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Part XV


***Modern Day ***

Jason stopped wiping the tears from Justin's face, and just held his hand against his head. "Why did you not tell me?"

Justin started to sob even harder as he stood and ran up the stairs. Chris, who had decided to take an interest in the adults in the room watched. "What happened?" he asked looking from Justin to his dad and then back to Justin.

"Why didn't he just tell me back at the restaurant? Or on the drive over?" Jason leaned back into the couch. He had the urge to run up after Justin, but resisted, as he wanted to give some time for the shock of this information to sink in.

"I wouldn't know." Matt looked up the stairs. "But I am sure he had his reason. You will find him on the first room on the right. That's the guest room he stays in."

Matt and Lori stood up and headed back into the kitchen that was attached to the living area. Chris watched his parents leave, and then back as Jason. "Are you and Uncle Justin are dating?"

"I think so." Jason said looking up the stair and then back at Chris and smiled.

Chris shrugged and went back to his game. Jason chuckled at how this kid just took things at face value. It would have been unheard of for a boy to fall in love with another boy growing up. In fact that is what put him in this current situation. He had fallen for a guy he never met, and via a letter. Jason took a deep breath and started up the stairs. He was going to find out why Justin acted the way he did. 

He reached the door and opened it to find Justin standing at the window staring out. The landscape showed the city lit up. He was no longer crying but was hugging himself.

"I always dreamed that I had found the man who had saved me." Jason walked in and sat on the edge of the bed looking at a dressing mirror that sat directly opposite the bed. "It was so simple of a letter, but it was enough."

"I had dreams about you." Justin said with his voice on the verge of breaking. "I didn't even know who it was, just assumed it was some form of sexual dream I had. A way to release pent up energy."

Jason nodded; coming to a conclusion as to why Justin had not told him, and had broke out in sobs and ran. He stood up and slipped his arms around Justin and hugged him tight. "You feel ashamed."

Tears started to roll down Justin's face. The electrical energy that slipped from Jason's body into Justin was too much. He pushed his body against Jason causing him to hug even tighter.

"I wanted to tell you." Justin turned around and put his arms around Jason. "I was ashamed. I was afraid you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Some whack job that was just trying to get into your pants."

"Well," Jason grinned, "I wouldn't mind a shot."


Justin and Jason were naked in bed, arms and legs twisted together after sex and sleep. Justin had never been so calm and satisfied from having sex. No, he thought to himself, this was more then sex. This was passion and love making like never before.

A cell phone jolted them both awake and they clamored for their phones.

"It's mine." Jason said as he pushed the talk icon. "Jason."

Justin grinned and put his phone back down on the nightstand and wrapped his arms around Jason.

"Okay. Thanks." He pushed the end icon and put the phone on the nightstand. "My flight was pushed back by two hours. Not sure why." He frowned as he thought about reasons why he would have to have his flight pushed back.

"More time with me." Justin said pulling Jason in for a kiss, which was returned passionately by Jason.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door, which caused them to scurry to cover up with blankets.

"Are we decent?" Lori called through the door.

"As best we can be." Justin said trying not to laugh as he pulled the covers up over his lower body. Jason followed suit.

Lori opened the door and poked her head in. "Just wanting to know if you wanted breakfast." She giggled a bit seeing Jason's face flush with red out of embarrassment. "And Chris wants you to take him to school Justin."

"Sounds good." Justin responded. "We will be down as soon as we dress."


Justin and Jason walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where Chris was sitting eating waffles with a large glass of milk sitting in front of him. Matt was sitting at the head of the table reading the morning paper before heading to work. Lori was at the waffle iron pulling off two more waffles.

"Boys sleep well?" She asked with a grin as she placed the plate of waffles on the table.

"Um, yeah." Justin said as he pulled out a chair for Jason to sit in as he took the one next to him. "I am sorry we spent the night here."

"No problem." Matt said flipping the paper closed and placing it on the table. "We understand it was late. When is your flight Jason?"

"It was supposed to be at nine, but was moved to eleven." He smiled as Lori pushed the plate of waffles closer to him. "Thanks."

"If you don't get full here, its your own fault." She said with a laugh. "Chris you better run up stairs and get cleaned up and get your stuff for school."

Chris mumbled about having to go to school when he wanted to stay and hang out with Justin and Jason.

"You are not going to miss school unless you're sick." Lori said with a stern look. "Now get."

"Teenagers." Matt said with a laugh. "I remember when you were like that Justin." He grinned and took a bite of his waffle.

Justin shrugged and grabbed two waffles and poured syrup over them. The fact that he was sitting in his brother's house, with the guy he just had sex with sitting next to him, and Lori and Matt acting like nothing was abnormal was surreal. He looked at Jason who looked like he was going to faint.

"Oh honey," Lori said grabbing Jason's hand. "No need to be embarrassed or nervous. Not like we could hear anything."

"Much." Matt retorted. Jason's face went white and he looked as if he was going to pass out. Lori and Matt just laughed. "Sorry."

