The Caregiver

Chapter 2

After the initial meeting where Jason was offered a part-time job as Eric's caregiver and hired, he soon found himself as Eric's confidant and more. From that first meeting they had bonded in brotherhood. Jason would stop by each evening after his shift at the VA hospital to visit Eric and see if Mrs. Martin needed any help.

The second Friday came and went easily; however, Saturday there was a torrential downpour, so Jason's mother drove him to work in her car. She didn't want Jason riding his motorcycle across town in the pouring rain. Mrs. Hall drove up the Martin's circular driveway and parked under the portico to let Jason out. Mrs. Martin, who was waiting with an umbrella if needed, stuck her head inside the vehicle inviting Jason's mother in for some hot tea before returning home. Jason got out of the car and went inside. While Jason went about his morning chores bathing and feeding Eric the two women chatted while drinking hot tea and eating fresh pastry in the kitchen for almost three hours. The two women struck up an immediate friendship and got along great during that first meeting, so much so, that Jason's mother invited Eric's mother to her ladies only card club the next Saturday.

The second weekend was uneventful passing quickly as all parties got to know each other better. The third Friday Jason didn't have to work at the Martin's as Eric was being transported to the hospital for a day of medical follow-up and X-rays. The third Saturday Mrs. Hall dropped her son off to pickup Mrs. Martin for their lady's day out. That is truly what respite care giving is all about, providing rest and relaxation for the primary caregiver. The two mothers bid their boys farewell and headed out for their day of recreation. Eric and Jason's moms told the boys not to expect them back early because the two women might go to dinner and take in a show later. As the two women left the boys alone Jason asked Eric if he had breakfast yet and what his immediate needs were that morning.

"Mom fed me earlier, Jay, but I had another accident earlier this morning. I thought I was going to have to ask mom to clean it up, but I'd rather you do it if you don't mind?"

"No problem, buddy. I'll take care of it."

Jason thought maybe Eric had shit himself in the bed; however, as he pulled the sheet back, to his amazement there were remnants of a wet dream again. There was drying semen on his limp penis, stomach, and pubic hair.

"You need to get out of this cast soon my man. Find you a lady and get some pussy," Jason said with a smile.

"Yeah, guess so."

Jason went into the bathroom and collected a pan with warm water, some soap, a wash cloth, and towel. He returned to his patient and began giving him a sponge bath. Much to Jason's surprise Eric began to get hard again as Jason gently cleansed Eric's genital area cleaning all the dried cum off him. Jason was enthralled with Eric's smooth olive skin as well as the beauty he was discovering between his legs.

"So, have you been experiencing more erections, Eric?"

"Yeah, I've been waking up with more erections lately, but this is only the second wet dream I've had. I'm just glad you were here this morning to clean me up. I would've just died if Mom had found me like this."

With Eric sitting up on the side of the bed Jason continued sponging Eric's exposed upper body parts. Jason thought he felt Eric's lips brush against his ear whispering, "Oh God Jay, don't stop."

Jason was taken aback and didn't know quite know how to react to the hushed comment.

"Sorry about that, Jay, but you've got such a sensuous touch."

"No problem, Eric. I enjoy working with you and making you feel good."

Jason blushed as he continued wondering what was on Eric's mind as he finished washing Eric's neck, ears and face. Jason then sat Eric on the portable potty while he made his bed. Once that was done he wiped and thoroughly washed Eric's ass crack before putting him back into the bed. Jason laid a towel across Eric's mid section and positioned himself at the foot of the bed to begin giving Eric his foot massage.

Jason washed and dried Eric's feet, and then applied the warm massage oil. He began to massage Eric's foot; however, Jason's thoughts that morning were not about massaging Eric's feet, but rather what it would be like to massage his manhood. He was thinking how beautiful Eric's body was and how much more beautiful he was going to be when he was out of his cast. Jason wondered about the wet dreams Eric was experiencing. He wondered what was causing them. There were no girly magazines or photos or anything sexually stimulating for a heterosexual male around the sterile environment. Maybe he was just thinking about his former girl friend.

"Jay, how come you always cover my crotch up when were alone and stop the massage with the calf muscles? Why don't you massage my thighs?"

"Covering your private area is what I was trained to do, but I can uncover you and do your thighs and other areas if you want. I guess I just needed you to ask."

"You know, I've noticed you eyeing my dick when you attend to me. What do you think of it?"

"I hope you won't think badly of me when I say I think you have a very beautiful body as well as penis. It's beautiful and just the right size."

"Right size for what?"

"The right size for anything."

Jason wasn't sure where Eric was going with the questions so he suggested, "I'll remove the towel if you like."

"Thanks," Eric said smiling.

Jason thought for sure he had seen movement under the bath towel. He was almost sure Eric was getting an erection. Jason wasn't sure, but he was beginning to sense that Eric might be sexual attracted to him. Jason removed the towel in a tantalizing manner exposing Eric's semi hard penis.

