Chapter Seven

Rear Window

I woke up at 11:30. Drew was still asleep. He looked calm and innocent. I felt warm and cozy. I stretched out. Energized, I quietly went into the bathroom to take a shower. I relished the hot streaming shower splashing over me. I raised my head so that my face took the full brunt of the forceful streams. I shook my water-soaked hair. I had not soaped.

Suddenly, Drew pulled back the curtain and said, “Boo!.”

I jumped. “You scared me!”

He climbed into the shower. I was, at once, concerned about his father. Drew sadly said that he was at church. His father was not a church-goer before his mother’s death but that he gained solace from it after.

Then quickly, “When I shower,” he said with a smile, “I tend to use soap. Have been informed it’s what it’s for.” With that he took the wash mitt, poured an abundance of a pink body wash and started to soap my body. He covered me with lather from my shoulder down to my feet. Coming up he massaged my buttocks with the mitt, opened my legs and swathed from my balls up along my ass crack, exclaiming, “Sexy but now shiny butt, bud.” He turned me around and lathered my chest and legs then drawing up soaped my pubic area, dick and balls. My growing dick made him laugh and he said, “Horatio’s a very bad lad.”

I joined in his laughter. I grabbed the mitt from him and poured a large gob of the wash on it. I told him to turn around. I washed his back and buttocks vigorously. I lightly slipped soap though his crack and moved onto his muscled thighs and legs. My hands reached up to turn him around. I soaped the front of his body from his legs, up along his sides and along his chest. He closed his eyes and moved his head up toward the shower head as I massaged his pectorals. I knelt down and started to soap his pubic hair, his balls and cock. The hard shower spray was coming down on both of us, the soap suds sliding idly down his diver’s form.  

I continued soaping him there as his cock began its inexorable rise. As my soapy massage caressed his innermost upper thighs where his balls were nestled, his cock grew bigger and harder. I reached under his balls and moved my mitted, soapy hand gently in an urging caress under his balls. His cock stood proudly, water streaming on it, him and the kneeling me. I reached out and, grabbing his buttocks, pulled him to me. He bent over, legs apart, put his hands on the shower wall and inclined towards me. He tensed his legs and his arms so that I could see his sculpted form. His chest seemed to expand, his nipples rising from their areolas. Leaning back on my haunches with my arms at my side and flat against the shower floor, I inclined my head back.

He pushed his finger on his cock and poised it before me. My tongue came out like a drawbridge. His cock gladly accepted the gesture as a route for passage. Almost in tenths of inches he teasingly moved it into my anticipating mouth. It was like a slow motion long shot in a movie that entices one to the final close up. My mind visualized his cock's final destination while my tongue applauded.

My tongue ticked off each fraction of movement, as it used my entreating mouth as a road map, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I felt no gag. My tongue pushed up at his cock. He slowly withdrew. I did not have to do anything as Drew had settled on the motion. My mouth had learned how to respond to his cock as if it had been nurtured on it. His buttocks were moving forward and backward, slowly, letting me savour its totality. I removed my hands from the shower floor and grabbed them feeling them tense up as he came in and their release on withdrawal.

I do not know how long we were there in this seesaw union. It must have been considerable but I was so lost in pleasure, it seemed excessively short. He began to move more quickly. The water fell on his cock on each withdrawal, mixing with it with the thick saliva coating on Drew’s cock. As the hot shower water pelted us, I sucked him hard in deep gulps. The sounds of the swishing water and my slurping sucks were everywhere. I felt my ass muscles contracting in and out. His buttocks tensed up and his thighs began to shake uncontrollably. As his cock head built to its explosion size, lodging in my throat, I grabbed his buttocks to get deeper. He grabbed my head and forced it to his groin. I felt him bursting. My ass muscles spasmodically opened and closed in desire with each pulsing shot as I thought of his cock shooting into me.

As his cock eased from my throat, pulsating slow cum, my mouth closed snugly around it. He withdrew it completely and I lapped up its cum-coat. I grabbed my cock. I opened my mouth. His cock drove to its sucking home again as I jerked off. I shot cum everywhere, mixing it with the shower water, coating my thighs and Drew's feet.

He hands pressed my head flush against his groin. He finally said. "Buddy that was the most awesome blowjob."

