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Challenges V


Justin went down the stairs when he saw Matt pull up in his car right at 7. He was thrilled he would be able to see his brother and his wife Lori. She was a great woman, and was happy that Matt had been able to not know date her in high school, but married her when he got back from his mission.

They tried very hard to conceive a child as soon as they got married, but were unable to. They ended up adopting a boy who was one named Chris. This of course made Justin's mom very happy, as she would now have a grandson. He would turn thirteen in two months.

Justin's mom got to the door first and opened it.

"Matt!" she said with a squeal, and gave him a big hug.

"Hi mom." He hugged her back and saw Justin coming down the stars. "Hey champ."

"Hey Matt." Justin got to the bottom of the stairs and waited for mom to finish hugging Matt before getting my own.

Following Matt, Chris came in and gave his grandmother a mhalfhearted hug. He was getting tall, about five foot in height. He had a lanky build, and had brown spiked hair. He saw Justin and smiled and walked over to give a fuller hug.

"Hi Uncle Justin." Chris said with a smile. His voice was squeaky, which made Justin chuckle a bit.

"You are getting tall mister." Justin pulled him back and looked at him. "And your voice is starting to change."

"Yep." Was all Chris said as he stood next to Justin.

Next came Lori who was carrying a basket full of fruits.

"Good to see you Lori." Justin's mom said as she took the basket and gave Lori a hug.

"Good to see you too Linda." Lori responded. She and Justin's mom got along great, but Justin figured it was because she was the one that provided the grandchildren.

They all walked into the kitchen where the food smelled good. Justin's mom always cooked a ton of food when she had everyone at home. If anyone went Hungary at this table, it was their own fault. There would also be a large dinner on Sunday after church.

They sat around the kitchen table chatting and filling in on the missed information. Justin did not provide much in his own personal life, except for how well his job was going, and how things in Washington were. Justin knew better then to bring anything up. That would be when Matt and Justin were able to have some alone time.

"So what's the big news?" Justin's mom asked Matt.

"I will tell you when dad gets here." He smiled at his mother.

Just then the front door opened and his dad walked in.

Lori got up and walked over to his dad and gave him a hug. Justin's dad gave her a light hug back.

"Hey dad." Matt said smiling.

"Son. You doing alright?" His father asked with a smile on his face.

"Pretty good."

"Hey grandpa!" Chris said as he walked up to his grandfather. Since Justin's dad was gruff sometimes, Chris always had a reserved attitude around him. Justin's dad loved Chris, and always made time for him.

"Hey kid-o." His grandfather said, grabbing Chris and giving him a big hug.

"Are you ready to eat dear?" Justin's mom asked his dad.

"Let me wash up." He walked to the bathroom.

They all made their way into the dinning room, where his mom had set everything out. Lori helped her bring in the food dishes and set them around. On one side of the table sat Justin, and Chris, with Lori and Matt sitting on the opposite side. Justin's mom and dad sat on the ends of the table.

After a blessing on the food, they all dug in. They proceeded with small talk.

"So what's this big announcement?" Justin's dad asked Matt, after he had finished eating.

"Well," Matt said as he dabbed his mouth and put his napkin on the plate, "There is actually two announcements I wanted to make. The first one is job related. We have a potential drug that may help reverse the effects of some immune inhibiting viral agents. We are going into human testing in January. If this works we can save a ton of people."

"Immune inhibiting viral agents?" Justin's mom said looking confused.

"Things like AIDS." Matt said taking a sip of water. He was trying to avoid the word.

"Oh." His mother laughed a bit. "I figured you were working on more important things like cancer."

"Mom." Matt started to say but closed his mouth. "We are working on those projects too. This just happened first is all."

"Cancer is killing decent folk more than AIDS is." She continued to say.

Justin just looked down at his plate and moved some peas around.

"You know more heterosexuals get infected by HIV and AIDS then homosexuals do." Lori offered to try and focus the discussion.

Justin's mom just shrugged her shoulders. "This type of conversation is deserved else where besides the dinner table. What else?" She was not happy at the turn of the conversation.

"Well," Matt looked at Lori and grabbed her hand, "We are going to have another child."

"Another?" Justin's mom got up and hugged Lori who was sitting next to her. "Oh I am so happy. When did you find out?"

"We found out about a month ago, but wanted to wait and make sure." Lori said, "We have had so many," she paused looking for the word, "false calls."

"Congratulations son." Justin's father patted his son's arm. "Are you excited Chris?"

"I guess." Chris was playing with a pea as well, not wholly into the conversation.

"Oh I am so happy for you Matt." His mother continued. "Nothing like having a good wife to make you happy, and having kids around. That is what makes a family."

Justin looked at Lori and then back at Matt. "I am happy for you guys." He said trying to sound excited. He knew the words his mother picked were to sting him. He went back to moving his peas around.

"Mom." Matt said with a bit of anger coming to his eyes. "Please don't act that way."

"I am just pointing out fact." His mother shrugged. "Don't know what the big deal is. Who wants dessert?" She walked out of the dinning room to get the apple pie she had made.

