The Care Giver

Chapter 1

Jason Hall opened the door to the hotel suite that Friday afternoon and there standing in the doorway smiling at him was a stunningly seductive human being. The truly magnificent looking sex symbol had olive skin, dark hair, and alluring green eyes. Jason grabbed hold of the attractive young man inviting him into his awaiting arms. They embraced and their hungry mouths met in a meaningful kiss; one could tell they longed for each other as their mouths opened accepting the other's tongue. They slipped their tongues in searching each other's oral cavity as if searching for each other's soul.

As Jason closed the door; they continued the embrace, French kissing, nuzzling each other's necks, whispering their deepest desires into each other's ears. They whispered words such as I want you, I love you, and make me complete.

Slowly, they inched towards the big bed sensuously stripping off each other's clothing, one piece at a time dropping along the way, as they edged closer to the bed. Both men were at the peak of sexual excitement; they were breathing hard, fully aroused, and filled with wanton desire for the other. Fully undressed they gazed upon each other's stunningly beautiful bodies. With subtle touches they stroked each other's skin drinking in the beauty of the other's body. Jason could wait no longer he pulled his lover down onto the bed on top of him. The two began frotting, panting, and writhing on the bed deep into the throes of passion.

Within minutes of meeting the two were totally naked together in bed ready to take their love for each to the next level as sweat and sensuality oozed from every pore in their bodies. The two young men were drenched in sweat as they ground their hard hot slick bodies together. They were kissing soulfully, eating each other's faces up. The love the two felt for each other was at the highest state of bliss ever that day, months after their initial meeting. Finally, they would make unencumbered lustful love to each other.

That Friday would be the first time the two lovers had been alone together without supervision since they met months ago. The two had been thrown together earlier in the year under an unusual circumstance. Over the following months the two grew close; they bonded, and they eventually fell in love. Now, it was time to demonstrate their love for each other physically. They would spend the next three days and nights making love; they would consummate a relationship that began months before.

Before the two met Jason worked at the local VA hospital on the outskirts of his hometown four afternoons a week. He was enrolled in a nursing work study program through the high school his senior year. When Jason graduated from high school in May he was scheduled to enter college under a program to become a male registered nurse. His duties at the VA facility were in preparation for his training as a male nurse. Although mundane in nature the work gave Jason elective credit, provided spending money, and gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Months earlier Jason headed for the canteen at the VA facility for a bite to eat before starting his afternoon shift at the VA hospital, but before going through the line to order he stopped to browse the bulletin board. There on the bulletin board was a handwritten help wanted note. The piece of paper was requesting a person with some expertise in basic care giving to provide respite care for the mother of a recovering Iraq war veteran. The note described duties: assist with medications, therapy, appointments, prepare light meals, errands, personal hygiene, and companionship. Individual must be compassionate and dependable. Jason tore off one of the little tags at the bottom of the notice with the phone number printed on it and put it in his wallet. At the time little did Jason know how the little tag in his wallet would affect his life.

Jason continued through the food line at the canteen. He paid for his food and sat down to eat forgetting about the tab of paper in his wallet for the time being. For the rest of his shift he went about the routine duties assigned him by the hospital nursing staff. When he got home that night he tossed his backpack on the desk in his room and emptied the pockets of his cargo pants. He remembered the piece of paper he had tucked into his wallet with the phone number on it and decided to call inquiring about the job.

A soft female voice answered the phone. Jason told the women on the other end that he had seen the notice on the bulletin board at the VA hospital. They chatted for a few moments while Jason explained the types of duties he preformed at the VA and then the woman asked Jason if he could come by Thursday evening after work for a personal interview. She then explained that she was the mother of a wounded and recovering soldier. She needed a person who could work a few hours a week from Friday to Sunday providing respite care. Jason assured the woman that he felt he could handle the job. She told Jason she would be expecting him at eight sharp to meet one-on-one with her and her son. Jason agreed to a meeting the following evening.

Thursday evening Jason rang the doorbell promptly at eight in the evening. An exotically attractive woman in her late thirties or forty years answered the door and with a big smile. She was impressed with Jason's size, knowing that he was big enough to handle her son. She invited Jason into the spacious living room of her home asking, "Jason, would you care for a cup of coffee or tea?"