"Don't worry." Justin said grabbing Jason on the back of the neck and pulling him closer. "Matt and Lori are always like this. When I was younger Matt always interrupted me at inopportune times. I learned the best way was to ignore him."

"I give up eventually when it is no longer fun." Matt retorted giving a wink to Jason.

Jason laughed a little as he poked his waffle. He was taking slow deep breaths to avoid making him look even more foolish.

"So what are you boys going to do while you wait for his flight?" Matt asked directing his attention on Justin.

"I need to drop him off at his hotel to get his bags. We might just hang out there until he has to go." Justin said with a frown on his face. He didn't want Jason to leave, but he had a job to do. He may have to cut his visit home short so he could return to Seattle.

"Are you going to take Chris to school?" Lori asked as she heard Chris tromping down the stairs.

"Sure." Justin looked towards the stairs with a smile. "You wanna go with?" He looked at Chris.

"Sure." He looked at his clothes. "I wish I had a change."

"I probably have a change of clothes that will fit you if you want." Matt said looking Jason over. "You look about my size." He stood up. "Lets go see."

"Thank you." Jason said as he stood up and followed Matt up the stairs.

"I thought you didn't put out on the first date." Lori said with a sly grin. "Broke your rule didn't you."

"I don't." Justin said rubbing his eyebrow. "I had no intention of going that far with him, but his touch. It was as if I had known him my entire life. Like we were meant to be."

"I understand." Lori rubbed her nose as if she was trying to avoid sneezing. "I think that was what it was with me and Matt."

"Are you taking me Uncle Justin?" Chris said interrupting their conversation.

"Yea." Justin got up and walked over to give Chris a hug. "We are just going to wait for Jason. He is going with us."

"Great." He muttered going off to the living room. "I get the backseat."

"I think he is jealous." Lori said watching Chris go off to the living room. "He think you are replacing him with Jason."

"Oh." Justin frowned. "I didn't realize that. Maybe I should just take him by myself."

"Naw." Lori giggled. "He will learn sooner or later."


Justin turned down the road as he headed towards the middle school Chris attended. Matt had gotten lucky and was close to all the school from elementary on up to middle school. Chris would have to get up a bit more early when he started high school the next year, as it was farther away.

"So what is your favorite class?" Jason had opted for the back seat and let Chris sit in the front, which caused Chris to be all smiles.

"I like history." Chris responded turning his head. "I am not good in math, and science is boring. English is okay, except when the teacher reads to us. I hate being read too."

"Hey!" Justin chided. "I read to you all the time."

"When I was little." Chris squinted his eyes at his uncle. "You haven't read to me since I was 5."

"Maybe I will read you the Three Little Pigs when you get home from school." Justin winked at Chris who just grinned.

"So are you two going to get married?" Chris looked down at the floor as he asked.

"What?" Justin asked with a quick glace in the mirror at Jason who just covered his mouth so as not to let his laugh escape.

"Mom and Dad said that now you can legally marry another guy." Chris fidgeted with his hands. "I just wondered if you two were going to get married."

"Well we have known each other for a long time." Jason interrupted what Justin was going to say. "But I think we need some more time before that decision is made. But your uncle is very important to me."

"Okay." Chris looked out the window. "I like Paul."

"Who is Paul?" Justin recalled Chris saying he was much like himself. He never was sure what that meant, but this must be it.

"A friend at school." Chris plays with a piece of thread that had come out of the seat cover a bit. "We have made out."

"Do your parents know?" Justin wasn't sure if he would be blamed for this, or if Matt and Lori would be cool with it just as he was.

"No. I don't think they would like it."

"They are good with your uncle and I." Jason said putting his hand on Chris shoulder and giving it a squeeze. "They will be fine with you.

"Oh I am sure they will be." Chris laughed out loud. "That's not the problem. They won't let me date until I am 16. You know that rule."

"Oh." Jason blushed. He had over stepped his boundaries'. "That makes sense."

"Mom and dad didn't let me start `dating' until I was 16. Only had one boyfriend through high school." Justin looked in the mirror at Jason. He wasn't sure how Jason would react to talking about old boyfriends.

"I only dated two guys." Jason looked out the window as the pulled up in front of the middle school. "One was abusive, and the other was nice, but we just had a hard time connecting." Justin winced as Jason said he had been abused by one of his boyfriends. That would turn anyone off from dating.

They pulled up to the middle school and Chris opened the door and climbed out. "You going to be at home tonight, or going back to grandpas?" He looked back in the car as Jason got out of the back seat.

"Yea. I just have to take Jason to his hotel room, and then I will be back there. See you when you get done with school!" Justin watched Chris go run off to be with his friends and Jason climbed in the front seat.

"He is a cute kid." Jason said watching him tackle one of the boys that had shown up. "That must be Paul."

"How do you know?"

"Because," Jason turned at looked at Justin with a lustful twinkle in his eye. "That is how I look at you."


