentle curves of his hips, fondling.... along the teen arms, covering his hands, holding them as I began to gently hump him, sliding my pulsating cock along the deep valley. And he just lay there, his body trembling, the awesome ass pushing back at me....

   Lifting my hips I grasped my throbbing cock in a tight grip and placed it at the tiny orifice... rubbing the drooling tip over and around the twitching mouth... and as it pulsed and pushed out I applied a slight pressure. The ass lifted off the bed and his thighs spread further apart... And as the broad head snapped the protesting sphincter wide to pop in, he threw his head back and howled, his ass shoving back at me with an amazing force, the legs first stretching out and stiffening and then bending at the knees, lifting off the bed... And as I thrust forward, forcing more and more of the shaft up his intestine he gripped my hands tighter, growling....

   It was a raging inferno, his gripping ass hole... incredibly hot. And as I shoved harder and deeper the inner walls twitched and pulsed, parting before the probing head, making way for my encroaching penis... rolling over the imbedded shaft, creating an impossible suction, as if attempting to pull me further in! I felt the colon spasm and grip my cock in a vice, stopping me in mid stroke and then as suddenly it expanded, sucking me in before claming shut once more. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the roaring pleasure, enjoying the regular pulse and the tight grip of the teen's ass.

   With head bowed low he pushed his ass at me, taking more of me into the churning depth of the searing hot virgin passage. And as I began the delicious stroking, he raised his ass higher, lifting his knees off the bed and slammed back at me, fucking me as much as I was fucking him! And I loved the way he moaned continuously, so erotic, so sexy, his whole slender form trembling...

   His shoulders hunched and his head drooped low, burying the face in the pillow, a continuous nasal whine escaping the pumping lungs... I slid my arms under his heaving torso, reaching for his erect nipple, feeling the young heart slamming against the rib cage. My other hand moving lower, between his open thighs, gathering his reawakened genitals in a loving embrace, fondling the large cock and balls.

   Within minutes he roared and exploded, equally massive as the first one. The rich white boy cream shooting out of the madly twitching cock, splashing my hand and the bed with gobs of sizzling spuds. His whole body shook, the rapacious intestine going wild in the throes of the ejaculation... It tugged and chewed at my buried shaft, making my hips jerk uncontrollably, forcing it to jab viciously into his churning bottom. And as the last spurt shot out he went limp, the shoulders slumping as he buried his face back into the pillow, his hips sinking back, his spent cock mashing into my palm.

   The rhythmic contractions of that incredible passage in the dying throes of his climax, the tight grip, the fiery heat, was too much and I groaned before ramming in for the last time and feeling my own cock jerk and then blow up in molten fury.... the liquid seed jetting out in a tremendous burst, blinding me, making my hips strut furiously.

== *** ==

   I was drained but feeling surprising invigorated, the flexing cock still rock hard, and as I eased out of the clutching anus, it sounded like a foot being pulled out of sticky mud and as the head audibly popping out, he turned his head and wailed, screaming...

   "Oh, PLEASE, NO! Please, don't take it out... do it.... ah, some more !" he pleaded in a hoarse voice.

   And that was all I needed, refitting the bloated head to the obscenely gaping ass mouth I thrust in, extracting a satisfied groan from the young boy.... The passage was still tight, clinging to my plunging cock like a thin glove, but slicker now, coated with my just expelled juices. With renewed hunger I slammed into him, beginning the delicious hunching.... extracting sharp yelps from him. I fucked him with slow, tender strokes, thrusting deep, rotating my pelvis sensually before pulling back and shoving in again... He just lay there under me, rolling his head on the rumpled pillow in unbridled passion, crying for more.

   I fucked the awesome boy butt for nearly another half-hour before I felt my balls stir and crawl up to the base of my throbbing cock, readying themselves for another release. And as the muscles in my stomach tightened I felt my nuts melt and shoot out of the slitted tip, expanding the shaft, slamming it against the tender walls, flooding his belly with my seed.

   I fell forward, over him, totally exhausted and drenched in sweat, panting for air. And after what seemed like hours, I finally lifted off, pulling my sloppy cock out of the cozy haven of his sheathing ass hole and flopped down by his side, highly satisfied.

   I grinned at him and he smiled back, shyly, the rosy lips slightly puffed and glistening, the long, dark lashes still moist with the unshed tears of pain... or maybe joy. And as I raised my hand he came into my arms, snuggling close, our mouth joining in a passionate kiss, smacking audibly.


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