Seeing Eric's penis in full view caused arousal in Jason's loins. His burgeoning boner wanted some personal attention, but he knew that his primary focus was on Eric. Jason needed to focus on Eric's wants and needs.

"So, how big is it, your dick that is?" Jason asked guardedly.

"I'm not sure. You want'a measure it?"

"Sure if you want me to. So, where's your mom keeping her measuring tape?"

"I think there's one in that sewing basket over on the bar."

Jason moved towards the wet bar in the room and opened the sewing basket. Sure enough there was a thirty-six inch fabric measuring tape rolled up on the top. Jason retrieved it taking the rubber band off and began unrolling it stretching it out to its full length saying in a humors manner, "Think this is long enough?"

Eric began laughing, "Yeah. Oh yeah that'll do."

Jason put the end of the tape against Eric's pubic bone and measured along the topside from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis, "Looks to be about five and three quarter's inches long. Not bad. Now let's see what this thing measures around."

Jason wrapped the tape around the shaft saying, "A little over five inches mid shaft," then he moved the tape up to the coronal band, "five and three eights around the corona. Nice sized cock Eric, nothing to be ashamed of, and a very nice looking glans."

"Really! So, you think I've got a good size dick?"

"Very nice one, but the head is what really makes a nice looking penis as far as I'm concerned, and that knob on yours is a beauty."

"Thanks Jay."

"I know I sure as Hell wouldn't kick you out of bed; besides, all that shit about size is way overrated. You know all the stories about guys with big cocks having more fun, that's bullshit. I'd much rather engage in sex with a guy your size or smaller than a big guy any day."

Jason immediately felt that hot sensation throughout his body; the type of sensation like when the police light you up when you've been speeding. Jason felt he might have fucked up and let the cat out of the bag about his homosexuality.

"Really! So, are you gay Jason?"

"Yeah, I think so," Jason responded meekly.

Jason went onto explain his life and his sexual identity issues while massaging Eric's thighs. Jason told Eric about how there had been guys in school that he was attracted to, but didn't want to take a step forward for fear of being outed and labeled. Eric told Jason that he had experienced the same type of feelings from the time he was in the seventh grade. But he never acted upon them because he didn't want to disappoint his Mom; he didn't want to tell her about those feelings, and he definitely didn't want to be labeled as gay. Without warning Jason bent down tenderly kissing the tips of Eric's toes. Jason could see Eric's penis jump to attention. Jason did it again and again watching Eric's dick jump with each little peck.

"Oh my God, Jay" Eric responded softly.

Jason knew where all the sensitive areas were located and began gently kissing the side of Eric's foot working his way up his leg to his knee. Once there he began kissing inside Eric's knee. All Eric could do was let out little moans and sighs of pleasure as his pecker jumped with each kiss. So, Jason decided to go for broke. In a few seconds Jason would find out if Eric wanted more pleasure or he would rebuke Jason's advances, "You've got the most beautiful penis I've ever seen, Eric."

There the beauty stood at attention only inches away from Jason's face throbbing as the blood pulsed through it pumping it up. A most perfectly sculpted penis with a well-defined pink head that flared back to a dark red coronal band; a lighter circumcision scar that was high and tight, and then the darker shaft that was rooted into the black undergrowth at the base of Eric's tree trunk. Beneath that was a darker hairless scrotal sac.

"That's truly a thing of beauty, Eric. May I give it the attention it needs?"

"Oh God yes, I've dreamed about this since the very first night we met, Jay; the first night you touched my fingers I felt that surge of special energy between us. That's why the wet dreams. I've dreamed about you and me making love every night since the first night you arrived and touched me as you were leaving, Jay."

Jason replied, "I guess I was scared to cross any boundaries. I've dreamed about you every night too, Eric."

"Why didn't you say something earlier, Jay? I've dreamed about you and me together after I get out of this fuckin cast."

Jason saluted the beautiful boner before him. He touched it softly stroking its full length.

"Oh God, Jay, don't stop what you're doing."

Jason bent forward letting his soft moist lips tenderly kiss the pink head of Eric's penis. Jason's tongue circled the full circumference of the darker coronal band. He licked his way to a point where his tongue was titillating the very sensitive area just below the piss slit. Jason could taste a trace of soap as he continued nursing Eric's member. Eric was moaning and whimpering uncontrollably. Jason cupped Eric's hairless ball sac in his hand to feel the pecan sized nuts inside the scrotal sac. Eric continued moaning with desire and pleasure. Jason began to taste a hint of Eric's seminal fluid that had begun seeping from the piss slit. So, sensing that Eric may be about to explode in an orgasm Jason ceased caressing and licking Eric's wang.