Jason collapsed on the bed of the hotel room, taking deep breaths and wiping sweat off his brow. Justin collapsed next to him also taking deep breaths. They were both naked, with Justin's leg resting over Jason's leg.

"I love when you look at me lustfully." Justin turned his head to look at Jason.

"I love you." Jason said putting his head closer to Justin's as he ran his fingers down Justin's side. "It's not lust."

"I bet you tell that to all your airplane passengers." Justin giggled. "A service of the friendly sky's!"

"Only to the cute ones." Jason took a deep breath in as his eye caught the clock on the nightstand. "Damn."

"What?" Justin asked with large eyes.

"I have to get ready." He frowned. "I wish this could last longer."

"I may just have to end my vacation early and return to Seattle." Justin reached his hand up and rubbed Jason's cheek. Again the familiar feeling of electricity passed through his body. "God you are beautiful."

Jason blushed and leaned in for a kiss. "What say we take a shower?"


Justin lay on the bed as he watched Jason get dressed into his work uniform.

"I always did like a man in uniform." Justin gave a sly grin as Justin buttoned his pants. "Makes me want to join the mile high club."

"Maybe." Jason blushed and wrapped his tie around his neck and started to tie it. "I think that the bathrooms are just to cramped. You need an overseas flight to get the full effect I would imagine."

Justin crawled off the bed and took the tie out of Jason's hands and fixed it, as it was lopsided. "I think you're my mile high club." He wrapped his arms around Jason's waste and pulled him in for a hug and kiss. "I am going to miss you."

"I will see you in a few days I am sure." Jason put his mouth to Justin neck and started to kiss it gently. "I will let you know when I have another flight here with an overnight stay."

Jason pulled himself away and gazed into Justin's eyes. They seemed like black holes wanting to be filled. He sighed as he pulled himself away and zipped up his small suitcase. "Tell Matt thanks for the clothes."

Justin grabbed the clothes and followed Jason out of the room. "He talked about you when he came back from his mission. He was quite taken with you, and hoped that you had survived and moved on to life a full life." They reached the elevator and Jason pushed the call box. "He was excited to see that you had."

The elevator door opened and they stepped in and Jason pushed the lobby button.

"You got all that from breakfast?" Jason chuckled.

"No." Justin also laughed at the question. "He talked about it frequently. It was something he always prayed for and asked for. One of the few things he ever asked for."

The elevator door opened and they stepped out and walked to the front of the hotel in silence. They stood outside waiting for the hotel shuttle to take Jason to the airport.

"What are you going to do today?" Jason asked breaking the silence.

"I think I will go to Matt's house and just hang out. I like spending time with Chris."

"Do you think he is gay?" Jason kicked a rock.

"I am not sure. He is old enough to know, but he may just be curious." Justin grinned as he thought about it. "He did seem to light up when he saw Paul. Maybe he needs to invite Paul over for a game day or something while I am there. Get a read?"

"Maybe." Jason frowned as he spotted the shuttle. "Rides here." Justin frowned as well. "Flight leaves at 11 and should lad at 1."

"You better call when you get there!" Justin gave Jason a big hug and was trying to hold back tears but failing miserable at it. "I can't believe I am crying."

"I know what you mean." Justin pulled back and saw Jason was crying as well. "I think this has been the best date ever!"

The shuttle pulled up and opened its door.

"I will call you when I land." Jason climbed into the shuttle letting go of Justin's hand at the last possible moment.


Justin sat on the couch in Matt's living room flipping through the channels on the television. He looked at the clock on the wall: 1:20. Jason should have landed already, but had yet to call. He looked at his cell phone too see if had not heard the call: nothing.

He sighed heavy as he stopped on Cartoon Network to watch an old episode of Scooby Doo. It would take his mind off as he waited for Jason to call.

His cell phone went off and he jumped to answer it. Caller ID stated it was Matt, which caused Justin to sigh as he hit the talk icon.

"Hey Matt." Justin tried not to sound disappointed.

"Where are you?" Matt sound hurried more then anything.

"At your house watching Scooby Doo, waiting for Jason to call."

"Flip to one of the news channels." Matt sighed. "I am on my way." The phone went dead.

Justin reached for the remote and started to shake. Why had Matt told him to do that and he was on his way. He flipped to his favorite news channel, MSNBC. It may have been liberal news, but it tended to leave the lies and propaganda out that other stations did.

"Flight 2342 from Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a non-stop flight to Seattle had a failure in the landing gear." The news report was voicing over helicopter footage of a plane lying on its side, one wing lying on the ground a dozen yards back, and fire ripping out the backside of the plane. It was sitting off of the runway. "Two confirmed fatalities, and multiple casualties reported."

Justin tuned out the rest of the report and dialed Jason's cell phone.

"This is Jason. I am on a flight right now, so leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I land." His voice mail responded.

Justin dropped the phone on the floor and watched the newscaster continue reporting, as more photos and film footage flashed on the screen.


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