"Coffee will be fine."

Mrs. Martin poured Jason a cup of coffee while she prepared a cup of tea before interviewing him. They engaged in small talk enjoying their coffee and tea in the living room. Then it was time to discuss the job; discussing Jason duties, hours, and pay. For Jason it sounded like a cake job. Mrs. Martin invited Jason to follow her into the bedroom to meet her son.

The big entertainment room in the Martin home had been converted into a fully functional orthopedic hospital room. Jason was immediately awe struck by all the state-of-the-art surroundings as the mother brought up the lighting in the room. The light revealed a young man sleeping lightly. The upper half of his body was in a cast from his neck to mid torso. His arms were supported by braces standing out from his body, only his fingers visible. A white sheet was drawn up over his legs to the bottom of the cast. From what Jason could see the boy appeared to be his same age with dark hair and an angelic face. Jason thought to himself, before the injuries, he was probably a very good looking lad.

"Eric, this is Jason Hall," Eric's mother said introducing the two.

"Hello Eric. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other starting tomorrow if your mother hires me."

"Hello Jason. I'd shake hands, but as you can see I'm not up to it yet."

Jason reached out tenderly taking hold of Eric's fingers on his right hand protruding from the cast and said, "No problem. I look forward to keeping you company and helping you recover, Soldier."

"I sure hate to be an imposition. I'm sure you have better things to do with your Friday nights and weekends than feed me and wipe my ass."

"Eric!" The mother exclaimed admonishing her son for his language.

"It's the truth, so he needs to know what he's getting himself in for."

"For a hero who was wounded in action serving our country it would be my honor and pleasure to feed you and wipe your ass until you get back on your feet, Specialist Martin."

The one thing Jason had learned working in the VA hospital was compassion and respect. Jason focused on Eric's body lying in the adjustable hospital bed; the braces on each side of the body cast supporting his outstretched broken arms. He looked so vulnerable lying there with such an angelic face and infectious smile.

"Jason, do you really want to spend your weekends playing nurse maid to me?"

"Yes," Jason said with a big smile, "yes I do, it would be an honor to help with your recovery."

Eric looked deep onto Jason's eyes. Their eyes locked together in a karmic bond. Eric knew immediately that he wanted Jason to be his part-time care giver. "Mom, he's the one. Jason is the one. I want you to hire him now."

"Okay son."

There was kismet bond between the two. Some would call it chemistry; whatever it was, the two boys took to each other immediately, and would share the next weeks and months together as a team. Eric, who had been in somewhat of a depressed state since the explosion in Iraq which left him with the injuries, felt a new sense of renascent. Meeting Jason, Eric appeared more vibrant than ever seen since returning the United States from the hospital in Germany.

As the two explored each other's eyes they were secretly looking into the other's soul. Both felt that special connection and knew that this was an instant match. Jason, a gay high school senior, had been anxious about the meeting at first; however, now he was more at ease. At eighteen Jason had not yet found a partner; besides, he didn't want to take a chance on being outed by classmates. Jason's fears of being discovered forced him to keep his feelings and sexuality identity to himself; however, when Jason touched Eric's finger tips he felt a phantom charge of electricity surge through his body as well as a slight twinge of arousal in his underwear.

"Can you start tomorrow Jason?" Mrs. Martin asked.

"Sure, what time do you want me here on Friday? I don't work at the VA on Fridays."

"If you could be here at ten tomorrow morning that would be great, that way the nurse and I can go over everything with you. Eric's home health nurse from the VA will be here at ten."

"Why don't I get here about nine, not on the clock of course, just be here a little early."

"That would be great Jason."

"Eric, it was great meeting you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning, and helping with your recovery," Jason said gently touching Eric's foot covered with the white sheet.

"Look forward to seeing you again Jason," Eric said with a big smile.

