Chapter One - Beginning

It started when I was 17. I was a gangly 6', thin (155 lbs) guy with glasses. I was not a nerd because I played sports and not altogether badly and liked them but I also I loved classical music and poetry. I was more than an able pianist and friends urged me to play the big classical show pieces although most would start to talk while I played. Although I was in the gifted class, I was well liked by both jocks and by brainy guys. I had dates with girls some of whom would have liked to call me their boyfriend but frankly I was a bit afraid of having sex with them although the idea of sex excited me. I was more than attracted to the very good looking guys in my class and found myself wanking off with guilt many more times than I should have thinking about them. I did not know that I was gay from an early age as many guys do but I suspected that I might be. This made me exceedingly nervous not from the fact that I might be gay but rather that others would know. Being outgoing this suspicion made me exceedingly cautious. To everyone I would have been just an ordinary guy. This was about to change.

In December of my senior year the principal of our school came into class and introduced us to a student, Drew Addison, whose father had transferred to our city. Most of us had been together in school for four years so one would expect that he would have had some difficulty in this last year in fitting. He was quiet but self-assured. He was about 5'8", blonde hair cut shortly, deep intense greenish eyes, a looker and a build like a diver. Which he was as it turned out and he was not happy about being transferred to a smaller city and high school where that was not among the sports. To me he was charismatic.

Most of us had been together in school for four years so one would expect that he would have some difficulty in our senior year fitting in. It was also normal that the many cliques of the school ignored him but I was interested. I shortly began talking to him and we became friends. He was interesting and bright and funny. I more than liked having him around me. We became inseparable. I wondered whether I was becoming somewhat obsessive because I wanted to be with him all the time. I laughed more with him. I enjoyed more things with him. When I got home from school I wanted to talk to him and in fact began regular telephone calls to him in the evening. I did not know that what had happened is that I had fallen for this guy. All I knew was that I needed to be in contact with him. So we went to movies together, chose DVD’s to watch, had coffees, roller-bladed and many other things. I needed his contact but did not understand why, nor frankly, did I give it much thought. I was happier than I had ever been in my life. I was proud that he was my friend.

On evening, late in February, he called me to say that he had rented Rear Window, a movie that neither of us had seen, and asked me to come over to watch it. I arrived at his house about an hour later. His parents were away at a business dinner. We talked about school and other stuff. He asked me to pop in the disk while he made some popcorn. While in the kitchen he asked me if I wanted a beer. I did not drink very much but agreed. He came back with two beers and sat on the couch right next to me. I could hear the popping of the popcorn in the background. I drank the beer slowly as did he. We talked again about our very silly math teacher, Ms. Hilson, and laughed at her mannerisms. Drew did a wonderful mimic of her which made me laugh so much I sputtered on my beer. We both finished our beer and he stood up and to get the popcorn asking me if I wanted another beer. For me to have more than one beer was unusual but I was so happy I said yes.

Coming back with two more beers we sat together and looking directly in my eyes he said “I noticed that you do not have a girl friend.” I was embarrassed but acknowledged that I did not. I asked him the same question. He replied that he had some when he was back at his other school but of course was new to our school this year. He put his arm around my shoulder and sort of quietly asked if I ever had sex with anyone. I truly wanted to impress him and say yes but I knew it would be an obvious lie. Instead I said nothing but my blush was a sufficient answer. He said “Hey, you are a good-looking guy and the girls like you. They find you interesting. But what the hell. No matter” He paused a moment as if thinking and then calmly asked “Did you ever consider that you might be gay?” Drew, my new friend, had intuited that suspected truth, a hint of which I had never wanted revealed to anyone. I was literally speechless, alternatively awkward and relieved. Softly he said “It’s ok with me, bud. I know some gay guys and I do not have a problem with them. What’s more they certainly have no problem with me. Au contraire.”

I did not know what to say and an awkward silence followed. However I was beginning, the beginner at drinking that I was, to feel the effects of the beer relaxing me. He hugged me and gently moved my hand to his thigh. I left it there but after a second or two I squeezed his thigh. He said “That feels good. Anyway, bud, I am not ashamed to admit that I have had sex with a few guys and it was terrific. Not gay myself but gay guys really like my body. Don’t have any problem with that.” After what seemed a very long time, but probably not more than 60 seconds, I moved my hand nervously upward towards his upper inner thigh and felt the cock in his jeans moving downward. I tentatively stroked it and Drew whispered into my ear “Yo, that feels so good.”

I continued to stroke his encased cock for several minutes and began to feel more comfortable and natural with it. He then removed his arm from my shoulder and quietly asked “Do you want me to remove my jeans.” My eyes and my silence signalled my consent. He unbuckled his belt and tugged his jeans down to his ankles. I looked at the straining cock against his briefs. He took my hand and rubbed it against his cock. I did not know what to do. I was frightened, nervous and excited all at once. Guiding my hand he moved it along his length. Then he removed his arm and put it around my shoulder again and closed his eyes. I stroked the outline of his cock. My fingers started to caress it. I was so excited by this time that my own dick was harder than I could ever remember.

