Construction Days

© by The Lavender Quill, 2002

Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don’t read any further.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

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Setting: Sacramento, California, 2002.

Chapter 11.

The next day we started running cable. Unlike the repair we had done in the office building, this place had junction boxes on each floor inside the access shaft. While it takes longer to install, it makes future repairs and modifications a lot easier.

Since we spent pretty much the whole day in the panel room and the access shaft, we were effectively separated from the rest of the crew. We used the headsets, just as we had before. Robby pulled cable from above, while I fed it into the conduit from the panel room below. The advantage to this arrangement was that I got to watch him from below as he stood on the ladder in the access shaft.

“Nice view,” I said, shining a flashlight up the shaft at his butt. “To bad you aren’t wearing loose shorts or something.” He was wearing blue jeans.

“I don’t have any loose shorts.”

“How about spandex?” I said. “That would be pretty hot too.”

“You’re a pervert, you know that?”

“Not yet, but I’m trying to learn.”

“I can’t imagine wearing spandex,” said Robby.

“I’m imagining it right now. It’s making me kinda hard.”

“I think spandex would be a little too, um, revealing.”

“Oh, right,” I said. “And those tight leather pants you wore to the party weren’t revealing?”

We both laughed. “Well, not as revealing as spandex. Don’t you think the guys on the crew might start to wonder if I showed up at the construction site in spandex?” said Robby. “I may as well paint a sign on my forehead.”

“It would certainly get Brian’s attention, I bet.”

“Maybe Brian should wear the spandex.”

“Eew,” I said. “That is an unpleasant mental picture.”

“It would stretch a little different on him than on me, I suppose.”

“Would you stop already?”

He laughed at me. “Hey, you started it, stud boy.”

“I can see that was a mistake.” I smiled at him. Actually, it was nice to see him in good humor after the emotional afternoon we’d had the day before. I had been a little worried how he might feel after all that.

When it was time to break for lunch, I turned off my two-way radio and climbed up the access shaft. It was a bit of a squeeze, but that was my intent.

“What are you doing?” asked Robby with a grin.

I climbed up behind him on the same rung, and pressed myself into his back. I pulled the earpiece out of his ear and reached down and turned off his radio. Then I stuck my tongue in his ear where the earpiece had been. He arched his neck back into me a little, so I kissed the side of his neck too. He squirmed his ass against my crotch a little.

“I don’t think I told you yet today,” I said. “I love you Robby.”

“Jeez, Kevin, you pick the most romantic places to tell me that.”

I chuckled. “I’m working on that.” I kissed his neck again. “I’m thinking when I get up the nerve to propose to you, I’ll have to find the perfect location. Like maybe a sewer treatment plant or something.”

“Ohhh. How could I turn down an offer like that?”

“Or, how about under the light of the golden arches? There’s a McDonald’s less than a mile from my apartment.”

“You really know how to make a guy feel special.” We both laughed. “Um, Kevin, if you keep humping me like that, we’re both gonna end up falling off this ladder.”

“You don’t let me have any fun,” I said. I kissed him on the neck again. “Lets go eat lunch.”

We climbed down and went to eat with the rest of the crew. Robby was getting to know some of the guys by then, integrating a little with the gang. He got out his digital camera again, and started taking pictures of guys at embarrassing moments, like when they were stuffing food in their faces, or when James spilled soda down his shirtfront. I noticed Robby took another picture of me with my shirt off. He also got a picture of Uncle Don as he stepped out of the port-a-potty with a grimace on his face. The guys got into it, and started making goofy faces and obscene gestures for Robby.

The afternoon passed quickly. I was in a good mood. After we finished for the day, Robby set up the pictures he’d taken at lunch to repeat on a loop on his laptop. The caption at the bottom of the screen said ‘Resume Pictures’. Everyone was laughing their asses off as we all drank our one beer. I noticed the shirtless picture of me wasn’t on the loop. That was for him. I smiled.

When we were done, Robby packed his laptop and stuff away in his van. Uncle Don cornered me at my truck.

“Everything going okay with you guys?” he asked. “Yesterday you both looked edgy and took off out of here pretty quick. Today you’re both acting completely different.”

“Yeah. We’re great. We had a long talk yesterday. Robby’s having a tough time with some things. I think he’s working it out.” I looked down at my shoes. “I told him I love him.” I looked back at my uncle. “I really do.”

