October, 2000

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Late for work ? And the car wont start ? ...... Take the bus !

Part 1

  "Shit!" I cursed slamming the hood and kicking at the tyre. "Ouch!" I yelled at the pain.

  I was already late and had to reach office soon..... important pending work and the car refused to start. I didn't know anything about these things except how to drive.....'God, what am I to do now....' I wondered.

  I live in the suburbs of New Delhi and there wouldn't be a single cab available this early. Luckily there was a bus station close by so I decided on taking the bus to office and then call up the garage to have them come over and fix the car. It normally took about an hour to drive in the car but the bus would take longer to reach my area.... and in this office hour traffic it might take even more time..... but then I had no choice.

  I went down to the station and found one ready and waiting. It looked full.... I got in and looked around. Having taken it at the point of its origin I did get a seat, an aisle seat, the window one already taken by a kid, I sat down. More people got in and I cursed my car once more, looking at my watch every few seconds, the tiny hands having hardly moved since the last time I had looked. Exactly 4 minutes later the driver climbed in and started the engine and soon we pulled out of the station and got into the crowded road.

  I tried to relax as best as I could and looked around..... the bus was nearly full and there were people standing all along the aisle, holding unto the overhead rod, trying to maintain their balance as the bus swayed and jerked negotiating the rush hour traffic. With each stop more and more people got in and soon there was hardly any place left for even a tiny baby to squeeze in.

  The bus slowed and came to a stop and more people rushed forward to get in..... I noticed a young guy push and shove and finally board the bus as it left with most of the other men hanging on..... traveling the usual way they do, everyday, a foot on the foot-board and fingers clutching onto the window rail, hanging on desperately. The boy had managed to get in and was shoving his way down the aisle, an exceptionally handsome face, slim and young !

  He came and stood exactly where I was sitting, one hand clutching a shoulder bag while the other went behind my shoulder to grip the seat. I turned slowly and found his jeans clad pubes right in front of my face..... a distinct bulge, the smell of young boy pubes hitting me. I groaned softly as the familiar tingling started in the pit of my stomach.... he aroused me !

  The fabric stretched tautly over his crotch, the cock clearly outlined..... resting along the groin, pointing slightly upwards, about 2 and a half inches long and full.... I licked my lips and forced my eyes away. As the bus rocked and swayed I felt his crotch rub my shoulder every now and then and felt the heat of his young cock against it...... No matter how much I tried to think of other things I felt my slumbering prick move and twitch..... I didn't want anything to do now.... I had my worries, important things to be taken care of and the bus was already running late.

  The bus rolled and pitched as it trudged along the road at a slow pace..... horns blaring. It gave a sudden jerk and lunged, throwing most people off balance. The boy fell forwards and his pubes ground into my shoulder..... his soft cock pressed hard and I felt it twitch before he regained his balance and straightened up. I looked up and saw him looking at me, a dazzling smile lighting his face as he mouthed 'sorry' silently. I smiled back and turned away.

  The bus was gathering speed now and swayed more.... through the corner of my eyes I saw the guy put his bag down between his legs and reach up for the overhead rod with both hands..... for more steady balance. I looked up again and groaned softly..... the kid was gorgeous! The new position, with arms raised high, pushed his slim hips way out and the cock showed better.... it looked fuller and I suddenly had a very 'naughty' thought.

  I raised my shoulder a bit higher and touched his crotch.... he didn't move. I moved it in a slow, subtle circular motion, rubbing his cock gently.... and as he noticed it I felt him stiffen and try to move back..... HUH ! But where would my little prince charming go ? ..... there were people all around and he was back to where he started. I applied more pressure now and increased the movement. I looked up slightly and found him staring out of the window, gripping the rod tighter.... Within minutes he was hard and I could see his cock clearly, filling out the crotch of his tight jeans, quite a piece !

  I continued, circular and then along the stiff shaft..... up and down and felt him squirm, shifting from one leg to the other. He tried to move away but got pushed right back and more closer this time. He tried to turn away, shift his hips away... but no luck there either.... the pushing and shoving always got him back to where I wanted him... I smiled as I went about my lewd persuasion..... ignoring the other passengers, oblivious of where we were.... rubbing the kid on his way to a glorious climax in a loaded bus ! My cock was fully awake now and complained loudly for attention.... but I could hardly do a thing for my junior....

