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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Chapter Four: Dinner and a Show


"I am impressed by your command of the facts, Will", Brian said casually over dessert. For nearly 90 minutes they had discussed the world financial markets. Brian had created several scenarios of market fluctuation and asked Will to walk him through leveraging options. Will didn't miss a beat. Though Dick 1 and Dick 2 were shallow in their interest of the details, Will was always prepared with the facts and ready to make his case. So, Will was not intimidated by the conversation. He was, however, surprised by it. Granted, he didn't expect to talk sex again, or to have any physical contact in public, but his boss acted as if nothing had transpired between them in the elevator only 8 hours ago.

The restaurant had made Will somewhat uncomfortable. After 2 years in the city, he had only eaten at one such place before (The Palm- during his job interview) and that was a lunch and a steakhouse. The menu options were easier and in English. But this place was very frou-frou and the menu was entirely in French. Luckily Will had checked it out online earlier and decided that `coke-oh-vah', as he learned it was pronounced, was chicken, and not too ambitious a selection.

On he read the dish was classically made with cock: an older, male chicken. Will giggled. `I've eaten my share of cock before', he joked to himself. Even he thought the joke was stupid, but it still made him laugh. Every guy... really every guy... enjoys the humor of a pubescent junior high student. The Cohen Brothers, John Stewart... they all try, but nothing makes a man laugh like a good dick joke. It is the comedy strike zone.

"Is red OK with you", Brian had asked glancing over the wine list.

"Whatever you prefer", Will replied. That was a safe answer.

"Let's get a Pinot, nothing too heavy".

"Sure", Will said hoping the wine conversation had come to an end. The only wine he knew was Boone Hill, because the girls in High School drank it, but he doubted Strawberry Hill was on the menu. Ask him about bud light or Everclear, and he would do fine.

At one point during the dinner another gentleman about Brian's age interrupted to say hello. Brian made noticeably forced small talk and introduced Will as "a family friend". When the gentleman left, Brian looked at Will with a large smile.

"Go ahead, ask", he said confidently.

"Yeah, `family friend' ?"

"Did you recognize him?"


"That was Jeff Greene".

"From Summit Strategies?"

"Exactly. Now, if I had told him you worked for me, he would have called you tomorrow with an offer.And I'm not losing you. Especially not to Jeff fucking Greene".

"Why would he make me an offer?"

"Because I've never taken anyone from my firm to dinner who doesn't have grey hair.He sees me with a young prodigy like yourself, then he knows you're special".

Will beamed. "Well, I'm glad you think I'm special".

"You are", Brian replied matter of fact. "In more ways than one". Will's groin twitched.

When the bill came, Will made the obligatory half gesture for his wallet, and Brian brushed off his attempt to pay. `Thank God' Will thought. The meal was close to $400. "There's something else I want to talk to you about Will, but in private. Would you walk with me a bit?" Will got excited. He was hoping this dinner was about business AND pleasure.

As they headed north up Madison Avenue, Brian spoke softly, looking around carefully to make sure that no one was in earshot. "So, Will, let me go over what happened earlier in the elevator. I had already made up my mind to move you into a higher position before anything else happened. So ethically I'm ok with my decision. I'm not bullshitting you when I say that I am impressed by your insights. So don't think I'm interested in promoting you only because of what happened".

"You are promoting me?"

"I have a position in mind for you, yes. But because of what we talked about, before anything else...occurred".

"Wow, thank you, Sir", Will responded formally. This was, after all, his boss and Will remembered Brian merited that respect."I'm glad you think I have potential".

"I do". There was a conversational pause as they waited for the light to turn green. Brian seemed more comfortable talking while walking, not standing still. When they were able to cross the street, Brian continued, "I also enjoyed the other time we spent together".

"Me too". Will was chuckling inside. Brian was trying at all costs to avoid any definitive words, not that Will expected to hear "cum swallowing", "blowjob", "sexual harassment of a subordinate"... his vague use of terms made it sound like they played monopoly or made a house of cards.

"Yes, good. So my question, then, is um... an interest in knowing, um... ", he stuttered.

"You know I'd be up for doing it again. Regularly. In case you don't know how to ask", Will interjected, sensing Brian was uncomfortable with the proposition.

Brian smiled and seemed relieved. "Even though I'm not exactly your age?"

"We had a certain natural click that was really genuine and you are hot. Neither of those have age limits".

