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by JWSmith

Chapter 15

Jim again

I had finished my last signing the night before except for one last time back home in University City. I was leaving for the Atlanta airport when my cell phone rang. It was Charley. He couldn't take the time off that we'd planned. Two fellow officers had been wounded in a mini market holdup. Disappointed to the point of becoming despondent, Im sure I was surly to everyone that crossed my path. God, I missed him. I missed the fun of just being around him. Now it would be another two days before I would see the man that had become my center.

I dragged my tired ass to the apartment, stripped out of my clothes and stumbled into the shower. The hot stinging spray revived me somewhat. I still had a three hour signing session back at the Gates-Way Bookstore.

When it was over I gave Pete a hug for his cheering presence while dodging his lethal elbow, thanked Sue Morrow, the store manager and trudged across campus to my empty apartment. I let my clothes fall to the floor as I slipped out of them and flopped face down on the bed intending not to budge until tomorrow, or maybe the day after. I needed to call Charley before I got into bed. I lay there thinking about riding my Chief back to Kirksville at the end of the week. Charlie was going to have three days off. I wanted to be there with him.

There was a knock on my door. I half hoped it would be Charley, that he'd found a way to get the time off and come as we'd originally planned. I slipped into a pair of old Levi's went to the door. I opened it with a big smile on my face. There stood Jim. I felt the smile slide south.

"Nice way to be greeted," he said. Ignoring my frown, his eyes hungrily tasted my naked torso.

"Hello, Jim." I stood back and let him enter.

"Where have you been?" he demanded as he strode into my livingroom.

"And what business is it of yours? You said no. I left."

"I haven't seen or heard from you in months." His voice had lost its commanding tone it had almost become a whine.

"I've been busy."

"I know your last two months have been. The paper printed your itinerary. But the months before that, you just disappeared off the face of the earth."

"I wanted to get my book finished." It burned me that he had never acknowledge me as a writer, even now that I was a successful one. What the hell I shouldn't start expecting that out of him now. "You want something to drink?" I asked.

"Yeah, a beer would be great."

As I bent over to reach into the back of the fridge Jim rubbed himself against my butt. "Damn, you have one fine ass. I sure have missed fucking it."

I grabbed two long necks, straightened up, and shoved one into his chest. "Cut it out, Jim," I said moving away from him. "I'm not into that anymore."

He laughed. "Who're you kidding. You're a cock whore. You can't live without a hard cock up your ass at least once a day."

"I've been doing just fine without it."

"Excuse me," he laughed, "this is Jim you are talking to. You can't tell me that you haven't been out looking for the biggest cock you could find to get stuffed up your pretty little white butt."

"Yours was the only one, Jim. Ever."

I guess my expression must have convinced him. He backed against the counter and stared at me. "You're telling the truth."

"I don't lie, Jim. I used to think that you and I would eventually have a full, loving relationship. That was why I let you have my ass. You refused the second time. I left."

I may not lie, but I wasn't about to tell him the whole truth either. My whole body was begging me to let him fuck me. My whole being was craving it. Charley's love and the prospect of him possibly doing it soon was all that held me back. I didn't want Jim again. I didn't. He was only a fuck. A good one, but still only a fuck. I wanted Charley. What I had with Charley was so much more, even if we hadn't gotten into fucking yet.

I let him talk me into being his guest for dinner, for old times. As we ate the conversation centered on me and my trip mostly. I don't remember mentioning Charley. I did learn that he was now working as a companion/helper for the Paolini patriarch. He talked about what a brilliant mind the old fellow has and what a delight it was being around him most of the time. After dinner we stopped in a little bar around the corner for a beer.

I bought the first round and agreed to Jim buying another since we were both afoot so we wouldn't be driving. I headed to the toilet to relieve my bladder. I suppose I should have suspected something when I returned, because Jim's mood had changed. He'd lost his ebullience and was pensive and a little nervous as he kept watching me. I ignored it figuring that he was trying to figure out how to get me into bed and I wasn't about to let him.