Was it the beer, my sexual excitement, the relief or a realization? I do not know but I had to see it. I started to remove his briefs downwards. He lifted his hips, his eyes still closed, and I moved his briefs to his ankles. It was the very first hard cock I had seen so close. And it was intoxicatingly long, cut, thick with a ruby helmeted head. I have a good size dick at 6.5" but this was 2" larger if not more than that. It was beautiful - a cock to envy. In a Pavlovian response I longingly licked my lips. I held it in my two hands and then stroked it as it stood up throbbing against his naval. Drew withdrew his arm again and looking piercingly into my eyes gently pushed my head towards his cock. I did not need this push as his cock was like an iron magnet compelling me to it. I was completely mesmerized by it. I did not want it as much as feeling a hungry need to have it. Drew, again gently said, ”It’s ok, bud. Lick it. You will really like it” I tentatively licked the silken smooth hard flesh. Surprisingly, a lot of saliva was forming in my mouth and with it I coated the hard, beautiful cock. I licked around it again and again until it glistened. Quietly Drew said, “Lick my cock head all around.” I did and suddenly I was in a different world. I licked the head, the slit and all around the ridge. A gob of translucent white liquid appear at the slit and I licked it up also so I could see the slit more clearly. I loved it and was so excited I thought I would come in my Levis. I licked his balls, took them into my mouth and swirled around them. His cock and balls were slick and wet with my mouthing.

My appetite was totally whetted and my inner nature grabbed a hold of me. I created a large “O” with my mouth and engulfed the engorged head, my lips naturally incasing it tightly. It felt so good and natural but I was on a sexual high. I just held it there in my mouth for a few seconds just enjoying the feeling of it. Drew took the initiative and slowly began to move his cock further into my mouth. I felt the incredibly hard long length and stroked it with my tongue, swathing it with my mouth juices. Drew moaned “Fuck that feels so good.” Making him feel good like that made me even more excited. I started to suck with a loud slurping sound while Drew moved his cock back and forth in my mouth. I slurped more and more. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I instinctively knew not to let my teeth hurt his wonderful cock. I just felt like making love to it. I could have stayed like that forever but Drew warned me “I have not cum in a couple of days so I am right on the edge, bud.”

But I could not bring myself to back off. I was fixated because his engorged head, which was starting to mushroom even more, throbbed hotly like a weapon, filling my mouth ready to explode! I would not draw back. I wanted him to launch his torpedo into me. So I opened my drool-filled mouth wider and with a moan gulped the cock deep till it was lodged near my throat. His hips were bucking. I held it tightly like a vacuum and sucked back on it to its head and then forward again to do the same thing. I was masturbating him with my tongue as I surfed on his cock. I desperately quickened the pace bobbing furiously to taste his ball-filled sperm bomb that was about to be launched into me. I could feel Drew tense up and his beautiful blonded haired legs drew up rubbing against my cock-strained jeans. I paused and I rolled my tongue around the ripe head urging it on. My hand reached for his tightly drawn-up balls and my fingers stroked underneath them. Drew gasped and said “Yo, eat me cocksucker.” Cocksucker? Cocksucker! I was so excited with his leg rubbing excitedly against my straining dick that I started to come as I sucked with all my might. He cried out “Oh fuck, yes, yes, you fucking cocksucker, take my cum” and tensing his whole body and lifting his hips buckshot long strips of cum into my mouth. I sucked each spurt in sync with my own spermy shots, loudly slurping his cum and swallowing like a starved young man. I swirled my tongue around his cock again and again while my own dick was finishing its last spurts. Keeping his cock in my mouth while it gradually stopped spurting, I rested my head against his stomach lightly caressing his cock with my tongue, cleaning his cock. “Oh my god!!!” he said.

Then the room was suddenly very quiet. Sexual tension released, now the enormity of what I did checked in. I was ashamed, guilty and because of my religious background felt dirty. Post coitum omne animal triste est, sive gallus et mulier. I withdrew my head and could not look at him. But with a big smile, Drew hiked his briefs and jeans and quite naturally with a warm smile said “Wow. That was fucking intense! Best blowjob, bud. You’re gifted.” But I felt many conflicts of emotions, I told him I had to go home. I did not want him to see my cum-stained soaking jeans and my still hardon. In a bit of a panic I got up quickly but was in such a rush to get out of there that I stumbled and fell at the door. He helped me up and said “See you tomorrow.”

I cannot tell you what I felt as I ran home. I was sure that every person could see my hard dick and the large wet spot on my jeans even though the night was very dark. I was uncomfortable because it was wet and cold against my skin. I said to myself that this was a terrible mistake. What if he tells someone? I am a fag. I’m a fag. What will I do if I lose his friendship? Will I act any different to other people? God knows that Drew knows that I had got into his cock with a sexual fury. I knew that my life had changed and I did not know whether I wanted it to.

When I got home I took a shower washing myself over and over again as if to wash away the experience. I brushed my teeth for about 3 minutes and gargled several times. When I got into the security of my bed I was emotionally and physically exhausted. But I could not sleep. I tossed and turned vowing never to do this again, hoping it did not happen. But then just as sleep was starting to overtake me I thought of Drew’s cock and the feel and taste of it. I recalled the way it felt in my mouth and my excitement. My dick was getting very hard again and I began to stroke it visualizing the image of Drew’s cock in my mouth. I “O’d” my mouth and sucked in mock simulation of the blowjob I had just given. I stroked quicker and quicker making suck noises until I came again shooting high loops of cum in a bed bouncing, toe-curling orgasm. I finally went to sleep soaked in my own cum. I was still hard. Yes my life had changed.