This happened sometime around two weeks ago, I can still smell those sweaty soccer socks and feet like if I just had a go on them a few minutes ago.

Everything started when I took the bus from the mall to my house, the bus station was deserted since it was almost 10:00 (the time the mall closes at) so I got to the bus station and then I saw him, a white guy, he was somewhere around his late 30s but he still looked really hot, he was wearing a soccer shirt and soccer pants, and when I looked down at his feet I noticed those 11 1/2 size shoes, they were black and leathery, they drew my attention right away.

The bus arrived and he took the same bus as I did and he sat in the seat next to me, exposing his big shoes, I was getting turned on by then all the sudden I notice him taking his shoes off and rubbing his socked feet against each other, they Diadora brand and also blue, I was so into it that I forgot I was in a public place, he then noticed that I was watching his feet and he just smiled at me and came to sit next to me, I was surprised by that but then he told me : "I see you like my feet" I was shaking by then, then he told me "don't be nervous, there is nothing wrong with you liking my feet, I noticed you looking at my feet when you got in the bus but I didn't think you'll be really into me or my feet at all", I didn't know what to say I was still in a shock from having this guy next to me telling asking me if I liked his feet, I finally worked out and replied with a shaky voice, I said, "y-y-yes s-s-sir, I really like your feet" he smiled and then he did something I was never expecting, he dropped a quarter to the ground and said to me, "Would you mind picking that quarter for me, that would be great".

I did as he told me and while I did I took a sniff out of those socks and feet, oh god I thought to myself, and then he pulled his foot right to my face I was practically kissing the foot and he said in a whisper, "go on son, I know you want it and daddy is going to give it to you, kiss the, suck them, give daddy pleasure, you won't regret it" I did as he told me, I looked like a kid with a sucker in his mouth. I was enjoying every single bit of it, his perfect socked feet, I wanted them more and more, and I knew he was also enjoying me worshiping his feet, but then he drew his hand to my face and told me that he had to get off the bus, I was so disappointed by that, he noticed that, and he told me in a sweet voice: "don't be disappointed, do you want to come to my apartment and we can have more fun?" I didn't need to say yes, when he pulled the string to stop the bus I was at my feet ready to go to his apartment, he looked at me with a happy look and we got off the bus.

when we arrived to his apartment, he told me to take my shoes off but he didn't take his off, but I didn't dare to ask why, when we got inside he offered me something to drink but I said no, I wanted to have his feet right in my mouth, I didn't want anything else, I wanted to suck every single toe, and his whole feet, he understood that and told me, "lets get to it".

He sat in his sofa and then told me to get on my knees and start licking his shoes, I did as he told me I licked every single piece of it, then I took his shoes off and started enjoying myself going up and down, smelling them sucking them, then as I look up I see him grabbing his cock as he was getting a boner, and I was getting one too, but his was huge, GOD I thought to myself, I never expected this, I kept worshiping his socked feet then he told me to take his socks off and get to the point, I did with excitement, I did it with my teeth and it was really hot, and I took them off to reveal his 11 1/2 size feet, man I was I heaven by then, he had pink soles, with perfect toes, nice trimmed, he started to stoke his cock with one of his hand, and with the other one rubbing his nipple, meanwhile he was stroking my cock with his foot, man it felt good, really good, then he did something I wasn't expecting, he took off his clothes and told me to get up and masturbate his cock with my feet, I started doing as he told me, stroking his 8' size cock, it was pleasure beyond imagination.

We did this for what seemed like an eternity, after this he started moaning and saying; "yes son oh give daddy what he wants, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck this feels so good, son you're so good at what you're doing" after this he blew a massive load all over my feet and he started licking it off my feet, but I told him that I wasn't finished, that I hadn't cum yet so he kept masturbating me with his feet, until I cummed all over his feet, then he put his feet on my face and told me to lick the cum out of his feet, I did, it was the best I've ever experienced, after this we both washed our feet together, man it was the best, after this I told him that I had to get going, he told me that I was great and he wanted me to keep going to his apartment everyday and we could have more fun,

I've been doing ever since and believe me, is one of the best things I've ever experience and I don't regret it.