With the goodnights and goodbyes said Jason left Eric and his mother and showed himself out of the house. When he got home that night his parents were still up watching television. He excitedly told them about the new second job, and what the job was all about. He also told them what little he knew about Eric. His parent's had never seen Jason so excited about a job before. They commended him on his compassion for another human being, especially a wounded soldier.

Jason excused himself and went to his room. He was exhausted, so he stripped out of his street clothes and fell across the bed in his underwear for a few minutes. Normally, Jason would shower and then jerk off or vice versa before going to sleep, but that night he was exhausted and fell asleep immediately.

That night was filled with dreams of desire about Eric. Jason tossed and turned on the bed all night long. He knew that Eric, a soldier, a heterosexual, was out of his league; still all he could do was dream about Eric. The dreams were so intense and vivid that Jason had a wet dream that night, something that had not happened to him in years.

The next morning there was no school so Jason slept in a little late. At seven thirty his mother knocked on the door reminding him of his appointment that morning. Jason jumped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. The dried cum on his briefs stuck to him as he lowered his drawers to urinate. He had to make sure his piss slit wasn't stuck together with dried cum before he let lose with a powerful stream of urine. Once he finished taking a leak he jumped into the shower, then he shaved, and dressed. He splashed on his best aftershave, and headed to the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee and bagel before departing for the Martin house.

Jason arrived a couple minutes before nine and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Martin answered inviting Jason in offering him a cup of coffee. She said that Eric had a fitful night and he was still asleep as a result of medications she had given him to help him sleep. Jason looked around quietly checking the house out. While he and Mrs. Martin drank their coffee he decided to patiently probe Mrs. Martin trying to find out more about Eric; his likes, dislikes, how long he was going to be in the cast, medical prognosis, girl friends and other details.

Eric's mom filled Jason in on the details of Eric's life before he entered the Army. Mrs. Martin explained what Eric was like as a child growing up, and how 9-11 had affected him. That day made him change his priorities. Even though Eric had been an honor student who took AP courses he opted to enter the Army National Guard instead of attending college immediately. She told Jason that maybe a few of his male friends from high school or the guard might stop by from time to time to visit, but the girl friend had dumped him as soon as she saw him in the body cast. Once Eric had decided to enlist in the guard with his training complete he and his unit were deployed almost immediately to Iraq.

The National Guard Military Police unit to which he was assigned conducted mounted patrols and escorted convoys. Eric had been wounded shortly after arriving in Iraq while on patrol. His job was machine gunner in the HUMVEE; he rode in the cupola manning the big fifty caliber machine gun. When the IED exploded the blast sent the vehicle into the air and when it landed on its top Eric had been trapped beneath the vehicle. His injuries aside from the initial concussion and shrapnel cuts were broken collar bones, broken vertebrae in his back and multiple fractures to his arms. From all accounts Eric had been lucky to survive, and even luckier that his injuries weren't worse. The prognosis was good; Eric would eventually make a full recovery with minimal scaring.

The doorbell rang breaking the conversation. Jason looked at his watch and it showed ten to ten. He couldn't believe the two had been talking for almost an hour. Mrs. Martin excused herself to answer the door. It was the home health nurse. She entered the kitchen and immediately recognized Jason saying, "Jason, when did you start here working with Eric?"


The VA nurse assured Mrs. Martin that Jason was a great choice as a respite care giver. She knew Jason; he had an outstanding reputation at the VA hospital. They all went into Eric's room to wake him up. Once Eric was fully awake the VA nurse suggested that Jason assume the duties of taking temp, pulse and blood pressure readings and noting the vitals in his chart while she observed. Jason pulled on a pair of latex gloves and began checking Eric's vital signs.

Eric requested some privacy as he needed to take care of personal morning business. He asked his mom and the nurse to please leave him alone and let Jason help him out of bed and onto the portable potty. Jason rolled the potty up alongside the bed. Before pulling the white sheet back Jason placed a white bath towel over Eric's waist. He then lowered the bed, turning and positioning Eric on the right side of the bed as he readied him for transfer onto the portable potty. Once the transfer to the potty was complete Jason noticed that Eric's penis was semi erect and there were tell tale signs that he had experienced a wet dream earlier. Eric was somewhat red faced with embarrassment, and Jason was experiencing arousal.

