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John E. Tucker, Author.

CIAO –Chapter Three

By JET and Cody


I woke slowly and felt a small warm body snuggled against my hard tool. Reacting to the stimulation, my hips ground toward the source of my pleasure. Suddenly realizing where I was and who was with me, my eyes snapped open and I could see the scantily clad frame of Pietro.

Immediately jerking my hips away, the blood that had engorged my cock flowed to my face and reflected my embarrassment. My sudden movement on the bed served to awaken Rocky, who was stretched out on the other side of the small boy.

Eyelids fluttered on the adorable face of the big blonde hunk who only the night before had driven me past all thoughts of resistance.

‘Oh man, he’s so gorgeous.’ The thought of the night before engulfed my mind.

Blood again forced my straining dick into rock hardness as I remembered our wager and the temptation I had used to win, and the almost magnetic attraction that pulled me into the web of nearly unstoppable lust.

Only the entrance to the room by the small boy now sleeping peacefully between us had averted an almost certain culmination of our frenzied lust. I looked with greedy eyes at the beautiful body of my ‘almost’ partner. On one hand, my horniness was raging and unsatisfied. On the other, my mind told me that I had not only flung myself into a one-night stand with an adorable, but complete stranger, but also that I had almost betrayed the woman, his mother, who had befriended me.

Throwing the covers off my naked frame, I slid out of bed and grabbed the shorts so hastily discarded the night before. Pulling them up over my still swollen tool, I went in search of the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder and deflate my morning woody.

Standing over the toilet for a few minutes, I was in hell for what seemed an eternity. Finally, a tiny stream of fluid finally slipped past the constriction of my swollen prostate and in another moment the pressure was reduced from my bladder that had helped keep my cock hard. The floodgates opened and the stream began to flow forcefully as my bladder got its needed relief. Finally, the stream weakened into a dribble, and a sudden contraction of my muscles forced the remaining squirt of yellow liquid into the bowl. Shaking my generous stick to expel any remaining drops, I stepped back and turned to the small mirror overlooking the sink.

‘You look terrible,’ I told myself, looking at my disheveled hair which only a day ago had been coiffed to perfection. My sparse, but dark facial hair was evident, adding a certain ruggedness to my otherwise youthful appearance. My teeth felt scummy but didn’t look as bad as they felt as I ran my tongue over them and surveyed them in the glass. Much worse, my mouth tasted awful. Opening a small cabinet door, I discovered a nearly used up tube of toothpaste and squeezing a small amount on my index finger, attacked my teeth in a futile attempt to simulate the toothbrush that was still in my stranded car.

Rinsing my mouth with tap water, it tasted almost kissable now. I splashed water on my face and arms and scrubbed the surface dirt off as best I could. Finding an old comb with several missing teeth beside the spot where I had replaced the tube of toothpaste, I teased my unruly curls back into some semblance of order. I looked at my face again in the mirror thinking, ‘Well, that’s the best I can do for now.’ I turned and left the small bathroom and returned to the bedroom where I had left the two brothers.

Entering the room, I was greeted by the hushed voice of Rocky.

“Hi handsome,” he said smiling as he sat up on the bed.

“Hi yourself baby” I responded quietly, not wanting to waken Pietro.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Paolo. I swear you look good enough to eat.”

“Well, I guess we both missed our chance for that last night,” I replied softly but with some obvious regret.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he said looking downcast. “Peanut here kind of messed up the works.”

“ ‘Premum non nocere,’ as the ancient Romans said. ‘The first thing is to do no harm.’ ” I quoted.

“Yeah, I’d have to agree with that no matter how awfully hard it was to stop.”

“Well now we’ve taken care of that, where’s my breakfast?” I asked, grinning. I couldn’t resist rubbing my victory in the face of my young host. “I need you to help me find my clothes, too.”

“Slave driver,” Rocky grumbled as he dragged his defined body out of bed.

He seemed almost unaware of his nakedness, and my eyes appreciated his lack of modesty. He stood and stretched, flexing the muscles of his torso and colossal arms. His dick was rock hard and pointing straight at me--my mouth watered.

Rocky looked for the shorts he had worn the night before. Upon arising, I had spotted them near mine and had kicked them under the bed. Looking around and not seeing them, Rocky got down on his knees to look under the bed. As he did he exposed his bare hot ass to my eyes. My cock was painfully throbbing now.

The thought pounded through my brain, ‘Oh man, look what I missed!”

Rocky saw the shorts almost in the center, under the bed.

“How did those get clear under there?” Rocky muttered as he put his chest to the floor and reached out his arm to snag the small garment.

I just grinned. ‘Sometimes I do things right!’ I thought, congratulating myself.

Rocky raised himself up and slipping on the shorts, headed for the bathroom to relieve himself of his own built-up pressures.

The smell of bacon frying filled the air of the small kitchen as Rocky tended to the preparation of the meal. We talked as Rocky went about the tasks at hand.

“Yeah, my dad works in the oil fields in Southeast Asia,” Rocky explained in answer to my question. “He works really hard and makes pretty good money, but he plays hard too. I don’t know why he ever married my mom. He comes home maybe once a year for three weeks then he’s gone again.”