  I looked up and he was still staring out, a deep flush creeping up his neck...... lips slightly parted as he tried to get away from the relentless stimulation that my shoulder was providing his aroused teen cock..... I looked back down and at the crotch at my face and the shaft was clearly visible, pulsing softly through the thick material, the heat radiating. I brought my face closer and brushed his aroused pubes with my lips and felt him shudder, his legs trembling..... looking up I saw him grip the rod tighter, his eyes closed and mouth still open, the full lips glistening. I moved my shoulders faster now.... with more pressure and he tensed and then kind of slumped, pushing his groin into me and let out a very soft moan..... I smiled, satisfied, I knew he had cum. Almost immediately my nostrils were filled with the distinct smell of sweet teen spunk, fresh and warm..... Oh, how I wished I could get my mouth on him at that moment.

  I stopped and turned my face once again, lightly brushing his pubes with my lips, inhaling deeply the fresh scent of youth and he groaned more openly this time and shuddered. I wanted to laugh but stopped myself..... these kids are so easy to arouse and get going..... I looked up once again, he was still holding on tight, his eyes still closed, his face a bright red.... with embarrassment and shame. I looked down and smiled as I saw the start of a wet spot where the cock juice were seeping out, soaking the fabric.....

  My stop was close so I slowly got up, rubbing my body against his. As I stood up he looked at me, eyes wide and innocent, shame and even a bit of terror at what had just happened. I smiled and he immediately looked away, his ears a burning red. 'Poor guy' I thought feeling very 'wicked'.

  "Come with me...." I whispered into his ears softly as I got out into the aisle, heading for the exit.

  And he came....... like a lamb to his slaughter.... !!!!




Part 2

  I walked down to the office and went in, the boy a few steps behind.... quiet and nervous, yet curious and bold enough to have come. The staff had already arrived and I went up to the girl at the reception and inquired about my partner. She hadn't come yet so I wrote a short note stating that I was very busy and would be unavailable till late afternoon and that she should manage things and all pending work and wait for me. Telling her to hand it over to her we left.

  We took a cab and headed back home. As we drove along the busy streets I looked at him and smiled. He was probably headed for class and now was with me, going to my place..... He looked so cute as he sat there and squirmed.... unsure yet brave enough to have come along. He was looking away, at the passing traffic, as I reached out and placed my hand on his thigh. He nearly jumped and tensed slightly.

  "Relax...." I said softly, "What's your name?"

  "Rishi." barely audible over the roar of the traffic.

  "How old are you?" I asked again enjoying myself.


  "College?" I asked.

  He nodded.

  "Have you done anything like this before...... going off with another guy?" I asked, though knowing the answer already.

  He shook his head and turning, for the first time, looked at me. His eyes were wide and fearful.... the guy was scared shitless yet in the grip of sexual arousal.....The freshly unleashed hormones ravaging his systems, goading him on to explore, to discover the pleasures of sex..... Maybe he himself didn't know, understand, what he was doing..... He was a very handsome guy.... with a soft, glowing complexion..... jet black hair and large eyes, crowned by perfectly arched eyebrows. His lips were pink and soft..... so full and luscious, I wanted to crush my mouth to his at that very moment..... His fingers were long and thin..... well, the rest was covered - at least for now.

  "I think..... I..... I want to go back.... home." he finally whispered, his voice quivering.

  I squeezed his thigh and smiled, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Just come along and we will have a very nice time together." I said, "I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to do."

  He fell silent.

  I didn't bother him after that, leaving him with his thoughts..... but my hand caressed his thigh as we drove on in silence. On the way I asked the cab driver to stop at the garage I used and went in to ask them to send someone with me to check the car and get it working.

  As we got down I paid the cab and took the mechanic to where the car was and handing him the keys told him to leave it in the mail box once he had got it working.... I would settle the bill later when I visited the garage next, and we went inside.


  "I'm.... I'm scared....." he whispered softly.

  God, he was such a darling..... "Don't be afraid Rishi..... I'm not going to eat you up or something... and there is nothing to be scared of." I said trying to calm him, assuage him.

  He was shaking as I pulled him closer to me and kissed him. He gasped and tried to push me away.... but slowly relaxed and pressed into me and I felt his cock grow hard again. Mine was raging..... throbbing like mad, leaking like a cracked pipe. I licked his lips before pushing them apart to enter the hot mouth...... his hands held me tight as I probed deep. He whimpered like a child in pain..... Breathless, I finally pulled away and led him to my bedroom, holding him close.

  I undid the single button at his neck and pulled off the white T, revealing a most ravishing young body..... smooth and silky soft, glowing, the tits pink and stiff. He was slim, as I had already noticed but well toned. and the most narrow waist I had ever seen, I could nearly wrap my stretched palm right across it ! I bent low and took one of the pink nipples in my mouth nipping it lightly, he grabbed my head and groaned loudly..... I sucked him in, lashing my tongue across the pointed tip and then kissed my way across the heaving chest to the other nipple. Back and forth I traveled between the two reddened boy tits..... licking the tingling flesh with broad swipes of my tongue. He pulled at my hair and groaned in ecstasy.