"Let me wash that thing off before you pee." Jason said.

Jason got a pan of warm water, wash cloth, and soap to clean Eric up. Jason knew from personal experience that when cum dries in the piss slit and one tries to pee it can spray in any direction. Jason took a few seconds longer than necessary washing Eric's semi flaccid penis, noticing that it became firmer as he washed it. After a quick clean up Jason let Eric finish his morning business. Once Eric finished Jason held Eric up with one hand while he wiped him with the other. Once that dirty little chore was done he began washing Eric's ass crack. As Jason was cleaning him up Eric whispered into Jason's ear, "Sorry about that, man."

"Don't worry about it, just one of the things we guys have to put up with. You know, morning wood when we wake up in the morning, and sometimes the remnants of a wet dream."

"Last night was the first erection and wet dream I've had since the accident," Eric whispered, "I was really worried that I was never gonna have another boner again until it happened earlier this morning."

Jason smiled at Eric saying, "Now we know you're fully functional male, huh."

Eric smiled back at Jason. That was the beginning of a lasting relationship. Jason sensed that Eric's smile was a smile of optimism, true friendship, and understanding. "By the way you have to communicate with me about where and how to touch you while I'm cleaning your bottom and private area."

"Don't worry I will. And by the way you can call it what it is, my ass, dick, and balls."


"You're doing a great job; besides, I'd rather have you do it than my Mom or the nurse, especially when something like this has happened."

Jason fully understood Eric's feelings. Once Jason completed the wash up process he left Eric sitting on the portable potty covering his mid section up with the large white bath towel. Jason asked Eric's Mom for a clean set of linens for the bed. The nurse and Mrs. Martin watched as Jason changed out the bed sheets turning the foam mattress topper in the process. With the cover still around Eric's waist Jason carefully transferred him back onto his clean fresh bed. Jason positioned Eric on the bed and drew the cover up before removing the bath towel. He then repositioned the height and head elevation angle of the hospital bed.

The nurse remarked to Mrs. Martin, "Very professional job Jason did, and did you see the very discreet manner with which Jason handled Eric's privacy.'

"Yes, I think he's a keeper," Mrs. Martin said smiling at the nurse.

"Would you like for me to fix breakfast for you or do you prefer your Mom's cooking?" Jason asked with a smile.

"What can you cook up Jason?"

"I can make oatmeal or cold cereal, eggs and bacon, and I can make coffee. Oh, I make a dynamite peanut butter and jelly sandwich too.

"I'll remember that, but today I'll let Mom do the cooking. Fridays are her special surprise omelet day."

"Jason, would you let me fix you an omelet too," Mrs. Martin asked.

"Sure, I'll have breakfast with my patient."

Mrs. Martin excused herself to the kitchen to fix brunch. The nurse went over a few more things with Jason concerning Eric's health care, charting, and medications. She also told Jason that she would be giving reports on the extra job to his counselor at school and supervisor at the VA, for possibly more credit. She thought that he may also qualify for college credits once the job with Eric was completed. The nurse excused herself leaving the two boys alone. Jason emptied the stainless steel portable potty bucket and plastic urinal bottle washing them out with disinfectant and then replacing them in there respective locations. Jason removed the rubber gloves and washed his hands.

Mrs. Martin reentered the room with two trays of food and drinks. Jason approached her to take Eric's tray to feed him, but Mrs. Martin had other ideas.

"This morning you get to eat with Eric while I feed him. Your time to feed him will be here quickly, so enjoy your omelet and observe."

"Are you sure Mrs. Martin?"

"She's sure," Eric quipped, "enjoy her great omelet."

The two boys ate their brunch together. Jason had never had such a tasty omelet before. Between bites Jason observed exactly how Mrs. Martin fed Eric; the size of the bites, how many bites between liquids, how she wiped his mouth and chin. Jason thought about Eric and wondered what he was thinking lying in bed; so vulnerable, being fed by his mother, having his ass wiped by another man, basically not being able to do anything for himself. Jason had never been in that kind of a predicament before.

