Construction Days

© by The Lavender Quill, 2002

Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of male/male sex between consenting adults. If that sort of thing bothers you, or you are a minor, or it is illegal for you to read this type of content under the laws of your area, don’t read any further.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Setting: Sacramento, California, 2002.

Chapter 18.

“Find your towel. Find your towel,” I said.

We were both peeling out of the last of our wet clothes, shivering in the tent. After Robby tossed his sopping shorts and briefs out the tent flap, he danced over to his pack and rooted around for his big beach towel. I enjoyed the view as he bent over. He quickly dried himself off, and then came over to me. Even cold and shriveled, his cock bobbed large in front of him as he walked toward me. I enjoyed that view as well.

Rather than hand me the towel, he proceeded to dry me off too. He toweled my chest, then knelt down and dried my legs. He stood and made sure my package was thoroughly dry. I pulled him to me, pressing our bodies together.

“What are you doin’, stud boy?” Robby asked.

“What do you mean what am I doing? What are you doing?”

“I’m just drying you off,” he said innocently.

He reached around and dried off my back, then his hands moved down and he dried my ass—very methodically.

“And I’m just trying to help us get warm,” I said, still shivering a little. “You know. Sharing body heat, hot stuff.”

“Good idea. Very efficient.”

He dried my hair.

“If we snuggle up in the sleeping bag,” I said, “we might warm up faster.”

He tossed the towel aside.

“Even better idea.”

Once dry, we scrambled into our double sleeping bag. Robby spooned himself to my back and we shivered together for a couple minutes. It wasn’t really all that cold out, and once we were dry and out of the rain, we warmed up quickly enough.

Robby kissed the back of my neck softly, and his hand roamed lazily over my chest. I leaned back into him and sighed.

“That feels nice,” I said.

With that encouragement he continued. His hand grazed across my nipple and trailed downward. He brushed my rapidly hardening cock and cupped my balls in his hand. He held me like that for a few minutes, kissing my neck, pressing himself against me. I could feel his nipples rub my back, and his big cock wedging up between my ass cheeks.

In the midst of my arousal, I thought back on the previous night, on how much Robby liked me inside him. I thought about when he’d been dry humping me in the forest. I had often wondered what it would feel like to get fucked, but had never been on the receiving end. The only thing I’d ever had up my ass was a finger. I parted my legs a little and felt Robby’s cock wedge deeper in my crack, his cockhead nudging my hole.

“Robby? Does it really feel good to get fucked?”

He kissed me just behind the ear.

“It depends. If I’m not ready, or if the other guy is too rough or too fast, it doesn’t feel so good.” He kissed me again, lingering beneath my earlobe for a few seconds. “When you’re inside me, it’s the best thing in the world.”

“I wanna try it,” I said softly. “D’you think we can do it without it hurting me too much?”

“I don’t know.” He stopped moving for a few seconds. “I’m, well, pretty big.”

This was an understatement. Robby was quite well endowed. His cock was the biggest I had seen in real life, though I had seen pictures of larger.

“I’ve always been a bottom before,” he said.

“You don’t want to try it the other way around?” I asked.

He wedged himself more firmly against my ass and giggled.

“I didn’t say that. Just that I haven’t done it before.” He kissed my neck again. “With you, Kevin, I’ll try anything you want.”

I reached behind me and grasped Robby’s hip. I rolled on to my stomach, pulling Robby on top of my back. I spread my legs.

“Um, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to just shove it in, stud boy. Where’s the lube?”

I reached over and retrieved the lube from under the edge of the sleeping bag where I’d left it the night before, and handed it to him.

“I think we better use lots,” I said.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get to it.”

He tossed the top sleeping bag off of us. Then I could feel him move down my back, kissing his way down my spine. When he reached the cleft of my ass, he kept going, spreading my cheeks with his thumbs. I shivered when his tongue darted lightly across my hole. I moaned out loud when he dove in in earnest. I never felt anything like that. I relaxed to let his tongue in.

“Oh, Robby.”

His tongue felt completely different than a finger, which was the only thing that had ever been up my ass before. I moaned and arched my hips up to meet him. His tongue snaked up inside my chute and I writhed beneath him. God, if his tongue felt that good, imagine what it would feel like to have his dick in me?

