Branden's Story

By - Angyl

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What to say. Branden is a friend, whom I met online. Yeah this boi is another one from online. I am so totally social butterfly online. Just like chatting it up, I guess.

So who is Branden? Well Branden is 19 years old. He is a total fucking hottie. He is between 6'1 and 6'2. I believe he weighs somewhere in the 150 160 pound range. His hair is short, and spike, color is blonde, with a darker root. He has wicked blue eyes. His mouth is perfect (definitely got cocksucker's my dreams). Branden is a total sport nut. He gets involved in everything, which gives his body a nice definition to it. Yeah the boi has a six pack on him. Did I mention he also has his nipples pierced, both of the...fucking hot. He either likes a form fitting t-shirt, or a muscle shirt for dress. He usually wears jeans or track pants, all depending on what he is doing. Yep that is Branden. (I am hard just thinking about him)

I am Kris, by the way. I am 25 years old. I am not as tall as Branden; I think I am roughly between 5'10 and 6'0 tall. My weight is roughly in the same range as Branden. I spend time everyday working out, but nowhere near the avid sportsman that he is. Yeah so I got muscle on me. I got a nice six pack on me. My hair is almost black, with some lighter colors in it...all natural. My eyes are green. My mouth is not a predominant as Branden's is. Is kind of thin, but I like it. I tend to wear clothes for comfort, so most of the time is a baggy shirt, and loose fitting jeans. Unlike Branden, I am not completely smooth. I have a bit of hair on my chest, not much; I am in no way hair as a gorilla. Okay my pride is my cock...all eight inches of it. I have had quite a few boy suck on it, or take it in their hot ass. (Dammit I am hard take care of it brb.) Okay where was I? Now don't get me wrong; I am not a sex fiend. I don't go out of my way to find it, but if it chances my way, I will not turn it down.

So what is Branden's story? Well firstly Branden and I started chatting online about a year ago. He was so shy at first. I think he was a bit freaked by having some random gay guy message him. Fuck when he began to open up though, it was no holds barred. I mean shit it was like with me and CJ, we talked about everything. Well maybe not as bad, Branden respected shit and did not go into details about his sexploits. He really never got into anything involving him and sex. One thing is Branden was always asking me questions about my sexuality. I thought maybe he was curious about shit, but he would not really answer me when I asked him about it. Whatever, I was not gonna push the issue

Eventual Branden and I started meeting for coffee and shit. It was fun hanging out with him. He was so different from CJ...LMFAO. We actually went to other places for coffee. Then finally I decide to chance it and invited him to my house. I had the place to myself for the week. Branden said he would stay the week, if I liked, because he lived at home and needed to get away.

Okay so Branden arrived at my house on Monday. Cool I had a whole week with some company...I hate being home alone. Well the first night we did fuck all...just basically shoot the shit and stuff. We did stay up until almost 4 am though. I showed Branden to the spare bed and then crawled in mine. I had gotten hard thinking about him sleeping downstairs. I so wanted to crawl in bed with him, but thought he might freak out. For now I opted to jerk myself to pleasure. I would see what would happen in the morning.

Well the next morning turned out to be almost four in the afternoon. Shit I had slept late. I stumble out of my room, and found Branden watching TV. He looked kind of down about something, but I did not want to press him for details. I went and grabbed something to munch on. We went out and chilled at the mall for a bit after I ate. Branden was out of sorts the whole time we were there. We got back and I could not hold back.

"Dude what's wrong you seem so...down?"

"Oh it's nothing...really."

I could tell he was lying, but I knew if he wanted to tell me, he would eventually. We usually always talk about stuff, so I was a bit worried, but yeah I left it at that.

We watched a couple movies, and then looking at the clock, I decided it was time for me to go to bed.

"Dude I am gonna head to bed now."

"Yeah okay."

I crawled into bed, and tried to sleep. Branden's mood was totally eating at me. I knew I was not going to get much sleep, if I let it get to me. I got up and grabbed a glass of water. Branden had obviously gone to bed. I figured I would go down and check on him. As I came down the stairs I swore I could hear crying. As I got into the room I could hear it more distinctly. Branden was crying. WTF...I quietly went and sat on the bed. I put my hand on his back.

"Hey...what's wrong?" I asked his softly.

Branden moved so he could look at me. His eyes were all puffy, but fuck his was still fucking hot. I took him in a hug, and began rubbing his back, until he started calming down. His skin was so soft, and he smelled even better. My cock began rising to the occasion. I had to try and adjust without Branden noticing my hardness. I kind was checking him out. Holy fuck the guy was naked. The covers had slipped done, exposing his smooth ass. I just wanted to feel those soft cheeks. I ran my hands down his back, but stopped just short of his ass. I moved my hand back up. Fuck I do have a bit of common sense. I was weird though, sitting here comforting a straight boi. Branden moved to sit up, and he did the covers completely fell away. I got quite the surprise, when I looked down; he was sporting an 8 inch boner. I looked back and he was blushing.

"Man, I should have told you a long time ago, but I I know I am gay."

"What...huh...I am confused?"

"Well, I knew I had trouble getting it up for was not until recently that I figured it out...every time I was with you I went home with a raging boner."