“You’re sure?”

“As sure as I can be, I think. I’m really happy.”

“Well that’s great, Kevin. You know, I still don’t completely understand it, but I can see you are happy together.” He squeezed my shoulder. “I’m glad. People should be happy, and it shouldn’t matter who you find love with, I guess.”

“Thanks, Uncle Don,” I said. “I gotta get going.” We had to get back to my apartment to call the clinic about our HIV tests. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“See ya.”

* * * * *

Robby was waiting in the parking lot when I got back to my apartment building. As soon as I got out of my truck, we looked at each other. I could tell he was nervous, and so was I. We walked up together in silence.

As soon as we were in my apartment, I went to the kitchen. I had left a piece of paper right next to the stand for my chordless phone with my fictitious name, code number, and the phone number of the clinic. I picked up the phone and tossed it to Robby.

“You call first,” I said. “I’m too nervous.”

“Everything will by fine.”

“I know, but what if it’s not?”

“Stop being neurotic,” said Robby. “You know we’re both negative. We’re just making sure.”

“Would you dump me if I was positive?” I suddenly realized that was my worse fear, more so than the idea of being HIV positive itself.

“Kevin! That’s not a fair question. How would you react if I was positive?”

“I…” He was right. I had no idea how I would react. Probably run screaming from the apartment. “You’d probably have to cart me off to the nut house.” I blew out a breath. “Sorry.”

“We were fine all day today. It’s just nerves talking.”

“I know. It’s worse this time,” I said. “Every time I’ve been tested before, it was just abstract. I never much thought how it would affect my life. Now, with you, it… it matters more. Does that sound strange?”

He kissed me and smiled. “Yes. But it’s also very sweet.” He took my hand and dragged me to the couch. “Come on. Lets get this over with. The longer we stall, the more worked up we’re going to get.”

“I know. You’re right.” I plopped down on the couch.

Robby sat on my lap facing me, his legs straddling mine. He kissed me on the forehead. He took my hand in one of his, and dialed the clinic with the other. He stared into my eyes as the phone rang. “Hi,” he said when they picked up. “I want to check on my test results. An HIV test.” He rubbed the back of my hand nervously with his thumb. “Yeah, I got it.” He glanced at his piece of paper and read off his fictitious name and number, then looked back at me. We waited for a few agonizingly long seconds. I knew what the answer was without even hearing what they said. The tension left Robby’s face, and his eyes looked suddenly softer and more alive. “Thanks,” he said, and his face broke into a grin. “Oh, wait. Don’t hang up. My friend wants to check his too.”

He handed me the phone. His eyes never left mine. I read off my name and number. I heard typing on a keyboard.

“Your test results are negative, sir,” said the efficient voice over the phone. “That means you are not carrying the disease.”

“Thanks,” I said, and I knew my eyes lit up too. I pushed the ‘off’ button and set the phone aside. A wave of relief washed over me. We just sat there looking at each other for a minute. God, he’s beautiful, I thought. “I think this calls for a celebration,” I finally said.

Robby stripped his shirt off over his head. “What did you have in mind?” he asked mischievously.

“Hmm,” I said. “Maybe we can find an abandoned boarded off building or something so I can tell you I love you again.”

“I have a better idea.”

“A used car dealership?”

“You’re weird, you know that?”

Before I could answer, he shut me up with a kiss. Not that I objected to being silenced in that way. It was sort of a playful horny kiss. I ran my hands up his bare back, and he sank in to me. Our kisses became less playful and more lustful. It wasn’t long before my cock was uncomfortably hard in my pants.

I pushed him up, and he knelt astride me, his chest level with my face. The way his jeans bulged, I could tell he was as horny as I was. I leaned in and licked a trail from his smooth belly up to his neck, then latched on to a nipple. I paused for a moment. I couldn’t believe some asshole wanted to burn his nipple with a cigarette. I sucked on it for a while and unzipped his fly.

Robby stood up and let his pants fall to the floor. He watched me watching him. He grinned at me, and reached into his jockeys and readjusted himself. He didn’t take them off, not that they were hiding much at that point. I loved the little show. He stepped out of his pants and reached for me. I let him pull me to my feet. He pulled my tee shirt off and wrapped his arms around me.

