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By JET and Cody

Chapter One

'Damn,' Paolo thought as he pulled off the narrow road onto a widened shoulder. 'I have to get rid of this pile of junk!'

The little Fiat had seen better days. He was returning to his little room in Turin from a modeling job in Modena. He was studying music composition in Turin and earned his living modeling and dancing in a gay club, often traveling to other cities where the modeling jobs took place. Mistakenly he had decided that his little car was good for one more trip.

The small car had become unreliable and moments before its engine had begun to cough and sputter. Paolo hoped to nurse it to the next town, but the engine got progressively worse. He saw a wide shoulder along the road and knew it might be his last chance to park the car off of the right of way. The engine died as he coasted to a stop.
This last job was for Ferrari. He posed with beautiful girls around the even more beautiful and much more expensive cars. He smiled as he thought about the assignment.  'If those gorgeous women only knew', he thought.
He was decidedly gay, but his manly looks and dark angular features not only disguised his sexual preference but his youth as well. He was 19, but looked to be about 25. Every model scout that took one glance at him fell completely in love. His dark hair, blue eyes and olive complexion were definitely features that made this boy too beautiful to resist; but his blue eyes were the feature that sealed the deal for all of the photographers and magazines for whom he worked. To say they were blue would be almost a gross understatement. Imagine the clearest sky that ever graced the heavens, then the most flawless aquamarine gems ever created, and combine those two with the crystalline tropical waters of the Hawaiian coast. If you added those things up and multiplied by 10 you would just begin to get the idea of how breathtaking his eyes truly were. His handsome head crowned an equally enticing body.  At an even 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, he looked the perfect match for the svelte slender bodies and striking faces of the ladies with whom he worked.
Beautiful, expensive clothing clad the models, both male and female. He looked like he belonged in the custom tailored sport coats, trousers and hand-made Italian shoes. He had that suave air about him that looked at home in a Ferrari. Face it; the guy was fuckin' incredible! But somehow everyone seemed to notice it but him. There was no doubt in his mind that he looked good, but Paolo didn't have a self-absorbed, conceited bone in his body, unlike many other models and dancers he knew.
'Lot of good my looks are doing me now,' he thought as he tried to start the ailing Fiat.  It was no use; the thing had expired for good he decided.
He climbed out of the small car into the summer rain. There were not many passing vehicles on the winding mountainous road he had chosen as a shortcut home. He knew it was going to be a long, wet trek to the nearest town.
'Damn, I left my raincoat at home and forgot to stick my umbrella in the car too, when I rushed off in such a hurry for this trip’, Paolo thought. "I'm such a bone-head!" he said aloud in disgust with himself.
As he trudged away from his car toward the nearest town he was quickly becoming drenched in the downpour.  His carefully coiffed dark hair became a slicked down rug as the rain ran off his head to add its contribution to his already soaked shirt. Even his trousers clung to his legs as he hiked toward his destination more than 10 kilometers away.
A large truck passed. The driver ignored his upturned thumb as the large vehicle careened by, depositing a cloud of dirty wet residue on his face and clothing. Paolo was in a new kind of misery.
After hiking for nearly 20 minutes since leaving his vehicle, he saw a large Mercedes approaching and raised his thumb. The car slowed, as the driver surveyed the once proud spectacle of the youth who had been transformed into the appearance of a drowned rat. As the car passed slowly, the brake lights came on and Paolo, with raised hopes, started running toward the slowing luxury car. Nearing the rear fender of the nearly stopped vehicle, Paolo could feel the blast of hot exhaust as the car sped off with the sight of a laughing driver waving at the hapless youth. Paolo stood in helpless dejection as the car sped off into the darkening twilight.

'Bastard!' he thought as he saw another much smaller car approach. Raising his thumb in an almost furtive plea for help, the car slowed and stopped just beyond him.  He ran to the door and opened it, but was suddenly reluctant to enter because of his soaked clothing.

"Get in, honey," the matronly lady driver offered. "You're not going to hurt anything in this old car."

