Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Chapter Two: An Elevator Ride to Mongolia

Today was going to suck.

Brian Atwater knew it. He knew he'd get some "you OK?" email from his friends and a "Hey just checking in" phone call from his brother. And yes, his attorney and the firm's legal counsel would want to talk. He knew people at the office would stop short when they saw him in the hall, fumbling their conversations, putting their heads down, pretending poorly they hadn't changed their behavior on a dime once they saw his face. It had happened before- too many times really. Despite being a repeated occurrence, Brian was still not accustomed to it.

His personal life was in the news. Again.

Late last night he got a call from his VP of Communications, a smart and savvy woman named Jackie. He was lying on his bed, I-Pad in hand, reading about the copper prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

"This can't be good", he said answering the phone.

"It's not great, Brian".

"Let me hear it".

"Nadia Korkova had a meeting with The Post's Page Six".


"I got a call from a friend over there. They are running a story about your... um... prowess tomorrow".

"What does it say?"

"They wouldn't give me an advanced copy. But they assured me it's not great. For you".

"UGH... I need this like a need a goddamn HOLE in my head".

"Look stay home tomorrow morning. Come in after lunch. The story is hottest in the morning, and they'll try to get a picture or comment from you first thing. By noon it will be old news. Maybe we'll get lucky and a bomb will go off somewhere".

"Only if we're lucky", Brian said sarcastically.

"I'll make sure the story dies".

"No comment, Jackie. I don't want this thing getting legs".

"I'll take CARE of it".

"NO comment. You got me?"

Despite dreading the next day, Brian slept fine. He always slept fine. It was a gift, he thought. Planes, yachts, on a floor without a pillow, during Aida... it didn't matter. When it was time to sleep, Brian could sleep anywhere. He worked himself hard, and sleeping was never an issue.

Brian went to breakfast at his usual 6:30 the next morning in the kitchen. A Vanderbilt had told him breakfast should be served in a breakfast room, but Brian, having tried it only once found the formal setting silly. (New Money, the Vanderbilt would have responded.) He ate at a stool in the kitchen wearing suit pants and a tee shirt. This way, while he drank his coffee, his butler could pick out the rest of his wardrobe: shirt, tie, shoes, socks, belt. Brian had no fashion sense, and he knew it. Still, multi-billion dollar portfolios warrant someone who looks the part. Breakfast had been laid out: egg white omelet with a side of fruit, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a pot of strong Dunkin Donuts coffee. Brian preferred it to all others, and he hated Starbucks. Starburnt, he called it. The day's copy of the NY Post was folded neatly, and overtly, placed next to his fork.

"Good morning, boss".

"How bad is the story, Jeeves?", Brian said popping a strawberry into his mouth.

No- his name isn't really Jeeves. 15 years ago when he became rich enough to hire a butler, a cousin of a friend of relative- you know, one of these convoluted `how do I know you again' six degrees of separation had asked Brian to consider Charlie Guluzzo. He was 22, had gotten into some trouble, cleaned up his act, went to cooking school, and was trying to catch a break. Charlie was a short and stocky guido from Staten Island with slicked back hair, huge forearms, gold chain with diamond Christ head, and he looked like he needed another shave 5 minutes after he put the razor down. At the interview Charlie started by confessing "I don't look or sound like a Jeeves but you can call me that if you give me da chance". A joke ensued, then a laugh, then a conversation, and Brian knew Charlie was the man for the job based purely on personality. The Jeeves nickname had stuck around all these years. So did Charlie. His loyalty and dedication to Brian is much greater than that of a mere employee, and he had surpassed the job of butler; he was a close friend, though Brian never really admitted it that openly. And a trusted friend, for someone like Brian, was worth more than any amount of money. Brian paid him more than his junior associates. Charlie had access to his homes, his finances, his private life, and he dusted an art collection including a Rothko, a Bellows and two Jasper Johns. When Charlie married 4 years ago, he was honored and flattered Brian attended the ceremony and the reception. (Besides the bride, he was the only other person to arrive in a limo.) He even danced with Aunt Gina, who did grab his face and say "Maddon- a faccia like that and all da money whattsa matter wit you not married yet? You wan me to find you a girl?" Brian treasured the memory of Charlie fighting off tears and hugging him when he gave him and his wife a $250k college tuition trust fund after the birth of their baby last year. It's touching when guido's cry- memorable, awkward, like a caveman speaking French.