After slowly removing his cock, I looked up into his eys and said, “Drew, that was wicked!”

“Wicked! You bet your sweet butt it was, Buddy. More than wicked.”

We towelled each other off. With a broad smile, he said “You like my cock, bud, and the sucking.”

I laughed and said “You can tell? What about my mouth?”

“I like more than your mouth, Buddy boy “ With that he ran his hand along the crack of my ass and winked. We laughed at his implied suggestion. My laugh conveyed my consideration of his implication. We did not say more. It was simply a tacit invitation subject to my acceptance.

I left after lunch taking the final draft with me. Arriving home my mother scolded me lightly for not having invited Drew for her Coq au vin. I lied that he had other plans.

I went to my father’s den and typed out the first draft in WordPerfect. After checking for grammar and spelling, I printed it out to give to Drew at school tomorrow. As I was going upstairs, the telephone rang and I could hear my mother “Hold, Drew, Buddy it’s Drew. Sorry you could not make it today.”

I panicked and yelled to my mother that I was getting the phone upstairs. I bolted up, picked up the phone to hear Drew say, “Maybe some time soon.”

I picked up the phone and he said “What’s that all about.”

I explained about the dinner invitation. He informed me that he perceived something like that had happened but he only told my mother that he had plans with his father. I thanked him profusely.

“The reason I am calling is that since Friday is a professional day why don’t you come over for the night.”

“Super. I’ll check with my parents but I’m sure it’ll be all right. Hold” I called out to my mother but she loudly told me to come downstairs if I wanted to speak to her. “Drew, I’ll call you back. Ok?” I went downstairs to ask permission.

“Buddy, you know the school night rule.” I told her it was a holiday Friday and received permission. “Why not ask Drew to come over for dinner here. I’ll pick up a prime rib. Then you can go back with Drew and finish your project. I had not told her we had almost finished it.

I called Drew back, related the conversation.

“Sure I’d love to come over. I’ll tell Papa.”

The Coq au vin was delicious. I was permitted two glasses of Beaujolais. After dinner I watched some television and then went to my room. I was relaxed but bored. I decided to clean my room. For the next two hours, I organized everything, threw out junk I did not think I had. (I found the health class resource material.) My desk was now completely clean. I centred our essay in the middle with a freshly sharpened pencil at the top. I picked up all the dirty clothes together with two pairs of mismatched socks underneath my bed. I vacuumed the rug. I straightened out my Wayne Gretzky poster and the family pictures on the wall. I placed my old Pinocchio puppet next to my childhood teddy bear on my small cushioned chair. I took out the excess metal hangers out of my closet and brought them downstairs.

My mother heard me and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was hauling out my room to her surprised silence. At 11:30 I went to bed.

At school, the next day, I gave Drew the printed draft of our project. We went over it at lunch. He corrected many things and we changed our way of expressing our thoughts. I made the corrections when I got home. I looked at one of my father’s student’s papers that had received an “A” and like-formatted it.

Other than getting our essay in well ahead of the others, each day went by uneventfully. I was anticipating Thursday as an event. Thus each evening I tried to probe my anal passage, the first night with my finger. It did not feel either good or bad. The next evening I put on Vaseline. It worked much better. I rolled Vaseline around my opening and my greased finger went in better. The next night I tried the same thing and added two fingers. I even thought of a banana or the end of the plunger but I did not attempt it. I did not because I was afraid that something might get stuck there and I would have to be taken to the hospital.

On Wednesday evening I was able to get three tightly held, greased fingers together in me and I moved them around. I then just took my middle finger and rotated it. I could feel it opening up and it felt very good. I fantasied about Drew and me during my experimentation.

I did not however go back to the paperback. What was written there did not come close to the real sexual encounters I was having. I wanted to, but did not, masturbate. I think I was subconsciously preparing myself to be as sexually excited as possible if we had anal sex. I write ‘if”. At this juncture, I had all but made up my mind to do it. Desire and determination can overcome fear.

Drew and I had lunch on Thursday. We were unusually quiet as if knowing something momentous was going to happen. He came over for dinner and proved an excellent dinner companion. He related well to my parents.

“You have been a big influence on Buddy, Drew,” my father said. “We’ve seen real changes.”

