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Craig The Farmer
By Mikkiwriter

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Part of this story was originally a special Christmas story I wrote as an exclusive for my yahoo group and used the title "A Christmas to Remember" but this story has a lot more detail of Craig's life before and after the events in that story, so I hope you enjoy this story.

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Craig the Farmer.

25-year-old Craig Richards was in his last year in university studying business management. The plan is for Craig to take over his parent's farm day to day. Craig was hoping to have a few years away from the farm before having to take over. But he knew he will take over. He had already studied animal husbandry and care at the local college before starting his university course.

It was a cold winters day at the university and Craig was walking around the campus wrapped up in a warm winter coat with a hat and scarf he was thinking about home and thought I bet it is cold there today.

He was in a lecture when the dean walked in and spoke to the lecturer. The lecturer looked up and pointed Craig out.
The dean walked over and said, "Craig can you come with me please"
Craig was surprised but said "yeah sure" grabbed his stuff and left the room.

The dean led Craig into a nearby room and walked in. Craig knew straight away something was seriously wrong when he spotted two police officers standing there.

Mr Richards my name is sergeant Patrick Harris, and this is my colleague pc Elliot Gibson we are family liaison officers from Devon and Cornwall police we are sorry to have to meet you in these sad circumstances, but I must inform you that there was a road accident earlier this morning on the A38 and your parents John and Rebecca were fatally injured when a milk tanker collided with their land rover and sent it into a ditch.

Craig looked at the officer and collapsed into a chair and cried. Craig whole world collapsed around him that day.

Craig didn't want to quit uni and move back to the farm but knew her didn't really have a choice but as he only had a few more weeks before his final anyway he decided to continue his studies but knew he would have to try and find a way to look after the farm and finish his courses. His parents were buried a few weeks later with the whole local farming community and villagers attending. His father's brother Jon offered to look after the farm for him until he finished his course. Craig saw this as a perfect temporary solution and accepted the offer.

He returned to uni and sat his finals a few weeks later and felt he had done well. It was now time to return home to the farm and start to run his farm for himself. He was soon in a routine of looking after the animals and farm and its surroundings. This part of Davon can be bad in winter but can also be extremely busy in summer months with all the thing Craig realised was that he could use part of his farm for maybe camping or something like that, he wouldn't have enough time now to get the plans in place for the upcoming season but maybe for next year he could investigate it


The farm was getting busier with lambing and he had managed to get help from a mate from his days at the local college. Josh pulled up in his car towing a caravan and parked it in the farmyard. Craig and Josh knew each other well and had been secret lovers at one time. Josh brought another lad with him he introduced his boyfriend Isaac to Craig. Craig smiled and said, "well I guess you are the poor bugger who got stuck with this idiot" laughing
Isaac laughed and said, "well its hard sometimes but somebody had to tame him"
Josh playfully slapped Isaac and said, "cheeky bastard"     

Isaac laughed and said, "you know you love me" poking his tongue out at Josh
Craig laughed and said, "got you there Josihe boy"

Craig got on well with both lads and was sorry to see them go after lambing was over. He soon settled into a routine,

The top field of his farm has a public footpath going through it with a sty in the dry-stone wall boundary. During one of his routine checks Craig noticed that the wall around the sty has started to fall. Repairing the wall was one of the jobs Craig used to love doing with his dad. He went back to the farm and attached a trailer to his quad and placed the tools he needed and headed back to the field.