After a few minutes of his rimming, Robby must have sensed that I was ready to move on. He slipped a lubed up finger in my ass. After the rimming he had just given me, I resisted not at all, and it went in with ease. He started to slowly finger fuck me, and kissed his way up my back.

“How’s that?” Robby asked. “Hurt at all?”

“No,” I sighed. “Feels good.”

He kissed my shoulder blade and eased a second finger in next to the first. I could feel his cock pressed up against my hip. It was a lot bigger than his two fingers. I concentrated on relaxing and he twisted his fingers around as he slid them in and out.

“Still okay?”

“Oh yeah,” I said.

“You know, I never cared much about being on top, Kevin. But you make me so horny. I really want to do this.”

He slid a third finger in. God, it felt like he was stretching me open with a pry bar. I had no idea three fingers could feel so big. I began to get worried his dick was going to kill me. I relaxed more as he slid them in and out. It was stretching me out, but it didn’t really hurt. Maybe it would be okay.

“You ready?” Robby asked.

“I think so. Just go slow.”

“I will. You just say if you want me to stop or pull out or whatever okay? Like I said before, I’ve had it a few times where it hurt, and really wasn’t any fun at all. I don’t want that for you. You gotta help and tell me what feels good and what doesn’t, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I could hear squishy noises as he lubed up his cock. Then I felt it between my cheeks. His hand directed it toward my hole. It felt so much bigger than his fingers. His big cock head wedged against my pucker and he pushed down. I tried to relax and let him in, but I guess I was nervous. I could feel the pressure, but it wasn’t penetrating through.

“Relax,” he said.

He ran his hand softly up and down my spine, and kissed my shoulder. I tried to relax. I reached back and tried prying my cheeks apart with my hands. It wasn’t working.

“Um, sorry,” I said.

“No. Don’t be sorry. Just relax. We don’t have to do this. If it works and we like it, great! If you can’t do it, that’s okay. It isn’t important.”

“Maybe if I roll over so we’re facing each other,” I said. “Is it easier that way?”

“Sometimes. Maybe it’ll help you relax more if you can see me.”

That sounded good. Usually when I fucked him, we faced each other, and I loved to watch his face. He shifted off me, and I rolled over onto my back. I spread my legs, lifting my knees high.

“Just relax a minute, stud boy.”

He crawled up between my legs and we kissed for a few minutes. He inserted his fingers again, applying more lube and relaxing my sphincter as we kissed.

“Okay,” I said. “Try again.”

He gently positioned himself and pushed down again. I tried to relax, but it felt like someone was trying to shove a baseball bat up my ass. I mean, I know Robby isn’t really that big, but it just felt enormous. I knew it was going to hurt.

He sensed me tensing up, and he backed off again.

“Maybe today isn’t the day,” said Robby.

I was starting to get frustrated. His tongue and his fingers had driven me a little wild with desire, and I wanted him inside me. I wanted to make him happy. Yet I couldn’t quite let myself loosen up, couldn’t quite lose control and just let him in, afraid that it would hurt, that he would be too big.

“No, no,” I said. “I want to. I want you inside me. I just… it’s gonna take me a minute to relax.”

“Why don’t I lie on my back. You can sit down on me. Take as long as you need. You control everything that way.”

He kissed me, and then rolled off of me and onto his back. I crawled on top of him.

“Thank you,” I said. “I love you. I’m gonna show you how much.”

I added even more lube to his big cock and positioned myself over him. I squatted down until his cock head was pressed against my opening. I kept one hand behind me wrapped around his shaft and grasped his arm with the other hand. I closed my eyes and consciously let my muscles relax. I could feel my ass hole opening up to him just a little, millimeter by millimeter. I slowly gyrated my hips around, letting the motion massage my opening, feeling his cock head prying me open. I let out a deep breath and with an almost audible pop, his head surged past my sphincter and I clamped down tight.

I took a couple of deep breaths, and Robby slowly massaged my thigh with his free hand. Wow! I had him in, if only just his cock head. It felt huge! It felt like it was ten times as big as it looked. It hurt a little, but mostly it just felt like I was stretched to the limit. I knew that if I got this far, I’d be able to take the rest. I let go of his cock and took his other arm. I swayed around to help me relax again.

