By - Angyl

He had spiked blond hair. He wore glasses. I would say he was about 18 or 19. He was thin...not too thin though. I think he stands about 5'7 or 5'8, somewhere in there. His skin was fair. He wears khakis and stuff like that. I see him all the time when I go for coffee. I admit to almost drooling over him. One occasion I did actually hear his name in a convo he was having...Brett. I would go home and stroke to images of him. I wished for the dreams and shit to be reality.

So yeah...I know this all seems pointless, but I do have a point to all this.

About a week ago I was in the coffee shop. No shock there...ha ha. I looked up and saw Brett come in. He looked a disheveled and out of sorts. He was filthy. My instinct was to talk to him, but I just watched him. He looked around rather nervously. He looked at me a few times but quickly looked away. I had no idea of what was going on. As I watched he seemed to get agitate and then took off. Part of me wanted to go after him. I sat there for a bit and finished my coffee. Then I left, and walked home.

I normally take the back alley to get home, and that ya had been no different. As I walked my route, I came around a corner and heard someone crying. Well it was more like whimpering. Now normally I would not go and see, but I decided to go have a look. Imagine my surprise when I found Brett curled up in a ball. He was muttering to himself. I should point out...that it is the middle of winter. I knelt down beside him, and put my hand on his shoulder. I swear he jumped 5 feet in the air. He looked like a cage animal.

"Whoa dude...I ain't gonna hurt you." I said, trying to be reassuring.

He looked at me and slowly he began to relax. I moved over and sat beside him. He was shaking. I am not sure if it was the cold or what. I looked at him. I knew I needed to get him into warmth. My apartment was about a block away. I stood and offered him my hand.

"Come on...let's get you inside."

At first he looked at my hand like it was going to bite him, then slowly he reached up and took hold of it. Wow he had a hell of a grip, almost like he was scared to let go. I slowly lead him down the alley, and into the building where I lived. I got him up to my apartment and inside. No sooner that I did that, he collapsed. I managed to get him to the couch, and lay him on it. He looked sickly. He was so pale.

"What happened? Are you okay?"

He shook his head.

"Bathroom?" He asked.

He was gonna puke. I quickly lead him to the bathroom. He barely made it before puking his guts out. Well he got quite a bit on him, but most into the toilet. He sat back once he was done and looked down at himself.


"Dude it is okay...I can wash those for you."

He just sat there. I moved over and without hesitation, began to take off his clothes. He made no effort to stop me. I piled his clothes on the floor. I turned on the shower, and let it get hot, before offering him my hand. This time he reached up and took it without hesitation. He slipped out of his boxers. I could not help but stare at his smooth and toned body. My eyes wandered down to his cock. His pubes were a light brown color, and his cock uncut. My eyes were riveted on his cock. How I wanted to get on my knees right there. I heard Brett clear his throat. OMG...I was so embarrassed. I looked and he was smiling at me. I must have gone three or four shades of crimson. I let go of his hand and he stepped into the shower. I quickly grabbed his clothes and threw them in the wash. Then I grabbed a towel and took it him. I grabbed my toothpaste and the spare toothbrush and handed it to him. He took it, and his hand lingered on mine.

"There is room for two." He said.

This comment surprised me, but I quickly stripped down and joined him in the shower. He was brushing his teeth. He rinsed the brush, and his mouth. He moved and let the spray hit him. I wrapped my hands around him, and slowly began exploring his body. His skin was smooth to touch. He lened into me, and I began kissing his neck. My hand found its target. I wrapped it around his hard cock, and began to stroke him. I pulled the skin back and ran my finger over the sensitive head. It caused him to shiver. He turned towards me, and I looked down at his cock. He looked into my eyes.

"Please suck me?" He almost pleaded.

I knelt in front of him. I took his cock and pulled the foreskin back. I licked around his sensitive knob. Then I slowly licked down the shaft, and then back up. I took his knob in my mouth and gently sucked on it. He was moaning at the attention I was giving his knob.

"Oh fuck that feels so good!!" He exclaimed.

I took him all in my mouth and slowly began going up to the knob and then back to the hilt. I reached up and massaged his balls.

"Shit I am gonna blow!!"

I pulled off of his cock, to the tip, and used my tongue to bring him to orgasm. I was rewarded with his sweet nectar filling my mouth. I sucked every drop out of him. Once he was empty he leaned back and looked at me.

"Let's move to your bed." He said with a wink.

We quickly washed up and moved to the bed. Both of us wet. I could always wash and dry the bedding later. I lay on the bed and he moved to lay beside me. He turned and began to kiss me, his soft lips melting into mine. He moved and whispered in my ear.

"Will you fuck me please?"

Before I could say a word he had moved and was lowering himself onto my cock. He used his hand to guide me inside him. I was amazed how easily I slipped in him. Once I was all in him, he sat there. He looked at me and smiled. He raised himself up and the slowly lowered himself. I felt his smooth ass slap against me as he sat down again. He rose up again and then back down. He movement picking up speed. He dug in nails into my chest as he reared his head back. He was almost like a wild animal, but in a sexy way I cannot explain. He tightened his ass muscle every once in a while. I was beginning to feel the familiar sensations of climax.

"Here it comes!!" I Moaned.

I blasted my load deep inside him. Simultaneously he shot a second load all over my chest. He stayed on my cock until I was completely soft. Then he lay on me and his cum smeared between us. I wrapped my arms around him. Soon we were in a deep sleep.

The End



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