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A Walk at the Mall

Delhi Spring

Camp David

Summer Vacation

A Chance Meeting

Away From Home

Adult Friends
My Two Way Marriage


  It was the summer holidays and Dad insisted that I join my uncle in his 'house keeping' business and earn some money instead of demanding more allowance. So, there I was at his office trying to fit myself in, it was either that or dad said I was GROUNDED!!!! God, parents!

  Uncle had this tiny setup that took care of people's home needs.... I mean, he had men drop in at your place to clean it up, vacuum the carpets, clean the sofas... polish the floor and that sort of crap and believe me, there are lots of people who call for it, too busy or too lazy to do it themselves.

  Late one saturday evening he received a call from one of his regulars for a sunday morning appointment and since the other guys were off and uncle couldn't refuse this client, he put me on the job. Jesus, I could have killed him at that moment! First my summer was being wasted cleaning other people's homes and now even my sunday was about to go! But did I have an option.... do it or the threat of the g-word - GROUNDED!!! So, there I was on a perfect sunday morning ringing the bell of #43, Parker's Avenue, feeling awful.

  A young looking guy opened the door, dressed in the tiniest robe I'd ever seen, and once I told him where I was from, he smiled and let me in. The house was quite big and tastefully done. As I entered I noticed another guy sitting on the couch and watching TV, dressed in just a pair of tight Levi's, his nipples pierced and a huge stud adorning his right ear! 'God, these guys must be fags', I thought. Bill, the guy who let me in told me they wanted the carpets cleaned and that's all and that I should hurry! 'Fuck you', I thought.... 'Hurry - huh, you spoil my sunday and ask me to hurry!'

  I looked around and got out my things.... the whole damned house was carpeted... it would take me half the day to finish! 'There goes my sunday' I groaned.

  "Hey, why don't you start with the bedroom first," called the guy on the couch as I was setting up my things, "I'm trying to watch the tube!"

  'FUCK! bedroom first!' I growled.

  Bill showed me the way. I looked around.... it was a large room, nicely done and with a huge double bed!.... 'Heh, heh, heh...' I thought, 'so here is where all the action takes place...' I plugged in and started off. Starting with a corner I moved towards the bed... as I slid the nozzle under the bed it sucked in something and the machine whined in high pitch... I shut it and bend down, looking under the bed. I nearly gasped aloud - there lay a whole huge pile of hard core gay porn mags, about half a dozen used condoms, a huge dildo and a couple of cum stained, dirty briefs! 'WOAH! what a treasure-trove!!!!' So, my niggling doubt was true.... these guys were gay! My interest was aroused.... and curiosity got the better of me. Slowly dropping on my hunches I sat down near the bed. I picked up one mag and then another and yet another as I flipped through the pages.... GAWD! such stuff !!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was practically shaking as I turned the pages.... my cock stiff as a granite block in my jeans. In my 18 summers I had never seen such stuff and it was getting me well, HOT! There was this one picture that caught my fascination... it had a very young boy lying on top of a man, while another guy lay over him and he had both monstrous cocks up his tiny ass at the same time! My heart thumped at the sight and I felt my pulse race.

  Still holding the mag open at that page I picked up one of those latex, full of rich, thick cream and brought it to my nose.... sniffing. My head was spinning as I took a whiff of that strong man scent.... 'Fresh, maybe from last nights love making' I mused....

  "Like the smell?" .

  I jumped, the rubber dropping from my hands.... as Bill placed his hands on my shoulders. I hadn't even heard them come into the room, I was so engrossed in seeing those mags and all the other things.... I turned and looked up, scared.

  "Well, want a taste of the real thing, fresh from the source?" Bill spoke again.

  "I... I'm not g... gay!" I protested.

  "They all say the same thing in the beginning and then return for more!" piped in the other guy giving me a real dirty smirk.

  Bill stood me up and kissed me lightly on the mouth, his hands caressing my face..... I just stood too shocked to do anything else. Now, both started to take off my clothes and running their hands all over my tingling skin.... touching, tweaking my hardened nipples, squeezing my full ass cheeks.... I closed my eyes and surrendered to the waves of sensuous pleasure that surged through my body. Slowly licking his way down Bill dropped on his knees in front of me and wrapped his fingers around my swollen cock! I let out a loud groan and pumped my hips into his grip.... Kevin (the other guy) was nibbling at my ears, his hands kneading my ass... stretching it... parting the cheeks as fingers probed... 'Aaaggggghhhhhhhhh............' I moaned, my head on his shoulder.

  I felt the warm, wet tongue lick the tip of my cock and a huge shiver shook my whole body as my hands grabbed at Bill's head and looking down I saw him open his mouth wide and take me in!! My eyes widened in awe.... the sight was enough to make me shoot and the wonders that he was doing with his lips, tongue and the suction in his mouth was absolutely mind boggling.... it beat any fucking vacuum cleaner, any day! Kevin meanwhile had also got down on his knees and was stretching my parted cheeks even wider as he ground his open mouth to my butt chute!

  One hand on Bill's head and the other grabbing Kev's hairs, I pumped back and forth like a maniac, sending my cock deep into Bill's throat one moment and the next instance grinding my open ass hole into Kev's mouth !! Higher and higher I rose as the raw lust roared at me.... engulfed me....!!

  Shutting my eyes tight and throwing back my head I screamed out loud as I stuffed my whole damned prick into Bill's throat and came!........ spurt after thick spurt of scalding hot jizz and the guy just went on, milking me, his hands on my nuts, gently squeezing.... willing them to release more of their boy treasure.