  I sat down on the bed and pulled him towards me, his pubes once again right in front of my face. The wet spot was larger now but less distinct and the smell stronger..... the cock was fully hard and pushing out at the fabric, straining. I undid the button and lowered the zip..... for a fleeting moment his hands covered mine then slowly moved away to rest on my shoulders. I parted the slats and was hit by the intoxicating fumes of boy cum..... strong. I slowly pulled the jeans off revealing the tiny cotton brief stretched over his aroused pubes. The front completely wet, nearly transparent and sticking to the skin..... showing the cock clearly as also the dark pubic hair. The balls were large and filled the pouch fully.... I moaned with lust as I buried my face in his groin, my tongue already darting out to lick at the covered dick.

  He shivered and let out a groan, clutching me tighter..... his legs shaking. He tried to spread them wider but the jeans at his ankles restrained his efforts. I gripped his hips and started licking at the engorged penis..... tasting his glorious cum through the soaked cotton. I licked the whole length, from thick base to pulsating head and back again. I licked lower sucking at the boy balls making loud slurping sounds. He gripped me tighter and rocked his hips, swaying to and fro.... a funny gurgling noise bubbling out of his gasping throat. With his head thrown back, tongue licking the full lips, the light hair on his hand and legs bristling, he looked awesome, sexy.

  I pulled back and he stopped moaning looking down at me, confused.... questioning. I had to smile as I hooked my fingers in the waist band and pulled at his brief. It was sticking to the skin as I peeled it off listening to the sensuous sound of the wet fabric coming off. I bend lower and pulled it off along with his jeans and looked up again at his crotch.

  "OH!" came my breath in spurts...... his whole pubes were sticky wet, with gobs of white cream still clinging to parts of the groin and pubic hair and his cock..... oh, it was magnificent ! About 5 and a half inches and moderately thick, it was absolutely pink and tender...... like a fruit just in season, ready for the plucking. The foreskin was already pulled back revealing a most silky head, bright and deep pink, glistening with the pre cum as it oozed out of the tiny slit. The balls were disproportionately large and hung low in its smooth case, moving slowly, up and down, rolling.

  "Ummmm....." I moaned as I moved in closer and kissed the head, taking him in my hand. He yelped and ground into my face, the cock twitching violently. I licked the shaft, savoring the sticky cum coating it..... and then I moved to his pubes, licking..... He wrapped his fingers in my hair and humped my face, snarling. I licked him clean and moved lower to his loaded balls..... licking the wrinkled sac and playing with the balls with my tongue before sucking in one. He shook and pushed my head into him spreading his legs wider. My other hand moved under and across over his ass, sliding in the crevice of his plump cheeks. I let my fingers tickle the sweaty folds, locating his puckered hole and gently fingering it.... his humping increased as did his moans. Leaving his balls I went back to the raging cock and took him in, tongue licking and darting over the turgid flesh stick. He was groaning like mad now..... blabbering incoherently as I took him deep and started to suck him, his first blow job. Within minutes he stiffened and screamed as my mouth was flooded with his cream...... thick and fresh. I gulped quickly, relishing the taste of boy juice filling my gut.

  He slumped and nearly fell over me. I sat him down and stood up as I pulled off my shirt and began to undo my pants. Through half closed eyes he looked on, barely moving, as he gasped for air. I bent low and stepped out of my trousers and then pulled off my shorts. I watched as his eyes widen and he gasped seeing my cock for the first time. It was bloated and wet... throbbing like crazy, sticking out straight. OK, I'm not huge or anything like that but surely more than he was and this was obviously the first time he was seeing an adult cock. He licked his lips and looked up at me terrified.

  I smiled, "I will only do what you want....... you say it and I will stop." I said softly, at the same time praying that he would never use that word.

  His hand reached out, groping, uncertain...... as if he was afraid..... of the thing, of the feelings I had been arousing in his young soul, yet unable to exorcise them.... unable to stop the hand. He touched the tip and flinched..... breathing in sharply. I spread my knees wide and thrust my hips forwards, pushing my enflamed cock closer. He wrapped his fingers around the throbbing shaft, mesmerized and pulled me closer. Slowly, as if moving through dense air he started to stroke me.... pulling back the hood to expose the head and then encasing it totally, squeezing more and more of the clear liquid out of the slitted tip. Without lifting his eyes from my cock he asked in a choked voice....