"It ain't great, I'll tell you that", Charlie replied, washing the omelet pan .

"I thought this kind of stuff was behind me".

"See, now if I got tickets to see the Giant play dem scumbags from Philly, I'd be more concerned about Eli going down than my date. Ya know?"

"No! Shit, did she tell that story?" Brian exclaimed grabbing the paper and turning to page 6, his eyes darting back and forth absorbing the words. "Oh, that bitch. That stupid bitch".

"Ok- so we invite her over and poison her". Brian jogged out of the kitchen headed to the foyer, with Charlie calling after him "I have cousins who can hide the body in Jersey!"

Brian opened the large double doors and stepped onto the terrace. 5 or 6 feet from the edge he got on his hands and knees, crawled to the end and carefully peered over the top of the balustrade. Yup- just as he thought- across Fifth Avenue a whole gaggle of photographers standing along the Park. Being the wealthiest zip code in the world, the powerful residents were able to put a great deal of pressure on the mayor and had successfully won an injunction against any "congregating" on the eastern side of the street outside of their buildings. Yes, it was slightly unconstitutional and violation of American freedoms, but rich people have more freedoms... at least they think so, and even if that weren't true in itself, their checkbooks proved otherwise. Still, the other side of the street along Central Park was a public sidewalk, and not even the mayor could stop people from standing there. Doormen along Fifth Avenue had mastered the technique of hailing cabs in the middle of a light change giving the stalked wealthy residents seconds to dash out of the building, into the waiting cab and take off southbound before the paparazzi could snap their photos.

Brian took Jackie's advice and worked from his library until after lunch. His plain black town car didn't cry out for attention, and he got out of his home unscathed at 12:30. Getting on the elevator of the parking garage at work, he was pretty sure he'd stop at the lobby to pick up passengers. Oh well... had to face the music sometime.

Will was coming from a lunch time workout and waited in the building lobby for an elevator. He was enjoying a scandalous and slightly erotic story about his boss. He had never met Brian, but Will always thought him attractive... for an older guy. Reading about his sexual past made him even hotter.

"The Supermodel and the Mogul- 24-year old Russian supermodel Nadia Korkova shares steamy details about dating a god of Wall Street: the clean cut and quiet Brian Atwater". Will was smiling, laughing to himself about this "tell all" story. Who knew his boss was sexually dominating and cold? "Like having sex with an ice cube. A mean ice cube". Ouch... She gave intimate details about his large sexual appetite and even told an account of how he reserved the firm's entire 16-seat luxury box at Giants Stadium so he could nail her during an Eagles game. "He say to me `Eagles not only thing get screwed at stadium today' ".

`HA!! Brian's clever, too. That's awesome', Will thought. I mean you have to admit, that's pretty funny, even if the PR rep had issued a comment of "no comment". Everyone in the office had been g-chatting about the article all morning.

Will stepped onto the elevator imagining where he would have sex if he had Brian's money and continuing to read the story when he sensed another person. He looked up. FUCK! It was Brian Atwater! `Jesus Christ' he thought. Brian was standing at the back corner, looking down at the floor, giving off a vibe of being particularly uncomfortable. Will's heart skipped a beat- he would have let that elevator go by if he knew his boss was on it. `Did he see me reading this? SHIT!!!' he wondered, discreetly folding the newspaper and putting it down on his gym bag. He stared at the elevator numbers hoping it would be a quick 40 story ascent.

At the 18th floor, the whirring noise of the pulleys began to weaken, like the cables were fighting against friction. At the 23rd floor the elevator stopped completely with a serious jolt. Brian and Will stood still for a second, unsure what to think. Then the lights went out. Some soft emergency lights around the elevator buttons cast them in dim shadows.

Brian stepped forward and hit the 40 button. Then again. Then three times in a row. "Fuck me" he mumbled. He hit the 41 button, the 42 button, the "L" button, then making a fist he pounded the "door open" and "door close" buttons. No response. The elevator was dead. "Goddamn it!" he gasped slightly exasperated. "Not my fucking day".