Drew, somewhat embarrassed, smiled, “I am lucky that Buddy is my best friend.”

My mother responded, “Well you boys keep up what you are doing. It’s a credit to both of you.”

These are things parents always say. Drew and I looked at each other with a shared sense of irony. We left the house at 7:30 and walked wordlessly to his place.

His father was in his den with some Wagner opera on. You could tell by the screaming voices. To this day I have never liked Wagner. Drew poked his head in stating that we were going upstairs to watch a movie. His father nodded.

Following him up the stairs, I asked, “What movie?”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you? I rented Rear Window again. I set up the TV in the guest room and hooked up the VCR.”

We entered the room. He asked if I wanted a beer. I said no. He turned the VCR and TV on and inserted Rear Window. He laid back on his bed and I did on mine. The movie started. I am sure neither of us was watching it at all. Nor were we looking at each another. Nor were we talking. Both of us knew.

He got up from his bed to sit on mine. We looked at each other nervously in the still of the room. He stroked my hair with his hand. I sat up without taking my eyes off him and removed my shirt. He helped me remove my tee shirt. He then unbuckled my belt and button and pulled my jeans off. He slowly pulled off my boxers. I knelt on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt taking it off. I helped him with his tee. I unbuckled his belt. He stood up and slipped his jeans off. I tugged at his briefs and he removed them. There was a haltingly slow urgency about our movements.

We were there, naked and erect. We were there intently looking at each other’s eyes, his asking permission, mine giving. I laid back on the bed. He laid down on top of me resting his head on my chest. He hugged me. I hugged him back. His longer cock was nuzzling mine. His legs were against mine. His legs moved mine apart. He rubbed them with his. I nuzzled my chest against his face. We stayed that way for a long time in simple intimacy.

It is said that passion is a rush. It is. But a rush to passion obviates those special moments when you cling to each second, focussing on it, with anticipatory calm, placing the experience forever into long-term memory. This is what great passion is. I know it rarely happens. I have been told that some people never experience it. If so, more the pity.

He got up. He reached for his jeans and produced a bottle of tube of AnalEze. Sheepishly he looked at me. I knew. Bobby. I nodded. I was very scared but excited and determined. He put the lube on his finger and coated outside of my opening. He added more and continued to rub me there. I was surprised to find that my legs opened wider. He put lube on his middle finger and inserted it into me. It went in without difficulty. He held it there. I started to move around it. It felt good. His eyes never left mine, always gauging my reaction. I am sure that if I reacted poorly he would have stopped. He moved his finger in and out and then around and around. He added lube to two fingers and did the same. After several insertions and withdrawals, he pressed his fingers upward and I jolted. He withdrew but I said, the first words spoken in almost 20 minutes, “No, it’s ok. It’s great.”

So he continued for some time adding a third finger tightly wrapped around the other two. He used them in and out. He rolled them around in a circular motion. I could feel the three inches of his fingers opening me up inside. It felt very good. I think that he would have continued that indefinitely had I not motioned for him to give me the lube. I added it to my three fingers and entered my anal opening. I coated my two hands. I caressed his cock. I repeated, adding more lube. His cock looked like a greased pole.

In a final signal of my accepting openness, I reached back and took the queen-size pillow, put it under my butt raising it for a full view and stretched my thighs far apart. He knelt between my legs and started to move his cock towards my hole. I looked down and saw it waiting about one inch from me. I moved my hips forward until my opening touched his cock. I moved my hips forward to touch it, up and down.

Drew eased his cock into me. He was wider than our fingers but I accepted him willingly. He withdrew, put on more lube, and inserted about two inches. He moved back and forth never attempting to go further. I put my hands on his shoulders urging him forward, holding him when he drew back. His cock felt so good. I began to feel a rise in my balls. I did not want to come and tried to get my mind off the incipient feeling I was having.

The next time he moved, I felt it touch my sphincter. I tensed up. He stopped. I tried to relax. I remembered that I should push my ass muscles out. I did. At the same time my movement caused his cock to break through. I took a big deep breath as if sucking it in and felt his cock head passed my barrier point. I felt an ache like a dull cramp but it was bearable. Drew did not move. He just kept it there. My ass sensed its heat, its male contours. He was solicitously watching my every reaction.