  "Does it feel good?"

  "Oh, yeah......" I answered.

  He suddenly bent forwards and planted a sloppy kiss on the bloated head, making me groan and shake.

  I pushed him away and sat down on the bed and taking him in my arms kissed him, slowly laying him down before climbing on top of him. I humped him lightly, my sticky cock getting his belly all slimy. He wrapped his arms tight around my neck and kissed back, sliding his tongue into my mouth, tongue fencing and darting. I felt him stiffen and decided that this was the time, the time to finally deflower the boy. I rose slowly and opening the drawer got the lube out. He watched as I uncapped the tube and squeezed the jelly on my fingers....

  "I..... I'm.... what will you do?" he asked, again unsure, scared.

  "I will just use this to loosen you up and if it doesn't feel good tell me and we can stop." I answered.

  I raised his legs and asked him to hold them high and wide and like a child he did as told. I crawled in between his spread thighs and nearly had a heart attack as I saw his puckered hole for the first time..... it was so pink..... so tender, twitching slightly, as if winking at me.... luring me to plunge in ! I touched my finger to the hole and we both shook...... I slowly applied the lube, working my fingers around the tiny hole, up and down the valley, getting it greased. He was small, I knew it from looking and he was tense, so I got more jelly and applied a liberal coat before I felt him relax a bit. I got my finger at the mouth and slowly pushed..... his legs stiffened and then shook and he groaned but I persisted and soon felt my finger enter the incredibly hot, tight anus.

  He moaned, "It..... it hurts....." he croaked.

  "Relax..... just let go. Push out a little and it will feel good....." I said soothingly, my heart beating wildly.

  I pulled out my finger and got some more lube and went back to the puckered hole..... he gasped again as I inserted the finger but this time he also pushed out.... opening his anus for me. I probed deep, wriggling my finger around, loosening him up, stretching the ass mouth, greasing it up...... and then I added a second finger. He was tight as hell and boiling hot, the inner walls gripped my fingers in a vice, the slit stretched wide around my probing fingers.

  It was an impossible temptation and I crushed my mouth to his ass hole. I kissed it and nibbled at the taut cheeks, licking them as my fingers continued to shove in and out..... He was wailing now..... shivering from head to splayed thighs. I went back to the ass slit and licked the widely stretched slit, running my tongue around my probing fingers..... and then working up to his nuts and back down again. I felt him relax further and open more..... the fingers slid in easier now and the inner walls pulsed, I knew he was ready, ready for the final assault.

  I got between his thighs and placed them over my shoulders, grinding my cock in the deep valley. I held his hands and looking deep into his eyes started to slid the rampant cock along the greased cleft. He looked back..... wonder writ large on his face, eyes wide with terror and anticipation, licking his lips relentlessly, nostrils flared. He was ready and willing to discover the joys of life and now was the time.....

  I raised my hips and aligned my penis before summoning my full strength and shoving in. He hollered as the protesting ass ring groaned and parted and my cock head penetrated his most vital part..... His fingers gripped me tighter as his eyes shut and he snarled, lips stretched wide and open. His legs froze and then trembled as the pain ripped through him. I stopped and waited, feeling the churning colon heave and flex before pushing in once more.

  "Relax Rishi..... and push..... push out...." I grunted.

  I don't know if he heard me for he was screaming again, trembling like a wooden hut in an earthquake..... I pulled back and shoved in again and felt him open up and swallow me completely...... It felt incredible ! He was hot like hell and tight as a, well, gripping ass hole! I grunted with my effort as I probed deeper feeling my pubes slam into his upturned ass, the balls smacking his taut cheeks.

  I stopped and looked at his beautiful face..... it was red and he was sobbing.... tears of pain streaming down his face. I felt sorry for him. I started to move..... pulling back slowly, savoring the tight grip and then pushing into the spasming rectum.... I fucked the boy with perfect strokes, slow and gentle, withdrawing gradually as the hidden muscles heaved and churned, clutching my shaft, fluttering. And then plunged in, deep, feeling him shudder and his insides quake.... the tight mouth clinging to the shaft.

  Slowly I felt him relax further and gradually open up.... and equally slowly I increased the speed, increasing the force of each shove.... I began to fuck the writhing boy with jolting thrusts, slamming down with force, extracting loud howls from him, his legs jerking and flailing wildly as his hands left mine to curl into fists and slam the bed, before grabbing fistful of the sheet, pulling it.