"Wow...holy fuck dude."

I leaned in and kissed Branden. I was right; he lips were perfect; so soft and luscious. I slowly pushed my tongue in his mouth. I explored it with my tongue. He did the same with me. He did taste good. Branden broke the kiss. He pushed me up, and pulled off my boxers, releasing my cock. He looked at my cock. I think he was unsure of what to do, so I guided him, not with words, but with my hands. I gently guided him towards my cock. He opened his mouth, and slowly worked my cock in. Wow this felt good, he was a natural, like me. He worked the shaft, running his tongue up and down. He worked the tip, licking and sucking it like it was a lollipop.

"Oh...shit...good...yeah...that's it." I moaned.

Branden reached up and was playing with my balls. He massaged them and gently pulled. He moved off my cock, and suck on each of my balls. Then he was back on my shaft. Fuck he was getting my close.

"Dude...ahh...shit...gonna cum...ahh!!"

I figured he would pull back, but he took me to the hilt and used his mouth muscles to bring me to orgasm. I shot my load deep in his mouth. I could tell he gagged a bit, but he managed to swallow most of my load. He sucked a bit longer before pulling off my cock. He looked up at me. I saw he had some cum on his mouth. I bent down and kissed it off his lips. I looked at him and smiled.

"Dude...either you have sucked cock before...or you are a natural."

"I tried it once when I was like 11, but I never really done it since."

The statement surprised me, but I would find out more about it later. Right now I had to taste this hot stud. I pushed him back on the bed and positioned myself between his legs. He spread giving me full access to his hotrod. I went down on him, slurping his cock in my mouth. He kind of jumped as I did so.

"!!" He exclaimed.

I sucked on his knob, and ran my tongue around the tip, then down his shaft. I saw his balls as I went, they were practically hairless. I took each jewel in my mouth and slowly sucked, and licked them. I felt Branden shiver, and moan.


I wanted more of his hot cock. I quickly moved back and took all of him in. I played with his balls as I sucked his cock. Branden was right into it. He bucked and thrust his hips, like a wild man. Fuck it was hot. I felt his balls tighten as I worked his cock. I knew I was going to taste his load soon.

"Ohhhh...fuck dude...I am cumming!!" He shouted.

He thrust his hips, and his load filled my mouth. I suck until I had emptied his cock. Then I crawled up beside him, and kissed him on spit and cum mixing. We curled up and just lay there...soon we were both asleep.


Well I got awoke sometime later, by someone playing with my ass. I just lay there, knowing it was Branden that was playing with my ass. He whispered that he wanted to fuck me; I think he thought I was sleeping. When I reached back and handed him the lube I has stashed, he knew I was awake. Rolled on my back and looked at him.

"Go for it stud." Was all I said.

He was a bit awkward getting me into position, and then lubing my hole up. The poor boy was having a hell of a time lining his cock up with my hole. I reached down and help guide him in. It felt good having his cock in me. He was a bit slow and unsure at first, but in no time he was slamming me deep and hard.

"Fuck...yeah...Ohhhh...give it to me hard!" I yelled.

I looked at him, as he fucked me. He was working up quite a sweat, as he fucked my ass. He was slamming me pretty good. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off. This was so over the top, and I shot my load too soon, all over the two of us. Branden began to fuck me harder and he was moaning.


He slammed his cock deep in me and filled my bowels with his load. He stayed in me until he had gone soft and then he pulled out, and lay beside me.

"Wow I did not know that could be so fantastic!" He said.

As we lay there he began playing with my cock again. He got me hard again. He moved and lubed my cock up, and then he tried to sit on it. He screamed out from the pain.

"Lay down may be easier." I told him.

He moved and lay down looking up at me. I lube his hole up, and carefully began pushing my cock in him. Once I got the tip in, I waited until I could tell he was used to it, and then I slowly pushed in till I was all in him. I waited again, and then slowly began pulling out, and then pushing in. I began to move quicker, as he got used to my cock in his ass. When he began moaning, I knew he was used to it. I began really slamming his hot ass.

"Ohhhh...shit...oh yeah...on fuck meeeee...!" He screamed.

I looked down, just as he shot a load. He had not even touched himself, which amazed me. I knew I was getting close.

"Oh...I am gonna shot...Ohhhh...fuck!!!"

I gave a couple more thrusts, and then buried myself deep in his ass, as I shot my load, filling him. I stayed in him as I leaned down and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me, and held me, as I pulled out. He looked at me and smiled.

"Holt shit...I did not think it would be that awesome." He said.

"Well it looks like you totally enjoyed it." I remarked.

"Oh fuck yeah!!"

We lay like there for a while before falling asleep again. I was definitely going to have to some bedding to wash, but I would do that later.


Well after that night, it became a regular thing for Branden and me. As for his remark about trying to suck cock when he was 11, without going into detail, he said his cousin and him were experimenting. I never asked him for details on it.

Once Branden got used to the idea of being gay, well more like coming out...I guess, he seemed to be a much happier person. We are dating now, Have been for a couple years. Not too long ago Branden asked me to marry him...we are getting hitched this summer!!

The End

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