I had four inches of his cock in me lodged firmly past my sphincter. My ass muscles began to contract around it as I moved my hips slightly. After a minute or so I hugged it. I was caressing it almost as if my knowing mouth were giving instructions. Like I was swallowing his cock, I took in another deep breath which seemed to suck his cock further into me. He stopped and held it there waiting for my next deep breath. I squeezed again. He took the squeeze as a sign. Breath by breath, inch by inch, he moved into me until his balls were resting against me. I thrust my torso against his. I reached down with my long arm and felt the very root of his cock lodged fully within me. My fingers moved around its embedding of my anus. His cock sprung up in me widening me. He did not move in and out at that moment but started to move his hips so that I could feel his cock further stretch me. He moved back and forward one inch. Without pausing, he gradually lengthened the withdrawal but not past my closing barrier.

He moved, in clock-like time, four inches back, four forward. I clenched his cock during each withdrawal only to open for its approach. He reached down and lightly pinched one nipple and then the other. They were fully erect.

Suddenly, without warning I felt a hot gush. It was not Drew. It was I. I did not know what was happening. I could feel his cock everywhere in my body. I started to buck into and against it. I thrust my hips to take it all. I writhed and twitched. My legs started to shake uncontrollably, my arms were flailing. My reaction caused Drew to withdraw almost completely. He looked afraid but I yelled “No. No. I can`t hold back. It`s so fantastic. Please yes. Please, Drew.” I moaned deeply and loudly. Drew rammed into me. I was jerking so wildly that the friction on his cock caused him to fuck me wildly. Then arching his back, he withdrew almost completely and pile-drove into me to our jointly yelled “Fuck! Fuck!” The force of his lunge made my head hit the headboard. My whole body went completely rigid. His extra bloated cock caused me to spasm. I felt a rush from my chest through my abdomen, along his thick long cock, along my legs and then through my balls. I came, bucking my hips uncontrollably, suffocating his cock. We burst in orgasms shattering all our control. My legs wrapped around his waist to trap the moment. His cock and my sheath throbbed. I could feel our hearts pumping as we gasped for air.

We stayed there immobile for a long time. He slowly withdrew and fell back on the bed. His still potent cock was rigidly lying above his navel, thickly slick with lube and cum. I reached over and stroked it with my hand. I looked at him in desire. I leaned over and kissed it. On my knees, I moved between his legs. I reached down and dipped my fingers into my hole to retrieve the wetness. With my hands I stroked his cock up and down. Raising, hovering over him, with one hand I directed his cock to me, inserted the head, and eased down on it, basking in every fraction, squeezing every inch, until my buttocks owned his hairs.

I moved my thighs inward and outward. I started to move up and down on it fixating on his huge presence. Drew kept up a constant, monosyllabic dialogue of "Fuck," "Yes," " “You Feel It," "My Big Cock" ” to my repetitive “Yes.” My hands were on the back of my head. My arms were tense, my chest expanding. I grabbed his buttocks to drive him impossibly deeper. I was a cowboy to his bull. He bucked up into me and I bucked back for several minutes. I grabbed my dick like a horn in one hand and fondled my saddled balls with the other.

I raised up and slammed down. My thighs closed tightly together, my legs stiffened, my toes curled. My head threw back as he thrust his chin upward. Our bodies suddenly were rigid and immobile, in suspended time. He forced me on his chest. He grabbed my buttocks tightly against him for deeper entrance. My ass violently squeezed the length of his big cock. Oblivious of what I was doing, I abruptly moved off his cock which bounced on his stomach. Just as abruptly I moved down his chest, to his navel and to his cock. In hunger, I took it down my throat. He bucked again inserting part of his ball sac. I held his cock so tightly in my sucking and milking that he could not dislodge it. He screamed. I did not let up. I clung to his cock. It exploded. I drove my fingers up my ass and spewed with such force I thought my balls were going to come back up inside me.

It was the most physically intense sexual experience of my life.

He laid back as I fell straddling his front. We were exhausted. We spooned. He draped his arm over my chest. I pushed my butt against his cock. “Good night, sweet Buddy,” he whispered. We were breathing deeply. We fell asleep.


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