He started to remove the falling stones from the wall and placed them on the ground nearby. While he was sorted the stones out a group of ramblers were heading his way. Craig smiled and said guys be careful the wall isn't very safe at the moment.
A young blende haired lad smiled at Craig and said, "thanks for the warning" and the group slowly and carefully climbed over the sty and headed off along the footpath. Craig watched as the cute blonde walked away noticing his cute arse in his tight shorts and thought to himself "wow hot as fuck"

Craig soon got the section of wall next to the sty back up to top level and then started to repair another section which had also fallen. A while later he spotted the group returning he spotted the sexy blonde again. The group climbed back over, and the blonde walked over to where Craig was working and said "done a good job on the wall mate"
"yeah thanks it's a never-ending task to be honest "Craig said
"I'm Ben I am down here for the summer visiting my aunt"

"that's nice I'm Craig I recently inherited the farm after my parents died in a road accident"
"I m sorry to hear about your parents I can imagine that this farm is a lot of work for one person" Ben said
"yeah it can be sometimes like I said jobs like this wall are never ending no soon have you repaired one section and another needs attention"
"yeah, I noticed that some of the wall has been replaced with fencing further up" Ben "yeah that is jack turners farm he refused to pay the price of replacing the wall so when it falls he put fencing up instead, but I prefer the dry-stone wall it fits into the landscape better"

"yeah I agree well I had better catch up with the group maybe I will see you again" Ben said smiling

"yeah nice meeting you" Craig said smiling
Craig watched as Ben walked away he smiled when he saw that hot arse inside his shorts walk down the path.

Later that day

Craig and his trusty sheepdog jasper jumped into his land rover and drove the 8 miles to the little village nearby and went into the small local store. He picked up a few groceries and then headed to the nearby farm supplies store to pick up some feed and other essentials for the farm. After loading the stuff into his trailer, he headed back to the farm. He was driving through the village when he spotted Ben going into the pub in the village. Craig pulled into the car park leaving jasper in the back of the land rover he heads into the pub. Craig knows the landlord of the pub well and walked over and smiled and said "hi Brian can I have a glass of your finest coke" laughing
Brian laughed and said "certainly fine sir" Craig laughed.

Brain said "so what bring you into the village today we don't see you in here much these days"
"well I had to pick up some stuff from the store and farm line, so I thought I would stop for a quick one before getting back"
Craig paid for the drink and looked around and spotted Ben sat in a booth nearby. He walked over and said "hey"
Ben smiled and said "fancy seeing you here"

Craig laughed and sat down opposite Ben and said "well it is my local and I thought I would stop off before getting back I don't get off the farm much"
"I bet it must be difficult being on you own" Ben replied
"yeah getting up at 3am to milk the cows and then feeding the animals and other issues that come up it is really hard to keep on top of things"
"don't you have any one to help you?" Ben said

"well I had some help with lambing earlier this year and sometimes my uncle will give a hand but that is it the farm doesn't really make enough to employ full time staff to be honest." Craig replied
"I see" Ben said
"well I better get back nearly time for afternoon milking "Craig said
"umm would you mind if I tagged along never seen a cow being milked" Ben asked
"sure, why not a second pair of hands never goes amiss" Craig said

The lads left the pub and jump back into the land rover Jasper sniffed Ben and then jumped into the front and sat on bens lap.
Ben jumped and said "umm"
Craig laughed and said "think he like you meet jasper my companion"
Ben stroked the dog and said "what breed is he"
Border collie one of the best sheepdogs you can have he was my dads and now he is mine I am buying another one soon to start training so old jasper here can become a pet" Craig said

They arrived at the farm and got out Ben followed Craig into the cowsheds and Craig handed him a pair of wellies and said put them on wouldn't want to get your shoes dirty"

Ben watched as Craig expertly lined up each cow to the machines and watched as the milk came out. "so, what happens to the milk?" Ben asked
"a tanker will be here in about an hour to take it away it goes to a milk processor and then onward to the shops" Craig said

"have you thought about making something with it?" Ben asked
"well there are quite a few farms around here making cheese and other products with their milk but I don't have those skills mum used to make yoghurt for dad and me but that was it" Craig replied
Ben helped Craig feed the cows and then watched as jasper and Craig led them back out into the field nearby.

