Chuck's Awakening

Chapter 4

Again Thanks for the responses to my postings. The stories I post are true, but the names of my partners have been changed.

Alex and I kept in contact by text and email over the next couple of weeks. Again I received a text asking if I was available the next day? I informed Alex that indeed I would be waiting for him to come to my house.

I prepared the bedroom to make sure the lighting was just right and that there was an assortment of lubrication from which this beautiful boy could choose.

Alex came to the door and was wearing a white tee shirt and gray sweat pants. When he came through the door he looked up at me with his brown eyes, and he put his arms around my neck and we began to kiss each other with our tongues moving in and out of each others mouths.

I took Alex by the hand and asked "Do you want to move this into the bedroom?" In a breathy voice Alex replied "Oh yeah."

Once in the bedroom I sat on the bed looking at Alex's perfect young body. I pulled him close and began kissing his body through his shirt. I placed my hands on Alex's tight ass. After spending a few minutes exploring my Latin lover's ass I slowly pulled his sweats and underwear off. At the same time Alex removed his shirt and I pulled back to gaze at this beautiful naked boy. Alex reached for my shirt and slowly removed it leaving me naked.

I lay down on the bed and Alex followed by laying on top of me with his hard cock against my skin. Alex kissed me and I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. Again I could not resist exploring his tight ass. Without saying a word Alex began to slowly move down my body kissing me as he lowered himself. He spent several minutes sucking on my nipples and my cock was now rock head.

I begged Alex saying "Please suck me baby" Alex responded by moving into position. As soon as I felt his soft lips encircle my throbbing cock I thought I was going to cum. I took a deep breath to calm myself and looked down at Alex`s mouth wrapped around my shaft. Alex looked up at me with his bright eyes and again I begged "Oh Alex please suck me I want to cum baby." Alex slid his mouth down taking my cock into his mouth. Alex bobbed his head up and down licking my stiff cock with his hot tongue. I began moving my body to match the pace of his mouth on my cock. I moaned "Alex I`m going to CUM". This encouraged my lover to quicken the pace. I said "Alex I`m CUMMING". He continued sucking me as I had a strong orgasm shooting my load in to his beautiful mouth.

Alex moved up and kissed me. The taste of my cum and Alex sweat was intoxicating and I could feel my cock getting hard once again. I broke off the kiss and said "Alex please fuck me." Alex replied "I was hoping you`d ask". I rolled over onto my stomach and felt Alex applying the lube to my ass. . This time there was no hesitation as this twenty-four year old positioned his cock at the opening of my ass. Alex pushed and his cock slid into my waiting hole. I flexed my ass to squeeze Alex cock. Alex pushed his shaft into my ass as far as he could and I could feel our balls touching. Alex began to fuck me and I moved my ass back to meet his thrusts. Alex said "Oh Chuck I love to fuck your tight ass", I said, "Oh baby I love feeling your balls touching mine" I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back, Then to begin to feel an orgasm building, I told Alex "Oh fuck me baby I'm going to cum soon!" That sparked Alex to fuck me harder and faster and I heard my lover say "I'm Cumming Chuck". As I felt the first shot of his boy cum filling my ass I moaned "Oh Alex I'm Cumming!" Alex collapsed onto me and he gently kissed my neck and said "Thank you Chuck." I rolled over to watch his naked ass as he went towards the bathroom. I put on a pair of shorts and walked Alex to the door, I kissed him again and whispered into his ear "Thank you baby."