  I was feeling weak and could hardly stand any longer I slumped back into Kev's strong arms. He lifted me and carried me to the bed. Bill had already taken off his robe and was lying there, legs splayed wide apart and a magnificent cock sticking straight up. He held it at the thick base as Kev got me over him and slowly lowered me onto that hot, thick flesh pole! I felt the throbbing tip touch my madly pulsing ass hole and then I felt Kev's hands on my shoulders, pushing down and at the same time, Bill shoving up......

  "Yeoooowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!" I screamed once more as the head popped right in, sending a new thrill up my spine..... My ass, opening wide to gobble up the thick shaft that was nudging at its door.... "Phewwwwww...." came my breath back as I hit rock bottom, or rather lush pubes as I sank onto the soft pelvis of the man below me.

  Holding onto his hips I pumped up and down, riding Bill, his cock opening me up more as he forcefully crammed the healthy dick up to the base with every stroke.... He fucked me hard and long, rubbing my bulging prostate and getting me hard soon enough.... Kev was right behind me... rubbing my back and encouraging me, his tongue tickling the nape of my neck... He licked down my spine... sending a new thrill coursing through me as I shut my eyes and rode the cock in my no longer virgin ass.... he reached my ass and started lapping at the juncture of male-male coupling..... rimming my grossly stretched ass ring and then Bill's engorged prick as it pulled out for a moment to be shoved right back in...... 'Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......' I went and with a big shudder came, the second time in the span of just half an hour. Splashing Bill's heaving stomach and even his face with the force of my ejaculation!

  Now I wanted him to cum too. I wanted to feel him shoot his cream deep inside my ass. That's when I felt Kevin moving up behind me. I felt his hands cup my ass, as his tongue deserted the ass slit. One of his fingers pushing up slowly into my asshole, jostling for room with Bill's fat cock. I couldn't believe it! I was going to get double fucked... like in that picture! With his friend's dick embedded in me up to the hilt, he fingered my asshole with first his middle and then his index fingers!

  I kept riding the cock that was already in my teen boypussy, hardly able to wait to feel the other guy's cock slide up in, to join his friend's in my tight teen-hole. I couldn't believe how much I wanted it! I heard the sound of his zipper and then felt his warm dick press against the small of my back. His hands rested on my shoulders and he gently pushed me forward and down, lower, till I was lying over his buddy, my own just shot cum like glue between us. His friend was fucking me like a piston, so he tried to get the rhythm as he nudge my stretched butt hole with the tip of his bloated monster. I was afraid he was going to slam his cock up my butt but no.... Bill pulled out a little and lay still as Kev maneuvered his dick to the slimy hole and gently pushed. I took it in, inch by agonizing inch, holding my breath. It was amazing, the feeling of that second cock going in.... stretching my already widely open teen ass even further! Finally, it was in, all the fucking way, upto the swollen balls. It felt AWESOME!!! I had two cocks in my boy-cunt! WOW!!!

  They started moving.... slowly to start with and suddenly they were all motion! One pulling out as the other slammed in. The massive dicks throbbing and pulling at my very innards with every savage thrust.... I let out a wail and buried my face in Bill's shoulder. My mouth gaping wide, eyes saucered, I was gasping for air..... as each massive shove of their cock emptied my lungs. The ass ring felt numb, as their cocks slid in and out of my ass and my insides felt all funny.... I felt all bloated, like I had taken much more than I should have swallowed, only it wasn't something down my throat but up my ass. My stomach churned and I kept feeling that it was about to come right up my throat... O yeah, it also thrilled me!!!!

  I let them fuck me like I was some big hole to be filled up with cocks. My body moving back and forth between their pricks. Bill had his hands on my full ass, stretching it wide, painfully, while Kev clutched my shoulders, pushing me down with each violent thrust of his. For a moment there I thought they were going to tear me apart. I wriggled my hand down between our slamming bellies and felt the two sets of cum-filled balls slapping together between my legs. Bill kept panting about what a total slut I was. 'O yeah!' I thought, I was and loving every inch of those man-meat that was being drilled into me, making me moan like a whore and making me shove my battered ass with equal force at their pumping cocks! Now I understood the look of pleasure on the face of that boy in the picture.... O, how he must have enjoyed too !!!

  Bill, below me, came first. With a massive thrust up my fuckhole, jamming his dickmeat deep he yelled and let out a steaming, boiling load of liquid fire. I milked his cock, squeezing my inner ass muscles and grinding my butt heavily into his quivering pubes. I could feel the hot jets of sperm filling me. He grabbed both my ass cheeks and dug his nails, nearly tearing off my flesh. I grabbed his nuts and squeezed them screaming out loud myself. Kevin didn't take much longer, with his friend's cum sloshing in my ravaged ass, coating his steel stiff dick he gave a couple more savage shoves and ground in mighty, to unload his own seeds.

  They both pulled out together, suddenly, making me gasp in pain and leaving me feeling totally empty.... a horrible feeling! My ass felt raw.... I could feel the mouth throb and twitch as the liquid load of the two men mingled together to roll out of my ravished hole and slide down my nut sac forming a creamy puddle on the rumpled sheet. We rested some and then they got up and started to dress. I lay there watching.... even feeling a bit sad as the two cocks were carefully tucked into their tiny home before being zipped up.

  That was three months ago, now I visit them regularly - and no more carpets for me at Bill and Kev's place, its plain COCKS! I have taken to their life style like duck to water and they have also introduced me to a whole lot of their friends. Now I don't have a single boring moment in my young life.... its all a huge PARTY!


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