Craig and Ben went and unloaded the land rover and then went into the farm house Craig filled the kettle and switched it on just as he heard the roar of a truck coming up the lane. "that sounds like the tanker I be back in a few minutes and he headed out of the door ben followed and watched as the tanker driver reversed into a spot alongside the cowsheds.
Craig handed the driver a clipboard and Ben watched as the driver rigged up a hose to the milk tanks and started to load up the tanker. When the last of milk onboard the driver signed the paperwork and handed the clipboard back to Craig and "see you tomorrow mate"
"yeah ok bye now" Craig replied
Craig checked the paperwork was in order replaced the clipboard back on the nail where he kept it and then switched the milk tanks to clean cycle and went back over to where Ben was watching

That didn't take long" Ben said smiling
"well the driver makes it look easy he is used to it" Craig said
So, what's left to do?" Ben said
"well I have to go and check there is enough food and water in the fields for the cows and check the boundary wall and then I need to check on the sheep make sure they are ok and then I need to catch up on some paperwork I have a tb inspection next week, so I need all the paperwork in order ready for that" Craig said

"wow that's a lot for one person to do" Ben said
"a farmer's work is never done believe me I m used to it" Craig said

"well maybe I d better let you get on then" Ben said
"no why don't you come and give me a hand I could do with some human company jaspers great but a human being to talk to it better" Craig said laughing

Ben gave a smile and said "yeah cool"
Ben enjoyed helping Craig but towards the end of the day he received a call from his aunt wanting him to pick up something from the village for her.
Ben rung off and said "damn my aunt needs me to pick up some eggs for her baking, so I better get going or I will miss the shop"
"eggs I can do" Craig said smiling     
"umm what?" Ben asked

Come with me Craig said smiling and headed into the farm kitchen
Craig handed Ben a dozen and half eggs and said "there you are fresh free-range farm eggs the best you can get"
"umm I didn't see any chickens?" ben said
"well they are inside the hen house today probably it was pouring down earlier but they roam outside usually during the day and these are what I collected this morning so as fresh as you can get" Craig said smiling
Ben put the eggs down and said, "how much do I owe you?"
"no charge you been helping me all day so let's call it payment for that" Craig said
"deal" Ben said

Craig Ben and Jasper headed into the village and pulled outside Ben's aunts place. Craig smiled and said "you didn't tell me your aunt was aunt Alice"
"umm what you know her?" Ben said
"yeah everyone in the village knows Alice she was a dinner lady at the old village school for years we all called her Aunt Alice" Craig said smiling

Craig held the eggs for Ben as he got out of the land rover and then handed them to him. Alice opened the door and walked out and said "oh good you caught the shop I thought you would have been back ages ago"
Craig shouted "hi Aunt Alice"
"hi, Craig, how you are doing?" Alice said smiling

"Yeah same as always those eggs are from the farm I had a load going spare, so I gave them to ben" Craig said
"oh, Craig you have to do that let me get my purse Alice said
"no need Ben has helped me up the farm today, so I gave him those as payment as I can't afford to pay him" Craig said
"oh, ok well thanks I prefer fresh farm eggs anyway" Alice said

A few days later

Craig was up at the crack of dawn as usual for morning milking and was heading towards the cowshed when he spotted someone walking up the lane. He smiled when he noticed it was Ben and shouted "god you up early"
"well if I want to live in farming country I need to get on country time" Ben said smiling
"so, what you are doing up here so early?" Craig said
"well I thought I could help you with morning milking" Ben said smiling
"ok let's do it" Craig said

The two lads soon had the milking done and they headed back into the house.
Craig switched the kettle on and then grabbed some eggs from the larder and bacon and sausage from the fridge and started to cook a breakfast for them.
Craig and Ben sat down a while later eating a full breakfast and drinking a cup of tea.

Craig stood up and picked up the plates and headed over to the sink and started to wash up Ben stood up and went over and grabbed the tea towel and dried them and put on the draining board. The two men laughed and joked as they cleaned the dishes and pans.

Ben spent the rest of the summer helping Craig when he was needed but much to Craig's despair nothing sexual happened between them. Ben had made it clear to Craig that he was straight and had a girl back home. The two lads made a good team and Craig was sad to see him head home to London at the start of September.


