September, 2000

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Adventures of Robinson


  I gasped as I looked across the garden and saw the guy..... he was just out of this world, absolutely gorgeous, a dream come true!

  OK, I'm 25 and have been fucking around for the better part of my adult life. I've fucked about 50 guys and have taken two up my ass and I'm gay if you haven't already caught on. I was at my cousin sister Mae's wedding. She is a real crazy girl and thoroughly spoilt, always coming up with all sorts of wild ideas. She met this guy just two weeks back and was now marrying him. But no, she didn't want a conventional wedding, back in the city, in a proper church and all that...... she arranged this wild wedding way out in the wilderness, away from all humanity and had all her friends air lifted for the occasion.

  She always claimed to be close to me and insisted that I be there. So, here I was a total stranger amongst her wild friends. I hadn't even met her 'to-be' yet and didn't recognize any of the faces in the crowd. The wedding was tomorrow, when her parents arrived and I was bored, that is, until I saw this guy.....

  Sparks flew as we stared at each other..... eyes locked. The chattering crowd was forgotten as I moved towards this great hunk and finally stood facing him. I smiled, he smiled back, a dazzling smile that nearly had me swooning and as if on cue we started walking..... towards the far corner of the ground, where a tiny log cabin stood, away from everything.

  Not a word was exchanged as I practically mauled him, tearing off his clothes..... gasping as more and more was revealed to my roving eyes. He fell on the dirty floor and I climbed over him. Squatting over his pubes, as he held his rigid cock straight up, I lowered myself. I felt the huge head nudge my butt hole and as I relaxed my sphincter I felt him slide in. I moaned and pushed down, taking more of that throbbing pole into my ass. He was panting, eyes glazed over as he held onto my narrow waist and as with a cry of hunger I pushed down harder, he lunged up, sending the sizzling steak ripping through my quivering anal membranes, deep, into the churning depths...... I felt his pubic hair tickle my taut ass cheeks and knew he was fully in ! I could hardly move, I was impaled on one of the biggest cock I had ever seen on another guy..... and had just taken it up my ass !!!

  My breath came in harsh gasps, as if being forced out of my rapidly pumping lungs by the sheer size of the monstrous prick imbedded in my intestine. He was gasping too, his chest heaving, as his nostrils flared and his cock flexed inside me.

  His groans were loud and hoarse as I started to move.... pump up and down on his groin. We interlaced out fingers and holding onto each other I speeded up. His hips moved too, sending the rampant cock deep inside me at lightening speed.... My buttocks smacked his groin in a loud and sensuous way as we climbed the tower of sexual frenzy reaching out for the ultimate reward, a glorious climax. With fast and sweaty motions we fucked, gasping and grunting. The heat was unbearable inside the tiny shack, but the incredible feeling of being fucked by this awesome hunk was greater. I felt him go rigid and opening my eyes saw him grimace as his cock thickened and shuddered in my ass and then with a loud hoarse cry he shoved up and came.... I pulled my hand away and took my turgid cock and jerked it a few times before I too shot, splattering sticky goo all over his heaving torso.

  We stopped moving, catching our breath..... the sweat dripped from every pore as also the copious discharge of my lover, slowly oozing out of my still stretched ass hole..... I lifted up and felt his cock pop out, bending over him I licked his cock clean, taking the large balls in my mouth and sucking on them. Climbing over him I crushed my open mouth to his, tongues darting, fencing..... the sweat and my cum making our bodies stick together. He held me tight, wrapping his strong arms around me..... Finally after what seemed hours we parted, our mouth open and gasping for air.

  He got up and moved lower and between my legs..... 'Now what....' I thought..... He crawled in and parting my legs wide put his head between my open thighs. With strong fingers he parted the cheeks and shoved his mouth in the crack! With outstretched tongue he began to lick the sticky trail of his cum that had oozed out of my twitching ass hole.... !!! He licked the ass mouth and the cheeks and moved lower to my tingling nut case, cleaning the scrotal sac of all traces of the creamy residue that he had just injected into me.... He moved back to the frothing hole as more and more cum oozed out and kept licking, driving me crazy with his rimming.... Then he flipped me over and took my cock into his hot oral cavity and started sucking me like a pro.... I moaned in renewed lust and ground up.... as his fingers entered my slick ass hole and my cock head snaked into the clutching throat of this magnificent man. He had me hard in minutes and in less than it takes to unzip a fly he had me shooting my second load into his gulping throat.... GOD! this guy was amazing !

  "Let's go," he said, raising his head from between my spread thighs, wiping his mouth with the back of his hands.

  I was still gasping from the latest bout of cumming.... and as I regained my breath he got up and started to pull on his clothes. I got up too and dressed, kissing every few moments, tongue darting and probing, saliva dripping.... We seemed like two teenagers on their first date, just discovering the joys of sex. Once done we rushed out and headed straight for the area where all the cars were parked. He walked up to a sparkling red Corvette and hopped in, opening the passenger door for me. I slid in and we drove away..... not a word to anybody, no good byes.... And I didn't even know who this man was.... nor his name!!!