"Well, you're kind but I don't think you can call me `hot'. Though I'll accept the compliment. You on the other hand are quite attractive".

"OK, then I can be the hot one then" Will replied coyly.

"Sure", Brian said with a boyish grin. Will was playing him, and he knew it. But he kind of enjoyed it.

"I'm interested in seeing what else might happen", Will encouraged.

"Me as well".

"You don't think there could be a problem because you are my boss?"

"Well, no because I'd like to do this fairly discreetly, if that's OK with you".

"I don't plan on going to the Post with any stories".

"I hope not!" Brian said with a laugh.

"Besides if I get some action during an NFL game I'd want it on the big screen". Brian looked over at Will with a quizzical expression. "Bad joke", he said with a smile.

Brian stopped walking and gestured down 72nd street. "I live there on 5th", he said shyly.

"Is that an invitation?" Will inquired sarcastically.

"Would you like to come upstairs for a bit, Mr. McIntyre?"

"I was hoping you would ask".

Brian was nervous- more nervous than when he was intimate with Will in the elevator. It was easy to bring a woman upstairs into his apartment.He knew what to do, and was pretty sure she knew what to expect. But this was a young man, and he hadn't even come to grips with the fact he was attracted to and interested in Will. Sure he'd never been ashamed to admit a guy was good looking, and he noticed the guys in the gym and admired their build and muscles. He may have even snuck a peak at them in the shower, just to see how he measured up. But those weren't sexual in nature. He'd put those thoughts out of his head a long time ago... hadn't he?

Stepping into the elevator, Brian inserted and turned a small silver key into the PH button, causing it to light up. As the rode 8 stories, Will looked at him, smiled and joked "Elevator". Brian smiled.

"Not in this one, kid".They both laughed.

Brian's apartment was like nothing Will had ever seen except in luxury real estate listings. The elevator opened into an enormous marble foyer with sets of double doors opening in all directions. The walls were adorned with large oil paintings carefully light by discreet spotlights. A sweeping staircase led to a second floor, and against the far wall, 3 large norman windows framed views of central park.The foyer alone was twice the size of Will's entire studio.

"Wow, Brian, this place is beautiful", Will said a gasp. "The views of the park are awesome".

"Thanks. It's a nice place. I was lucky to get it", said Brian dropping his keys and phone on a round table in the middle of the room with a bouquet of flowers that had to be 4 feet high. "I was in a bidding war. Know who I was against?"

"No", Will replied.

"You met him earlier".

"Ha! Jeff Greene".

"Yeah, Jeff Greene. I'm not losing my home or my people to him".

"You won't lose me to him", Will said suggestively, patting Brian in his upper ass, lower back area. Not really a pat on the ass- that would be too much. Not a pat on the back, that would be too little. It was a pat on the border. Will kept his hand there. It made Brian's crotch twitch.

"Would you like a Scotch?", Brian asked, clearly nervous.

"Sure", Will said not entirely positive he had had Scotch before.

Brian opened a set of double doors and invited Will into a mahogany paneled library elegantly adorned with leather bound volumes in enormous ceiling high bookcases. Doors on the far end opened to a terrace, and two green leather tufted couches flanked a large fireplace. The room was undeniably decorated to convey "rich man's man cave" and had masculine trinkets: a brass telescope, an enormous globe, a stuffed black bear.Will looked around while Brian poured two drinks from one of the several crystal decanters.

"Neat?", Brian asked.


"Your scotch. Neat?"

"Yeah, sure", Will responded. What the hell did `neat' mean?

Brian handed him a heavy crystal glass and toasted him. "To beginnings", he said with a smile. He flipped a switch igniting the gas fireplace and invited Will to sit opposite him on the couch. They made small talk for about 30 minutes and had several drinks. Topics ranged from `where are you from' and `how was college' and `growing up on a farm'. Brian spoke extremely vaguely about his past: "grew up poor" and "didn't fit in at Princeton". Will got the impression he wanted to share more, but was not ready. So Will did most of the talking, waiting for Brian to relax.Close to 11pm Will decide to take charge. The booze made him brave, and Brian was damn sexy.