By the time I had drunk half of the second beer I was feeling a little woozy. I put it off to the fact I was exhausted from the tour and the two glasses of wine with dinner. Jim told me to "Drink up and let's go." I upended the bottle and just let the beer slide down my throat without swallowing.

"Atta boy," Jim muttered as he watched.

I swung around and headed for the door. Jim was right there to help me when I stumbled on the sidewalk.

"I think I'd better walk you home, Jake," he said.

"Damn, I only had the wine at dinner and two beers."

"You must be tired from your trip," he assured me.

He kept a steadying hand on my arm as I wobbled our way across the university campus to my apartment. Every step was becoming more of an effort. I fumbled the key out of my pocket and Jim took it and unlocked the door. He maneuvered me into the bed room and started undressing me. My legs turned to rubber. I collapsed. "What's going on, Jim?" My tongue was even getting difficult to use.

"Just relax, Jake. Go with the flow. You know you want this." He lifted me onto the bed and finished stripping me. I watched him remove his own clothes.

"Whad da fuck ya doin', Jim?" I could barely make my mouth work. I tried to raise up on one elbow and couldn't get my arms to work. I began to realize he'd drugged me. I was conscious of what was happening, but couldn't seem to make my muscles do anything. I was paralyzed.

"I'm just giving you what you need. Your ass is so fine, Jake. Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck your brains out," he said, roughly rubbing his hands over my body.

"No, Jim." I protested, "M'ass blongs t'Charley now." I could here my words all smeared together, but I guess Jim still could understand me.

"To hell with Charley," he said, "whoever he is. Your ass is mine tonight."

He was on the bed holding my legs up as he crawled toward my crotch. For the life of me I couldn't move, couldn't do anything except lay there and watch. He propped my ankles on his shoulders while he tore open a rubber and rolled it on to his big rampant hardon. And then, taking his time, he lubed his cock and my ass. He stuck a finger inside me and rubbed my prostate. 'It should be Charley doing this.' my mind screamed, but I moaned in pleasure, my cock surged and gushed. I needed this. I wanted this. But I hated it. I hated the need, the desire.

"Oh yeah, you are hungry for my cock. You fucking slut, you know you need this. I can see the hunger in your eyes. Oh yeah, I'm going to feed you my cock and you are going to love it."

"No, Yim, ease own' oo is." I wondered if he could even understand me.

He ignored my plea and moved up against me. I hadn't had my hole opened up in months and he hadn't prepared me for his assault. I screamed as he rammed his cock to the hilt. The drug he'd given me didn't do anything for the pain, if anything it intensified it because all I could do was lay there and feel it.

"He chuckled. "That's the nice thing about those little pills, it lets you feel everything." He pulled back and rammed again. "This'll teach you to run away from your needs, Jakey boy." My sphincter hadn't had a chance to relax and adjust to being stretched. I screamed again.

I fought the paralysis to no avail. I could do nothing but lay there as Jim rammed his cock into me again and again. My protests came out as guttural grunts and groans. He bit and sucked on my neck and shoulders as he battered my butt, jabbing his hard cock against my prostate. I loved the feeling. It became everything, the only thing that mattered, the harder the better. As he came he bit hard into the muscle above my left nipple, drawing blood. I cried out at the exquisite pain and pleasure as I shot all over the two of us. I had never come so hard in my life. He grinned at me, his lips bloody. "That should make up for all the times you've missed." He licked his lips, smearing the blood.

Abruptly, he ripped his still hard cock out of my abused butt. I felt so empty. My heart and soul had been reamed out, hollow, I was a vacuous pulsing hole. My eyes closed of their own volition at the sudden emptiness and I drifted into a post coital coma.



by JWSmith

Chapter 16

A simple tiny rubber ring

"You told me you wouldn't let him fuck you again. You broke your word. You lied to me." With each sentence I could feel his fist punch me in the chest. Chagrined, I begged his forgiveness. I tried to touch him. I couldn't. He stayed just out of reach. I awoke with the image of Charley's reproachful glare seared into my brain and his accusations ringing in my ears.

