This is a story about a sex between two men. The usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex between men, so if you do not like reading stories that are sexual in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking.

"The Carpenter and His Tool"

The "No Smoking" policy in the building had me going outside for a cigarette. The company had decided to move the executives into our building and a crew of contractors had arrived several days ago to build their new offices.

The workers and my cigarette break on the loading dock began to happen at the same time. Last Wednesday a new, clean-shaven, blonde hair with blue eyes "studmuffin" arrived. He sat on the edge of a table listening to the others. He was definitely conspicuous by his presence.

His name was Greg and I would meet him several times when he had come down to the dock area to pick up materials. We would engage in brief conversation, as he was either shy or not used to being talked to by an older person. I am 57 and I figured Greg to be about 22.

On Friday afternoon about a week after I had met him, I happened to mention I was going down to my house on Cape Cod for the weekend. He said he was probably going to stay home and that he had never been to the Cape. He lived at home and his family did not travel much.

I told him if he was to find himself in South Yarmouth, to call and come over to the house. I handed him a card with my address and phone number, saying I had extra room and he would be more than welcome. I saw from the look on his face, he realized I was serious.

I guess you would like to know something about Greg. Well, he is about 5'10" tall with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and what seemed like as nice looking chest through his T-shirt. He wears them tight and his nipples look as if they are always hard. He wears jeans, 32" waist and 30" length and he has a nice ass. I always check the ass.

Well, to make a long story short, he decided to take a ride to the Cape and found himself crossing the Sagamore Bridge. When he got on Route 6, he decided to call me and say hello before he drove back home to Framingham, MA. I gave him directions to the house and he was there in a short time. As he exited his pickup in the driveway, I could see he was nervous about this visit. We went into the house and as he went straight to the bathroom.

We settled in the living room with me sitting in a chair and him on the couch. We just looked at each other for a moment. I broke the silence by telling him I was glad he had called, as I enjoyed company. As the weather promised to be warm and sunny, I invited him to stay over. We went out to dinner, walking down the beach to a cozy restaurant. He ordered and devoured a lobster. We talked and had a few drinks on the deck off the bar overlooking the water. We left and slowly walked back to the house.

At about midnight, I broached the subject of getting some sleep, as we were both tired and starting to yawn. I got up before he could answer and went into the guest bedroom. I turned down the bed and told him to come in and make himself comfortable. I showed him where the towels were and said goodnight.

He took a shower and after a few minutes came into my bedroom and thanked me for letting him stay. He was standing next to my bed wearing only white briefs. I could smell the aroma of fresh, washed young man. The dim light of the guestroom enabled me to see the fuzz of blonde hair on his chest and a nice bulge between his legs. I took a chance saying to him "Greg, if you get cold and want to cuddle, feel free to slip in next to me." He stood there a moment and than said goodnight and went to bed.

Well, for those of you who do not know Cape Cod, the breeze off Nantucket Sound makes the temperature drop late at night.

At about 3:00am I awoke feeling the bed move, realizing Greg was lying next to me. I dared not move or make a sound for fear of scaring him. I lay there for several minutes, feeling his back close to mine. I waited awhile longer and than rolled over and placed my arm over him, my hand lying on his stomach. His breathing did not change and I guessed he was asleep.

I moved my hand slowly up his chest, feeling the blonde fuzz through my fingers. I found and rubbed his left nipple gently and felt it harden. I pinched it and immediately felt his ass push back into my hardening cock. I moved my hand down his stomach and over his briefs and down along the side of his leg. I ran my hand back up and over the front of his briefs and felt his hard cock. He moaned as I slipped my hand under the leg opening of his briefs and rubbed the shaft and head of his cock and gently fondled his balls.

I turned him on his back and began to tongue his left nipple. I sucked and ran my tongue over it, while I reached under the waistband of his briefs and stroked his cock. I ran my thumb over the head and felt slippery pre-cum leaking on my fingers. No words were spoken as I pushed down and took off his underwear.

I positioned myself between his legs and licked up and down the straight hard shaft of his cock. Placing my hands on his legs I spread them and pushing them up sucked his left ball into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it and held it in my warm mouth, releasing it I did the same to the right. Licking back up his shaft I felt his hands running through my hair.

I lay back down next to him and started to slowly stroke his cock. His cock was hard in my hand and his hips kept pushing it in and out of my tight fist faster and faster, willing it to shoot. His breath, in short loud bursts; a low moan escaped his lips and I felt his warm cream cover my fingers as I massaged the head of his spurting cock, it shot his cream up onto his chest and stomach. Ropes of hot cum spurting out his cock and down on to the shaft making it slippery, as I continued stroking him to satisfaction.

When he was finished, I sucked his cock until it went soft in my mouth. I got up and wet a washcloth with warm water. I washed his chest, stomach and cock. When I got back into bed he was dressed in his briefs, and asleep.

We got up the next morning with nothing being said about our early morning adventure. When we got back from the beach that afternoon we did talk and I found out it was his first time being with a man.

When he was getting into his truck, he asked if he could leave some clothes and come down with me next weekend. I told him that would be fine, he also asked me to buy some condoms.

Grande Putts