"Could I bother you for a bottle of water?" he asked. Judging by the size of the apartment, he figured Brian's kitchen was a good 4 blocks away, so he had some time to set a mood. He softened the ambience turning off the overhead lights and spread a large fur throw on the floor in front of the fireplace between the couches. He quickly stripped, first to his boxers, and he lay down on the fur. A second later he decided no guts no glory. "Nah, fuck it", he said aloud, peeling off his boxers to be completely naked.He grabbed a blanket and laying down again draped it over his crotch hiding his privates, ever the posture of a model waiting for Titian to enter with his easel and paints.His pale skin caught the light of the fire turning him a warm orange color and the crazy, vivid tattoo sleeve seemed to dance in the flames.

Brian returned with two bottle of water in hand and stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of his new, young lover. He was overcome by desire... and intimidation. He smiled.

"Join me", Will invited. Brian nodded, and silently undressed in front of Will folding his suit jack over the arm of the couch placing his tie neatly over it. He tossed his dress shirt on the couch, kicked off his loafers and peeled away his socks. Now shirtless Will admired Brian's well-kept physique, his hairy chest, tights waist, and lean, toned arms. Will ran his hand up Brian's legs, gazing up at him longingly. Undoing his pants, Will could see Brian had a ragging hard on tenting his boxers. He reached for Brian's boxers to pull them down, but Brian grabbed his hand.

"Wait. Not yet", he said sitting down in front of Will on the floor. He ran his hands down Will's arms, across his chest, letting his fingertips caress Will's stomach and abs. "I didn't peg you for a tattoo guy", he whispered. Will smiled and closed his eyes inviting Brian to continue exploring his body. "Lie down", Brian ordered. Will obeyed.How long had it been since he touched the male physique... so strong, so muscular, so virile.Rough in the right places, smooth in others, hairy, taught, tight, soft, an array of textures and scents all in one beautiful package. The great sculptures knew the beauty of the male form, and forever chiseled them in purest of stone. Here was his living statue of warm marble, alive with breath and pulse.

Brian watched Will's abdomen rise and fall with each breath. Resting his palm on Will's chest, he felt a heart racing in desire. Brian traced small circles with his thumbs across Will's hairless, small nipples, feeling them grow perky and sensitive. Will felt a small jolt of electricity and heat run through his body at the delicate tactile work, for clearly Brian was familiar with the sensuality of touch. Gradually Brian's hands slid down his lats, to his waist, where he pulled the blanket off Will's crotch, revealing the fullness of his erect manhood. Brian swallowed when he saw it- hard, exposed, eager cock pointing right at him.Brian didn't touch it, but instead his hands stopped at Will's inner thigh, and then began a similar return trip up his body. Slowly Brian ran his fingers up will chest, his neck and then across his lips. He gently traced the contours of Will's mouth and carefully inserted his finger into Will's mouth. Will licked it delicately, tenderly, coating it with warm saliva. It surprised Will to see Brian then put it in his own mouth, sucking gently. Such a sensual action caused Will's cock to jump.

"Can I kiss you?" Brian asked softly. Will nodded.

Brian leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of Will's head. He stared deeply into his eyes, tiny mirrors of fireplace flames dancing in Will's pupils. Will could feel Brian's breath on face, warm and gentle.He closed his eyes, opened his mouth slightly, ready to take this step together. There, in front of a warm fire in his private library, laying half naked on a $35k fox throw, Brian Atwater, god of Wall Street, kissed Will for the first time.

It was a light, innocent, slightly awkward kiss, full on the lips, mouth barely opened. They separated, stared at each other a few seconds, both enveloped in the intimacy and tenderness of their first kiss. Will put his hands on Brian's face and drew him in again, forcing his tongue inside Brian's mouth, tasting scotch and nerves.He ran his fingers through Brian's thick hair, feeling the gel from this morning's grooming , running over his ear and down his neck while their tongues danced. After a few seconds he could sense Brian relax and grow comfortable. `Kissing is kissing, tongues are tongues, doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl, this is something you are good at and something you enjoy', he channeled with his touch, running his hands down Brian's neck, down his back, gently scratching his lower back. Brian's tongue became more active in Will's mouth and his hands began exploring the young man's body. Slowly Will let his hand slip under the elastic band of Brian's boxers cupping his ass cheek and running his index finger along the crack. Brian moaned in approval.

Will flipped his boss putting him on his back and pinning him, holding down his hands. No more of this slow and gentle stuff, he thought. Time to show the boss how much fun this can be. He kissed Brian aggressively, knowing he'd like a manly, masculine kiss. He could feel Brian's hard on poking him below.