Will calmly hit the alarm button and a voice came over the intercom.

"Management. Hello? Hit the button to talk."

Will pressed the button. "Hi yeah we are stuck in an elevator", Will said.

"Which elevator?"

"Ugh... the one on the left from theeeeeeee... southeast part of the lobby" he replied.

"Ok- hold up. Yeah I can see it unresponsive. Hang on."

Brian stepped in front of Will and slammed the button. "Look, I'm in a rush. How long is this going to take?"

"Hold on, Mister", the frustrated voice said on the other line.

Will took his gym bag off his shoulder and let it fall to the ground. He looked at Brian and half smiled. "Hope we are not here too long", he said with a feigned laugh. Atwater didn't respond.

After a few minutes the intercom voice returned. "OK guys so maintenance is on their way. Look you aren't in any danger; it's just going to take a bit to fix the motor. Just stay calm"

"How long?" Atwater demanded.

"Not sure. I'll keep you posted".

"Jesus Christ!", he shouted. He searched in his pocket for his phone. "I've got no signal. Do you have a signal?" Will took out his phone.


"This building I swear to Christ I should break my lease. Un-fucking believable". Brian slumped against the elevator wall and sighed deeply, a frustrated, unhappy, breath that did not invite comments or conversation.

They stood in virtual darkness for about 5 uncomfortable minutes. Gradually the temperature in the elevator began to rise, and this prompted the first words.

"It's getting hot in here", Will commented removing his suit jacket and loosening his tie. Brian did the same thing without comment. With his jacket off, Will could notice the nice build Brian still maintained: his trim waist and solid shoulders. He wore a stylish flat front suit that sat low on his hips, an alligator or snakeskin belt, bold striped shirt and pattern tie. Will watched him undo his cufflinks, and roll up his sleeves. He didn't have very hairy arms. Will liked that.

"Do you think if I hoisted you up you could open that hatch? It might release some of the hotter air", Brian asked looking up. Will was surprised to hear his voice after almost 15 minutes but relieved he had finally spoken.

"Yeah I think so", Will replied.

Brian cracked his knuckles like he was getting ready for a fight. "Take off your shoe", he ordered. Will complied removing his right shoe. Brian intertwined his fingers and bent over lowering his hands to his knees. "OK", he said. Brian put his right foot into his cupped hands and his right hand on Brian's shoulder. When they seemed to achieve a balance, and guys just know how to do this type of move, Brian said "one, two, three", and on three stood upright lifting his hands to his waist letting Will lean his lower body against his torso. Will put his palms on the elevator ceiling to steady himself. With his crotch, basically in this Brian's face, he thought for a second about the supermodel who probably had been in a similar, though naked, position and he converted the subsequent, spontaneous laugh into a throat clear. Will unfastened two latches on the ceiling panel and slid it aside exposing the 45 stories of the elevator shaft above. A rushing air sound sucked some of the air out of the small floating room with a light breeze moving the air inside. "Good", Brian observed, sounding genuinely pleased. Only then did Will realize how sweaty Brian was. Maybe he was claustrophobic or nervous. Or maybe he was just hot. "Nice work".

"I'll just jump", Will said as he carefully pushed off Brian's hands flying two feet to the right and landing softly. He put his loafer back on and Brian wiped his hands of Will's sweaty foot onto his pants. When they made eye contact Brian seemed more polite.

"Sorry, I haven't met you yet. Brian Atwater", he said extending his hand.

"Hi. Will McIntyre." Will hoped his name would trigger a reaction in his boss. It did not.

"You work here in the building, Will?"

"Ugh, yes I do", Will responded slightly incredulous.


"Actually, I work for you, Sir".

Brian paused, maybe trying to recall the hiring of a Will McIntyre, but more likely embarrassed by the glaring fact that he didn't know the junior members of his firm. "Are you new?" he asked.

"Well, sort of. About 18 months", Will replied. Once he said it he realized it made no sense. 18 months is not new, not even "sort of" new, and he worried Brian take this comment to find him a smartass, or worse, stupid.

"Well I'm sorry I haven't met you before, Will. I'm actually trying to change that."

"No, that's ok, Sir, there are a lot of us", he replied with a smile.