Rocky continued as he broke the eggs to scramble. “If we’re lucky, he sends us home enough money to last the month. If not, we have to depend on the little money our mother makes at that crummy hotel. But you won’t hear her complain, no sir, she wouldn’t complain if she stepped in a fresh cow-pie.

“Do you work at all to help out your mom?” I asked. “I mean besides taking care of your brother. I know that’s no small task.”

“Yeah, I usually work during the summer when school is out. I only take jobs where Pietro can hang out with me and have a place to stay out of trouble. I worked on a farm last summer before my last year in school to help with the expenses. The hours were long, the work was exhausting and the pay was crappy. The only good thing about it was watching Pietro with the animals. He absolutely loved to pet the young calves and play with all the dogs they had around the farm. He would wear himself out chasing chickens and running from the angry roosters. He loved it there. Another thing I got out of it was a few muscles I didn’t even know I had. Boy! It was hard work, but I would do it all again just to see the excitement on Pietro’s face.”

“Well, don’t put down those benefits,” I remarked. “The muscles you gained from working there are awesome. You’re a good-looking guy, Rocky. You definitely could be a model, yourself!”

“Really? Gosh, I never even thought of that! I’ve been lookin’ for a job since long before I got out of school last week, and there is nothing happening in this little burg, for sure. I’d hate to leave mom, and it would kill me to leave Pietro, but I could sure use some money to help them out.”

“I know what you mean. Jobs even in Turin are hard to find. I finished standing for my exams last week too, and was hoping to find something a bit more steady than modeling. I haven’t had any luck so far. The money from modeling is great, but sometimes it’s a month or more between jobs.”

“My agent in Rome thinks he might be able to land a big job for me which could end up with a tour of the U.S. for 5 weeks starting in July. Maybe we could both make it. The pay would be unbelievable, and you could probably make enough money so that your mom wouldn’t have to work for a long time. ”

“Do you really think I look good enough to be a model… really? And do you think I have a shot at getting that USA tour?”

“For damn sure,” I replied in envy for the first time in my life. “For damn sure.”

“What would I have to do to apply?” Rocky asked, obviously getting excited over the possibility of traveling.

Before I could answer, Rocky put the plates, which now held scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, on the table and sat down.

"Breakfast is served, your Highness,” Rocky kidded.

“Thanks, Rocky. I may have given you a hard time, but you don’t know how much I appreciate your taking me in like this, and feeding me too.”

“Hey! It was nothin’. The view of your hot ass was worth the trouble, for sure. Let us pray.” Rocky grinned as he bowed his head.

I bowed my head, in shock at not being able to make a cute comeback to his last statement. Pietro came sleepily down the stairs and climbed into Rocky’s lap.

“Good morning, squirt,” he said as he raised his head and smiled at his little brother.

“Hi Rocky,” Pietro said yawning.

“Did you wash your hands before coming down to eat?”


“That’s a big boy,” Rocky said and gave Pietro a kiss on the cheek. Again he bowed his head to pray. I again bowed mine, too.

Before Rocky started his normal prayer for meals, he thanked God for his mother and brother. Then he thanked the Lord for bringing me into their house and lives. He concluded with ‘Bless us oh Lord, for these Thy gifts…..” At the appropriate time we both said “Amen” and made the sign of the cross.

Before I could get a word in edgewise, Rocky looked up at me and smiled, asking, “Now what do I need to do to apply for a modeling job?”

I told Rocky about needing a portfolio with pictures of him in it. I told him that if he could come to Turin, I knew a photographer that took great pictures, and that either I had, or we could borrow enough stylish clothing through my contacts to dress him properly. He could use my hairdresser to fix his cute but unstylish hair, too. What I didn’t tell him was that if we didn’t want to spend any money, those ‘favors’ might cost a few blowjobs, either giving or getting. I figured that it would be worth it though just to give this cute guy a chance, and to prolong our being together, even if we were unsuccessful.

Rocky was deep in thought, but looked sad. “I’m not sure how I can get to Turin even though it’s only about 50 kilometers away. Maybe mom and I could scrape up enough money for a bus ticket, but we sure don’t have enough for a hotel and expenses. Especially now during tourist season.”

I smiled. Even though I knew that Rocky was looking for an invitation from me, I jumped at the bait like a hungry shark.

“You could go with me, if I can get that pile of junk to run,” I offered. “Then you could stay with me for a couple of weeks or so to do the portfolio and get it off to my agent in Rome. My agent said that he would know about the modeling job in the U.S. by about then. If we get going, we might just make it in time. All you would need is a little money for a bus trip home if we don’t get the job and a little pocket money for expenses. We could eat at my little apartment, so it wouldn’t cost so much for food.”

“Man, that’s too great! Lets wake up mama, and tell her we’re gonna go see Guiseppi, her mechanic, about getting your car fixed. If there’s one thing that we have in this village, it’s a great mechanic. He can make anything run.”

We both grinned as we cleaned up the dishes and thought about the adventure ahead.