"What do you like?", Will whispered suggestively, still pinning him down, sitting his naked ass on his boss's pelvis, resting his balls on his abs.

"Everything", Brian replied staring intently into his eyes.

"Don't say that if you don't mean it".

"Try me".

"Lick your asshole?"

"Love it" Brian said, his eyes squinting and fiery.

"Would you suck my cock?"

"You want that?"

"Yeah", Will replied with his eyes sparkling with anticipation. They kissed some more, and Brian couldn't believe he was so eager to be with Will. Was it the scotch? Was it the pure horniness? Or was it this young, hot subordinate who he trusted and with whom he could play around in discretion? Didn't matter... somehow Brian was willing to let his guard down.

Brian flipped Will and pinned him on his back, holding his arms up over his head, reversing the dominant position. Will chuckled, surprised by Brian' aggression and very much aroused by it, too. "Do your worst, Boss" he said with a laugh.

"Can you handle it?" Brian asked gruffly.

"Try me", Will said in his best Brian imitation. Brian smiled.

"What if I wanted to be inside you?"

"I'd say yes- but not tonight".

"Why not tonight?"

"Well, I need to give you a reason to get me back here again". Brian smiled.

"You know today in the elevator... it was incredible".

"I can do it again".


"I'd need to take your boxers off first", Will said with a smile and mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Brian stood to remove his boxers, but suddenly stopped. He stared at Will who noticed the hesitation. This final article of clothing protected more than just intimate body parts, but protected his self-image and everything he believed about himself.Was he really about to strip naked for sexual encounter with another man? Sure he'd been naked before: locker rooms, doctor's offices, even the stuff he did on the Princeton Crew team. But that was 35 years ago, and the other times were totally "normal". This was so different. Will was waiting for his nakedness, eager to pleasure him. And Brian wanted it. He was so hard it almost hurt. Will stared at the erection tenting his boxers, and instinctively Brian put his hand in front of his hard-on.

Will said encouragingly, "We can slow down if you want".

"I'm just realizing what's happening and it got me nervous. Like I'm out of my element with you", Brian said turning red.

"Nah, I'm the one who's lucky tonight", he said getting to his knees. Will took his hand and kissed it. "You can trust me", he said, moving his hand to the side, getting a close up of Brian's erection. He put his mouth on the outline poking through the boxers, working his hands up Brian's thighs. Gradually he pulled down the boxers until they fell to Brian's ankles and he stepped out of them. "You are beautiful", Will said sweetly cupping Brian's balls and massaging them gently. He rubbed the shaft across his cheeks, letting the stubble of his five o'clock shadow tickle the underside. Brian exhaled deeply. Will took Brian's cock full in his hand and put it against his lips, then with his left hand grabbed Brian's ass and pulled him forward, teaching him to thrust in and out of his mouth. Brian didn't need much teaching.Within seconds he had his hands on Will's head and began thrusting in and out quickly, moaning softly through clenched teeth while Will massaged Brian's ass cheeks slowly working his fingertips deeper inside the crack. Brian's cock was throbbing in his mouth, and Will could tell by the amount of precum leaking he was close.

Will lay down on the fur again, and pulled Brian on top of him and kissed him deeply. Brian instinctively grinded his crotch against Will's and their cocks poked at each other furiously. Will's fingers played the piano inside Brian's ass crack, hundreds of little touches per second, driving a sensation of lave through his whole private region. Will could tell by Brian's breathing and shaking he wouldn't last much longer. He whispered "you want to cum on me?"

"Yeah", Brian said breathlessly between kisses.

"Where do you want to come?", Will teased.

"On...on... your face?"

"You asking or telling me?"

Brian's breaths were short and quick. His hands ran up and down Will's body frantically. He was ready to explode, and Will's sudden dialogue about cumming was like torture.

"Can I cum on your face?", he almost begged licking Will's face.

"No", Will replied with a breathy cadence. "You tell me what you want".

"I'm going to cum on your face", Brian replied.



"Say it again, baby".

"I'm going to cum on your face", Brian said louder.

"Yeah. Cum on my face", Will whispered breathlessly, running his finger across Brian's hole and gently poking it. That pushed Brian over the edge.

"Oh!!" he shouted scrambling to his knees. Before he got in position his first shot erupted falling right on Will's chest and neck.Frantically Brian jerked his cock pointing it directly at Will's pretty face, excited about the slightly humiliating and dominating sexual action of pouring his seed out on him, exhilarated that Will made him demand it, not ask for it. A few more shots landed on Will's open lips and cheek, and he moaned in satisfaction gently pumping Brian's balls while the warm fluid fell on him.

