Well Cody (Steve) has met his new Family and the neighbors, and was pretty much accepted by all with no problems and he was just amazed. Little Patrick hung onto Cody/Steve for the rest of the day. When it came time to leave he came and said he had asked his Mom and Dad if it was OK for Cody/Steve to come over some time and play and sleep over with him. Too which I told him it was up to Uncle Cody/Steve as he was a big boy now, but it would have to be in a while as Uncle Cody/Steve and I had a lot of work to do for a while and says Cool thanks Uncle Joe and I got a big hug and kiss.

Every one but Steve and My Neighbor Shawn(see My Neighbor in Adult-Friends)had left and we were cleaning up and I was glad Shawn had stayed as I wanted Steve to met my midnight lover. But first I had to get Shawn aside and ask him if it was cool to out him to Steve, and Steve aside to ask him if it was cool to tell Shawn about him. And God I was scared that they may not hit it off. My first chance I took Steve aside and ask him if I told Shawn about his past. He says if you are cool telling him so am I Dad , and remember I am known all over the world from my videos and pictures and the escort thing, so it will not bother me at all. Shawn comes out of the house and Steve says I hear mother nature calling I will be back in a couple, then we can chill a bit OK Shawn and Dad. We say ok, and he is gone. Now as you know Steve /Cody coming into my life was very sudden and I really have not had to talk to Shawn about it at all. He knew about me getting an escort or two in the past. But had no idea of the real story and I loved him so much I just had to tell him.

We took a bunch of stuff into the garage, and I got the ladder out to store it over head and was half way up the ladder when the door closed and I was spun around and Shawn had his face in the front of my pants and was licking and chewing my rapid growing cock right through my shorts. I said please let me down we have to talk and quick, he pouts than smiles and says ok baby, for now. So I say first and fore most I love you more than ever, and don't ever forget that, OK. He smiles and says OK, we kiss briefly , I say lets go out back in the arbor and sit and talk I have lots to tell you and this has to be quick and I need you love and understanding to get through this and than I get on with the second part of my speeches for the night and look at him and he is puzzled.

I take his hand and we go out back and sit next to each other and I am shaking I and so nervous, he slides over and puts his arm around me and says calm down every thing will be OK< I will always be here for you. He knew I had owned a Gay Escort business when I was younger and had sold it off several years ago. He did not know I had also been seeing several major gay porn stars, compliments of the new owner of my old business. So I quickly filled in on how I had become quite good friends with Alex Powers and we had been to bed numerous times and I had attended a sex party at his house in Vegas and met several others or the guys. I also told him Alex and the new Owner ( who will remain nameless) had managed to make sure if I liked someone that they would come over for a week-end. He laughed and said well I hope that is all in the past and that I can keep you happy all by myself. Then he leans over and licks my ear, know all too well that it drives me nuts. So I hit him with the bomb shell Well the last Porn Star was a guy named Cody Foster a super hot blond muscle god bottom stud have ever heard of him or seen him. To which he adds no but I wish I had a chance to met him some day and maybe we could do a three way and laughs. I reached over and scratched my finger across he right nipple and he shutters, knowing it is one of his most tender spots, as he is coming back to life I look him in the face and say that can be arranged really easy. He just looks at me and has this blank face, about that time Steve /Cody comes back and I say Shawn let me formally into you to my new son Steve Nugent a.k.a Cody Foster.

Steve kneels down in front of us and puts his hand out to Shawn and says, so you are the dream man of my long lost Dad got to met you. As Shawn reaches out to shake his hand Steve just says "Ah Shit" and reaches around Shawn and hugs him and kisses his cheek, and says I guess in a way that sort of makes you my almost Step Dad. Glad to meet you. As they separate Steve/Cody says you are one hot dude, maybe some day you and Dad and I can have a three way. To which Shawn and I crack up. So I explain that Shawn and I love each other but that he is married and has two kids, and can not do anything to ever ruin the chance of something coming between him and the kids. Shawn explains that since I met your old Dad here I have not had any sex with any one but him, ( which shocked me) the wife and I have been having troubles off and on and are living together really just for the kids. I hope some day to be able to live with your Dad if that is Ok with Him and You now.

Well I have tears of love and joy running down my face by now, Shawn looks over and hugs me Steve comes behind me and also hugs me, Now I am in the center of the two men I love the most and crying like a baby with love and joy. After a couple minutes Steve says hey Dad would it be all right with you if I walked over to Aunt Helens, she said to earlier as some of the family was going to her place for a while and Little Patrick is there I and I just think he is so cute I just have to get him all wound up again and laughs. I ask him if he wants to drive and knows the way, he says I know the way but will walk if it is OK with you want to get to know my way around a bit. I tell him fine and Shawn and I will more than likely be in the house doing dishes and cleaning up some more.

He leaves and Shawn and I go into the house and sit and hug each other, he finally says you have been a busy little fucker for the last couple days haven't you and laughs. You go from a single older well respected pillar in the community to a father of a gay porn star and the secret lover of your neighbor and laughs some more, and hugs me and licks my ear again. I say you do that again and I will have to do the dishes in the morning alone unless I can get Steve to help. Hey man that's a great idea, let s go to the bedroom for a bit.

We are laying in the bed cuddling, and talking and I ask him what he thinks about me having fucked my son for two days before he told me who he was and that he still wanted to do it now and that Steve seemed more than willing to be fucked by his Step Daddy. He says he can see my points and his answer is: Ok, Way Not, Really. I say what hell, did you just say. Shawn says Ok 1st you did not know he was your real son just a dream in the back of you cute head, 2nd Why not continue, hell he has more sexual experience then we will ever have, it is not like you are going to corrupt him, or force him to do anything that he doesn't want to do, and 3rd you really mean he would lets me fuck him, I mean if it is OK with you baby.

Thanks Shawn that mean a lot to me, and, Cool, you are right and on one condition. OK I give, says Shawn. I feel the same as you about having sex with Steve before I knew he was my son, and you are more than right nothing we could do will corrupt him. And Yes you can fuck him but on one condition, What's the condition he asks.

That after you put you cock in him while Steve is on his back, I put mine in you, so I can kiss you ears and neck and watch Steve's face as you please him and then I have a little surprise for you baby. And what is that may I ask says Shawn, Well after a bit I am going to quit fucking you and we are going to double fuck your son, I know he loves that from what he has told me. At this point Shawn's cock just shot 3 bullets of cum across my leg, and he say Holy fuck I have always dreamed of doing that. Well when the wife and kids go to Flordia in the next 2 days and at her request you have to stay here for me to watch over you we can see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Sorry for not more sex in the chapter but trying to put the two stories together and explain all that happened is important for later.

Let me know if you want me to continue with this. And this is the last chapter of Cody My Son as all the rest will be unit "MY NEIGHBOR"