The sky was just beginning to lighten. Lethargia hadn't released her grip on my muscles. It took great effort to drag myself off the bed and onto my feet. Jim had gone. I shuffled into the bathroom. There wasn't enough strength in my legs to stand and pee, I collapsed onto the toilet. As my bladder drained, I felt cold liquid running through the hair on my belly and dripping onto my thigh. I felt my chest. Jim's used condom was glued in my chest hair with my own dried come. It was leaking its cold contents down my belly.

Disgusted, I peeled it off taking hair with it. Memory of last night slammed into me. Rage filled my mind. I stood and shuffled over to the mirror and looked at myself. My mind gorged with self-loathing, a mindless black anger. I had teeth marks and hickeys on my neck and shoulders. Dried cum flaked on my chest and abdomen. My abused nipples were red and too tender to touch. There was an inflamed bite on my left breast, encrusted with dried cum and black blood. I remembered the intensity of the pleasure and the pain as I had shot my load. I loathed myself for reacting like that, even though I knew I had had no control over it.

I slunk into the shower. I soaped and scrubbed myself over and over and still felt dirty. I dried off and examined the wound again and then dabbed it with peroxide and watched it foam, and then I smeared an ointment on it and got dressed, putting on a collared chambray shirt to hide the marks. I grabbed the county phone book and searched for an address. Finding it, I mounted my motorcycle and sped across the city that was just awakening, to a large feed store on the far outskirts where the farmlands began.


I had let Jim dominate me through our whole relationship. But he had never done anything to humiliate or degrade me before. We both knew I was bigger and stronger and that it was just a role. He'd chosen to not only to subdue me, but to also savagely rape me, showing his contempt for me. I'd told Charley that I wouldn't go back to Jim. My word had been broken. And, God damn Jim, he was going to pay.

Having been raised on a horse farm I knew exactly what I wanted to do to him for payback. I had to buy a package containing ten of the little black jewels that I sought, plus the shiny chrome tool to implant them. Jim was going to pay dearly for destroying my life and it was only going to take one tiny, harmless-looking, black rubber ring.

I went back to my apartment and changed into my tightest Levi's and a snug cowboy shirt with pearl snaps down the front. The three top snaps I left undone. My acting ability isn't the greatest, but I figured it wouldn't take much to get Jim all hot and distracted. And once he was, I promised myself, it would be his last time. Stuffing the tool and the little package into my hip pocket, I headed over to his place.

His is a little house on a big lot with a tall unpenetratable hedge around the perimeter. Privacy was his main concern when he bought the place and it was going to be that privacy that was going let me get away with what I was set on doing.

I knocked on his door and tried my best hide my rage, to look humble and beaten. He stared at me for a moment when he opened the door and then, throwing his head back, he laughed. "I knew it. You couldn't stay away once you got a taste of my cock again. Get your ass in here, you slut." he sneered.

I shuffled in, keeping my head down. I was afraid to look up for fear he'd see the anger in my eyes. He closed the door and looked me up and down. "Didn't get enough last night, huh?" He grabbed my shirt with both hands and ripped open the snaps. If they had been buttons they'd have flown across the room. "God damn, I did a good number on you last night. It's going to take a month for those marks to disappear."

With both hands, he pinched my tender raw nipples. I threw my head back, eyes squinched in pain. Drawing a deep breath, I brought my fists up, fast and hard. My right fist got him in his eye. My left connected with his jaw. His head flew back with the impact. He staggered , releasing my tits. He crumpled like a limp wet rag.

I grabbed him by a wrist and dragged him into his bedroom. Picking him up and I tossed him into the middle of his unmade bed. He had permanent leather straps attached to the four corners of his bed. I tied his wrists with the two on the head board. I pulled his boots off, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off along with his underwear. After tying his ankles with the two straps on the foot board I went to the kitchen and filled a glass with ice water and headed back to the bedroom.