Will lay still for some time allowing Brian to regain his breath, and enjoying the many sensations on his body: the fire and fur throw tickling his nakedness, the scotch warming his insides, and little bit more of that expensive cum on his lips and inside his mouth. Brian gently stroked Will's head, watching the young man with eyes closed squeeze the last drops of cum from his softening cock, sucking gently at the head. He opened his eyes to see Brian's smile above him.Pulling his cock out of his mouth, he whispered "Would it freak you out to kiss me?" Brian shook his head and smiled sweetly. He leaned forward and gave Will a soft, gently kiss.

"Can I touch you there?" Brian asked softly.

Will just smiled, and Brian knew this was a tacit invitation to explore. Brian slowly reached out grabbing Will's cock, lovingly holding it in his hand.So many years had gone by... but it felt comfortable and natural, like he was stroking his own cock. He noted the similarity in size and shape and the unmistakably familiar sensation in his hand- just without the tingle in his groin.He kneaded his fingers down the shaft and worked his thumb around the rim of the head watching it turn a deeper shape of purple.

"That feels good", Will said watching his boss masturbate him. He had propped himself up on his elbows and gazed down his torso, down his tight stomach muscles, staring excitedly at his erection in the hands of another person. It had been a while since someone other than himself brought him to orgasm. Beads of precum had pooled at the slit and begin to leak down the shaft, shaken free by the jerking motion of Brian's hand. Brian stopped jerking, scooped some of the precum up with his finger, and brought it to own mouth, sucking it clean. Will was stunned, and the erotic gesture made him shutter. Brian wasn't lying when he said he was open to new things! Though Will was pretty sure Brian had done that before.

With his free hand Brian began to rub Will's nipples while continuing to masturbate him. The sensuality caused Will to lose his stamina, and Brian could feel the cock in his hand began to swell and throb, indicating it was close. The stroked a little faster, heard Will breathe heavy, and was excited to see his hand pump the first shots out of Will's cock landing on his stomach. He continued to stroke Will, pumping hard, feeling his warm cum drizzle down his knuckles and fingers. Will was in ecstasy, moaning slightly, eyes closed, relaxed, turning slightly pink, so young, so cute, his crazy tattoo arm shaking in delight. Brian kissed him again and felt the warm relief in Will's mouth, while he continued to fondle Will's softening cock. When they stopped kissing Brian rubbed his cum coated hand onto his own chest.

"I couldn't hold out", Will said breathless.

"I know what I'm doing", Brian smiled.

"Clearly! Ugh! Damn.I told you you were hot. I mean really hot", Will replied in breathy spurts. Brian kissed him again, now totally comfortable with the rough stubble face and the strong lips of his man.

"Would you like to stay over?", Brian asked sweetly.

Will thought for a second.He wanted to- he really wanted to.Not only because his had a strong sexual desire to be with this sexy, sensual older man, but because he was not exactly near his apartment in Queens and was so comfortable right now. He much preferred to sleep with Brian than alone.

"I shouldn't. Not yet", he said, despite his personal desire.He pulled Brian in close again and kissed him. "I will though". Brian smiled.

"I hope so", Brian replied.

Brian insisted on calling Will a car for the ride home. "From my personal account- not the corporate one. We'll keep this private", he reassured. Will agreed, happier to take a town car home than the subway. On the ride he thought about what had transpired that day. From a hot quickie hook-up in the elevator to a longer, sensual, even romantic encounter fireside, Brian had gone from stranger to lover in a short period of time.

It was after 1am, and he knew he would be tired in the morning. Brian had talked about moving him to a new position. He may have even used the word promotion. Would that really happen? And what about this new friendship? Would it be completely casual?

Will would be in for a surprise on both fronts.

Meanwhile Brian stood in his marble rain shower letting the hot water pour over him. He was a little tipsy, confused, relieved, intrigued, nostalgic. He thought of Will, and how tonight reignited 30 years of confusion, sorrow, doubt, and deliberate compartmentalization.

He put on a pair of silk pajama bottoms and got into bed, and staring out the window at the familiar shadows cast by 5th Avenue, the occasional motorcar zooming past in the rare free flow of traffic, he thought of Harry and love lost.

And he couldn't sleep.