== *** ==

   "Where are we headed?" I asked as we flew down the expressway.

  "To where ever this road leads us......" he said. "The nearest motel." He added after some time.

  "Oh, I'm Derek." I said, extending my hand.

  He took it, smiling, "I'm Brad."

  We drove in silence for the next about 100 miles through complete wilderness before we saw the sign stating the distance to the next stop - another 15 miles!

  He pulled into the parking lot of a small motel building and we got out. Walking up to the counter he asked for a room and after paying took the key.

  By now we were both as hot as any man can ever get. No sooner was the door closed and bolted that we pounced on each other, tearing at the clothes in our desperation to get to the tingling flesh.

  He got on the bed on his hands and knees and pushed his ass back at me..... I climbed in behind him and got into position. Taking my throbbing monster in my hands I swiped in up and down the trench of his spread ass cheeks, making him moan. I fitted the bloated head to his puckered hole and pushed. He sucked in his breath sharply and shuddered as I applied pressure to his bunghole. The large head stretched the twitching hole further apart and bore in gradually..... extracting heavy grunts from Brad and making me shake with the incredible feeling of the constricted sleeve sliding over my cock head. I held still for a while and then summoning all my strength lunged forward. Brad let out an animal cry, as his ass mouth snapped open and my cock head popped in!

  It was incredible, his ass, hot and tight..... absolutely marvelous! He had never been fucked by a guy before and was tight as a virgin. His anus gripped me with a stifling hold, making me immobile. My knees felt weak and shook as he arched his bottom higher and in a strained voice asked me to continue! I pushed and felt him loosen a bit and in a daze watched my thick slab slide deeper and deeper into his quaking bottom. I stopped every few inches, giving him time to adjust and relax, get used to all the meat, then finally when I was about halfway in, I held his hips tight and shoved in savagely sending the whole 10 inches of my flesh pole up his bucking tail, my large swinging balls hitting his equally large nuts with a loud smack.

  He hollered and thrashed, banging his head on the disheveled bed..... but kept pushing back at me. We were both sweating bucket full, the AC doing nothing to cool the heat that raged in our body and soul.

  I started to pull out and looking down was mesmerized by the sight of my slimy cock as it drew out of the clutching anus of Brad, his ass mouth clinging to the throbbing shaft, all pink and tender.... I shut my eyes and with a loud moan shoved back in, sending the raging dick back into Brad's torrid ass chute. I lunged and shoved, pulling back the full length before sending it ramming in. He answered every shove and every thrust with equal might and as we built up a steady rhythm he raised his head off the bed and screamed.

  "AH! Deeper..... Derek, deeper!" he wailed hoarsely.

  Like a hunching animal I clutched his hips and plunged deep into his churning bottom..... both ecstatic, both gasping..... I felt him stiffen and lift off the bed and then with a huge growl he sank back again as he shuddered and came, shooting thick wads of cum all over the bed spread. His ass went all wild, twitching and gulping at my cock..... as if about to tear it off from the very root. Already tight and incredibly hot, his ass now seemed like an inferno..... churning violently and chewing at the buried shaft.

  My cock kept working his ass as he ground to the end of his climax and kind of slumped forward. I felt my own tingling start..... my balls knotting up to the base of my prick and my spine shooting electric pulses up and down..... I knew this would be wild and braced myself for the massive explosion that was about to rip through me. With a low rumbling it started at the very base and quickly spread all over me, blinding me.... numbing me. I closed my eyes tight and shoved in savagely as my balls, nay, the whole fucking lower half seemed to melt away and force its way through the narrow passage of my urethra..... expanding it and slamming it against the already stretched walls of Brad's anal passage. I threw my head back and yelled out loud as my seeds popped out of me in a shower of liquid heat.

  "AH! That's it...... shoot deep into me," hollered Brad, "fill me up with your cream..... Flood my ass hole."

  My head spun and legs shook at the ferocity of my ejaculation..... it was mind-boggling.

  "Deeper, Derek....... fill my ass!" he kept shouting, making it all the more awesome.

== *** ==

  As I lay panting, he got up and dialed a number on the phone.....

  "Hello, Mae....." he spoke.

  He didn't have another chance to put in a word as the room was filled with the shrill voice of my cousin yelling from the other end..... demanding to know where he was! Now, for the first time it all sank in..... GOD! I had just seduced and eloped with my coz' boyfriend, her would-be !!!

  "Shut up will you!" I heard him scream into the mouth piece, "listen, I've had enough of you and I don't think I can marry you, so I've left. I'm sorry but it can't be helped." He put back the receiver, just like that.

  I felt guilty.... extremely sorry for Mae.... but then, in a way she deserved it.

  He turned towards me and smiled. Then bending over crushed his open mouth to mine. And that was the end of all my guilt.....

== *** ==

  Well, she never did get married that day...... How could she.... I had just taken her to-be husband away!!! She never forgave me for that and till date we don't speak. But then, who's complaining.... I can do without relatives like her...... and moreover, I still have Brad.


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