Craig was thinking that he would end up like the old bachelor brothers that had the nearby westwell farm and never get a partner to settle down with. The farm was getting quieter and he had been looking into converting the field nearest to the road into a camping site. He had already applied for planning and was surprised when he got it. He wanted to build a shower block and another building on the site as well as having electricity connected put in before next summer.

He had bought a kit house to use as the other building but was going to build the shower block out of old reclaimed brick so that it didn't stand out too much in the landscape. He had already found a local builder friend to do the job and they were starting next week. The kit house foundations were already in place. Craig was originally going to tackle the kit house himself but after looking at the instructions and with the farm to run decided against it, so the builder is doing that as well.

A few weeks later
Winter was setting in over the Devon countryside and the builder Jason had finished the work on the new campsite and it looked great. The building control officer from the local council had just signed it off so now everything was in place to open next year. Craig took some photos of the site and its views and set up a website online to see if he could get any bookings. He was shocked that by 5 o clock on day one he had had 10 bookings for a selection of different dates.

A couple of days later he had some dates fully booked and was wondering if maybe he should have used two fields instead of one. However, he decided that one field is enough for now after all it's the farm and its animals that was more important and this was just a sideline. He still had to decide what to use the other building for, but he had a few ideas.

One of his ideas was a games room for the kids and maybe a small BBQ area outside to stop people setting up BBQ's on his land. He also thought of maybe a small shop but decided against that as that would affect the local village store and he didn't want to do that.

He bought a pool table and some other gaming tables and set them up in the building. He built two BBQ's outside and put out some garden furniture around the area. He thought maybe the guest might like a tv in the games room, so he bought one and made enquires about the tv license for it. It was covered by the farms license, so he didn't have to buy another one. He also bought a satellite dish and had that installed. When it was finished he took photos and added it to the website. He had had the games room wired for Wi-Fi but as the internet isn't the best it didn't always work, and he had warned about that on his website not to disappoint his new guests.

Craig was also busy training his new sheepdog puppy Jack which he had bought he knew Jasper was getting old now. Jasper and Jack were getting on really well and he hoped Jack would be as good a dog as Jasper is.

Craig is kept busy with the animals, so Christmas is just a normal day for him. Craig enjoys the remoteness but does feel lonely sometime as his nearest neighbours were nearly 5 miles away and they were two old brothers. The nearest village is just about 8 miles away Craig's farm however is just situated off a main road, so he does get the occasional visitor and of he goes to the regular farmers market in the nearest town about 20 miles away.

It was a real cold December morning when Craig was up getting the cows in ready for milking. It was Craig's first Christmas on his own and since Ben went back home he was feeling a little lonely. Craig felt that it was getting colder and then noticed that the wind was picking up. Craig managed to get the cows into the shed and after milking he decided that the weather was getting worse, so he would keep the cows in the lower field rather than take them up further.

Milking done Craig went into his tractor and took his sheepdogs Jasper and Jack with him and started to round up his herd of sheep bringing them down to lower ground. By the time he had managed to get all his sheep down it had started to snow heavily.

With the cows now in the sheds and the sheep in the lower paddock Craig settled in with jasper and Jack by the side of the big open fire in the lounge of the big farmhouse.

Craig thought to himself god what a night as the snow fell more and more. Craig the heard an almighty crash coming from the direction of the main road. Craig went out to see if he could see anything, but the snow was now drifting, and he couldn't see a thing.
Craig started up his tractor and headed to his main gates and it was then he saw a blue hatchback type car stuck inside a drift of snow. Craig then noticed that the car door was open and saw that there were footprints heading down the road. Craig decided to follow in the tractor and as he hit a nearby bend saw a young blonde-haired lad dressed in just a small jacket and jeans walking along the road. Craig pulled up and shouted, "are your mad jump in"

The lad shouted, "I need to get home its Christmas"

"Yeah but I don't think you will get there tonight though" Craig said
Craig noticed the lad was shivering and said, "look if you don't get in here now you will catch hyperthermia"

The lad realised the bloke was right and jumped in and shut the door.