"Please just call me Brian". They spoke for a few minutes about the firm, and where Will was working. Will explained some recent developments in the copper markets which caught Brian's attention. "I was reading about copper last night", he noted. Will told him the fluctuation in the Tokyo Exchange was because of failures in a Japanese firm to make progress with new mines, some of the world's largest, recently discovered in Mongolia. Geopolitical problems and lack of infrastructure made it difficult to extract, but Will was adamant that modest investment in certain construction firms could be swapped with a percentage stake in the mine and prove a huge profit margin. Brian listened attentively asking pointed and detailed questions which Will answered with precision and well researched numbers. Brian was fascinated, stunned really, that none of this Senior Commodities VPs had mentioned any of this research. Will intrigued Brian. Rarely did anyone know something about the markets he didn't already know. Was Will lucky, or was he really good at his job? So he tested him on other areas, and for a solid 15 minutes he probed Will's knowledge on other metals, then on natural gas, and Will responded with additional facts about ethanol subsidies. They talked oil, bauxite, even tungsten. Will responded cleanly and effortlessly, impressing Brian at every turn. "Well Will I am sorry I didn't know who you were earlier but whoever hired you made the right call. You really know your stuff. A shame I haven't heard your thoughts until now". That segued into a conversation about the firm's culture, and Will carefully walked the line of defending seniority but advocating the creation of a platform for junior analysts to be heard and offer sound ideas. "Being stuck in this elevator may be the best thing that happened to me today", Brian said with a slight chuckle.

The voice returned over the intercom. "Hey guys? How you holding up?"

Will pushed the button and replied. "We are ok. Any updates for us?"

"Yeah I'm sorry but it's going to be about 45 more minutes." Brian sighed.

Will pressed the button "Look could I ask you for a favor? The other passenger in here with me is Brian Atwater and he owns a large firm in the building. Could you please call the front desk of Atwater Strategies on 40 and ask for Margaret Jones? Tell her that Brian Atwater is here in the elevator, that he's ok, but that he has no phone or email. I know this isn't your job, but I'll send you..." Will released the button and looked at Brian "Knicks tickets?" Brian nodded. Will pushed the button again "2 Knicks tickets if you do us this favor". The maintenance man seemed pleased with the offer, and Brian could rest assured that his whereabouts would be conveyed to the office. When he finished the conversation Will looked at Brian and commented "Might as well sit". Brian followed his lead. They sat facing each other resting against opposite elevator walls. Will stretched his legs forward and crossed his ankles while Brian bent his legs up, resting his forearms on his knees. He stared closely at Will, admiring his sharp mind, thinking immodestly that his good looks and solid ideas reminded him a little of himself twenty years ago.

"Thanks for taking care of that", Brian commented.

"I figured you could use the peace of mind with what's going on", Will replied.

"Referring to page 6?" asked Brian pointing to the newspaper on top of Will's gym page.

"No, Mr. Atwater, I didn't mean it like that..."

"It's Brian, and I know you didn't. Just something I am dealing with today. Not your problem. Better I'm stuck here getting good ideas from you then dealing with the people upstairs who are all curious to know if it's true".

An awkward silence overcame them, and Will was unsure if Brian wanted to talk about it or if he wanted to be left alone. He decided to gamble. Brian was a good looking guy, sexually adventurous; they were stuck here for a while... might as well engage him in a game of chess. "I guess the harder part of success is the lack of privacy. It is unfair that you can't date someone without it being a news story".

Brian smiled and appeared comfortable enough to talk about it. "It's something I've never gotten used to. I'm amazed that editors think anything about my personal life is interesting."

"I'm only 26 and I think it's hard to date here, so I can't imagine someone like you. It must be nearly impossible".

"No, it's easy to date. It's a lot harder to enjoy the person you are dating. It becomes a news story right away", he replied. "You get photographed, it's in the papers. It gets complicated before it even becomes enjoyable."

"And then they tell reporters nasty things about you", Will said with a smile. Brian laughed.

"Something like that. This one, she was too young. That was my mistake. I should stick with women closer to my own age. They've been down the road before and know what to expect".

