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CIAO – Chapter Two

Rocky caught up with Pietro in record time. He grabbed his younger brother around the waist and slung him over his shoulder, Pietro laughing hysterically. Rocky grabbed the towel and held it out to their guest, and grinned. Paolo reached out for it quickly and wrapped it around his waist.

“Time for bed little man,” Rocky said as he turned and headed for the stairs.

"Aww!” Pietro protested. “Do I have too? You said I could stay up late with you.”

“It’s late,” Rocky said.

“But I’m hungry,” Pietro whined.

“Nice try but we just ate, baby.”

“Well, you gotta read me a story.” Pietro said digging for a way to stay up even later than he already had.

“Not tonight, kiddo, I have to get Paolo settled in,” Rocky said thinking about the beautiful stranger in the living room.

“Are you gonna read him a story?” Pietro asked with a little jealous tone.

“No, baby I’m not gonna read him a story, but hopefully I can put him to bed,” Rocky said with a wicked grin.

“Huh?” Pietro asked with a confused look on his face.

“I’ll let you in on it when you get a little older…so what story do you wanna hear buddy?” Rocky said relenting as he pulled back the covers for Pietro to climb sleepily into the bed.

“I don’t care; just make it a good one,” Pietro said with a yawn.

Rocky could see that this was going to be an easy task. He went to a small shelf that held Pietro’s books and selected one that he knew that Pietro liked. Removing his shirt, he sat on the edge of the bed and cradled the small body against his bare muscular chest with one arm as he opened the book with the other hand and started to read. He looked at his small brother who was already falling asleep. He had not finished the third page of the story when he saw that Pietro could no longer hear him.

Paolo had been sitting on the couch waiting for Rocky to return, hopefully with some clothes for him to wear. When Sofia left for work earlier she had told him that he was welcome to whatever he wanted in the house.

He wondered at the time if that included her oldest son, but Paolo held that comment in. Rocky was the most beautiful guy he had ever seen. God! Did he hear Sofia right when she said, “He likes boys?”

The night from hell seemed to be looking up - in more ways than one.

“Shit!” Paolo hissed as he noticed his cock becoming hard when his thoughts drifted to Rocky--the blond angel upstairs. Looking toward the staircase that led to the bedrooms, he was surprised to see Rocky reappear. Rocky had only been gone for ten minutes.

“That didn’t take as long as I expected,” Rocky said as he descended the stairs. He wasn’t wearing a shirt this time and he had something balled up in his hands.

Damn, he’s so fucking hot,’ Paolo thought as Rocky stretched out on the couch adjacent to the one he was sitting on.

“Um…what happened to your shirt?” Paolo asked before he realized it.

“Oh! The munchkin wanted it. Said he would go to sleep if I gave it to him and read him a story. He was out before we barely got past the cover of the book.”

“I can tell you love him very much,” Paolo said.

“That’s an understatement--trust me,” Rocky said through a grin.

“Sooooo, you’re a model,” Rocky said, not conscious of the fact that he was rubbing his own dick. He gawked at the nearly naked body of his guest as he did so.

Paolo’s mouth watered as he grinned in appreciation at the sight of his handsome host.

“So you like boys,” he stated in reply, giggling as the words escaped his mouth.

“What?” Rocky asked sort of caught off guard.

“That’s what your mom said when you and I first met”--- “Watch out for him, he likes boys.

“You gotta love moms,” Rocky said as he blushed, “they will out you to just any guy that they pickup off the street.” Paolo and Rocky both laughed.

“So do you stay with your parents?” Rocky said changing the subject. “Should we give them a call and let them know you’re all right, Paolo?”

“Nah, both my parents are dead. They died a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry, dude; what happened?”

“Don’t be sorry, Rocky. Nothing happened; they both died of old age. They lived a very long and happy life.” Paolo started giggling. “I guess you could call me a love child.”

“I’ll call you whatever you want me to,” Rocky mumbled.

“What?” Paolo asked.

“Oh…um…nothing” Paolo said. There was a long uncomfortable silence between them.

“So do you have a boyfriend, Rocky? I bet you do, with your good looks and all. I’d bet you have more than a few straight guys beating down your door, too.”

“Actually, I don’t have a guy yet. I never have. I’m kinda shy.” Rocky said blushing.

“That’s hard to believe,” Paolo said, as he noticed Rocky rubbing his crotch again.

“Well, I’m not too bashful with guys I feel comfortable around--like you. I mean I’ve already seen you naked, and when mom told you I was gay…you didn’t freak out. You’re a cool guy, Paolo, and damned sexy too. I can definitely see why you’re a model.”

Paolo blushed. “Trust me, I’m the last person that would freak out over a guy being gay.” Paolo said winking. Rocky definitely caught on. “You’re a great looking guy, Rocky; do you seriously mean to tell me that you’ve never had a boyfriend?”

