Crash & Burn
Chapter 2
By Jabe

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Now on to the Story



ÒChad, I had a wonderful time todayÓ and with that he leaned in and gave me a kiss
ÒI will see you tomorrow, at 10:30Ó he said turning and walking toward his door stoping half way to wave at me

I slowly pulled out of his drive way and before i knew it i was pulling into my stall in the car port below my apartment building.

I enterd my apartment and went straight to bed.


As far as i was concerned the morning did not come fast enough, i was up most of the night able to sleep, I must have done 2 days worth of Gym work outs trying to tire myself so that might beable to get some sleep.

I had finally fallen asleep at about 4:30 in the morning, i had set my alarm clock for 8:45, this time i did not want to be late. 8:45 rolled around and i got out of bed and got ready for work, i was ready by 9:30 so i left a bit early and stoped by the Local Bagel shop and got some bagles and coffee. I headed over to his houe and i got the about 10:00 am, iIdid not want to seem egar but I wanted to start this day.

I parked on the street just out side his house and talked to his door, as i got up to the door he was there greeting me with the most heart warming smile.

ÒGood Morning, SunshineÓ he said Jokeingly

ÒGood Morning to you, I broght Breakfast if your HungryÓ

ÒActually I am, i have been working on getting your office readyÓ

ÒOh an office, and I have not even slept with the boss yetÓ I gave him the evil eye

ÒWe will have to fix that, but I donÕt know how the other employees would feel about that.Ó he said Laughing

ÒLet me show you aroundÓ we started walking around he showed me the kitchen the living room the exercise room and we headed up stairs, the upstairs was seperated into two sections, the Living quarters which consisted of a huge master bedroom and3 rooms about half the size, each with their own bathrooms. the other side was the office side, he showed me his office which was decorated with some nice artwork with a huge desk and a very nice computer set-up. we exited the door along the other side of the room and entered an almost Duplicate of his office.

ÒAnd this one is your office, decorate it how ever you like, if you need anything let me know and we will get it for youÓ he said

ÒWowÓ i said walking around to the other side of the desk sitting in a huge leather executive office chair. he sat in a chair on the other side of the desk and began opening the bag of Begals.

ÒI want you to take today and get to know the place, play with the computer explore, I want you to feel comfortable hereÓ

ÒYes sirÓ i said giving him an Army salute

ÒDonÕt call me sir, call me BradÓ he said smiling at me

We sat there and talked for about 2 hours getting to know each other better.


ÒYeah BradÓ

ÒIf, your not doing anything say around 4ish i would love to take you to a movie, you know as a welcome to the company gesture. Ò

ÒI would love thatÓ i replied

ÒOk well then i will let you get acclmated to your Srounding and i will be around if you need anythingÓ with that he left the room closing the door behind him.

For the next few hours i did a multitude of different items i surfed on the internet, Brad had one of the lastest internet connections i had ever seen. i played with the computer he provided me, Oh which by the way was a Way cool Apple Macintosh G4 All Decked out.

After all that i kinda got Restless so i got up and started to wonder around the house exploring. This proved to be exiting and educational I had found the a library filled with what had to be thousand and thousands of books.

Looking over them I pulled one out and returned to my office, I went over to the couch and lyed down and began reading the book.

Next thing i knew i woke up with him standing over me with a smile on his face.

ÒWell welcome back to the world, sleep head, you ready for the movie?Ó

ÒYeah i just need to use the rest room first.Ó i said back to him

ÒGreatÓ he said

I went off to the bathroom to well go to the bathroom and it seemd to take a bit longer than i had anticipated. I was in there for about 5 minutes.

ÒGeeze, i was beginning to think that you had escaped through the bathroom windowÓ he said

ÒWell the thaught had crossed my mind, but i decided to give you a spin around the blockÓ i said back with a big smile.

ÒWell since your the new guy here, you can pick the movieÓ he said to me

ÒHmm, lets see. How about DinasoursÓ I said to him

ÒGreat, i have been wanting to see that movie for a while, i hear it is great, shall we take my car?Ó

ÒSounds greatÓ i said back to him

we went down stairs and into the Garage, to one of the most awsome cars avaliable it was 2000 BMW Beemer, it looked so sleak i could not wait to ride in it.

we both got into the car and he took off down the street.

ÓBrad, can i ask you a question ?Ó

ÒSure, anythingÓ

ÒHow come yesturday, you were walking instead of driving this?Ó

ÒYa know, I donÕt know. I just knew i had to walk to where i was going, and i am sure glad i did, otherwise we would never have met.Ó

we arrived at the movie theater shortly there after got our tickets and refresnments and went to choose a seat, we choose one in the back so we could have a bit more privacy. We had gotten there just in time, because the movie had just started.

about halfway through this Awsome movie i felt something on my hand, I looked down to see what it was and it was his hand, I looked over to him and he looked over to me and i took his hand, and rested my head on his shoulder.

I was in heaven, I had never felt like this in my entire life, and i did not want it to end.

well the movie ended all to soon so we went out into the mall where the theater was located and started to window shop. We went in and out of almost every store that was in the mall, and even spent time in the Art Gallery on the second floor.

We headed back to his place and he invited me in for a Night Cap. I took him up on his offer, anything to spend more time with him.

It got to be late about 10:30 or so, and i wanted to be all fresh for a real day of work. So i kissed him good night and started to head home, I was going exceptionally slow on the way home becuase i did not want the day to end.

I slowly pulled in to my Parking space and proceeded to go to my apartment, I noticed there was a document attached to my door, i pulled it off the door, and went inside.

It looked like an official document, i opened it and one of my worst fears had come true. I had been Evicted. my heart sank to the bottom of my being, and i collasped on the couch. and went into a depression.

Just then the Phone rang, Arh who was it, they had a lot of nerve calling me at a time like this.

ÒHelloÓ i said in a silent depressed

ÒChad, ItÕs Brad, whats wrongÓ he said Concerned

ÒI just got some bad news, and i donÕt know what i am gonna doÓ

ÒWha, what happendÓ he said

ÒI got Evicted, i have 3 days to vacate, i donÕt know what i am gonna doÓ i said

ÒIÕll tell you what your gonna do, you gonna take a nice hot shower and go to bed, then your gonna come into work tomorrow, and we are gonna discuss this i have some ideas in regards to thatÓ he said

ÓOk, thanks, IÕll see you in the morningÓ

ÒNight, LoveÓ he said and with that he hung up the phone

i walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and striped all my clothes off and climed in,

The Steam and hot water felt great against my tired body. I stayed in there for about 30 minutes, and i did not want to get out. But i wraped a towel around my waist and went into my room. I dried my self off and proceeded to get into bed (yes i sleep in the nude, donÕt you). and i quicky drifted off to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading chapter 2 as much as i enjoyed writing it, there is alot in store for Chad, and Brad. So stay tuned. Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.
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