"Dad," Justin looked at his dad, "Do you mind if I am excused? I am not feeling well."

For the first time Justin saw in his dad's eyes the sympathy and the hurt he felt for his son.

"Yes son." He patted him on the back as he got up and left.

"Where did Justin go?" Justin could hear his mother ask as he leaned against the wall, just as you left the dinning room. He was breathing hard, and trying to hold back tears.

"He wasn't feeling good for some reason." Matt said with a bit of spite in his voice.

Justin made it up to his room, and sat on his bed. He didn't bother turning on the light, and could see the moon shining brightly outside. It was almost a full moon. He pulled out his cell phone and contemplated dialing Sharron to see how things were going. He decided to text her instead.

He threw the phone on the pillow and lay down with his feet pressed up on the wall about the head of his bed. He always did this when he was contemplating something deep. He didn't know why he got upset when his mother said things like that. He was sure she didn't mean them, and just said them because that is what she had been raised to think.

A slight knock on the door.

Justin rolled around on his bed to face the door.

"It's open." He said loud enough to hear on the other side.

The door cracked open a bit and he could see a short shadow on the floor.

"Come on in Chris." Justin smiled. He loved his little nephew. He was so happy when Matt and Lori adopted him. It made his day to have someone to spoil. Which he did every moment he could.

"Are you okay Uncle Justin?" Chris came in.

"I am okay. Just was not feeling to well." Justin flipped a switch next to his bed to have the lap come on. "I am better now. Just needed to lay down."

"Mom and dad always say grandma makes you upset." Chris sat down on the bed next to Justin. "They say it is because you are different, and grandma doesn't approve of you being different."

"Well," Justin said trying to find the words to say. "IÉwellÉ. IÉ. amÉ"

"Chris!" Justin could hear Lori down the hall. "Where did you go?"

Chris got off the bed and walked to the door and peaked out. "In Uncle Justin's room."

Justin could hear Lori walking down the hall and she knocked on the door and poked her head in. "Do you mind if I join you?"

"Come on in." Justin said with a smile. Lori was awesome, and had helped him many times when Matt had gone on his mission. She was a sister to him.

"What you two talking about?" She pulled the office chair around and sat down in it. Chris resumed his place on the bed.

"I was asking Uncle Justin if he was feeling okay, and if Grandma had made him upset." Chris said without missing a beat. "Because he is different."

"Ah." Justin could see Lori's face turn a shade of red. She was embarrassed by her son's bluntness.

"I have a friend who is just as blunt as you are Chris." Justin laughed remembering how Scott was able to do the same thing to everyone around.

"I am sorry Justin." Lori said. "We told him you liked other men, and that made you different, but not enough to make fun of."

"It's okay." Justin smiled. "Yes I am different." He was glad he had that cleared up.

"You're my favorite uncle." Chris said.

"Why is that?" Lori asked.

"Because he is different." Chris stood up agian. "I am different too." He gave Chris a hug, and walked out the door to go find something else to do.

Lori's mouth dropped a bit as she walked her son walk out the door.

"That's interesting." Justin said after a moment of silence.

"I think I will need to talk with him." Lori was watching the door and stayed silent for a moment longer. "Or have Matt do it."

She turned her attention back to Justin. "Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yes." Justin said with a smile on his face. "I know she can't help it. She is just doing what is natural for her to do. I am glad you two are going to have another child. That is exciting."

"Very." She smiled and got out of the chair and kissed Justin on the forehead. "I love you Justin. Just the way you are."

"I love you too." Justin said getting up to give her a hug. She walked back out the room to go see what trouble her son was getting into.

Just laid back down on the bed, and was about to reach over and turn off the lamp when another knock made him look up.

"Hey champ." Matt said stepping in. He never waited to be invited in, which caused for some interesting interruptions of activities. "Just saw Lori come out and wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I am good." Justin moved over on his bed so Matt could lie next to him.

"We haven't done this in a while." Matt said looking up at the celling.

"Yea." Justin said rubbing his belly again. "I miss having you near me to talk to. There is an opening for my work in the Albuquerque office. I always thought about transferring."

"You have a life there." Matt turned to face his brother. "You would be giving up so much."

"Not much of a life. I have a couple of friends, but nothing really going for me there."

"No man?"

"Nope." Matt tapped his belly. "There was this one guy, but all he wanted was to get laid. Once he found out that was not what I was into, he left."

"What about this fly attendant?"

"I told him I would call him when I got back to Washington. He seemed like a nice enough guys. Cute too."

"Tell me about him." Matt asked with sincerity. He really did want to know about Justin's life.

"He has blond spiked hair. He has an earring, which at first turned me off, but as I got to know him better, I found it added to his attractiveness. He is not athletic, but has a nice body. I found myself looking at his ass when he walked by."

"Why not call him now?" Matt said with a sly grin. "Why wait till you get back. I mean if you want to get to know him, call. After all that's what phones are for!"

Justin thought for a moment, and then smiled. "Okay!"

He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his phone. He had put the number in his phone as soon as he could, and so he just found his name in the phone. Matt watched as Justin hit the call button and grinned at seeing how nervous Justin was.