“That’s my story, babe, I haven’t found the right guy…yet!” Rocky said looking straight into Paolo’s eyes.

“So what does it take to be the right guy?” Paolo asked being a little bolder.

“Well,” Rocky started, “first and most importantly, my mom and my baby brother have to fall in love with him instantly. He’s got to be a sweet guy, and if he was dead sexy, that wouldn’t hurt either.” Rocky said blushing.

“He sounds perfect,” Paolo said. “What does this dream guy look like?”

Rocky closed his eyes and his hands started rubbing up and down his abs.

“Well, he’s a dark angel. He has deep caramel skin and the dark curly hair that all sexy Italian men possess. He’s tall and has an amazing body, strong arms and chiseled chest and a tight round ass that puts me in heat every time I think about it.”

Paolo started rubbing his crotch now as Rocky began rubbing his hands all over his body.

“And the perfect guy has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen, and every time he looks at me I’m under his spell. I would do anything to just touch him the way he is touching himself right now.”

Paolo was out of his trance and realized that Rocky was now staring at him stroking his dick through the towel.

Rocky sat up on the sofa he was lying on and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend, Paolo?”

“Umm…Uhh…N…No, not really,” Paolo stuttered.

“Awesome,” Rocky said through a killer smile. Paolo was blushing big-time now. There was another awkward silence.

“So modeling pays for school and a place to stay?” Rocky said breaking the silence.

“No, not exactly. It’s just a little extra money that I put away.”

“So your folks must have left you a lot of money when they died, huh?”

“Actually everything they left for me went towards bills and final expenses. I have another job that pays the bills.”

“Wow!” Rocky said. “You’re superman. You’re telling me you work two jobs and go to school full-time? You’re amazing, Paolo. What’s your other job?”

Paolo got really quiet now. He really liked Rocky, and he could tell Rocky was interested in him. ‘If I tell Rocky what my main source of income is, will he still look at me the same way?’ Paolo thought.

“C’mon baby, tell me” Rocky said.

‘God, did he just call me baby?’ Paolo thought.

“I told you all about my dream guy…at least you could tell me where he works.” Rocky said smiling

‘Damn, Rocky doesn’t seem too shy from where I’m sitting.’ Paolo thought.

“Well, um, I’m a dancer.” Paolo said, looking away from Rocky. “At a gay club.”

“Are you ashamed of your job?” Rocky asked in a concerned voice.

“No,” Paolo said still looking away from Rocky.

“Well, if you’re not ashamed of it, then why won’t you look at me?” Rocky said moving to the couch where Paolo was sitting.

“I don’t know…I…I like you…” Paolo said looking defeated. “I didn’t know what you would think about my working as a stripper.” Paolo slowly lifted his head and looked in Rocky’s eyes, surprised to see a huge smile spread across his lips.

“What are you smiling about?” Paolo said relieved that Rocky didn’t seem to mind about his being a stripper.

“You like me?” Rocky asked simply with a grin. “And you care what I think about you?”

Paolo grinned. “I thought it was obvious that I’m interested in you,” Paolo said, being uncharacteristically forward.

It was Rocky’s turn to blush. The two of them were looking into each other’s eyes with goofy grins painted on their faces.

“Shorts!” Rocky exclaimed, breaking the staring contest.

“What?” Paolo asked with a confused look.

“I brought you some shorts to put on so you can get out of that towel and have something to sleep in.”

“Oh, thanks,” Paolo said with a renewed bashful grin. He took the shorts from Rocky, stood and stepped into them with the towel around his waist. He reached down and adjusted himself before removing the towel completely.

Rocky sat there admiring his handiwork. He had picked out some shorts that he used to wear all the time but that he had grown out of years ago. On Paolo they looked like worn out skimpy boxer-briefs. They left none of his package to the imagination--exactly Rocky’s intention.

“They’re a little tight,” Paolo said through an impish grin. He knew Rocky had picked these shorts on purpose.

“Yeah, they are tight,” said Rocky with his eyes locked on something in Paolo’s shorts. “I mean…I …I thought they would fit you.”

“Yeah, right!” Paolo grinned. Rocky was now smiling broadly.

‘So…you’re really a stripper?”

“Yeah, got to pay the bills somehow.”

“Are you any good?”

“I guess so. I get paid pretty good money…actually the pay is awesome. I can see why some guys do it for a long time.”

“Is it hard work?”

“Nah, it’s mostly fun, but sometimes a few people have trouble accepting the rule that you can’t touch the dancers unless they want you too.”

“If I came to your club, would you dance for me?” Rocky asked, grinning broadly.

“I don’t know…you look like one of those guys that would have happy hands.” Paolo commented with a huge smile.

“I doubt that!” Rocky said pretending to be offended. “I prolly wouldn’t even get hard.”

