Crash & Burn
Chapter 4
By Jabe

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With that I crawled into his bed with him and snuggled up to his back,
we promptly fell asleep.

I had some wonderful dreams that night and when I woke up I was staring
into his deep blue eyes.

"Morning Sunshine" he said to me.

"Good morning"

"I hope you slept well" he said.

"The best sleep I had in a long time, and your body is so warm."

"If you would like we can continue this arrangement indefinitely" he

"I would like that, but does this mean we're a couple?" I asked.

"Here is my answer" he said.

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips, sucking my tongue into his


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

"Does that answer your question" he said.

"What was that again, I was not paying attention" I said.

He just reached out, pinched and twisted my nipple.

"Ouch" I yelled, then I jumped on top of him, pinning him to the bed and
started wildly kissing him. He began to moan as I sucked his tongue
into my mouth, three times in rapid succession, almost like a cock
sliding in and out of his mouth.

With his moans of approval sounding in my ear, I began to kiss over to
the side of his neck , then continued down his chest to his nipple,
tongue rapidly laving his nipple area, then I began to nip it with my
teeth. All the while he is moaning and saying, "Yes, oh yes, don't
stop." I continued across his chest to the other nip and gave it the
same loving attention as the other had received. He was becoming more
vocal as my attention to his body increased. "Oh Yes, you dear sweet
man, love me, love me." he repeated over and over. I kissed to the
middle of his chest and then began going down toward his navel, which I
proceed to tongue thoroughly until he was whimpering with delight. Then
I followed his "treasure trail" down from his navel - not getting very
far before his wet cock head was caressing my chin, his pre cum was
flowing like wine. I bypassed his cock and kissed into his pubes,
laving them with my tongue until the curls were plastered to his skin
with the liquid from my mouth. Then each of his balls received
attention, sucking each into my mouth in turn, and lightly chewing on
them, giving them a gentle massage that would bring forth a larger
amount of cum, when we reached that point. For now I was continuing to
love him and went back to the head of his cock, slipped it in my mouth
and took it all the way to the base.

His breath hissed out of his throat in a long "Yyyeeesss, ooohhh
yyyeeesss" my love. He was getting close to the final moment and said,
"Wait, let's do this right." With that he reversed himself on the bed,
his face at my cock, then he said, "Now, let's cum together, as good
lovers should." We both began bobbing our heads up and down on each
others cocks and both of us moaning with delirium. He gave my cock and
balls the same attention I had given his and soon I could feel the
tingle that begins deep inside and becomes more filled with sensation as
ejaculation draws near.

"Almost at the same instant we both said, "I'm cumming, then we both
went all the way to the bottom of our cocks and received great spurts of
cum directly down our throats, then drawing back a little to get good
shots of cum on our tongues so we could savor the flavor. As we
finished shooting our cum, he turned around on the bed again so we could
kiss and mix our cum and savor the delightful taste of the shared
ecstasy we had just enjoyed. We kissed for a few minutes, coming down
from our high and reveling in the wonder of touching each other and
knowing the tingle of love from our lips and finger tips. We continued
to kiss and murmur loving words to each other. "What a wonderful end to
our first night together," Brad said.

After a few minutes he said, "I guess we actually need to do some work
"Aahh, do we really have to," I murmured.

"If we want to get paid, we certainly do, and, further more I have a
special surprise for you," he said.
"What's that" I said, curiously?"
"If I told you it would not be a surprise."


"Do you need to go to your old place and clean up after picking up your
final things?"
"Yeah, I should if I want to get my deposit back."
"Okay, go do that and I will have your surprise for you when you

With that, I gave him a deep, passionate kiss and went off to shower and
get dressed. I popped my head into our room and said, "Okay, bye my
sweet, I will be back in a few hours."

"I'll miss you," he said. I blew him a kiss and was off to clear out my
old apartment. I spent about three hours scrubbing and cleaning the
place before I was pooped and headed home. When I got back, I saw a
truck in the driveway and I walked inside. I could hear the distant
banging of hammers.