"Oh, that's a tough one. To be with a supermodel, that's got to be something else", Will said suggestively, leading Brian deeper into a certain conversation. Either Brian was game for some sex talk, or unaware he was being led, but either way, he followed Will's lead.

"Yeah, but life is easier with older women. More experienced. Less emotion. Granted their bodies aren't as good, but that's not the most important thing".

"So the next one will be older?"

"The next one will be a long ways away. I need to be out of the papers for a while. It's honestly bad for business, so I'll just go a few months flying solo."

Will put on a joking, sarcastic air to his voice. "You know Mr. Atwater there are certain services you can hire..."

"Could you imagine THAT page 6 story if I got caught? No thank you. Too much risk with not nearly enough reward. Never", Brian said laughing.

Will knew he was well baited, but had to reel him in slowly. "You should find a friend who's looking for the same thing. Mutual, you know?"

"Wasn't there a movie about that recently?"

"Two. Yeah, someone who is also looking and you can help each other out".

"I can't imagine that." After a brief pause, Brian asked sheepishly "Did you ever have such a friend?"

`Check', Will thought to himself. `Fuck I am so good at this game'.

"I have", he replied nonchalantly.

"That might be a generational thing. Women my generation, they don't normally do that."

"Does it have to be a woman?" Brian looked at him slightly stunned, unsure what to say. "I mean it could also be two guys who just hang out. Like you know, stuff that you did as a kid with your buddies in the locker room." Brian's pupils widened. He was genuinely surprised. Suddenly a thought popped into Will's head "or at the frat house in college." Brian finally smiled like he understood.

Brian was a Sigma Chi at Princeton. Will knew that from his bio, and he was pretty sure the Sigma Chi did some gay shit as they were the most homophobic guys on campus, at least at Northwestern. They probably were everywhere, especially the home of stuck up douchebags: Princeton. The fraternities which tended to be the most anti-gay are usually all sucking cock and circle jerking through pledge week. Maybe this would jar some memories about guy-on-guy play.

Brian had smiled. `Bingo', Will thought. He seemed less confused by Will's idea, but still had not responded, so Will decided some honesty might put him at ease.

"I wrestled all through college and you know, sometimes after a match before we'd all go out drinking, we'd just mess around in the locker room as like a bonding thing. Doesn't mean you're gay- just means you're a regular jock. Lots of guys did it- football, track, basketball."

Brian smiled and after a 4 or 5 second pause muttered "Princeton crew team".

`Check' Will thought.

"Yeah, you know, just guy stuff. Anything to blow off steam when you are single. It was kind of funny, too, comparing sizes, see who could hold out longest, stuff like that".

"You know Will have about 15 pages of HR codes floating through my head right now and I'm afraid I'm beginning to violate every one of them".

"No, I understand. Sorry- my fault- I'm a lot friskier than most guys I guess. But I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Apologies." Will started the countdown in his head. Brian would be back, he thought. He was too intrigued, too curious, and trapped in an elevator. This excuse was a legal disclaimer, not a cease and desist order. After about 90 seconds of silence, Brian spoke.

"So you still have a friend to do this with?"


"No- I haven't in a while. It's hard to find someone I know and trust. And I'm not dating anyone, so it's kind of me and old faithful here", said Will holding up his right hand, wiggling the fingers. Brian shook his head and smiled.

"And your past friends, they've been men or women?"


"Really?" Brian said intrigued.

"Yeah. There are a lot of straight guys who have sex with men just because it's so good. Doesn't mean they want to marry and adopt a baby. It's just a physical thing that is a lot of fun. I just keep it really quiet- only my business, though I have no idea why I'm telling you this", he said with a laugh. "Maybe I just thought you could use another one of my great insights", he said with a chuckle.

"Well you have given me some great ones so far", Brian replied with a sexual glance peering directly into Will's eyes. Will smiled and didn't look away. They locked eyes for a few seconds, communicating without words, sizing up the other's willingness and trust. Will knew the hook was in tight, and now it was time to reel him in. And what a catch! This was some prize.

"You know the guys who have never done it but are thinking about it- they need to know that the other guy likes ding it. It's mutually enjoyable." Will slowly ran his hand across his chest.

"That so?", Brian replied slyly.

"Yeah. Doesn't matter if it's a guy's hand or a guy's mouth- still feels great. Remember the guy doing it to you derives just as much pleasure as you do".