We kissed again for a while. Long and hard. I slid my hands down the back of his shorts. I loved the feel of his smooth ass, and hopefully my fingers weren’t too rough this time. I was breathing heavy and starting to go off in my own little erotic world when Robby pulled back and we came up for air. When we really got into a kiss, it left me breathless.

“Can you stay?” I asked.

“For a couple hours. I knew we were going to call the clinic, so I told my parents I wouldn’t be home for dinner.” He sighed. “I can’t spend the night though.”

“This is going to be a frustrating three months.” I kissed him on the forehead. “Come on.” I took his hand to lead him to my bedroom.

“You go ahead,” he said. “I’m gonna use the bathroom. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I kissed him again, and went in to the bedroom. I pulled the blankets off the bed and sat down on it. Then I got back up again. I closed the blinds enough for privacy, but so that some light still filtered in. I stripped the rest of my clothes off, and lay back on the bed. I felt a little self-conscious, so I pulled the sheet over me. Then I felt a little ridiculous. It wasn’t like Robby hadn’t seen me naked before. My neurosis are all out in force this afternoon, I thought. I compromised and lay on my stomach, which felt a little less exposed.

Thankfully, Robby came in then, before I got too nuts. He had left his underwear either in the bathroom or with the rest of his clothes. His semi erect cock bobbed in front of him as he came toward me. As soon as I saw him, I calmed down. I smiled and sat up.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” I said. And he was, too. I thought he was, at least. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down on top of me. We rolled around on the bed kissing for a while. I was so in love, and so relieved by the results of our tests, I could barely contain myself.

“Wow,” said Robby, taking a breath. “Whatever’s gotten in to you, I want some.”

I giggled, and attacked his lips again. We were both hard as nails. My hands were in a frenzy, rubbing and caressing and fondling. His skin was driving me wild. I felt the need to merge with him on a very basic animal level. I slid down just a little, and slipped my cock under his balls and down. He parted his legs.

“Robby, can I… can I…” After our conversation the previous afternoon, I was more afraid of hurting him than our first time.

He spread his legs wider and wrapped them around my back. “Oh, yeah, stud boy. This is gonna be good.”

I kissed him some more, then started to lick my way down. He squirmed and pushed my head down. He was as anxious as I was. I licked his cock, and took his big head into my mouth.

“No, Kevin. Don’t start that or I’m gonna come.” He pushed my head lower. “I want you inside me.” He pulled my pillow around and stuck it under his lower back.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

He spread his legs. “It gives you easier access. A better angle.”

“I see,” I smiled. It was quite a sight. It did actually lift his hips a little, and tilt his ass up. A perfect view. I went down and licked his balls. They tasted cleaner than I had expected. Not sweaty or musky at all. I licked my way down a little further, and it dawned on me that he must have cleaned himself a little in the bathroom before he came into my bedroom. My tongue contacted his silky hole and he began to squirm again. I licked around quickly. I think we were both getting too excited for this to last very long. I inserted my tongue into his canal, and felt him clench and unclench on me.

“Oh, fuck, Kevin. Ahhhhh.”

I stopped before we got too far along. I crawled to the edge of the bed, and got my lube and a condom from the drawer of my nightstand, then crawled back between his legs. I leaned over and kissed him. “I cleaned up my fingernails. It should be smooth.” I kissed him again. “You tell me if it still scratches, okay?” He gave his head a quick nod. I kissed him and smeared lube on his ass, then gently slid a finger in. There was almost no resistance. I worked it around for a few seconds anyway. I wanted to be extra careful. Then I slid a second finger in and worked them both around. I broke our kiss and slid my fingers out. I tore open the condom packet with my teeth.

“You don’t need that, Kevin,” said Robby. “We just got tested, remember.”

I looked at him. He was probably right, but I couldn’t think right then. Rational thought is nearly impossible with a raging hardon. “Robby… Robby… I think we need to talk before we do that. This isn’t the time for it. Maybe next time. I gotta go with what I know for now, okay?”

“I don’t care. I just want you inside me.”

I put the condom on. I put a big gob of lube on my cock and smeared it around. Our brief discussion over the condom gave me just enough of a breather that I didn’t think I would come as soon as I touched him. I placed the head of my cock right at his opening and leaned over him.