"Hello," I said and started walking up the stairs. Suddenly I felt a
hand on my waist, I almost fell backwards but someone caught me. I
turned around to find Brad, and he kissed me. "Ready to see your
surprise, my lover." "You betcha," I said, as he grabbed my hand and
dragged me up the stairs. We walked into the door of his office and I
saw what he was talking about.
"Oh, honey, you destroyed part of your house for me, how sweet," I
"This way we can work together, oh, and it's Our House now," he said as
he handed me a slip of paper. It was a house deed with both our names
on it! "I began to cry, he pulled me close and just held me."

"There's someone I want you to meet," I said.
"Who's that," Brad ask?
"My Husband," I said. Looking at his face, I started laughing. "No
really, I want you to meet my Mother, but I guess I need to tell her I
am gay first."
"That might help," Brad said.

"I'm gonna go over to her place and talk to her." I said.
"Well, good luck," he said, as he kissed me

I walked down the stairs, got into my car and drove to my Mother's
house. I got up to the door and rang the bell - the door opened.
"Chad Darling, it's good to see you," she said, as I gave her a hug.
"Come on in," she said.
I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"So what brings you by here today?" she asked.
"Well, there are a few things I wanna talk to you about."
"Okay," she said as she sat down on the couch next to me.
"Oh, would you like something to drink?" she asked.
"Water will be fine, thanks."

She got up and walked the few steps into the kitchen - "So, what did you
need to talk to me about?" she asked.
"This is kind of hard for me but, here goes, "Mom I'm Gay," I said.
She was silent for a couple of seconds, "Oh, I know dear." What did my
mother just say, she knew I was gay? Wow I can't believe what I am
"How did you know?" I said, as she walked out of the kitchen.
"Well, I would not be a good mother if I did not know all I could about
my child."

"So, are you okay with my being gay?"
"Yes, Chad darling, you can't be anything less than you are."

"Thank you so much," I said to her as I hugged her. "Mom, I have
someone I want you to meet." "Oh!" she said. I asked, "Can you come to
dinner tonight?"

"I have Bridge, but I can cancel that, let me make a call," she said as
she picked up the phone and called her bridge partner. "Shall we go?"
she said as she hung up the phone.

"Yes," I said as we walked to the door. After we were outside, she
locked the door, I opened the car door for her and she sat down. We
pulled out of the driveway and started the
journey across town to my new house and my new Lover.

Mom and I made small talk as we went along. "So, Chad, how did you meet
this person," she asked? "Well, I hit them with my car and had taken
him to the hospital," I said.

"That's always a good way to meet new people." She said, laughing. My
mom always had a good sense of humor, suppose she would have to, raising
a child all by herself.

"Yeah, and when I saw him on the street, I fell in love with him." I
said to her

We pulled onto the block of our house. "Wow, this is a nice
neighborhood," she said. "Yes, and it is quiet too," I replied.

We pulled into the driveway, I ran around to open the door for my
Mother, took her hand and we walked to the front door. I opened it and
no one was to be seen, so I had my Mother sit in the living room and I
went off to look for Brad.

"Hello," I said as I reached the top of the stairs. I could hear the
shower running off in the distance, so I followed the sound to our
bathroom and pushed the door open, walked over to the shower and I could
see his perfect outline. I pushed the curtain open and stuck my head
in. "Hey, sexy," I said, causing him to jump a little. "Scare me like
that," he said and splashed me with water.

"My Mother is downstairs and I would like you to meet her!" I said.
"How did the conversation go?" he ask. "Well, she said she already knew
I was Gay," I replied.
" Wonderful, makes it easier. I'll be down in five minutes, he said,
kissing me. "Five minutes is too long," I said, leaving the room.

I walked back down to the living room to find Mom looking around. "He
said he will be down in five minutes, he wants to make a good impression
on you," I said to Mom. "Okay," she replied.

"Would you like something to drink, water, coffee, wine?" I ask her.
"Coffee would be great, thanks." she replied.

I went off to the kitchen to make coffee. When I heard talking in the
living room, I peeked in to find Brad talking to my Mother. I continued
to make the coffee and went back into the living room with 3 cups of
coffee and the necessary add-ons.

"Oh, I see that you already beat me to the punch," I said, placing the
tray on the coffee table. "Yeah, I just came down," Brad said. I smiled
at him and then looked over at my Mother.

