Erotic stories between consenting gay men. If this type of material offends you - then don't torture yourself by reading further. Also if this type of material is illegal in your area, or your under the required age - yada yada - then don't read further. Otherwise enjoy.

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By morgyle

I picked Matt up from his house, and we headed for the movies. It was strange having him sitting so close to me. We had been corresponding over the Internet, and chatting on the phone for ages now.. One day we had even met for lunch, but that was about it. We had never tried anything sexual, and all I really wanted to do was kiss him. Just feel his warm lips against mine. Sounds a little corny, right.

Well we arrived at the movie house a little early, and after deciding to watch South Park we went to a local coffee shop for a nice cup of coffee. I didn't really know how to act around Matt. I knew that he wasn't out to many people, and so I just decided to play it cool. We chatted about anything and everything. The time slipped by, and before we knew it the show was beginning, so we made our way to the theater.

The show had barely started when I felt Matt's fingers tickling my side. We had people on either side of us, so we couldn't really hold hands. Well I thought so initially. My bodies reaction to his touch was immediate. I had a raging hard-on in no time, and had to reposition my denims, so my cock wouldn't be to visible to the guy sitting next to me. His tickling fingers were driving me crazy, so I thought I'd get my own back. I crossed my arms, and was able to get my right hand close enough to him. Our fingers touched, and I played with his fingers. By shifting position slightly in my seat I was able to reach his side. I caressed his side for a while, but he asked me to stop, because he was ticklish, and it was driving him crazy. Gee, and I thought all the time he was laughing at the movie ;-) Not to be deprived of some fun I decided to explore further, and found the elastic of his briefs. My fingers sneaked further, and with a little help from Matt I found his rock hard cut cock. It felt nice, and I loved the idea that I was stroking his cock in a movie house full of people. Every now and again I'd feel a little precum leak from his cock. I carried on playing with his cock for most of the movie - just very gently stroking back and forth, but towards the end of the movie I was getting way to horny, so I decided to stop.

When the movie ended my throat was dry with anticipation, and I really had to get my hands on Matt's body. We made our way out to the car park, and climbed into my car. I slowly drove towards the car park exit.

"Matt, I so badly want to torture your tonsils - is there somewhere we can go?" I said trying to downplay my burning need.

"I'd like that, but I don't know where we can go to."

"Okay lets just drive," I said turning onto the freeway.

I thought that he wasn't interested, but he rested his hand on my thigh and squeezed it. Ever so slowly he started rubbing up and down on my legs, and soon my dick was making a guess appearance. With a devilish grin he looked across at me, and started to trace the outline of my cock through my denims. I just knew that if he opened my zipper I'd probably become another freeway statistic. Imagine the headline: "Dick loses control on Freeway".

We drove around for awhile, and discarded the local cruising spot, because neither one of us wanted to be caught by the police. Eventually, we decided to just park behind a local sports club, and I pulled Matt to me. His lips felt wonderful, and I let my hands roam across his body. It felt great. Especially when I felt his rock hard cock. While still kissing him, I started to pull down his cargo trousers. He helped - naturally! I wanted to taste him. I left his lips, and moved down to his cock. He has the most gorgeous mushroom tip, and I took it in my mouth. He was oozing precum, and it tasted absolutely great. Slowly I moved my mouth up and down his cock, which I was guessing at about 7 inches. >From time to time I'd bring my tongue and teeth into play. From his moans I knew that he was enjoying himself, and hell, so was I.

I was enjoying sucking Matt's cock, but he wanted to blow me as well, so I shrugged off my denims in record time, and we moved back the seats to make ourselves more comfortable. Matt was fascinated by my uncut cock, and loved the feeling of my foreskin moving back and forth across my 8 inches of aching meat. He told me that he had never had an uncut cock before, and I had to ask him once or twice to be just a little gentler with my foreskin. At one stage I though he'd chew it right off. But one thing I enjoyed was him sucking on my cock. It felt great, and I wished we could have been in a 69 at the time, but in a car - that just aint possible, or is it?

We alternated between blowing each other, but decided after two cars drove past, that maybe we should leave, so we moved to another area of town. This was a lot more secluded, and we really decided to get down to business. I attacked his lips, and kissed my way down his chest - stopping to nibble on his nipples. My lips journey carried them down to Matt's cock, and I began to pay more attention to it. It felt lovely in my mouth, and I tried to deep throat him, but gagged a few times. Finally, though I got it right, and loved the feeling of his pubes tickling my nose. I just couldn't keep it up though - not that - the sucking. My jaws were on fire.

Deciding to get a bit more daring we removed all our clothing, and it was wonderful to feel Matt's hot body against mine, as I climbed on top of him. Our cocks felt wonderful together. We humped against each others bodies for awhile, and then Matt asked me it he could enter me. I wanted him to, but was afraid of what his large cock would do to my ass without lube, so I promised him he could have my ass another time - if I could try his out for size. I sat on top of Matt, and felt his cock pressing against my body between my balls and my ass. It felt awesome, and soon I could hold back no longer and after a few jerks on my cock I splattered his chest with cum. I brought my hand to Matt's lips, and he licked the cum from my fingers. He demanded more, and promised to take my entire load. I decided that it was time that Matt came as well, so I concentrated my attention on his cock. It was not long before my cum had company on his chest and stomach. His cum tasted awesome. We hugged and kissed for awhile, but eventually decided that we had better be heading home.

I dropped Matt off at his house and headed home. Before I went to bed that night I had to jerk off again. It was an awesome experience, and hopefully in the future we will have some more fun. This might just be the beginning of a good fuck buddy relationship - maybe more. Who knows - only time will tell!