Jason moved up to Eric's face. He put his right hand behind Eric's head drawing Eric's face to his. The two locked into a passionate kiss, tongues darting and dueling inside each other's mouths. Jason changed hands putting his left hand behind Eric's head to cradle it. His right hand brushed a tear from Eric's face as he whispered into Eric's right ear, "Don't worry baby I'll be here for you as long as you need and want me."

Eric whispered back, "Forever."

"For ever and ever, I love you Eric Martin."

Jason broke off the soulful kiss whispering in Eric's ear, "Right now I'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life, Soldier."

"Jay, I only wish I was in a position to reciprocate."

"No need for that now, there'll be plenty of times after you get out of the cast, if you still choose to recip."

Having said that Jason moved back towards Eric's crotch area where a throbbing cock was awaiting his warm wet mouth. A cock that appeared much bigger, with a bigger and pinker glans. Jason observed that not only had the head gotten pinker the penis shaft appeared to have gotten thicker while the two were making out. Jason began kissing Eric's navel slowly kissing down the dark treasure trail the black bush where his nose began rooting around inhaling the manly scent at the base of Eric's tall timber as he fondled Eric's balls.

Jason knew he had hours to titillate and make love to Eric. Jason was going work on Eric building him up for the most explosive orgasm ever. He could tell when he touched a responsive nerve; Eric's body would convulse, shaking with desire and his penis would jump. Eric's penis jumped up and down dancing like a low rider full of hydraulics. Meanwhile Jason's hard cock was trying to escape and get into the fray.

"Oh my God, Jay, you are so good to me."

Jason responded, "I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am."

"Jay, can I at least see your dick?"


Finally, Jason took Eric's swollen member full into his mouth and began slowly pumping his mouth up and down on the full length of the shaft. After a couple of up and down strokes he would stop, savoring the translucent juices at the tip of the pink head. He would then run his tongue around the corona. Then he would inhale the full length of the pole back down to the black bush again. Eric moaned with pleasure as Jason worked on him.

Jason began kissing and sucking on Eric's nut sac taking each testicle into his mouth and humming a little tune. He licked beneath the nut sac in the taint area stopping short of tongue bathing Eric's asshole. Rimming Eric's asshole would come later. Jason wanted the ordeal to last as long as possible, so he wouldn't finger fuck him that day either. He wanted to bring Eric off in the most a powerful orgasm he had ever experienced in his life, but first he had to ask Eric a question, "How many sex partners have you been with, Eric?"

"You're the first, Jason," Eric said timidly, "my girl friend gave me a couple blow jobs before I deployed, but that was as far as it went. What about you?"

"I did the sixty-nine with a couple of other guys, but that was when I was in junior high school."

Jason returned to Eric's succulent slong continuing to nurture his manhood. He kissed inside Eric's thighs and again took one testicles at a time into his mouth. Jason then moved down to Eric's feet and began kissing them, kissing his toes, inside his ankles, working his way back up Eric's leg to the forbidden fruit. Once there Jason attacked Eric's pulsing penis with a vengeance; he felt it thicken, and heard Eric moaning, "Jay, I'm gonna to cum, Baby."

Jason ignored the warning as he kept at it. Eric said to his lover again as a warning that if he didn't want to swallow he needed to stop, but he hoped he would drink all his juices.

Jason continued to suck on Eric's swollen slong. Tasting more and more precum; surprisingly, it didn't taste too bad.

"Jason, Jason, Oh Baby, I'm cumin!"

Jason pulled his mouth off Eric's manhood wanting to see how many ropes of spooge Eric could shoot into the air. Jason's fist vigorously pumped Eric's saliva slick dick and then the spooge started to fly. The first powerful blast went over Eric's head, and then white ropes went in all directions. Jason continued pumping watching the last of the spooge dribble down over his fingers and thumb that still held Eric's firm penis in his hand. Jason bent forward and licked up all the spots of spooge from around his hand and the head of Eric's penis. Then he licked the two strings off Eric's belly. Finally, he noticed a string on Eric's forehead above his left eye. He moved carefully up on the bed and licked the last of the semen off Eric's body. He would wipe the two strings off the body cast later with a towel.

Jason kissed Eric and asked, "How was that, Soldier?"

"The best, the fucking best thing I've ever experienced in my entire fucking life, Jay."

"There'll be more. Every time your mom leaves us alone I'll do you if you want?"

"Oh yeah, I wish it could happen everyday, two or three times a day."

"Maybe it will one of these days, Eric, who knows. Now, why don't you take a nap and rest up."

"Yeah. I love you, Jay."

Eric dozed off; meanwhile, Jason had to uncage his raging rod and pound it into submission. Of course, all he thought about was Eric while he stroked it with a little massage oil. In no time Jason fired a machine gun burst of semen across the room as the love of his life lay sleeping. So, Eric missed seeing Jason's engorged cock or watching him unload the barrage of cum.

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