I stared at Jim's inert body for several minutes thinking about what he had robbed me of last night. There was no way I would ever be able to face Charley again; he had made sure of that. I wanted him awake and alert for my revenge. I wanted him to be able strain and pull helplessly against the restraints, attempting to get away from his fate. I tilted the glass above his head and watched a trickle of icy water splatter on his forehead. He shook his head, gasped and sputtered. I poured a little more on his chest wetting his shirt. It took him a moment to come around.

"What the fuck," he yelled as he tried to move. He opened his confused eyes, yanked against the straps, not believing he was tied up as he'd tied up others.

He glared at me. "Untie me and I'll forget you did this," he said through gritting teeth,

I smiled at him. "There's no forgetting, Jim. There is no forgiving either. You took my life away from me last night. Now you get to lose something that you hold most precious."

He snorted. "You think tying me up and fucking me is going do anything? I love a rough fuck. Rape away, Jake." His cock was hard and throbbing.

"I'm not going to rape you, Jim," I calmly explained to him. "I'm going to gentle you, remove your aggressiveness, if you will. I'm going to make a docile steer out of a raging bull. Do you understand what I am saying, Jim? I'm going to geld you."

"What does geld mean?" His voice squeaked with panic.

"Just what you're imagining, Jim. It means castrate."

He had blanched. "Please, Jake. I'm sorry. I thought you would enjoy the helpless feeling, that you would like what I did, that it was what you wanted." His hardon had disappeared. His cock was shrinking, pulling into his body.

"What I wanted?" I yelled at him. "I told you what I wanted and you ignored me. You selfishly took what you wanted and left me with nothing." I screamed in his face. "Do you think there is any way I can face Charley after I promised him I would not let you fuck me again?"

"I'll tell him I forced you. I'll tell him I drugged you. It was all my fault. He can't blame you for what I did. Please, Jake, untie me." He was whimpering.

I regained control of myself and reached down and touched the glass of ice water to his scrotum . He yelped and tried to pull away. "Enjoy the sensation, Jim, because in a few minutes you'll never feel anything on them again."

"Don't, Jake, don't cut me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please, Jake. Please." Snot leaked out of his nose.

"By the way, do you have any more of the little pills you sneaked into my beer last night, Jim?"

"Why?" he asked.

"Answer me." I snapped.

"There's three in a vial in my pants pocket."

"Thank you," I said, picking up his jeans and rifling in the pockets for the vial. I held it up and admired it. "Amazing, how one of these little pills will paralyze you muscles and leave your mind alert. For how many hours, Jim?"

"About s-s-s-six hours," he stammered.

I smiled at him. "Ah, that should be long enough for this to work. Yeah, your balls should be black by then."

"What are you talking about?"

"I guess a demonstration is in order. But first I think you should swallow one of these little gems. I want you to feel the helplessness as your testicles shrivel and die." I said, opening the vial, shaking a pill out into my palm. I picked it up and held it up for him to see. "Open up, Jim."

He clamped his jaws and stared at me belligerently. I palmed the pill, grasped his jaw with my other hand and squeezed, forcing his mouth open. I stuck my pinched finger and thumb far back into his throat, far enough back that he couldn't tell that I hadn't deposited the pill there, and then I picked up the glass of ice water and poured a bit into his mouth. "Swallow," I commanded. He tried to shake his head in refusal, but I held his mouth open and poured some more water into it until he had to swallow or drowned. He swallowed, choked and coughed. I let go of his jaw.

His eyes enlarged with the horror of what he thought was going to happen to him. "You're fucking crazy, Jake," he whispered.

"Watch you mouth, Jim. I could still use a dull knife on you." I said as I dropped the palmed pill on the floor and crushed it under my heel. I took the tool and the little package from my back pocket, and held them up for him to see. They looked so innocent, so harmless. "I'm not going to cut you Jim. I don't like blood."