Paolo jumped at the invitation, grateful to be out of the rain.
"Is that your car I saw back down the road?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am," he answered, "If you want to dignify that piece of junk by calling it a car."
The lady laughed and said, "Well, this one's not much better, but at least it runs and has been pretty reliable. My name is Sofia, what's yours?"
"Paolo. And thanks so much for the ride; I was getting really discouraged. Now I'm never going to make it home tonight but maybe I can find someplace dry to stay."
Paolo and Sofia began to engage in a comfortable conversation. Sofia was a lady about 40 whose husband was working overseas on a construction project. She was caring for their sons, Rocky and Pietro, by herself while he was gone. She had a job too, to put a little money aside and to even out their income when her husband's checks were slow in arriving.

Paolo told of his parents who had given birth to their son at a late age. They had both passed away by the time Paolo was old enough to start at the university. The little money they had paid all their bills and their funeral expenses, but left little to their son for his education and living expenses. Paolo told of his modeling work and his classes, but never mentioned his dancing, which provided a good part of his income.
As the car approached the nearest town, Sofia said, "This is where we live. It's not a very big town. It's really more like a village. I know that the only inn in town is full because I work there at nights. I know this may sound forward, but somehow I trust you. I'd like you to stay at our house tonight until you can make other arrangements to get home.  There is a little garage in town and I know the owner. He works on my car and can probably fix yours. I doubt though that he will go out tonight."

"Gosh, Sofia. I am so thankful for the invitation. I accept, of course, but will your boys mind a complete stranger spending the night in their house?"

"Hey Paolo, if you're ok with me, you're more than ok with them. They're both pretty easy going. Besides, you'll be the perfect babysitter," Sofia said laughing out loud at some joke she made that clearly went over Paolo's head

"Well, since you're nice enough to let me stay overnight at your home, Sofia, I'd be glad to baby-sit your boys.... Are they small children?" Paolo asked.

Sofia laughed even harder at that question

"Well, Pietro is a little tyke, only 5 years old. Rocky is a little big for his age. You'll have to keep your eye on that one," Sofia said through giggles.

"How old is Rocky?" Paolo asked.

Sofia smiled at the handsome youth, pretending not to hear the question as she slowed the car upon entering the narrow streets of the village. Turning onto a side street, the auto strained as it climbed a steep hill then pulled into what appeared to be an alley, finally stopping.

"We're here." Sofia announced. "Its not very fancy, but it's dry and warm. Please lock your side when you get out," she requested.

They both opened their doors and stepped again into the downpour. Quickly locking the door as asked, Paolo followed the older woman in a hurried dash to the door of her home. By the time he leaped onto the tiny covered porch, he was again soaked.
"Come on in," she offered, as she unlocked the door and stepped inside.
Paolo followed, but stopped inside the closed entry to avoid dripping water all over the house.

"Now get out of those clothes fast. I'll get you something dry to wear while we get them back in shape. You must be cold."

"Take off my clothes? Right here?" Paolo asked a little timidly.

"Sure," Sofia said surprised by Paolo's modesty. Her two boys had never been embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of her or pretty much anyone else, for that matter. It never even occurred to her that Paolo might be a little bashful, partly because he didn't seem like the shy type.

"Don't worry, you haven't got anything I haven't seen before."  She laughed and grinned at Paolo's obvious embarrassment.
She disappeared for a moment and returned with a bath towel. He started shedding garments, handing them to her as he took them off.  First came the shirt, which revealed his masculine chest. Unlike most Italian men with dark hair, his chest was as hairless as a baby's ass. Paolo's abs were not bulky but very defined. He worked them hard at least every other day. His arms were bigger than they seemed they would be when he was clad in his drenched shirt. They were long with lean muscles; they just fit his body. Next, after he unbuckled and pulled down the zipper of his trousers, he bent over to remove his sodden shoes.

"Just set those over by the door, babyman," Sofia directed. "The dryer would just turn those into half moons."
Paolo did as instructed after removing his socks and handing them to the lady. As he unbuttoned his fly and slipped his trousers down to his ankles, he saw a small boy peeking at him from around the corner.
"Hi." Paolo said with a smile," What's your name?"