There are two ways to enter a cold lake. You can slowly ease your way in a step at a time, letting your body adjust to the cold as the water rises higher and higher. Or you can run and jump in, grimacing at the inevitable shock, but knowing that you’ll adjust faster. I have always chosen the later.

“I love you, Robby,” I said, staring into his eyes.

Then I let myself go and plunged down on him.

In one quick, steady surge, I sank down until my ass cheeks pressed firmly into his hips, his small thatch of black pubic hair tickling my balls, his big cock completely inside me. I gasped.

“Oo,” I peeped. Just a tiny noise.

My fingers clamped down on his arms. I was so full I couldn’t clamp down on his cock. I couldn’t breath. I didn’t move. My dick went soft. I didn’t even notice. Every nerve in my ass was on overload.

“Fuck, Kevin,” said Robby. “Are you crazy? Are you okay?”

I still couldn’t breath, much less talk. What an amazing sensation. I’d felt every inch as he filled me. I had him inside me. All of him! My ass was on fire, but it felt so good. God, he was fucking huge! I started to see stars at the edge of my vision, and I regained enough awareness of things other than Robby’s cock to realize I needed to breath.

I sucked in a couple of quick breaths and looked down at him. I nodded, still unable to speak. I took another breath, deeper, more slowly.

“Oh, God,” I gasped. “Just let me sit here a sec.”

Robby gently massaged my arms where we held each other, and I relaxed the vice grip I’d been holding him with. I took a couple more breaths, slowly regaining my equilibrium a little. I leaned down and kissed him, his cock pulling out just slightly.

“Did anyone ever tell you your cock is huge?” I said.

“It’s not that big,” he said, grinning. Then he thrust up into me, wedging that last inch back inside me.

“Oh,” I sighed.

I sat back up. Just the few little motions we made was setting all my nerves jangling anew. I took a couple of breaths again, trying to relax, trying to adjust to the immensely full feeling of having Robby inside me. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth a little, feeling every minute motion of his cock buried in my ass. Robby was feeling it too. I could feel his cock surge.

When I felt like I could move without passing out, I lifted off him just an inch or two, then slid back down, relishing the feel of his shaft sliding along the walls of my canal. It was almost too much and I had to rest again for a second. I lifted up again, letting him slide maybe half way out. I could feel the veins along his shaft as I slid back down on it again. We both sighed together when I hit bottom.

I was feeling a little less overwhelmed, and it was starting to feel really good. My cock was stirring to life again. I raised up higher and slid down. That felt even better. Thank god for the lube, or I’m sure his cock would have torn my ass apart. I slid up and down again in a more fluid motion.

“Oh Robby,” I sighed. “This feels so good!”

I lifted almost completely off him and sank back down. I loved the feel of him sliding all the way out and all the way back in.

“Kevin. Kevin,” said Robby, “I’m coming.”

“No, not yet.”

“Can’t stop,” he gasped.

He thrust his hips up and I felt his cock surge as he pumped his load deep within me. He heaved again and again, his hands squeezing my arms with each shot.

“Oh, Kevin, oh, oh, ohhh.”

I watched his face contort in ecstasy as he flooded my insides. Seeing and feeling him in the throws of orgasm was an incredible turn on for me. I lifted up and sank down once again as he fired his last volleys. I started to rise again, but he grasped my hips and held me firmly in place.

“Wait,” he said. “Don’t move… too sensitive.”

I sat still for a moment, relishing the feel of him inside me, trying to relax. I was fully aroused now, my cock jutting out over his soft flat belly.

“Can you stay inside me?” I asked. “Can you stay hard? I want to come with your dick in me.”

“You’re so hot, Kevin. I’m gonna be hard for a month.”

I leaned down and we kissed deeply. For a minute he just held my hips as we kissed, but soon he began to move his hands. I sat back up and he caressed my nipples with his fingers. I knew he liked my chest, and I puffed it out for him.

“You’re such a stud,” he said. “I can’t believe I’m fucking you.”

“Feels good,” I said, wobbling my erection at him.

He slid his hands down and circled one of them around my cock. He slowly stroked it and I sighed. I rocked on his cock.