Craig said "ok I'm Craig and you are?

I m James the lad said

Ok well James what I m going to do is get you car out of the drift and tow it to my farm and you can stay there with me until the snow goes.

James said "ok"

Craig pulled up round the side of the car and hooked up a chain to his tractor and car and slow pulled the car out and towed it back to the farm.

Craig led James into the farmhouse

Craig told James to sit by the fire and warm up. Craig made the tea and walked back into the lounge to see James had taken off his jacket and was taken aback on how hot the young lad looked. Craig noticed that despite removing his jacket James was still shivering. Craig then noticed that James's t shirt and jeans were soaking wet.

Craig said, "why don't you get out of those wet clothes"

James smiled and said "umm I'll be ok

Craig smiled and said "look you won't warm up until you get out of those wet clothes.

Craig handed James a white lamb's wool blanket and said put that around you mate.

James gave in and slowly lifted his t shirt over his head giving Craig a view of James's perfectly smooth body. James then surprised Craig as he lowered his jeans revealing two perfect smooth arse cheeks as his jeans went down. Craig's 8-inch uncut cock throbbed at the sight of James's naked body standing before him. Craig stood up and immediately runs his hands down the sexy lads' torso and starts to nibble on his ear. James moaned as Craig slowly lowered his hands down his sexy body and slowly took hold of his now slowly hardening 7 inch cock.

Craig was soon wanking James's cock faster and faster as they lad moaned louder and louder. Craig turned James around and started to kiss him passionately. Craig then lifted off his jumper revealing his well developed slightly hairy chest to James. James watched immensely as Craig took his tight jeans off and his throbbing uncut cock revealed itself. Craig then went down on the floor and slowly pulled James down to him and started to kiss the lad again in front of the roaring fireplace.

James was moaning and panting as Craig started to lick and suck on his now leaking cock. Craig soon was running his hot tongue up and down James's virgin arse as James screamed and panted louder and louder. Craig then slowly moved lifting James legs up over his shoulder and then slowly started to push his cock into James's ready arse. James moaned and panted as he felt Craig's cock invade his tight arse. Craig looked down into James's blue eyes and lent forward and kissed him as he slowly pushed his cock further and further into his arse.

James's floppy blonde hair was flopping side to side as Craig slowly fucked his tight arse. Craig soon increased the pace as both Craig and James moaned and panted louder and louder. Craig then shouted "oh fuck" as his cock exploded inside James's former virgin arse filling it with his hot sticky cum. Craig looked at James who looked like the cat that got the cream and lent forward and kissed the lad. James was now wanking his cock harder and harder finally giving out a huge groan as his cock exploded covering his now hot sweaty smooth torso with a massive load of his cum. The two lads walked upstairs into the shower and enjoyed a hot shower together before heading to bed where Craig and James drifted off to sleep in each other's' arms.

A few days later
The snow had finally gone, and the day had come for Craig to say a tearful farewell to his sexy friend James. Craig jasper and new puppy Jack stood on the doorstep as James got into his slightly damaged car and waved as he drove off down the driveway. Craig was feeling quite tearful as he saw James turn right and head back onto the main road.

Craig went about his daily business and later that night sat in his chair watching some television he heard a car pull up the driveway. Jasper and Jack were barking as Craig went to see who had pulled up he opened the door to see none other than James complete with a suitcase standing there. Craig grabbed hold of James and started to kiss him passionately
"what you are doing here?" Craig said smiling at the younger lad
"well when I got home there was a note on table telling me that my loving parents have pissed off to benidorm for Christmas, so I decided fuck it I'll spend it with the man I love instead" smiling

Craig grabbed hold of James and kissed him and said "good choice"
He took the suitcase from James and said "welcome home babes"
James laughed and said, "thanks sexy now how about a shag?"
Craig laughed and said, "well why not" and led James upstairs to his bed both knowing that this Christmas was going to be a Christmas neither of them will ever forget maybe even a Christmas to remember"