“Robby. I don’t want this to hurt you. I’m not like those other guys.” I kissed him. “Promise me you’ll say something if it hurts, okay? I’ll go real slow.”

“You’re doing fine, Kevin. I’m not that fragile. Just start slow, and then go for it. I can feel the energy. It’s gonna be great.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I locked my lips to his in a passionate kiss, then bore down on him a little until I felt myself breach his tight ring of muscle. I froze my hips, but kept kissing him. His hands slid down my back, and he pulled me to him. I thrust slowly into him, never breaking our kiss. I don’t know if it was our position, or the angle, or our desire, or just Robby being looser from last time, but there was less resistance than there had been the last time. Maybe he just felt safer and more relaxed this time. I don’t know. In any case, this time he took me in with relative ease. I came up for air when I hit bottom. Robby stared at me with heavily lidded eyes and a smile as I panted. He was beautiful.

“You okay?” I asked. He just nodded. I bent down and kissed him again and gyrated my hips around a little, just starting a little motion, but not really fucking.

“Come on Kevin. You’re making me crazy. Fuck me already. I’m not going to break.”

I pushed myself up on my hands and looked down at him. His big dick was as hard as mine and there was a light sheen of sweat forming on his chest. I began to fuck him then, slowly and carefully. He was apparently more ready than I was giving him credit for. He wrapped his legs around my back and pulled me into him. He made a little noise with each downward stroke. Happy noises. I let go of my worry of hurting him, and started pumping with long deep thrusts.

He opened up even wider and let his arms drape above his head on the bed. “You have… no idea… how good… this feels,” panted Robby. I leaned back down and kissed his neck. I reached up and twined my fingers in his above his head. In every way I could, I tried to make sure he knew how much I loved him as I buried myself in him again and again. I could feel his big dick pushed up against my stomach, sliding against me wet with precome.

I wished it could have lasted all evening, but I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. Having no willpower or even desire to forestall the inevitable I clutched his hands tighter and went a little wild. I broke my lips from his neck, now gasping for breath with each thrust. Robby matched me breath for breath. I was thrilled that he was enjoying this as much as I was. I cried out with out even realizing I was going to, and started shooting off inside him. I ground myself against him and shuddered as my balls emptied into him. He responded by erupting onto his chest and stomach. I could feel him squeezing my hands and feel his cock lurching against my belly.

I held myself deep inside him as we regained our breath. I dropped my forehead to his shoulder, panting. I relaxed my grasp on his fingers, but neither of us let go. I didn’t ever want to let go. When I could breath half way normally again, I lifted my head off his shoulder and kissed him softly.

“Thank you, Robby,” I whispered. “Thank you.” I kissed light little kisses down the side of his neck to his throat.

“Mmmmmm…” he said.

I released his hands then, and withdrew carefully from him. “I’ll be right back,” I said. I ran to the bathroom and disposed of the condom. Then I grabbed an old towel from under the sink and went back in to Robby. I wiped him clean, both his chest and between his legs. He pulled the pillow out from under his ass and he gingerly stretched his legs. The sight of him almost made me want to start over again.

I lay down next to him and nuzzled his neck. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I had used plenty of lube, and I was pretty careful, but I wanted to make sure I hadn’t gone a little overboard when I let loose at the end.

“Kevin, I’m touched that you’re so concerned, but you don’t have to worry. It was… wonderful.” He pushed me onto my back, and rolled on to his side next to me. He draped an arm and a leg over me and rested his head on my chest. “I told you those things yesterday because I needed to get it out. I needed to know I wouldn’t lose you if you found out. I need you to know the bad things about me as well as the good. Mostly, I need you to help me… get past all that crap.” He traced a finger across my shoulder and down my arm. “I didn’t tell you those things so you would treat me like I’m made of glass when we’re in bed. I want us to have a normal healthy love life.”

“I understand what you’re saying,” I said. “But I can’t help worrying a little. I’m not exactly the world’s expert, you know. I’ve only done that a few times, and the first time was a total non-starter.” I kissed the top of his head. “You know I’ve never been on the receiving end before. I don’t really know what hurts and what doesn’t. I don’t know what it feels like.” I smiled at him. “If you can squeeze that big hog of your’s inside me, maybe you should show me what it feels like next time.”