“You can move again if you want,” he said, his post orgasm hypersensitivity worn off. “Do whatever feels good to you.”

I rose up almost off him, and sank slowly down the length of his shaft. I could see why he liked the long deep strokes. It felt really good. I soon got into a rhythm, up, down, up, down.

“Oh, Robby.”

He was getting in to it again too. He began to thrust up into me as I sank down onto him, meeting me thrust for thrust. His hands stroked my cock as we ground together. I reached back and felt his balls. I pulled them gently on each downstroke, pulling him in to me.

“Oh, Robby,” I said again. “I’m… ah, ahhh.”

I started to spurt, arching my back, shooting high, my sensitized ass spasming on his big cock. He took over, thrusting up into me hard as I gushed onto his chest. His thrusts became more urgent.

“Kevin, I’m gonna come again. Can I keep going?”

I knew what he was feeling. The few times when I’d been inside him when he came were intense, feeling his ass clamping onto my cock, seeing him shoot, almost guaranteed to bring me off too. I dropped down onto his chest as the last of my orgasm pumped out onto his stomach. I couldn’t talk. I just nodded into the crevasse of his neck. I struggled to stay relaxed as he pumped into me deep a couple of times. His lips locked to my neck as he unloaded into me again.

When he stopped, we both lay gasping and panting for a few minutes.

“You okay?” Robby asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

He started to pull out of me. I was afraid I would never be able to close my ass up again after being pried apart by his big cock, but my sphincter snapped shut as soon as he withdrew. I felt both relief and loss.

“Oh, dude,” I said. “Everything back there tingles.”

We stayed like that, holding each other for a few minutes longer. Finally I moved, mostly because I was too hot now. I wiped my come off of us with his towel. Then we lie next to each other for a while, holding hands, listening to the rain tapering off.

When my breathing finally returned to normal, I rolled to face him. He was still on his back. I leaned over and kissed his nipple and he giggled.

“How long will my ass tingle like that?” I asked.

“Depends how rough it is. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel it for the rest of the day.”

I rested my head on his smooth pale chest.

“You came inside me. Twice.”


He sounded pleased. I was too.

“What happens to it?” I asked. “The come, I mean.”

“Well, you can go to the bathroom and poop it out if you want. If you don’t I guess it just gets absorbed after a while.”


That made sense. I was in no hurry to move, so I remained with my face on his chest. The bathroom seemed far away, and beautiful Robby was right next to me, where I wanted him. I traced a finger along his shoulder.

“We’re gonna have to trade off more often,” I said.

“Yeah. It was fun being on the other side for a change.”

“But not right away. I don’t think I can take it again just yet. You’re huge.”

He giggled.

“Maybe I am,” he finally admitted. “Poor stud boy.”

“I’m not complaining. You just gotta give me time to recover from that mauling.”

He made circles in my hair with his fingers.

“We have the whole rest of the weekend,” he said.

I burrowed in close, and we snuggled until the rain stopped.

We cleaned up our mess, and washed off the towels. We hung all the towels and our wet clothes back on the line to dry. Robby turned out to be a pretty good camp cook, and cooked most of the meals that weekend. We did some more hiking, splashed around in the lake, went skinny-dipping late after dark. We also spent a lot of time in the tent. By the time we packed up on Sunday afternoon to drive back, we were both walking kind of funny. We’d nearly finished off the bottle of lube.

On the way back to Sacramento, he held my hand again most of the way, and snuggled next to me on the seat. This time it didn’t so much make me horny as made me just happy to be with him.

When we got back to my apartment, Robby helped me carry my things inside. Before he left, we shared a long kiss.

“I’m glad we went camping, Robby,” I said. “I really needed that.”

“Me too. I love you, Kevin. More than ever.”

I held him tight for a minute more before letting him go. I knew it was still hard for him to say that he loved me, and it meant all the more to me because of that.

* * * * *

On Monday, I practically floated around the construction site, happier than I had been in weeks. Uncle Don had me helping install cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms. It can be kind of detail oriented, and I was not paying as much attention as I should. Fortunately the cabinet guys attended to the details and just had me helping with the lifting and holding. Brian teased me good naturedly a little at lunch, but mostly left me alone. I muddled through the day, and practically skipped to my truck after the end of the shift.