He looked at the tool. "What's that?" he asked. Fear filled his voice.

I smiled at him. "Think of it as your pacifier. Now we will demonstrate how this little wonder works," I said, holding up the tool. I opened the little zip-lock package and removed one of the small O-rings. It had a 3/8ths inch hole. I held it up for Jim to see.

"What's that?" he asked. His voice quavered with fear.

"You know how a cock ring holds the blood in your cock to keep it hard? Well, this little ring does just the opposite. It's going to keep the blood out until your cock and balls simply shrivel up and fall off from lack of blood. It's painless I'm told."

"There's no way you could get that over my cock and balls," he scoffed, wanting to not believe me.

"No? Watch." I inserted the end of the bright chromed tool through the hole and squeezed the handle, which opened the jaws and stretched the ring open to a little over two inches. Jim blanched. I moved down to his crotch.

"No, Jake. Don't, Jake. Please, I'm begging you," he blubbered.

"Did you stop last night when I begged?" I looked at him. I could see that any hope had disappeared from his eyes. He just quietly blubbered and shook his head. "So..... tell me why I should stop."

He stared at me with no comprehension as to why I should or shouldn't stop. I grinned.

"Are you beginning to feel the effects of the pill yet, Jimbo?" I asked. He continued his vacant stare.

"You know what? I think I'll let you keep you penis. You'll still be able to get a hard on. I suppose you can get testosterone injections. Maybe Viagra will work on you. But, before I do this, I want to tell you..... if you ever consider raping someone again, you'd better think twice. I'm keeping this little gadget. This time you lose only your balls, next time it will be that big ol' cock you're so fond of. Do you understand me? And I'm keeping these other two pills, too. Just in case you forget."

"You're crazy, Jake." he whispered.

I grinned at him. "Yeah, I am. Don't ever forget that, Jim."

His shriveled cock had pulled back into his body. Only the head showed. I didn't know that such a big long thing could do that. The power of fear I guess. I gently took his balls in my hand, fondling them. "Such a loss," I said, squeezing them.

He groaned and shuddered, his face contorted in fear and horror.

I picked up the tool and squeezed the handle, expanding the ring again and locked it open. I carefully slipped his testicles through the distended ring. Wrapping my fingers around them, I pulled them, stretching his scrotum, and pressed the dilated ring against the base of his cock. I released the lock on the tool. The O-ring popped off the prongs and constricted around his scrotum. He whimpered.

I stepped back and smiled benignly. "I guess you won't be raping anyone else, will you?" I asked. His forehead glistened with sweat. He gaped at me like I was some kind of monster. His bladder released and geysered urine into the air. It spattered his belly and trickled down to wet his sheets.

"Can you feel the numbness creeping into you muscles?"

His expression hadn't changed, but he didn't seem to be there behind his eyes.

"I tell you what, Jim. I'm going to give you a chance to save your precious nuts. I'm going to untie one of your hands. Maybe you can get loose and cut the ring before the paralysis sets in." I reached down and untied one wrist. It took him nearly a minute to realize what I had done and reached to untie the other one. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He squawked and gawked at me in horror.

"I'll be watching you. Remember, I have nothing left to live for, so I won't be losing anything by killing you if you try to retaliate. Understood?" He glowered at me. "Understood?" he nodded his head. I let go of his arm. I stuffed the tool and package of O-rings along with the vial into my back pocket, closed the snaps on my shirt and walked out of the room. I could hear his harsh breathing as he scrambled to release himself from the leather straps. I opened the door and left.

I'd had my revenge on Jim. I'd scared the unholy hell out of him, but hadn't physically harmed him. I knew he would have no trouble getting free. He had surgical scalpels in his bathroom. One touch of a sharp blade and the rubber ring would split. Of course, the blood flowing back into his nuts was going to be an excruciating feeling he wouldn't soon forget.


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