Jason finished his brunch and drank his coffee remarking to Mrs. Martin, "I hope you leave the coffee pot on all day that's great coffee. My one vice is I love coffee, really good coffee."

"Coffee is no problem around here I'm a coffee drinker too; however, Eric didn't inherit my love for coffee. He drinks one cup with creamer for breakfast and that's it for him."

"I'll remember that."

Eric's mother finished feeding her son, cleaned up, and headed back to the kitchen with Jason in toe. Jason had found out that Eric's day was mostly eating, watching television, and sleeping. He would not begin his physical therapy until the cast was removed. Until that time his care givers had to make sure he was comfortable and watched him for bedsores.

For the rest of the morning Eric and Jason chatted getting to know each other better. Eric told Jason that he had gotten hooked on a couple of afternoon soap operas: Days of Our Lives and Passions. He also told him that he was more of a cable television viewer than local channels. Jason made a mental note so as not to forget.

"Hey, how `bout a foot and leg massage?"

"Naw, I don't want to trouble you."

"No problem it's part of my job description. Let me give you a quick massage and if you don't like it tell me and I'll let you alone."


With that Jason got a few clean white bath towels and pulled the white sheet back to the foot of the bed exposing Eric's lower torso and legs. He quickly took a bath towel and covered Eric's genital area taking a mental snapshot of his penis; he noted its approximate size, color, shape, and texture. He rolled a couple of the bath towels placing one beneath Eric's knee and the other beneath his ankle. He spread some of the warmed massage oil on Eric's right foot and began gently rubbing the heel area and bottom of Eric's very nice looking foot. Jason had seen his share of ugly feet working in the VA hospital, but Eric had beautiful feet with well manicured toenails. Jason decided to strike up conversation with Eric as he was once again feeling twinges of arousal.

"So, Eric who manicures your toenails?" Jason asked as he carefully massaged and rubbed Eric's right foot.

"Once in a while Mom, but most of the time the nurse you met does it. She says that I have beautiful feet."

"That you do. What size shoe do you wear?"

"Ten regular. What size do you wear?"

"Twelve regular, but I think mine are bigger than yours because I'm probably a little taller than you, that's the reason for the difference."

"How tall are you?"

"Six feet two inches. What about you?"

"Five ten."

Adding a little more warm massage oil to Eric's foot Jason worked the arch and balls of Eric's foot with his thumbs. Then he worked between his toes and on up across the top of the foot to the ankle, and then onto the calf muscle of the leg. Jason then changed sides and began the same routine on the left foot. After both feet and calves were done Mrs. Martin stepped into view; she had been watching the ordeal from the doorway of the room.

"Jason, you don't know the can of worms you've opened up."

"What'd you mean?"

"Every since Eric was a baby he has enjoyed special pampering from me. You know being an only child. I used to rub his back, feet, and legs as a baby and then in school while he ran track too. I would work the tight muscles out after his work outs and swim and track meets."


"You know it's the truth. Oh, by the way he liked to have his head rubbed and scratched. I used to put him to sleep rubbing his head of a night when he was a child."


"Okay, no more secrets for now."

Jason closed out his shift knowing more about Eric, as well as Eric knowing more about his care giver. Before leaving Jason helped Eric on and off the portable potty again and got him back into bed. He took and charted Eric's vitals before leaving for the night. The last thing he did was tenderly touch Eric's fingers as he said goodnight. Again, Jason felt a surge of electricity and there was also arousal in Jason's trousers.

The next shift came and went without any problems. Mrs. Martin was very impressed with Jason's ability and his compassion caring for Eric. On Sunday she left the two alone while she went grocery shopping. When she returned Jason bid Eric farewell Sunday evening and headed home. Again, before leaving it had become a ritual that Jason would touch Eric's fingers or toes as he said goodnight. Almost as a secret goodnight kiss between the two.

Note: Certain parts of this story contain colorfully descriptive language; also, some scenes involve nudity, and explicitly descriptive sexual encounters and interactions between consenting young adults over the age of eighteen. Although the story is a work of fiction many of the facts are drawn from a real life event and situations; therefore, certain specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect the innocent.

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