"You get pleasure doing it, Will?" Brian asked with a sexy undertone in his voice.

"Yeah, a lot", said Will smiling.

Suddenly the closeness of the room, the dim lights and the warm air provided the perfect ambience for a sexual liaison. Brian was a pro at this. He knew how to take what he wanted. But Will was a talented ingénue, and knew how to stake his claim in the big leagues. They were two lions circling each other waiting to see who would pounce first.

"Would you get pleasure from this?", Brian asked grabbing his crotch.

"Oh yeah. But you can't imagine how much pleasure you'd get".

Brian hesitated for a second, and swallowed deeply. "Show me", he whispered.

Will got on all fours and crawled between Brian's legs. He reached for Brian's waist, undoing his belt and popping the buttons. He could feel Brian's cock poised to jump out of its confinement, eager to be free... and wet. Brian watched Will work on his pants and unzip the fly. He lifted himself up slightly so Will could slide his pants and boxers down. Will rolled his dress shirt under itself so he could see the beautiful, thick, 7 inch cock greeting his face. With hands running down Brian's naked thighs, Will lowered himself down Brian's crotch and took a deep breath inhaling the scent, running his nose down the shaft of his penis, feeling the scrotum against his chin. He grasped the shaft gently in his hand, slowly stroking it and running his thumb along the slit and under the head. As he opened his mouth to inhale it Brian interrupted.

"This is consensual, right Will? You're not going to sue me?"

"Nope. You going to fire me?"

"Not a chance".

"Then enjoy it, boss", Will said smiling deviously. With one tug he saw the first drops of a clear precum pool at the slit. Will looked up at his boss making direct, intimate eye contact while he let his tongue lap it up slowly. Brian exhaled deeply watching Will's young face close to his most intimate parts, seeing the long strand of precum and saliva between Will's mouth and the tip of his cock. Will opened wide and began to inhale his boss' dick. Brian shuddered.

It was fantastic. Maybe it's because it was the richest cock he'd ever tasted, or the strongest and most powerful cock, or maybe it was just naturally a great shape for his mouth, but Will savored every centimeter of the shaft and worked his head down, relaxing his throat, until his lips were at the base pressed firmly against Brian's body. He pulled back slowly, tightly clenching his lips over the shaft and the pressure caused Brian to rise up as if a magical force was lifting him in the air.

"AAhh... shiiit", Brian whispered.

"You like that?"

"How did you... swallowed the whole thing", Brian asked between short breaths, elated and surprised.

"Shhh", Will replied. "Relax and breathe. I want you to last". Will inhaled it again, this time quicker, in one fast shot until he felt his lips sink into Brian's pelvis and felt his pubic hair all over his face. Brian shifted his weight from side to side; he couldn't sit still. He'd never felt this sensation before. Up and down, quickly bobbing, Will jerked off Brian's cock with his lips and tongue, letting soft moans of delight escape from his jam packed mouth. He pulled the cock out and grabbed it lovingly in his right hand, feeling the slickness of saliva and precum lube the meaty length of his manhood.

"Fuck it tastes so good", he whispered before taking one of his testicles in his mouth. He circled the ball with his tongue, gently pulling and coating the sphere with his saliva while jerking the cock against his face. Brian let out a gasp as Will continued to lick his sack. The jerking had coaxed copious streams of precum from Brian's dick, and it streamed down the side. Will knew he was close and he wanted Brian to see how good it felt to be swallowed completely. Brian watched the excitement in Will's face, the pleasure and joy of sucking dick, not the chore that so many girls expressed, not the duty, but the true desire, the real pleasure of pleasing. It turned him on knowing his cock could make Will feel so good. He wanted Will to feel even better. He wanted to see.

"Take off your pants", Brian whispered.