I went home and called Robby on his cellular phone. It was off or out of range, so I just left a message, saying ‘I love you’ a dozen times or more until I started to giggle. Then I hung up.

I missed him, of course, but I was so happy that I couldn’t get upset about it. Switching roles over the weekend, taking him in my ass, felt like completing a bond in a way. I think we both still preferred it when I was the top, but this opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Variety is good.

He called me back later.

“Jeremy’s having another party on Saturday,” he said. “Wanna go?”


He could have invited me to a poetry reading or a Monster Truck rally. It didn’t matter in the least.

“You better be careful, though,” I said.


“If you start dancing all sexy like you did the last time, I might lose control completely and do you right in the middle of the dance floor.”

He giggled.

“What should I wear?” Robby asked.

“Is it too, uh, redundant to wear your leather pants again? Those are so fucking hot on you Robby. I can’t imagine you dancing in anything else.”

“You really like those, huh?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “Makes me hard just thinking about it.”

“You didn’t get enough over the weekend?”

“I’ll never get enough of you as long as I live.”

“Mmm,” he sighed. “I’ll wear those pants, just to see you all hot and bothered on the dance floor. Gotta keep my Stud Boy happy.” He laughed. “I need a new shirt though. You wanna go shopping with me? Help me pick one out?”

“Sure. Maybe you can help me find something nice. I have no sense of style,” I confessed. “All I got is jeans and tee shirts.”

We agreed to meet after work on Thursday.

* * * * *

He picked me up at my apartment. I had showered quickly before he arrived, figuring it would be pretty tacky to try on new clothes if I was all sweaty from construction work.

He wore his leather pants. I’m not sure if he was just being practical, since he was trying to find something to wear with them, or if he was taunting me, knowing how sexy I thought he looked in them. Probably a little of both.

He drove us to the Arden Fair mall. When we got there, I glanced around the parking lot and chanced a quick kiss before we got out of his van.

We started in a shop I’d never been in before. I confessed that I bought half my clothes at Target or KMart. I was pretty much strictly utilitarian.

“We’ll have to fix that or they’ll take away your gay card,” said Robby.

I laughed.

He began to flip through a rack of shirts. Strangely textured fabrics, bold colors, vivid patterns, I was clueless. I’d seen guys wear stuff like this when I was in high school last year, but I’d never thought of wearing something like that myself. He picked out a couple and turned to me.

“What size shirt do you wear?”

“Uh, large mostly,” I said. “Sometimes extra-large if I want it loose.”

He dragged me to another rack and selected a few more shirts. Then we headed for the changing room. A sales guy, dark haired and with a wisp of a goatee, counted our shirts and gave us two keys. Robby looked at me and then back to the sales guy. He handed back one of the keys. The guy didn’t even blink. He just shrugged, like whatever, and turned back to check on some other people in the store.

Robby pushed me into a changing room. It was small with two of us in it, but not uncomfortably so. He stripped off his shirt.

“I like that,” I said.

“I haven’t even tried anything on yet.”

I wobbled my eyebrows at him.

“Can’t take away my gay card for that,” I said.

He swatted my arm, and then tried on one of the shirts. Almost immediately he took it back off.

“It’s scratchy,” he pronounced. “It’d drive me crazy to dance in it.” He threw one of the shirts from the large wrack at me. “Don’t just stand there, try this on.”

We both tried on new shirts.

“What do you think?” Robby asked.

“Looks good. How ’bout me?”

He looked at me and pondered.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

I shrugged. I liked tee shirts from KMart. He handed me the next shirt, and we both changed again. He twirled around and gave me a questioning look.

“Looks good,” I said again. He glared at me. “Sorry. I guess I’m fashion impaired. I think you look good in almost anything.” His look softened. I imitated his twirl.

“No,” he said. “Definitely not you.”

He handed me another shirt, and both of us changed once more. I briefly entertained the thought of attacking him when we both had our shirts off. Seeing him in the tight leather pants does that to me.

He posed for me in a ribbed tee in two-tone blue. It clung snugly to his slender torso in all the right places and it seamed to stretch like a second skin when he moved; I could even see a hint of his nipples standing out.