"Your son has told me some wonderful things about you, Mrs. Johnson,"
Brad said.
"Call me Mom, or Cynthia."
"Okay, Mom. That's a nice sound, it has been many years since I had
said that word."
"I'm sorry, did your mother pass away?" she asked.
"Both my Mother and Father were killed in a Plane accident, about 3
years ago," Brad said.
"Oh, I am so sorry," Mom replied.
"Thank you," Brad replied.

I looked over to Brad. "I invited Mom over to dinner," I said.
"I had planned you would, dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes."

"So, Brad, tell me how you and Chad met," Mom asked.
He looked over to me and chuckled. "Well, it was 3 days ago, and I was
walking from here to a clients office, minding my own business, when
some jerk comes flying like a bat out of hell and hits me with his car.
I was knocked out and awoke 3 hours later in the hospital."
I looked over to him and just smiled.

"Then the most beautiful man comes into my room, brings me flowers, and
tells me that he was the one who hit me. After that I did not care, I
had already fallen in love. One thing led to another and we went on a
date that day. After that day I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my
life with Chad."
"That's beautiful," I said.

"He still can be a jerk sometimes, but I love him with all my Being, and
I never want to be without him."
"I am so happy my Chad found someone as wonderful as you. I am so happy
for both of you and I wish you years of happiness."
I got up and walked over to my Mother and gave her a big hug. "Thank
you so much, that means a lot to me" I whispered in her ear. Brad got
up and hugged both of us and kissed her on the cheek.

"Well, let me go check on dinner," Brad said. "I'll help," I said,
following him into the kitchen. We closed the sliding door part way and
I just broke down in his arms, crying like a baby. "It's okay, Chad,
she is happy for us."
Suddenly I heard the sliding door open and Mom was standing there. "Is
everything all right?" she asked.
"Yes," I said, wiping the tears away. "I was just overcome with
happiness, you have given me the greatest gift a Mother can give her
child," I said.
"What's that?" she said.
"Your Blessing," I replied.
"What can I say, I am glad to be able to do that. I have gained
something special as well today, I gained another son." She said that
as she grabbed Brad and my hands and we all broke down crying.

"Well, enough of this crying, would you like the grand tour of this
place, dinner is going to be another 20 or so minutes," Brad said. He
took my Mothers hand and started to lead her around. " Well you saw the
kitchen and living room, on the first floor we have the Patio, and the
Pool Room. Upstairs we have Offices and Bedrooms" he said, heading for
the stairs. We got to the top of the stairs, he turned to our offices
and opened the door. In the middle of this great room were two
beautiful wooden desks, facing each other. I looked over to him, he was
looking to see my reaction. "I love you," I mouthed.

We walked around to my desk and Brad had taken the picture of my Mother
out of my room and placed it on my desk. "And this is Chad's desk," he
said to her.

We wandered around, looking at the art on the wall for a couple of
minutes and then we headed out toward the bedroom. Brad opened the
double french doors to the Master Bedroom. I walked behind him and
leaned over towards his ear, "I have a surprise for you too, tonight," I
said as I kissed him. He looked over at me with total love in his

"Well, that's the house," he said. "It's beautiful," Mom replied.

I believe dinner is just about ready, we should head down to the dining
room. We walked down the stairs and into the dining room, it was done
up very nicely. Candles were lit and we all sat down except for Brad
who went into the kitchen. He returned with a dish that smelled
wonderful. "Oh, that smells absolutely wonderful, Brad," my Mom said.
"Ah, this is a Chicken dish my Mother taught me to make before she
died." We sat and ate and drank wine for about 2 hours.

"Well Boys, I must get up early tomorrow, I have volunteer work down at
the Children's Hospital."
"Okay, I'll take you," I said.

"Chad, darling, would it be all right if Brad took me, I would like to
talk to him some more," she said. "Sure, no problem," I replied.

With that she got up, kissed me on the top of the head and walked out of
the room. Brad came over and kissed me on the lips. "I'll be back
before you know it."

"I'll do the dishes and am going to take a shower, hurry back." I said,
kissing him.

The two of them left the house and I went to work rinsing the dishes and
putting them in the dish washer. All in all it took me about 5 minutes.

I ran upstairs and pealed off my clothes, I was looking forward to a
nice hot and steamy shower. I must have zoned out when I was in there
because the next thing I knew, Brad was back and he was climbing into
the shower with me.

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