  I caught his thrashing legs and pushed them higher over my broad shoulders, elevating the gurgling ass mouth for better access. I grabbed his face and crushed my mouth to his open and salivating orifice, shoving the tongue in. His hands quickly grabbed my head and pulled me closer, sucking the tongue as I probed him. He was now pushing back too.... slam for slam..... moaning into my mouth, his legs still thrashing in mid air, his hands pulling my hair painfully.

  Lust stabbed my loins wrenching a loud groan from me..... I speeded up as his clutching anus seemed to milk me, strong and unrelenting. My sperms boiled and finally bolted out of the slitted tip, shooting deep inside his belly, making the shaft swell further, slamming it against his tender ass walls. He lifted his ass higher as if offering me a cup to pour my sex libation into.

  Our kiss broke with all the wild hunching and he wailed for me to fill him..... surprising and exciting me. His hands went to my ass cheeks and digging in the nails raked the smooth skin with his frenzied clawing. Overtaken by passion he ground his way to his third ejaculation, shooting cum all over us, splashing, hot and creamy.

  I pulled out and flopped over to one side...... He remained quiet, legs splayed wide, panting. His eyes were still closed as his hands went to his ass and held onto the cheeks. I slowly got up and kissed him softly..... then taking his face in my hands kissed his eyes..... kissing away the tears.... his nose and back to his mouth. He opened it for me and I shove the tongue in. My hands roamed his body, caressing the soft flesh, rubbing in the sticky juice that he had expelled before moving down to squeeze his spent cock lightly. He opened his eyes and stared at me.....

  "Did I hurt you too much...... ?"

  He nodded.

  "Oh, Rishi, I'm so sorry..... but the next time won't hurt as much...." I ventured.

  He forced a weak smile and blushed furiously. I kissed him again, with more passion as I pulled at his flaccid cock, wet and sticky.

  Much later I got up and parting his cheeks looked at his ass hole, the tiny orifice that had just given me so much pleasure and shuddered at what I saw. It was swollen and a deep purple, throbbing...... the cum oozing out with each pulse, each twitch. It looked painful and I really felt sorry for him, but he was a real brave boy. I took him in my arms and kissed him some more when I felt his hands snake down between our heaving bodies, groping, then grasp my cock.....

  "Can I play with it?" he asked, pulling his mouth away, making me laugh.

  "Sure!" I answered.

  He pushed me down on my back and bent over me, his ass high in the air, the teen cock dangling between the spread, cum smeared thighs. With his fingers and mouth he had me hard again in minutes and was sucking away like there was no tomorrow..... He learnt quick, all kids do. He played with the shaft, my loaded balls..... caressing, exploring..... saliva dripping.... He pulled at my pubic hair, twirling them between his long fingers.

  He suddenly got up and flopped by my side and raising his legs high and wide opened the portals of his most intimate orifice. He looked at me and smiled shyly.

  God ! the guy was crazy..... but I didn't tell him that. Neither did I need a second invitation as I got up and over him, getting into position for the fuck we both craved. His fingers seized my seven-inch cock and guiding it to his anal opening placed the knob at his swollen and twitching ass mouth. I aided him by slamming down and his mouth flew open as the head bored in, snapping the sphincter wide. He wailed and his legs wrapped around my hips, his hands at my flexing ass cheeks, pushing ! The kid was amazing !!!!

  "Oh God...... AH !" he moaned, "Fuck me..... fuck me hard.... pleeeease" he screamed.

  I buried my face in his shoulder and fucked him......


  I got up and went to the kitchen, heating up some leftovers and then sharing the food. As we sat and ate, still naked, at the kitchen table I told him about myself.... my name, age (27, if you guys are curious), my work and he listened. We finished eating and got up and as I cleared the table he came up from behind and hugged me..... pressing his body close. I turned and pecked him on the nose, smiling. We went back to the bedroom and climbed in. We sat, speaking, hugging and kissing every few minutes. He told me about himself, home, parents and school..... told me how I had aroused him in the bus and he didn't even know he had such feelings..... such intense desires.... Then we fell silent and nuzzled close, arms wrapped around each other, in a tight embrace, happy to be together.

  It was late afternoon when we finally got up from the rumpled and sweat drenched bed and prepared to leave. I didn't want this to end.... to go and he too seemed reluctant, but we had to leave. I had to go back to office and work and he had to return home. We showered together and returned to the bedroom to slowly pull on our clothes and then exchanged phone numbers, me telling him to call whenever he wanted to and with promises to meet again we slowly walked out into the bright afternoon sun.

  I dropped him off near his home and watched as he limped across the street to his house, a tender feeling engulfing me. I was in love, in love with the cute guy who had walked off the bus that morning to give me one of my best experiences of life !


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