“I like that one better than the others,” I said. “I’m not sure why, but I do. How about mine?”

He shook his head. “No. I think this is the wrong store for you.”

Robby dragged me out of the changing room. We found the sales guy with the goatee.

“Oh, that looks good on you,” he said to Robby. “The color works well with your skin tone, and the blue sets off your eyes just right.”

I looked at Robby again. I guess that was why I liked it better, though I had been unable to articulate it. The sales guy made no comment about the shirt I had on. I took his silence as disapproval, and Robby and I went back to change.

“You gonna buy that then?” I asked.

“Maybe. This is just the first store. I’m going to try on some other stuff before I decide.”


I hadn’t felt this clueless in quite some time. I was getting a lesson in shopping. We changed back into what we were wearing when we arrived and we went back out.

“You like any of those?” Goatee asked.

Robby held up the blue one. “Can you hold this for me for an hour or so?” Robby asked. “If I don’t come back for it before you close, I’ve changed my mind. The rest of these are no.”

“No problem.”

Robby and I walked back out into the mall. He dragged me next into an Abercrombie & Fitch store.

“This is more your style,” pronounced Robby.

“Woa. I like the pictures.” There were several advertising posters of really good-looking guys, most of them shirtless, most of them subtly suggestive.

“Maybe we won’t take away your gay card just yet.”

Robby helped pick out some shirts to try on. The clothes in this store were more rustic looking, I thought. Heavier fabrics, softer shades, a lot of it intentionally worn looking. Not the club kid look of the first store. I didn’t think some of the tee shirts were much different than what I got at WallMart for a third the price.

We found a sales person, this time a girl, to let us in to the changing rooms.

“Both of you?” she asked.

“Either that or he’ll end up back at WallMart,” said Robby.

She almost visibly shuddered. “Can’t have that.” She let us in.

I tried on several shirts for Robby. He really liked a sleeveless one.

“You have great arms and shoulders,” he said. “Why not show them off?”

“You really like it?”

“Uh, huh! Very sexy.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll buy it. Do I gotta get pants to?”

I didn’t want to spend too much money. Every dollar we spent meant we would have to wait longer to rent an apartment together.

“No. That should go good with any pair of jeans or cargo pants. But you have to buy some boxers here.”

I wasn’t too thrilled about paying exorbitant prices for fashion boxer shorts, but we compromised and Robby found some on sale that he liked for me.

I made my purchases and we continued on our shopping expedition. Robby tried on a dozen shirts at three more stores. So many tee shirts with logos that were utterly meaningless to me, but apparently important to some people. In the end we went back and Robby bought the blue shirt he’d liked in the first store.

We walked past a Speedo store. We both looked at each other, daring ourselves to go in and try some on. We ended up not going in. There was no way I’d wear something like that in public, and I knew that if Robby started trying one on, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off him. We just giggled and moved on.

When we finally headed out to the parking lot and climbed into Robby’s van, I turned to him.

“So who all is gonna be at this party?” I asked as Robby started the engine

“Who knows?” said Robby.


“Probably. She usually goes.”

“Her girlfriend? Uh…”


“Yeah, Becky,” I said.

“Nah. She never comes. She doesn’t like dancing, and doesn’t like being the only girls in that big of a group of guys.”

“Oh. How about Max?”

“Maybe. Never know with him.”


“God, I hope not,” said Robby.

“Me too.”

“He goes a lot though.”

“I’d rather just stay away from him if he’s there,” I said.

“No shit. Me too. He’s easy enough to avoid, usually.”

When Robby parked in front of my apartment, I took his hand.

“Are you gonna come up?” I asked.

He pulled my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles.

“I want to, but I better get home, especially since we were gone all weekend.”

He looked a little dejected.

“It’s okay. I’d like it if you could come up too. But we’ll see each other Saturday. And I had a really nice time camping with you. I think I’ll always remember that afternoon when we held each other and watched the coyotes.”

He smiled again, remembering too.

I glanced around the parking lot. It was getting dark and nobody was around. I pulled Robby to me and kissed him hungrily for a minute, and then released him.

“I’ll see you Saturday,” I said, climbing out of the van.

“Woof, woof,” said Robby before he started the van again and drove off.

(To be continued.)

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