“You’re hard now Rocky,” Paolo said staring at Rocky’s hand rubbing on his crotch.

Rocky blushed. “That’s just because I’m rubbing it,” he said. ‘And because you’re so fucking hot’ he thought.

“Yeah, right,” Paolo said. So you’re telling me that if I gave you a lap dance, you wouldn’t even get hard?”

“I might get hard, but I wouldn’t break the rules.” Rocky said finally.

“Interesting.” Paolo said through a smile. “Would you care to make a friendly wager?”

“What’s the bet?” Rocky said looking interested.

“I’ll dance for you. It will be like we were in a private room at the club. I can say and do anything to you that I want; the only catch is that you can’t touch me without permission.”

“What are the terms?” Rocky asked, definitely agreeing with the deal so far.

“I get 20 minutes to turn you on. If you can get through that time without touching me I’ll do something special for you. Cook breakfast for you or something. If you do break the rules I get to sleep in your bed tonight, you take the couch, and you fix me breakfast in the morning.”

“It’s a deal, Paolo.” Rocky said jumping off the couch and extending his hand to shake on their agreement.

“To make things interesting, I’ll give you two free chances to touch me, but on the third time it’s over. Kind of like playing American baseball -three strikes and you’re out.”

“Cool!” Rocky said. “I’ll go get some music and a watch and we’ll get this thing going.”

Rocky dashed out of the room and dashed back in almost as quickly as he left. He put a slow jazz CD in the player and set an alarm wristwatch to beep in 20 minutes.

Sitting back down on the couch and leaning back he said, “Let’s see what you got.” Rocky was already hard from the anticipation of the feast his eyes would receive.

Paolo started swaying to the music. He closed his eyes, ignoring Rocky, and slowly danced in front of his handsome witness. His hands traced over his dark skin caressing all of his tight muscles. His breathing became labored like he was turning himself on.

Rocky watched with his steel hard cock throbbing against the cotton material of his shorts.

Paolo opened his eyes and smiled at Rocky. He danced closer to him and stepped up on the couch with his feet on either side of Rocky’s body and his crotch slowly moving near Rocky’s face in time with the music. Rocky licked his lips and tried to avert his eyes from the sight of Paolo’s hard dick in the too tight shorts.

Paolo slowly lowered himself to Rocky’s lap making sure to slide his crotch against Rocky’s face, chest and abs on the way down. He started grinding his ass on Rocky’s crotch, slowly to the music, feeling its contents throbbing between his cheeks.

“God, Rocky, you have a huge cock, baby.” Paolo moaned. He leaned in closer to where he was sharing the same air. He started grinding harder. “Do you like the way my ass feels on your crotch, Rocky?”

“Mmmmmm” Rocky silently moaned. Even the way Paolo spoke Rocky’s name turned him on in the worst way. Paolo had no idea how Rocky was exerting every bit of his will power just to keep from grabbing the dancer’s hips and pressing him down forcefully on his crotch. And just as the thought was ready to consume his mind, Paolo’s ass started riding harder up and down with circling motions against Rocky’s already swollen package.

“Fuuuuuck!” Rocky moaned aloud.

Paolo started to suggestively utter soft words, not backing away from Rocky’s face, but rather moving closer.

“Your cock feels so good, Rocky. You’re so damn big baby. My fuckin asshole wants you inside…can you feel how much I want you?”

Paolo’s tongue lightly brushed against Rocky’s lips. Rocky moaned and pulled the dancer to him, capturing Paolo’s lips in a passionate kiss. Paolo felt Rocky’s dick pulse and knew that it had resulted in a load of pre-cum being ejected into his shorts.

Paolo broke the kiss and slowly backed away from Rocky.

He gave Rocky a sexy smile and whispered, “Strike one.”

Rocky groaned at the realization of what he had just done. Paolo had somehow managed to make him completely forget about the game.

Paolo stood and backed slightly away from Rocky. He was still dancing, moving his body sexily, speaking a language that only Rocky’s cock seemed to understand.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” Paolo said tauntingly, with his hands again running up and down his dancer’s body.

“I want you to get out of those shorts right now.” Rocky panted.

Stepping again onto the sofa Paolo spoke an invitation.

“You take them down.”

Rocky reached up and gripped the waistband of the too-tight shorts. He slowly began pulling them down, first uncovering Paolo’s dark pubes, then unveiling the length of his generous shaft. He slid the shorts right over the head of Paolo’s hardening rod, which made him moan out loud and shudder as his cock sprang upward. He pushed the shorts below Paolo’s knees and Paolo proceeded to step out of them. Placing his hands behind his head leaning back to enjoy the show, Rocky also made sure that he didn’t touch Paolo without Paolo first asking.

“Touch your cock for me, Paolo.”

Paolo stepped off the couch and wrapped his right hand around his stiff dick.

“Now stroke it slowly for me.”

