Crash & Burn
Chapter 1
By Jabe

This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. The author asserts all legal and moral rights
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disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between consenting (all
over the legal age, at least in my country they are) males:

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Now on to the Story


"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" Said the Alarm Clock sitting on the Dresser.

"All Right, I'm up, Now shut up" I yelled at the clock.

Walking across the room I deactivated the alarm

Oh, Shit I'm late, my Boss is gonna kill me I thought to my self as I ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I could hear the Telephone in the other room ringing, the answering machine picked it up, and it was my Boss.

"Johnson you have 15 minutes to get here or don't bother coming in at all" he yelled at the phone, and he was pissed

I jumped out of the shower and threw on a suit and tie and was out of the house, that was my best time yet. I climbed into my Classic Mustang that had received for a graduation present 5 years before. Oh I guess I should tell you about me. My name is Chad Johnson I am 23 years old, just out of college.

I sped out of the driveway and turned right heading toward work. It seemed all was well and good and that I was gonna make it to work on time when, Boom.

My worst nightmare had come true; I had hit some one.

Oh god, I am surely gonna go to jail for this and I am definitely gonna loose my job I thought to my self as I got out of my car to see who I had killed. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. Lying on the ground (probably dead) was the most Beautiful man on the face of god's green earth, and I killed him. I could shoot my self.

I bent over to check and see if I had really, and thank god he had a pulse. And he was coming around.

Mister, are you all right. I need to get you to a hospital I said to the god lying on the ground

"Wha.. what happened?" He said

"Well, I was not looking where I was going and I hit you." I said to him helping him up to get into my car.

When I got him into my car and buckled (I did not want to kill him again). We started for the hospital.

I pulled up into the Emergency Entrance and ran inside and told the head nurse what happened and she come running out with a wheelchair and immediately went with him inside and got the resident doctor to take a look at him.

"You may have saved that man's life." She said to me.

"It was my fault." I said

"Excuse me?" She replied back

"I hit him with my car, oh my god I almost killed a man!" I said as I started to cry

She came over and patted me on the shoulder, "I am sure he will be fine, the doctors are doing some X-rays right now I will go and check on them." She said to me.

I sat back in the chair and covered my eyes and started to doze off when, the nurse came back 15 minutes later.

"Sir." She said. "Sir, wake up." She said as I woke up.

"He's gonna be fine, they have him in a room for observation, you can go see him if you want." She said.

Do I dare, go in there. Surely he was gonna be pissed at me and he had every right to. Who knows he might have a wife and kids?

I stoped along the way to get him some flowers from the gift shop, I know that was not gonna make him feel any better.

I walked toward room 215 of the Emergency ward, and knocked on the door.

"Come in." He said

Oh god his voice was even sexier.

I pushed open the door and he was lying on the bed in a hospital gown that left nothing to the imagination.

Hi I'm Chad; I tried to kill you today I said as I stuck my hand out to shake his.

"Hi Chad, I'm Brad, so you kill many other people?" He said laughing.

Oh he was trying to be funny? I just laughed along.

I handed him the flowers.

"Here I know these won't really help." I said.

"No they are beautiful, please sit down." He said pointing to the seat.

We started to talk about ourselves.

"So where do you work?" He asked.

"Well I used to work, at an Advertising agency down the street." I said back.

"What, happened." He asked.

"Well I hit this really cute man this morning. And I was already late and was told I had 15 minutes to get to work or else." I answered back.

"Oh I am so sorry." He said back.

"No, that's OK, it's not every day that I try to kill someone." We both laughed.

"What do you do?" I asked.

"I am the president of a small web site Development Start up company, I am the Programmer, the Account Manager, the Janitor, everything." He said.

"Sounds cool, I don't suppose you're hiring anyone?" I asked optimistically.

"Actually I am looking to expand, thet's where I was going when we had our little run in, pardon the pun." He said.

"He he!" I laughed.

But I have to tell you something, and most people are uncomfortable about

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well for one thing, I am gay, and the second I find you very attractive." He said.

Was I hearing right, I got up to go to his side and I passed out right there on top of him. Out cold like a light.

I woke up about five minutes later to the Touch of him caressing my face.

"Hey good looking welcome back to the world, sorry to shock you like that. I will understand if you don't wanna work for me." He said

"Are you crazy?" I whispered?

"I fell in love with you the moment I saw your lifeless body laying on the pavement in from of my car." With that I brought my lips to his and kissed him.

Whoa, I almost passed out again, that was some kiss. Made me fell all good inside.

"But there is one condition of you working with me." He said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I want you to go on a date with me, can discuss the details of your employment then." He said.

"I think that is doable, but I insist on buying after all I tried to kill you, I fell that I own you at least that."

"Well then, lets get going." He stated.

We both left the Hospital and headed to the restaurant. We were seated as soon as we came into the building.

"In regards to you employment with my company, I believe that you will find that the Salary and Benefits package to be an Aggressive one." He stated.

He wrote some items on a slip of paper he pulled out of his pocket and passed it over to me, I all most fell off my seat when I saw the number on the paper. I looked up at him.

"Is that an Unacceptable amount? I can increase it if necessary." He said.

"No no, not at all it is perfect, in fact it is more that I was making in my last job by about 20%, thank you so much for this Opportunity, I will not let you down." I answered.

"In my company, I mean our company, your job will be to bring in new accounts and to hire staff as needed currently you and I are the only employees, so I will be teaching you the art of creating web pages." He told me.

"Sounds like fun." He stated.

The waiter came and took our order and we sat there and talked for what seemed forever before our food had arrived.

I had Learned that he was 26, and that our birthdays were about 3 days apart, I think I am gonna enjoy this job.

"You have any brothers or sisters." He asked

"No I am an only child, of a single parent, how about you?" I replied.

"Well I am the middle child of 7, my parents both died in a Plane Accident about 3 years ago, and I received the house and a nice sum of money that allowed me to start my business." He said

"I am sorry to hear about your parents, if I had been going a little faster, you would have met with them a lot sooner that you were supposed to." I said.

"Do me a favor will you?" He asked.

"Sure just name it."

"Will you stop talking about almost killing me, I believe we were destined to meet, and that was how it came to be." He answered.

I nodded, just staring into his eyes.

"Look at the time, I have kept you long enough." I said.

"Yeah your right it is getting pretty late." He stated.

The clock on the wall of the Restaurant read 10:30.

"I need to get my beauty sleep so that I am all fresh for work in the morning." I said jokingly.

I paid the check and we walked to my car. We got in and started to drive, we were driving for about 5 minutes when I realized that I had no idea where he lived.

"Hang a right up here and it's the 5th house on the left with the blue tile." I pulled into his driveway and he got out and walked around to my side of the car, It was such a perfect night I had let the top down. He took my hand into his.

"Chad, I had a wonderful time today," and with that he leaned in and gave me a kiss. "I will see you tomorrow, at 10:30." He said turning and walking toward his door stopping half way to wave at me.

I slowly pulled out of his driveway and before I knew it I was pulling into my stall in the carport below my apartment building.

I entered my apartment and went straight to bed.

I hope you enjoyed reading the First Installment of my Story, I will have the second chapter done as soon as possible. Please email me and let me know what you think.