"Aw man. Voice mail." Justin listened to the message. "Says he is in a flight and will call back as soon as he lands." Justin paused a moment. "Hey Jason, this is Justin. We met on a flight the other day and you gave me your number. I just wanted to check up with you. Still in New Mexico, but figured why not. Um. If you want call me back." Justin gave him his phone number and then hung up. "I sounded like a school boy with his first crush."

"Awesome!" Matt sat up. "I would love to talk, but I am really tired. We can go to the mountains tomorrow and go for a hike."

"Sounds good." Justin watched Matt start to head out of his room. "I love you bro."

"Love you too champ." With that Matt closed his door, and Justin feel into a deep sleep.


Chris awoke to the sound of something crashing in his room. He popped his head up and looked around. His eyes adjusted to the light coming in from the window. He couldn't see anything. He reached over for his lamp when he saw a shadow moving across his window.

The figure was about 6'0, but he couldn't get a good look at the face, or any other feature. Chris started to panic, and he wildly swept the nightstand for the lamp switch or his cell phone. He couldn't find it.

The figure stopped next to him and he could feel the heat from the body. He also felt a hand touch his. It was warm, and caused a spark of electricity to pass his body. Instantly he calmed down, and felt the hand was familiar.

"I know you." Justin said absently. "I know who you are."

"You saved my life." The figure said. He couldn't place the voice, but he knew the touch. "You gave me a second chance on my life, and I want to repay you for the kindness you have shown me."

The figure bent down and Justin could make out the square jaw of a man, and deep blue eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. Justin thought the eyes looked familiar. The figure touched lips and Justin felt the world melt around him.

"I never saved anyone's life." Justin said after a few moments locked with the individual. "How do I know you?"

The figure got on the bed and straddled Justin. "You loved me, even though you didn't know me." The figure again bent over and kissed Justin. Justin could feel the sexual energy growing. He could feel his dick getting harder by the second. He wanted to pull away, but his body refused to respond.

The figure again broke away and started to pull Justin's shirt off, which Justin was happy to get off. He then proceeded to feel for the figures shirt, but only felt the warm skin of the man on top of him. It felt so familiar, but he wasn't sure why.

The figure started to kiss Justin's neck, which sent an arch of fire down his body, and he could feel his dick wanting release from his pajamas. Slowly the figure made his way down to Justin's stomach where he planted multiple kisses on his stomach. Justin moaned hard.

Justin arched his back slightly, and the he felt an arm go under to help support him. With a slight tug the figure pulled his pajamas off and freed his 7-inch dick from its entrapment. Justin moaned again.

Within seconds the figure had his dick in his mouth, working up and down. Justin felt a finger reach for his hole and a slight push, giving a great sensation without penetrating. Justin reached for the head going up and down and rubbed his hair.

"God I'm going to cum!" Justin screamed and felt his dick erupt sending waves through his body.


Justin woke up screaming out loud. He looked around and saw no one was there. He was panting hard. He took deep breaths realizing he was just dreaming. Dreaming of a stranger giving him a blowjob. Justin grabbed his head. The dream was so real; the feel, the touch, everything.

He sighed hard.

He remembered having these dreams before when he was in high school and college. He pulled back the covers and saw that he had cum in his pajamas. The spot was growing as cum soaked into his clothing.

A knock on his door.

"Justin are you alright?" It was his mother. She must have heard him scream.

"I am fine. Just had a bad dream." He called back. He did not need to have her see this mess.

"Okay." She said and he could hear her walk off.

Flipping on the light, Justin climbed out of bed and went to his drawer to get a new pair of pajama pants to sleep in. He normally slept in the nude at his apartment in Seattle, but here he didn't want to have someone walk in on him.

Another knock at the door.

"Justin?" It was Matt.

"Come in." Justin called. Matt opened the door and peaked in. He saw the pajama pants laying on the floor.

"Everything okay?" Matt looked concerned. "Heard you scream."

"It was that dream again." Justin slumped on the side of his bed with his hands to his face. "I thought I was over those."

Matt looked at the pile of clothes again and nodded. This was a common occurrence shortly after he had returned from his mission in Las Angeles. For a while it was a weekly event. They always shook Justin up.

"When was the last time you dreamed this?" Matt sat next to his brother and hugged him.

"College." Justin frowned. "They stopped after Nate and I broke up." 

"Hold on I will be right back." Matt walked out of the room, but returned almost as quick as he had gone. He shut the door behind him.

"Lets get some sleep." Matt crawled into bed next to his brother.

"I am a big boy." Justin said laughing. "I don't need to have a nightlight either."

"Justin," Matt said as he lay down, "When you first had these dreams you could never fall back asleep. You were convinced someone had snuck in your room and raped you."

"I know better." Justin punched his brother in the arm.

"Well let's just chalk this up to old times." He smiled as he rolled over. "We can officially call this a sleep over."

Justin nodded. He rolled over on his side and turned off the light. Deep down inside his heart was still racing. Secretly he was happy his brother was there.


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