Paolo began to slowly jack-off in front of Rocky. He was staring at Rocky’s hard body and throbbing prick, slowly becoming mesmerized by the amazing sight before him. Rocky was truly packing a killer dick under his shorts. Paolo didn’t realize how he himself had become so turned on at the show he was giving Rocky.

Both Rocky and Paolo were really getting into this now.

“God Paolo, you’re one sexy dude,” Rocky said, leaning closer to the hot body standing in front of him. His face was inches from Paolo’s prick as he moved still closer. Paolo could feel Rocky’s warm breath on his hard shaft. Rocky leaned to where Paolo’s shaved pubes met the base of his shaft and inhaled deeply. Paolo’s hand stopped moving along his pole.

Rocky’s lips began slowly tracing a trail to the tip of Paolo’s cock and Paolo couldn’t find the will to stop him.

“Fuck! Your smell is turning me on, Paolo; I want to taste you so bad baby,” Rocky moaned as his lips approached Paolo’s cock head.

“Do you want me to taste you, baby?” he asked, as his tongue lightly brushed the underside of Paolo’s dick.

Paolo gasped and let out a shuddering sigh. He was supposed to be the one doing the seducing, not the other way around. Rocky’s feather soft tongue was slowly driving Paolo crazy, and he didn’t want him to stop, but he also didn’t want the tables turned.

“Strike two,” Paolo managed to say, but his warning fell on deaf ears. Rocky’s tongue swirled around Paolo’s cock head and he kissed his slit gently before backing away. Paolo moaned in objection, not wanting Rocky to stop doing what he was doing, but Rocky had other plans.

“Turn around and let me see your ass, baby,” Rocky commanded. Paolo was totally in Rocky’s control.

Paolo, knowing what Rocky wanted, slowly turned, bent over and spread his legs a little.

“God, you have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen,” Rocky breathed. He leaned in and kissed first the left cheek then the right. Then his tongue traced a line along Paolo’s crack.

Paolo’s cock dribbled a steady river of precum down his shaft. Rocky’s tongue dug deeper towards Paolo’s tight ass hole. “God, Rocky, that feels incredible!” Paolo moaned. Then…BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!!

Both boys jumped at the loud beeping of the wristwatch lying on the couch! Paolo, regaining all of his composure, laughed and said, “Strike three!”

He stepped back into the tight shorts and took off running up the stairs leading to Rocky’s room.

Rocky was obviously pissed that a beeping watch had broken the contact of his tongue with the most beautiful asshole he’d ever seen on a guy. But when he saw Paolo’s cute ass running up the stairs he knew that there was no way he could be mad for long.

Paolo found Rocky’s room and dove onto the bed. Rocky had charged up the stairs in pursuit and was right behind him, crawling over him as he landed.

“Hey! I got the bed fair and square,” complained Paolo as Rocky came to rest on top of him.

“You might have earned the bed, but you have to wrestle me for the sheets and pillows.” Rocky said through a grin.

Paolo reached down and grabbed Rocky’s cock through the material of his shorts. “You’re big, I don’t think I could take you…in wrestling,” Paolo said through a giggle.

“Then I guess we’ll have to share,” Rocky grinned as he leaned down and kissed Paolo gently on his soft lips.

Rocky positioned himself between Paolo’s legs so that their hard shafts were pressed against each other. Paolo’s hands were running through Rocky’s hair and all over his hard body. Rocky was holding his own massive frame in position on top of Paolo, keeping his weight from crushing Paolo’s smaller body.

Both Paolo and Rocky were in another world as their kissing progressed, when suddenly they heard the creaking of the door being pushed open.

Rocky quickly broke the kiss and twisted around. Pietro was sleepily rubbing his eyes and coming in the room. Paolo nearly threw Rocky on the floor in the mad scramble to get decent for the 5-year-old.

Pietro looked upset. It broke Paolo’s heart. “I had a bad dream Rocky. Can I sleep in here with you and Paolo?”

“Hey buddy, don’t you want to try to…”

“Sure baby, you can sleep in here with us.” Paolo said interrupting Rocky in mid-sentence.

Pietro climbed in the bed and gave Paolo a hug. Rocky could tell that Paolo fell in love with the small tyke right then.

Paolo pulled the covers back, tucked Pietro in, and cuddled in close beside him. Rocky was amazed at how fast Paolo could go from hot and horny to ready to take care of his little brother. It was like Rocky and his painfully hard cock had vanished completely from the room.

Fuck me! What I wouldn’t give to be 5-years-old and cute as fuck,’ Rocky thought. He got up, hit the light and fell back on the bed in defeat.

“This is not over,” Rocky whispered in Paolo’s ear as he smiled and cuddled in close behind him.

“You bet your ass it isn’t,” Paolo said as he grinned back and wiggled his ass on Rocky’s crotch. “You still owe me breakfast!”