"I'm Pietro," came the reply from a small voice. Then turning to his mother he asked, " Mama, who is this guy?"
"Pietro, this is Paolo.  His car broke down and I gave him a ride into town.  He's going to stay here tonight because the inn is full and he can't get his car fixed until tomorrow," she answered giving Pietro a bit more information than he asked for. It was almost like she could sense thirty more questions being formed in the child's mind.
"Pietro!  She said suddenly, "What are you looking at? You know it's impolite to stare."
"I know, Mama, but he's got such a big thingy!” he said looking at the bulge in Paolo’s bikini briefs.  “It's almost as big as Rocky's."

Sofia laughed as Paolo's face turned bright red.
"Well, so he does," Sofia said through a grin. Pietro was steadily inspecting Paolo's equipment.
Paolo's crimson color darkened to a new shade.
"What are you doing in here anyway?” Sofia asked her youngest son. “You were supposed to be in bed hours ago."
"I was hiding from Rocky. We was playing 'hide and seek'.... Rocky said I could stay up and hang out with him”, Pietro said in one of those 'I have the coolest brother' tones.

"Well, you got an eyeful of a little more 'hide' than you planned on," his mother quipped.
"That's for damn sure," the kid said grinning. "Well, I'd better hide before Rocky starts looking."

"Don't mind us," Sofia said as she laughed more. "There is no privacy here. Nope, whatever there is to see, we've all seen it.  Laughed about it too, but it's just a fun laugh.  We don't hurt each other’s feelings.  We just love each other and lost our modesty along the way.  I would get the worst of it, being the only lady in the house, but the boys have to have some respect for their Mama, even if most of the time it’s disrespect."

Paolo grinned and felt better as he took the things out of his trousers pockets, deposited them on a nearby stand and handed the garment to Sofia.

"Only one more to go," she declared as she handed the bath towel to their guest.
Paolo wrapped the towel around his waist and reaching through the overlap, pulled his briefs down and then stepped out of them. He bent down, retrieving the undergarments from the floor, handing them to Sofia in total surrender.

She had just taken the undergarments when a new form appeared in the doorway.

"Mama, are you stealing men's underwear again?" asked a voice.
Sofia laughed loudly as her face turned a little pink itself.
"Get in here, you scamp!" Sofia ordered. "Paolo, this is Rocky, my oldest son.  Watch out for him, he likes boys."

The tables were turned and it was the approaching Rocky's face that turned red in embarrassment.
Paolo looked at the newcomer and gasped. Rocky was a knockout!  While Paolo was dark and handsome, Rocky was blonde and cute. With what Sofia told him about her two boys, Paolo was fully expecting Rocky to be some nine or ten year-old little kid. The Rocky before him was definitely no little kid! Rocky was dressed in shorts and a tee with the arms cut off. His arms were definitely bigger than Paolo's. As a matter of fact, the rest of his body was bigger and more defined than Paolo's.  Rocky had sprinter legs, absolutely beautiful calves, a bit more than a well-defined chest, and a bulging package that showed signs of stirring.

Paolo fell in lust. His mouth was suddenly dry as his dick started to grow. ‘He’s so fuckin' beautiful...he's so fuckin' beautiful, Paolo kept thinking to himself. He had never been awe-struck but now he found himself unable to speak.

'Damn, if the scouts only had one look at you,' he thought.
"Uh... Hi, Paolo," Rocky said, still blushing at his mom's earlier comment. "It would have been nice to meet you under better circumstances.  Like, I mean, with you with some clothes on and me without this here woody that's sproutin'."

All three adults laughed at the comedy, and they could hear Pietro giggling in the background.
"I've got to get to work. I'm gonna stick this stuff in the dryer, then I have to leave.  Rocky, take good care of Paolo here and put Pietro to bed soon. Give me a hug, boys. You too Pietro," she said loudly.
The youngest in the household mysteriously appeared.  Sofia knew that he would not be far away. His curiosity would never allow it.  The two older boys hugged Sofia, with Paolo offering another word of thanks for their hospitality.  Pietro hugged his mother last, then turning he snatched the towel off Paolo's waist and went tearing into the living room with his battle flag.
Paolo was stark naked. He quickly covered his privates with his hands.
"Ain't nothing wrong with what I seen," Sofia muttered as she turned and headed for the closet containing the washer and dryer.

Both older boys turned and took off for the living room in pursuit of a certain towel.