“It’s not that big,” he complained. I laughed. I knew he was going to say that. It was almost like an automatic response. He propped himself up on an elbow and looked down at me. “Do you really want me to?”

“Well, not just this second, but yes, I think so. You keep saying how great it is. I can see you like it. You came without hardly touching your cock, just from being fucked. It must feel pretty awesome.”

“Oh, yeah, stud boy,” he said, and laid his head back on my chest.

“But I also know it can hurt. So the idea scares me a little, to be honest.” I stroked his face with one hand. “I know you don’t like being razzed about your dick, but it is pretty damned big, Robby. Do you think you can… can make love to me without it hurting?”

“I… I’m not really sure.” He took my hand from his face and laced his fingers in mine. He kissed my wrist softly. “Kevin, I’ve always been on the receiving end. I’ve never fucked a guy before.”


“I’ve never really wanted to before. Part of the whole self-destructive thing, I guess. I always wanted the pain, the humiliation. I never wanted to be the one dishing it out.”

“Ugh,” I said.

“So to answer your question, I think we can do it without hurting. Alex is more or less the same size as me, and I don’t think it would have hurt if he’d used more lube and went a little easier.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to drag that memory back up.”

“It’s okay. After yesterday, it isn’t so hard to talk about.”

“I’ve seen pictures of guys with truly enormous dicks fucking,” I said. “I know it can be done.”

“I’ve seen pictures of guys with half an arm up their ass. Fisting, it’s called.”

“I’ve heard of it. Never seen it.”

“Looks very painful. I wanted to try it. Never had the nerve to do it, though. You have to wonder if they use drugs. Pain killers or muscle relaxers or something. After some of the things I’ve done, I can’t imagine not just passing out.”

“You’re probably right,” I said. “We can scratch that off the list of things to try, I think.”

“You’re making a list?”

“I’ve had a mental list for years,” I said. Robby snickered. “You know. Blow jobs? Check. Done that a couple years ago.” I let go of his hand and made a imaginary check off a list in the air with my finger. “Rimming? Check. Done that a couple days ago. More fun than I expected, by the way. Sixty-nining? Definitely must try one of these days. Soon, I think.” Robby was really laughing now.

“Whips and chains?” he asked, giggling.

“I think that goes in the ‘no’ column, with fisting.”

“Feather boas?”

“Hmmm. Not really my thing. We’ll have to talk to Jeremy about that one. I’ll have to make a column for ‘maybe’.”

“Dildos and butt plugs?”

I reached down and fondled his cock. “I’d rather try the real thing.”

He laughed and smacked my hand. “We could try putting a butt plug in you while you’re fucking me.”

“Ooo. I hadn’t even thought of that one. I’ll have to add that to the list.” I pantomimed writing in the air. “Just when I was thinking of introducing you to my mother, you start corrupting my innocent mind.”

“Back seat of a car?”

“Haven’t tried it yet. You might have noticed my truck isn’t exactly a love mobile.”

“I can see if I can borrow my parent’s Buick?”

“See? You are trying to corrupt me, you pervert. Besides, how would you explain the come stains on the upholstery?”

“Tantric sex?”


“Yeah. I heard you can fuck for hours before you come.”

“Yeah, right,” I said skeptically. “I can barely go two minutes.”

“If you can even manage to get your pants off first.”

“Hey!” I cried in mock indignation. “That only happened once. And it was entirely your fault.”


“You kiss like a demon.”

Robby laughed and rolled on top of me. Then he kissed me. Deep and hard. In almost no time, we were both starting to get erect again. I wrapped my arms around him and moaned. He sat up, his legs straddling my hips, and my hands slid down his back to his hips. He beamed a magnificent smile at me. “Like that?”

“You’re so beautiful,” I said. “I wish we could make love again and again and again. All night long.”

I saw Robby glance at my alarm clock next to the bed, then he laid back down on me. “Me too,” he said, nuzzling in to my shoulder. “But you know I have to go soon.” Our erections were subsiding again, and I just held him.

“Yeah, I know. It’s all right. We’ll have tomorrow, and the next day, and the rest of our lives, I hope.” I squeezed him and kissed the side of his face. “I love you Robby.”

I felt him relax and rest more deeply on top of me. We held each other like that till he had to leave.

(To be continued.)