Will popped Brian's cock out of his mouth and looked up directly into Brian's lusting eyes. "Yeah?" Brian nodded. Will jumped up and pulled down his pants and boxers in one fell swoop, letting them fall around his ankles, argyle socks popping out from the pile of clothing. His cock was ragging red from the friction of the floor and from the sexual session of its master, and it poked its swollen head past Will's dress shirt and tie. Will grabbed a towel from his gym bag and laid it on the floor between Brian's legs, like a red carpet leading to the main event. He lay back down and returned to his meal, stroking his own cock with his right hand. It was too much for Brian. The wetness of Will's eager mouth, the tight confines of his deep-throated gulps putting so much pressure on his dick, the hotness of Will getting so much pleasure sucking his cock, the stench of sex in the dark, tiny elevator suspended hundreds of feet midair. It was crazy combination of wrong and right and violation and a subordinate treating him as the boss in an entirely new way. He couldn't hold on.

"I'm going to cum, Will", he whispered. Will moaned and sucked deeper. "I'm going to cum. Will! I'm going to cum", he kept announcing, sure that Will would want to pull out. He didn't. He sucked deeper and harder. "Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming!" he said at an almost normal volume, grabbing Will by the back of the head and shooting fiery streams of millionaire cum into his mouth. Will moaned in delight as he swallowed load after load. "Ahh! Ahh!!" he moaned as he continued to shoot. He hadn't orgasmed that much in years! Will kept swallowing enjoying every drop. When Brian's cock had finished leaking, Will knelt between his boss' legs, his red hot cock poking straight ahead.

"Want to watch?" he asked. Brian nodded. And Will began the final strokes of cock inches away from his boss' buttoned up chest, Hermes tie with a front row seat. Will pushed his shirt tails out of the way and let a stream of saliva and cum leak from his mouth right onto his cock shaft, and Brian watched him kneed it meticulously, generously, rubbing the natural lube into his skin. He didn't moan or groan, but when his masturbating had done its job, he casually reached down with his left hand, picked up the towel, and placed it under his cock, just in time for the first shots to get caught inside. He squeezed his cock hard, and Brian saw Will close his eyes as a single bead of sweat slide down his face. Shot after shot of Will's cum landed safely and silently into the towel right in front of him, the familiar pungent smell wafting up to his nostrils. Will shuddered, his right hand holding his exploding cock, his left hand catching all the warm cream in the towel. After he pumped out the last drops, he folded the towel, dabbed the beads of sweat from his forehead and seductively wiped his lips.

For a few seconds they just looked at each other, Brian still lying on the floor resting awkwardly against the wall, his pants pulled down to his ankles. Will was kneeling before him, like a servant before the master, though Brian doubted who the master was in this sexual tryst. Will broke the silence. "You ok?"

Brian nodded his head and smiled.

Will stood up, and extending his hand, pulled Brian to his feet. They dressed in silence, pulling up their pants, tucking in their shirts, fixing their hair. Brian was petrified. What had he done? Could he just chalk it up to circumstance? This was a violation of some work rule- no doubt- and even though it was a privately held company, HIS privately held company, Will had grounds to bring legal action. There was now DNA, although it looked like Will had swallowed most of it. He glanced sheepishly over at Will who was eyeing him curiously, a crazy grin on his mouth, and a flash of fire in his eyes. Maybe it was just that- a fun little romp, and nothing more. Still, Brian was surprised at how attractive Will was, and how turned on he had been. You can't fake an orgasm like that... guys can't at least. So whatever it was, it was real.

A few moments later the elevator lights turned back on to full brightness and jolted alive continuing its climb to the 40th floor. Brian had still said nothing.

When the doors opened on 40, Margaret and three assistants were there waiting with water bottles and granola bars . "Oh, Mr. Atwater! Thank God! Are you OK? Give him some water, Allan". The team swarmed Brian, completely ignoring Will, and followed him puppy dog like as he walked briskly to his office delivering him memos and details from the past 90 minutes. Will shrugged his shoulders and walked alone to his desk, a little disappointed he didn't get a goodbye. Or even a thank you. Whatever... it was still fun, and what had transpired was pretty awesome. He had taken a mouth-load of cum from his boss and one of the most powerful men on Wall Street... in an elevator. Imagine THAT story, page 6 editors, he thought...

About 30 minutes passed when one of Brian's secretaries came to Will's desk with a memo. "Will- Thanks for helping me pass the time in the elevator. Can you join me for dinner tonight? Le Cirque at 8:30. Let my assistant know. –B.A."

"Tell Mr. Atwater I'll be there", Will said with a smile.